F0524 - Lee Lorch fonds


Call Number: 2010-041/001
(1)Miscellaneous clippings : re. race issues, desegregation, politics, civil rights, anti-Communist activities1956-2001
(2)News clippings : re. Solzhenitsyn1973-1974
(3)News clippings : re. Philippe Rushton1978-1990
(4)News clippings: re. racism1974-1992
(5)Segregation in interstate railway coach travel : Herman H. Long1952
(6)Searching for greener pastures : The ideological struggle for the hearts and minds of people of colour by the US and the USSR/chapter draft by unknown authors[199-?]
(7)Facing history, facing ourselves : material re. Boston Public Library and Little Rock[ca. 2004]
(8)Objectivity and involvement : George G. Iggers and writing the history of the Little Rock School Crisis by Tonya A. Freyer
(9)News clippings, reports, legal briefs : re. civil rights, obituaries for civil rights activists, EAFORD (International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination)1971-1988
(10)News clippings, reports, articles : re. civil rights, race elections, race relations, Little Rock Crisis, NAACP, Angela Davis, wrongful dismissal1955-2003
(11)NCARL (National Committee Against Repressive Legislation) : newsletters and correspondence1987-2004
(12)Paul Robeson centennial : Correspondence1976-1998
(13)Correspondence : re. civil rights, Little Rock1957-2003
(14)Personal correspondence 1 of 2
(15)Personal correspondence 2 of 2

Call Number: 2010-041/002
(1)General correspondence
(2)Canadian Committee for IMU (International Mathematical Union) : minutes, agenda1987
(3)Canadian National Committee for IMU1984
(4)IMU International Mathematical Union : correspondence with Dr. Josephine Guidy Wandja1984-1985
(5)AMA (American Mathematical Society), NAM (National Association of Mathematicians), Royal Society of Canada, Canadian Mathematical Society : correspondence, newsletters, reports1978-2004
(6)MAG (Mathematician Action Group), Royal Society of Canada,, AMA (American Mathematical Society), National Association of Mathematicians : correspondence, letters to the editor, reports, newsletters1980-1987
(7)National Academy of Science, MAG (Mathematicians Action Group)1975-1984
(8)Royal Society of Canada : Armenia, re. earthquake relief and support1984-1995
(9)Royal Society of Canada1975-2004
(10)Kovalevskaia Fund newsletter1962-2001
(11)Association for Women in Mathematics : articles, correspondences, clippings. -- Includes a digital print of Sonja Kovalesky.1976-2002
(12)Women in Mathematics, Science : clippings, articles, pamphlets, correspondences1974-1999
(13)The Graduate school experience for women in mathematics : from assessment to action2004
(14)Marilyn Frankenstein : articles re. math education
(15)Claudia Zaslavsky : correspondence, adverts for publications on ethnomathematics1983-2002

Call Number: 2010-041/003
(1)Math correspondence1972
(2)Math correspondence : correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters and reports from Royal Society of Canada, American Mathematics Associations, American Mathematical Society1967-2002 1 of 2
(3)Math correspondence : correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters and reports from Royal Society of Canada, American Mathematics Associations, American Mathematical Society1967-2002 2 of 2
(4)Math-related correspondence1972-2001
(5)Math correspondence regarding Minorities in Maths1981-2001
(6)Math personalities, papers, journals1976-2001
(7)Correspondence, clippings regarding Persecuted Mathematicians in USSR1979-1982
(8)Scandinavian, Soviet mathematicians1974-1995
(9)Black mathematicians, mathematics and minorities: correspondences, event programs, reports, meeting minutes, articles, conference materials1963-2006
(10)Black mathematicians: correspondence, article review1983
(11)Black Mathematicians: correspondence, clipping, conference material, colloquia, articles1979-2000
(12)Math in developing countries: correspondence from J. Guidy Wandja and U. Asibang-Ibe and others regarding International Committee on Mathematics in developing countries (ICOMIDC)1983-1985
(13)Etta Falconer: correspondence, programs, award program from and regarding Etta Falconer1994-2002
(14)Massera: copies of correspondence between Lee Lorch, Jose L. Massera and others1984-1993
(15)Massera: correspondence, clippings, petitions1976-1987

Call Number: 2010-041/004
(1)Massera: copied correspondence, petitions, news clippings1975-1984
(2)Massera,correspondence, articles, petitions regarding Jose L. Massera1975-2004
(3)Massera: news clippings, correspondence1975-1997
(4)Leibniz Society: newsletters and correspondence1996-2001
(5)Frenzen: correspondence, articles, CV regarding Chris Frenzen1980-2001
(6)Uppsala University: correspondence, articles from Christer Kiselman, Peder Hard av Segerstadlars Ryder, Ake Pleijel1982-1990
(7)Teichmuller: articles regarding B. Boosee-Bavnbek, Oswald Teichmuller1994-1995
(8)Fields Institute: correspondence, agenda and meeting minutes regarding race, gender discrimination2002-2003
(9)Pugwash: correspondence, articles, reports, promotional materials1987-2002
(10)Pugwash: articles, reports, clippings, minutes1993-1994
(11)Pugwash: articles, clippings, correspondence1981-2003
(12)Pugwash: newsletters, correspondence1992
(13)Pugwash: reports, agendas, minutes, correspondence1990
(14)Pugwash: clippings, correspondence, news letters, agenda, reports, minutes1987-2001

Call Number: 2010-041/005
(1)Pugwash peace and disarmament: articles, posters, newsletters, conference programs, reports, speeches, petitions,correspondence, pamphlets1975-2001
(2)Pugwash: correspondence, newsletters, agendas, minutes, reports1989-1991
(3)Pugwash: correspondence, agenda and minutes, reports, newsletters1993-2002
(4)Pugwash: clippings, reports, newsletters and correspondence1987-2001
(5)Pugwash: reports, agenda, meeting minutes, newsletters and correspondence1987-2000
(6)Pugwash: correspondence, reports, newsletters1984-2001
(7)Pugwash: correspondence, conference material, pamphlets, reports2003

Call Number: 2010-041/006
(1)Pugwash: agenda and minutes, reports, newsletters, conference materials and correspondence2004
(2)World Federation of Scientific Workers: correspondence, reports and newsletters1983-2000
(3)World Federation of Scientific Workers: correspondence, reports, and newsletters1985-1999
(4)National Research council, National Academy of Sciences: correspondence and reports1977-1992
(5)Militarization of science: clippings and articles1986-2002
(6)Peace: reports, articles, clippings, correspondence1981-1999
(7)Peace Movement: clippings, programs, articles, reports, correspondence and newsletters1978-1998
(8)Science/ Peace: articles, newsletters, clippings, reports1978-2003
(9)Science for Peace: articles, reports, newsletters1981-1990

Call Number: 2010-041/007
(1)Science for Peace: reports, clippings, correspondence, pamphlets and newsletters1981-2002 1 of 2
(2)Science for Peace: reports, clippings, correspondence, pamphlets and newsletters1981-2002 2 of 2
(3)Palestinian Universities under Israeli Occupation: petition, clippings, and correspondence1980-1986
(4)Israel Zionism: articles and news clippings1981-1982
(5)Germany: articles and news clippings1984-1999
(6)Peace Movement - South Korea, Spain, Vietnam, Greece, Iraq: articles, pamphlets, newsletters, clippings and correspondence1970-2004
(7)Vietnam-Greece-Spain-South Africa-Ukraine- Cuba-Uroguay, Mozambique, Germany, Middle East, Iraq, Lithunia: articles, pamphlets, newsletters, clippings, reports1968-2004 1 of 2
(8)Vietnam, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, Cuba, Uruguay, Mozambique, Germany, Middle East, Iraq, Lithuania: articles, pamphlets, newsletters, clippings, reports1968-2004 2 of 2
(9)German Democratic Republic: articles, reports, correspondence, newsletters and clippings. -- Includes 3 photographs: b&w and col. ; 18 x 24 cm and smaller.1980-1991
(10)Developing countries Latin America, Africa: clippings, correspondence, reports and articles1981-1997
(11)Colin Powell's Invasion of Panama1990

Call Number: 2010-041/008
(1)Cuba: Trip 1987: Seminar on Approximation and Optimization1986-1987
(2)Cuba: articles, reports, clippings, correspondence1996-2000
(3)Cuba: clippings, articles, correspondence, reports1996-2000
(4)Cuba: correspondence, clippings, reports1985-2005
(5)Academy of science Cuba Prof. Lopez-Morales Visit, Cuban 5: correspondence, articles, news clippings, pamphlets1984-2005
(6)Cuba: articles, news clippings, pamphlets, reports, correspondence1983-2003
(7)AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science) visit to Cuba: reports, correspondence1995-2005
(8)Canadian Cuban Foundation: correspondence, pamphlets, newsletters and articles1973-2005
(9)Cuban Canadian foundation: correspondence and pamphlets1997-2003
(10)Chile: Human Rights: correspondence, reports, news clippings, newsletters, petitions1973-1980
(11)Chile: articles, newsletters, news clippings, correspondence and petitions1978-1984

Call Number: 2010-041/009
(1)AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science): newsletters, conference materials, reports, correspondence1981-1996
(2)Cold War- Canada- Science- Women in Science- Human Rights: clippings, newsletters, correspondence, reports1968-2005
(3)Cold War Dissidents: news clippings, articles1972-1986
(4)Committee of Un-American Activities: efforts to acquire records from National Archives1993
(5)McCarthyism: news clippings, articles, photocopied correspondence regarding persecution of suspected communists, including Doris Lenore Jones1950-1997
(6)McCarthyism- Academic freedom- Gary Laison/ Lehigh University: news clippings, articles, correspondence, including correspondence to Jon Thompson UNB regarding Louis Weisner Fond, Diane and Gary Laison1975-1992
(7)Academic Freedom: correspondence, newsletters, articles1981-1996
(8)Academic Freedom- West Germany: correspondence, reports, news clippings regarding Berufaverbot1975-1992
(9)Academic Freedom Berufaverbot: correspondence, articles, news clippings, newsletters1977-1990
(10)Antisemitism in USSR: newsletters, pamphlets, correspondence1979-2002
(11)Canada- USSR Association: newsletter, correspondence, constitution1984-1989
(12)CAUT (Canadian Association of University Teachers): correspondence and reports1983-1989
(13)CAUT- Shcharansky- Halperin: correspondence1984-1985
(14)Halperin- Soviet Mathematicians-Massera: correspondence, petitions, clippings1978-1985
(15)Canada- Politics-clippings, articles, reports, correspondence1979-2003
(16)Canada- Female academics-U of T- York- CAUT: clippings, articles and correspondence1967-1992

Call Number: 2010-041/010
(1)City College: News Clippings, correspondence, reports, regarding Lorch's dismissal from CUNY and honourary degree1949-1990
(2)Fisk University Penn State College: clippings, correspondence, student newspaper1949-2001
(3)Fisk University- James Kelsaw: reports, pamphlets, news clippings, correspondence re. dismissal1954-1988
(4)Fisk University: correspondence, newspaper clippings and articles1955-1998
(5)Fisk University- City College- Spelman- University of Alberta- Howard University1966-2003
(6)University of Alberta: correspondence, programs, articles, eulogies, conference materials regarding Max Wyman (1916-1991)1991
(7)Spelman College: correspondence regarding nomination of Etta Z. falconer for Louise hay Award1994
(8)Howard University: correspondence, speeches regarding 1958-1959 job search, EIM, faculty review1958-1976
(9)Howard University: correspondence, speeches, reports, news clippings1979-2000
(10)Concordia University: regarding Valery Fabrikat Case, misappropriation of research funds1993-1994
(11)York University: Lorch grievance: correspondence, clippings, letters of support, reports, other material1976-1998
(12)Cuban Communist party: Cuba1996
(13)Communist party of Canada: pamphlets, newsletters, reports, correspondence1979-2003
(14)Communist party material: pamphlets, newsletter, reports1976-2006
(15)Communist Party of Canada: meeting agenda and reports16-18 May 1987

Call Number: 2010-041/011
(1)Obituaries: correspondence and clippings1966-2010
(2)General correspondence1945-1969
(3)General correspondence1970-1979
(4)General correspondence1980-1984
(5)General correspondence1990-1999 1 of 3
(6)General correspondence1990-1999 2 of 3
(7)General correspondence1990-1999 3 of 3

Call Number: 2010-041/012
(1)General correspondence2000-2010
(2)General correspondence[before 2010?]

Call Number: 2010-041/013

Oversized newspapers

(1)Baksheesh Bugle1 April 1945, 2 January 1945 vol. II, nos. 3, 13.
(2)India-Burma Theatre Roundup26 April 1945 vol. III, no. 33. 6 copies
(3)Daily Pacifican27 October 1945 vol. 1, no. 136.
(4)Pacific Stars and Stripes7 November 1945, 27 November 1945 vol. 1, nos. 36, 56.
(5)Nippon Times23 November 1945, 2 December 1945 no. 16, issues 769, 778.
(6)Sea Bass Bugle30 November 1945, 7 January 1946 vol. XI, no. 5, 14.
(7)The Southern Patriot1957-1960, 1967, 1971-1974 vol. 15, no.9, vol. 16, no. 2, vol.17, no4-5, nol. 18, no.3, vol. 25, no.5, vol.26, no.2,4, vol. 31, no.9, vol. 32, no. 1, 6-7, 9-10.
(8)Poster, art prints re. Massera, black mathematicians, civil rights[before 2010?]

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