F0573 - Domingos Marques


Call Number: 2010-019/001
(1)Press releases, advertisements, reports re. Portuguese press and media
(2)Mass booklets, religious advertisements re. Portuguese community
(3)Community theatre programs, gallery catalogues, posters, pamphlets, booklets
(4)Documents re. immigration, migration, settlement by Portuguese1953-1974
(5)Government publications re. Portuguese community

Transcripts of interviews with members of the Portuguese community in Ontario

(6)Transcripts of interviews with Luis Ministro, Jose Pereira, Gabriel Viegas, Manuel Sardanha, Franciso Marques, Manuel Discaia
(7)Transcripts of interviews with Antonio Sousa, Joao De Matos, Monte [Alvao?], Oliveira
(8)Transcripts of interviews with Agostinho Da Silva, Antonio Vermelhudo, Jaime Fernandes Monteiro
(9)Transcripts of interviews with Oscar and Gabriela Pereira, Francisco Da Silveira, Maria Moreira
(10)Transcripts of interviews with Marcelino Moniz, Eduardo Mendonca, Carlos Pereira, Juvenal de Freitas
(11)Transcripts of interviews with Antonio Leandres, Jose Amaral, Jaquim Rodrigues, Felix Lopes, Portuguese Club of Sudbury1956-1987
(12)Transcript of interview with Phyllis Cavallini
(13)Transcripts of interviews with Alvaro Marques, M. Sardinha
(14)Transcripts of interviews with Firmino Ramos, Manuel Mota, Adolfo Candido
(15)Transcripts of interviews with Maria Luisa Camarate, Maria Algerina Quintal, Manuel Ferreira, Conceicao Ferreira, Firmino Ramos and Manuel Mota.

Call Number: 2010-019/002

Research material

(1)News clippings re. Portuguese community1973-1999
(2)Reports and pamphlets re. The Portuguese Canadian Centre of Culture and Education, Portuguese-Canadian Educators' Association and Social Community Relations[between 1975 and 1990?]
(3)Portugal - background info : news clippings1969-1974
(4)Canada e a presenca portuguesa / Maria Alice Ribeiro1990
(5)Reports re. Portugese Interagency Network or Portuguese Canadian National Conference, Alliance of Portuguese Clubs and Associations of Ontario1991-1993
(6)Portuguese advertisements, posters and fliers
(7)Questionnaires for Portuguese organizations re. 25th anniversary book1977
(8)Reports, anniversary booklets, pamphlets re. Portuguese community, cultural and sports associations1970-2006
(9)Portuguese Canadian National Conference material1993

Political material

(10)Political pamphlets, campaign material re. Domingos Marques race for Separate School Board trustee for Ward 3,4, Toronto. -- Includes two contact sheets : b&w prints ; 25 x 20 cm and smaller.1988-1991
(11)Toronto City Council, Metropolitan Separate School Board meeting notes1991

Material from Comunidade : O Jornal Comunitário Português newspaper

(12)Editorial cartoons by Gil Prioste and F. Gaspar[ca. 1979]
(13)Photographs for Comunidade. -- Consists of 18 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 16.5 cm and smaller[after 1973?]
(14)Photographic negatives by Domingos Marques for Comunidade. -- Consists of 1326 photographic negatives : b&w and some col. ; 35 mm and 15 mm.[after 1973?]

Call Number: 2010-019/003
(1)Photographs of Portuguese community, cultural, sporting events. -- Consists of 29 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm and smaller.1966 - 1985
(2)Photographs of Portuguese community, cultural, sporting events and figures by Domingos Marques and others for Comunidade. -- Consists of 64 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm and smaller.1966 - 1985
(3)Photographs of Portuguese community, cultural, sporting events and figures by Domingos Marques and others for Comunidade. -- Consists of 75 photographs : b&w and col. ; 25 x 20 cm and smaller.1963 - 1988
(4)Photographs of Portuguese workers, families, given to Marques by Leonor [Piera?], Ribeiro family, Rita Romero. -- 33 photographs : b&w ; 17 x 21 cm and smaller.1952 - 1961

Reference material, publications

(5)Portugal en Montreal 1974 : directory of Portuguese churches, services, businesses.1974
(6)Avoz portugesa (vol.3)March 1972
(7)Combate operario (no. 4)May 1974
(8)Informacoes (3:32) : newsletterMay 1975
(10)Portugal magazine (2:4)31 January 1994
(11)Silva magazine (1: 1-3) : poster and issues1996-1997
(12)Associacao 25 de abril: nucleo capitao salgueiro maia - Toronto 1974-20022002
(13)50 years of immigration: 70 biographies of Luso-Canadians 1953-20032003

Call Number: 2010-019/004
(1)News clippings re. Portuguese community1970-1979
(2)Facsimile of notice to the Portuguese community from consulate re. 1975 census1975
(3)Publication re. Portuguese community in Montreal[197-?]
(4)Pamphlets, workshops and reports re. governmental social services and the Portuguese community[between 1975 and 1989?]
(5)Political campaign material for Portuguese candidates running in municipal elections1978-1991
(6)Photocopies of Luso-Canadiano: hebdomadaire portugais du canada1965-1967
(7)Scrapbook of news clippings re. The Carnation Revolution in Portugal (1974-1975)1975 May have been compiled by David Higgs and given to Marques.

Call Number: 2010-019/005

Oversized materials and newspapers

(1)Comunidade : o jornal commnitario portuges1975-1976 vol. I
(2)Comunidade : o jornal commnitario portuges1976-1977 vol. II
(3)Comunidade : o jornal commnitario portuges1977-1978 vol. III
(4)Comunidade : o jornal commnitario portuges1978-1979 vol. IV
(5)Comunidade : o jornal commnitario portuges1979 vol. V

Call Number: 2010-019/006
(1)Scrapbooks of news clippings re. Portuguese community1970-1984
(2)O jornal portugueses1974 vol. VII, no. 202.
(3)O democrata: orgao da associacao democratica1979 vol. IV, issue 2.5
(4)Portuguese world news1981 issues 19-20,30
(5)Portuguese Times1982 vol. I, issues 1,3,10,11.
(6)Mundo: Portuguese world news | Novo Mundo: Portuguese world news1983-1984 vol. III, issues 117, 179, 191, 196.
(7)Alanca community newspaper1988 vol. I, issues 1-7.
(8)Alanca community newspaper1989-1991 vol. II, issues 8-12. vol. IV.
(9)O luistanoMay 2001 vol. 23, no. 561.
(10)Semanario: jornal de lingua Portuguesa no Canada2001-2002 vol. 1, no. 3, vol. 2, no. 59, 64.
(11)Luso presse: journal d'information et deformationDecember 2002 vol. VII, n. 78.
(12)O milenio2002 vol. III, no 174, 185, 208
(13)A voz de Portugal11 December 2002 vol. XLI, no.47
(14)The Portuguese Post2002 vol. 1, issue 1, 8.
(15)Jornal do emigrante: journal communautaire Portugais20 December 2002 vol. XXV, n. 83.
(16)Nove ilhas : nine islands2001-2002 vol. VII, nos. 317, 357, 359.

Call Number: 2010-019/007
(1)Voz de Portugal1961 vol.1, issue 1.

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