F0432 - Clara Thomas fonds


Call Number: 2000-077/001
(1)Phyllis Auckland1999
(2)Isabel Bassett2000
(3)Willie and Walter Bourley2000
(4)Judith Cawan1999
(5)A.B. Conron, Letters from overseas to C. Thomas1941-1945, 1950-1953
(6)Isla Duncan,[2000]
(7)Lori Endress, Bangkok2000
(8)Lori Endress, Bangkok2000
(9)Arthur Fidler (first cousin)2000
(10)General correspondence2000
(11)Margaret Hanton2000
(12)HarbourfrontOctober 2000
(13)Dorothy Henderson1999
(14)Dorothy Henderson, M.L. Home1999-2000
(15)Dorothy Campbell Henderson[1999] video cassette
(16)Dorothy Henderson, M.L. Home - Neepawa2000
(17)Coral Howells1999
(18)Linda Hutcheon1999
(19)Anna Jameson2000
(20)Margo Lamont[1999]
(21)Alvin Lee re. Frye2000
(22)John Lennox (Award)1999
(23)John Lennox2000
(24)John Lennox, Poem for York's 40th1999
(25)Letter from C. Thomas to Caroline Conron, 1995; letter from Ross Conron to C. Thomas, 20001995, 2000
(26)Helen Lucas1999
(27)Gurdo MacKinnon1999
(28)Martha McCandless2000
(29)Martha McCandless (Grandmother), photograph
(30)Vernon McCandless, deathMarch 2000
(31)Mary Mathieson[2000]
(32)John Moss2000
(33)Obituary notices: Earle Sanborn, Frank Fidler, Caroline Conron2000
(34)Lora Robson2000
(35)Liba Sheier2000
(36)Ron Schoeffel re. Frye diaries2000
(37)Martha Sharpe[1999]

Call Number: 2000-077/002
(1)Strathroy - articles, education2000
(2)Strathroy - hospital, etc.2000
(3)Will and Rachel Sullivan and family, photograph
(4)Clara Thomas, 1962 PhD. oral history exam abstract, graduation
(5)Clara Thomas, paper for Literary Review of Canada - Carol Shields: The Republic of Love and the Stone Diaries, "Swerves of Destiny" and "Rings of Light"
(6)Clara Thomas, picture in front room, picture of Morley1986
(7)Clara Thomas, review of Charlotte Grey, Sisters in the Wilderness for Books in Canada1999
(8)Clara Thomas, tribute to Dorothy Henderson
(9)Thomas family2000
(10)Tom Traves1999
(11)Joyce Whicher1999
(12)York: Women of the Second Decade1995

Chapters in a Lucky Life

(13)Lucky, Correspondence1999-2000 (1 of 2)
(14)Lucky, Draft (clean)[1999] (2 of 2)
(15)Lucky, Draft (clean)[1999]
(16)Lucky, Photo layout1999
(17)Lucky, Original photographs used for Chapters1924-1985 (1 of 2)
(18)Lucky, Original photographs used for Chapters1924-1985 (2 of 2)
(19)Lucky, Reviews1999-2000

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