F0103 - B. W. Powe fonds


Call Number: 2010-049/001
(1)Correspondence from Lena Shura to B.W. Powe2010 CLOSED
(2)Correspondence between Lisa Kennedy and B.W. Powe2009 CLOSED
(3)Correspondence between Lesley Andrew and B.W. Powe2010 CLOSED
(4)Card from Dorothy Davey to B.W. Powe2003
(5)Correspondence : Hannah Amar (Joe's daughter)2001
(6)Postcards from C.J. Fox to B.W. Powe1995
(7)Correspondence from John Fraser, master of Massey College, to B.W. Powe2003, 2006
(8)Letters from students to B.W. Powe2002, 2005
(9)Reference letter for Prasad Bidaye1999
(10)Correspondence from Christopher Dewdney to B.W. Powe[200-?], 2009
(11)Letters of interest2005
(12)Correspondence from William "Bill" Aide to B.W. Powe1995, 2004-2009
(13)Letter from Edward Lemon to B.W. Powe18 May 2005
(14)Letter from Nancy Southam to B.W. Powe re: publication of Trudeau stories9 Jan. 2004
(15)E-mail from Barry Sanders to B.W. Powe4 Aug. 2005
(16)E-mail from Atom Egoyan to B.W. Powe5 June 2007
(17)Correspondence : Marshall Soules. -- 2 photographs : col. ; 21.5 x 27.5 cm and 10 x 15 cm.2010
(18)Latest correspondenceJune 2010
(19)Miscellaneous correspondence2008-2010
(20)Letter from Maurice S. Elliott to B.W. Powe13 July 2005
(21)Correspondence from Diane Keating to B.W. Powe2004-2007
(22)Correspondence : Trent University writer-in-residenceMar. 2007
(23)Correspondence from Patrick Watson to B.W. Powe2007-2008
(24)Letter from Michael Mahy to B.W. Powe5 Oct. 2010
(25)Correspondence from Irma Coucill to B.W. Powe2010
(26)Correspondence : York U./UofT colleagues re: tenureJuly 2010
(27)Correspondence from Al Moritz to B.W. Powe2010
(28)Correspondence from Elana Wolff to B.W. Powe2007, 2010
(29)Letter from Prime Minister Paul Martin to B.W. Powe19 Feb. 2004
(30)E-mail from Dr. Katalin Kurtosi to B.W. Powe6 Oct. 2010
(31)Correspondence : Mo Cohen, Gingko Press2010
(32)Correspondence from Michael Miroll, Guernica Editions, re: "These shadows remain"2010
(33)Correspondence : Eric McLuhan : request/response (urgent)Oct. 2010
(34)Correspondence between B.W. Powe and Jean Baudrillard[2008?]
(35)Recommendation letter from Marshall Soules : submission for ERA [Early Researcher Award]2010
(36)Recent invitations to speakAug. 2010
(37)Letter from Frank Zingrone to B.W. Powe27 Nov. 2003
(38)E-mail from McLuhan mailing list : Peter Montgomery : re: B.W.P.'s "Mystic Trudeau"12 Sept. 2008
(39)E-mail from Paul Dore to B.W. Powe12 Aug. 2010
(40)Letter from David Manicom to B.W. PoweJune 2009
(41)Correspondence from Patricia Keeney and Don Rubin to B.W. Powe2010
(42)Correspondence from Richard Meech to B.W. Powe2004-2007
(43)Correspondence from Jon Sufrin to B.W. Powe2010
(44)Correspondence from Dennis Duffy to B.W. Powe regarding invitation to speak at Victoria College2003-2004
(45)Correspondence from Philip Marchand to B.W. Powe2004, 2010
(47)Moses Znaimer correspondence2010
(48)Correspondence from Eric McLuhan to B.W. Powe2004-2010
(49)Correspondence with Ramiro Zayas Frutos2010

Call Number: 2010-049/002
(1)University of Toronto Press correspondence2010
(2)Notes from students2000-2010
(3)Responses from students, former students2010
(4)Paul Earley, brother-in-law : on his passing, March 28th, 20102010
(5)Correspondence between Douglas Coupland and B.W. Powe2008, 2010
(6)Letter from Michael Adams to B.W. Powe10 Jan. 1995
(7)E-mail from Michael Ignatieff to B.W. Powe2 Mar. 2006
(8)Correspondence from John Roberts to B.W. Powe2005-2006
(9)Correspondence from R. Murray Schafer to B.W. Powe2010
(10)Cards from Adrienne Clarkson and John Ralston Saul2003-2005
(11)Christmas card from Corinne McLuhan to B.W. Powe3 Jan. 2006
(12)Miscellaneous correspondence2002, 2004
(13)Correspondence : visit to the Dean's office : Oct. 4, 20102010
(14)Letter from Tina Grant, Schulich Centre for Teaching Excellence, to B.W. Powe1 Apr. 2002
(15)Letter from Richard Gwyn to B.W. Powe regarding launch of "The hidden Pierre Trudeau: faith and politics in the balance"2004
(16)E-mail from B.W. Powe to Geoff Pevere regarding Steven Spielberg's movie "AI".1 Aug. 2001
(17)Correspondence from Irma Coucill to B.W. Powe2009
(18)York correspondence2005-2006
(19)Copy of letter from R. Murray Schafer to B.W. Powe10 Aug. 1988
(20)Interesting correspondence with publishers/agent2007-2009
(21)Correspondence with Patrick Crean, Thomas Allen Publishers2005
(22)Calendar : events, meetings, occasions, visits2010
(23)Original pages for B.W.P.'s website (taken down in 2008)2005-2006
(24)Material that appears on the Web2010
(25)B.W. Powe on the passing of Corinne McLuhanApr. 2008
(26)Interview with Figureground.ca : questions and answers2010
(27)Correspondence : B.W. Powe's lecture for the Canadian Studies Speakers SeriesOct. 2010
(28)Fordham University : "Across the generations: legacies of meaning and hope" conference materials and speaking notes2009
(29)U of T conference talk : notesMay 2010
(30)Copy of photograph of Janine Marchessault, Gerald O'Grady, Elena Lamberti, and B.W. Powe at Winters CollegeOct. 2010
(31)Invitation to naming ceremony for the Trudeau Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies27 Apr. 2004
(32)Proposal : Why English 2008 conference5 Feb. 2008
(33)Literary miscellany : autumn 20102010
(34)"Rethinking McLuhan" conference materials1996-1997
(35)Notes for presentation at Trent University, writer-in-residenceMar. 2007
(36)Trent University : writer-in-residence visitMar. 2007
(37)Presentation at "Freeze frame on Marshall McLuhan" : University of Toronto conference : program and correspondence15, 17 May 2007
(38)Towards a democratic cosmopolis : conference programme and notes2009
(39)The Trudeau era : media, politics, culture : copy of conference programme1998
(40)Bibliography : record of books read by B.W. Powe over ten years2000-2010
(41)Kafka talk, Toronto Public Library25 June 2009

Call Number: 2010-049/003
(1)MZTV : The Great Debate. -- 1 CD. -- Item is a recording of this program on Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye featuring B.W. Powe and one of his classes.6 Apr. 2010
(2)B.W. Powe appearances on television. -- 5 videocassettes : VHS.[199-?]

Call Number: 2010-049/004
(1)Original letters from Prime Minister Paul Martin and from office of the Minister of HRDC [Human Resources Development Canada]2004
(2)Original letters of permission from Corinne and Eric McLuhan[2007?]
(3)Project grant notes, budget, agenda, and content for website [McLuhan Centre]2007
(4)Original notes on LLIFE [Living Literacies Initiative, Foundation and Endeavour] project before it became the McLuhan CentreFeb. 2005
(5)Letters, e-mail, notes, correspondence on development of LLIFE plus McLuhan Centre2001-2004
(6)Material on early stages of the McLuhan Centre2003-2004
(7)Development of McLuhan Centre : correspondence2005-2006
(8)McLuhan Centre : application for funding, misc. proposals, letters, memos2005
(9)Material on the Living Literacies conference and aftermath : B.W.P.'s notes/ideas, drafts2002-2004
(10)LLIFE [Living Literacies Initiative Foundation and Endeavour] : slides, mission statement, logos2003, 2005
(11)First design of logo for McLuhan Centre2007
(12)Visit to Reisman [Heather] & Schwartz [Gerry]May 2007
(13)Passport to man and his world : Expo '67. -- Item is B.W. Powe's stamped passport from Expo '67.1967
(14)Photograph of B.W. Powe on his graduation from York University. -- 1 photograph : col ; 16.5 x 12.5 cm.1977
(15)Photographs of B.W. Powe. -- 15 photographs : col. ; 20 x 25.5 cm or smaller. -- Photographs also depict Kate and T.C. Powe, Alys Brady, Kathleen Powe, Mary and Brian Brady.1975-2005
(16)Photocopies of photographs of B.W. Powe2004
(17)Photograph of B.W. Powe. -- 1 photograph : col. ; 18 x 13 cm.2005 Photographer: Andrew Danson 2 copies
(18)Photographs of B.W. Powe for possible jacket covers. -- 8 photographs : b&w and col. ; 15 x 10 cm.Sept. 2010 Photographer: Patrick Vannen
(19)Notes to B.W.P. from Kate and T.C. Powe1997-2001
(20)Memorabilia and identification tags2000, 2005-2007
(21)2004 church photo directory : Christ Church Anglican, Stouffville. -- Item includes a photograph of B.W. Powe and his children, Katie and T.C.2004
(22)Christmas cards : family and close friends. -- 2 photographs : col. ; 8.8 x 6.3 cm and 10 x 15 cm.2005
(23)Birthday cards and memorabilia2008
(24)Memorabilia and speaking notes from Joe Schlesinger's 80th birthday party20 May 2008
(25)Federal election, Dennis Mills campaign2004
(26)The Empire Club of Canada : Rocco Rossi mayoral campaign event : correspondence and programmeJan. 2010

Call Number: 2010-049/005
(1)Abandoned collaborations : B.W.P. and Kate Groves. -- Included in the file is a copy of Powe's book, "The unsaid passing".[200-], 2005 CLOSED
(2)Cards from Katharine Groves to B.W. Powe2005 CLOSED
(3)Photographs of Katharine Groves. -- 40 photographs : col. ; 15 x 10 cm and 10 x 17.5 cm.[2002?], 2005-2006 CLOSED
(4)Correspondence between B.W. Powe and Valerie Stride2005-2007, 2010 CLOSED
(5)Notebook : B.W. Powe and Valerie Stride2006 CLOSED
(6)Photographs of B.W. Powe and Robin MacKenzie. -- 46 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm or smaller. -- Included in the file is a marriage certificate.1991-1992 CLOSED
(7)Legal correspondence re: divorce, custody conflict1999 CLOSED
(8)Lawyers' letters : B.W.P. and Robin MacKenzie1999-2002 CLOSED
(9)Correspondence between B.W. Powe and Robin MacKenzie-Doyle re: Kate and Tom PoweJune 2010 CLOSED

Call Number: 2010-049/006
(1)Doctor of Philosophy diploma : York UniversityOct. 2009
(2)Photographs of B.W. Powe and Robin MacKenzie before marriage. -- 22 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 3.7 cm mounted on board 50 x 40.5 cm.1991 CLOSED

Call Number: 2010-049/007

"Mystic Trudeau"

(1)Notes/details : last look at proofs for M.T. [Mystic Trudeau]July 2007
(2)"Mystic Trudeau" : Thomas Allen Publishers fall list (with errors)June 2007
(3)Correspondence re: "Trudeau meditations"2003, 2005
(4)"Trudeau meditations" : parts 4, 5 and 62005
(5)North of the future : a mystic's Canada2000
(6)Trudeau : archives. -- File consists of photocopies of notes and letters from the B.W. Powe fonds at the Clara Thomas Archives, York University.Reproduced [ca. 2003]
(7)"Trudeau meditations" : notes for inclusion, elaborations[200-]
(8)Summoning Trudeau : the fire and the rose : part I : emanations[200-]
(9)Part II : patterns[200-?]
(10)"Trudeau meditations" : notes2005
(11)"Trudeau meditations" : introduction2005
(12)"Trudeau meditations" : notes1993, 2000, 2004
(13)Trudeau : notes : photocopies of conversations with himPhotocopied [200-], originally created 1985-1995
(14)Part III : forms. -- Included in the file are portions of the copy-edited and annotated manuscript.[200-]
(15)Part IV : substance. -- Included in the file are portions of the copy-edited and annotated manuscript.[200-]
(16)Notes and acknowledgements[200-]
(17)"Mystic Trudeau" : 2nd draft plus 3rd draft notes. -- Copy-edited and annotated draft manuscript.2006-2007
(18)Draft manuscript[2006?]
(19)"Mystic Trudeau : the fire and the rose" : further notes, additions, revisionsMar. 2007

Call Number: 2010-049/008
(1)"Mystic Trudeau" : notes, quotes, research2006-2007
(2)Correspondence and notes about manuscript2006-2007
(3)"Mystic Trudeau" : cover layout and draft text2006-2007
(4)"Mystic Trudeau" : research notes, passages for incorporation into text2004
(5)Correspondence re: "Mystic Trudeau" and publication12 June 2007
(6)"Trudeau meditations" : parts one, two and three2005
(7)"Mystic Trudeau" : draft manuscript and correspondence2007
(8)"Mystic Trudeau" : multiple versions of cover and jacket copy2007
(9)Young Trudeau : son of Quebec, father of Canada, 1919-1944 / Max and Monique Nemni, translated by William Johnson [book]. -- Item is annotated by B.W. Powe.2006
(10)Citizen of the world : the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau : volume one : 1919-1968 / John English [book]. -- Item is inscribed to B.W. Powe by John English, and is annotated by Powe.2006

Call Number: 2010-049/009
(1)Responses to "Mystic Trudeau" : e-mail : James K-M2008-2009
(2)Responses to "Mystic Trudeau" : e-mail, letters2008-2009
(3)"Mystic Trudeau" : correspondence2006-2008
(4)"Mystic Trudeau" : notes : preparations, ideas2007
(5)"Mystic Trudeau" : reviews2007-2008
(6)"Mystic Trudeau" launch : addresses, names2007
(7)Review of "Mystic Trudeau" by Charles Foran2010

McLuhan and Frye

(8)Apocalyptic orchestration[200-]
(9)M&F : complementarity : notes[200-]
(10)M&F : complementarity : Canada (?)[2008?]
(11)M&F : complementarity : education, literacy2008
(12)M&F : complementarity : "Finnegans wake"2008
(13)McLuhan & Frye : "The keys to dreamland"2004
(14)M&F : complementarity : the concern for style, questions of style[2008?]
(15)Verum factum2008
(16)Return to the vision : 4s2004
(17)M&F : complementarity2008
(18)Agon/complementarity : themes, ideas[2008?]
(19)M&F : synergy and alchemy : notes[2008?]
(20)Synergy and alchemy : the medium is the message & the great code2004, 2008
(21)Introduction2004, 2007
(22)M&F : thesis : introduction2008
(23)M&F : the alchemy2008
(24)Presences : signatures as evocations2007
(25)Frye & McLuhan : presences as evocations : the UofT zeitgeist : notes[2008?]
(26)Correspondence from B.W. Powe to Patrick Crean18 Oct. 2006
(27)McLuhan International Festival of the Future programmeOct. 2004
(28)McLuhan & Frye : stucture, outline : overall pattern2008
(29)Northrop Frye : biographical material : notes[2008?]
(30)M&F : setup, "The matic poets" : critique2008
(31)McLuhan & Frye : the agon (the conflict) and the complentarity alchemy[ca. 2008]
(32)M&F : agons : other notes[ca. 2008]
(33)McLuhan & Frye : antagonisms, agon2008
(34)M&F : conflicts2008
(35)M&F : notes/ideas2008
(36)Notes/ideas : the file for fragments2008
(37)M&F : complementarities2008
(38)Media illuminations and new course2003
(39)M&F : images : hydro-glyphica, book of apocalypse2008
(40)McLuhan : ruminations on his ideas, "Cosmic consciousness"2004
(41)M&F : unused notes2008
(42)McLuhan and Frye : finished notes2004-2008
(43)McLuhan and Frye : notes[ca. 2008]
(44)McLuhan : important biographical notes : used2008
(46)On Northrop Frye : biographical details, ideas (speculations), quotations2008
(47)McLuhan : ideas2008
(48)M&F : stages of development[2008?]
(49)Notes on Northrop Frye : central ideas, analogy, important quotations2008
(50)McLuhan & Frye : biographical material2008
(51)Fekete[ca. 2008]
(52)Finished notes : agon2008
(53)Agon : notes2008
(54)McLuhan & Frye : dialogues2008
(55)Anecdotes on McLuhan and Frye : Robert K. LoganSept. 2007
(56)M&F : visions, religion[ca. 2008]
(57)McLuhan & Frye : complementarity, legacies2008

Call Number: 2010-049/010
(1)Quotations[ca. 2008]
(2)McLuhan & Frye : "The Listener" debate, 19702008
(3)McLuhan and Frye : continuity and discontinuity : agon2005
(4)Critical agon : the world as text, the text articulates the world[ca. 2008]
(5)Frye : ideas2004
(6)McLuhan : notes2008
(7)Agon : conspiracies2007
(8)The contest of wills2007-2008
(9)McLuhan & Frye : agon notes2008
(10)Synergy and alchemy : finished notes[ca. 2008]
(11)M&F : alchemy2005, 2008
(12)McLuhan-Frye : alchemy, apocalypse2008
(13)The M&F mariye (?) : alchemy2007-2008
(14)Notes : lines, corrections, letters, discussions2008
(15)Synergy and alchemy : critique2005, 2008
(16)Letter to Doug Coupland on M.M. [Marshall McLuhan]28 Sept. 2008
(17)McLuhan and Frye : notes for IV2008
(18)Alchemy/synergy : finished notes2005, 2008
(19)M&F : addenda2008
(20)Synergy : for conclusion2008
(21)Addenda : illuminations : the seer traditions2008
(22)Addenda : agon : Bloom, Frye, critics2008
(23)Addenda : McLuhan, Wittgenstein2008
(24)Addenda : the spectral bell of universes2008
(25)Absorbed material from addendum : notes2008
(26)Notes for thesis[ca. 2008]
(27)M&F : finished notes2008
(28)The energy of images : prophecy, apocalypse2008
(29)Jacob and the angel : Bethel, Peniel2008
(30)M&F : notes/lines : finished file2004, 2008
(31)Frye : used quotes2008
(32)PhD thesis : proposal, excerpts, addenda, bibliographyAug. 2008
(33)Bibliography : 2nd versionSept. 2008
(34)PhD thesis : "Critical agon, apocalyptic orchestration : conflict and complementarity in the thought and writings of Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye" : original with correctionsJuly 2009 1 of 2
(35)PhD thesis : "Critical agon, apocalyptic orchestration : conflict and complementarity in the thought and writings of Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye" : original with correctionsJuly 2009 2 of 2

Call Number: 2010-049/011
(1)PhD thesis : "Critical agon, apocalyptic orchestration : conflict and complementarity in the thought and writings of Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye" : draft version #2June 2009 1 of 2
(2)PhD thesis : "Critical agon, apocalyptic orchestration : conflict and complementarity in the thought and writings of Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye" : draft version #2June 2009 2 of 2
(3)PhD thesis : license and examining committee recommendation2009
(4)Dissertation defense : summary statement : outline and notes28 July 2009
(5)M&F : corrections, changes : post-examJuly 2009
(6)M&F : the visionary tradition : draftJune 2009
(7)McLuhan : research conversations : Donald Theall, Eric McLuhan2007-2008
(8)M&F : introduction[ca. 2007]
(9)M&F : for introduction : the visionary tradition[ca. 2007]
(10)M&F : additions for introduction : the visionary tradition : first draft, to keep[ca. 2007]
(11)M&F : chapter I : presences[ca. 2008]
(12)M&F : chapter II : agon[ca. 2008]
(13)M&F : chapter III : apocalyptic orchestration[ca. 2008]
(14)M&F : IV : synergy and alchemy[ca. 2008]
(15)M&F : conclusion[ca. 2008]

Call Number: 2010-049/012
(1)M&F : finished pages, concluding notes2009
(2)Editing of M&F2009
(3)Notes : cosmic McLuhan, Glenn Willmott2008
(4)M&F : quotation to insert : Deleuze and Guattari[ca. 2008]
(5)M&F : A.C. Hamilton : notes on "Northrop Frye: anatomy of his criticism"2008
(6)M&F : section I : finished, correctedDec. 2008
(7)M&F : section II[ca. 2008]
(8)M&F : section II : agon[ca. 2008]
(9)M&F : section III : orchestration, complementarity[ca. 2008]
(10)M&F : section IV : synergy[ca. 2008]
(11)M&F : Bloom and Frye[ca. 2008]
(12)M&F : appendices[ca. 2008]
(13)M&F : add[ca. 2008]
(14)M&F : theory[ca. 2008]
(15)M&F : old bibliography2009
(16)M&F : electronica2009
(17)M&F : correspondence with Robert Denham, notes on electronica2008-2009
(18)Eric McLuhan interview : May 9, 2009May 2009
(19)Ian Balfour's notes, comments on M&FApr.-May 2009
(20)M&F : notes on Northrop Frye2008
(21)M&F : Northrop Frye research2008
(22)M&F : the wholeness : the pleroma2008
(23)M&F : notes on Northrop Frye from "The importance of Northrop Frye"2008

Call Number: 2010-049/013

"The unsaid passing"

(1)"The unsaid passing" : correspondence2005-2007
(2)Poems in process : unpublished, unused2001
(3)How to approach a poem / by Elana Wolff [newspaper article]2006
(4)Correspondence re: "Alchemy songs", poems2003-2004
(5)"Globe and Mail" review of "The unsaid passing"3 June 2006
(6)"Canadian literature" review of "The unsaid passing"2007
(7)Responses to "The unsaid passing"2007
(8)"The unsaid passing" : correspondence2004-2006
(9)Draft poems[200-]
(10)"The unsaid passing" : draft manuscripts. -- 2 computer disks ; 9 x 9 cm.2004
(11)"The unsaid passing" : promotional bookmark2005
(12)Responses to "The unsaid passing" : e-mail. -- Correspondents include Al Moritz, Eric Miller, and Gary Geddes.2009

"Towards a Canada of light"

(13)Letter sent to Michaelle Jean with copy of "Towards a Canada of light"7 Nov. 2006
(14)"Towards a Canada of light" : revised version for Patrick Crean and Thomas Allen : correspondence, proofs, notes2005-2006
(15)A prayer for Canada : notes2005
(16)"Towards a Canada of light" : publication notice2006
(17)Correspondence with Michael Levine regarding Thomas Allen book contract for "Towards a Canada of light"2005
(18)"Towards a Canada of light" : Thomas Allen & Son Ltd. : royalty statement26 Sept. 2007
(19)Rejected covers for "Towards a Canada of light"2005
(20)"Towards a Canada of light" : 1st pages2006
(21)Letter from James A. Coutts to B.W. Powe regarding invitation to book launch21 Nov. 2006
(22)"A Canada of light" : revision[200-]
(23)Promotional tour : correspondence and itineraries2006
(24)E-mail correspondence re: "Towards a Canada of light"2006-2007

Call Number: 2010-049/014
(1)Grant application : O.A.C. [Ontario Arts Council] re: Thomas Allen & Patrick Crean2006
(2)Notices for reading at the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public LibraryJan.-Feb. 2007
(3)Press clipping31 Dec. 2006
(4)Correspondence between B.W. Powe and Dr. V.S. Rambihar re: fractal nation and "Towards a Canada of light"Dec. 2006
(5)Thomas Allen Publishers contracts : "Trudeau meditations", "A Canada of light"2005-2006
(6)Thomas Allen & Son Limited : spring 2006 catalogue2006
(7)Sales figures for books : Thomas Allen30 Sept. 2009
(8)"Towards a Canada of light", new edition : disks. -- 2 computer disks ; 9 x 9 cm.2005
(9)Ottawa Literary Festival : itinerary, expensesApr. 2007
(10)"Towards a Canada of light" : talking notes[ca. 2007]
(11)Notes for presentations at Ottawa Literary Festival17-18 Apr. 2008
(12)"A Canada of light" : promotional notice of revised version[ca. 1996]
(13)"A Canada of light" : cover design[ca. 1996]
(14)"A Canada of light" : mounted cover[ca. 1996]
(15)Bruce Powe, "A Canada of light" : Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta : mounted notice1998
(16)Book launch for "A tremendous Canada of light" : photographs and invitation. -- Depicted in the photographs are B.W. Powe, Dennis Mills, Bill and Marjorie Sinclair, Joe Schlesinger, Robert Collins, Lawrence Jeffrey, Ethel Blondin, William Kilbourne, and Diane Keating. -- 6 photographs : col. ; 10 x 15 cm.23 Sept. 1993

"These shadows remain"

(17)"These shadows remain" : corrected pages2010
(18)"These shadows remain" : PDFOct. 2010
(19)Pages to discussOct. 2010

Call Number: 2010-049/015
(1)"These shadows remain" : first run-through2008
(2)"These shadows remain" : notes[ca. 2009]
(3)"These shadows remain" : PDFJune-July 2010
(4)"These shadows remain" : announcementsJune 2010
(5)Guernica correspondence plus other publishers2010
(6)More publishing letters/notes re: Guernica : "The unsaid passing", "These shadows remain"2010
(7)Crises : Guernica Publications, U of T publishers2009
(8)Correspondence, mostly with Antonio D'Alfonso re: "These shadows remain", also with Michael Levine and Sean Wilson2006-2007
(9)Drafts/notes : novella : "These shadows remain" (formerly "The castle of human beings")Sept.-Dec. 2005
(10)"These shadows remain" : notes, revisions[200-]
(11)Draft letter to Antonio D'Alfonso from B.W. Powe2008
(12)"These shadows remain" : jacket copy2008
(13)Correspondence with Antonio D'Alfonso and Patrick Crean re: "These shadows remain"July 2006
(14)"These shadows remain" : notes, ideas[200-]
(15)"These shadows remain" : notes, revisions2004

Miscellaneous works

(16)G&M [Globe and Mail] article on Northrop FryeJuly 2003
(17)"Mainlining cosmos" : manuscript in process2010
(18)"Mainlining the cosmos" : notes2007
(19)"Mainline the cosmos" : finished notes2007
(20)"Mainline the cosmos" : used lines2007
(21)"The compass" : proposal2010
(22)"The compass" : used notes2007
(23)"The compass" : notes2005
(24)Mass sage and magus : wrestling with Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye : a non-fiction proposal / by B.W. Powe[200-]
(25)Ontario Arts Council Writers' Reserve application for "Mass sage and magus"2008

Call Number: 2010-049/016
(1)"The forking of the ways" trilogy : a proposal for three novels2010
(2)Book projects : towards proposals2007
(3)Proposal for a major work on non-fiction by B.W. Powe[200-]
(4)North of the future : observations, reflections, perceptions, thought / by B.W. Powe[200-]
(5)Glenn Gould Profile : Banff Centre for the Arts. -- File includes a copy of B.W. Powe's essay about Gould, "Noise of time".1989-1990
(6)Original cover designs for "The solitary outlaw" and "Outage"1987, 1995
(7)Notes on B.W. Powe's "Outage" / by J.S. Porter1995
(8)"Falling towers" and Sontag : notes[200-]
(9)Notes for a book on mysticism and the media, never written17 Aug. 2010
(10)A quartet of books : proposals2007-2008
(11)"Opening time" : first notes on the energy threshold : proposal pages2010
(12)"Opening time" : notes2007
(13)"Opening time" : used notes2004-2007
(14)Research notes : "Sarstock" concert and the Rolling Stones2003
(15)"Voltaire's agent" : quotations and notes for a book never written[199-?]
(16)"Media hermetica" : contract and correspondence with publishers and agent2003-2006
(17)"Media hermetica" : proposal/rough drafts2002

Call Number: 2010-049/017
(1)"Media illuminations" : correspondence and edited manuscript2004
(2)Letters on "Media illuminations"2000-2004
(3)"The solitary outlaw" : corrected edition, correction notes for second edition1996
(4)Original cover of "The solitary outlaw" : rejected1987 Designed by Deborah Thadaney
(5)Original cover design for second version of "The solitary outlaw"1996
(6)"The solitary outlaw" : press1994
(7)B.W. Powe : articles/reviews, letters of support1993-2005
(8)More comments on B.W. Powe's work1995, 2005-2006
(9)Material on B.W. Powe1995
(10)Articles by or about B.W. Powe1987-2000

Grant application and royalty statements

(11)Ontario Arts Council writers' reserve grant application20 Oct. 2008
(12)Notes for meeting with Thomas Allen : publicity : April 30, 2007Mar.-Apr. 2007
(13)Ontario Arts Council writers' reserve application form24 Oct. 2004
(14)Thomas Allen : royalty statements on "Mystic Trudeau" and "Towards a Canada of light"24 Sept. 2010

PhD and tenure files

(15)Letter from Derrick de Kerckhove re: PhD exam/qualifications29 July 2009
(16)The ongoing PhD debate2007-2008
(17)PhD stuff2007
(18)Reading list2006-2008
(19)PhD correspondence. -- File includes offer of admission from Ross Arthur.2003
(20)PhD material : the ongoing debate2007
(21)Reading list : contemporary fields2008
(22)For discussion : challenges at York U2009
(23)PhD controversies : post defense. -- File includes correspondence with lawyer Mary Eberts.2005-2009
(24)More controversies at York re: status, PhD, etc.2009
(25)More PhD correspondence on the thesis2009
(26)Letters for tenure and promotion file2009
(27)Tenure and promotion files for Marcia Blumberg2008-2009

Call Number: 2010-049/018
(1)Photographs of B.W. Powe in Cuba-- 162 photographs : col. ; 10 x 15 cm.2006 CLOSED
(2)Photographs of B.W. Powe, friends and family. -- 165 photographs : col. and b&w ; 10 x 18.5 cm or smaller.2006 CLOSED
(3)"Mystic Trudeau" : presentations2007
(4)"A tremendous Canada of light" : cover design[ca. 1993]
(5)Material by B.W. Powe : originals/copies of articles, reviews, essays1985-2003
(6)Collections of reviews, articles, references1995-2003
(7)Articles/comments by B.W. Powe1979, 1993-2005

Call Number: 2010-049/019

PhD and tenure files

(1)Stong College : Master's search2006 CLOSED
(2)PhD graduation ceremony material2009
(3)The conversion process at York (successful)2005
(4)Discussions with Dean Drummond : meeting re: negotiations on offer2005
(5)PhD : December exam : general notes[2007?]
(6)York University appointments and service2005-2006
(7)Tenure and promotion letters2010
(8)York University Archives and Special Collections : transfer of ownership agreement and record of giftNov. 2003
(9)Tenure and promotion file : #12009
(10)Tenure and promotion file : #22009
(11)Tenure and promotion : candidate's statement2009
(12)Tenure and promotion : CV revisions2009
(13)Early letter on the tenure and promotion process2007
(14)Letter from Mauro Buccheri to B.W. Powe30 Apr. 2009
(15)Assorted letters of importance1993-2005
(16)CV with assorted reviews and articles re: B.W.P.'s work2007
(17)Upcoming events, speaking gigs2010
(18)Medical reports/notes2008-2009
(19)Discussion with Dean Robert Drummond re: tenure and promotion : e-mailApr. 2005
(20)Correspondence : David Staines and Robert Denham2009

Course materials

(21)Development of new course at York U : "Edges of the new"2004
(22)Course kit : an introduction to literary study (AP/EN 1001 3.0C)2010
(23)Course kit : edges of the new : from modernism to post-modernism (ENGL 3451 6.0A)2004
(24)Course kit : two Canadian theorists : Marshall McLuhan and Northrop Frye (EN 4109 6.0A)2005
(25)Course materials : introduction to contemporary literature (AS/EN 2690A 6.0)1999-2000
(26)New course outline, "Imagination on the edge" : humanities division, York University[200-?]

Call Number: 2010-049/020
(1)Humber College : notes/handouts : all sections[199-?]
(2)Humber College : business and ethics : notes/ideas2000-2003
(3)Essay questions : American literature since 1865[200-?]
(4)English 2330 : American literature (vol. I)2000-2001
(5)English 2330 : American literature (vol. II)[200-?]
(6)Course outline : visionary literature : from Dante to Bob Dylan (AS/EN 4163 6.0A)2010
(7)Course description : first draft : English 4411, "Visionary trauma and tradition"[ca. 2006]
(8)CS300 reading schedule : classic readings in cultural studies. -- Item references a scheduled lecture to be given by B.W. Powe on the subject of media.[199-?]
(9)Student evaluations : EN 4411 6.0A2008
(10)Student evaluations : EN 4109 3.0M2008
(11)Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies : 2010/2011 undergraduate supplemental calendar : Department of English. -- Item includes bookmarked descriptions of courses taught by B.W. Powe.2010

Teaching notes

(12)Notes on Thornton Wilder's "Our town" and "The skin of our teeth"2007
(13)Exam notes : "The education of Henry Adams"[2007?]
(14)Notes : William James2007
(15)Exam notes : Eugene O'Neill's "Long day's journey into night"2007
(16)Notes : Eugene O'Neill2007
(17)Notes : the Harlem Renaissance2007-2008
(18)Exam notes : Tennessee Williams, "A streetcar named Desire"2007
(19)Notes : Henry James[2007?]
(20)Notes : Maxwell Anderson, Clifford Odets2007
(21)Notes : George Bernard Shaw2007
(22)Notes : Arthur Miller, "Death of a salesman"2007
(23)Notes : Wyndham Lewis2007
(24)Notes : literary theory2008
(25)Notes : new course : McLuhan/Frye : term II2003
(26)Notes : post-modern, contemporary : ideas2007
(27)Notes : contemporary Canadian writing1993
(28)Notes : introduction to genres[199-?]
(29)Lecture notes : Nathaniel West[200-?]

Call Number: 2010-049/021
(1)Notes : Edith Wharton[200-?]
(2)Notes : Theodore Dreiser[200-?]
(3)Notes : Philip Roth2001
(4)Notes : Stephen Crane[200-?]
(5)Notes : contemporary lit. of the US (English 3100R 06)[200-?]
(6)Notes : Mark Twain[200-?]
(7)Lecture notes : American literature : Edgar Allen Poe, Emerson1994
(8)Lecture notes, general, and H.D. Thoreau1995
(9)Lecture notes : James Fennimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville[199-?]
(10)Notes : modernism[199-?]
(11)Notes : edges of the new : manifestos, movements2004
(12)Notes : post-modernism[200-?]
(13)Cormac McCarthy : notes for "Burning darkness"2005
(14)Jeanette Winterson : notes2005
(15)Modernism : general ideas2007
(16)Notes : W.E.B. du Bois : "The souls of black folk"2007
(17)Modernism : ideas2007

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