F0103 - Bruce W. Powe fonds


Series Number:S00183
Series Title:Literary manuscripts and other writings files
Extent:4.17 m of textual records
9 audio cassettes
2 videocassettes
1 CD
9 photographs : col. ; 17 x 12.5 cm and 10 x 15 cm
4 computer disks ; 9 x 9 cm
2 posters
Scope and Content: The series consists of research material, notes, drafts and manuscript copies of Powe's published and unpublished works including his books "A Climate Changed" (1984), "Noise of time" (1989), "A Tremendous Canada of light" (1993), "Outage: a journey into electric city" (1995), "The Solitary outlaw: Trudeau, Lewis, Gould, Canetti, McLuhan", "Mystic Trudeau" (1997), "Towards a Canada of light" (2006), "These shadows remain" (2011), and his 2009 PhD thesis, "Apocalypse and alchemy: visions of Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye". It also includes drafts and/or printed copies of numerous reviews, essays and articles written by or about him. Series also includes correspondence with publishers and fellow writers such as Irving Layton, Hugh Kenner and J.G. Ballard in reference to his work, publicity material for several of his books and copies of journals and magazines in which Powe's work appeared.
Other Notes:1. Title based on content of series.

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