F0206 - Andrew Tomcik fonds


Call Number: 2005-036/001

Course materials

(1)FA/VISA 2043.04 design and colour1990-1993
(2)FA/VISA 2041.04 two dimensional study1992-1994
(3)FA/VISA 3921.5A and 4921 1.5: professional aspects of design1997
(4)404 Design workshop1992-1993
(5)Design options[1999]
(6)4004 Design workshops2001-2004


(7)Notes2001-2005 1 of 2. Notes for History of Design and Communication.
(8)Notes2001-2005 2 of 2. Notes for History of Design and Communication.
(9)Notes1982-2001 1 of 2
(10)Notes1983-1997 2 of 2
(13)Ethics in tough times[199-]
(14)Annotated outline for the history of designJanuary 2, 2001
(15)NotesMarch 2000-March 2005 Notes for "Is this the end of the world as we know it?" Notes for last class, 20 March 2000 Postmodernism.
(16)Graduate papers: Jana Klimes1989-1990
(17)Correspondence related to Tomcik's role as thesis superviser1994-1999 Title based on contents of file.
(18)Early Canadian architecture and vernacularSaturday, April 15, 1995 Article pertaining to the slides from The Globe and Mail, Saturday, April 15, 1995.
(19)CarsSaturday, October 19, 1996 Article pertaining to the slides from The Globe and Mail, Saturday 19, 1996.
(20)Early United States architecture: Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticutn.d. 3 article pictures pertaining to the slides

Call Number: 2005-036/002


(1)Pyramid series A:11973 23 by 29 inches wide, ink on paper.
(2)Cubic progressions1973 23 by 29 inches wide, ink on paper.
(3)Drawingca. 1970 11 by 14 inches wide, pencil on paper. Done in preparation for a relief construction of paper.
(4)End paperca. 1980 Designed by Gary Shilling

Call Number: 2005-036/003


(1)Relief (gray)1968 20 1/2 by 30 1/2 inches wide, illustration board and acrylic paint.
(2)Relief (black)1968 20 1/2 by 30 1/2 inches wide, illustration board and acrylic paint.

Call Number: 2005-036/004
(1)Columbus, Indiana1989 120 slides of modern architecture, keyed to two books, included. Photos were taken by Tomcik on a trip to Columbus, Louisville, Kentucky & Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. Shaker community in the summer of 1989.
(2)Content slides, History of Design, names and key dates, first term 62 slidesn.d. The content slides were used to introduce new movements, styles and persons to the class, spelling out difficult names etc. (like Russian modernists.)
(3)Content slides, History of Design, second termn.d. 54 slides- the material on these slids were made by Tomcik with student help.
(4)Slides for colour and design coursen.d. Mounted transparent film plus photo slides were made by Tomcik with student help.
(5)Charts and diagramsn.d. Including 5 computer generated slides from the 80's, total 21 slides.
(6)Fashion and marketingn.d. 37 slides
(7)Type and type historyn.d. 3 BGM boxes, 101 slides
(8)International children's booksn.d. 36 slides
(9)Industrial designn.d. Philipe Starck, Great Britain, United States, France, Danish, Italian, La Villete Park-Paris, Kenzo Tange of Japan, 131 slides.
(10)Canadian architecturen.d. All shots by Tomcik: Suburban Toronto, Ontario, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, Vancouver, 117 slides.
(11)Purchased art slides from trips, plus packagingn.d. Great Britain, Netherland, Germany, trademarks/ logos, 61 slides.
(12)United States modern architecturen.d. Boston, MIT, Yale, Rochester NY, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC and assorted vernacular- 99 slides almost all Tomcik's slides.
(13)United States modern architecturen.d. Los Angeles, New York state- Fredonia, Niagara Falls NY library (Paul Rudolph, Youngstown O (M. Graves), Cleveland, 103 slides, all Tomcik's shots.
(14)Toronto architecturen.d. 123 slides, all Tomcik's shots.
(15)Toronto architecturen.d. 103 slides all Tomcik's shots.
(16)Transportation, futuristic design, German industrial design, Ulm Schule, Da Vinci and Coca Colan.d. 117 slides, most from publications.

Call Number: 2005-036/005
(1)French, Russian and Polish posters and printsn.d. 121 slides from books.
(2)Posters, Swiss, German, United States, Scotland, Netherland, Great Britain, Italy, China, Spainn.d. 100 slides from books.
(3)Design of 20s and 30s- New York World's Fair 39n.d. 146 slides, a few Tomcik's shots.
(4)Shaker architecture & design, Windsor and Thinet chairs, Chautauqua New York, fences, miscellaneous early Industrial Revolutionn.d. Most Tomcik's shots- 1091 slides.
(5)Early United States architecture: Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut.n.d. All Tomcik's shots (but a few) 105 slides.
(6)Early Canadian architecture and vernacularn.d. Quebec City, Halifax, Newfoundland, Ontario, Sharon, Dundurn etc., mostly Tomcik's shots- 127 slides.
(7)Buffalo New York 1900's: Sullivan, Richardson, Erie Canal, Pan-Am Expo 1903, Niagara Fallsn.d. 86 slides mostly Tomcik's.
(8)Frank Lloyd Wright and contemporariesn.d. 98 slides, most Tomcik's shots.
(9)Modern & revolutionary design in 20's & 30's, United States posters, early industrial machines, post modern United States design, United States design of 60's & 70's, early posters placed in streets etc. and printing methodsn.d. 115 slides
(10)Environment related issuesn.d. 84 slides about 10 Tomcik's shots.
(11)New issues in design, contentious, post WWIIn.d. 83 slides
(12)William Morris and Arts & Craftsn.d. 27 slides
(13)Disney and fantasy parksn.d. 32 slides

Call Number: 2005-036/006
(1)Roycroft Arts and Crafts community, East Aurora, New Yorkn.d. 28 slides, mostly Tomcik's shots from visit.
(2)Humana building, Louisville, Kentucky, Michael Graves architecture: 1989 trip1989 37 slides, all Tomcik's.
(3)Robert Venturi, United States architecturen.d. From Tomcik's books, 19 slides.
(4)Carsn.d. Including 17 of Tomcik's photos of a Czech Tatra streamliner, pre- WWII, 24 slides.
(5)Interiors by modern designersn.d. 12 slides from book.
(6)Trademarks and signsn.d. 20 slides
(7)Cartoons relating to design and architecturen.d. 5 slides
(8)California architecturen.d. 40 purchased slides (given to Tomcik by Fine Art Slide Library).
(9)Video tape: taken from TV program about Shakersn.d. 45 minutes

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