F0204 - Rev. Louise Mahood fonds


Call Number: 2002-013/001
(1)Correspondence between LM and Jan Bush1984-2000 1 of 5
(2)Correspondence between LM and Jan Bush1984-2000 2 of 5
(3)Correspondence between LM and Jan Bush1984-2000 3 of 5
(4)Correspondence between LM and Jan Bush1984-2000 4 of 5
(5)Correspondence between LM and Jan Bush1984-2000 5 of 5

Call Number: 2002-013/002
(1)Personal correspondence1976-1999 1 of 2
(2)Personal correspondence1976-1999 2 of 2
(3)Letters, general1991-1995
(4)Barbara Bouck1995-1996
(5)Linda Hill1999-2000
(6)Helen Prior1994-1997
(7)Jane Sullivan1992-1997
(10)Personal Journal and Story Called the Hull1975
(15)Brownie badges and related ephemera1966-1967
(16)Contracts and work letters1988-1990
(17)Data sheets, employment (banking only)1975-1988
(18)Resumes[198?], 1988
(19)Pro Driver certificate18 June 1973
(20)Called To Make Justice, conference material1993
(21)Keeping The Faith on a Day of Work, The Toronto Star20 December 1997
(22)Original artwork[ca. 1974]
(23)York University School of Women's Studies, Advisory Committee1988-200-

High School Material

(31)Report cards, guidance counselling documentation1974-1975
(32)High school diploma, Earl Haig Secondary School1975

Call Number: 2002-013/003
(1)Junior High papers1970-1971 1 of 3
(2)Junior High papers1970-1971 2 of 3
(3)Junior High papers1970-1971 3 of 3
(4)Miscellaneous essays1972-1975 1 of 2
(5)Miscellaneous essays1972-1975 2 of 2
(6)Humanities notes1974-1975 1 of 2
(7)Humanities notes1974-1975 2 of 2

Emmanuel College: Material for Masters of Divinity Degree

(8)Zeitgeist, College Paper1985-1987
(9)The Nature and Method of Prophecy as Revealed in A Literary Analysis of Isaiah 7-81985
(10)A Study of the Pentateuch and the Documentary HypothesisFebruary 1985
(11)An Exegetical Study of Amos, Chapter 4March 1985
(12)Course Notes for the United Church of Canada course1985
(13)Women as Sexual Being in the Reformation EraApril 1985
(14)The Holy Spirit and Church and the Wholly Spirit and ChurchApril 1985
(15)Course notes for Faith to Gnosis1985
(16)Course notes for the New Testament Greek1985
(17)A Theological Position of Women in GnosticismDecember 1985
(18)Women's Missionary Society, Department of TemperanceMay 1986
(19)The Recruiting of Mission Workers from the Canadian Girls in Training by the Women's Misisonary SocietyApril 1986
(20)An Exploration of Feminist TheologyFall 1987
(21)Course Work for Pauline Literature1988
(22)The WMS and Japanese Internment, notes and research1988 1 of 2
(23)The WMS and Japanese Internment, notes and research1988 2 of 2
(24)The Women's Missionary Society of the United Church of Canada Response and Ministry to Japanese Canadians During World War II4 March 1999
(25)Course Work for Chaplaincy Training, CPE1989

Emmanuel College: Material for Masters in Pastoral Studies

(29)Leadership Practices for Congregational TransformationJuly 1999
(30)A Growing Plan for WoodGreen United Church31 July 1999
(31)A Review of Creating a Healthier Church: Family Systems Theory, Leadership and Congregational Life24 July 1999
(32)Gerontology and MinistryJuly 2000
(33)The Stone Angel: A Book Reflection10 July 2000
(34)Take Home Exam20 July 2000
(35)Family Systems Analysis PaperNovember 2000
(36)Joined at the Hip Couples RetreatDecember 2000
(37)Family Process: Parish and Pastoral CareFall 2000
(38)Music in the Liturgy and Life of the CongregationWinter 2001
(39)Rhetoric and Poetics in PreachingFall 2001
(40)Closing a Congregation: A Liturgical - Pastoral ExaminationWinter 2002
(41)MPS Degree, misc. documents2001-2002

Call Number: 2002-013/004
(1)Original art work1974
(2)1984 Graduating Class Photo, Founders College1984

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