F0432 - Clara Thomas fonds


Call Number: 2003-051/001
(1)Angela Armitt
(2)Ian Cameron2000
(3)Sandy Cameron, Tribute to Clara Thomas
(4)Susanna Carson, re. Peter Rijnhart1998
(5)Robert Cluett2003
(6)Judith Cowan2001-2003
(7)True Davidson, Citation, York, by Clara Thomas
(8)Maurice Elliott, University Professor, Address2002
(9)Entrance Examinations, 18982002
(10)Henry Girling Memorial2001
(11)Kent Haworth Symposium2003
(12)Kent Haworth, Tribute by Clara Thomas2003
(13)Dorothy E. Henderson, Letters, Margaret Laurence Home Annual Report - 20022002-2003
(14)Michiel Horn2002
(15)Lorna Irwin2001
(16)Wilfrid and Elsie Jury, The Jury Family Legacies2003
(17)Heather Kirk, Warsaw Spring, Review, Publicity
(18)Margaret Laurence Thesis, Religious Sensibility by Patricia Stibbards Watt1982
(19)Margaret Laurence, U. of M. Press, Alien Heart2003
(20)Paul Marcus2003
(21)Martha McCandless2003
(22)Murdo McKinnon, Letter from Clara Thomas2003
(23)Maria Moens2003
(24)Jim Nelson (Dr. J.M.)2002
(25)Lillian Perrigoe and Beverley Copping, eds., The World of the Novel: The Stone Angel1983
(26)Lyall Powers, Alien Heart2003
(27)Lyall Powers2003
(28)Prairie Fire2002
(29)Charlotte Rapley2003
(30)Dr. Flora Ray2003
(31)Carol Shields2003
(33)Johanne Stuckey2002
(34)Vernon and Harold Sullivan1919

Call Number: 2003-051/002
(1)Bentley Mays, Arrivals, Review by CT2002
(2)Ruth Brouwer, Modern Women Modernizing Men, Review by CT2002
(3)Ann-Marie MacDonald, The Way the Crow Flies; Espinet Ramabai, The Swinging Bridge, Reviews by CT2003
(4)Patrick Watson and Patrick and Graham, The Canadians: Biographies, vols. I, II, III, Reviews by CT2002
(5)Walter Pitman, Applebaum, Review by CT2003
(6)George Fetherling, Three Pagodas Pass; Marcello Di Cintio, Harmattan, Reviews by CT2003
(7)Roberta Hamilton, Setting the Agenda, Review by CT2003
(8)Miscellaneous Reviews by CT2002-2003
(9)Lyall Powers, Alien Heart, Review by CT2003
(10)Clara Thomas, Literary Lives
(11)Steve Thomas2002
(12)James E. Wetherell, covering article by CT and xeroxes of words
(13)Donez Xiques2003
(14)Yutta Zimmerman1994

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