F0096 - John N. Smith fonds
Series: S00096


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1994-039/034(3)John Newton Smith, Curriculum Vitae
1994-039/034(4)John Smith's Birth Notice
1994-039/034(5)Birthday/Greeting Cards Sent to John Smith
1994-039/034(6)John Smith's Personal Correspondence
1994-039/034(7)John Smith's Country House
1994-039/034(8)Information and Documentation Regarding the House on Lachute
1994-039/034(9)Purchase of House and Rental Forms1972-1974
1994-039/034(10)Lease in MontrealJuly 1978
1994-039/034(11)Apartment Contract
1994-039/034(12)Contract with National Screen InstituteDecember 1992
1994-039/034(13)Contracts -- "Dieppe", "My Posse Don't Do Homework", "Big Bear" and "Melody McKay"
1994-039/034(14)Security Matters (Insurance, Clearances)
1994-039/034(15)McGuill University Papers
1994-039/034(16)Bruce Smith Archives -- Convocation Program (U. of T.)June 1991
1994-039/034(17)Dunany Country Club, Member's Newsletter
1994-039/034(18)Certificate Awarded to John Smith: Polar Bear Chapter, Order of Arctic Adventures1983
1994-039/034(19)Article on John Smith in "La Revue de la Cinematique"
1994-039/034(20)General Notes (Diary?)
1994-039/034(21)"Hollywood, Florida", A Story by John Smith
1994-039/034(22)Personal -- Miscellaneous Photographs, (Family, Friends)
1994-039/034(23)Personal -- Miscellaneous File (Photos, Notes, Business Cards)
1994-039/034(24)Miscellaneous Notes and Memos
1994-039/034(25)Two Notebooks1981 and 1983
1994-039/034(26)Two Notebooks1986 and 1987
1994-039/035(1)Two Notebooks, 1989
1994-039/035(2)Notebook, "Fragments" (Notes on a New Movie)
1994-039/035(3)Black and White, 8" x 10" Photographs Mounted on Boards of the Same Size (War?)
1994-039/035(4)Black and White, 8" x 10" Photographs (War?)
1994-039/035(5)Photo Slides, (Art of Acting, ???)
1994-039/039(1)Communications 2000
1994-039/039(2)Reports, memos re: NFB & Applebaum-Hebert Report1982
1994-039/039(3)Newspaper clippings related to [Asian] immigration and refugees
1994-039/039(4)Titling order and budget expense reports for various productions
1994-039/039(5)Personal correspondence & notes, 1993
1994-039/039(6)Dunany productions and NFB business (John N. Smith Salary and Benefits)1993
1994-039/040(1)Passports (1966, 1970, 1984), International driving permit 19881966, 1970, 1984, 1988
1994-039/040(2)Birth certificate
1994-039/040(3)Appointment bookNovember 1989-December 1990
1994-039/040(4)Divorce papers1973-1974
1994-039/040(5)Personal financial records1993
1994-039/040(6)Correspondence with Revenue Canada1993
1994-039/040(7)Aeroplan, Canadian Plus1993
2001-030/009(1)Photographs: Colour Slides of Family and Friends 1 of 4
2001-030/009(2)Photographs: Colour Slides of Family and Friends 2 of 4
2001-030/009(3)Photographs: Colour Slides of Family and Friends 3 of 4
2001-030/009(4)Photographs: Colour Slides of Family and Friends 4 of 4

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