F0577 - David Wurfel fonds


Call Number: 2006-063/001
(1)Aspects of Economy and Society in Vietnam/ Introduction by David Wuurfel
(2)Vietnam miscellaneous articles1969, 1988, 1990- 1994
(3)Vietnam human rights: articles, newsletters and reports1990-1993
(4)Vietnam and land tenure legislation[ca. 1960?]
(5)South Vietnam land reforms - 1950s, laws etc.[ca. 1955]
(6)Agrarian reform in Vietnam: articles and correspondence1985-1998 1 of 2
(7)Agrarian reform in Vietnam: articles and correspondence1985-1998 2 of 2
(8)Articles, reports, publications re. administrative reforms, politics, public policy in South east Asia1974-1993
(9)Articles, reports, publications re. Vietnam1969, 1973- 1975

Call Number: 2006-063/002
(1)Vietnam and civil liberties1968
(2)Vietnam department of State1961-1966
(3)Vietnam protest 1969- 1970
(4)Vietnam congressional statements1963- 1969
(5)Vietnam/ AFSC (American Friends Service): newsletters, correspondence1969- 1970
(6)Materials re. Vietnam war, anti-war protests: newsletters, press releases, petitions1965- 1969
(7)David Truong's trial: court documents, reports, news clippings1978
(8)UN/ ECAFE (Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East) reports, pamphlets1964
(9)SEADAC (Southeast Asia Development Advisory Group): reports and correspondence1968
(10)McCarthy: articles, campaign material, news clippings
(11)I.F. Stone's Weekly newsletters1964- 1971 1 of 2
(12)I.F. Stone's Weekly newsletters1964- 1971 2 of 2
(13)US- Vietnam people to people cooperation, the role of NGOs in Vietnam renovation/ Inter-agency Task Force on Vietnam10- 13 December 1989
(14)Indochina Interchange and news bulletin1990 1999

Call Number: 2006-063/003

materials for YCAR or Vietnam agrarian policy and related topics

(1)Vietnam Agrarian policy: reports, policy statements, notes and articles[ca. 1991]
(2)Vietnam: news clippings, pamphlets, notes and articles[ca. 1990]
(3)Articles on IR (International relations) in Southeast Asia1991- 1996 1 of 2
(4)Articles on IR (International relations) in Southeast Asia1991- 1996 2 of 2
(5)NGOs: articles1992- 1997
(6)Articles re. Japan, NGOs194-1998
(7)NGO data book1995
(8)Articles re. japan, Vietnam, Indonesia public policy, politics1996- 1997
(9)Agrarian reform in Vietnam: articles1970
(10)Nguyen Thephan translations re. agrarian in Vietnam[ca. 1991?]
(11)Agrarian reforms in Vietnam : articles, news clippings, article drafts and notes[ between 1980 and 1992?]
(12)Bank Economic Reconnaissance Mission Economic Report on Vietnam[ca. 1989?]
(13)Articles re. agrarian reform in Vietnam: articles, news clippings1988- 1993

Call Number: 2006-063/004
(1)Report on visit to Vietnam, April 27th- May 11th, 1988/ David Wurfel
(2)Articles re. agrarian reform in Vietnam with notes1973- 1995
(3)Reforming Vietnamese agriculture: The changing rle of local elites/ David Wurfel[ca. 1991?]
(4)Papers by Dissidant reformers1990- 1991
(5)Economic renovation in Vietnam (Hanoi, June 30, 1990): conference material, programs, pamphlets1990
(6)Vietnam agriculture: conference material from International symposium Hanoi25- 28 February, 1991
(7)Asian I.R. (International relations)- China1992- 1998
(8)Articles SE Asia IR (international Relations)1992- 2001
(9)Articles and reports re. South East Asia: foreign policy, press freedom, politics1960, 1969, 1978- 1995 1 of 2
(10)Articles and reports re. South East Asia: foreign policy, press freedom, politics1960, 1969, 1978- 1995 2 of 2
(11)South east Asia foreign policy articles 1993- 951977- 1997 1 of 2
(12)South east Asia foreign policy articles 1993- 951977- 1997 2 of 2
(13)Vietnam: translations of agrarian laws[ca. 1988- 1989?]

Call Number: 2006-063/005
(1)Vietnam \ FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Info Services)September,- October 1990
(2)Vietnam \ FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Services)September,- October 1989
(3)Vietnam \ FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Services)July- August 1989
(4)Vietnam \ FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Services)November- December 1987
(5)Doi Moi Articles1987- 1991
(6)Articles re. Vietnam, agricultural reform, pevestroyka, socialism1987- 1991 1 of 2
(7)Articles re. Vietnam, agricultural reform, pevestroyka, socialism1987- 1991 2 of 2
(8)Vietnam/ FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Services)September 1990
(9)Vietnam/ FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Services)March- April 1990
(10)International Monetary Fund: Vietnam: recent economic developments/ N. Choudhury, S. Shah, H. Tokumara, M. Bell9 May, 1988
(11)Articles, reports, publications re. Vietnam1989- 1994
(12)Articles and reports re. Japan, Vietnam, agrarian reforms1974- 1978, 1993, 1997

Call Number: 2006-063/006
(1)Indo- China digest1992- 1995 1 of 2
(2)Indo- China digest1992- 1995 2 of 2

The Philippines

(3)1961 elections: canvassing polls, election results re. 1961 Philippines election1961- 1962
(4)Campaign Material: posters, flyers, stickers, news clippings, sample ballots re. 1987 Philippines electionMay 1987
(5)Elites and agrarian reform in the Philippines: research project reports, articlesca. 1983?]
(6)Preliminary report on the Marcos accounts in Switzerland: financial data monitoring team: highly confidential23 May 1988
(7)Philippines elections '92: public opinion polls by Social Weather Stations, articles, reports, news clippings re 1992 elections1991- 1998
(8)Congress: pamphlets and issues of " Congressional Profile" re. Philippine Politicians[ca. 1992?]
(9)Philippines- Japan Economic Cooperation Committees: programs, reports,joint statements, agenda1984
(10)Friends of the Philippino People: newsletters, reports, publications, correspondence1978- 1983
(11)Reports, articles, memos re. agricultural issues ijn the Philippines1975- 1976
(12)Articles and reports re. political, social issues in the Philippines1987- 1989, 1993
(13)Reports, articles, newsletters re.Japan, Southeast Asia, the Philippines1961- 1999

Call Number: 2006-063/007
(1)CFFC (Campiagn for Future of Filipino Children): newsletters and correspondence1997- 1998
(2)Information kit on the May 11, 1998 national and local elections/ Education and Information department (Philippines)1998 1 of 3
(3)Information kit on the May 11, 1998 national and local elections/ Education and Information department (Philippines)1998 2 of 3
(4)Information kit on the May 11, 1998 national and local elections/ Education and Information department (Philippines)1998 3 of 3

Japan, NGOs, general SE Asia, Myanmar, Thailand etc.

(5)Articles, reports, news clippings re. Japan, Southeast Asia[ca. 1994]
(6)Articles, reports, correspondence re. NGOs in South East Asia1993- 1996
(7)`OISCA (Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement) newsletters1978, 1982- 1985
(8)Reports, speeches, re. Commission on human rights on the situation of human rights in Myanmar (Burma)1993- 1994
(9)Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand Organic law on the election of members of the house of representatives and senators Translation: drafts1998
(10)Masters of Arts in International Development Studies (MAIDS), Chulalongkorn University (Bangkok, Thailand): reports, promotional material2005

Call Number: 2006-063/008
(1)JANIC (newsletter of the Japanese NGO Center for International Cooperation)1989- 1995
(2)Materails re. Japan, NGOs, South East Asia1993- 1995
(3)PHD (Peace Health and Human Development): newsletters and correspondence1993- 2000
(4)Japanese religious, cultural organizations: news clippings, reports, publications, correspondence[ca. 1984]
(5)The 1964 Gulf of Tonkiin incidents: an analysis/ MA thesis by Paul Henry Lettmann (University of Missouri)1966
(6)Articles and presentation prepared for various conferences by David Wurfel, Stephan Haggard, Sueo Sudo, Kit G., Machado, Barnard K. Gordon1986- 1989
(7)Japan South east Asia relations: Japanese articles1988- 1992
(8)Keidanren Mission: reports, publications1984* 1985
(9)Asian Economic Crisis1996- 1998
(10)Thai : work camp: reports1984, 1989
(11)pamphlets re. Duang Prateep Foundation, Bangkok slums, Vietnamese street children[ca. 1994]
(12)Pacific resource Exchange: newsletters, reports, correspondence[ca. 1996]
(13)Shinsei: newspaper for mass democracy1994- 1995

Call Number: 2006-063/009
(1)Cambodia and Vietnam: maps
(2)Posters from 1987 elections in the Philippines

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