F0524 - Lee Lorch fonds


Call Number: 2007-054/001

Contents of York University Office 513

(1)Filing Cabinet office 513 lists[ca. 1978?]
(2)Adler, Irving1993
(4)RSC nomination MEH Ismail1990-1994
(5)RSC nomination R. Wong1990-1993
(6)In course of publication1991-1994 part 1 of 3
(7)In course of publication1992-1996 part 2 of 3
(8)In course of publication1990-1995 part 3 of 3
(9)3rd Cf on Approximation + Optimization Puebla Oct 19951994-1995
(10)AMS Council Agenda1980
(11)AMS Council Agenda 1973, 1974 / Congressional Record17 February [195-?]

Call Number: 2007-054/002
(1)AMS Election1972-1979
(2)Oliver, F.W.J.1950-1975
(3)G. Laison (appeal for financial support)1976, 1980
(4)1. Mrs, Grace Lorch - Remarks at Bill of Rights Dinner 1957 2. Letters to the Editor about Mrs Grace Lorch (Dec. 1975 Town + Village) 3. Prof. Lee Lorch - Statement to Fisk Board 1954 4. Prof. L. Howard Bennett - Statement to Fisk Board 19551954-1979
(5)Prof. Lorch - Interview with Fred Zimring July 1979
(6)Royal Society of Canada1993
(7)The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)1993-1994
(8)AMS Correspondence 1974-5
(9)AMS Chile1974
(10)AMS Council 1974
(11)AMS Minutes at Council 1974
(12)AMS Council 1974 Election / Council 1975
(13)AMS Council Enty Discrimination 741974
(14)AMS Correspondence. / AMS Executive Comm. of the Council1973-1974
(15)AMS PHD Programs[197?]
(16)AMS Miscellaneous 19701955-1970
(17)AMS - Emergency Comm. on Employment1974
(18)AMS Miscellaneous 1974-51973-1975
(19)AMS - Nominations for the Council 19731973
(20)AMS - Notices of the AMS1958-1979 Includes 18 photographs : b&w ; 24 x 15 cm and smaller.
(21)AMS Reciprocity Agreements1973-1975
(22)AMS Notices Editorial Committee minutes1985, 1991
(23)Math Intelligencer : correspondence with editors, photocopies of articles1979-1982
(24)AWM Newsletters / DMV : letter to Notices ; Booss-Bavnbek1993-1994 part 1 of 2

Call Number: 2007-054/003
(1)AWM Newsletters / DMV : letter to Notices ; Booss-Bavnbek1993-1994 part 2 of 2
(2)AMS Bylaws1951-1993
(3)AMS - Reciprocity South Africa1974
(4)AMS Council Minutes 19811974-1982
(5)AMS Council Havana Cf 19931993-1994
(6)Bouchet New Haven1959-1964
(7)Bouchet - brief of dates[ca. 1959]
(9)Bouchet - Misc.1961-1977
(10)Correspondence regarding Edward Alexander Bouchet1960-1961
(11)Photostats of Bouchet material (Yale yearbook, obits etc.)1959
(12)Bouchet (correspondence with Mickens)1979
(13)Research notes, articles and photographs of Edward Alexander Bouchet1959-1975 Includes 5 photographs : b&w ; 20 x 17 cm and smaller. -- 1 negative : b&w ; 17 x 12 cm.
(14)Pennsylvania Bouchet1959-1960
(15)Washington, D.C. : Bouchet1959-1961
(16)Ohio : Bouchet1958-1961
(17)Speech re. Edward Alexander Bouchet for Mathematics Department event

Call Number: 2007-054/004
(1)Virgina - Bouchet1959-1961
(2)Bouchet - Misc.1961

Alphabetical files from York Offices

(4)YUFA - retirees1993-1994
(5)Personal - L. Lorch.1961 - 1995
(6)Photocopied articles by Boss-Barnbek, re. research[ca. 1993?]
(7)Zimring[ca. 1980]
(8)S.C. Arthur1971
(9)Askey correspondence1971-1972
(10)Braden, Anne & Carl1974
(11)Chapman, Frank
(12)Educational institutions - US Black1970-1973
(13)Davis , Angela1970-1973
(14)Ditzain, Z.1971 ; 1974
(15)DuBois, W.E.B.1951-1964
(16)Dubinsky, Edward[ca. 1970]
(17)Dulmage, A.L.25 October 1973
(18)Einstien, Albert1956
(19)Gargantini, Irene1972-1974
(21)Golomb, Michael1974
(22)Hesse, Christopher1973
(23)Hurska, C[ca. 1972]
(24)Ismail. M1973-1975
(26)Mrs. Martin Luther King1964-1969
(27)Kjelberg, Bo3 February 1971
(28)Laison, Gary1975-1976
(30)Leviatan, D.1973-1974
(31)Lorch, Adolf

L. Lorch

(32)Personal Correspondence L. Lorch1968
(35)L.L. Contributions1961-1970
(36)L.L. Letters to the Editor General Press1970
(37)L.L. Negro Press Survey1959
(38)Personal Expense Correspondence L. Lorch1958-1969
(39)L.L. President Fund - travel grant, dept. of ext. affairs1975

Call Number: 2007-054/005
(1)Personal Correspondence L. Lorch1969
(2)L.L. Correspondence1974-1975
(3)Old Correspondence (1939-1959)1938-1959
(4)Personal (A)1961-1967
(5)Personal (B)1958-1966
(6)Personal (C)1954-1967
(7)Personal (D)1959-1967
(8)Personal (E)1960-1968
(9)Personal (F,G & H)1960-1961
(10)Personal (I,J)1959-1968
(11)Personal (K)1959-1968
(12)Personal (L)1960-1963
(13)Personal (M)1959-1968
(14)"N" Miscellaneous1960
(15)Personal (Prof. D.J. Newman)1958-1961
(16)Personal (O,P)1960-1967
(17)Personal (Q,R)1961-1967
(18)Personal (Stockholm Par 1.)1963-1964
(19)Personal (Stockholm Congress)1961-1962
(20)Europe Summer 1975 Stockholm. Poland1973-1975
(21)Personal (S)1959-1968
(22)Personal (P. Szego)1963-1971
(23)Personal (T)1962-1968
(24)Personal (U,V)1967 1968
(25)L.L. Personal - M.Wyman1969
(26)Personal (W,X,Y,Z)1959-1968
(27)General Readings[between 1971 and 1974]
(28)RSC Clippings - General1950
(29)RSC Clippings - Southern Hearing1954
(30)L.L. Nuffiled Grant1962
(31)L.L. Pictures1960-1975
(32)Positions L. Lorch 1950 to present date1950-1970
(33)L.L. Published Letters1951-1965

Call Number: 2007-054/006
(1)Notebooks for Valuation theory and Algebraic Functions and Curves Cornell University1934-1937
(2)L.L. Sponsorship1971-194
(3)L.L. Sale of Books1966-1969

Persons from "M" to "Z"

(4)Mathesen, Gwen1974
(5)Biographical Data - Kenneth O. May[ca. 1970?]
(7)Offord, A.C.1973
(8)Professor W. Orlicz1970-1974
(11)Rempfer, W.1971
(12)Renyi[ca. 1970]
(13)L. Lorch Request for Reprints1962-1970
(15)Rosza, P - Renyi, A.[ca. 1970]
(16)Russel, Dennis1974
(17)Russian Addresses[ca. 1969]
(20)Smithers, Paul1974
(21)Soviet Mathematicians Correspondence1971-1976
(22)Steinig, John M.1972
(23)Sheila Tobias1978-1979
(24)Toth, Fejes L.1974
(25)Turan, P and V1974
(26)Tzimbalario, Jean1974-1975
(27)Ustina, F.1971-1972

General Topics

(28)Disadvantaged Background Education[ca. 1970]
(29)Americanization of Canadian Universities[ca. 1969]
(30)Americanization of Canadian Universities (Clippings)1969
(31)General Readings on Education1970-1972
(32)General Readings on Biology and Pharmacology1971-1973
(33)Readings on Scientific Research1973

Foreign Universities I

(34)University of Alberta I
(35)University of Alberta I - Annual report of Faculty Member's1959-1968
(36)University of Alberta I - A.A.S.U.A. Murray Williamson Case1966

Foreign Universities II

(38)General Faculty Council Administrative Committee1965-1966

Call Number: 2007-054/007
(1)General Faculty Council : Executive Committee and Ad Hoc1963-1968
(2)Group on International Academic Relations1965-1968
(6)Staff Benefits1959-1968
(7)Travel Itinerary[196-?]
(8)Foreign Universities Miscellaneous1968-1975
(9)Bielefeld University - Bielfeld Questionnaire1973-1975
(10)Howard Universities1961,-1975
(11)Howard University Donaldson1974
(12)Fisk University1974-1975
(13)Fisk Univ. 1975 Board of Trustees Committee for the Natural Sciences1975
(14)Indiana University1972
(15)Northeastern University1964
(16)Queens College1974
(17)Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm1972-1975
(18)Simon Fraser University1970
(19)The City College1972-1974
(20)University of Illinois1974-1975
(21)Wesleyan University1958-1959

Different Institutions

(22)Alexandre Ross Society
(23)American Association for the Advancement of Science1959-1974
(24)American Association of University Professors1953-1967
(25)American Civil Liberties Union1960
(26)American Philosophical Association1971
(28)Association of Commonwealth Universities1973-1975
(29)Buffalo Faculty Defense Fund1970
(30)Canada Council1969-1972
(31)Canada - USSR Association1973
(32)Canadian Association of African Studies1957-1975
(33)Canadian Association of University Teachers1961-1973

Call Number: 2007-054/008
(1)CAUT Chile1973-1974
(2)Canadian Committee for Democratic Spain (former Amnesty in Spain)1971-1974
(3)Canadian Liberation Movement[between 1960 and 1971?]
(4)Canadian Professors for Peace in the Middle East1974
(5)Canadian Universities Foundation1962-1963
(6)Canadian Union of Students[ca. 1969?]
(7)Canadian University Memo CUM.1965
(8)Centre of Research on Environmental Quality1971
(9)Civil Liberties Legal Defense Fund1971
(10)Class of 19411966
(11)Committee Against Racism1970-1974
(12)Committee for the Defense of Valentyn Moroz1974
(13)Committee for the Control of Radiation Hazards1960-1963
(14)Committee on Academic Freedom1958
(15)Committee of Correspondence1970
(16)Committee on Socialist Studies1969-1975
(17)Consiglio Nazionale Della Richerche[after 1960?]
(18)Council for International Recreation, Culture and Lifelong Education1975
(19)Council of Ontario Universities1972


(20)Canadian Committee for Solidarity with Democratic Chile1974
(21)Canadian Fund for Refugees from Chile1973-1974
(22)Canadian University Committee for Refugee Chilean Professionals and Students1974
(23)Chile General Correspondence1973-1974
(24)Chile General information on Immigration1973-1974
(25)Chile - Mitchel Sharp on Chile1973-1974
(26)Chile - Refugees (Personal I)1974-1975
(27)Refugees (Personal II) Jose Cademartori J.1974
(28)Chile - Refugees (Personal III) Manuel Jofre1973
(29)Chile - Refugees - Testimonies1973-1974
(30)Chile - ICM support 19741974
(31)Chile - Toronto Welcome Committee1974-1975
(32)York Committee for the Defense of Democratic Chile1973-1974
(33)Chile Reports on Information1973-1974
(34)Chile - Meetings Announcements1973-1974
(35)Chile - Clippings1973-1974
(36)International Society of Electrochemistry1972

Call Number: 2007-054/009
(1)Department of University Affairs (Ontario)1969
(2)Draft Dodgers1970
(4)International Committee to Free SV Political Prisoners1972-1973
(6)IHPST Notes1974
(7)Modern Community Developers1959-1963
(8)National Academy of Sciences[ca. 1972]
(9)National Caucus of Labor Committees NCLC1973
(10)National Committee Against Repressive Legislation1970-1971
(11)Non-governmental Organization NGO1974
(12)National Science Foundation1955-1963
(13)National Science Foundation (Travel Grants)1969
(14)New University Conference1969
(15)Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations1970-1971
(16)Ontario Council on University Affairs1974
(17)Oxfam[after 1968?]
(18)Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association1961-1969
(19)Peace Brigade1971
(21)Social Science Research Council of Canada (not relevant to math)1968
(22)Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC1973
(23)Toronto Association for Peace1974
(24)Toronto Committee for the Nagasaki Appeal1974
(26)War Measures Act1970

Mathematics - Various

(27)Deceased - Foreign Mathematicians1970
(28)Guest Lectures1963 - 1969
(30)Reprints - Miscellaneous1941-1969
(31)Reviews I1960-1973

Call Number: 2007-054/010
(1)Mathematical Reviews Reviews for MR1961-1976
(2)Mathematical Reviews Correspondence1962-1975
(3)Book Reviews1961 - 1971
(4)Reviews II1956-1971
(5)Reviews - F. Ustina1967-1971
(6)Referativin Ja Zhurnal - Reviews1967-1969
(7)Watson's Bassel Foundation1969

Mathematical Institutions I

(8)Afro-American Mathematicians1969-1972
(9)Association of Women Mathematicians1971-1973
(10)American Mathematical Monthly1971-1973
(11)AWM Newsletter1971-1975

Mathematical Institutions II

(12)Canadian Mathematical Congress Bulletin1962-1972
(13)Canadian Mathematical Congress[ca. 1972]
(14)Canadian Mathematical Congress1972
(15)Canadian Mathematical Congress1972
(16)Canadian Mathematical Congress Deceased1967-1968
(17)CMC Elections1971-1975
(18)CMC Executive Meetings1965-1967
(19)CMC Expenses1966-1975
(20)CMC Fischler Summer Research1972-1974
(21)Canadian Mathematical Congress General Correspondence1962-1975
(22)CMC Nomination of Offices1963-1969
(23)CMC - Notes1971-1975
(24)Canadian Mathematical Congress, Notes, News and Comments1969-1975
(25)CMC Replies to CMC letters1970
(26)CMC Research Committee1960-1969
(27)Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences1965-1974
(28)International Congress of Mathematicians1966-1973
(29)International Congress of Mathematicians Vancouver 1974

Call Number: 2007-054/011
(1)MAG - Miscellaneous1973-1975
(2)MAG - Chile1974
(3)M.A.G. Newsletters1970-1975
(4)Mathematical Association of America1963-1969
(5)Mathematical Association of Trinidad and Tobago1963
(6)National Association of Mathematicians (NAM) formerly Association of Black Mathematicians1971-1974

National Research Council

(7)NRC Peter Rosenthal1974-1975
(8)National Research Council - Application for Travel Fellowship1970-1974
(9)Award Officer1775
(10)NRC Exchange Agreements1966-1973
(11)NRC Grant Selection Committee GSC General Correspondence1968-1973
(12)Grants in Aid of Research1969-1970
(13)National Research Council NRC Miscellaneous1968-1974
(14)Operating and Equipments Grants1974
(15)GSC Other Sciences1968-1970
(16)GSC NRC Personal Correspondence1968-1975
(17)GSC Pure and Applied Mathematics Applications - 1967-1968
(18)GSC Pure and Applied Mathematics Applications - 1968-1969
(19)Pure and Applied Mathematics Applications 1967-19681975
(21)Selection Committee Appointment1974
(22)GSC Travel Expenses1965-1969
(23)NRC Visits to U.S.S.R. - Exchange Agreement1968-1973
(24)Ontario Remedial Mathematics Project1974-1975
(25)Polish Mathematical Society1970-1974
(26)United States vs. Lee Lorch (Correspondence)1956-1957 part 1 of 4
(27)United States vs. Lee Lorch (Correspondence)1956-1957 part 2 of 4
(28)United States vs. Lee Lorch (Correspondence)1956-1957 part 3 of 4
(29)United States vs. Lee Lorch (Correspondence)1956-1957 part 4 of 4

Call Number: 2007-054/012

Royal Society of Canada

(1)RSC General1971-1974
(2)RSC Elections New Fellows - Academy of Science 1975
(3)Election of Offices1968-1974
(4)Expenses Claims1968-1973
(5)RSC Nomination Consideration Current + 19731969-1974
(6)RSC Nomination Papers Correspondence and Raporteur's1968-1973
(7)RSC Fellows of the RSC1965-1974
(8)General Correspondence1969-1974
(9)RSC Correspondence 1968
(10)RSC Chile[ca. 1973?]
(11)Deceased Fellows1969-1970
(12)RSC Meetings and Reports1973-1974
(13)RSC Nominations D.J.C. Bures1971
(14)RSC 1976 Nominations for Herz and Shinbrot1976
(15)Nominee John H.H. Chalk1967-1973
(16)Nominee Chandler Davis1967
(17)RSC G.A. Gratzer1971
(18)RSC R.P. Langlands1971
(19)Nominee Adrien Pouliot1968-1969
(20)RSC W. Israel1970-1972
(21)Nominee David A. Sprott1963-1973
(22)Royal Society of Canada1968-1982
(23)YUS Section III1973-1974
(24)RSC Section III Minutes1968-1972
(25)RSC Science Section1973-1974
(26)Lorch Statement Dec 1958 G. Lorch
(27)trial "contempt" Dec. 195714 December 1957
(28)Contempt trial - copy Decision Nov 195727 November 1957
(29)dup. Contempt trial 195725 Aprial 1957
(30)dup Contempt trial Sept. 195621 September 1956
(31)dup. Contempt trial April 195625 April 1956
(32)dup. Contempt trial Feb 195625 February 1956
(33)Photos of plaque given to L.L.1977 Includes 17 negatives : b&w ; 35 mm. - 6 photographs : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm.
(34)Memorium : Grace Lorch1974-1975
(35)Memorial articles and news articles re. Grace Lorch1957-1958, 1974-1975
(36)HCUAA (Stamler and Hall)[ca. 1967]
(37)Sigma XL1936-1956

Call Number: 2007-054/013

Visiting Professors

(1)Visiting Professor Prof. A.C. Climescu1968-1969
(2)Visiting Professors1962-1969
(3)Prof. Tord Ganelius1970
(5)Prof. Kalmar1969
(6)Bo. E.A. Kjellberg1970-1971
(7)Prof. J. Kubilius1966-1971
(8)Prof. K. Kuratowski1969-1970
(9)G. Polya1961-1971
(10)D. and S. Rolevicz1965-1970
(11)G. Szego1967-1970
(12)Karl Szilard1960-1970
(13)Prof. Paul Turan1964-1971
(14)Ustina, F.1970-1972

York University

(15)Y.U. Chile1974
(16)Y.U. College Atkinson1969-1971
(18)Y.U. Commission to study the rationalization of University Research1971-1972
(19)Committee on Rights and Responsibilities of Members of York University1968-1970
(20)Y.U. Committee to assess University policies and plans1975
(21)Y.U. Council 74
(22)Y.U. Council 75
(23)Y.U. C.Y.S.F.1974
(24)Y.U. Curriculum Committee1974

Dept. of Mathematics

(25)Y.U. Dept. of math. memo. minutes1971-1975
(26)Y.U. Dept. of math. minutes + problems current 1975
(27)Y.U. Dean of arts (search 1972)1971-1972
(28)Y.U. Faculty of arts1971-1975

Call Number: 2007-054/014
(1)Y.U. Faculty of graduate studies1973
(2)Y.U. Faculty of Science1971-1975
(3)Y.U. General Correspondence1973
(4)Y.U. Michael Halliday1971
(5)Y.U. Honorary degree1973
(6)Y.U. Math III (71-72)
(7)Y.U. Math. 121 (74-75)1974-1975
(8)Y.U. Math 221 (73-74)
(9)Y.U. Math. 130 and 230B (74)
(10)Y.U. Math 301 (70-71)
(11)Y.U. Math 301 (74-75)
(12)Y.U. Math A.S. 301 exam (70-71) -71-72
(13)Y.U. Math A.S. 3471969-1970
(14)Y.U. Math 6111971
(15)Y.U. Math 631
(16)Mathematics Tests1959-1971
(17)Y.U. Miscellaneous1969-1975
(18)Y.U. Murtz1968-1969
(19)Letters to Senate1970
(20)Y.U. Organizational and structure of Senate and the University1971-1972
(21)York University President's Committee on Scholarship1971
(22)Y.U. Presidential Search Committee1973
(23)York U. Promotions and Tenure Committee1971
(24)Y.U. Salary recommendation (Brown and Muldoon)1970
(25)York U. Search Committee for President 1973
(26)York U. Senate 1970-71 Agenda, notices, reports etc.
(27)Y.U. Social science and humanities1975
(28)Y.U. Staff associations of the Y.U. library1969-1970
(29)Y.U. Staff Benefits1968-1970
(30)Y.U. S.C.M1971-1974
(31)Y.U. Sub-Committee A1970-1971
(32)Sub-Committee on the Authority Structure, Operations and Effectiveness of Existing Committees of Senate (Duff Berdahl)1970-1971
(33)Y.U. Task Force on Women1973-1975

Call Number: 2007-054/015


(1)Y.U. Dep. of math, correspondence1971-1973
(2)YUFA Executive Committee1969
(3)YUFA General Correspondence
(4)YUFA - Grievances
(5)Y.U. Miscellaneous1968-1973
(6)Y.U. Notices of meetings, reports etc.1971-1974
(7)YUFA York University Faculty Association Salary1969-1974

Trial 1957

(9)Contempt of Congress20 February 1957
(10)Fisk University Corres.1950-1954
(11)L.H, Bennett - Correspondence1955-1960
(12)Character References1954-1957
(13)Contribution re Trial1955-1963
(14)H.T. Delaney - Correspondence1955-1960
(15)Dismissal re Penn State College1950
(16)Editorials (re trial)1955-1959
(17)Fisk Board of Trustees (Statements)1951-1959
(18)Fisk Personal re Dismissal1954-1960
(19)Geo. Iggers Correspondence1956-1964
(20)Mrs. Lorch (Hearing)1957
(21)Personal Correspondence re trial1951-1959
(22)Trail Proceedings1956-1957
(23)Stuyvesant Town Evictions (Newspaper Clippings in Date Order)1950-1952

Different legal cases + Committees on Freedom + Human Rights

(24)Civil Rights Misc.1954-1974
(25)Afro-American Newspaper, Corres.1957-1963
(26)Southern Conference Educational Fund1957-1970
(27)National Committee to Abolish The Un-American Activities Committee1956-1966 part 1 of 2
(28)National Committee to Abolish The Un-American Activities Committee1956-1974 part 2 of 2

Call Number: 2007-054/016
(1)Carl Braden Case1957-1961
(2)Chandler Davis Case1959-1960
(3)Misc. Cases1950-1964
(4)The Rosenberg Case1952-1953
(5)Young Canadians for Freedom (Barr)1962-1965
(6)Alberta Human Rights Association1961-1968
(7)Levy, Gutman and Goldberg1968-1965
(8)Discrimination and Trials1952-1972

Vietnam - Cuba - China - Greece - South Africa

(12)South Africa Trade Mission1973-1974
(13)Vietnam1964-1975 part 1 of 3
(14)Vietnam1964-1975 part 2 of 3
(15)Vietnam1964-1975 part 3 of 3
(16)Faculty Committee on Vietnam1970

Call Number: 2007-054/017

Misc. Lectures - Canadian Native Friendship Centre - Can Assn. in Support of the Native People

(1)Canadian Association in Support of the Native People1974
(2)Canadian Native Friendship Centre1959-1967 part 1 of 2
(3)Canadian Native Friendship Centre1959-1967 part 2 of 2
(4)Resources re. Native Canadians1960-1963
(5)Zygmund, Collegium Lectures[before 1958?]
(6)Misc. Lectures1952-1967
(7)Misc. Pamphlets[196-]

Different Newsletters and Associations

(9)American Civil liberties Union1959-1963
(10)American Federation of World Citizens1963
(11)Canadian Institute of International Affairs1965-1968
(12)Canadian Rights Defence Committee1968
(14)Committee to Defend The Panthers1970
(15)Committee to End The War on Vietnam Newsletter1965-1966
(17)Congressional Record1960
(18)CORE - LATOR Congress of Racial Equality1961
(19)Current Thought on Peace and War
(22)Ghana Today1965
(23)Highlander Reports1958-1964
(24)Human Relations1961-1965
(25)Miscellaneous Pamphlets1958-1965
(26)Modern Community Developers Inc.1961-1962
(27)Monroe Defence Committee1961

Call Number: 2007-054/018
(1)The Nation1953, 1963
(2)National Association For The Advancement of Colored People1956
(3)Rights (The National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee)1970-1972
(4)Ontario Human Rights Code1961-1967
(5)Newsletter (SUPA)1965-1966
(6)Operation Freedom1961-1965
(7)Promoting Enduring Peace[ca. 1967]
(9)I.F. Stone's Weekly1960
(10)Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee1965-1966
(11)Women Strike For Peace[ca. 1965]

Postcards, maps and tourist paraphernalia

(15)England and UK
(18)Germany West and East

Call Number: 2007-054/019
(1)U.S.S.R. part 1 of 2
(2)U.S.S.R part 2 of 2
(3)Postcards and correspondence to Lee Lorch and Lorch family1957-1969

Exchange Programme NRC - Soviet Academy of Science I June 1960 - Sept 1966

(4)Personal Impression of a visit to the U.S.S.R. under N.R.C. - Soviet Academy of Sciences / L.H. ShebeskiJune 6 to July 31, 1960/
(5)Report of James G. Foulks To The National Research Council of Canada On his Visit to the Soviet Union October 1, 1960 - June 20, 1961
(6)A Report to the National Research Council of Canada of a Visit to the U.S.S.R. / Robert T. CouplandApril 10 to June 17, 1961
(7)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. May 15 to July 28, 1961 as part of the exchange between the National Research Council of Canada and the Academy of Science of the U.S.S.R. / W.E. Sackston
(8)Report to the National Research Council on A Visit of the Departments and Institutes of Electrochemistry in the Soviet Union May - July, 1961 / B.E. Conway28 September 1961
(9)A Report to NRC on a Visit to the U.S.S.R 20 June to 11 July, 1961 / Professor I.I. Glass
(10)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. October 1st - November 5th, 1962 / R.W. Boyle17 December 1962
(11)Report on a Visit to the Soviet Union October 2 to November 14, 1962 As part of an exchange of Scientists between the National Research Council of Canada and the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. / P.A. Hacquebarel
(12)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. April 8 - May 17, 1963 / F.R. Lipsett
(13)Report on Trip to Russia / W.G. Henry26 April - 15 May 1963
(14)Report to the National Research Council Visits to Moscow, Tashkent and Leningrad April 29 to May 15, 1963 / R.U. Lemieux
(15)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. April 29 to June 28 1963 / J. MacBain Cameron
(16)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. May 4 - July 25, 1963 / R.W. Stewart
(17)Report on a Visit to the Soviet Union June 3-June 17, 1963 / K. Winterton30 July 1963
(18)Report to the National Research Council of a Visit to the U.S.S.R. April 14 to May 23, 1964 / Peter A. Kondra
(19)Report to the National Research Council of a visit to the U.S.S.R. with brief visits to England, Finland, and Hungary April 12 to May 15, 1965 / Sydney K. Brownstein
(20)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. April 19 to May 8 1965 / G.G.E. Scudder
(21)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. May 3 to June 3 1965 / W.W. Moorhouse
(22)Visit to the U.S.S.R. June 7 to 26, 1965 : Leningrad, Moscow, Yerevan and Tbilisi / P.C. Trussell
(23)Report to the National Research Council of a Visit to the U.S.S.R. June 21 to July 30 1965 / J.W.T. Spinks
(24)Report on Scientific Exchange with the Soviet Union / Gerald M. Weaver29 August - 5 October 1966
(25)Report on a Visit to Russian Polymer Institutes / Dr. J.E. Guillet25 August - 21 September 1966
(26)Report on a Visit to Institutes in Moscow and Leningrad [sic] / J.K.N. Jones12 October - 2 November 1966

Call Number: 2007-054/020

Exchange Programme NRC - Soviet Academy of Science II - Dec 1967 - 1971

(1)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. / Lise Nicloe10 October 1966 - 11 April 1967
(2)Report on a visit the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Academy of Sciences, U.S.S.R. / S. Pond.29 December 1966 - 26 March 1967
(3)Report on Exchange Visit Under the Auspices of the National Research Council of Canada and the Soviet Academy of Sciences May 8 - June 3 1966 / D.H. Hall
(4)Report on Visit to the U.S.S.R. / Dr. George F. Wright5 - 24 April 1967
(5)Report on Visit to Poland and U.S.S.R. / Dr. H.R. Rice2-15 July 1967
(6)Report to the National Research Council of Canada Visit to the USSR... / Paul K. AndersonAugust - September 1967
(7)A Report to the National Research Council on a visit to the Soviet Union ... / W.M. Tupper16 October 1967
(8)Report on Scientific Exchange Visit to the Soviet Union / Dr. M.J. Freeman15 November 1967 - 10 August 1968
(9)Report to the National Research Council of Visit to the U.S.S.R. Institutes in the Field of Automatic Control November 16/67 to April 30/68/ C.M. Woodside
(10)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. 21-11-67 - 1-12-67 / Andrew D. Booth
(11)Report on a Visit to the U.S.S.R. / F.L. Curzon29 March - 28 April 1968
(12)Report on Visit to Poland and the Soviet Union April 17 - May 23, 1968 / J.R. Prescott
(13)Report of Travel to U.S.S.R. / Jacques Genest11 May - 1 June 1968
(14)Report on a Month's visit to the Soviet Union... / Dr. William O. Pruitt, Jr.6 July - 6 August 1968
(15)Report the the National Research Council of Canada on Visit the the U.S.S.R. / M. Weintraub[ca. 1969?]
(16)Report of a Visit to the Soviet Union / Dr. Donald A. Fraser
(17)Report of Visit to the U.S.S.R. June 9 - July 11, 1969 / H. Roy Krouse
(18)Report of a Visit to the Soviet Union under the exchange program of the National Research Council of Canada and the Soviet Academy of Sciences January 6th - January 20th, 1970/ Dr. J.C. McDonald
(19)Report of a Visit to the Soviet Union / Dr. Alan McGugen1 April - 30 May 1970
(20)Report of a Visit to the Soviet Union / Dr. Paul Boulanger,6 July - 10 August 1970
(21)Report of a Visit to the Soviet Union April 12 - May 26, 1971 / J.F. Ogilvie
(22)Report of a Visit to the U.S.S.R. June 11 - July 6, 1961 / W. Bushuk26 July 1971
(23)Report on a visit to the U.S.S.R. on an exchange fellowship between the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R. and the National Research Council of Canada, 31st July to 18th September 1971 / Professor C.H. Fernando

Home Office Files

(24)Little Rock1955-2007
(25)Letter to School Board10 June 1955
(26)Letters to the Editor by Lee Lorch1957-1960
(27)Dynamite Threat Feb 14. 1958
(28)NAACP - Philander Smith College Chapter1956-1957
(29)Discrimination in Housing in particular in Stuyvesant Town1949-1955
(30)Arkansas Act 401 of 19511957-1958
(31)Dr. Lorch clippings
(32)Dr. Philander Smith College1955-1958
(33)Allen University1955-1958
(34)News Stories and editorials1954-1955
(35)P.S.C. Nov 1957-1955-1958
(36)Grievance - duplicates 82 decision of Jt Grievance Ctte etc.1981-1982
(37)York U "Retirement" grievance1983

Call Number: 2007-054/021
(1)York - retirement1980-1982 1 of 2
(2)York - retirement1980-1982 2 of 2
(3)NAACP - Arkansas State Cf.1957-1958
(5)Contempt - Second Indictment Case1953 - 1959
(6)Ministers Alliance statement28 April 1955
(8)Emergency Civil Liberties Committee1954-1959
(9)Correspondence and newspaper clippings re. activism1950-1956
(10)AAUP (American Association of University Professors)1956-1959
(11)American Mathematical Society - defense and support1955-1959
(12)Senate Internal Security Subcommittee1957-1958
(13)Delany, Hubert1955 - 1959 part 1 of 2
(14)Delany, Hubert1955 - 1959 part 2 of 2
(15)Correspondence re. dismissal from State College1949
(16)Student support + press1948-1949
(17)Legal documents re. appeal to Commissioner of Education of the State New York.1948-1949
(18)Lee Letters1957-1958 Includes letters of support and hate mail.
(19)Globe Article, 3/11/55
(20)Dear Friend Letter, Dec. 14, 195414 December 1954

Call Number: 2007-054/022
(1)H.A. Boyd letter copies May 6, 1955
(2)NAACP - Youth work, national circulars1951-1954
(3)Nashville Tennessean 9/17/54
(4)N.A.A.C.P. - State Education1952-1955
(5)Lincoln University (Pennsylvania)1951-1952
(8)AFT, PFL, AFL (American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania Federation of Labour American Federation of Labour)1950-1951
(9)For Lee1950
(10)Penn State - Correspondence 19501950-1951
(11)Faculty Committee for Academic Freedom Penn State7 June 1950
(12)Contempt of Congress trial1955-1958
(13)General Correspondence1954-1955
(14)Correspondence, mathematical1951-1955
(15)Grant Letters1954-1955
(16)Statement before hearing[1956]
(17)Statement made by Dr. Lorch, Nov. 1818 November 1954
(18)New York1940-1941
(19)Math correspondence - Penn State1950
(20)Official Communication re appt. + dismissal Penn State1949-1950
(21)Miscellaneous Correspondence re Penn State1950
(22)Committee to Defend DuBois, etc.1951-1952
(24)Personal Applications for Jobs + Inquiries about possible vacancies1955
(25)Mathematics and Science1954
(26)McCarthyism[between 1954 and 1958?]
(27)Correspondence re. organization of teacher's unions1940-1941
(28)Nat'l Committee to repeal the McCarran Act1950-1953
(29)Academic Freedom - Struik1951-1952
(30)Academic Freedom - Blau1951-1952
(31)Report of the Subcommittee to investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and other Internal Security Laws, Parts I-XII, Appendixes.- Subversion in Racial Unrest : an outline of a strategic weapon to destroy the governments of Louisiana and the United States.- Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States

Call Number: 2007-054/023
(1)Job Search 1958-59
(2)President's office1953-1958
(3)Little Rock1956-1960
(4)Arkansas Recorder1956-1957
(5)Manual of University By-Laws, Trustees Resolutions, Faculty Actions and Administrative Regulations / Fisk University1949
(6)AAUP - Text and Draft of Fisk Report[ca. 1957?]
(7)AAVP - D.F. Fleming1955-1958
(8)Correspondence re. Fisk University Philander Smith College and The Urban League of Greater Little Rock1950-1959
(9)Report of the President to the Board of Trustees of Fisk University23 April 1954
(10)Communism In The Mid-South. Hearings Before The Sub Committee of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws1957
(11)National Science Foundation1953-1954
(12)Contempt Trial Legal (First Indictment)1955-1956
(13)Fisk Board Statement1955
(15)Job - hunt
(16)AAUP 1954-19551954-1955 part 1 of 2
(17)AAUP 1954-551952-1959 part 2 of 2
(18)NY Correspondence re Penn State1950
(19)Penn State1950
(20)Penn State Temp1950-1951
(22)AAUP Correspondence etc. Penn State Case1949-1952
(23)State College - Financial Retirement, Hospitalization, Taxes etc.1948-1950
(24)Acquittal text1957
(25)Contempt trial1956-1958
(26)Lee Letter copies1957-1958

Call Number: 2007-054/024
(1)Other contempt cases1955-1957
(2)Un-American Committee Metcalf - Antioch1955-1958
(3)Contempt Trial - Expenses1955-1957
(4)Testimonial June 10, 1955
(5)Friends Committee (Defense)1955-1956
(6)Fisk - Bd. of Trustees, Dr. Wm. J. Zeigler 300 E61 St. Chicago 371950-1958
(7)Letters of Support - general1954-1955
(9)Academic freedom correspondence1949-1950
(10)Faculty Committee for Academic Freedom correspondence and press releases1949-1950
(11)Right to Marry Case1944-1946 Includes correspondence between Lee and Grace Lorch during WWII.
(12)Roosevelt University1955
(13)NAACP - Paul Hockett1953-1992
(14)Chandler Davis Case1954
(15)Correspondence and newspaper articles re. legal cases1950-1958
(16)Correspondence and reports re. dismissal from Fisk University, and indictment for contempt of court1954
(18)Correspondence and material re. dismissal from The City College1940
(19)Fisk University1954-1955
(20)National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics1943
(21)Miscellaneous correspondence1950-1955
(22)House Un-American Committee1958
(23)City College : Discrimination1948-1950
(24)SCEF (Southern Conference Education Fund, Inc)1956-1958
(26)Fisk University1950-1957

Call Number: 2007-054/025
(1)Fisk : Dr. P.L. Julian1954-1960
(2)Correspondence with Johnson, etc. 19601959-1960
(3)Prof. Albert Einstein1950-1953
(4)McGuire case Ryerson1981-1983
(5)City College1949-1950
(6)Un-American Committee attack - Letters of support - mathematicians1950-1956
(7)Alva Taylor's Party1951
(8)American Civil Liberties Union - Blau Case1950-1952
(9)Committee of 1st Amend. Indictees1956
(10)Einstein + Penn State1989
(11)ACLU file on Penn State1979
(12)Rempfer Case1956-1957
(13)Correspondence with newspapers re. trials, activities in Little Rock, AK1957
(14)American Friends Service Committee1955-1956
(16)Correspondence re. Allen University1957
(17)Letters - Grace - Little Rock1957
(18)Correspondence re. Little Rock and contempt trial1957
(19)Correspondence and newspaper clippings re. Grace Lorch1954-1974
(20)Grace Lorch1957-1958
(21)American Civil Liberties Union1955-1958
(22)Correspondence of Grace Lorch and Lonergan family1945-1969
(23)Caughey, John W. re. Grace Lorch, Their Majesties The Mob1961-1974
(24)Fund for the Republic1955-1956
(26)Kahane1983 1986
(27)Un-American Committee - official materials1954-1957

Call Number: 2007-054/026
(1)Newspaper clippings re. segregation1953-1954
(2)Clippings Gazette records1957-1958
(3)Letters + personal papers1970-1982
(6)U of Alberta - appt. correspondence, etc.1958-1964
(7)Recent Correspondence1955-1960
(9)Civil Liberties1952-1955
(10)Braden Case1955-1959
(11)Un-American Committee - Legal Points1955
(12)Un-American Committee - Editorial Comments1955
(13)Correspondence re. Subcommittee on Un-American Activities1953-1955
(14)Luncheon in honor of Lee Lorch. Amer. Math Soc. January 1977
(15)Newspaper clippings and articles2005-2007
(16)Lee Lorch Conference 1995
(17)Barufsverbot - McCarthyism in West Germany / Stanley Faulkner1980
(18)An experience in general education for non-major students in a National University of Japan / Seiji Yuasa1980
(20)Stephen Salaff
(23)State University of New York at Buffalo correspondence re Little Rock Nine1976
(24)Open Letter to City University of New York1985
(26)Racial Issues1980-1994
(27)Academic Freedom1980-2004
(29)Peace Activities1980-1991
(30)Latin America1975-2004
(31)Institute of Mathematics and Cybernetics, Vilinius, Lithuania1979-1982
(32)Little Rock2007
(33)American Mathematical Society1969-1994
(34)Committee on Socialist Studies1981
(35)Canadian Journal of Physics - Ralph Nichols - Freeman Controversy1991
(38)Correspondence while at Howard University1982
(39)Obituaries and memorial articles1977-1986

Call Number: 2007-054/027
(1)Lorch - Muldoon - Szego High Monotonicity III Submitted Acta Math (Sweden) Jan 29, 1970 Ack Feb 3 Rejected March 19 (ac'd March 24)
(2)Asymptotics etc. of m2 , Jv (mv 1)[ca. 1966?]
(3)Report on the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), Moscow, USSR / Lee Lorch1966
(4)The Elementary Remarks on Non-Linear Differential Equations of The Second Order / Lee Lorch1968-1969
(5)Higher Monotonicity Properties of Certain Sturm-Liouville Functions/ Lee Lorch, Peter Szego1962-1963
(6)Correspondence with John Steinrig re. Monotonicity property of Bessel Functions1971-1972
(7)The Gibbs Phenomenon and Lebesgue Constants for Regular [J,F (x)] means / D.Leviatan, L.Lorch1968-1970
(8)Civil Rights Library, University of Tennessee1966
(9)M.Dekker, Inc.1967-1968
(10)On the axioms of incidence and a theorem of Sylvester or Grumvald1958-1961
(11)Muldoon, M.F.
(12)General Correspondence while at University of Alberta, and Aarhus Universitet (Denmark)1963-1967
(13)More on [F, dn] summability with D.J. Newman
(14)Personal Correspondence1954-1966
(15)General Correspondence1958-1959
(16)NRC - USSR Exchange1963-1967
(17)The Gibbs phenomenon for the [J, f (x)] transform / D. Leviatan, Lee Lorch1968-1969
(18)Manuscript with Peter Szego - High monotonicity of zeros
(19)A Bessel Function Inequality Connected with Stability of Least1966-1967
(20)Wilf, H.S.1964-1966 Regarding his article The Stability of Smoothing by least Squares.
(21)Soviet mathematics (routine)1967-1968
(22)On Salem's work1947-1953
(23)Loose Correspondence1945-1980
(24)Loose Correspondence1945-1980
(25)BNS statements some 1979,80,81
(26)Collected postcards
(27)Photo album of family and military service overseas in India1940-1947 Includes 31 photographs : b&w ; 11.5 x 8 cm and smaller.
(28)Photographs of mathematics conference and Dr. Roderick Wong1991 Includes 26 negatives : col. ; 35 mm. - 26 photographs : col. ; 9 x 12.5 cm.
(29)Photographs of mathematical conferences1970-1985 Includes 20 photographs : b&w and col. ; 18 x 13 cm and smaller.
(30)Bank of Nova Scotia records1986-1987
(31)Photographs of Grace and Lee Lorch with others[between 1935 and 1947?] Includes 7 photographs : b&w ; 17.3 x 13 cm and smaller.

Call Number: 2007-054/028
(1)Correspondence with Philip Rabinowitz1958-1959
(2)Correspondence : general[after 1960?]
(3)Correspondence : general1960-1969
(4)Muldoon, Martin : correspondence1964-1966
(5)Ozdzynska, Ewa - correspondence1969-1972
(6)Correspondence : general1970-1974
(7)Letters unfiled1970-1975
(8)Chapman, Frank correspondence1973-1975
(9)Correspondence re. Anatoly Shcharansky and J.L. Massera1973-1979
(11)CUNY (City University of New York)1974
(12)Correspondence : general
(13)Correspondence and news clippings re. death of Grace Lorch1975
(14)Correspondence with American Mathematical Society re. Lorch's membership1976
(15)Correspondence from Laval University1976
(16)Letter to Notices II - Allegation of antisemitism in Soviet math, circles1976-1979
(17)Correspondence and translation by H.F.J. Lowig Josef Korous1976
(18)South Africa1976
(19)Correspondence re. Donald Watts, NRC Mathematics Committee and confidentiality1976-1977
(20)Correspondence re. Dr. Edward Alexander Bouchet1978-1979
(21)Kenschaft, Patricia1979-1980
(22)Letters to Notices I1978-1979
(23)Correspondence : generalca 198-?]

Call Number: 2007-054/029
(1)Correspondence : general1980
(2)Black Women for Mathematics1980-1981
(3)B. Boss Correspondence1980-1982
(4)Prof. P.M. Salzberg1980
(5)Science and Nature (farkas article 80-81)1980-1981
(6)US National Committee for Mathematics1980
(7)Correspondence : general1981
(8)Peace[ca. 1982]
(9)Correspondence : general1982
(13)Science and Nature1982
(14)Zaslavsky, Claudia1982
(15)Correspondence : general1983-1984
(16)Correspondence with Dr. Josephine Guidy Wandja, presidante Comite International Sur les mathematiques dans les pays endevelopment1983

Call Number: 2007-054/030
(1)Correspondence : general1985-1989
(2)Correspondence re. difficulties of mathematicians to attend International Congress of Mathematicians Berkeley1986-1988
(3)Correspondence : general[199-]
(4)Correspondence : general1990-1991
(5)Correspondence : general1992-1993
(6)Freeman Canadian Journal of Physics re Freeman diatribe against women in academia, in the workplace.1992
(7)Correspondence : general1994
(8)Correspondence : general1995-1996
(9)Correspondence : general1997-1999
(10)Correspondence : general2000-2006
(11)Royal Society of Canada2005-2007

Call Number: 2007-054/031

Published Mathematical Articles

(1)List of Mathematical Publications by Lee LorchNovember 1971
(2)Preliminary notes for some aspects of my dissertation[ca. 1941]
(3)The Lebesgue Constant for Borel Summability / Lee Lorch1944
(4)Mathematical notations and notes for On Fejer's calculation of the Lebesgue constants[ca. 1945]
(5)The Lebesgue Constants for (E, 1) Summation of Fourier Series / Lee Lorch1952
(6)Asymptotic Expressions1953
(7)Derivatives of infinite order / Lee Lorch1953
(8)Lorch - P. Szego, Singular integral whose kernel involves a Bessel function Duke Math J, Vol 22, no 3 (Sept 55) Principal Notes1953-1955
(9)Livingston & Lorch, The zeros of certain sine-like integrals II fall 561954-1961
(10)The Principal Term in the Asymptotic Expansion of the Lebesgue1954
(11)Bessel Functions - Scratch Work[ca. 1957]
(12)The Gibbs Phenomenon for Borel Means / Lee Lorch1957
(13)Supplement to a theorem of Cesaro / Lee Lorch1957
(14)Monotonic properties of the zeros of real cylinder functions / Lee Lorch1957-1959
(15)The Lebesgue constants for the Borel and Euler summation of developments in Legendre polynomials / Lee Lorch1958
(16)Lebesgue constants for Jacobi series, I and II / Lee Lorch1958-1959
(17)L.L. and A. Sharma, Zeros and Bernoulli Polynomials of even order[after 1960?]
(18)Ratios of Bessel Fcts (incl. modified)[after 1960?]
(19)A Singular Integral Whose Kernel Involves Bessel Function II / Lee Lorch, Peter Szego[ca. 1960]
(20)Lorch - Szego - A Singular integral whose Kernel involves a Bessel fct. II Submitted to Acta Math. Acad. Sci. Hung. Nov 19601960-1962
(21)On An External Problem in Fourier Series / Lee Lorch1960
(22)Manuscript with Peter - c.m. of zeros of Besell and other fcts.1961-1962
(23)The Lebesgue constants for Hausdorff methods / Lee Lorch, D.J. Newman1961
(24)The Zeros of Some Oscillating Integrals / A.E. Livingston, Lee Lorch1961
(25)The Discontinuities of a function of a bounded Variation in terms of its characteristic function / Lee Lorch, Donald J. Newman1961-1964
(26)On the [F, dn] Summation of Fourier Series / Lee Lorch, Donald J. Newman1962
(27)On Approximation by Fejer Means to Periodic Functions Satisfying 2 Lipschitz Condition / Lee Lorch1962
(28)Monotonicity properties of the Solutions of certain differential equations / L. Lorch, P. Szego.[ca. 1963?]
(29)The Lebesgue constants for (y,r) summation of a Fourier Series / Lee Lorch, Donald K. Newman1963
(30)Higher Monotonicity Properties if Certain Sturm - Liouville Functions / Lee Lorch, Peter Szego1963
(31)Higher Monotonicity of S - L fcts II : Bull. Acad. Polonaise 1963 (with Peter Szego)1963
(32)A Remark on Completely Monotonic Sequences with an Application to Summability / Lee Lorch, Leo Moser1963
(33)An Elementary Converse Problem on Ordinary Differential Equations / D.E. Seminar correspondence and revisions1964-1969
(34)Monotonicity of the Differences of Zeros of Bessel Functions as a function of order / Lee Lorch1964

Call Number: 2007-054/032
(1)A Supplement to the Sturm Separation Theorem, with Applications/ Lee Lorch1965
(2)Inequalities for Whittake functions / Lee Lorch1965-1967
(3)Sonin's Theorem for Higer Monotonicity / Lee Lorch, M.E. Muldoon and P. Sezgo[ca. 1966?]
(4)A Bessel Function Inequality Connected With Stability of Least Square Smoothing / Lee Lorch, Peter Szego1966
(5)Comparison of two formulations of Sonin's Theorem and of their respective applicants to Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch1966
(6)The Limits of Indetermination for Riemann Summation in terms of Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch1966
(7)Translativity for Strong Borel Summability / Lee Lorch1966
(8)On Schwarz (symmetric) derivatives / Lee Lorch Quasi - Cauchy Theorems for Symmetric and Dini Derivatives / Lee Lorch1968-1969
(9)A Bessel Function Inequality Connected with Stability of Least Square Smoothing, II / Lee Lorch, Peter Szego1968
(10)A Characterization of Totally Regular [J,f,(x)] Transformations / Dany Leviatan, Lee Lorch1969
(11)Two Elementary Remarks on Non-Linear Differential Equations of The Second Order / Lee Lorch1969
(12)Rough notes and correspondence re. joint article with Martin Muldoon and Peter Szego1969
(13)The Gibbs Phenomenon and Lebesgue Constants for Regular [J,f,(x)] Means / D. Leviatan, L. Lorch1970
(14)Higher Monotonicity Properties of Certain Sturm-Liouville Functions III / Lee Lorch, M.E. Muldoon, Peter Szego1970
(15)Leviatan - Lorch, On the connectedness of sets of limit points of certain transforms of bounded sequences1971
(16)L.- M.- S. , Part IV original Draft (partial)[ca. 1971?]
(17)Higher monotonicity properties of certain Sturm - Liouville functions, IV/ Lee Lorch, Martin E. Muldoon and Peter Szego[ca, 1971?]
(18)Higher Monotonicity Properties of Certain Sturm-Louisville Function, IV / Lee Lorch, Martin E. Muldoon and Peter Szego1972
(19)Lebesgue constants for Laguerre polynomials / Lee Lorch[ca. 1973?]
(20)Some Monotonicity Properties of Bessel Functions / by Lee Lorch, M.E. Muldoon and Peter Szego1973
(21)Lorch and Tzimbalario - Cezar summuability for Fourier - Jacobi series of functions satisfying a lipschitz condition[ca. 1975]
(22)L.L. - J. Tzimbalario, Quasi - equivalence of Borel Summation + cvg for Laguerre series1974-1976
(23)L.L. + J. Tzimbalario1975-1979
(24)L.L. + J. Tzimbalario, Laguerre Series, Proc. Edinburgh Math. Soc. early revisions1976-1978
(25)Cesaro summability for Fourier - Jacobi series of functions satisfying a Lipschitz condition / Lee Lorch, Jean Tzimbalario1976

Call Number: 2007-054/033
(1)Some Monotonicity Properties of Polynomials with equally spaced Zeros / Lee Lorch : Correspondence and draft material1976
(2)L. L. and J. Tzimbalario, Laguerre expansions - definitive version Edinburgh paper1976-1979
(3)Lebesgue constant for (E,I) + Borel summation of Lapace series [early draft][ca. 1977?]
(4)L. L. and J. Tzimbalario - Lebsegue constants for (E, 1) Summation of Laplace series[ca, 1977]
(5)Elementary comparison techniques for certain classes of Sturm - Liouville equations / Lee Lorch1977
(6)A monotonicity property of some Hausdorff transforms of certain fourier series. / Lee Lorch, D.J. Newman1978
(7)A Quasi - Equivalence between Borel Summability and convergence for Fourier - Laguerre Series at the End - Point / Lee Lorch, Jean Tzimbalario : draft[ca. 1979?]
(8)Turanians and Wronskians for the zeros of Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch1980
(9)Proofs of the Lebesgue Constants for Borel Summation of Laplace Series / Lee Lorch1980-1981
(10)Composition of c. m. fcts + sequences (D. J. Newman) submitted to LMS Nov 821971-1983
(11)Aug 82 Ultraspherical Poly, J Approx Th.1982-1983
(12)Aug 82 Legendre Polynomials, Applicable Analysis1982
(13)On the composition of completely monotonic functions and completely monotonic sequences and related questions / Lee Lorch, Donal J. Newman : drafts[ca. 1983]
(14)The Lebesgue Constants fn-Euler (E,1) Summation of Laplace Series / Lee Lorch1983
(15)Alternative proof of a sharpened Form of Bernstein's Inequality fn- Legendre Polynomials / Lee Lorch1983
(16)On a monotonicity property of some Hausdorff transforms of certain Fourier Series / L. Lorch - D.J. Newman1983
(17)Inequalities for Ultraspherical Polynomials and the Gamma Function / Lee Lorch1984
(18)Closed Expressions for Some Infinite Series of Bessel and Struve Functions / Lee Lorch, Peter Szego1984-1987
(19)Estimates for Integral Moduli of Continuity for Solutions of Elliptic Equations / Martin Lopez, presented by Lee Lorch[ca. 1985?]
(20)Corrections to Livingston - L.J. Math. Analysis + Appl, 19611985
(21)Completely Monotonic Functions Associated with Gamma Function and its q-Analogues / Mourad E. H. Ismail, Lee Lorch, Martin E. Muldoon1986
(22)Closed Expressions for some infinite series of Bessel and Struve functions by Lee Lorch and Peter Szego1987
(23)L.L. + P. Szego - Zeros of the Derivatives of Bessel Functions, SIAM J. Math. Anal. 19881988
(24)On Some Contributions of Halasz to the Turan Power - Sum Theory / Lee Lorch1988
(25)On Some Contributions of Halasz to the Turan Power - Sum Theory II / Lee Lorch1988
(26)Some Monotonicity Properties Associated with the Zeros of Bessel Functions / by Lee Lorch for Professor O. Boruvka on his 90th birthday1989
(27)Some monotonicity properties of polynomials with equally spaced zeros / Lee Lorch : abstract[ca. 1990]
(28)Some Monotonicity Properties Associated with the zeros of Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch1990
(29)On the Points of Inflection of Bessel Functions of Positive Order, I/ Lee Lorch, Peter Szego1990
(30)Report on Some Higher Monotonicity Properties of Sturm - Liouville Functions / Lee Lorch1990
(31)Draft equations for the points of inflection of Bessel functions of negative order / Lee Lorch, Martin E. Muldoon, Peter Szego[ca. 1991?]
(32)Additional monotonicity properties of zeros of Bessel Functions / Arpad Elbert, Andread Laforgia, Le Lorch1991
(33)Remarks on trigonometric inequalities / Lee Lorch and D. C. Russell1992
(34)On Bessel functions of equal order and argument / L. Lorch1992
(35)Some Inequalities for the First Positive Zeros of Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch : draft[1993]
(36)Alternative Proof of a Sharpened Forms of Berstein's Inequality for Legendre Polynomials : Corrigendum / Lee Lorch1993
(37)Bounds and Monotonicities for the Zeros of Derivatives of Ultraspherical Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch and Peter Szego1994
(38)The Zeros of the Third Derivative of Bessel Functions of Orderless than one / Lee Lorch[ca. 1995]
(39)Monotonicity of the zeros of the third derivative of Bessel functions / by Lee Lorch and Peter Szego - revised[ca. 1995]
(40)Transcendentality of zeros of higher derivatives of functions involving Bessel functions / Lee Lorch, Martin E. Muldoon1995
(41)Further on the Points of Inflection of Bessel Functions / Lee Lorch and Peter Szego1996
(42)"Best possible" upper bounds for the first positive zeros of Bessel functions - the finite part / Lee Lorch Riccardo Uberti1996
(43)The Real Zeros of the Derivatives of Cylinder Functions of Negative Order / Lee Lorch and Martin E. Muldoon1990
(44)The First Positive Zeros of Cylinder Functions and of their Derivatives / Lee Lorch2003
(45)Draft for article on Bessel function[before 2007?]

Call Number: 2007-054/034
(1)Mathematical equations and rough notes[before 2007]
(2)Annotated drafts of mathematical articles[before 2007?]

Letters to the editor, speeches, journalism and editorial work

(3)Letters to the editor / Lee Lorch1960-1961
(4)Introduction to anthology for Dr. Eoin Laird Whitney / Lee Lorch1967
(5)Some Recollections of The International Congress of Mathematicians / Lee Lorch1967
(6)Mathematics : International Congress / Lee Lorch24 February 1967
(7)Mathematics : International Congress / Lee Lorch1967
(8)The Swedish Elections - 1976 [by Lee Lorch?]
(9)McCarthyism - Contemporary West German Style / Lee Lorch1978
(10)Biased reporting of East European Science / Lee Lorch letters to the editor13 September 1979
(11)Vilnius University Celebrates its 400 Birthday / Lee Lorch1979
(12)CAUT Bulletin (1st draft of ltr re. Schein et. al.[ca. 1982?]
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(23)Percey Julian / Lee Lorch : letter to the editor15 March 1993
(24)Concerns about Obituaries Published in JDMV / Lee Lorch, Jean - Pierre Kahane, Klaus Krickeberg : joint letter to the editorJuly 1994- March 1995
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(26)The Painful Path Toward Inclusiveness / Lee Lorch1996
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Teaching material

(38)Lecture notes on Integration[after 1930?]
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Call Number: 2007-054/062
(1)Teljakovskii, S.A.1964-1970
(2)Terras, Riho1971-1976
(3)Timan, M.F.1968-1971
(4)Todd, John1970-1975
(5)Trench, William F.1967-1975
(6)Triebel, Hans1970
(7)Tsipis, K.[ca. 1981]
(8)Turan, P.1952-1969
(9)Turrittin, Hugh L.1952-1969
(10)U - Miscellaneous
(11)Ullman, J.L.1951-1952
(12)Ulyanov, P.L.1959-1970
(13)Urbanik, K.1984
(14)Ustina, Fred1967-1973
(15)Utz, W.R.1970
(16)v - Miscellaneous
(17)Venable, Lillian Joyce1953
(18)Vermes, P.1948-1957
(19)Vilenkin, N. Ja.1968-1970
(20)Vincze, I.1958

Call Number: 2007-054/063
(1)Vogel, Johannes1968-1976
(2)Vosmansky, Jaromir1970-1972
(3)Vuckovic, Vladeta1958-1959
(4)Vuilleumier, M.1963-1975
(5)W - Miscellaneous
(6)Walsh, J.L.1948-1952
(7)Walter, G.G.1969-1971
(8)Walslow, Wolfgang1963
(9)Weinberger, H.F.1952-1959
(10)Weinstein, Albert1955-1962
(11)Weisner, Louis1955-1959
(12)Weiss, M.1958-1966
(13)Whitney, E.L.1967
(14)Whitney, Hassler1934-1959
(15)Widder, D.V.1924-1969 1 of 3
(16)Widder, D.V.1924-1969 2 of 3

Call Number: 2007-054/064
(1)Widder, D.V.1924-1969 3 of 3
(2)Wiener, N.1927-1932
(3)Wilansky, Albert1968-1971
(4)Willet, D.1964-1971
(5)Willis, D.M.1965
(6)Wong, J.S.W.1964-1969
(7)Wong, R.1985-2005
(8)Wood, B.1969-1970
(9)Wyman, Max1959-1991
(10)Yang, Chao-Hui1958
(11)Z - Miscellaneous
(12)Zaanen, A.C.1960-1962
(13)Zachrisson, L.E.1964
(14)Zalcman, Lawrence1972-1973
(15)Zalcwasser, Zygmunt1928
(16)Zamfirescu, Tudor1965
(17)Zygmund, A.1930-1969

Call Number: 2007-054/065
(1)Bolyai Janos Matematikai Tarsulat Bolyai Janos Mathematical Society colloquium (Budapest, Hungary)1992
(2)Svenska Matematikersamfundet (Stockholm, Sweden)1965
(3)ICM 1966
(4)Oslo Congress 1968
(5)Gauss Bicentennial Symposium1975-
(6)Report from the conferences on Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations held in Dundee, March 30 - April 2, 19761976
(7)Mathematiska Institutionen (Goteborgs universitet, Sweden)April 1976
(8)1977 Uppsala Conference on Differential Equations18-22 April 1977
(9)Bolyai Janos Mathematikai Tarsulat Bolya Janos Mathematical Society Colloquium (Budapest, Hungary)1977-1979
(10)Address by Lee Lorch at Opening Ceremonies of the Second International Symposium in West Africa on Functional Analysis and its Applications Kumasim, Ghana15-22 August 1979
(11)Photographs of Lee Lorch at conference in Tel-Aviv, Israel[198-?] Includes 2 photographs : col. ; 10 x 15 cm.
(12)International Symposium of the World Federation of Scientific Workers (Berlin, GDR)1980
(13)International Conference on Functions, Series, Operators (Budapest, Hungary)1980
(14)Internationale Konferenz (Hanburg, West Germany) : Berufsverbot6-8 June 1980
(15)Svenska Matematikersamfundets (Uppsala, Sweden)1981
(16)Poland - Union Mathematique International ICM1982
(17)ICM 1983 (Warsaw, Poland)1982-1983
(18)Joint Mathematics meetings (Cincinnati, Ohio)1982
(19)Premier Symposium International ICOMIDC (International Committee on Mathematics in Developing Countries)26-30 August 1985
(20)International Congress of Mathematicians. (Berkeley, California)3 August 1986
(21)Bulgaria - Varna Conference May 87
(22)Colloquium on Differential Equations and Applications (Budapest, Hungary)August 1991
(23)Pugwash conference (Berlin, Germany)1992
(24)International Congress on Mathematics Education17-23 August 1992
(25)Canadian Society for History and Philosophy of Mathematics (Ottawa)30 May - 1 June 1993
(26)Second International Conference on Approximation and Optimization in the Caribbean (Havana, Cuba)26 September - 1 October 1993
(27)Joint Mathematics Meetings (San Antonio, Texas)12-16 January 2006

Call Number: 2007-054/066
(1)Material from exchange at Aarhus Universitet (Denmark)1964
(2)Posters for guest lectures by Lee Lorch While on exchange in Sweden1965-1965
(3)University of Alberta exchange1966
(4)Exchange Kubilius - Ministry of Higher Education, USSR, and U of T1967
(5)National Science Foundation grant application for Gloria C. Hewitt1977
(6)Roskilde University, Denmark1977 1978
(7)Correspondence re. grant funding for mathematical research1977
(8)NRC applications 1978
(9)National Science Foundation. Grants for Scientific Research[ca. 1978]
(10)1979 itinerary
(11)Material from exchange at Umea University, Sweden1979
(12)National Academy of Sciences Exchange Programs with Academies of Sciences of the USSR and Eastern Europe1979-1981
(13)National Academy of Sciences Exchange1979-1986
(14)National Academy of Sciences, Commission on International Relations1980
(15)Scientific Exchange1980-1982
(17)Posters for guest lectures at Howard University1980
(18)Howard University 1981 : correspondence
(20)NSERC grant April 1. 1982
(21)National Academy of Sciences Exchange1982-1983
(22)Summer 1982 exchange
(23)NAS reports 1983 = 1985 exchange visits
(24)NAS 1984 appl.
(25)Exchange Martin Lopez Morales1984-1985
(26)1985 exchange1984-1986
(27)MAS - 1986 exchange application
(28)Queen's Exchange 861986
(29)Spelman College - Visiting professor1987
(30)National Academy of Sciences - Inter Academy Exchange Visit to the GDR1988
(31)Senior Scholar1989
(32)Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council of Canada1989
(33)American Institute for Marxist Studies1980-1981
(34)American Mathematical Society1975-2003
(35)1982 AMS election1982
(36)Benjamin Banneker[after 1980?]
(37)Academic Freedom - Berufsverbot1978-1985
(38)Association for Women in Mathematics1983-2006
(39)Black Theatre Canada1981
(40)Canada - USSR Association Inc.1979

Call Number: 2007-054/067
(1)Canadian Mathematical Society meeting1975-1978
(2)Canadian Mathematical Congress - minutes and reports1966-1976
(3)Cdn. Native Friendship Centre (Edmonton, Alta.)1964-1966
(4)Articles and reports re. Micmac of Newfoundland[ca. 1983]
(5)Canadian Peace Congress1981
(6)Canadians Concerned about South Africa1989
(7)Columbia[before 2007]
(9)1976 Gary Laison Defence - letter to Notices1974-1977
(10)International Campaign - Massera : correspondence and promotional material1982-2002
(11)Mathematical Organizations1978-1982
(12)National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression1979-1982
(14)New World Review1979 - 1982
(15)Research on Ballistic Missiles Cruise Pershing II1981
(16)Poland - Math situation (political)[ca. 1998]
(17)Political and Racial Issues in Scientific Community1980-1991

Call Number: 2007-054/068
(1)Canadian Pugwash Group, nominations1992-1996
(2)Paul Robeson2004
(3)Senator Douglas Roche2001
(4)Royal Society of Canada1968-1982
(5)Scholter, K.H.1982
(6)Science and Nature1980-1982
(7)Science and Nature: a journal for Marxist philosophy in the natural sciences : Editorial Committee1981
(8)Science for Peace1980-1983
(9)Materials from Soviet refusniks etc.1981-1982
(10)Newspapers clippings re. Stuyvesant Town controversy[ca. 1952]
(11)Articles by John Takman1956-1976
(12)Report of the Visiting Committee for the Natural Sciences of Fisk UniversityAugust 1975
(13)Report of the Review Committee for the Transitional Year ProgrammeMay 1976
(14)Post doctorate problem (white paper etc.)1976
(15)Preliminary Report of the Presidential Committee on Sexual Harassment York University September 1980 annotated by Lorch1980
(16)Integrity in Scholarship : A report to Concordia University / Independent Committee of Inquiry into Academic and Scientific Integrity1994
(17)Union of Concerned Scientist1981
(18)World Federation of Scientific Workers1980-1984
(19)US Peace Council[ca. 1981?]

Call Number: 2007-054/069
(1)Miscellaneous collected articles[before 2007]
(2)L. Lorch Newspaper Clippings1954-1969
(3)Excalibur news clippings1970
(4)News clippings[before 2007] part 1 of 2
(5)News clippings[before 2007] part 2 of 2
(6)Miscellaneous newsletters, promotional material, fliers and ephemera[before 2007] part 1 of 2
(7)Miscellaneous newsletters, promotional material, fliers and ephemera[before 2007] part 2 of 2
(8)Political, cultural and academic posters and fliers[before 2007]

Personal files

(9)Curriculum Vitae[ca. 1982]
(10)Curriculum Vitae1995
(11)Curriculum Vitae2000

Call Number: 2007-054/070
(1)Articles regarding Lee Lorch1944-2007
(2)Material re. dismissal from City College New York1948-1949
(3)Report on Lorch's dismissal from Fisk University1955
(4)Speech introducing Lee Lorch at Howard University1975
(5)St. Louis luncheon (tribute to Lee Lorch)29 January 1977
(6)OMM, Nov 15, 80 + related [65th birthday]
(7)Material regarding Lorch's grievance against York University1981-1983
(8)Photographs of award from Spelman college29 January 1988 Includes 8 photographs : col. and b&w ; 25 x 20 cm and smaller.
(9)Lee Lorch Conference 19959-10 June 1995
(10)Mathematical Association of America - Yueh-Gin Gung and Dr. Charles Y. Hu Award for Distinguished Service to Mathematics2007
(11)Material by and regarding Grace Lorch1953-1976
(12)Alice's letters, Grace's letters1964-1965 Restricted
(13)Financial records[before 2007] part 1 of 2
(14)Financial records[before 2007] part 2 of 2
(15)Canada Pension Plan : Appl. submitted by hand on Tues Jan 27, 81, at office : 60 St. Clair E desk #81981
(17)Photographs[before 2004] Includes 33 photographs : col. and b&w ; 9 x 18 cm and smaller.
(18)Postcards[before 1990?]
(19)Stamps collected by Lorch[before 2007]
(20)Vilnius, Lithuania memorabilia[ca. 1979]

Call Number: 2007-054/071

Oversized material

(1)Miscellaneous news clippings and memorabilia1962-1978
(2)Scrapbook of Penn State College dismissal and Stuyvesant Town controversy[ca. 1950]
(3)News clippings regarding Grace Lorch vs. Boston School Board1944-1945
(4)News clippings regarding Lee Lorch1954-1957

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