F0592 - Donald G. Simpson fonds


Series Number:S00501
Series Title:Teaching lectures and other material
Extent:1 m of textual material
44 photographs : col. slides
2 posters
Scope and Content: Series consists of records related to Don Simpson's years teaching at the University of Western Ontario (UWO); as professor of comparative education at the Althouse Faculty of Education, 1965-1967 and 1977-1980; and as Executive Secretary of the new Office of International Education, 1969-1972. There are also several files pertaining to his years as a high school teacher at Sir Adam Beck Secondary School (1957-1965). At Althouse, Simpson taught courses on international education, cross-cultural education and education in Africa. At the Office of International Education, he led the creation and operation of the Computerized Cross-cultural Learner Centre (CCLC), which supported integrated, individual-based learning. It was initially conceived of by Simpson in order to prepare CUSO volunteers for work in West Africa. Later, it was used to prepare government advisors and trainers going to the Third World, to prepare business people going to new cultures, and to educate Canadians about Africa, international development, and Caribbean, Black and Aboriginal communities in Canada. The records in the series include handwritten lecture cards, essays, articles, and other course materials; newsletters and bulletins; clippings; correspondence; and notes. Three large hardcover volumes contain the "documentary record of the years 1969-1974" of the Cross-cultural Learner Centre. These volumes, as well as several files on the CCLC, include proposals for the Centre, reports, minutes, essays, clippings, Centre newsletters, summaries, memoranda, assessments and calendars. In addition to the Native Peoples Resource Centre that was associated with the CCLC, the steering committees for Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Black studies, and "Canadian mainstream" are also documented. Also notable in the series are textual files and two posters on Canada's centennial and Expo67. Simpson was on the Education committee of London's Centennial Celebration Committee, and his brother-in-law, Brian Hawkins, was involved in the promotion of Expo67. Among other records, these files contain promotional material and photographic slides of the buildings planned for the Expo. Finally, the series contains materials from the course Simpson taught at Memorial University, Newfoundland, in the summer of 1978, when he helped with the creation of the Institute for Native Education.
Restrictions on Access and Use: One file is restricted due to records containing personal information of third parties. Researchers wishing to access this material must apply to the University Archivist to enter into a researcher agreement.
Arrangement: The series was maintained as received by the donor in a grouping titled "engagement in educational institutions." The files are arranged in chronological order.
Language of Material: Series contains material in French.
Other Notes:1. Series S00514 contains student newsletters from Sir Adam Beck Secondary School and reports and other records from the Office of International Education. Correspondence from the Althouse Faculty of Education and the Office of International Education is with Simpson's other correspondence in series S00515. For teaching materials on cross-cultural education used in the 1970s, see series S00502; for additional work on leadership, and for later teaching work at the business school at UWO, see series S00507. Further educational and CCLC material under the donor's theme "internationalizing the curriculum" was kept as received in the Africa series S00503.

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