F0470 - Joan R. Rayfield


Call Number: 2004-043/001
(1)Curriculum vitae and biographical material1999-2001
(3)Frank Ukadike, reference1991
(4)Correspondence re: publications1972-1974, 1993
(5)Notebook[ca. 1972]
(6)Loose notes, draft pages
(7)Educational policies and national languages
(8)Educational policies and national languages
(9)Street music of Adjame
(10)The structure of the story telling event in its total context
(11)The teaching and learning of French in the Ivory Coast
(12)Truth in Liberia : Oral and printed versions of tribal history
(13)Time can be any shape1957
(14)A background to West African sculpture1965
(15)Autovivisection (in explorations, number 22)1968
(16)Philosophies of opposition, part 21968
(17)Truth in Liberia: Oral and printed versions of tribal history1968
(18)The dualism of Levi-Strauss1969
(19)What is story?1970
(20)Transformational anthropology : the unconscious as an object and instrument of research1971
(21)Maria in Markham street1972
(22)Story telling and social structure or what's so special about the ancient mariner1972
(23)Theories of urbanization and the colonial city in West Africa1972-1974

Call Number: 2004-043/002
(2)French and Dyula : two lingua francas of the Ivory Coast1974
(3)French and Dyula : two lingua francas of the Ivory Coast, correspondence, drafts1974
(4)Le symbolisme en general / Dan Sperber : review by Joan Rayfield1974
(5)The influence of the electrified guitar on Malinke Griot music1975
(6)Healing by confession1976
(7)Course outlines1975-1980
(8)Glenbow museum1980-1981
(9)Literacy and literature in West African languages : outlines1980
(10)Literature in African languages : a factor in movements for cultural independence1981
(11)The legacy of colonialism in education in West Africa1983
(12)Education policies in formerly French West Africa1984
(13)The way we were : anthropology and anthropologists in the 1950s1984
(14)Research trip to France1986-1989
(15)French ethnographers in West Africa in the late colonial period (1930-1960)1985
(16)The use of films in teaching about Africa1985
(17)Neo-neo-colonialism in West African education1986
(18)Wise children1986
(19)Fespaco 1987 : African cinema and cultural identity1987
(20)Films d'Afrique / Michael Earouche : review by Joan Rayfield1991
(21)In sorcery's shadow / Stoller and Oakes : review by Joan Rayfield1991
(22)African cinema : politics and culture / Manthia Diawara : review by Joan Rayfield1992
(23)Hyenas - the first of the scavengers?[ca. 1992]
(24)Auction catalogues : African and oceanic art1966-1968
(25)Auction catalogues : important tribal art1978

Call Number: 2004-043/003
(1)Auction catalogue : galerie Wolfgang Ketterer, Munich1982
(2)Newspaper clippings re: African art1972
(3)Journal articles on African art1940-1980
(4)Africa in the picture (booklet)1989
(5)Black Film Review, Vol. 6, no. 3
(6)Bushmen of the Kalahari, program1979
(7)Carefour African, No. 972, 974, 1987 ; No. 1068, 19891987-1989
(8)"Cineastes D'Afrique noire" , Guy Hennebelle et Ruelle, L'Afrique literature et artistique, Vol. 491978 (photocopy)
(9)Comite African de cineastes[197-]
(10)Fepaci-infos : bulletin de liaison de la federation panafricaine des cineastes1990
(11)NIgeria magazine, no. 82, 841964-1965
(12)Nigerian television and the problem of urban African women / Harriet D. Lyons1987
(13)Recherche pedagogue culture1992
(14)Regard (cinema et Liberte)1992
(15)Schomburgk : annals of exploration - the white goddess of the Wangoria, New Yorker8 April 1991
(16)Studies in the anthropology of visual communication, Vol. 2, no.11975
(17)Vues d' Afrique : Les journees du cinema Africain au Quebec1985

Call Number: 2004-043/004
(1)Vue d' Afrique1986
(2)Vue d' Afrique1987
(3)Vue d' Afrique1988
(4)Vue d' Afrique1990
(5)Vue d' Afrique1991
(6)Vue d' Afrique1992
(7)Vue d' Afrique1993
(8)Vue d' Afrique1994
(9)Vue d' Afrique1995
(10)Vue d' Afrique1996
(11)Vue d' Afrique1997
(12)Vue d' Afrique2000
(13)Vue d' Afrique2001

Call Number: 2004-043/005
(1)Ecrans d' Afrique: Premiere revue Panafricaine de cinema, de television et de video1991
(2)Ecrans d'Afrique, no. 1-31992-1993
(3)Ecrans d'Afrique, no. 4-71993-1994
(4)Ecrans d'Afrique, no.8-111994-1995
(5)Ecrans d'Afrique, no. 12-151995-1996
(6)Ecrans d'Afrique, no.161996
(7)Articles, cutting re: African cinema1977-1990 1 of 2
(8)Articles, cutting re: African cinema1977-1990 2 of 2
(9)Articles, clippings, resource material re: African theatre1992-1996
(10)Articles, clippings re: Ousmane Sembene1977-1993
(11)Borders of blood: a film about the struggle for peace in Southern Africa
(12)Historique de la federation du Nigeria
(13)Material on African film collected by Lynn Hoyt
(14)Newspaper clippings1973
(15)Nitassinan, Notre Terre1987

Call Number: 2004-043/006
(1)Notes, clippings, reviews re: African film1984-1987
(2)Notes, material for a book on African filmaking in its social context
(3)Reviews, clippings re: African film1994-1995
(4)Tilai (The Law), review, notes1989
(6)Fespaco '87, clippings, notes1987
(7)Fespaco '87, program1987
(8)Fespaco, program1988-1989
(9)Fespaco '89, conference package1989
(10)Fespaco '89, program1989
(11)Fespaco, program1989
(12)Market for the independent cinema of Africa (Fespaco)1989-1991
(13)Fespaco '911990-1991 1 of 2
(14)Fespaco '911990-1991 2 of 2
(15)Fespaco '91, program1991
(16)Fespaco, program1993
(17)Fespaco, program[ca. 1994]
(18)Fespaco, program1995
(19)Fespaco, program1997

Call Number: 2004-043/007
(1)Catalogue: marche international du film d'Amiens1987-1988
(2)12th Panafrican film and television festival : African TV programmes1991
(3)Sixth international conference on culture and communication, October 9-11, 1996, Philadelphia1986
(4)Third cinema festival1987
(5)TV mondes, program1987

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