F0248 - Hartwell Bowsfield


Call Number: 2003-024/001
(5)Archives Tack - FilesApril 1975
(6)HBCA, Conference Re Resources1976
(7)Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Correspondence, Contracts1959-1983
(8)Ontario Historical Society Annual Meeting, Notes for Panel Discussion1975
(9)Economic Theory/Polanyi, 35931977
(10)History 3593, Research Notes1982
(12)Lecture 3590.031975-1976
(13)Fur Trade Review Article, 35931975-1976
(15)Second and Fur Trade, 35901980
(16)459 Paper1982
(17)Studies in Fur1980
(18)Stutsman/ Review1982
(19)Suggested Outline: CBC Programme "Speaking Personally" / Hartwell Bowsfield[196-]
(20)St. Andrew's Locks[196-]
(21)Boundaries/ Emerson1962-1965
(22)Milton and CheadleOctober 23, [196-]
(23)Thomas SpenceJan. 29, [196-]
(25)Mr. O'B, by Hartwell Bowsfield[196-]
(26)Nelsonville: A Ghost TownOctober 1983
(27)Boy in a Badger HoleFeb. 26, [196-]
(28)Gunboat on the PrairiesJan. 15, [196-]
(29)Grey OwlJuly 31, 1957
(30)Grey Owl, Christmas Story1957
(31)Thomas Simpson
(33)Unwanted Monument[196-]
(34)White Horse Plain, by Hartwell BowsfieldFeb. 12, [196-]
(35)The Winnipeg Wolf[196-]
(36)York Fact / Fur Trade1957
(37)Albin B. Carleton[ca. 1952]
(38)NorthAugust 14, [196-]
(39)RadissonJanuary 8, [196-]
(41)Ross FamilyDec. 29, [ca. 1960]
(42)RCMPJuly 17, [ca. 1950]
(43)Selkirk SettlementMay 2, 1962
(44)Selkrik Treaty1969
(45)Seven Oaks[196-]
(46)Taylor[ca. 1968]
(48)Seager Wheeler[196-]
(49)Whiteshell Mosaics[196-]
(50)Winnipeg[ca. 1950]
(52)BarrDecember 14, 1963
(53)Countess of Dufferin[196-]
(54)James EvansOctober 16, December 24, [196-]
(55)Flin Flon[196-]
(56)St. Lazare/ Fort ElliceMarch 26, 1962
(57)Fort Garry Gate[196-]
(58)Frank SlideAugust 21, [196-]
(59)J.F. Galbraith1956
(60)Grand RapidsApril 18, 1962
(61)Indian Legends of Canada1965
(62)Albert JohnsonJuly 17, [196-]
(63)Henry Kelsey1964
(64)KlondikeAugust 14, [196-]
(65)Lower Fort Gary[196-]
(66)How Manitoba Got its name1952-1967
(67)Manitoba TartanMay 1957 - March 1958
(68)MosaicsMarch 26, 1962
(70)CBC, Research Drafts1952-1962

Louis Riel: Rebel of the Western Frontier or Victim of Politics and Prejudices

(71)Riel, Research[198-]
(72)Riel, Bibliography1983-1985
(73)RielApril 11, 1983
(74)Riel, Research, Notes[198-]
(75)Copp Clark, Riel[198-]
(76)Copp Clark, Riel and Metis1985-1986
(77)Copp Clark, Draft[198-]
(78)HBC, Research, Notes1984 1 of 2
(79)HBC, Research, Notes1984 2 of 2
(80)Miscellaneous Research notes[198-]
(81)Miscellaneous Research notes1964,1979, 1983-1987
(82)Am Contacts, 1816, 1819, 1820-1823
(83)American Presence, 1812, 1818, 1823
(84)Assembly, Notes,1828-1829
(85)Begg Diary, 1869-1870

Call Number: 2003-024/002
(1)A British North American Community, 1822-1823, Draft
(2)Canada - Personnel, 1821
(3)Robert Gourlay, The Enemy Within
(4)1828 Session
(5)Election, 1828, Notes
(6)Oppositionists, Drafts
(7)The Union Bill Debate, 1822-1823
(8)Settlers to RRS
(9)Upper Canada in the 1820's: The Development of A Political Consciousness, HB's P.H.D Thesis, Drafts1976
(10)War, 1812-1814
(11)Growing Up (Introduction)
(12)Native Teachers, Clergy, Notes, Drafts 1 of 2
(13)Native Teachers, Clergy (2), Draft 2 of 2
(14)Native Teachers, Clergy (Revised)
(15)Robert Gourlay, Part 3, Typed and Corrected
(16)Union, Party, Typed and Corrected
(17)The Alien Issue, Draft
(18)Alien, (6) Draft
(19)Oppositionists, Part 7, to be Proofread

The James Wickes Taylor Correspondence: 1859-1870

(26)James Wickes Taylor1968
(27)Taylor Correspondence, Research1966
(28)Taylor Papers, Notes[195-]
(29)Taylor Papers[195-]
(30)Taylor Papers, Appendix, Corrected[195-]
(31)Taylor Papers, Notes[195-]
(32)Taylor Diary, Minnesota paper1952
(33)Alabama Claims, American Annex
(34)American Manifest Destiny
(35)Consular Despatches
(36)Pembina Customs, 1853, 1861, 1868
(37)Dickson, 1836-1837
(38)Inport Duty, 1834-1869
(39)Petition, February 27, 1868
(40)Research Notes, MSS, 1859-
(41)Maps, Minnesota[186-]
(42)Minnesota Newspapers, February 28, 1862
(43)Minnesota Stats, 1869
(44)Minutes /Northern Council
(45)Minutes/ Southern Council
(46)Research Notes, Correspondence1967
(47)Research Notes, Correspondence1967
(50)Research Notes
(51)St. Paul, 1863, Notes
(52)St. Paul Route
(53)Statistical, 1841-1870
(54)Troops, 1870
(55)Johnson, 1857-1858
(56)S to Fraser, 1857-1858
(57)Taylor Minnesota, MSS "Union with Canada"

Call Number: 2003-024/003
(1)Taylor, Introduction, Draft 1 of 2
(2)Taylor, Introduction, Draft 2 of 2
(3)MS Corrections to be made[1967]

General Research Files

(4)Labour Fource
(5)Soc. and Ec. 18th England, HBC Personnel
(6)Noble Savage, Notes[ca. 1965]
(7)Sim Stafford Notes
(8)Reqinalism, A.Y.Jackson School[ca. 1980]
(9)1857 Committee
(10)Resolution of Dawson
(11)Paebsen / Hena, 1857
(12)Admin. Ontario - Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, St. Paul, 1858-1860
(13)Canadian Historical Review, Notes
(14)Crown Lands, Notes
(15)Gluek Thesis, Notes
(16)CSP Journals, National Commission on the Indian, Canada
(18)Indians. Research[195-]
(19)Indians, Food, Trade
(20)Indians, Trade, Early Contacts 1 of 2
(21)Indians, Trade, Early Contacts 2 of 2
(22)The Nor'Wester, Centennial EditionJuly 15, 1970
(23)Research, Notes, General1964-1984 1 of 2
(24)Research, Notes, General1964-1984 2 of 2
(25)Confederation and Context1960-1963 1 of 2
(26)Confederation and Context1960-1963 2 of 2
(27)HBCA Records
(29)Meeting Pot1960-1969
(30)Personnel 1 of 2
(31)Personnel 2 of 2
(32)Personnel 1 of 2
(33)Personnel 2 of 2
(34)Personnel Behaviour
(35)P.& A. St. Andrew's, 1863-1864
(36)Personnel, Private Trade 1 of 2

Call Number: 2003-024/004
(1)Personnel, Private Trade 2 of 2
(2)Trade 1 of 2
(3)Trade 2 of 2
(4)Trade Goods
(5)Trade Goods
(6)Trade Goods 1 of 2
(7)Trade Goods 2 of 2
(8)Trade Goods, Brandy Prices

Call Number: 2003-024/005
(1)Professional Correspondence1970-1984 1 of 3
(2)Professional Correspondence1970-1984 2 of 3
(3)Professional Correspondence1970-1984 3 of 3
(5)Personal Correspondence1978-1994
(6)Correspondence, Requests1981-1987
(8)Canada Council, Correspondence1975
(9)Copyright, Ownership, Legal1983-1987
(10)HBC Correspondence1965-1995 1 of 2
(11)HBC Correspondence1965-1995 2 of 2
(12)Hudsons Bay Record Society1977
(13)Income Tax1997
(14)Ruperts and Record Society1987-1988
(15)Ruperts and Research Centre1984 -1994
(16)Small Claims Court1979
(17)X-Ray photos, HB1954-1956
(18)Richard Ruggles, Correspondence1986-1989
(19)Lady Welby,Correspondence Research, Notes1984-1985 1 of 2
(20)Lady Welby, Correspondence, Research, Notes1984-1985 2 of 2
(21)U of M, HBCA course1976
(22)Applications for Graduate School1951-1968
(23)HB. Course Outlines, Notes1972-1981 1 of 2
(24)HB. Course Outlines, Notes1972-1981 2 of 2
(25)Course Outlines, Deartment of History1973-1980
(26)History 200: History as an intellectual discipline, Source outline1980-1981
(27)Annex, [Recip], Railways (250)
(28)Clash of Nationalism, Post 1985 (250), Notes1985
(29)History 326. Notes
(30)Class text (354)1982
(31)History 459: Upper Canada, Notes, Resource Material1961-1967

Call Number: 2003-024/006
(1)ACA Talk, Montreal1980
(2)Hoyle Thesis1986
(3)Lester Thesis1981
(4)Reviews, Evaluations, Reports1974-1987
(5)ACA, HB Archives 20011977
(6)Archival "Theory", Notes and Resource Material1981
(7)Canadian Archival History, Research and Notes1981 1 of 2
(8)Canadian Archival History, Research and Notes1981 2 of 2
(9)Craig Paper, History 245[198-]
(10)Craig Paper, Drafts[198-] 1 of 2
(11)Craig Paper, Drafts[198-] 2 of 2
(12)History of Archives, Europe, Background Papers, Notes[ca. 1982] 1 of 2
(13)History of Archives, Europe, Background Papers, Notes[ca. 1982] 2 of 2
(14)Historical Manuscripts and Archival Collections1976-1980
(15)T.A.A.G Archives Examination1983-1986
(17)CBC, In the Provinces, Notes, Drafts1962-1966
(18)Manitoba Stories, Drafts[196-]
(19)Floods, Research Notes[after 1950]
(20)Manitoba Stories, Notes, Drafts[196-]
(21)Manitoba Stories, Notes, Drafts1962 1 of 2
(22)Manitoba Stories, Notes, Drafts1962 2 of 2
(23)Manitoba History, for CBC Radio1957
(24)Memory Night, Notes1961-1965
(25)HB Stories, Reviews, Lieutenant Governor1960
(26)Stop, Look and Listen, Scripts, Drafts1960
(27)Swing your Partner, DraftsJuly 31, [196-]
(28)Swing your Partner, Notes, Scripts[196-]
(29)York Factory Journal, Research Notes1957
(30)Articles Reviews by HB1965-1980 1 of 2

Call Number: 2003-024/007
(1)Articles Reviews by HB1965-1980 2 of 2
(2)Canada, The United States and Pan America / H. Bowsfield[ca. 1980]
(3)DCB, James Wickes Taylor, Research, Notes, Drafts1984
(4)DCB, Biography, J.W. Taylor, Research, Drafts1989
(5)Famous Forts of the Hudson's Bay Company / H.B.1970
(6)Indian Legends of Canada / Ella Elizabeth Clark, Review[197-]
(7)Laurier, Jackdaw no. C19, written and compiled by Hartwell Bowsfield
(8)The Liberal Party, 1874-1880 / H.B
(9)Mckenzie Paper / H.B, Notes, Drafts[ca. 1964]
(10)MISC Reviews by H.B1965
(11)Riel / Kerr, Review[ca. 1953]
(12)Reviews, Riel1971-1974
(13)The White Indian / HB[196-]
(14)William Parker, Mounted Policeman, Review by H.B1973
(15)Bibliography, University of Toronto Press1981
(16)Blodget, Research, Notes1967
(17)Hist/ Historiography, Notes1962-1963
(18)James Lewis and Samuel1972
(19)Maitland, Research Notes[197-] 1 of 2
(20)Maitland, Research Notes[197-] 2 of 2
(21)Maitland, Research Notes, Resource Material1979
(22)Maitland, Notes, Drafts[ca. 1977]
(23)Maitland Biography, Galleys1984
(24)Karl Polanyi, Research[ca. 1954] 1 of 2
(25)Karl Polanyi, Research[ca. 1954] 2 of 2
(26)Riel Letter to Grant, 18751967
(27)Riel, Research Notes[197-]
(28)Riel, Draft Notes, Research Notes[197-]
(29)Regionalism, Notes[ca. 1981]
(30)Regionalism, Readings, Notes1981-1984
(31)Donald A. Smith, HBC, Research, Notes
(32)Taylor Reserach
(33)Trade Stats
(34)Turner, Potter, Hayes etc.

Call Number: 2003-024/008
(1)Resource Material, Manitoba1879-1944 1 of 2
(2)Resource Material, Manitoba1879-1944 2 of 2
(3)Resource Material, Non Canadian1916-1929
(4)Resource Material, Canada1907-1949
(5)Canadian Archivist, Newsletter1963
(6)Report of the Eighteenth Annual Convention CCF (Ontario Section)1952
(7)Trust lies about William Randolph Hearst[186-]
(8)Riel, Photocopy of Artwork1885-1985
(9)"ManChukuo" Things not told in the report of the commission of Enquiry / Harry Hussey
(10)A Critical History of the Red River Insurrection After Official Documents and Non-Catholic Sources1935

Call Number: 2003-024/009
(1)Ensayo Bografico Del Celebre NaveGante Y Consumado Cosmografo Juan De La Cosa1892
(2)Minnesota Historical Bulletin (Includes Biography of James W. Taylor)1915
(3)Poesies Religieuses et Politiques par Louis "David" Riel1886
(4)Transactions of the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba1878- 1930
(5)Bulletins of the Departments of History and Political and economic science in Queen's University1918- 1976
(6)England's Wealth Ireland's Poverty/ Thomas Lough1896
(7)Resource Material, Annotated1901-1937
(8)Symposium on Archival Education, UWO, Proceedings1980
(9)Conservative Hand Book1922, 1927
(10)Liberal - Conservative Hand Book1920, 1925, 1926
(11)Resource Material Re: League of Nations and First World War1918

Call Number: 2003-024/010
(1)Research notes
(2)Abstract of the Plains Cree Struggle for Autonomy: 1870-1885 / John L. Tobias
(3)The Riel Rebellions : A Cartographic History, Reviewed by Bowsfield1979
(4)Rupert's Land Colloquium, Papers1988
(5)Rupert's Land Colloquium, Papers1992
(6)The Candian Liberal MonthlyAugust 1917
(7)Saskatchewan Liberal JournalMarch-June 1917
(8)Maps: North America, Minnesota Territory, Red River Expedition

Call Number: 2003-024/011

Newspapers, Jourals

(1)FlairFebruary 1950
(2)Theatre Programs, Pamphlets1827-1832
(3)Original Broadsides and Photocopies1692
(4)The Staffordshire Advertiser28 January 1826
(5)The Weekly Dispatch27 September 1801
(6)The Morning Chronicle, and London Advertiser25 March 1783
(7)The Northhampton Mercury29 August 1801
(8)The Courier29 October 1812
(9)The Times9 November 1796
(10)Commercial Advertiser2 October 1797
(11)Nouvelles Extraordinaires de Divers Endroits22 Juillet 1796
(12)Canadian Daily Record27 November 1917
(13)Ontario's Newspaper Centennial5 March 1893
(14)Upper Canada Gazette or American Oracle18 April 1783
(15)The Listening Post20 September 1917
(16)The British Colonist11 December 1858
(17)The Boston Gazette and Country Journal12 March 1770
(18)The British Press or Morning Literary Adviser7 April 1803
(19)The Globe27 December 1868
(20)Quebec Gazette28 December 1857
(21)Centennial Book of Remembrance, Presented to HB by the Manitoba Historical Society1971

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