F0596 - Rita Greer Allen fonds
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2010-067/042(1)99 Crescent : neighbours4 Dec. 1993
2010-067/042(2)99 Crescent : plans for alterations1956-1968
2010-067/042(3)99 Crescent Rd.1955-1981
2010-067/042(4)Accident. -- File pertains to a car accident in which Rita Greer Allen was injured and a subsequent lawsuit. -- 8 photographs : b&w ; 25.5 x 20 cm. -- Photographs of Rita Greer Allen document her injuries.1961-1965
2010-067/042(5)Accident material & receipts1961-1964
2010-067/042(6)Acting. -- File includes notes and exercises from a drama class.[between 1939 and 1949]
2010-067/042(7)ACTRA performers etc.1971-1974
2010-067/042(8)ACTRA women writers1981, 1983
2010-067/042(9)ACTRA writers1976-1984
2010-067/042(10)Address books[ca. 1940]-[ca. 1985]
2010-067/042(11)Adoption1958-1961, 1963
2010-067/042(12)Adrienne -- Governor General!!!1999-2000
2010-067/042(13)Alcoholic material. -- File includes letters from Rita Greer Allen's sister-in-law, Kathleen Weyman.1954-1955
2010-067/042(14)Analytical Psychology Society1978
2010-067/042(15)Ancient history notebook. -- Item is a notebook maintained by Rita Greer Allen's brother, Ronald Weyman.1931
2010-067/042(16)Art collection1999
2010-067/042(17)Award certificates1968, 1978
2010-067/042(18)Banff school1984-1985
2010-067/042(19)BBC. -- File consists of a personal letter from Sydney Newman, head of the television group of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).11 Nov. 1966
2010-067/042(20)Beaver Pond. -- File pertains to the purchase of property.1966
2010-067/042(21)Beginning of TV in Canada. -- Item is a notebook page written by Rita Greer Allen pertaining to her and Robert Greer Allen's involvement with the formation of CBC Television.[between 1980 and 1999]
2010-067/042(22)Biography material : Rita1968, 1977-1979
2010-067/042(23)Blaksted, Ralph1960-1961
2010-067/042(24)Bly-Woodman filming : Belleville, Sept. 1991
2010-067/042(25)Books. -- File consists of book lists and newspaper clippings.1955-1957
2010-067/042(27)Canada Council1959, 1967-1982
2010-067/043(1)Canadian art magazines in my collections1968
2010-067/043(2)Canadian Film Awards4 Mar. 1969
2010-067/043(3)Canadian history : Lower : Frye. -- File consists of newspaper clippings and notes on Northrop Frye and Arthur Lower.[1976?]
2010-067/043(4)Canadian theatre (speech material and notes)1957-1958
2010-067/043(5)Canadian Women's Club (London)1959, 1961
2010-067/043(6)Canadian Women's Press Club1968-1969
2010-067/043(7)CAPAC [Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada]1963
2010-067/043(8)Central Ontario Festival 1939
2010-067/043(9)Charles Wassermann (1924-1978) / by Helfried W. Seliger[ca. 1980]
2010-067/043(10)Committee for Independent Canada (CIC). -- File consists of CIC newsletters.1973, 1975
2010-067/043(11)Contact lists1972-1985
2010-067/043(12)Crescent Rd., etc. : leases1985-1995
2010-067/043(13)Crescent Road : house renovations1977, 1982-1983
2010-067/043(14)David Ruskin Agency14 Mar. 1969
2010-067/043(15)Divorce1977, 1979
2010-067/043(16)Doctors : hospitals : treatments1980, 1985-1990
2010-067/043(17)Dream diary : excerpt1988-1989, 1991
2010-067/043(18)Earle Birney convocation address13 Nov. 1965
2010-067/043(19)Emily Carr[between 1950 and 1970]
2010-067/043(20)English theatre[ca. 1961]
2010-067/043(21)Expo. -- File consists of a letter sent to Rita Greer Allen regarding her request to work for the Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition.3 Sept. 1964
2010-067/043(22)Expo 67 promotional materials. -- 7 photographs : b&w ; 20 x 25 cm.1965-1967 1 of 2
2010-067/043(23)Expo 67 promotional materials. -- 7 photographs : b&w ; 20 x 25 cm.1965-1967 2 of 2
2010-067/043(24)For Elspeth Cochrane. -- File pertains to a play titled "4th and Dolores" written by Elspeth Cochrane.[between 1950 and 1970]
2010-067/043(25)Funnies : yuk yuk1984-1998
2010-067/043(27)Gestalt file. -- File pertains to the Gestalt Institute of Toronto and a retreat at Strathmere, a farm and residence for learning and living. -- 5 photographs : col. ; 9 x 13 cm and 9 x 12 cm. -- Photographs of Rita Greer Allen and others at the Gestalt therapy retreat at Strathmere.1975-1978
2010-067/044(1)Gestalt & Harvey1978, 1985
2010-067/044(3)Hornings' Mills. -- File pertains to the purchase of property.1964-1965
2010-067/044(4)Hospital reports1997-2001
2010-067/044(5)Household cost inflation records1975-1978
2010-067/044(6)Income tax1957-1960
2010-067/044(7)Income tax1960
2010-067/044(8)Income tax1961
2010-067/044(9)Income tax1962
2010-067/044(10)Income tax1963
2010-067/044(11)Income tax1964
2010-067/044(12)Income tax : correspondence1970-1971
2010-067/044(13)Income tax : past years1954-1959
2010-067/044(14)Income tax return : 19721972-1973
2010-067/044(15)Income tax return : 19731973-1974
2010-067/044(16)Income tax return : 19741973-1974, 1976
2010-067/044(17)Income tax return : 19801980, 1982-1983
2010-067/044(18)Income tax return : 19811982-1984
2010-067/044(19)Income tax return : 19821982-1983
2010-067/044(20)Income tax return : 19851986-1987
2010-067/044(21)Income tax return : 19871987-1988
2010-067/044(22)Indian matters1986-1987
2010-067/044(23)International Institute of Metropolitan TorontoJune 1960
2010-067/044(24)The Italian connection...in love and war / a documentary novel by Ronald C. Weyman. -- Manuscript has been annotated by Rita Greer Allen.[ca. 1994]
2010-067/044(25)James Hall, "Relationships and marriage" and James Hillman, "Anima" : lecture notes20 Sept. 1988, 7 May 1989
2010-067/044(26)Jane Mahut1978
2010-067/044(27)Janine's workshop. -- File pertains to a workshop titled "The sacred path of peace: walking the labyrinth of creativity" held at the Centre for Creative Ministries, facilitated by Marcella Shields and Janine Kinch.1996, 1999
2010-067/044(29)Jokes : yuk yuk. -- File includes an issue of "Punch magazine".1971, 1973
2010-067/044(30)Joseph Campbell1982, 1989-1990
2010-067/044(31)Jungian : '92, '93. -- File consists of notes taken by Rita Greer Allen at Marion Woodman, Robert Gardner and Jan Bauer lectures and seminars.1992-1993
2010-067/044(32)Jungian insights : 80 programme. -- File consists of materials from the "In-sights 80 symposium and workshop on the psychology of C.G. Jung".Jan. 1980
2010-067/044(33)Jungian lectures, Massey College1979
2010-067/044(34)Lecture notes. -- File pertains to lectures by David Bohm, James Burke and James Wyly.1988, 1990
2010-067/044(35)Life, death1977-1978
2010-067/044(36)Love, addiction, power, intimacy : marriage1977-1978
2010-067/044(37)Love story1975
2010-067/045(1)Marion Woodman : mother, virgin, crone : lover can you spare a dime?1988-1989
2010-067/045(2)Marion Woodman sessions and mail. -- File consists of correspondence with Rita Greer Allen's Jungian analyst, Marion Woodman.1987-1989, 1993
2010-067/045(3)Marion Woodman workshop : Sept. 2-9, 1997
2010-067/045(4)Massey Foundation : urban design. -- File pertains to Rita Greer Allen's request to serve on the Vincent Massey jury.1971
2010-067/045(5)Memorabilia. -- File consists of postcards of Huntsville, Ont., a program for "Juno and the paycock: a tragedy in three acts" presented by the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, an undated dance card, and a book of Imperial Bank of Canada cheques.[between 1930 and 1940]
2010-067/045(7)Mind1961, 1969, 1972-1973
2010-067/045(8)Newspaper clippings. -- File pertains to Canadian theatre, writing and art.1988, 2004
2010-067/045(9)Newspaper and magazine clippings. -- File includes articles pertaining to friends Marion Woodman, Lister Sinclair, and Paul Almond and Genevieve Bujold.1970, 1977, 1995-1996, 2006
2010-067/045(10)Notebook. -- Item contains personal writing by Rita Greer Allen.1953, 1958, 1968
2010-067/045(11)Notebook. -- Item pertains to Rita Greer Allen's study of Jungian psychology.1983
2010-067/045(15)Odd and funny lines & dream lines1978-1990
2010-067/045(16)Old age pension. -- File includes a copy of Rita Greer Allen's birth certificate.1983
2010-067/045(17)Pacific Synergies. -- File pertains to nature, art and anthropology expeditions and a trip taken by Rita in 1986.1985-1986
2010-067/045(18)Painting with inscription to Rita Greer Allen[between 1975 and 1995]
2010-067/045(19)Pearson. -- File consists of newspaper clippings, notes and research materials pertaining to Lester Pearson.1944-1969
2010-067/045(20)Personal notes. -- 1 photograph : col. ; 10 x 15 cm.1991, 2002
2010-067/045(21)Peter L.A. -- File pertains to health treatment notes and medical practitioner Peter Ulikhanov.1994
2010-067/045(22)Photographs of Rita and Robert Greer Allen in Vancouver. -- 13 photographs : b&w ; 8.3 x 11.5 cm. -- Some photographs are annotated on verso.1961
2010-067/045(23)Photos : publicity. -- 13 photographs : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm or smaller. -- 8 photographs : b&w negatives ; 8 x 6.5 cm. -- Photographs are studio portraits of Rita Greer Allen taken by Henry Fox and others.1958
2010-067/045(24)Pictures to frame[ca. 1970]
2010-067/045(25)Pine Ridge Centre : Pickering1985
2010-067/045(26)Poems & haikus. -- File consists of poems written by Rita Greer Allen.1981, 1984, 1986
2010-067/045(27)P.O.P. [People or Planes]. -- File consists of a newsletter and pamphlets.1976
2010-067/045(28)Primitive art1981, 1984
2010-067/045(29)Producers' ass'n. -- File consists of a notice from the Association of Television Producers and Directors (Toronto) to its membership.8 Mar. 1973
2010-067/045(30)Publicity : pix and copy. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 21.5 x 16.5 cm. -- Photograph of Rita Greer Allen in a kitchen, used for promotion of "Take 30" episode "The funny fat game". Photograph by Robert C. Ragsdale.Oct. 1968
2010-067/046(1)Publicity : reviews and promos. -- File consists of newspaper clippings, magazine articles, promotional materials, memoranda, notes and correspondence pertaining to Rita Greer Allen and her television and writing work. -- 4 photographs : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm or smaller. -- Photographs are studio portraits of Rita Greer Allen taken by CBC photographer Henry Fox in 1963, a photograph of Rita with an unidentified woman taken at a formal event, an April 1959 promotional photograph (2 copies) of Rita and Kathie McNeil for "One of a kind" taken by Herb Nott & Co.1950-1964
2010-067/046(2)Pyramid. -- File consists of lists and instructions for a pyramid scheme.1976
2010-067/046(3)R.D. Laing therapy workshop, Cortes Island, BC1985
2010-067/046(4)Research materials. -- File contains a lecture by Daryl Sharp titled "Jungian psychology today: the opportunity and the danger", a transcript of CBC radio program "Ideas" titled "Angels among us", and an article from "The Atlantic" titled "Shame" by Robert Karen.1991-1993
2010-067/046(5)Reva Brooks : fotografias1970
2010-067/046(6)Rex's funeral. -- File consists of correspondence and a copy of the eulogy given by Hugh Nicolas Weyman, son of Rita Greer Allen's brother Rex Weyman, at Rex's funeral. -- 1 audio cassette. -- Cassette is a recording of Rex Weyman's memorial service.1996
2010-067/046(7)Rita's aura & tape. -- 1 photograph: col. Polaroid ; 10.5 x 8.5 cm. -- Photograph of Rita Greer Allen and her "aura". -- 1 audio cassette.[ca. 2000]
2010-067/046(8)Rita's to review. -- File consists of notes and two notebooks pertaining to personal and medical topics.1999-2001
2010-067/046(9)Ross McLean11 May 1967
2010-067/046(10)Scripts. -- File consists of annotated scripts from the Playwrights' Studio Group, accumulated and annotated by Rita Greer Allen.[between 1939 and 1949]
2010-067/046(12)Sherlock Holmes in Canada : the ultimate disguise / from the annals of Doctor Watson by Ron WeymanJuly 1990
2010-067/046(13)Sherlock Holmes : the mark of the beast / by Ron Weyman[ca. 1990]
2010-067/046(14)Sherlock Holmes : travels in western Canada / from the annals of Doctor Watson by Ron Weyman[ca. 1990]
2010-067/046(15)Ski : Canada. -- File consists of brochures and pamphlets pertaining to ski locations in Canada.1964-1969
2010-067/047(2)Speech by Paul Almond read at Bobby's service by Cindy. -- File also includes a Globe and Mail obituary clipping for Robert Greer Allen and speech written by Wai-Lan Low about Robert.2005
2010-067/047(4)Telepol. -- File consists of a newspaper clipping, correspondence and notes regarding a CFTO program titled "Telepol".1964-1965
2010-067/047(5)Temporal arteritis1987, 1993
2010-067/047(6)Theatre Compact1976
2010-067/047(7)Theatrework (Canada) Ltd. -- File consists of personal and professional correspondence with Elspeth Cochrane, as well as pamphlets, invoices and notes.1957-1963
2010-067/047(8)Tim WilsonMay 1981
2010-067/047(9)Tim's film about Rita : 94-951995
2010-067/047(10)Toronto calendar : favourite restaurant : Dick Ballentine[between 1970 and 1985]
2010-067/047(11)U. of Western Ont. -- File consists of a letter from associate professor Earle Beattie regarding the use of Rita Greer Allen's script "Blow up" as an example of dramatic documentary in the University of Western Ontario's journalism department.7 May 1963
2010-067/047(12)Women 1979-1980. -- File consists of magazine and newspaper articles.1975, 1978
2010-067/047(13)Woman in politics1957, 1959
2010-067/047(14)Women in politics1972-1977
2010-067/047(15)Writers' courses[between 1970 and 1980]
2010-067/047(16)Writing - the core of it1975-1980
2010-067/047(17)Yoga & Zen & Kripalu1978, 1984, 1987

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