F0134 - Avrom Isaacs fonds


Call Number: 2000-006/001

Innuit Gallery Correspondence and Office Files

(1)Innuit Correspondence - A1985-1991
(2)Innuit Correspondence - B1985-1991
(3)Innuit Correspondence - C1985-1990
(4)Innuit Correspondence - D1985-1990
(5)Innuit Correspondence - E1985-1990
(6)Innuit Correspondence - F1985-1990
(7)Innuit Correspondence - G1985-1989
(8)Innuit Correspondence - H1985-1990
(9)Innuit Correspondence - I1985-1989
(10)Innuit Correspondence - J1985-1991
(11)Innuit Correspondence - K1985-1986
(12)Innuit Correspondence - L1985-1990
(13)Innuit Correspondence - M1985-1991
(14)Innuit Correspondence - N1985-1990
(15)Innuit Correspondence - P1985-1990
(16)Innuit Correspondence - Q1985
(17)Innuit Correspondence - R1985-1991
(18)Innuit Correspondence - S1985-1990
(19)Innuit Correspondence - T1985-1988
(20)Innuit Correspondence - U, V1985-1988
(21)Innuit Correspondence - W, X, Y, Z1985-1988
(22)Address changes, completed1985-1990
(23)Address changes, not completed1985-1990
(24)Al Purdy: notes and letters1963-1966
(25)Art commissions and competitions1986-1987
(26)Art Quarterly - Innuit1986-1990
(27)Artists exhibited but not represented - Innuit1984-1985
(28)Book list - Innuit1986-1987
(29)C.A.P. inactive file1982-1986
(31)Committee for informed public art policy1985
(32)Dealer's paper re. Canada Council1984
(33)Eskimo Arts Council1987-1989
(34)Exhibition schedule - Innuit1969-1987
(35)Film project - Innuit1984
(36)Fine art proposal - Innuit1984-1988
(37)Fine art symposium - Innuit1985

Call Number: 2000-006/002
(1)General correspondence - Innuit1975
(2)Importing under the Endangered Species Act1984-1985
(3)Indian miniatures: stock list and slides1988
(4)London - Innuit1983-1991
(5)Notes, clippings - Innuit1975, 1984-1988
(6)Stock figures - Innuit1980-1985

The Isaacs Gallery Correspondence and Office Files

(7)TIG gallery opening1987
(8)TIG correspondence - A1989
(9)TIG correspondence - Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)1989
(10)TIG correspondence - Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)1989
(11)TIG correspondence - AGO art rental1989
(12)TIG correspondence - B1989
(13)TIG correspondence - C1989
(14)TIG correspondence - Canada Council1989
(15)TIG correspondence - D1989
(16)TIG correspondence - E1989
(17)TIG correspondence - Employment applications1989-1991
(18)TIG correspondence - F1989
(19)TIG correspondence - G1989
(20)TIG correspondence - H1989
(21)TIG correspondence - I1989
(22)TIG correspondence - J1989
(23)TIG correspondence - K1989
(24)TIG correspondence - L1989
(25)TIG correspondence - Lawyers1984-1988
(26)TIG correspondence - M1989
(27)TIG correspondence - N1989
(28)TIG correspondence - O1989
(29)TIG correspondence - Older work letter file1989
(30)TIG correspondence - P1989
(31)TIG correspondence - PADAC1989
(32)TIG correspondence - Post cards1989
(33)TIG correspondence - Q1989
(34)TIG correspondence - Queen/John Developments1989

Call Number: 2000-006/003
(1)TIG correspondence - R1989
(2)TIG correspondence - Rug problem1989
(3)TIG correspondence - S1989
(4)TIG correspondence - T1989
(5)TIG correspondence - Toronto arts awards1989
(6)TIG correspondence - Toronto sculpture garden1989
(7)TIG correspondence - U1989
(8)TIG correspondence - V1989
(9)TIG correspondence - W1989
(10)TIG correspondence - Waddingtons1987
(11)TIG correspondence - X, Y, Z1989
(12)TIG correspondence - Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)1990
(13)TIG correspondence - Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)1990
(14)TIG correspondence - AGO art rental1990
(15)TIG correspondence - B1990
(16)TIG correspondence - C1990
(17)TIG correspondence - Canada Council1990
(18)TIG correspondence - D1990
(19)TIG correspondence - E1990
(20)TIG correspondence - F1990
(21)TIG correspondence - G1990
(22)TIG correspondence - H1990
(23)TIG correspondence - I1990
(24)TIG correspondence - J1990
(25)TIG correspondence - K1990
(26)TIG correspondence - L1990
(27)TIG correspondence - N1990
(28)TIG correspondence - O1990
(29)TIG correspondence - P1990
(30)TIG correspondence - PADAC1990
(31)TIG correspondence - Post cards1990
(32)TIG correspondence - Q, R1990
(33)TIG correspondence - S1990
(34)TIG correspondence - T1990
(35)TIG correspondence - Toronto arts awards1990
(36)TIG correspondence - Toronto sculpture garden1990
(37)TIG correspondence - U, V1990
(38)TIG correspondence - W, X, Y, Z1990

Call Number: 2000-006/004
(1)TIG correspondence, miscellaneous1966-1997
(2)TIG correspondence, Prince Arthur Street obstruction1997-1998
(3)TIG correspondence re. art sale and donation1990-1992, 1998 Exhibit 1 of 3
(4)TIG correspondence re. art sale and donation1996-1997 Exhibit 2 of 3
(5)TIG correspondence re. art sale and donation1998-1999 Exhibit 3 of 3
(6)Greeting cards1959-1962

Art Galleries, Museums, and Artists' Files

(7)Aboriginal painting from the Western desert of Australia1990
(9)Baluchistan wedding jackets1974
(10)Ethnological museum1990-1991
(11)Geo (sono) scope - An Acoustic Atlas of the Global Village1986
(13)Inushuk, Japan1989-1991
(14)MacGregor-Moore Gallery1986
(15)North American Indian Canadian Art Galleries - Doug Maclean1990
(16)Photographs of artwork - "Mexican Crucifix", etc.[199-?]

Call Number: 2000-006/005
(1)Prent, Mark1990
(3)Rayner-Moore Gallery1986
(4)Sinclair, Ian1990-1992
(5)Snow, Michael1990
(6)Snow, Michael, bio. and the Michael Snow Project1984-1994
(7)Snow, Michael, Centre Georges Pompidou -"Still Life in 8 Calls"1987-1992
(8)Michael Snow fonds, finding aid (draft)1992
(9)Snow, Michael, holograms1985-1987
(10)Snow, Michael, hologram, Associates of Science and Tech. - "In Up Out Door"1987-1991
(11)Snow, Michael, hologram, purchase of "Spectral Image"1987
(12)Snow, Michael, Mississauga Town Centre Exhibition - "Still Life in 8 Calls"1987
(13)Snow, Michael, press and publicity1983-1987
(14)Snow, Michael, Rennes/Art et Nouvelles Technologies - "Planetscape"1988-1990
(15)Snow, Michael, Walker Art Centre - "vertigoing"1987-1990
(16)Torosian book1989-1990

Call Number: 2000-006/006

Press and Publicity

(1)Av - Congratulations1991
(2)Globe and Mail arts section1990-1991
(3)Press and publicity1958-1991 Exhibit 1 of 6
(4)Press and publicity1958-1991 Exhibit 2 of 6
(5)Press and publicity1958-1991 Exhibit 3 of 6
(6)Press and publicity1958-1991 Exhibit 4 of 6
(7)Press and publicity1958-1991 Exhibit 5 of 6
(8)Press and publicity1958-1991 Exhibit 6 of 6

Call Number: 2000-006/007
(1)Andrew James Smith, Handmade Papers, (#118, Cream Feathered, n.d.)
(2)Andrew James Smith Invitations
(3)Artwork: "Nunnayer Biznuss" By Dennis Burton1980-1981
(4)Brochures and Posters[ca. 1960-1990]

Call Number: 2000-006/008
(1)Original Advertisement Design for Angus Trudeau Retrospective1986
(2)Original Advertisement Design, The Isaac Gallery1983
(3)Original Brochure Design for Ed Radford, 1985 at the Isaac Gallery1985
(4)Original Poster Design by William Kurelek for the Ukrainian Pioneer Woman in Canada1968
(5)Original Brochure Design by William Kurelek for the Burning Barn1968
(6)Original Art Work by William Kurelek1967
(7)Original Peter Design for Drawings Handy at the Isaacs Gallery
(8)Original Poster Design for Walking Women Works by Michael Snow at the Isaac Gallery1964
(9)Original Poster Design by Dennis Burton for Exhibit of His Work at the Isaac Gallery1972
(10)Original Poster Design by Dennis Burton for Exhibit at the Hart House Gallery
(11)Original Poster Design with Artwork by William Kurelek, for Exhibit of Farm Paintings by W.K. at Isaac Gallery
(12)Artwork by William Kurelek, The Hound of Heaven
(13)Original Poster Design for Dennis Burton Exhibit1966
(14)Original Artwork, Dennis Burton Poster Design[ca. 1970]

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