F0349 - W. Edward Mann fonds


Call Number: 2001-048/001
(1)Nuclear Weapons1999-2000
(2)Demeo Annual Report1994
(3)The Making of a Sociologist1986 1 of 3
(4)The Making of a Sociologist1986 2 of 3
(5)The Making of a Sociologist1986 3 of 3
(6)Treatment for a Cold
(7)Book and Article Outlines1956-2000
(8)Irving Gold
(9)Literary Agents in Canada
(10)Gar mahood1999
(11)Sociology of Medicine1948-1965 1 of 2
(12)Sociology of Medicine1948-1965 2 of 2
(13)Lawrence LeShan
(14)The Search: Autobiography
(15)Inside Sociology Canada, Unfinished Book
(16)Wilhelm Reich1981
(17)Various Articles1967-1969
(18)Sylvia Fraser
(19)Patterns in Sociology - My Search Outline
(20)New Age Bookstores
(21)Perennial Philosophy
(22)The God Pan, Manuscripts, Szeckely
(23)Mother Earth
(24)Mann's Book, The Psychic Grill
(25)Proposed Book: Deviance and Social Change1962, 1968, 1988
(26)Norman Alcock1997
(27)Shattered Vows, Excerpts
(28)Mann's Book: Encounters with Remarkable Humans
(29)The Waffle, Labour and the NDP 1 of 2
(30)The Waffle, Labour and the NDP 2 of 2
(31)Sorokin's Autobiography: The Long Journey

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