F0574 - Mary Jane Warner fonds


Call Number: 2010-025/001

Elementary readings

(1)Historical notation systems[198-?]
(2)Information on basic scores[198-?]
(3)Score checking data1976-1977
(4)Ballet barre enchainements : Linda A. Christ1994
(5)Ballet excerpts : 1. Love flies, 2. Folies, 3. Giselle (three themes), 4. Valise brillante[197-?]
(6)Ballet steps using brushes and slides[197-?]
(7)Camelot : Ray Cook1966
(8)Cecchetti ballet syllabus1965
(9)Changes in Labanotation and Kinetography Laban1978
(11)Dances from Orchesography by Arbeau1972
(12)Elementary reading studies as collected for the Elementary Correspondence Course in Labanotation1970
(13)Etude #1 : Hanya Holm1967
(14)Etude #2 : Hanya Holm1962
(15)Etude #3 : Hanya Holm1967
(16)Fandango : Anthony Tudor[197-?]
(17)Folk dances1959, 1963
(18)Folk dances II[197-?]
(19)Fundamentals of Labanotation1983
(20)Further sequences from Arbeau's orchesography1970
(21)Highland fling : Jamie Jamison1958
(22)Kol Dodi (The Voice of my beloved)[197-?]
(23)Opposition waltz : Sigurd Leeder1959
(24)Labanotation for ballet dancers1976
(25)Line dances1994
(26)Lyric dances : Rose Lorenz1967
(27)Miscellaneous elementary readings[198-?]
(28)Quiz book, Labanotation : Ray Cook1976
(31)Royal Adademy of Dancing : children's examinations syllabus for girls and boys1973
(32)Scottish dances : Odette Blum1972
(33)Sleeping beauty : 1. Bluebird girl, 2. Fairy variations, 3. Aurora's friends[197-?]-1986
(34)Swan lake : 1. Les Cygnets, 2. Pas de trois variations, 3. Queen of the swans, 4. The Black swan[196-]

Call Number: 2010-025/002

Intermediate readings

(1)Adagio exercises : Anthony Tudor, L. Marris1963
(2)Ballet variations : Cleo Nordi1967
(3)Carnaval : 1. Papillons, 2. Chopin, 3. Reconnaissance1962
(4)Chaconne for Harlequin : Ann Hutchinson1973
(5)Changes and new developments in Labanotation1966
(6)Character : exercises[197-?]
(7)Coppelia, 1870 : 1. Czardos, 2. Bolero, 3. Dawn, 4. Follies, 5. Scottish1964-1971
(8)A handbook for the dance director : Ray Cook1977
(9)Introduction to tap dancing : Paul Draper1961
(10)Evelyn the elevator : Jamie Cunningham1970
(11)Gigne : 1. Dianne McIntyre, 2. Nancy Deckard1968
(12)Giselle : 1. Myrtha's variation, act II, 2. Galop general[196-]
(13)Hassidic dance[197-?]
(14)Intermediate reading studies : Muriel Topaz1972
(15)Study guide, intermediate Labanotation : Muriel Topaz1972
(16)Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, Historical Dance Branch : elementary syllabus1976
(17)Dance study, 1979, no. 2 : Hettie Loman1981
(18)Glossary for Walzner Labanotation[197-?]
(19)Minuet : Kellom Tomlinson1971
(20)116 modern dance classroom combinations : Ray Cook1979
(21)Pavane : Kathryn Harbaugh, Larry Clark, Carol Boggs1968
(22)Pre-classic dances : Anne Wilson : 1. Pavane, 2. Gall, 3. Minuet, 4. Gigue[196-]
(23)Ritmo Jondo : Doris Humphrey[196-?]
(24)Saraband : Margaret Hunt Turpening1968
(25)Three prayers : Ted Shawn1960
(26)Tanko bushi : Japanese folk1962

Advanced readings

(28)Acrobatic : questions1964
(29)Chadinoff : exercises au sol1964
(30)Grossman and Taylor technique1993
(31)Sharyn Heiland's "floor exercises"1975
(32)Jazz combinations1962-1963
(33)Modern technique : Pauline Koner1969
(34)Pantomine : Eugene Hari1963
(35)Pounders and bamboo poles[197-?]
(36)Tinikling in Labanotation : a search for transcribing a non-western dance : Performing arts, no. 6July 1991

Call Number: 2010-025/003

Larger scores

(1)Air for g string : Doris Humphrey[197-]
(2)Assemblage : duet choreographed by Lucas Hoving for Ohio State University Dance Company, notated by Mary-Jane EvansJanuary 1970
(3)Bolshoi Ballet class : Hamilton College, Clinton, New York9 December 1978
(4)Continuo : Anthony Tudor, Muriel Topaz1976
(5)Ruth Currier's "Barre" (a collection of exercises to be used for the beginning of a modern dance class : notation by Mary-Jane Evans assisted by Lucy Venable1972, 1977
(6)Dance technique : Doris Humphrey197-
(7)Pas de trois (Glinka) : Andre Eglevsky, Ray Cook1972
(8)Holiday in Israel : Fred Berk1974
(9)Karsavina syllabus of classical ballet1976
(10)Short modern dances in Labanotation : Nadia Chilkovsky1957
(11)Negro spirituals[197-?]
(13)Nutcracker : 1. Sugar plum fairy, 2. Reed pipes[197-?]
(14)Odes duet : Anna Sokolow1971
(15)Lucile Grahn's variation from Pas de quatre : Janet Sumner[197-?]
(16)Raymonda, variation 1, girl's solo : Marius Petipa, notated by Ann Hutchinson1961
(17)Royal Academy of Dancing : Labanotation, children's dances : syllabus[197-?]
(18)Royal Academy of Dancing : Labanotation[197-?]
(19)Royal Academy of Dancing : Labanotation1976-1978
(20)Royal Academy of Dancing : ballet technique : Ann Hutchinson Guest1978

Call Number: 2010-025/004
(1)Excerpt from Ritmo Jondo, men's dance, opening phrase : Doris Humphrey[197-?]
(2)Roots and wings : Mary Anne Wells1986
(3)Ballet barre : Ruth Silk6 October 1978
(4)Sarabande pour femme : notated by Mary-Jane Evans1971
(5)Schubert waltzes music visualization : Ruth St. Denis, notated by Stephanie M. ThomasAugust 1970
(6)Song of the west : Doris Humphrey, notated by Els Grelinger[197-?]
(7)Les Sylphides[197-?]
(8)Themes and variations : music of Johannes Brahms : Ray Cook1981
(9)3 court dances of the early renaissance : reconstructed by Ingrid Brainard, notated by Ray Cook1971
(10)To spring : Nathalie Branitzka[197-?]
(11)The Turning point, choreographed for Frederick Ashton solo, Chopin, Etude op. 25, no. 1 : Gelsey Kirkland1976
(12)La Vivandiere : pas de six[197-?]
(13)Modern technique studies : Dan Wagoner1976, 1978
(14)Zorn : Le Mennet de la cour. -- File includes a booklet, "The VRI slide library of dance history, volume III/dance notation" by Muriel Topaz and Patricia Rader.1981
(15)Zygoballus spider pilot project : an adaptation of Labanotation to record animal behavious and movement : John Davis, zoologist, Toni' Intravia, Labanotator1966, 1970
(16)Brandenburg concerto : Doris Humphrey[197-?]
(17)Collected works : Doris Humphrey[197-]
(18)Concerto barocco : George Balanchine1963

Call Number: 2010-025/005
(1)Four temperaments : George Balanchine[197-?]
(2)Lynchtown : Charles Weidman1986
(3)Masquerade : Allan Miles1971
(4)Penny supper : Dan Wagoner1974
(5)Post meridian : Paul Taylor[197-?]
(6)Sevenfold : Marion Scott1973
(7)Shakers : Doris Humphrey1971

Call Number: 2010-025/006
(1)Sunflowers : Anthony Tudor1972
(2)Variations from day to day : Norman Walker[197-?]
(3)Water study : Doris Humphrey1982
(4)Women's song : Helen Tamiris[197-?]
(5)La Malinche : Labanotation score : Jose Limon, notation by Patty Harrington Delaney[2003]
(6)La Malinche : additional materials to the Labanotation score[2003]
(7)Jose Limon's La Malinche[2003]

Call Number: 2010-025/007

More files for elementary level

(1)Turns 1-4[198-?]
(2)Elementary readings : ballet readers : Ann Hutchinson1965-1966
(3)Steps with gestures : Barbara Fallis, notated by Donna Shingledecker1969
(4)Arm and leg gestures : Trois releves1969
(5)Jumps with leg gestures 1-31969
(6)Jumps 1-41969
(8)Arms : track pins[196-?]
(9)Elementary class studies[197-?]
(10)Foot-hook rag : Georgette Weisz Amowitz1990
(11)Waltz study[198-?]
(12)Labanotation : project readings[198-?]
(13)DANC 3365 readings : Labanotation198-
(14)Ailey-jazz : dance phrase from Rocka my soul[198-?]
(15)Japanese bon dance[198-?]
(17)Negro spirituals : Helen Tamiris, notation by Lucy Venable1967
(18)Night spell : Doris Humphrey[198-?]
(19)Preliminary report on the SEAMEO SPAFA training course in the technique of Labanotation and its implementation for teachers of the performing arts, organized by SEAMEO SPAFA Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts, Thailand in collaboration with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, March 2-28, 19911991
(20)Shakers : Doris Humphrey1966
(21)Two ecstatic themes : 1. Circular descent, 2. Pointed ascent : Doris Humphrey, as taught by Ernestine Stodelle1975
(22)With my red fires : Doris Humphrey[198-?]
(23)Motif scores : Angelina Leung and Ann Rodiger1980, 1986
(24)Shakers : Doris Humphrey[198-?]

Call Number: 2010-025/008
(1)Water study, The Call, Breath of fire : Doris Humphrey[198-?]
(2)Renaissance revisted1972
(3)Air for the g string[198-?]
(4)The Call, Breath of fire : Doris Humphrey[198-?]
(5)Labanotation : project readings[198-?]

Additional dance notations

(6)Ballet allegro1996
(7)Labanotation for ballet dancers : Allan Miles1972
(8)Waltz #1[196-?]
(9)Eight Chinese nationalities folk dances : recorded by Dai Ailian[200-]
(10)New dance, variations and conclusion : Doris Humphrey1994
(11)Scotch symphony : George Balanchine, version taught by Una Kai1963
(12)Passacaglia and fugue : Allan Miles1967
(13)Labanotation : project readings[198-?]

Call Number: 2010-025/009
(1)The Wombat duet : Ray Cook1983
(2)Ten dances in Labanotation : Nadia Chilkovsky1955
(3)Dance Notation Bureau presents dance techniques and studies, book 1 : George Balanchine, Martha Graham, Hanya Holm, Doris Humphrey, Jose Limon, Anatole Oboukhoff, Jan Veen, Charles Weidman1950
(4)Phase maze (trio version) : Ann Rodiger1987-1988
(5)Labanotation : introductory lectures1978
(6)Notation systems : notes and lectures1967-1981
(7)Teacher preparation : Odette Blum1972
(9)Reconstruct minuet1981
(10)Zorn notation197-
(11)Baroque dance1969-1971

Conference programmes and proceedings

(12)Theleur's "Letters on dancing," a link in the exploration of dance style : lecture given August 1977 at the International Council of Kinetography Laban conference, Eastbourne, England1977
(13)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the tenth biennial conference, 9-19 August 1977, held at East Sussex College of Higher Education, Eastbourne, England1977
(14)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the eleventh biennial conference, 13-22 August 1979, held at Les Fontaines Cultural Centre, Chantilly, France1979
(15)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the twelth biennial conference, 14-23 August 1981, held at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.1981
(16)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the thirteenth biennial conference, 3-14 August 1983, held at Marymount College, Tarrytown, New York, U.S.A.1983

Call Number: 2010-025/010
(1)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the fourteenth biennial conference, 2-13 August 1985, held at Brighton Polytechnic-Falmer Site, East Sussex, England1985
(2)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the fifteenth biennial conference, 3-14 August 1987, held at Centre de la Marlagne, Wepion, Nr. Manur, Belgium1987
(3)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the sixteenth biennial conference, July 31-August 10, 1989, held at Department of Dance, York University, Toronto, Canada1989
(4)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the seventeenth biennial conference, August 1-August 12, 1991, held at MTA Zenetudomanyi Intezet, Budapest, Hungary1991
(5)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the eighteenth biennial conference, July 29-August 4, 1993, held at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, U.S.A.1993
(6)Index of technical matters and technical and non-technical papers from the biennial conferences of the International Council of Kinetography Laban1993
(7)International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the nineteenth biennial conference, July 23-July 30, 1995 held at Fiap Jean Monnet, Paris, France1995
(8)Dance on '97 : International Council of Kinetography Laban : proceedings of the twentieth biennial conference, August 9-August 14, 1997, held at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts1997
(9)Dance on '97 : International Council of Kinetography Laban, International Dance Conference, "The value of dance in the contemporary world" : papers and abstracts1997

Call Number: 2010-025/011
(1)International Council of Kinetography Laban/Labanotation : proceedings of the twenty-first biennial conference held at Institut del Teatre, Barcelona, Spain1999
(2)International Council of Kinetography Laban/Labanotation : proceedings of the twenty-second biennial conference, July 26-August 2, 2001, held at the Department of Dance, the Ohio State University2001
(3)International Council of Kinetography Laban/Labanotation : proceedings of the 23rd biennial conference, July 23-July 29, 2004, held at College of Arts and Communication, the Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China2004
(4)Canadian reflections on arts and learning : the challenge of systemic change : World Conference on Arts Education, Lisbon2006
(5)Proceedings of the 1991 conference of Dance and the Child: International, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah1991
(6)8th Dance and the Child International conference : extensions and extremities : points of departure : program2000
(7)8th Dance and the Child International conference : extensions and extremities : points of departure : proceedings2000

Call Number: 2010-025/012

Oversize dance notations

(1)The Magic circle : Ann Hutchinson Guest1986
(2)The Magic circle : set 1A1986
(3)The Magic circle : set 1B1986
(4)The Magic circle : sheet 11986
(5)The Magic circle : sheets 2 and 31986
(6)The Magic circle : sheets 4 and 141986
(7)The Magic circle : sheets 5A and 5B1986
(8)The Magic circle : sheet 61986
(9)The Magic circle : sheet 71986
(10)The Magic circle : sheets 8 and 8A1986
(11)The Magic circle : sheet 91986
(12)The Magic circle : sheet 101986
(13)The Magic circle : sheet 111986
(14)The Magic circle : sheets 12A, 12B, 12C1986
(15)The Magic circle : sheet 151986
(16)The Magic circle : sheet 161986
(17)The Magic circle : cut-outs1986
(18)Farruca : kinetograms and music : Gisela Reber1986
(19)Shadow on the prairie : Gweneth Lloyd, notated by Deborah Chapman1952, 1986
(20)That all American game : Judith Allen1979

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