F0432 - Clara Thomas fonds


Call Number: 2002-053/001
(1)Cahill, Agatha, Letter[2002]
(2)Cowan, Judith, Letters2001-2002
(3)Davey, Frank, "How Linda Died", London Free Press review2002
(4)Fowke, Edith, Programme of Memorial, York; Tribute, C. Thomas1996
(5)Frye, Northrop, The Frye Project (C. Thomas Editorial Committee)1999-2002
(6)Henderson, Dorothy, The Margaret Laurence Home, Neepawa2001-2002
(7)Laurence, Margaret, Photocopies of Letters to Jack McClelland1963-1982
(8)McCandless, Vernon (Flight Sergeant, R.C.A.F.), Typescript of Letters to Mrs. Basil McCandless1944-1945
(9)Stevenson, Dorothy Cole, Letter1941
(10)Thomas Clara, Drafts of Speeches, Susanna's Daughters Strathroy Collegiate1934-1937, [1986]
(11)Draft review articles: Lennox, Panofsky, Letters of M. Laurence, A. Wiseman1997
(12)Letter to D. Drache: Nomination of Lennox to Robarts Chair1999
(13)Draft Review, Articles: Hemingway (Burrill), Too True to Be Good (White)[1994]
(14)Review articles: Sirluck, Anderson; Fetherling, (Chapters in a Lucky Life); Article: Achebe and Laurence1997
(15)Reviews: Shields' Unless; Moss' Emily Montague; Kierans' Remembering; Fetherling's Memoirs (Anthology), Oxford Companion; Uppal's , Divine Economy of Salvation; Boccaccio's, Famous Women; Conway's, A Woman's Education2001-2002
(16)Notebook, U.W.O., 1937; timetable 1940/11941; Lectures Summer School, [ca. 1957]1937-[ca. 1957]
(17)Personal Memoirs1883, 1919, 1957-1982 1 of 2
(18)Personal Memoirs1883, 1919, 1957-1982 2 of 2
(19)Papers: The Accommodating I: Laurence and Roy; Review articles: Anderson, Sirluck, McClung[1995-1996]
(20)Speeches: Brandy Memorial; Brock Convocation; Acceptance of Northern Telecom Award, 1989; Then and Now, Glendon Beginnings, Arts and Letters Club, Glendon Beginnings, 1993-19941989-1994
(21)Afterword for The Prophet's Camel Bell, N.C.L. 1988; Introduction to Carol Shields and Donna Smyth, Women's conference1988
(22)Review, Patricia Morley's Kurelek; Excerpt, Fanny Kenble's Journal[1986]
(23)Draft, Women Writers[1986]
(24)Draft, "Planted Firmly in Some Soil: Canadian Tradition in M.L's Fiction."
(25)Brief biography of Margaret Laurence, Notes on R. Coe's When the Grass Was Taller1987
(26)Autobiography, The war; Review: Elspeth Cameron's Hugh MccLennan; Short Biography of W.A. Deacon1981
(27)Speech for International Assoc. for Commonwealth Literatures (Guelph), Review Deaconess Movement, Bliss's Banting[197-]
(28)Draft article Carol Shields's Swann[ca. 1986]
(29)York, Honorary degree Speech; Afterword for the N.C.L. Jameson; review, Canadian Women: A History1986
(30)Autobiography, "Through the cookbook," Notes from The Strathroy Age Dispatch1931
(31)Newspaper clippings and Reviews1942, 1969-[1985]
(32)Drafts; Introduction to CanLit conference; Article, "Food in Canadian Literature", "Women's Epic: McClung"
(33)Draft: York Honorary degree speech1986
(34)Tribute to Margaret Hallman1984
(35)Paper, "Pastoral dreams," for York-Swedish Conference (1994?);Draft "A Diversity of Fictions," review of Birbalsingh et al; Article, Carol Shields; Review Shields's Stone Diaries[ca. 1995]
(36)Draft Review Article, Moodie's Letters of a Lifetime[1985]
(37)Draft Review Article, Gray, Charlotte, Flint and Feather; Moss, Laura, ed., Frances Brooke, The History of Emily Montague2001-2002
(38)Review Articles: Kierans' Remembering; French, History of Women, vol 1; Brass Buttons and Silver Horseshoes (War Brides)2000-2002
(39)Draft, Women Writers in Canada: Travelers, Strangers, Exiles
(40)Photographs - Thomas family, Morley, Clara, Steve, John[ca. 1982]
(41)Speech "History of Strathroy"1996
(42)Article, Draft, Marian Engel's The Glassy Sea: "The Girl Who Wouldn't Grow Up"[ca. 1978]
(43)Book, Strathroy Lives2001
(44)Thomas, Stephen and John, Letter1965
(45)Donez Xiques, Letters2002

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