F0245 - Judith Rudakoff fonds


Call Number: 2003-020/001
(1)"JR'S Old McGill Theatre Stuff"1973-1979
(2)Judith Rudakoff, Business Cards
(3)Correspondence Re: AARHUS, Denmark2001
(4)Correspondence with British Council2001
(6)C'Town Theatre PEIApril-May 1994
(7)Festival des Amerique1994
(8)The Gathering1993
(9)Harbourfront ReadingApril 23/96
(10)Joan of Arc Project1999
(11)Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. Correspondence, Conference Material1999
(12)Maggie and Pierre Benefit Royal AlexMar. 31st 1995 1 of 2
(13)Maggie and Pierre Benefit, Royal AlexMar. 31st 1995 2 of 2
(14)NAC, Page To Stage Festival1994-1996
(15)Correspondence Re. Rum and Cola, Collaboration Between Theatre Passe Muraille (Canada) And Baggasse Theatre(Trinidad)2000-2001
(16)Miscellaneous Re Trinidad2001
(17)Script Lab, Correspondence, Minutes of Meeting, Grant Application2002
(18)Correspondence, TDR1994-1997
(19)Theatre Topics, CorrespondenceAugust 2002-May 2003
(20)Theatre Topics: The Four Elements: New Models for Subversive Dramaturgy, Final Draft2003
(21)Theatre, Work Related Correspondence1995-2000
(22)Correspondence, York University1997-1998
(23)Brecht Interview TDR 1641995-1999
(24)Soldier Dreams1999


(25)Cuba Book, Correspondence2000-2002 1 of 2
(26)Cuba Book, Correspondence2000-2002 2 of 2
(27)Correspondence, Notes, Drafts1995-1996 1 of 2
(28)Correspondence, Notes, Drafts1995-1996 2 of 2
(29)Correspondence, Notes1994-1995
(30)Sin Tener, Draft Transaction With Notes From Javier Fernandez1995
(31)Invitations From Cuba1994-1995
(32)Delegation/CubaMarch 1993
(33)Theatre Havana CUBASept. 1993
(34)Dance/Santeria CUBANov. 21-28 1993-1994
(35)Cuba Research General1995
(36)Cuba:Current (general)1993-1996
(37)Teatro Escambray, Correspondence, Itineraries, Notes1995 1 of 2
(38)Teatro Escambray, Correspondence, Itineraries, Notes1995 2 of 2
(40)Correspondence1994-1998 1 of 2
(41)Correspondence1994-1998 2 of 2
(42)Letters JFJ of Las Vegas1995-1996
(43)Correspondence1994-1999 1 of 2
(44)Correspondence1994-1999 2 of 2

Call Number: 2003-020/002
(1)Correspondence, Student Applications1994-1998
(2)Itineraries, Resource Material1993-1995
(3)Cuba - PIGS1995
(4)Sin Tener (drafts of Spanish translation of Not Having)1995
(5)I am a War, My Voice is a Weapon -Speech by J.R.Feb. 1998
(6)Lecture Series, drafts of speeches by J.R.1995-1996
(7)Revolutionary Theatre in Contemporary Cuba: Grupo Teatro Escambray, article in the Drama Review by J.R.1996
(8)Biography, J.R.
(9)The Black Dove, by Rafael Gonzalez, Escambray Theatre Group, Cuba1997
(10)UNEAC WorkshopApr. 1999
(11)Under the Goddess' Cloak: ReCalling the Wild, EnGendering the Power, by J.R.1992
(12)Germany, Cuba, Correspondence/Fax1994
(13)More than a Footnote: Dancing from Conneticut to Revolutionary Cuba by Lorna Nell Burdsall, Manuscript2000
(14)More Than a Footnote, drafts2000
(16)York -Teatro Esc., CubaFeb. 1997
(17)Press Kits, Cuban Theatre
(18)The Brass Ring, draftNov. 15, 1989
(19)The Brass Ring, draftDec. 1989
(20)The Brass Ring, draftDec. 1989
(21)The Brass Ring, draft, cleanDec. 1989
(22)The Brass Ring, draftJuly 1990
(23)The Brass Ring, draftJuly 1990
(24)Conquest of the South Pole, Contract, draft, resource material1991 1 of 2
(25)Conquest of the South Pole, Contract, draft, resource material1991 2 of 2
(26)Conquest of the North Pole, contract1990
(27)Bloodlines, notes, drafts1992 1 of 2
(28)Bloodlines, notes, drafts1992 2 of 2

Interplay: Sex Gender and Voice in Canadian Theatre

(29)Interplay; correspondence, contracts, submissions1991-1992 1 of 2
(30)Interplay; correspondence, contracts, submissions1991-1992 2 of 2
(31)Interplay; Contributors' photographs1991-1992
(32)Interplay; Contracts, agreements, grant applications1991-1992
(33)Interplay; Drafts, submissions1992-1993 1 of 3
(34)Interplay; Drafts, submissions1992-1993 2 of 3

Call Number: 2003-020/003
(1)Interplay; Drafts, submissions1992-1993 3 of 3
(2)Interplay; final versions1992
(3)Interplay; final1992
(4)Interplay; manuscript1992

Dangerous Traditions: Theatre Passe Muraille Anthology

(5)Correspondence, notes1992
(6)Photo Researchca. 1992
(7)Dangerous Traditions, photographic permissions1992
(8)Before the Guns; introduction
(9)Before the Guns, John Palmer
(10)Before the Guns, John Palmer, annotated
(11)Before the Guns, John Palmer, annotated
(12)Cold Comfort, Jim Garrard
(13)Introduction by Jim Garrard, draftsca. 1992
(14)Lost Souls and Missing Persons, Sally Clark
(15)Lost Souls and Missing Persons, Sally Clark, annotated
(16)O.D. on Paradise, Linda Griffiths and Patricia Bryer, annotated
(17)Peggy's Song, Jim Garrard, annotated
(18)Photocopies of old programmes
(19)Galley Proofs1992 1 of 2
(20)Galley Proofs1992 2 of 2

Between the Lines: The Process of Dramaturgy

(21)Urjo Kareda, interview transcript2001
(22)Bob White, interview transcript2001
(23)Peter Hinton, interview transcript2001
(24)Jenny Munday, interview transcript2001
(25)Lynn M. Thomson, correspondence, interview transcripts2001 RESTRICTED
(26)Draft, edits2001 1 of 2
(27)Draft, edits2001 2 of 2
(28)Contract, signed permissions2001
(29)BTL, correspondence2001-2002 1 of 2; RESTRICTED
(30)BTL, correspondence2001-2002 2 of 2; RESTRICTED
(31)Bill Glassco, interview transcript2001
(32)Ten Points of Entry: or, A Context for the Canadian Dramators in Conversation, by J.R.2001
(33)Maureen Labonte, interview transcipt2001
(34)Correspondence, notes, drafts2001 1 of 2
(35)Correspondence, notes, drafts2001 2 of 2
(36)BTL Correspondence2000-2001 1 of 2; RESTRICTED

Call Number: 2003-020/004
(1)BTL Correspondence2000-2001 2 of 2; RESTRICTED
(2)Draft2001-2002 1 of 2
(3)Draft2001-2002 2 of 2
(4)Interview transcipts2001 1 of 2
(5)Interview transcipts2001 2 of 2
(6)Between the Lines, miscellaneous2001
(7)Peter Hinton, interview transcript2001

Revealed By Fire

(8)Revealed By Fire; e-mail correspondence (partial)2002
(9)Soraab-Mirage e-mail correspondence2002

Call Number: 2003-020/005
(1)Lata Pada, e-mail correspondence (Primarily revealed BA Fire)August 2000-January 2003
(2)RBF Articles for Theatre Forum, drafts, background material2001 1 of 2
(3)RBF Articles for Theatre Forum, drafts, background material2001 2 of 2
(4)Correspondence, notes, clippings2000-2002 1 of 2
(5)Correspondence, notes, clippings2000-2002 2 of 2
(6)Notes, drafts, resource material2000-2002
(7)Drafts, research material, Soraab Mirage2002 1 of 2
(8)Drafts, research material, Soraab Mirage2002 2 of 2
(9)Soraab Mirage, overview2002
(10)Soraab, sound designs (two compact discs)2002
(11)Revealed by Fire, programme, pamphlet2001

Call Number: 2003-020/006

PhD notes

(1)PhD Notes

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