F0463 - Latin American Working Group (LAWG) fonds


Call Number: 2004-016/001
(1)LAWG minutesSeptember 27/28, 1969
(2)LAWG minutes1967-1969
(3)Tri-Continental information center bulletin1967-1968
(4)Conference sites and materials1967-1968
(5)LAWG conference international student centreMay 1967
(6)La banda orders : support groupsNovember 1971
(7)Project reports1967
(8)LAWG summer project : scholarships, financial appeals1969
(9)Latin America : Grindestone seminar1966-1967
(10)Progamme to further Diakonia in the Americas1966
(11)Organization of American States research1967-1969
(12)Notes/activities : formation of LAWG1966-1968
(13)LAWG summer project : participants, correspondence, applications etc.1969 1 of 2
(14)LAWG summer project : participants, correspondence, applications etc.1969 2 of 2
(15)Summer research project : papers and results1966-1969
(16)Dominican Republic conference and orientation1967
(17)Latin American information inquiries : U.C.W. mission study1971
(18)Literature inquiries and orders : general1970-1971
(19)Radical literature lists/order forms1970-1971
(21)Pajarito project1971
(22)NINOLA (National Information Network on Latin America) from New York1969
(23)Literature preparation1971
(24)Study of Canadian Trade : Latin America during World War II
(25)Student Christian Movement Council : Inter-American projectSeptember 1967
(26)World University Service : Cuba seminar project
(27)University Christian movement : correspondence : Paget et al.1967-1968
(28)Brochures for overseas placements : LAWG packets preparation1967-1969
(29)Bulletin, LAWG, preparation : contributions, articles, etc.1969-1970
(30)National Council of Churches (USA) : L.A.D. publications regarding Latin America1968
(31)Miscellaneous correspondence1971
(32)Current correspondence : JWF-LAWG1968-1969
(34)Latin American Working Group : minutes of meetings and other1966-1967
(35)Pamphlets and newsletters[197-]
(36)Export forum of Ontario : correspondence1973
(37)M.P.S. : correspondence regarding Chile1977
(38)Export Development Corporation (EDC): regarding Chile1978
(39)Chilean information centre : Winnipeg correspondence1977
(40)Chile : general1973-1981
(41)Chilean women political prisoners campaign and MIR (Movimiento de la Izquieda Revolucionaria) political prisoners campaign1975
(42)Chile : bank loans campaigns1976

Call Number: 2004-016/002
(1)Noranda campaign1976-1977
(2)Noranda campaign : correspondence1977
(3)Chile packetSeptember 1977, February 1978
(4)Project Chile correspondence1977
(5)Project Chile report1977-1978
(6)Centro de Capacitacion Social : letters to committees18 October 1973
(7)A-4 Chile loans[197-]
(8)Chile : update1977-1980
(9)Chile-Solidarity-Canada-Toronto : Chile-Canada Solidarity Newsletters[197-]
(10)Chile report[197-]
(11)Toronto Committee for Solidarity with Democratic Chile
(12)Committee for Democratic Chile
(13)Ambassador Harald Edelstam[197-]
(14)Act On
(15)Jean Marc van der Weid Visit - Brazil1971
(16)Dominican Republic and norm correspondence answer1974
(18)Edelstam, Harold1974
(19)Film, Cuban flicks, requestsOctober 30, 1973
(20)EDC (Export Development Corporation)
(21)Laverty, Norm1974
(22)Mably, PaulNovember 27, 1973
(24)Nun, JoseDecember 14, 1973
(25)Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)1974
(26)Veltmeyer, H.1974
(27)Funding for newsletter and resource letter
(28)Inter-Press Service (IPS)1974
(29)Pena : Dominican Republic : financial
(30)O'Sullivan, Mike1973
(31)Chilekomiteen : Copenhagen, Denmark1974
(32)Yanqui Dollar project : outline & project mailing No. 2September 1972
(33)Correspondence : general : answered1973-1974
(34)[Hortensia] Allende tour : archive[November 1973]
(35)Notes on consultation, Mitchell Sharp : delegation of Canadian churchmenOctober 1973
(36)Tim [Draimin]1973
(37)Film : Tricontinental Film Centre {third world film group)1972-1973
(38)Centro de Estudios y Accion Cultural (CEAC) Santiago, Chile1973
(40)Allende tour(s)1973
(41)LAWG newsletter : planning file[197-]
(42)Liberation study group : Kingston, Ontario1972
(44)Para project for awareness and action : US Christians in Chile (Missioners committee)1972-1973
(45)Solidarite Brazil : Jose et al.1972
(46)Transnational monitor1973
(47)Latin America packet No. 1 : a primer on a revolution1968
(48)Latin American packet No. 2 : tentacles of economic power1968
(49)Latin America packet No. 3 : involvement in Latin America1967-1969
(50)Lynk, Michael [correspondence]1973-1974
(51)Chile : copper1978
(52)LAWG letter : correspondence1980, 1982
(53)Samples of correspondence
(54)Subscription reminders : old inserts
(55)Mailing list pending : LAWG letter1980-1983
(56)Periodical : exchange list
(57)Mailing list
(58)Periodicals : correspondence1984-1991 1 of 2
(59)Periodicals : correspondence1984-1991 2 of 2
(60)Government, military requests : [SUBS]1976-1979

Solidarity organizations

(61)The Friends of Haiti1975
(62)Institute for Policy Studies1975-1978
(63)International defence and aid fund for Southern Africa
(64)Latin America task forceJune 7, 1981
(65)Latin America Bureau England : correspondence1977-1985
(66)Latin America Bureau : Jan Karmali[197-]
(67)London CCLC : Christine Thoughton1977
(68)Societe d'Amitie Dominico-Canadienne (SADOCA) : Hector Brito[197-]
(69)SQAL : international solidarity conference1980-1981
(70)Comite de Solidaridad con el Pueblo Uruguayo : Montreal1977
(71)Comite Mexicano de Solidaridad con el Pueblo de Nicaragua1976-1977
(72)CESA : committe to end sterilization abuse : United StatesFebruary 22, 1977
(73)Chile Lucha[197-]


(74)Sub-Committee of the House of Commons standing committee on external affairs and National defence : Canada's relations with Latin America and the Carribbean1981-1982
(75)Latin American Perspectives1974-1988
(76)North America Congress on Latin America : accounts1972-1974
(77)North America Congress on Latin America : correspondence[197-]
(78)North America Congress on Latin America : correspondence : price list[197-]
(79)North America Congress on Latin America : correspondence1973-1982
(80)New star books1983
(81)Nouvelle optique1977
(82)PTS (people's translation service)1973-1977
(83)Ploughshares MonitorMarch 14, 1978
(84)Prensa Latina1973-1977
(85)Third world forum1974-1975
(86)TFS (transnational features service) : Rodney Larson1977
(87)United Church Observer1976-1977
(88)Akwesasne : "white roots of peace"1974-1977
(89)Chile Hoy[197-]
(90)Canadian Dimension : Cy Gonick1973-1974
(91)Friends of Haiti1981
(92)Development news digest : Australian council for overseas aid1974
(93)IDAC (Institut d'Action Culturelle)1974, 1977
(94)Inter-press service1974-1975
(96)International study days for a society overcoming dominations1977
(97)International conference of Americanists1978-1979


(98)Correspondence : David Evans1973-1974
(99)Correspondence : Dominican Republic1973-1974
(100)Correspondence : Chile1973
(101)Correspondence : Worlds Apart1978
(103)Correspondence : Bruce McFarlane, Chile Nachrichten : West Germany1977-1978
(104)Correspondence : sister organizations[ca. 1985]
(105)Moema Viezzer1975-1978
(106)Roper, Chris : Latin America1975-1976
(107)Payer, Cheryl1977
(109)Nun, Jose1979
(110)Lernoux, Penny1977
(111)Bolland, Pat1980
(112)Resource groups in Canada and outside
(113)Cuauhnahuac ICLC : correspondence1975-1977
(114)Centro Regional de Informaciones Ecumenicas : Mexico1977
(115)Comunicaciones sociales y economicas Dominicanas (COSED)[197-]
(116)[Inter-American Network Conference : LAWG and EPICA [Ecumenical Program in Central America and the Caribbean]1978

Call Number: 2004-016/003

Slide shows

(1)Promotion slide shows[197-]
(2)Slide shows : scripts : Falconbridge : not used
(3)Slide shows
(4)Slide shows : questions
(5)Slide show script

Population Target files

(6)Correspondence regarding Population Target1974-1978
(7)Population Target : contract1975-1980
(8)Population Target[197-?]
(9)Population Target : public relations[197-?]
(10)Population Target : advertisements[197-?]
(11)Promotion : Population Target advertisements[197-?]
(12)Population Target : population research organizations, information[197-?]
(13)Population Target : inventory & sales[197-?]
(14)Population Target : sale of rights[197-?]

Other publications

(15)Canadian aid : whose priorities?, LAWG letter1973
(16)Aid research : lay-out #11973
(17)Aid : research project1973
(18)Pan American Development Foundation research material and correspondence1973-1974
(19)Rural development aid
(20)Trojan Horse : rural development1979
(21)Trojan Horse : Spanish
(22)Food aid : Winnipeg talk : Manitoba Council fo International Cooperation
(23)Canada / Latin America investment
(24)Canadian investments in Latin America
(25)EDC research[197-]
(26)Miscellaneous : correspondence : interview1976
(27)Project submissions and pamphlet1975
(28)LAWG catalogue1975
(29)LAWG press releases1975-1983
(30)Promotion : North America Congress on Latin America1978-1981
(31)Promotion : Monthly Review1980-1981
(32)Promotion : miscellaneous ad exchanges1974-1981
(33)Promotion : magazines, Last Post, Canadian Dimension, etc.1977-1980
(34)Promotion : Latin American perspectives1976-1980
(35)Promotion : The Guardian1978-1981
(36)Promotion : church papers1977-1978
(37)The new Chilean song1970-1974
(38)Promotion CUSO (Confederation of Canadian Unions)1978
(39)Promotion: Cuba : beyond the beach[ca. 1977]
(40)Hogtown press1975
(41)Promotion : Chile newsletter1976-1977
(42)Brazil newsletter
(43)Law of the Sea1977
(44)Peru newsletter1980
(45)Chile update originalJanuary 1980
(46)Chile update : a summary of the economic, labour and human rights situation in ChileJanuary 1980
(47)At twice the price : the Mexican auto swindle : from The Nation by Leo FensterJune 2, 1969
(48)Dominican Republic : trip report, Pajarito project1971
(49)Once again my life is in the hands of the people : Manuel da Conceicao1972
(50)Manuel de Conceicao and the peasant struggles in Northeast BrazilNovember 1972
(51)Report from Paraguay : abuses against Christian farmers' leagues1973
(52)Canadian aid : whose priorities? : a study of the relationship between non-governmental organizations, business, and the needs of Latin AmericaMay 1973
(53)Falconbridge : a report to the inter church task force on dialogue with the corporationsMarch 1974
(54)You can't make a revolution without them1975
(55)LAWG : Brazil papers1975-1976
(56)Resource guides
(57)It's not just a Canadian struggle by Virginia Smith
(58)El Ultimo Renglon : Bob Carty
(59)We stand on guard...for whom? : a study of corporate control over resources in the N.W.T. and Brazil by the corporate action research projectApril 1976
(60)Miracle or Mirage? a review of Chile's economic model, 1973-1980March 1982
(61)Aid studies1976-1981
(62)Chile : Miracle or Mirage : press release
(63)Record Angel Parra
(64)Worlds ApartJune 7, 1978
(65)Chile-Canada economic project Soviet Union - C.P. : master copy
(66)Correspondence with CALA (Contemporary Archive on Latin America) about Chile study1976-1978
(67)Canada-Chile Dossier, Worlds Apart press summary1978
(68)Worlds Apart, media stuff
(69)Worlds Apart, human rights & economic relations : Canada-Chile1978
(70)French translation of Worlds Apart1978

Call Number: 2004-016/004
(1)Original English and Spanish press releases for Inco newsletterMarch-April 1979
(2)Spanish Worlds Apart, mundo de diferencia1978
(3)LAWG in Spanish : Trojan horse1980
(4)EXMIBAL in Guatemala in Spanish1979-1982
(5)LAWG in Spanish1979-1980
(6)Los Lazos se EstrechanMay 1982
(7)LAWG Letter, Canada y America Latina : Los Lazos se EstrechanMay 1982
(8)Canadian investment, aid and trade in Spanish1978-1981
(9)Occasional papers1979-1982
(10)LAWG sponsored events[197-?]
(11)LAWG reproduced to 1977[ca. 1977]
(12)LAWG quoted and reproduced[ca. 1978]
(13)LAWG materials published elsewhere1978-1980
(14)Brascan research1975-1980
(15)C2 [Cerro Colorado] : financing1976-1979
(16)Death of "light" Brascan employee Armando Frutuoso1978
(19)Nicaragua : ambassador to Canada1981-1984
(20)National network on Nicaragua1980
(21)Nicaragua network, Ontario regional consultationOctober 7, 1980
(22)Nicaragua Network : TorontoNovember 1-2, 1980
(23)Nicaragua : international solidarity conferenceJanuary 26-31, 1981
(24)Nicaragua network evaluation1981
(25)Nicaragua : national network : communiques to international solidarity conference1980-1981
(26)Nicaragua : newspaper article, LAWG press [files]October 1981
(27)LAWG : Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional correspondence1981
(28)K-W [Kitchener-Waterloo] Central America work (Olga's visit)1981-1982
(29)Nicaragua : Mejia Godoy concert1980-1981
(30)Health and safety : Nicaragua1980-1982
(31)Oxfam Nicaragua tourFebruary 1983
(32)Nicaragua : second international solidarity conference1983
(33)Nicaragua : SMP and the bishops[ca. 1983]
(34)Alta.-Decca tour : evaluations, post-tour events1983-1984
(35)Non-governmental organizations tourFall 1983
(36)Nicaragua : anti-intervention advertisement1983
(37)Quarterly report Nicaragua articleNovember 1984
(38)CMP-Nicaragua curriculum[ca. 1983]
(39)Frente continental1983
(40)Vote for Peru1985
(41)Boat : boat initiatives in Ontario[ca. 1983]
(42)INIES project1982
(43)South Ontario tour : NicaraguaJune 1983
(44)Canada Americas Policy Alternatives : minutesJanuary-June 1983
(45)Refugee work : Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility etc.1982
(47)Mothers' tourApril/ May 1983
(48)Country focus : Honduras : Canadian Council for International Co-operation & refugees1983-1984
(49)Ten Days for World Development meetings1984
(50)Ten Days for World Development meetings1985
(51)United Church memos to Suzanne [Dudziak]1983-1985
(52)Guatemala : history and analysis, general overview : paper by Suzanne [Dudziak]1981
(53)Guatemala work : current1984
(54)Inter agency meeting on Guatemala1983-1984
(55)Diaconia visit September 1985[ca. 1985]
(56)Ursuline workshops
(57)Central America and media workshop materials
(58)WICC workshop October 1986[ca. 1986]
(59)Central America, United States imperialism : analysis, talks1982
(60)El Salvador press kit : originalMarch 1984
(61)Nicaragua diplomatic initiatives regarding Borge visit1983
(62)March press kit : "shamrock" summit1985
(63)Central America aid study[ca. 1983]
(64)Guatemala : renewal of aid1985-1986
(65)Central America[ca. 1985]
(66)Ontario region : correspondence1982-1984
(67)Ontario region : contract and mailing lists1982
(68)Ontario regional workshopApril 1982
(69)CNESS Canadian network for El Salvador solidarity1982-1983
(70)CASN (Central American Solidarity Network) : members
(71)CASN (Central American Solidarity Network) minutes (CNESS becomes CASN )1982

Call Number: 2004-016/005
(1)Central American Solidarity Network : minutes1983
(2)Central American Solidarity Network : minutes and mailings1984
(3)CASN (Central American Solidarity Network) : minutes and mailings1985
(4)CASN (Central American Solidarity Network)1986-1987
(5)El Salvador strategy CCIC (Canadian Council for International Co-operation) meetings1985
(6)El Salvador staff studyApril 1985
(7)Social tree
(8)Central America trip [Suzanne Dudziak]1985
(9)Canadian : green paper [June]May-June 1985
(10)Honduras aid1979-1985
(11)El Salvador : bilateral aid campaign1985-1986
(12)Aid study proposal and feedbackJune 1985
(13)Aid : outline, introduction, preface
(14)Rough work : first draft : El Salvador
(15)Second draft : El SalvadorOctober 14, 1985

Refugee Report

(16)Refugee report : Honduras trip [Suzanne Dudziak]May 1982
(17)Refugee research project1982
(18)Refugee report : LAWG refugee newsletter correspondence1982
(19)LAWG Refugee report : Central American Refugees : the crisis and the contextSeptember 1982
(20)Refugee report : Honduras : crisisSeptember 1985

LAWG Staff

(21)LAWG staff1981 and 1985
(22)LAWG job descriptions1976
(23)LAWG job search : Nick1979
(24)Suzanne Dudziak : Central America work1987
(25)LAWG job search : Jennifer1982
(26)Personnel : Central America job search1984
(27)Resumes for job search fundraising [job posting only]1985
(28)Job applications : administration, fundraiser1982
(29)Staff evaluation questionnaireApril 1988
(30)LAWG membership, policy1988
(31)Hiring : church position : Suzanne Rumsey1990
(32)Cassidy, Joe : staff-publishing1990
(33)New contract administration, finance, job description and resumes1991
(34)Job evaluation process1990
(35)Volunteer programme1980-1981
(36)LAWG staff personnel policy
(37)Security issues


(39)LAWG minutes : "directions"1969, 1974
(40)LAWG minutes1975
(41)LAWG minutes1976
(42)LAWG minutes1977
(43)LAWG minutes : rough notes1977
(44)LAWG minutes1978
(45)LAWG minutes : collective1979
(46)LAWG studies1977-1979
(47)LAWG minutes : collective1980
(48)LAWG minutes1981
(50)LAWG staff1983
(51)Collective minutes1984
(52)Assoc. mailing list1984
(54)Collective minutes1986
(55)Feasibility study [church work]1986
(59)Staff retreat : May collectiveApril 12, 13, 1989
(60)Weekend meetingNovember 4, 1989
(62)LAWG weekend meeting (farm)October 19-20, 1990
(63)Staff and collective : crisis and organizational change1991
(64)Central America sub group1988-1991
(65)Job description,personnel policy and procedures1993
(66)LAWG : job descriptions
(67)LAWG : CCIC membership1989
(68)Roundtable, CAPA (Canada-Caribbean-Central America Policy Alternatives) etc.1987
(69)Youth Corps orientation session1987
(70)Popular Summit alternative conferenceJune 1988
(71)LAWG Letter, Vol. No. 4/5, 1980 : [Panama's copper and Canadian capital]1980
(72)C2 [Cerro Colorado] Panama
(73)C2 [Cerro Colorado] Correspondence : Panama1978-1981 1 of 2

Call Number: 2004-016/006
(1)C2 [Cerro Colorado] correspondence : Panama1978-1981 2 of 2
(2)C2 [Cerro Colorado] correspondence : other1978-1982
(3)C2 [Cerro Colorado] Canadian church investigation
(4)C2 [Cerro Colorado] Canadian church report
(5)RTZ [Rio Tinto-Zinc] comes to Panama : R.V. Carty
(6)C2 [Cerro Colorado] contract
(7)C2 [Cerro Colorado] CEASPA (CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS Y ACCION SOCIAL PANAMENO) studies and notes1978-1981
(10)C2 [Cerro Colorado] general articles (originals)
(11)Guaymi "Foro" [Foro sobre el pueblo Guaymi y su future]1979-1981
(12)C2 [Cerro Colorado] environment1977-1979
(13)C2 [Cerro Colorado] audio visual [slide show text]
(14)London trip [Bob Carty research]
(15)Interviews United Nations/ International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/ BID1980
(16)Cerro Colorado : correspondence
(17)Cerro Colorado : source material
(19)Panama Kitimat oil schemes : sea level canal1977-1979
(20)Panama play : article by Bob Carty
(21)The Cerro Colorado copper project and the Guaymi Indians of Panama - cultural survivalMarch 1981


(22)Correspondence : Brazil, labour movement
(23)Correspondence : United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations1981
(24)Correspondence : project Brazil correspondence1973
(25)Nick's correspondence : Brazil work1983
(26)Correspondence : Alves, Maria Helena Moreira1981-1983
(27)Correspondence : American Friends, Philadelphia group1982-1983
(28)BLI notes and correspondence1981-1983
(29)Correspondence : ICAS1982-1983
(30)Correspondence : Brazil labour report1983
(31)Correspondence : CEDEC1983
(32)Correspondence : IBASE (Instituto Brasileiro de Analise Social e Economica)1981-1982
(33)Correspondence : Portuguese promotions
(35)Correspondence : Dan BenedictMay 1983


(36)Fundraising Brazil project1980-1982
(37)Brazil : trip to New YorkNovember 1981
(38)Brazil work plans I1981-1982
(39)Brazil work plans II1983
(40)Brazil trip : notes1982
(41)Brazil funding1982
(42)Brazil trip : project reportMarch 1983
(43)Brazil : Lula tourFebruary 7, 1982
(44)Brazil : Maria Helena tour1983
(45)Brazil : trade union peace conference : Managua, Nicaragua
(46)Brazil : sugar conference1983
(47)Brazil press release1984
(48)LAWG material on Brazil1982
(49)Brazil : Sindicato dos Trabahadores nas Industria Metalurgicas-Joao Moulevade1984

Brazil Newsletter

(50)Brazil newsletter : review copies1984
(51)Brazil newsletter promotional mailing1983-1984
(52)Brazil newsletter : endorsements1984-1985
(53)Brazil newletter : exchange advertisements1983-1984
(54)Brazil labour North America list
(55)Mailing list : Brazil1983-1984

Labour Work

(56)Labour work : Brazilian metalworkers Canadian tour proposal1984
(57)Labour work : Grupo Brasil talk
(58)Labour work : Brazil solidarity fetape campaign1983
(59)Labour work : Pedro Vuscovic tour : correspondence1976
(60)Labour work : Pedro Vuscovic tour1976
(61)Labour work : Pedro Vuscovic1977
(62)Labour work : CUSO [Canadian University Service Overseas] project in PeruFebruary 1979
(63)Labour work : CUSO [Canadian University Service Overseas] orientation project1975
(64)Labour work: Helen Contieras : CUSO [Canadian University Service Overseas] : people's food commission1978
(65)Labour work : Canadian information sharing service1976
(66)Labour work : Navarro, Fernanda, Comite Nacional de Solideridad y Apoyo a Chile1974
(67)Labour work : Margaret Randall tour1976

Call Number: 2004-016/007
(1)Penman, David1973-1976
(2)Macleod, Bruce, Northern Life1978
(3)Buffalo Chile committee1975
(4)Saskatchewan committee for a free Chile1975
(5)NICH : non-intervention in Chile
(6)Dominican working group1973
(7)Committee Quebec : Chili correspondence1973-1977
(8)World conference for Indigenous people1975
(9)National Indian Brotherhood, Canada1974, 1977
(10)Indian Brotherhood for the North West Territories1976
(11)Confederation Campesina Del Peru, "Voz Campesina"1975, 1977
(12)Campenha Santiago Chile1973-1974
(14)Election kit1979
(15)Hugo Blanco tour
(17)Colombian visit : Alvaro Higo Mejia
(18)Uruguay, confidential contacts
(19)Dominican Republic : 10th anniversary1974-1976
(20)ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) Gulf and Western1974-1978
(21)ICCR (Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility) : United States1976-1977

Dominican Republic

(22)Dominican Republic corresponence : Rosario1976
(23)Dominican Republic : MPD (Popular Democratic Movement) internal
(24)Dominican Republic : LAWG writings197-
(25)Dominican Republic : JC Bossio1975
(26)Dominican Republic : book mine, Sudbury1977
(27)Union Dominica Para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos1975-1976
(28)Expresion Joven : tour I1974
(29)Expresion Joven : tour II1975
(30)Expresion Joven : tour III, Fredericton conferenceJuly 16-21, 1974
(31)Dos Santos article
(32)Partido Revolucionaria Dominicana1974
(33)Sabaneta Dominican Republic1974-1975
(34)Dominican Republic brief history of workers Julio de Pena Valdez
(35)Samana project1975
(36)Falconbridge work1975-1977
(37)Sosua project1975-1977
(38)MPD (Popular Democratic Movement) internal
(39)Martinez, L.1978
(40)Student Christian Movement : correspondence1972-1977
(41)NACLA, Goff, Fred research activities1973-1974
(42)Goff, Fred1975-1976
(43)Latin American front correspondence : England1973-1974
(44)Tester, Jim : correspondence : Mine Mill1975-1978
(45)Mine Mill and Cuba trip1976
(46)Contemporary Archive on Latin America : England1975-1979
(47)O'Sullivan, Mike : Box 1478, Swift Current1973-1979
(48)O'Toole, Ray1978-1979
(49)Hilson, Margaret : correspondence1978-1979
(50)Katz, Sheila : Portugal report1978
(51)Jewett, Pauline1980
(52)CALA : Wisconsin1972-1978
(53)Consultation meetings on Chile solidarity work1975
(54)Chile sailors campaign1975
(55)Chile work : immigration refugees1976-1977
(56)Canadian enquiry into human rights in Chile1977
(57)Hemispheric conference on Chile1977
(58)Mapu correspondence1980
(59)Campaigns : political prisoners, correspondence1976-1978
(60)Militarism : correspondence
(61)Mexico-Canada energy file1978
(62)Northern Development : correspondence1975-1976
(63)Security II : press clippings1977-1980
(64)Refugee resource centre proposal1977
(65)Thompson, Bob : correspondence1976-1978
(66)Arnold, Rick1973
(67)Environmental pollution contacts
(68)Project Paxtla1977
(69)Socialism in Canada1980-1987
(70)Canadian AA jurists1975-1976
(71)Maryknoll Fathers1977
(72)Canadian Council of Churches1979-1980
(73)Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America1978
(74)Development and Peace1980-1981
(75)Comision Evangelica Latinoamericana de Educacion Cristiana1978
(76)CALA counter conference1979
(77)The Churches and Corporate Responsibility : Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America : alternative conferenceOctober 1980
(78)The churches and corporate responsibility1979-1980
(79)Ten Days for World Development1979-1982
(80)Scarborough Foreign Mission Society1973, 1975, 1982
(81)Project NorthDecember 4, 1978
(82)Amnesty International correspondence1978-1981
(83)Anthropology Resource Centre1976
(84)Bertrand Russell tribunal1980
(85)COELI (Centre Oecumenique de Liaisons Internationales) Paris, France1975-1977
(86)Continental front of women1982-1984
(87)La Ligue Des Droits De L'Homme : Montreal1978
(88)Alcan correspondence1973-1978
(89)Brascan : correspondences1974-1976
(90)Brascan project : related to TCCR197-
(91)Confederation of church and business people1978
(92)Massey-Ferguson : resources
(93)Massey-Ferguson : correspondence1978-1980
(94)Massey-Ferguson : [Tie] correspondence1979
(96)Noranda correspondence
(97)Guatemala Canada private investment198-
(98)Canada and Latin America in the 1980s : alternatives for development : Holy Trinity ChurchOctober 5-8, 1980
(99)Cockburn, Don : new staff1984
(100)Cockburn, Don1989-1990

Call Number: 2004-016/008
(1)Don Cockburn's travel southFebruary, March 1989
(2)Anti-intervention handbook proposal1984-1986
(3)Anti-intervention handbook1985
(4)Handbook promotion and distribution1984-1986
(5)Anti-intervention handbook, workshops, proposals, fundraising1984-1986
(6)Anti-intervention workshops1986
(7)Canadian winter workshops1986
(8)Maritimes workshop tour1986
(9)Workshop evaluations
(10)Roundtable on negotiation for peace in Central America1985-1987
(11)Non-intervention in Central America198-
(12)CAPAC / Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America1985-1986
(13)Central American Organizations : correspondence198-
(14)Popular summit workshop proposals1988
(15)Tools for Peace198-
(16)Canadian solidarity198-
(17)ACAFADE (Asociacion Centroamericana de Familiares de Detenidos-Desaparecidos) tourApril, May 1989
(18)Diaz, NidiaFebruary 1989
(19)Roundtable : Zamora tour1986
(20)Rodjas, Armando : visitNovember 1986
(21)El Salvador : aid campaignJanuary 1989
(22)El Salvador : preis
(23)Guatemala tourOctober 1982
(25)Guatemala visitJune 1988
(26)RUOG Guatemala visitApril 1988
(27)Non-governmental organization peace fund1988
(28)Honduras aid study1988
(29)Honduras : Ines Murillo visitOctober, November 1988
(30)Honduras : CODEH (Committee for the Defense of Human Rights in Honduras) urgent actionDecember 1988
(31)Honduras trade union tourApril 1990
(32)Guatemala bilateral aid[198-]
(33)Aid study comments1987
(34)Ottawa tripSeptember 1985
(35)Central America aid interviewsSeptember 1985
(36)Zamora, Ruben
(38)LAWG Newsletter, vol.1 March, 1973 - vol.1 no.3 July, 19731973
(39)LAWG Letters, vol.II No.1-2 March-April 1974 - vol.II No.3 June 1974, vol.II No.5 October-November 1974 - vol.III no.2 December-January1974
(40)LAWG Letters, vol.III No.3 - vol.V no.4/51975-1976
(41)LAWG Letters, vol.V no.6 - vol.VII no.5/61977-1982
(42)LAWG Letters, vol.VIII No.1 - vol.X no.21982-1988
(43)LAWG Letters, No. 44-481989-1996
(44)LAWG catalogue1982
(45)LAWG staff meetings1984
(46)LAWG staff meetings1985
(47)Evaluation and job description1985
(48)LAWG staff meetings1986
(49)LAWG staff meetings1987
(50)Central America conference : HalifaxMarch 1987
(51)Legal Links tour orientationMay 1987
(52)LAWG staff meetings1988
(53)Data centre San FranciscoFebruary 1988
(54)LAWG visitors1988
(56)LAWG El Salvador responseNovember 1989
(57)LAWG visitors1989
(58)Chile meetings1989
(59)Chile kit originals1989
(61)LAWG visitors1990
(62)Romero 10th anniversaryMarch 1990
(63)Unidad Revolucionaria Nacional Guatemalteca visitSeptember 1990
(64)Nicaragua conference planning meetings Fall 1990November 9-10, 1990
(66)Volunteer committee198-
(67)Newspaper clippings: "Canadian companies government big backers for Chile's dictators."September 1979
(68)Concert programmes from 1989 benefit concert : including unrelated flyers, newsletter and button1989

20th Anniversary

(69)LAWG 20th anniversary guest book1986

Call Number: 2004-016/009
(1)Twentieth anniversary plan1986
(2)Twentieth anniversary benefit1986
(3)Twentieth anniversary1986
(4)Twentieth anniversary1986
(5)Twentieth anniversary poster exhibit1986
(6)Labour Letters : twentieth anniversary invitations and mailing lists1986
(7)Twentieth anniversary1986
(8)Twentieth anniversary publicity, organizations and deadlines1986
(9)Twentieth anniversary working file1986
(10)Twentieth anniversary program (Bob Pedro MC?)1986
(11)Twentieth anniversary meetings, agendas and minutes1986
(12)Twentieth anniversary publicity and organizations1986
(13)Twentieth anniversary work teams1986
(14)Twentieth anniversary1986
(15)Twentieth anniversary documents (legal)1985-1986
(16)Twentieth anniversary copies of letters and invitations1986
(17)Twentieth anniversary responses to invitations1986
(18)Twentieth anniversary correspondence file1986
(19)Twentieth anniversary expenses1986
(20)Twentieth anniversary mailing list1986
(21)Twentieth anniversary guest list1986
(23)Twentieth anniversary panel displays #11986
(24)Twentieth anniversary panel displays #2 Chile1986
(25)Twentieth anniversary panels : LAWG United States corporations1986
(26)Twentieth anniversary panel display Central America1986
(27)Twentieth anniversary 1982 panel display1986
(28)Twentieth anniversary speaker series1986

Twentieth anniversary collection review

(29)Collective : process planning phase I
(30)Collective : process planning phase II
(31)Twentieth anniversary review : evaluations (part 1)
(32)El Salvador tourJuly 1980
(33)November 22 eventNovember 22, 1980
(34)FDR LAWG support work1980
(35)FDR assassinations of leadersNovember 27, 1980
(36)El Salvador brief to governmentDecember 3, 1980
(37)El Salvador solidarity Montreal FDR interim solidarity representatives1980
(38)Press releases1980
(39)FDR murders telegramsDecember 1980
(40)El Salvador update trip west follow upDecember 20
(41)JewettJanuary 1981
(42)Solidarity groups CSCA : Farabundi Marti1981
(43)Recent clippingsJanuary/ February 1981
(44)El Salvador solidarity conference MontrealJanuary 31-February 1, 1981
(45)Christian conference in solidarityFebruary 15, 1981
(46)El Salvador white paperFebruary/ March 1981
(47)Yolocamba ITA tourApril 1981
(48)El Salvador solidarity conference eastern Canada : OttawaApril 25/26, 1981
(49)Canadian Council for International Co-operation El Salvador agency meetingApril/ May 1981
(50)Popular summitJuly 18/19, 1981
(51)NUS tour : AGEUS : El SalvadorSeptember-December 1981
(52)El Salvador conferenceJanuary 1982
(53)FDR tour : TorontoFebruary 1982
(54)Coppes tourNovember 1982
(55)El Salvador Canadian government policy1981
(56)El Salvador solidarity office Montreal1981
(57)El Salvador FDR organizations/ principles
(58)Communique FDR, Frente Farabundo Marti para la Liberacion Nacional1983
(59)El Salvador Canadian policy on refugees1981-1982
(60)El Salvador United States solidarity work : CISPES, US labour1981
(61)El SalvadorNovember 1980
(62)El Salvador solidarity secretariat Montreal1981
(64)Nicaragua packetDecember 1978
(65)Nicaragua campaign1979
(66)Nicaragua letters1979
(67)Nicaragua tour1979
(68)Canadian action for Nicaragua1979
(69)NDP youth conferenceJune 28, 1981
(70)Central America tripJuly 9, 1981
(71)FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) tour NicaraguaOctober 1981
(72)FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) tour organizationOctober 1981
(73)FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) tour correspondenceOctober 1981
(74)FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) tour budget and travelOctober 1981
(75)Timetable FSLN (Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional) visitOctober 1981
(76)Human rights and soc. res. conference KingstonJanuary 1982
(77)Honduras ad hoc inter-agency refugee committee1982
(78)INIES / CRIES1982
(79)IFI research project1982-1983
(80)IFI pamphlet
(81)IFI and government contracts
(82)IFI Canada action
(83)Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies meetingOctober 1983

Women's religious trip Honduras

(84)Honduras trip first mailing1983
(85)Honduras trip proposal1983
(86)Canadian delegation to HondurasDecember 1983

Call Number: 2004-016/010
(1)United States delegation and follow up1983-1984
(2)Honduran press clippings1983
(3)Canadian press clippings1983-1984
(4)Pilgrimage follow up and correspondence with pilgrims1983-1984
(5)Honduras trip MacEachen correspondence1983-1984
(6)Honduras trip registration and donations1983
(7)Honduras pilgrimage group statement1983
(8)Unitarian church talkJanuary 1984
(9)Paper [Church and Revolution in Nicaragua]
(10)D & P Guatemala pieceFebruary 1983
(11)Canadian University Service Overseas Honduras project (J & S)1982-1984
(12)Ten Days political integration meetings1982-1985
(13)Review of "crisis in Central America and the role of the Christian left"
(14)Nicaraguan invasion action campaign1983
(15)Anti-intervention ad campaign1984
(16)International conference on Latin America : Montreal1984
(17)Gander, Cathy : correspondence1983-1984
(18)Barndt, Deborah1983
(19)Church Nicaraguan : correspondence1983

Church desk

(20)Anglican church1991
(23)El Salvador information, news etc.1989-1991
(24)Oslo Accord project campaign1990
(25)Secretariado Internacional Cristiano De Solidaridad Con America Latina : Oscar Arnulfo Romero1990
(26)Church in Canada1990
(27)Christian task force : British Columbia
(28)Ecumenical form1990-1991
(29)Presbyterian church1991
(30)United church of Canada1990-1991
(31)Early LAWG
(32)Early LAWG in print
(33)Early LAWG
(35)LAWG periodical service1976
(36)LAWG correspondence1980s
(37)LAWG correspondence Guatemala CGUP1982
(38)LAWG publications1979-1989
(39)LAWG Christmas cards received1989
(40)Canadian Latin American trade1964-1975
(41)Maquilladora trip : MexicoSeptember 1988
(42)Mexican federal labor law
(43)LAWG documents - [Brascan]
(44)CERLAC (Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean) conference "democracy and development"November 16-18, 1978
(45)"Nationalization in the Caribbean beauxite industry" Litvak and MauleJanuary 1975
(46)"Canada's first diplomatic missions in Latin America" DR MurrayMay 1974
(47)Canada in Caribbean America : technique for involvement [John Harbron]October 1970

Falconbridge book files

(48)Falconbridge : portrait of a Canadian mining multinational by John Deverell and the Latin American Working Group1975 English, Spanish editions
(49)Falconbridge : Lorimer
(50)Falconbridge book1975-1983
(51)Correspondence : Falconbridge book1971-1977
(52)Siglo XXI
(53)Falconbridge book reviews
(54)Falconbridge workshop
(55)Falconbridge book1973-1974
(56)Falconbridge notes on research
(58)Sudbury Mucker1971-1973
(59)Canadian nickel industry
(60)Falconbridge history1950s
(61)Falconbridge manuscript : first draft 1 of 3
(62)Falconbridge manuscript : first draft 2 of 3
(63)Falconbridge manuscript : first draft 3 of 3

Labour strategy

(64)Labour Strategy1984
(65)Solidarity strategies
(66)Church and labour1983
(67)Labour proposal1978
(68)Ontario Federation of Labour [OFL] meetings : labour project
(69)LAWG labour statement
(70)Labour sub group minutes1978
(71)Background to labour sub group
(72)Labour strategy

Call Number: 2004-016/011
(1)International division of labour discussions1979
(2)International Labour Organization [ILO]
(3)Working class interests labour & multinational corporations : general
(5)Meeting Sid TurneyJuly 29, 1980
(6)Southern Ontario tourFall 1981
(7)Western trip : Louise and JaniceFall 1981
(8)Labour general correspondence1981-1983
(9)Press releases1981-1982
(10)Piccinini interviewNovember 9, 1981
(11)Labour seminarsJanuary - February 1982
(12)Jeffcott, Bob1982-1984
(13)Nicaraguan educational resources
(15)PSAC Central America meeting1982
(16)Labour and Nicaragua1983
(17)United Auto Workers [UAW]1982-1983
(18)British Columbia labour solidarity group[198-]
(19)CUSO OXFAM labour project COLP Saskatoon1984-1986
(20)NDP resolutions in Spanish1985
(21)Quebec solidarity work
(23)United States labour network on Central America1985
(24)Labour Notes conferenceNovember 15-16, 1986
(25)Labour Notes conference : new directions for labourMay 19-21, 1989
(26)Steelworkers : Noranda1980
(27)United Auto Workers1975, 1977, 1981
(28)Wives supporting the strike
(29)United Steelworkers of America
(30)Sudbury Mine Mill and Smelter Workers' Union
(31)Lynk, Michael : CBRT & GW1987
(32)SEIU international convention : TorontoJune 24, 1988
(33)United Farm Workers1977
(34)Research Associates InternationalDecember 22, 1976
(35)PSACApril 2, 1980
(36)Ontario Teachers Federation1976
(38)Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)1977
(39)Ontario Federation of Labour education conferenceJanuary 27-28, 1978
(40)Labour United Auto Workers meetingSeptember 18, 1978
(41)Labour news and notes1980
(42)International Metalworkers Federation (IMF)1974-1977
(44)Confederation of Canadian Union (CCU)1977
(45)CGT correspondence I[197-]
(47)CEDAL : Peru1977-1979
(49)Canadian Union of Postal Workers [CUPW]1979-1980
(51)Blondin-Metalo, Michel1976-1977
(52)The Brazil of the workers1978

Labour sub-group

(53)Labour liaison job description
(54)Labour sub-group 83 and 84 : agendas and minutes
(55)Labour sub-group1990
(56)Travel staff to region1985
(57)Annual review "labour desk"1989
(58)Labour sub-group1985-1989

LAWG educationals with labour

(59)Educational proposals general
(60)International affairs course - Nicaragua : LCMTSpring 1990
(61)Educational United States intervention in Central America
(63)LAWG [workers in Central America focus on Nicaragua]1984
(64)LC of MT weekend instituteApril 1985
(65)Labour : Central America educational outlines : Humber College1984
(66)Humber College labour studies course, international affairsJune 1985
(67)Humber College international affairs course1986
(68)Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean's [CERLAC] tenth anniversary conferenceOctober 13-15, 1988


(69)British Columbia labour tour1981
(70)LAWG DRI tour proposal1981
(71)Correspondence : Nicaragua1982
(72)Nicaragua British Columbia tourNovember 1981
(73)CST Julia Vargas British Columbia tourNovember 1981
(74)PPWC and Nicaragua1981-1982
(75)CST : British Columbia material support
(76)Nicaragua : CST visit to British Columbia1982
(77)Nicaragua tour : British Columbia teachers federationJuly 1982
(78)Transcript : British Columbia teachers federation tourJuly 1982
(79)Saskatchewan solidarity tour : administration/ planningAugust 1982
(80)Saskatchewan tour : transcripts : follow upAugust 1982
(81)Nicaragua : solidarity, support projectsSeptember 1982
(82)Carpenters and CSTSeptember 1982
(83)NDP : Spadina tourNovember and December 1982 1 of 2
(84)NDP : Spadina tourNovember and December 1982 2 of 2
(85)MATN : Nicaragua tourFebruary 1983
(86)Nicaragua tour : south Ontario Nicaragua tour planning and administrationJune 1983 1 of 2

Call Number: 2004-016/012
(1)Nicaragua tour : south Ontario Nicaragua tour planning and administrationJune 1983 2 of 2
(2)Transcript : south Ontario tourJune 1983
(3)Southern Ontario : Nicaragua tour follow upJune 1983
(4)Nicaragua tour : Atlantic Canada planningAugust 1983
(5)Transcript : Atlantic tourAugust 1983
(6)Nicaragua tours : national labour meetingFall 1983
(7)Nicaragua : Dan Heap tourJanuary 1984
(8)Nicaragua external affairs tourFebruary and March 1984
(9)Nicaragua tours : evaluations
(10)Nicaragua : popular education tours1984
(11)Nicargua adult educators tourSeptember 1984
(12)Fetsalud tour to CanadaMay 1984
(13)ATC tourJune 1984
(14)Tour transcript catalogue, Bev Burke proposal regarding tours
(15)Nicaragua : tours : publicity
(16)LAWG work brigades : Tuesday meeting
(17)General tour organizing principles Central Americans to North America1988
(18)Nicaragua : Fryer trip1984
(19)Anne Betts : Saskatchewan1984
(20)Nicaragua meeting LAWG, TUG, SILP : minutesFebruary 1989
(21)Follow up : Nicaragua meeting LAWG, SILP, TUG1989
(22)III Encuentro International De Los Comittes De Solidaridad Con Nicaragua1989
(23)Edgardo Garcia (ATC) Ontario tour and follow upNovember 1985
(24)ATC Edgardo Garcia tour1990
(26)Nicaragua elections and trade union work1989-1990
(27)CST correspondence1985
(28)Nicaragua : CST correspondence
(29)CST : LAWG1988
(30)CST : British Columbia/ CCU tourFall 1988
(31)CST projects1989
(32)Fetsalud publications and correspondence1989-1990
(33)FNT national workers front1990-1992
(35)Canadians working in Nicaragua1984-1990
(36)Nicaragua British Columbia solidarity network
(37)British Columbia trade union group1987-1991
(38)Nicaragua : labour CUS
(39)Nicaragua : interviews with trade union leaders1990-1991
(40)Urgent action : NicaraguaJune 11,1990
(41)Union solidarity work : Nicaragua1990-91
(42)Sandra Ramos CST tour to Canada1990
(43)Follow up Sandra Ramos tour to Toronto, Ottawa1990
(44)UNE, CUPE : Ottawa1988-1989
(45)UNE visit to Ottawa and TorontoNovember and December 1990
(46)UNE/ CUPE visit to Nicaragua (Ottawa Carlton district council)1991
(47)Nicaragua LAWG only197-
(48)Nicaragua CST Federation of energy workersSeptember 30, 1992
(49)CST general1985, 1992
(51)Campbell, Joan : Nicaragua1993
(52)Notes for "tour" workshop OCASN conferenceFebruary 1988
(53)Labour tours to Nicaragua, BC TUG, SILP notes
(54)Evaluations of tours strategy1989-1990
(55)Locals survey1990


(56)Projects for boat1982
(57)Amnlae project for boat
(59)Boat project national meeting1984
(60)Nicaragua boat coordinator1984
(61)Nicaragua boat minutes1984
(62)Boat labour sub-committee1984
(63)Boat project evaluation
(64)Nicaragua boat correspondence unions1984
(65)Background Tools for Peace
(66)Boat press1984
(67)CWC and Tools for PeaceSeptember 1984
(69)Nicaragua boat flyers
(70)Nicaragua boat1985
(71)T4P/ boat1987-88
(72)Notes on the Nicaraguan labour movementNovember 1979
(73)CUS : CNUS (LAWG) trip to Ottawa1983
(74)Nicaragua tour participants1983
(75)Nicaragua labour support committee Ontario1983
(76)Nicaragua labour statement1983-84
(77)Nicaragua Labour Christian Democrats union CTN1983
(78)Nicaragua labour resolutions Canada1983
(79)For study Canadian labour and Nicaraguan solidarity1984
(80)Nicaragua : trade union : peace conferenceApril 1984
(81)Nicaragua trade union peace conference : materialsApril 1984
(82)Nicaragua : trade union peace conference correspondenceApril 1984

Call Number: 2004-016/013
(1)Nicaragua trade union peace conference pressApril 1984
(2)West Coast trade union delegation1984
(3)Fetsalud tour organizing committeeMay 1984
(4)Fetsalud tour correspondence1982-1984
(5)Nicaragua Fetsalud tour evaluationMay 1984
(6)Fetsalud tour materials
(7)Fetsalud follow up1984
(8)UAW Fetsalud and boat1984
(9)Nicaragua public health to city of Toronto Alberto Sequeira : Fetsalud1986
(10)Fetsalud pins1986-1987
(11)Nicaragua : MATN1985
(12)UAW vehicle to Fetsalud
(13)Nicaragua solidarity UAW tour1985
(14)CST : Nicaragua : Debe Sobrevivir1985
(15)Nicaragua Contras1985
(16)Saskatchewan tour1985-86
(17)Teacher brigade, Nicaragua, orientationMay 4, 1986
(18)The Ottawa Jewish bulletin and review and related correspondence regarding anti-semitism in Nicaragua1986
(19)Nicaragua labour resource materials
(20)National trade union solidarity meeting1987
(21)CWC TWU/UNE : Telecor project1986
(22)CST [Central Sandinista de Trabajadores] tour to Canada : correspondence1987
(23)CST tour to Canada : information kit (national)1987
(24)CST tour to Canada : minutes of organizing committee1987
(25)CST tour to Canada : schedule1987
(26)CST tour to Canada : finances1987
(27)CST tour to Canada : British Columbia1987
(28)CST tour to Canada : Alberta1987
(29)CST tour to Canada : Saskatchewan1987
(30)CST tour to Canada, Ontario region : publicity, events1987
(31)CST tour to Canda : Quebec1987
(32)CST tour to Canada : Maritimes1987
(33)CST tour to Canada : report and evaluation1987
(34)CST tour to Canada : follow up1987
(35)CST tour to Canada : project1987
(36)Dave Mackenzie-USWA1987-1989
(37)LOCALS : Tools for Peace1987
(38)Tools for Peace (T4P): health and safety slide show1987
(39)TUG : Tools for Peace, Nicaragua1987-1988
(40)Ontario trade union tour CST
(41)Nicaragua tour schedule1988
(42)Nicaragua tour orientation1988
(43)Originals-Information kit tour1988
(44)Tour follow up : Ontario1988
(45)Trade union delegation to Nicaragua : correspondenceJuly 19, 1989
(46)Trade union delegation to Nicaragua : materialsJuly 19, 1989
(47)Trade union delegation to Nicaragua, follow upJuly 19, 1989
(48)Nicaragua labour organaizations

Labour fundraising

(49)Trade union appealSpring 1981
(50)Trade union appeal1982
(51)Fundraising : labour1982
(52)Fundraising : labour1983-1984
(53)Labour fundraising1985
(54)Labour fundraising1987-1988
(55)Labour fundraising1988-1989
(56)Labour fundraising1990
(58)Union locals fundraising letters1979-1980
(60)Steelworkers : correspondence & meetings1982
(61)Steelworkers : international affairs policy[198-]
(62)United Steelworkers of America : Canada convention1987

Canadian Labour Congress [CLC] policy

(63)Canadian Labour Congress correspondence1977-1981
(64)Original documents for Canadian Labour Congress : Canadian trade with Chile1978-1979
(65)Harker, John : Canadian Labour Congress1975-1982
(66)Canadian Labour Congress international affairs198-
(67)Canadian Labour Congress international affairs : Nicaragua1979
(68)Canadian Labour Congress international affairs : Nicaragua1980-1984
(69)Canadian Labour Congress international policy Nicaragua, Rick Jackson's reportSeptember 1983
(70)Canadian Labour Congress & CST relations1988-1990
(71)Labour Candian Labour Congress, Central America policy[198-]
(72)Canadian Labour Congress international affairs report to executive councilMarch 1986
(73)Canadian Labour Congress : John Harker1983-1984
(74)Canadian Labour Congress : Hadia meeting1981
(75)Central America resolutions1985
(76)Canadian Labour Congress convention : preparationApril 1986
(77)Canadian Labour Congress convention activities1986
(78)Canadian Labour Congress evaluations1986
(79)ResolutionsSeptember 1987
(80)Labour study Canadian Labour Congress1987
(81)AFL-CIO Central America policy1979-1988
(82)ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Union)1974-1976
(83)ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Union) general
(84)ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Union) 12th congressNovember 1979
(85)ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Union)1983-1985
(86)ORIT (Organizacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores) conference in TorontoMay 1981
(87)ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Union) delegation to Central AmericaNovember 1982
(88)ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Union)/ORIT (Organizacion Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores) election mission to Nicaragua1990
(89)Alexandra Molina Lara arrest1981
(90)El Salvador Quebec : trade union conferenceNovember 1981

Call Number: 2004-016/014
(1)What is the CUS [Comite de Unidad Sindical de El Salvador] (English version)
(3)CUS tour to Canada1981
(4)CUS news bulletin1982-1985
(5)Salvador : CUS tour across CanadaJanuary 1982
(6)CUS : Western Canada tour1982
(7)Trade union background
(8)Salvador : urgent appeal 100 trade union arrestsAugust 22, 1980
(9)Trade union prisoners : campaign El Salvador1982
(10)El Salvador : FDR prisoners1984
(11)STECEL Prisoners campaign1984
(12)STECEL campaign1984
(13)Hector Recinos tour of Canada1985
(14)STECEL Canada tourFebruary-March 1985
(15)Materials for Stecel tour[198-]
(17)El Salvador labour MUSYGES
(18)General correspondence1981, 1983, 1988
(19)LAWG press releasesNovember 5, 1983
(20)Salvador labour group
(21)El Salvador FEASIES1987
(22)Fenastras tour Canada1987
(23)UNTS Canada (and United States)April 1987
(24)El Salvador : labour
(25)CIAS CST and labour documentation1984-1985
(26)Edgardo Oritz (Oscar)1985
(28)El Salvador Update: Labour Under Seige El Rescate Report1985
(29)AIFLD (American Institute for Free Labor Development) El Salvador (Divisions)1985
(30)El Salvador : trade unions : dialogue1985
(31)El Salvador repression1985
(32)Urgent actions1985
(33)Ontario labour tour El SalvadorMay 1984
(34)LAWG mail out to trade unionsJune 1985
(35)CLC (Canadian Labour Congress) position1980-1982
(36)CLC (Canadian Labour Congress) conventionMay 1982
(37)El Salvador CAIMAW1980-1981
(38)El Salvador trade unions statements by major Canadian unions1981-1982
(39)NACLA (North American Congress on Latin America) : Central America Online : El Salvador1986
(40)International Confederation of Free Trade Unions1981, 1982, 1985

UNTS Tour 1988

(41)UNTS tour to Canada1988
(42)UNTS tour delegation CVS1988
(43)UNTS Tour : articles, materials1988
(44)UNTS tour to Canada : Alberta, British Columbia1988
(45)UNTS tour to Canada : Maritimes1988

Call Number: 2004-016/015
(1)"You can't make a revolution without them!" selected writings by Margaret Randall1975
(2)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : charitable tax number discussion1983-1985
(3)Journals, periodicals received in resource centre
(4)Cataloging tools
(5)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre1991
(6)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre, LAWG Archives : off site storage
(7)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : miscellanious
(8)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : brochure
(9)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : annual review1987
(10)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : computerization
(11)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : fundraising
(12)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : letters to refugee lawyersMay 1991
(13)ISIS worksheet
(14)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : letterhead and change of address
(15)Lay of the land
(16)Social service employment programme (Luisa)1992-1993
(17)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada : bibliography project
(18)Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada1992-1993
(19)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
(20)Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada : project #1
(21)Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada1990
(22)Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada : invoices1990
(23)Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada : worksheet
(24)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : Levi Strauss1990
(25)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre1990
(26)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : financial statement1988
(27)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : financial statement1989
(28)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : financial statement1990-1991
(29)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : income tax form1987
(30)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : income tax form1986
(31)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : computerization report1987
(32)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : promotions
(33)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : centre for research on Latin America and the Caribbean discussions1988-1989
(34)MICRO : ISIS user group1989-1990
(35)Bertrand Russell II[197-]
(36)Bertrand Russell II : correspondence and internal organizational papers[197-]
(37)Bertrand Russell Tribunal III : correspondence[197-] 1 of 2
(38)Bertrand Russell Tribunal III : correspondence[197-] 2 of 2
(39)Dominican Republic campaign1973
(40)Dominican Republic campaign : human rights and election1974
(41)Campaign against CGT repression1975
(42)Ad-hoc committee for human rights in the Dominican Republic1975
(43)Dominican Republic CGT tour1976
(44)Gallanger's Randall report1975-1976 1 of 2
(45)Gallanger's Randall report1975-1976 2 of 2
(46)Guyana information bulletin1973-1974
(47)Taskforce on the churches and corporate responsibility1975
(48)Taskforce on the churches and corporate responsibility1976-1978

Call Number: 2004-016/016


(1)Counterpoint : microfilmed materials See also boxes /031 and /033.
(2)Counterpoint : slide film : Caribbean 1 of 2. ca. 160 slides.
(3)Counterpoint : slide film : Caribbean 2 of 2. ca. 80 slides
(4)Counterpoint : LAWG trade union tour to Central America : photos by Rhonda JessomeMarch 1988
(5)CINDI [Canadian Information Network on Development Issues] : incorporation
(6)CINDI : corporations act
(7)CINDI : minutes and meetings1983-1984
(8)CINDI : development contents1989
(9)CINDI : periodical lists1984
(11)Pinney proposal
(12)CINDI : general proposal
(13)CINDI : feasibility study papers1992
(14)CINDI : finance1992-1994
(15)CINDI : minutes1986-1996
(16)CINDI : advisory committee
(17)CINDI : programme committee1991-1992
(18)CINDI : letter of agreement, contract(s)1991-1994
(19)CINDI : correspondence1992-1994
(20)CINDI project : background resource centre proposal1992 1 of 2
(21)CINDI project : background resource centre Proposal1992 2 of 2


(22)CINDI : minutes1994
(23)Counterpoint : library users1982-1987
(24)Counterpoint : acquisitions1975-1986
(25)Counterpoint : data sub group1983
(26)Counterpoint : library forms
(27)Counterpoint : periodical list1984
(28)Counterpoint : library Canada worksSummer 1984
(29)Counterpoint : library summer works1985
(30)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : advisory board1986-1989
(31)Counterpoint : resource centre committee1985
(32)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : committee1986-1987
(33)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : committee1988
(34)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : statements1988
(35)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : committee1989
(36)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : researchers
(37)RC : correspondence1983
(38)RC : correspondence1983-1984
(39)RC : correspondence1985
(40)RC : correspondence1986
(41)Proposal and recommendations for Canada-Latin American computerization9 November 1987
(42)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : correspondence1987 1 of 2
(43)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : correspondence1987 2 of 2
(44)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : correspondence and researchers1988 1 of 2
(45)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : correspondence and researchers1988 2 of 2

Call Number: 2004-016/017
(1)Canadian International Development Agency : public program division : Canada-Latin American Resource Centre proposal1988
(2)Canadian International Development Agency : public participation program division proposal : letters of support1988
(3)CERLAC : graduate assistant for Canada-Latin American Resource Centre1988
(4)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : computer project1988-1989
(5)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre and OLAP
(6)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : requests1989 1 of 2
(7)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : requests1989 2 of 2
(8)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : users, lawyers1989 2 of 2
(9)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : users1989 2 of 2
(10)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre1990-
(11)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : requests1990
(12)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : users, lawyers1990
(14)Library and information workers
(15)Trade union national : Central America Guatemala
(16)Guatemala tour : Canada1979
(17)Guatemala tour : responses1979
(18)Guatemala tour : follow up1979
(19)Guatemala tourApri 26-May 26, 1979
(20)Guatemala LAWG releases : CNT killings1979
(21)Guatemala work in Canada1980
(22)Guatemala trade union tour to CanadaMay 1980
(23)Guatemala : Lorne Quick
(24)Guatemala response to appeal letterJanuary 1980
(25)CNT appeal letter : GuatemalaJune 1980
(26)Guatemala labour : international affiliations1979-1980
(27)Telegram response : Guatemalan arrest1981
(28)Press release : Miguel's arrest1981
(29)Guatemalan's arrests in Costa Rica, paid advertisements1981
(30)Guatemala : solidarity labour Canadian1979-1982
(31)Guatemala : San Carlos university1980
(32)Guatemala : INCO video1977-1978
(33)Solidarity : teachers, Guatemala : CAULT1981
(34)Guatemala : Comision Coordinadora Europa1981
(35)Washington conference : NicaraguaNovember 1981
(36)Solorzano visit : PSD and follow upJanuary 1982
(37)Solorzano, MarioJanuary 1981
(38)CNUS : Canada1982
(39)Guatemala : human rights committee : CanadaNovember 1982
(40)CGUP : Canada
(41)TEATRO VIVOSeptember, October 1983
(42)Kin Lalat tour1983
(43)Guatemala and International Labor Organization
(44)Guatemala : labour : urgent action1984-1985
(45)Duralux campaign : Guatemala1985
(46)Guatemala labour history : Coke : international
(47)LAWG press releases : Guatemala Coke
(48)LAWG : information kit : mailing : Guatemala CokeApril 1984
(49)LAWG : information kit : mailing : Guatemala CokeNovember 1984
(50)Guatemala : Coca Cola materials : Spanish
(51)CNUS : Coke1984
(52)Coke : church/religious support1980-1985
(53)Canadian Labour Congress and Coca Cola : Guatemala1984-1985
(54)Canadian trade union support1984-1985
(55)Guatemala Coke : British Columbia solidarity committee1984-1985
(56)Coke international campaign
(57)Labour : BFCSD : brewery workers1979
(58)Telegrams : urgent action1985
(59)Strike : Fabrica de Hilados Lunafil1987
(61)Guatemala : Lunafil[198-]
(62)Lunafil : urgent action1988
(63)Guatemalan trade union tour to CanadaNovember 14-December 4, 1987
(64)Correspondence : Guatemala : trade union tours1987 1 of 2
(65)Correspondence : Guatemala : trade union tours1987 2 of 2

Andes [National Teachers Association of El Salvador]

(66)Andes [National Teachers Association of El Salvador] tour to CanadaApril 1981
(67)El Salvador : resolutions, support : Andes1981-1982
(68)Andes : financial campaign1981-1982
(70)Teachers : WCOTP conferenceAugust 1982
(71)Andes : general correspondenceOctober 21, 1981
(72)Andes : Canadian teachers federations and boards1981-1983
(73)Andes : original letter to Canadian teachers1980
(74)Andes : OECTAJune 29, 1982
(75)Press release : AndesJanuary 1982
(76)Andes : capture of Andes executiveAugust 1982


(77)Teachers : labour history
(78)Teachers : Nicaragua : Anden
(79)Teachers : British Columbia teachers solidarity committee
(80)Teachers : FOMCA tourFall 1983
(81)Teachers : FOMCA aid projects
(82)Teachers : FOMCA second seminarSeptember 1-4, 1983

Call Number: 2004-016/018
(1)Guatemala urgent actionJune 7, 1991


(2)Trade union national : Honduras
(3)Honduras : urgent action
(4)Honduras : CNTC visit1988
(5)Honduran trade union tour1990

Other Central America labour

(6)Federacion de Sindicatos de Trabajadores de Seguridad Social y Salud de Centro-America y Panama
(7)Costa Rica labour
(8)Petro Canada & Costa Rica

Finances/financial files

(9)Sample of general appealDecember 1985
(10)LAWG early financial information
(11)Secretary of state : student community service program1976-1977
(12)Experience culture and recreation1978-1979
(14)LAWG finance file1982
(15)Associate members : donations1983
(16)Finance committee meetings1983-1985
(18)Financial statements1986
(19)Finance committee : budget1987-1988
(20)LAWG budget : statements1989
(21)Fundraising committee1989-1991
(22)LAWG budget : statements1990
(23)Fundraiser : administrator job description1989
(24)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : budget : statements1989-1990
(25)LAWG budget1991

Fundraising committee

(26)Fundraising committee : budgeting
(27)Fundraising committee : CCC (Canadian Council of Churches) donations1987
(28)Fundraising committee : security
(29)Fundraising committee : OXFAM1989
(30)Fundraising committee : Gestetners/ CUSO, Central America
(31)Fundraising committee : budget : labour program1991
(32)Fundraising committee : labour fundraising1991
(33)Fundraising committee : labour fundraising1992
(34)Fundraising committee : labour fundraising1993
(35)Fundraising committee : clips LAWG1989
(36)Fundraising Committee : clips1989
(37)Fundraising Committee : Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : WINTARIO - equipment grant1989
(38)Fundraising committee : The Lay of the Land


(39)Events : Nicaragua-Randall, [Margaret]
(40)Events : LAWG mention in press
(41)Events : LAWG special events
(42)Events : Domitila tourApril-May 1981
(43)Events : press conference : Cockburn conference1986
(44)Events : Martha Honey
(45)Events : Angel Parra concert tour of CanadaMay-June 1987
(46)Events : Angel Parra concerts1988
(47)Events : Mayworks, Larry Towell exclusive1990
(48)Events : Sergio Ramirez visit1990
(49)Events : Canatata Centroamericana1988
(50)Events : Teatro Vivo
(51)Events : Ungo event1989
(52)Events : press releases1984
(53)Events : LAWG quotedup to 1984

Quarterly report

(54)Quarterly report : samples1981-current
(55)Work reports1988
(56)Quarterly report fundraiserNovember 1986
(57)Quarterly report
(58)Quarterly report - snapshot : part I
(59)Snapshots : part II quarterly reportNovember 1986

Annual reports

(60)LAWG report on projects and activities1967
(61)Annual reviews, 1977-present1977-
(62)Latin American Working Group annual reviews1978, 1983-1988
(63)LAWG annual review1982
(64)Latin American Working Group annual reports1988-1990
(65)Central America Update : correspondence1993
(66)Central America update : LAWG letter : "open for business" : the orders1991
(67)Central America update : LAWG leaflet, history
(68)Central America update : LAWG an introduction
(69)Central America update : New Interfaith Commitment for Action advertisements
(70)Central America update : press releases
(71)Central America update : LAWG clippings
(72)Central America update : 1989 Chilean election information kit
(73)Central America update : LAWG : Jesuit centre agreements
(74)Central America update : LAWG publications, subscription information
(75)Central America update : format codes
(76)Central America update : CAU promotion
(77)Central America update : publications: royalties
(78)Central America update : CAU budget
(79)Central America update : kudos, reprints
(80)Central America update : publication correspondence1985
(81)Central America update : exchanges
(82)Central America update : application to Holy Trinity1988
(83)Central America update : New Interfaith Commitment for Action
(84)Central America update : CAU redesign
(85)Central America update : CAU printing/style etc. promotion

Call Number: 2004-016/019
(1)[Common Frontiers] project1989-1990
(2)Miscellaneous LAWG publications
(3)Population Target : the political economy of population control in Latin America by Bonnie Mass1976
(4)Perpetuating poverty : the political economy of Canadian foreign aid by Robert Carty & Virginia Smith1981
(5)Structural adjustment1990
(6)Various newsletters and reviews 1 of 2
(7)Various newsletters and reviews 2 of 2
(8)Canada and the Central American peace process : selected documentsSeptember 1990
(9)Una mujer donde este debe hacer revolution1983
(10)"The impact of economic restructuring in Southern Ontario", prepared by the Latin American Working Group
(11)Issue of ...aid1988
(12)Issue of peace1988
(13)Lay of the land
(14)Central American women's project : funding women's project
(15)Central American women's project : Latin American women's newsletter project correspondence
(16)Central American women's project : drafts for Central American women speak for themselves
(17)Central American women's project : material for women's kit 1 of 2
(18)Central American women's project : material for women's kit 2 of 2
(19)LAWG fundraising files : Central American women speak for themselves published by the Latin American Working Group
(20)LAWG fundraising files : una mujer donde este debe hacer revolucion (a woman should make revolution wherever she is)
(21)LAWG fundraising files : various fundraising letters 1 of 2
(22)LAWG fundraising files : various fundraising letters 2 of 2
(23)LAWG fundraising files : fundraising lettersSeptember 1988/1989
(24)LAWG fundraising files : January subscription renewal
(25)LAWG fundraising files : LAWG associates1984
(26)LAWG fundraising files : thank you letters : samples
(27)LAWG fundraising files : Anglican Church of Canada fundraising
(28)LAWG fundraising files : Anglican Church
(29)LAWG fundraising files : Anglican Church1988
(30)LAWG fundraising files : Anglican Church1989
(31)LAWG fundraising files : Anglican Church :world program1990
(32)LAWG fundraising files : Canadian Catholic Organization For Development And Peace (D+P) fundraising
(33)LAWG fundraising files : development & peace1986-1989
(34)LAWG fundraising files : Canadian Catholic Organization For Development And Peace1990-1992
(35)LAWG fundraising files : CUSO
(36)LAWG fundraising files : CUSO national1988
(37)LAWG fundraising files : CUSO national1989
(38)LAWG fundraising files : CUSO1990
(39)LAWG fundraising files : CUSO1991
(40)LAWG fundraising files : Central America emergency project1984
(41)LAWG fundraising files : Bentall foundation proposal, "Canadian Christians & Central America"1990/91
(42)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM1983
(43)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM national1987
(44)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM national1988
(45)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM Ontario1988
(46)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM national1989
(47)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM Ontario1989
(48)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM overseas1990
(49)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM PAED1990
(50)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM Ontario1990
(51)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM overseas1991
(52)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM PAED1991
(53)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM OntarioMarch 1991
(54)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM national1992
(55)LAWG fundraising files : OXFAM Ontario1992
(56)LAWG fundraising files : Presbyterian Church of Canada
(57)LAWG fundraising files : religious orders fundraising1979-1993 1 of 2
(58)LAWG fundraising files : religious orders fundraising1979-1993 2 of 2
(59)LAWG fundraising files : Scarborough Foreign Missions fundraising
(60)LAWG fundraising files : Sisters of St. Joseph, London
(61)LAWG fundraising files : Steel Workers humanity fund
(62)LAWG fundraising files : seminar evaluationsJanuary -February 1982
(63)LAWG fundraising files : United Church : fundraising
(64)LAWG fundraising files : div. world outreach/ United Church1986-1989
(65)LAWG fundraising files : United Church - DWO1990-1993
(66)LAWG fundraising files : URM-WCC
(67)LAWG fundraising files : WICC1986
(68)LAWG fundraising files : WICC1987

Labour work

(69)Fern's work plans1990/91
(70)Mexico and Nicaragua tripSeptember/ October 1990
(71)Cheryl Stadnichuck1990-1991
(72)LOCALS [Linking Ontario and Central American in Labour Solidarity] : locals exec. meetings1986-1989
(73)LOCALS : meeting minutes25 September 1988
(74)LOCALS : correspondence
(75)Labour terms English/Spanish
(76)British Columbia Nicaragua labour sub-group
(77)National Central America Labour Solidarity Network
(78)national networkNovember 1989
(79)consultative board -labour1989-1990

Call Number: 2004-016/020
(1)Network meeting in MexicoFebruary-March 1991
(2)Network meeting : Mayne IslandJune 1991
(3)Network meeting : Kimberly, OntarioNovember 1991
(4)Solidarity works1992
(5)Free trade
(6)Common frontiers
(7)Common frontiers : project proposals
(8)Common frontiers : minutes, notes, meetings
(9)Free trade meeting in Mexico1990
(10)Common frontiers : committee work minutes1991-1992
(11)Common frontiers : minutes1993
(12)Common frontiers : materials
(13)Free trade : common frontiers : United States-Mexico-Canada labour solidarity project : Labour Notes
(14)Free trade/ common frontiers : Maquila project Mexican labour tour Canada LAWG project proposal1993
(15)Caese's LAWG work with non governmental organizations : CUSO orientations1982-1991
(16)Caese's LAWG work with non governmental organizations : CUSO orientations correspondence1982-1991
(17)Caese's LAWG work with non governmental organizations : CUSO orientation evaluations1982-1991
(18)Caese's LAWG work with non governmental organizations : CUSO kits correspondence1982-1991
(19)Caese's LAWG work with non governmental organizations : CUSO kits : Bolivia1982-1991
(20)Latin America regional information, CUSO education department with input from the Latin American Working GroupDecember 1988
(21)Non government organizations work : El Salvador : monitoring group "keeping space open" project1989-1990
(22)Non governmental organizations work : briefing papers & prep. documents : El Salvador monitoring
(23)Non-governmental organizations work : El Salvador monitoring group1989-1990
(24)Non-governmental organizations work : orientation : ESMG delegation27 January 1990
(25)Non-governmental organizations work : travel to El Salvador1990
(26)Non-governmental organizations work : lobbying & advocacy for Central America1990-1991
(27)LAWG tours: ETS : exposure tours for solidarity1986-1987
(28)LAWG tours : public sector tour of Central America : orientation materialsFebruary 1986
(29)LAWG tours : slide show1986
(30)LAWG tours : British Columbia/ Nicaragua : LAWG tour : British Columbia orientation materialsNovember 1986
(31)LAWG tours : British Columbia, Nicaragua : LAWG tour to Central AmericaNovember 1986
(32)LAWG tours : diploma of recognition from El Sindicato de trabajadores de la fabrica Lunafil, South America
(33)LAWG tours : two woven and stitched banners
(34)LAWG tours : British Columbia, Nicaragua : LAWG tour evaluation1986
(35)LAWG tours : British Columbia, Nicaragua : LAWG tour to El Salvador & Guatemala
(37)action alert : Canadian declaration for peace in Central AmericaOctober-November 1987
(38)LAWG tours : public sector tour1987
(39)LAWG tours : P.S. tour to Central America orientation1987
(40)LAWG tours : originals : orientation kit LOCALS P.S. tour1987
(41)LAWG tours : notes from tour to Guatemala & Nicaragua1987
(42)LAWG tours : tour minutes1987
(43)LAWG tours : minutes from meetings in Central America LAWG tour1987
(44)LAWG tours : P.S. tour1987
(45)LAWG tours : tour materials1988
(46)LAWG tours : notebook1986
(47)LAWG tours : book I minutes of study tour to Central America : NicaraguaFebruary 27- March 14,1988
(48)LAWG tours : book II minutes of study tour to Central America : NicaraguaFebruary 27- March 14,1988
(49)LAWG tours : book III minutes of study tour to Central America : NicaraguaFebruary 27- March 14,1988

Call Number: 2004-016/021
(1)FOMCA : correspondence1984-1986
(2)FOMCA : Central American teachers federation
(3)FOMCA tour
(4)Sugar workers ICCSASW : sugar conference - internal1977
(5)Sugar workers ICCSASW : Dominican Republic sugar conference1982
(6)Sugar workers ICCSASW : minutes of meetings1984-1989
(7)Sugar workers ICCSASW : sugar[198-]
(8)Sugar workers ICCSASW : sugar projects
(9)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file categories a to h 1 of 2. ca. ca. 137 slides
(10)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file categories a to h 2 of 2. ca. 157 slides
(11)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file categories [ci to z] 1 of 3. ca. 251 slides
(12)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file categories [ci to z] 2 of 3. ca. 205 slides
(13)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file categories [ci to z] 3 of 3. ca. 254 slides
(14)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file category z ca. 68 slides
(15)Sugar workers ICCSASW : South Africa ca. 269 slides
(16)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file North America & Europe ca. 105 slides
(17)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file Central America ca. 255 slides
(18)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file South America 1 : Argentina - Brazil ca. 214 slides
(19)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slide file South America 3 : Columbia - Peru ca. 317 slides
(20)Sugar workers ICCSASW : Nicaragua #1 ca. 105 slides
(21)Sugar workers ICCSASW : Nicaragua tray #4 ca. 62 slides
(22)Sugar workers ICCSASW : Brazil ca. 120 slides
(23)Sugar workers ICCSASW : the working people of Central America : slides and scriptJuly 1983 ca. 139 slides
(24)Sugar workers ICCSASW : working people in Central America : 26 mins audio cassette
(25)Sugar workers ICCSASW : slides from Myths - out of order, partial script for slide tape : colonialism ca. 137 slides
(26)Sugar workers ICCSASW : Myths audio cassette
(27)Sugar workers ICCSASW : we want our nickel back : the story of Falconbridge, slides and script (master) ca. 127 slides
(28)Sugar workers ICCSASW : we want our nickel back: the story of Falconbridge audio cassette

Call Number: 2004-016/022
(1)Labour network on Central America slide show and slide show instructions ca. 103 slides
(2)workers & unions in the new Nicaragua Labor network on Central America : side a : audible signal, side b : inaudible Signal Audio cassette
(3)Costa Rica : a country in crisis slides (master) and script ca. 130 slides
(4)Costa Rica (master) : 19mins 10sec Audio cassette
(5)Dependency by design, slides, rental ca. 108 slides
(6)Dependencia por mandato rental copy, spanish dependency by design, script missing ca. 52 slides
(7)Guatemala's nightmare : slides and script : popular educationMarch 1983 ca. 80 slides
(8)Guatemala's nightmareMarch 1983 Audio cassette
(9)Our land, our life, our future the Guaymi people and Cerro Colorado : slides and script ca. 108 slides
(10)Our land, our life, our future Audio cassette
(11)Guatemala vencera: slides and script: 25 minutesJanuary 1982 ca. 131 slides
(12)GuatemalaJanuary 1982 Audio cassette
(13)Dependency by design : Spanish slides 1-120 ca. 118 slides
(14)Dependencia planificada Audio cassette
(15)Dependency by design no pulse Audio cassette
(16)Brasil ca. 83 slides
(17)Josef Mann Der Vorsehung : 3 deutsch ca. 217 slides
(18)Nicaragua slides : Atlantic coast ca. 235 slides
(19)Nick ca. 59 slides
(20)E.S. UNTS demo1986 ca. 53 slides
(21)Miscellaneous slides : Nicaragua, Chile, etc. ca. 32 slides
(22)Miscellaneous slides ca. 78 slides
(23)Miscellaneous slides : Nicaragua etc ca. 34 slides
(24)Miscellaneous slides : P.A.W. etc ca. 43 slides
(25)Journal : Mexico Video cassette
(26)Elvia : the fight for land and liberty : 27 minutes Video cassette
(27)Farmer's brigade : "man alive" : Peter Raymont Video cassette
(28)UNCO : P.A.W. : Don & AlisonApril 1989 Video cassette
(29)"Denial" : Canadian Broadcasting Company documentary on El Salvador : Darren 226-2662 Video cassette
(30)Vayamos orientation : John FosterJanuary 7, 1987 Video cassette
(31)Dependency by design 8mm film strip
(32)Brazil 8mm film strip

Call Number: 2004-016/023
(1)National assembly Audio cassette
(2)CSN part 2 : CSN part 3 : minister of labour part 1 Audio cassette
(3)Nicaragua must survive Audio cassette
(4)Handicapped rehabilitation centre : social security system part 1 Audio cassette
(5)Social security system part 2 : last part of meeting INSSBI : meeting with Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional/ DRI part 1February 24, 1986 Audio cassette
(6)CST meeting part 2 : Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional/ DRA meeting part 2 : CST meetingFebruary 24, 1986 Audio cassette
(7)CST meeting wind up : UNAG meeting : TELCOR part 1February 24/25, 1986 Audio cassette
(8)TELCOR part 2 : [Carduiale] part 1 Audio cassette
(9)Victoria brewing workersFebruary 25, 1986 Audio cassette
(10)M. Flores co-op : heros & martyrs : estali councilFebruary 26, 1986 Audio cassette
(11)CST discussion : CITA-INDI : estali councilFebruary 26, 1986 Audio cassette
(12)Lunafil updatewinter 1988 Audio cassette
(13)H.C.March 28, 1989 Audio cassette
(14)"San Salvador" as it happensNovember 13, 1989 Audio cassette
(15)STISS Canadian appealSeptember 1987 Audio cassette
(16)UNTS interview : San SalvadorSeptember 1987 Audio cassette
(17)Institute for economic analysis part 1 Audio cassette
(18)ASTTEL part1February 19, 1986 Audio cassette
(19)[no title] Audio cassette
(20)[no title] Audio cassette
(21)Hospital visit conclusion : SUS meeting part 1February 27, 1986 Audio cassette
(22)CUS first part & then tape seized part 2 : national assembly : AMNLAEFebruary 27,1986 Audio cassette
(23)AMNLAE part 2 : AMNLAE part 3 : CSN part 1February 28, 1986 Audio cassette
(24)FETSALUD meeting : hospital visitFebruary 27/28, 1986 Audio cassette
(25)Trade union federation of Guatemala : FDR/ FNLN part 1 Audio cassette
(26)FDR/FNLN part 2 : FENASTRAS part 1February 15, 1986 Audio cassette
(27)FENASTRAS part 2February 15, 1986 Audio cassette
(28)Night sessionFebruary 17, 1986 Audio cassette
(29)Minister of labour : Canadian embassy official Lambert Audio cassette
(30)Fenastras : last part of meetingFebruary 18, 1986 Audio cassette
(31)OSILS (CARAZO) Audio cassette
(32)Ministry of labourFebruary 28, 1986 Audio cassette
(33)OSILS (CARAZO) part 3 Audio cassette
(34)CCTEM part 2 : OSILSFebruary 20, 1986 Audio cassette
(35)Sugar workers meeting part 2 : afternoon COASES 4:40pmFebruary 19, 1986 Audio cassette
(36)UPD meeting part2 : sugar refinery workers part1February 19, 1986 Audio cassette
(37)SETA workersFebruary 20, 1986 audio cassette
(38)ANDES : CCTEMFebruary 20, 1986 Audio cassette
(39)Human rights committee : committee of mothersFebruary 21, 1986 Audio cassette
(40)NICO general discussionFebruary 22, 1986 Audio cassette
(41)Feedbacks regarding ES meetingsFebruary 22, 1986 Audio cassette
(42)Report backsFebruary 22, 1986 Audio cassette
(43)NICO : final ES : tour evaluation : report back : follow-up procedures Audio cassette
(44)NICO day 1 : UNE Audio cassette
(45)UNE Audio cassette

Call Number: 2004-016/024
(1)ANS Thursday : CENCOS26, 27, 1973 Audio cassette
(2)AsianNovember 14, [1973] Audio cassette
(3)ASTTEL/CWC interviewJune 25, 1987 Audio cassette
(4)Fernanda/ Alfonso GrauNovember 1 Audio cassette
(5)Austin SomboloMarch 5, 1984 Audio cassette
(6)Angel Parra : Hugh Marsh Audio cassette
(7)AmnlaeJune 16 Audio cassette
(8)Mendosa Audio cassette
(9)Asian N.S. : O'SullivanOctober 5, November 1 Audio cassette
(10)ANSJune 13, 1983 Audio cassette
(11)Asian N.S. Audio cassette
(12)ANSOctober 17-19, 31 November 1,2 Audio cassette
(13)ANS Canadian EmbassyOctober 2 Audio cassette
(14)[RAF] NACLA Ottawa : Asian Monday 24th Audio cassette
(15)Agencia Centroamerica libre Audio cassette
(16)Andes interview Audio cassette
(17)Arlene Mantle "on the line" songs for social change Audio cassette
(18)AsianOctober 8, 9 Audio cassette
(19)Asian : Florrie ANS, AL GedSeptember 27 Audio cassette
(20)Balmore AraveloMarch 1989 Audio cassette
(21)Beatrice Allende in Cuba Audio cassette
(22)The end of capitalism in Chile Maurice Zeitlin part 1 Audio cassette
(23)CorintoJune 9 Audio cassette
(24)CUS Audio cassette
(25)The end of capitalism in Chile : Maurice Zeitlin : part 2 Audio cassette
(26)Church : partyJune 12, 1983 Audio cassette
(27)CUSJune 15, [1983] Audio cassette
(28)CDSJune 14, 1983 Audio cassette
(29)Carmen Castillo : LAWG women's president Audio cassette
(30)CGT Santos : CGT Neruda Audio cassette
(31)Cantata Audio cassette
(32)Maria Helena explains CONCLAT/PROCUT Audio cassette
(33)Centeno : asttel derechos humanos hondcerasOctober 4 Audio cassette
(34)Comite de familiares de desaparacidos/ detainapos on HondurasDecember 14, 1983 Audio cassette
(35)CSNJune 13, [1983] Audio cassette
(36)CENOSSeptember 26, [1983] Audio cassette
(37)Cordones industries : comandos comunales-jap. Audio cassette
(38)CBC program on l'Febreuve Audio cassette
(39)CST press conference : FSLN-DRI HugoJune 18, 1983 Audio cassette
(40)"Dominican Republic"1965-1976 Audio cassette
(41)Tim Dramin speaking to locals on Canadian foreign policy in Central America : Dramin on Canadian foreign policy in Central AmericaDecember 16, 1986 Audio cassette
(42)Declaration of Herman Ortega at MTL airport : arrival at MTL airport : interview with Mrs Allende at MTL airport Audio cassette
(43)Dos SantosSeptember 26, 1974 Audio cassette
(44)Dos Santos Audio cassette

Call Number: 2004-016/025
(1)Enriquez #1[May 22, 1972] Audio cassette
(2)Enriquez #2May 22, 1972 Audio cassette
(3)[El-Yorun]May 10 Audio cassette
(4)El Salvador Audio cassette
(5)Exmibaz[1973] Audio cassette
(6)Eduardo Rojas Audio cassette
(7)Errol BarrowFebruary 24, 1985 Audio cassette
(8)Ernesto Cardenal : Trinity church Audio cassette
(9)Falconbridge AGM : questions1974 Audio cassette
(10)Falcon [Falconbridge] AGM1974 Audio cassette
(11)Fernando Cardoso & Julie Cotler speaking on Latin America : University of TorontoMarch 5, 1973 Audio cassette
(12)Fernanda NavarroOctober 20, 1973 Audio cassette
(13)Fernando Gasparian Audio cassette
(14)GarreteDecember 1974 Audio cassette
(15)Granja : end of human rights commissionJune 16, 1983 Audio cassette
(16)Grameno Audio cassette
(17)Canadian Broadcasting Corporation program on L'Febreuve Audio cassette
(18)Gosovic Audio cassette
(19)Guatemalans Audio cassette
(20)Gorostiaga part 2 Audio cassette
(21)Gorostiaga part 1 Audio cassette
(22)Guatemalan songs : Sobrino Audio cassette
(23)Hyatt Regincy Audio cassette
(24)Press conference : Capitol building : Washington D.C.December 8, 1983 Audio cassette
(25)Press conference : Canada councilDecember 9, 1983 Audio cassette
(26)Hortensia Allende's soldier to North American : Spanish Audio cassette
(27)Housing minister Audio cassette
(28)Herberto Castillo Audio cassette
(29)Health : STISSS interviewSeptember 1987 Audio cassette
(30)Human rights commission : Thomas Borge : ManaguaJune 17, 1983 Audio cassette
(31)Untitled Audio cassette
(32)Human rights commission part 1June 16 Audio cassette
(33)Human rights commission part 2June 16 Audio cassette
(34)Interviews : Cummings (Columbia) : Blake (Brazil) : with Drew Annwake coop radio Vancouver : trade commissioner (Mexico)[1973] Audio cassette
(35)Interview with Falcon union in the Dominican RepublicMay 1976 Audio cassette
(36)Instituto del Sandinismo : end of mis[h]ito Granja conversation with Mary on busJune 16/17, 1983 Audio cassette
(37)Instituto de Sandinismo Audio cassette
(38)Interview with Canadian in Chile : uncut version : Florrie ChaconSeptember 15, 1973 Audio cassette
(39)Interview with Eduardo Raja : Chilean CUT leader : Toronto1975 Audio cassette
(40)John Stockwell : the secret wars of the CIA part 1 : the highest ranking official to ever leave the agency and go public Audio cassette
(41)John Stockwell : the secret wars of the CIA part 2 Audio cassette
(42)Jair MenaguelliAugust 25, 1982 Audio cassette
(43)Leo Jonston : Levill Audio cassette
(44)LAWG twentieth anniversary historical tape : compiled by Suzanne DudziakJune 1986 Audio cassette

Call Number: 2004-016/026
(1)Leo Johnston : tape 4 Audio cassette
(2)Leo Johnston : tape 1 Audio cassette
(3)MiplanJune 13, 1983 Audio cassette
(4)MiplanJune 13, 1983 Audio cassette
(5)Mendes ArceaApril 26 Audio cassette
(6)Martha Honey at LAWGOctober 26, 1987 Audio cassette
(7)The missing : audio visual Audio cassette
(8)Miguel Enriquez : resistencia popular : Chile : expresion joven : Dominican Republic Audio cassette
(9)Maria Helena Moreira AlvesAugust 25, 1982 Audio cassette
(10)Martin Kriele : observer at Bolivian election : Audio cassette
(11)Canadian Broadcasting Corporation : Mexico : Bob CartyOctober 21, 1990 Audio cassette
(12)MexicoNovember 6 Audio cassette
(13)Marcos Aruda : ibase : Brazil inst[itute] for economic and social analysisSeptember 29, 1983 Audio cassette
(14)Murd[orh]June 1 Audio cassette
(15)Milicianas : interviews : interview with Veronica Lacyo : AMNLAE Audio cassette
(16)Midradklare Audio cassette
(17)Madeleinde Parent Audio cassette
(18)Michael Klare Audio cassette

Call Number: 2004-016/027
(1)Seminar on corporate responsibility Audio cassette
(2)Socialist party twentieth anniverasry : speeches by Y[orhida], Na[kamura], NreharaDecember 8 Audio cassette
(3)Sunday morning El Salvador : Chris BrooksOctober 5, 1986 Audio cassette
(4)SantiagoOctober 21, 1973 Audio cassette
(5)Madres de heroes y martires : mostly texnicsa Audio cassette
(6)End of council of state : Texnicsa Audio cassette
(7)Telcor UNE : first cassetteJune 8, 1983 Audio cassette
(8)Telcor UNE : second cassetteJune 8, 1983 Audio cassette
(9)LAWG exposure tour consultation : 3-4May 22, 1987 Audio cassette
(10)LAWG exposure tour consultationMay 22, 1987 Audio cassette
(11)Division of labour Audio cassette
(12)Division of labour Audio cassette
(13)Tobacco farm app. : Institute for appropriate technology Audio cassette
(14)Valdivieso center : AMNLAE Audio cassette
(15)Division of labour : tape 1/2June 6, 1983 Audio cassette
(16)UNAGJune 11 Audio cassette
(17)Victor and Roberto Audio cassette
(18)Victor y Roberto Audio cassette
(19)[untitled] Audio cassette
(20)[untitled]November 25, 1983 Audio cassette
(21)[untitled][1973] Audio cassette
(22)Fidel II Audio cassette
(23)[untitled] Audio cassette
(24)[untitled] Audio cassette
(25)[untitled] Audio cassette
(26)[untitled] Audio cassette
(27)Recorder A : side 3 ; side 4 Audio cassette
(28)Family : Dominican Republic : edited by Patrick Hughes1965-1975 Audio cassette
(29)Audio slide presentation Audio cassette
(30)Brazil economy Audio cassette
(31)Chile Audio cassette
(32)From a different perspective : program #24 : Audio cassette
(33)Toronto Latin America conference Audio cassette
(34)Study : Jim TesterMarch 1978 Audio cassette
(35)Radio SanJune 11-13, 1979 Audio cassette
(36)Viva Nicaragua Libre : English version Ingles Audio cassette
(37)Tape 4 Audio cassette
(38)Tape 5 Audio cassette
(39)Tape 6 Audio cassette
(40)Tape 7 Audio cassette
(41)Tape 8 Audio cassette
(42)Tape 8A Audio cassette

Call Number: 2004-016/028

LAWG letter

(1)LAWG Newsletter vol. 1 no. 31973
(2)LAWG Letter vol. II no. 1-2,3,5-81974-1975
(3)LAWG Letter vol. III no. 1,2,5-81975-1976
(4)LAWG Letter Vol. IV no. 1-8 : an intervention handbook : Canadians and the crisis in Central America1976-1977
(5)LAWG Letter vol. V no. 1-81977-1978
(6)LAWG Letter vol. VI no. 1-61979-1980
(7)LAWG Letter vol. VII no. 1-61981-1982
(8)LAWG Letter vol. VIII no. 1-31982-1984

Call Number: 2004-016/029
(1)LAWG Letter vol. IX no. 1,31984-1986
(2)LAWG Letter vol. X no. 1,21987-1988
(3)LAWG Letter no. 44-481989-1996

Call Number: 2004-016/030
(1)Van Der W[erd] #2[ca.1972] Audio reel
(2)Side 1, Rochdale education meeting panel, Bob, Chandler, Kehoe : side 2, Macdonald (ind. institute), John Bradford ([chair] of council)[ca.1972] Audio reel
(3)Latin America nun #2[ca.1972] Video tape, V-30H
(4)Chile part 1February 5, 1972 Video tape, V-30H
(5)Chile part 2[February 5, 1972] Video tape, V-30H
(6)Latin America nun #1[ca.1972] Video tape, V-30H
(7)Ronald Stokes : coop radio[ca.1972] Audio reel
(8)untitled Audio reel
(9)Madame DavarroOctober 30 [ca.1972] Audio reel
(10)RossOctober 30[ca.1972] Audio reel
(11)McFadden 4 : J.R. Van Der W[erd] tape 3[ca.1972] Audio reel
(12)untitled Audio reel
(13)J.M. McFadden : Van Der W[erd][ca.1972] Audio reel
(14)Szada 2 : Van Der W[erd][ca.1972] Audio reel

Call Number: 2004-016/031
(1)CLARC : roll 1, box 1 : Noranda : 38 sheets Micro fiche
(2)Noranda : 52 sheets Micro fiche
(3)CLARC : roll 2, box 2 : INCO : 31 sheets Micro fiche
(4)Castle & Cook inc. : 59 sheets Micro fiche
(5)Falconbridge general : 28 sheets Micro fiche
(6)Falconbridge material : 42 sheets Micro fiche
(7)Exmibal : 41 sheets Micro fiche
(8)CLARC : box 1 : Brascan : 38 sheets Micro fiche

Call Number: 2004-016/032
(1)[untitled audio reel no. C05188] 1600 6pi : 9 track EBCDIC : rec. length : 130 : block factor : 20 : 1 file Nicaragua Ontario[ca. 1987] Audio reel
(2)[untitled audio reel no. C05189] record length : 139 : block factor : 10 : file(s) 10July 2, 1987 Audio reel
(3)[untitled audio reel] LAWG 7 1/2 ips : mixed master : 20.48 Audio reel
(4)Falconbridge : LAWG 7 1/2 mixed master : 30min.October 7, 1978 Audio reel
(5)Five nights : petro dollars : P. Barnard Audio reel
(6)AHORA : master tape : mono full track 7.5 ips Audio reel
(7)EX Joven : left overs Audio reel
(8)Division of missions : Angel Parra I Audio magnetic tape
(9)Divisio of missions : Angel Parra II Audio magnetic tape
(10)untitled Audio magnetic tape
(11)The death squads of Guatemala Video cassette
(12)In touchJanuary 3, 1977 Video cassette
(13)Fifth Estate show on Guatemala : includes interviews with Guatemalas foreign minister, Shirley Fuenter Moler Video cassette
(14)Food power : touchstone 39 : broadcast copy : LAWG I 7 1/2 tails : dubbed mixed masterNovember 9,[ca.1972] Audio reel

Call Number: 2004-016/033
(1)Unused plant film : EXMIBAL Microfilm
(2)Box #01 : Falconbridge : Canada-Latin American Resource Centre collection : CINDI Microfilm
(3)NORANDA Microfilm
(4)Roll #02 box #02 : CINDI : Canada-Latin American Resource Centre collection Microfilm
(5)untitled Microfilm
(6)Canada-Latin American Resource Centre : roll #1 : BRASCAN : box #1 Microfilm
(7)[untitled] Microfilm
(8)[untitled] Audio reel
(9)Sarario : Sucede a Veces. : 7 1/2 ips Audio reel
(10)Beth Savan Audio reel
(11)[untitled] Audio reel
(12)Audio reel compiled March 22, 1972March 22, 1972 Audio reel
(13)The last of the cuiva : Columbia : with Bernard Arcand : 60 min Audio reel

Call Number: 2004-016/034
(1)"Brazil or how we are all accomplices" : French and English
(2)Slide show on Chile
(3)Department of missionsJuly 18 Audio disc

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