F0247 - Paul Medow fonds


Call Number: 2004-050/001
(1)Journal of Coexistence, correspondence, notes, offprints1959-1964 1 of 2
(2)Journal of Coexistence, correspondence, notes, offprints1959-1964 2 of 2
(3)Economics 351 : notes1960-1961
(4)Economics 351 : notes, papers1961-1964
(5)For a New West : notes1961-1962
(6)Conceptual and methodological problems in applying Schumpeter's theory of economic development to non-market economies : New York1960
(7)Schumpeter's non-market theory of economic development : New York1960
(8)A Schumpeterian framework for the analysis of developmental institutions in neo-mercantillist economies : notes, drafts

Call Number: 2004-050/002
(1)The transformation of the world market system in the 1960's : drafts1961
(2)The meanings of the idea of freedom in the west1961
(3)The study of non-market economies : notes1962
(4)On the moral and political significance of economic democracy : drafts1962
(5)Co-existence of world thought and policies : notes1962
(6)The study of industrialization in the light of the substantive model of the economy : Karl Polanyi, pre-edited by PM, notes1962
(7)Economics 351 : the history of western social doctrines1963-1964
(8)Co-existenceNovember 2, 1964
(9)United Nations advisory committee on science and technology : memos1964-1966
(10)On the adaptation of the interational form of the Hitch-Mckean computer : aided budget planning technique to the allocation...September 12, 1965
(11)The future of industrial socieeties and the wider problems of coexistence in the recent thought of Karl Polanyi1966
(12)The influence of scientists on political decisions in the age of coexistence and the international scientific community : reprint1965
(13)Concerning an information model for advising centrally planned economic development to minimal social norms : Paris1965
(14)Social science 172 : lecture notes1968
(15)Chapter 1 : the political economy of the international technology gap : draft1969
(16)Chapter 2 : public program planning and the age of advanced technology : draft1969
(17)Chapter 4 : the elements of system design
(18)Chapter 5 : the elements of policy gaming1969
(19)Chapter 6 : systems simulation programs and the future formalization of techtran A1969
(20)Chapter 8 : Techtran 11969
(21)Unprocessed memoranda1969
(23)Economic research and systems planning group : research notes : memos1970-1971
(24)The green cities project : overview and lecture notes : Moscow1979

Call Number: 2004-050/003
(1)Systems planning : lecture notes : Leningrad1978
(2)Man-machine environments : notes
(3)Transnational programme planning and co-existence : man-machine studies : volume I1976-1977 1 of 3
(4)Transnational programme planning and co-existence : man-machine studies : volume I1976-1977 2 of 3
(5)Transnational programme planning and co-existence : man-machine studies : volume I1976-1977 3 of 3
(6)Project on global modelling : drafts1977-1978
(7)Current correspondence1977-1978
(8)Academic council1978
(9)Joint Labratory (computer assisted systems studies)1978

Call Number: 2004-050/004
(1)Joint labratory project C++1978
(2)Project on global models1978
(3)A summary of S. Forrester's view concerning the dimensions of long-term studies in energy policyApril 16, 1979
(4)Introduction to economic cybernetics and the design of simulation experiments : drafts1979-1980 1 of 2
(5)Introduction to economic cybernetics and the design of simulation experiments : drafts1979-1980 1 of 2
(6)ZFI: linking an adaptive model of a multi-national corporation to a reference global scenario : phase 1 : draft1980
(7)A coevolutionary model of the technosphere : a second stage (GT83)January 14, 1983
(8)Note to M. Bouraoui regarding the implications of phonemes and metaphors in language for culture developmentApril 17, 1983
(9)Note to regional studies workshop regarding design of multiregional experiment for Pacific RimApril 26, 1983
(10)Research reports : notes1983
(11)Simulation experiments in institing models of reinversion : first draft1983
(12)Society, man and nature in the age of microelectronics, informatics and biotechnologiesOctober 22, 1984
(13)Man's coevolution with the biosphere in the age of advanced technologies : conference agendaJanuary 1985
(14)The role of remote copying operations in flexible production systems : draftJanuary 1, 1985
(15)Systems planning : notes1985
(16)Systems planning : notes[ca.1985]
(17)Systems planning : notes1985-1986
(18)Ecological and genetic approaches to the exploration of global technological scenariosApril 6, 1987
(19)Research memorandomApril 6, 1987
(20)Research notes : fragments1987-1988
(21)Economic research and systems planning group : research notes1991

Call Number: 2004-050/005
(1)The social accounting basis of multilateral debt-clearing arrangements : research memos1996-1997
(2)The social accountng basis of multilateral debt-clearing arrangements1997
(3)Economic science in the age of robots, machines1997
(4)Program planning1997
(5)Computer software : APL
(6)Erudit : supporting committee : addresses2001
(7)Long-term evaluation project, economic research and systems planning group : research memos2004
(8)The ecological perspective on technological analysis (in economics and energy graphs)2004
(9)Institutional dimensions2004
(10)Lab project1995
(11)Inter university seminar : Min labratory project1996
(12)Lab 281996
(13)Lab 291996
(14)Lab 31
(15)Lab 31; the new set of matrix blocks for post-Ricardo1996
(16)Lab 351996
(17)Lab 421996

Call Number: 2004-050/006
(1)Note book : the universal technology matrix1963
(2)Notebook : UTM 781966
(3)Notebook : UTM 1331967
(4)Notebook : UTM 1461967
(5)Notebook : Toronto work with Karl Polanyi : UTM 149
(6)Notebook : UTM 1501968
(7)Notebook : UTM 2181971
(8)Notebook : UTM 217A1971
(9)Notebook : UTM 2181971
(10)Notebook : UTM 221 (Karl Polanyi years)1971
(11)Notebook : UTM 2251971
(12)Notebook : UTM 2271971
(13)Notebook : UTM 2281971
(14)Notebook : UTM 229
(15)Notebook : UTM 2301971
(16)Notebook : UTM 2311971
(17)Notebook : UTM 276 : Toronto work with Karl Polanyi1972
(18)P. Meadow : Toronto work with Karl PolanyiDecember 8, 1972
(19)Notebook : UTM 2781972
(20)Notebook : UTM 2791972
(21)Notebook : UTM 2801972
(22)Notebook : UTM1973
(24)Notebook : UTM 3001973
(25)Notebook : UTM 3011973
(26)Notebook : UTM 3021974
(27)Toronto : Paul MedowApril 1974
(28)Notebook : UTM 3061974
(29)Notebook : UTM 3071974
(30)Notebook : Paul Medow : UTM 3851977
(31)Notebook : UTM 4241978
(32)Notebook : UTM 4251978
(33)Notebook : UTM 4261978
(34)Notebook : UTM 4271978
(35)Notebook : UTM 4291978
(36)P. Medow : notebookDecember 5, 1978
(37)Notebook : UTM 4301978
(38)Notebook : UTM 4331979
(39)Notebook : UTM 4501980

Call Number: 2004-050/007
(1)Notebook : UTM 4511980
(2)Notebook : UTM1983
(3)Notebook : untitledno date
(4)Notebook : Prism of time etc. 1 of 2
(5)Notebook : Prism of time etc. : includes audio cassette 2 of 2
(6)Notebook : technology evolution and the prism of time on planet E2
(7)Notebook : P. Medow : model notesOctober 1993
(8)Notebook : models1994
(15)Notebook : the great bipolar2001
(17)NotebookNovember 2002
(20)Notebookno date
(27)Untitled notebookno date
(28)Notebookno date

Call Number: 2004-050/008
(1)Paul Medow : dictation2002
(2)NotebookMay-June 2002
(9)JournalAugust 12, 2003
(10)NotebookOctober 2003
(11)Notebook : memos to Fleming and Stokes2003

Call Number: 2004-050/009
(6)Notebook pages : money
(7)Notebook : no. 3000 : institution creating principlesAugust 17, 2004
(8)Karl Polanyi : the days in Columbia University and Pickering : Keizai SeminarMay 1988
(9)Notes on T. Sekine's association of socialism with living systems1991
(11)Miscellaneous notes1991-1994
(12)Correspondence : notes1993
(13)Ken Stokes : correspondence1993-1994
(14)Banking systems : research notes1994
(15)Beyond the axioms of market mentalityJanuary 20, 1994

Call Number: 2004-050/010
(1)Compound presentation of recent topics1994
(2)The elusive conflict cooperation matrix1994
(3)More conerning the representation of conflicts and conflict avoidance in a Schumeterian modelFebruary 25, 1994
(4)Overall perspectives of M. Chia1994
(5)Post Ricardian international economic order in the age of telmatics : research notes : memos1994
(6)A post Ricardian international economic order : drafts1994
(7)Post Ricardian : notes and sources1994
(8)Post Ricardian : table of contents (proposed)1994
(9)Appendix B : diagrams1994
(10)Reexamining the probelm of social embeddingJuly 25, 1994
(11)The reinversion of descending forms of international multilevel power as a basis for the domestic social reembedding of ecomomic activities1994
(12)A Schumpeterian modelJanuary 1994
(13)A short summary of chapter 21 in the great transformation1994
(14)Some observations concerning Gregor y Baum's manuscript on "Karl Polanyi on Ethics and Economics"1994
(15)Polanyi and institutions : notes and drafts1994-2002

Call Number: 2004-050/011
(1)Three early stages in the emergence of the new westDecember 22, 1995
(2)Three early stage in the emergence of the new westDecember 22, 1995
(4)Correspondence regarding appelbaum's affidavit/ witness statement1996
(5)Exploring the international potential of non Richard monetary institutions1996
(6)Institutions : research notes1996
(7)I. Koutzarov : notes : memos1996
(8)Money : research notes1996
(9)A post Ricardian analytical alphabet for the age of technological safety enclaves1996
(10)Research notes1996
(11)Ricardo : research notes1996
(12)Tom Sekine : correspondence1996
(13)Simultation : notes1996
(14)Tekeshi Murota : correspondence1996-1998
(15)Technogenetics : notes[ca. 1996]
(16)3-D imaging : correspondence : notes1996
(17)A model of international specialization with debt clearing banking systemsJune 1997

Call Number: 2004-050/012
(1)Mathematics : simulation1996-1999
(2)Social accounting1997
(3)C. Myss file1997-1998
(4)Unedited manuscripts1997-1999
(5)Sources : institutions1997-2002
(7)Adam and the green dragon : what do the robots say1998
(8)An initial collection of data concerning the response mode of foreign investment banks to the Asian crisis1998
(9)Miscellaneous K.P.
(10)A note on the first model
(11)Karl Polanyi's legacy to the age of the machine : drafts1998
(12)The post-mathematical potential of discrete event simulation1997
(13)Quotations from Schumpeter...on centralised planning1998
(14)Role of money in G.I.[ca.1998]
(15)A short step beyond Karl Polanyi's the great transformation : outline1998
(16)A short step beyond Karl Polanyi's the great transformation : early draft and notes1998
(17)Simulation algorithms[1998]
(18)The telecybernated economyFebruary 1998
(19)Tom Sekine : correspondence : notes1998-2001
(21)Polanyi notes1998-2002

Call Number: 2004-050/013
(1)Manuscript material1999
(2)Material related to an introductory insert to the biography of Perroux1999
(3)Research notes1999
(4)The second cybernetics and the age of instituted designs : drafts, correspondence, notes1999
(5)Simulation notes1999
(6)Systems analysis : social power : final
(7)Paul Cezanne : notes
(8)Correspondence : R.H
(9)Research notes : correspondence regarding Polanyi and cybernetics1998-2004
(10)History of cybernetic thought : survey notesJune 3, 2000
(11)Economics analysis and machine production : notes
(12)Question and answer regarding cybernetics
(13)Cybernetics and machines : overview draft
(14)Miscellaneous notes regarding cybernetics and machines
(15)Monetary systems : part II : draft
(16)Global reurbanization project : notes2000
(17)The new potential of electronic institutions for "reembedding economies in societies"2000
(18)Polanyi and Perroux : notes2000-2001
(19)The historical origin of a self regulating market system : noteOctober 2, 2001

Call Number: 2004-050/014
(1)Identifying missing dimensions of economic theory to meet the problems of re-organization
(2)The institutional basis of a transition to phase II of the age of machines2001
(3)Notes on the analytical basis of institutional economics2001
(4)Notes on the representation of various elements of embedding and disembedding in refi networks2001
(5)Alexander notes2001-2002
(6)Research memos, notes2001-2002
(7)Berkeley Fleming : correspondence : notes2001-2004
(8)Authoritarianism: the rise of absolute power in Europe2002
(9)Correspondence, notes regarding Polanyi2002
(10)A list of reference concepts from the 1920s from " K. Polanyi in England" by B. FlemingAugust 15, 2002
(11)Non market institutions and the problem of reembedding economies in societies in the second phase of the machine age : conclusions
(12)Loose notes[ca. 2002] 1 of 2
(13)Loose notes[ca. 2002] 2 of 2
(14)A platform and step prospective on the remaining proposition in the second phase of the machine age2002
(15)Karl Polanyi in England : Berkeley Fleming : draft2002
(16)Karl Polanyi and Karl Menger : notesOctober 10, 2002
(17)Cybernetics : notes2002-2003
(18)Karl Polanyi's analytical vocabulary : draft
(19)The legacy of Karl Polanyi and beyond : dialogue between Paul Medow and Takeshi Murota
(20)Karl Polanyi and the age of machines : notes
(21)Polanyi and Schumpeter : notes
(22)The potential for appropriate institution (money)2002
(23)Representing the political sphere through power homeostatis
(24)The second phase of the age of machines : the polarity reversal in social institutions : overview2002
(25)Utility cone : post mercantilism2002

Call Number: 2004-050/015
(1)Polanyi notes2002-2004
(2)Ken Stokes : correspondence : notes2002-2004
(3)Stages in the history of economic thoughtJanuary 21, 2003
(4)Theoretical studies of machine systems2003
(5)Polanyi notes2003-2004 1 of 2
(6)Polanyi notes2003-2004 2 of 2
(7)Meta Polanyi2004
(8)Modes of disembeddingSeptember 30, 2004
(9)Reembedding economies in societies
(10)Research memos : notes2004
(11)Newest west : drafts1958-1962
(12)International program planning and budgeting and the political economy of the international technology gap : outline1969
(13)Preface to the Japanese editions of Karl Polanyi's "the great transformation" : drafts1973
(15)Continuation of the 1978 manuscriptApril 1978
(16)Economic systems and living systems : draft1979
(17)Economic systems and living systems : Renee Passet, English translation by P.I. Medow : second draftDecember 1980
(18)The economic problematique of models of global co-evolution : the contribution of R. Passet : paper by Medow1985
(19)Major Contributions of cybernetics and entropy theory to political economy : research notes by Medow1982
(20)Research notes1982
(21)Extending the Beerian monitoring Heiristic control variety generating to intergenerational coevolutionary mechanisms : draftOctober 23, 1984
(22)High touch technologies, society, man and nature in the age of microelectronics, informatics and biotechnologies1984
(23)The analytical basis of "technogenetics" and V.I. Vernadski's concept of the noosphere1986
(24)Journal pages1991
(25)Birkmayer institut fur Parkinsontherapie1992-1994

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