F0195 - John Kastner fonds


Call Number: 1999-076/001

Press and publicity files

(1)Adrienne Clarkson Emmy Dispute1978-1999
(2)Bios: John Kastner
(4)Don't Let the Angels Fall, NFB (features Kastner as an actor)1969
(5)Fighting Back1980
(6)Fighting Back1980
(7)Four Women1978-1980
(8)Gemini Dispute in T.V. Guide, Nov. 29-Dec. 5 19861986
(9)Hidden Camera1972-1975
(10)House of Secrets1997
(11)Hunting Bobby Oatway1997
(12)Just Kidding1983
(13)Magazine Articles1985
(15)Ninety Minutes Live1977
(16)Parole Dance1984
(17)Romance with a Rapist1997
(18)Prison Mother Prison Daughter1987
(19)Screen Gems
(20)Romance with a Rapist1997
(21)Screen Gems1992-1994
(22)Sharing the Secret1981
(23)Street Comedy1985
(24)Terry Fox Story
(25)Toronto Telegram Columnist1969
(26)Turning to Stone1986

Call Number: 1999-076/002

Production files

(1)Just Kidding1983
(2)Trudeau Queen and President
(5)Law and Order[1983?]
(6)Unidentified script
(7)Unidentified script
(8)No Video, "Just Kidding Around"[1983?]
(9)Insert Reel Notes1983-1984
(10)Personal Plan Book1983
(11)Categories and Lists1984
(12)Kids subjects[1983?]
(13)Kids stuff[1983?]
(14)Just Kidding, scripts
(15)Just Kidding, scripts etc. shows 1-16, 1-17, 1-18
(16)Just Kidding, scripts-teasers1984
(17)Just Kidding, sitcom 11983
(18)Just Kidding, sitcom 21983
(19)Just Kidding, interview transcripts[1983?] 1 of 4
(20)Just Kidding, interview transcripts[1983?] 2 of 4
(21)Just Kidding, interview transcripts[1983?] 3 of 4
(22)Just Kidding, interview transcripts[1983?] 4 of 4
(23)Just Kidding, interview transcripts1983
(24)Just Kidding, interview transcripts1983

Call Number: 1999-076/003
(1)Just Kidding, weddings chart
(2)Just Kidding, Defective Vision
(3)Just Kidding, unidentified script with notes
(4)Just Kidding, Seeing Things[1983?]
(5)Just Kidding, Seeing Things script[1983?]
(6)Just Kidding, Seeing Things: defective Visions1983
(7)Just Kidding, pilot stuff, Jolins notes
(8)Just Kidding, Ethnic kids notes
(9)Pilot, Love and Marriage notes
(10)Panel editing notes
(11)Who is Boss in Marriage
(12)How to Be in Love
(13)Look of Love
(14)Love, Where to Look
(15)Pilot, Queen's notes
(16)Just Kidding, show outlines and lists of schools and kids used1983
(17)Just Kidding, screening forms and schedules1983
(18)Just Kidding, copies of outgoing mail1983
(19)Just Kidding, daycare1984
(20)Just Kidding, production sheet1982
(21)Just Kidding, Maryann and Brad and Bill, letters of agreement1983
(22)Just Kidding, current schedules1984
(23)Just Kidding, schedules1983
(24)Just Kidding, post production schedules1983-1984
(25)Just Kidding, my editing notes boys audition
(26)Just Kidding, notes on category polls
(27)Just Kidding, My editing notes taste test
(28)Just Kidding, daily reports, T.O.
(29)Just Kidding, new panels, shows 19,20, 21, 22
(30)Just Kidding, panels
(31)Just Kidding, new schedule1984
(32)Just Kidding, editing notes
(33)Just Kidding, editing notes, pilot1983
(34)Just Kidding, contra accounts, copy1984
(35)Just Kidding, Stanford autos etc.1983
(36)Just Kidding, Tilden card and receipts1983
(37)Just Kidding, contra accounts1983
(38)Just Kidding, Stanford copy and schedules1984
(39)Just Kidding, Murray memos and requests, memos etc. new shows1984
(40)Just Kidding, memos1983
(41)Just Kidding, incoming memos1983
(42)Just Kidding, show prep notes
(43)Just Kidding, weekly meeting notes and agendas1984
(44)Just Kidding, stransman memos1983
(45)Just Kidding, Arthur, Gerry, comments etc.1983
(46)Just Kidding, general memos1984
(47)Just Kidding, troops
(48)Just Kidding, working papers
(49)Just Kidding, New York documents etc.1983
(50)Just Kidding, technical info1982
(51)Just Kidding1983
(52)Just Kidding, pilot schedules1983
(53)Pilot, Just Kidding outline1983
(54)Pilot Design[1983?]
(55)Just Kidding, first shoots London and N.Y. company expenses1983
(56)Just Kidding, mileage and expenses1983
(57)Just Kidding, expense reports1984
(58)Just Kidding, memo production analysis1984
(59)Just Kidding, edit reports and notes Shows 13,14 and 151984
(60)Just Kidding, editing reports1983
(61)Just Kidding, audio mixing notes[1983?]
(62)Just Kidding, Maryann and Brad1979, 1981
(63)Just Kidding, London papers and daily notes1983
(64)Just Kidding, London working papers1983
(65)Just Kidding, London/New York crews1983
(66)Just Kidding, daily expenses: N.Y. and London1983
(67)Just Kidding, New York receipts1983
(68)Just Kidding, London receipts1983
(69)Just Kidding, New York notes1983
(70)Just Kidding, New York/London expenses CFTO forms1983
(71)Just Kidding, school forms etc.1983
(72)Just Kidding, itinerary 2nd foreign shoots[1983?]
(73)Just Kidding, Prep for 2nd N.Y. shoot daily forms and notes[1983?]
(74)Just Kidding, Check lists[1983?]
(75)Just Kidding, documents[1983?]
(76)Just Kidding, New York daily reports[1983?]
(77)Just Kidding, Winnibego[1983?]
(78)Just Kidding, New York letters[1983?]
(79)Just Kidding, London schedules[1983?]
(80)Just Kidding, New York checklist[1983?]
(81)Just Kidding, London checklist[1983?]
(82)Just Kidding, London documents1983
(83)Just Kidding, recent N.Y. condon exp. forms1983

Call Number: 1999-076/004
(1)Just Kidding, Just Kidding, naughtiness, punishment, drinking[1983]
(2)Just Kidding, Reel 29 & 30 Love and Marriage reel 31 M.U.S.F astronauts[1983]
(3)Just Kidding, smoking, Canada, nuclear war1983 1 of 2
(4)Just Kidding, smoking, Canada, nuclear war1983 2 of 2
(5)Just Kidding, having babies, celebrities[1983] 1 of 2
(6)Just Kidding, having babies, celebrities[1983] 2 of 2
(7)Just Kidding, Love and Marriage[1983] 1 of 2
(8)Just Kidding, Love and Marriage[1983] 2 of 2
(9)Just Kidding, yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 1 of 3
(10)Yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 2 of 3
(11)Just Kidding, yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 3 of 3
(12)Just Kidding, yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 1 of 4
(13)Just Kidding, yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 2 of 4
(14)Just Kidding, yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 3 of 4
(15)Just Kidding, yellow transcripts 55-77[1983] 4 of 4
(16)Street Comedy, "Wally Hinkle"
(17)Just Kidding, New York transcripts (yellow)#200[1983] 1 of 5
(18)Just Kidding, New York transcripts (yellow)#200[1983] 2 of 5
(19)Just Kidding, New York transcripts (yellow)#200[1983] 3 of 5
(20)Just Kidding, New York transcripts (yellow)#200[1983] 4 of 5
(21)Just Kidding, New York transcripts (yellow)#200[1983] 5 of 5
(22)Just Kidding, scripts, Toronto and New York City[1983] 1 of 2
(23)Just Kidding, scripts, Toronto and New York City[1983] 2 of 2

Call Number: 1999-076/005
(1)Street Comdey, Shari Lewis
(2)Street Comdey, Karate Pizza
(3)Street Comdey, Brian Nasimok1985
(4)Street Comdey, Anthony Mason1984
(5)Street Comdey, Billy Lynn1984
(6)Street Comdey, Mary Long1984
(7)Street Comdey, Gene Clark1985
(8)Street Comdey, Susan Francis1985
(9)Street Comdey, John Kastner1984
(10)Street Comdey, Kathy Kastner1984
(11)Street Comdey, Shari Lewis1985
(12)Street Comdey, Harvey Atkins1985
(13)Street Comdey, ACTRA Remittance Statement1985
(14)Street Comdey, ACTRA1985
(15)Street Comdey, Ian Charpin1984
(16)Street Comedy
(17)Street Comdey, Sewer Scam
(18)Street Comdey, Kids T/S[1983] 1 of 2
(19)Street Comdey, Kids T/S[1983] 2 of 2
(20)Just Kidding, resignation1984
(21)Just Kidding, Pre screening1975-1983
(22)Just Kidding, staff1984
(23)Just Kidding, London1983
(24)Just Kidding, Hit TV1983
(25)Just Kidding, Foreign Sales
(26)Just Kidding, Admin: misc. scripts1983-1984 1 of 2
(27)Just Kidding, Admin: misc. scripts1983-1984 2 of 2
(28)Just Kidding, scripts[1983]
(29)Just Kidding, scripts[1983]
(30)Just Kidding, "Barber Shop" transcripts
(31)Just Kidding, budget working papers1984 1 of 2
(32)Just Kidding, budget working papers1984 2 of 2
(33)Just Kidding, design1984

Call Number: 1999-076/006
(1)Street Comedy, production people, negatives for credit
(2)Street Comedy, "Florida Cres", street signs in snow
(3)Street Comedy, photographs, street scenes
(4)Street Comedy, photographs, street scenes
(5)Street Comedy, ACTRA[1985]
(6)Street Comedy, American Federation of Musicians contracts[1985]
(7)Street Comedy, American Federation of Musicians1985
(8)Street Comedy, David W. Thomas, American Federation of Musicians1985
(9)Street Comedy, ALNDON1985
(10)Street Comedy, CBC requisitions (shipping stores)1985
(11)Street Comedy, CBC billing to Kastner Kandida1985
(12)Street Comedy, catering1985
(13)Street Comedy, credits[1985]
(14)Street Comedy, contact file[1985]
(15)Street Comedy, Chalmers Adams, Barrister and Solicitor1985
(16)Street Comedy, Cumberland Terrace1984
(17)Street Comedy, expenses (general)1985
(18)Street Comedy, Heather Mitchell, Barrister ans Solicitor1984
(19)Street Comedy, Motion Picture Guarantors Inc.1985
(20)Street Comedy, project reports typed, Adele1984
(21)Street Comedy, publicity1985
(22)Street Comedy, resumes1984
(23)Street Comedy, production schedule1985
(24)Street Comedy, photography1985
(25)Street Comedy, production budget[1985]
(26)Street Comedy, parking permits1984
(27)Street Comedy, production schedule street comedy[1985]
(28)Street Comedy, set drawings[1985]
(29)Street Comedy, show outline1984
(30)Street Comedy, sports tapes listing
(31)Street Comedy, Studio 7 (schedule) March 6th and 7th, 19851985
(32)Street Comedy, Telefilm Canada1985
(33)Street Comedy, script1985
(34)Street Comedy, tickets audience1985
(35)Street Comedy, telephone dictation services1985
(36)Street Comedy, telephone bill1984
(37)Street Comedy, telephone numbers[1984]
(38)Street Comedy, VTR requisitions1985
(39)Street Comedy, various letters etc.1984
(40)Street Comedy, Yorkdale Shopping Centre1984
(41)Street Comedy, Yuk Yuk's Komedy Kabaret1984
(42)Street Comedy, thank you letters (various)1985
(43)Street Comedy, ACTRA performer contract
(44)Street Comedy, ACTRA performer retirement
(45)Street Comedy, ACTRA remittance statement[1984]
(46)Street Comedy, ACTRA performers work report[1984]
(47)Street Comedy, CBC billing to Kastner Kandida forms[1984]
(48)Street Comedy, master copies forms[1984]
(49)Street Comedy, crew information street comedy[1984]
(50)Street Comedy, duplicating requisitions[1984]
(51)Street Comedy, expenses[1984]
(52)Just Kidding, forms samples[1984]
(53)Street Comedy, location report[1984]
(54)Street Comedy, editing form[1984]
(55)Street Comedy, participants agreement[1984]
(56)Street Comedy, project report[1985]
(57)Street Comedy, participants agreement general
(58)Street Comedy, releases (without Street Comedy Title)
(59)Street Comedy, principal's letter
(60)Street Comedy, segment report forms[1984]
(61)Street Comedy, senior's form[1984]
(62)Street Comedy, weekly date forms[1984]
(63)Street Comedy, barber shop releases[1984]
(64)Street Comedy, talk Show (releases)1985
(65)Street Comedy, Wally Hinckle (releases)1985
(66)Street Comedy, hockey releases[1985]
(67)Street Comedy, kids taped[1984]
(68)Street Comedy, Karate Pizza (releases)[1985]
(69)Street Comedy, kids with releases or permission[1984] 1 of 2
(70)Street Comedy, kids with releases or permission[1984] 2 of 2
(71)Street Comedy, kids possible (releases)[1984]

Call Number: 1999-076/007
(1)Street Comedy, evaluations, Brown Public School1984
(2)Street Comedy
(3)Street Comedy, laughing faces1985
(4)Street Comedy, Shari Lewis (releases), Kids Brown School1985
(5)Street Comedy, Annette Maclean1985
(6)Street Comedy, opera releases and letters1985
(7)Street Comedy, police drama releases1984
(8)Street Comedy, sewer scam (signed releases)1984
(9)Street Comedy, Twice as Nice (releases)1984
(10)Street Comedy, sewer scam1985
(11)Street Comedy, Wally Hinkle segment report1984
(12)Street Comedy, barber shop1985
(13)Street Comedy, helium segment report1984
(14)Street Comedy, hockey1985
(15)Street Comedy, hockey/suditions1984
(16)Street Comedy, Lighter Than Air1985
(17)Street Comedy, Laughing Faces segment report1984
(18)Street Comedy, hockey1985
(19)Street Comedy, Karate Pizza1985
(20)Street Comedy, kids segment report1985
(21)Street Comedy, police drama1985
(22)Street Comedy, seniors segment report1984
(23)Street Comedy, Talk Show1984
(24)Twice As Nice, Street Comedy segment report1985
(25)Street Comedy, Shari Lewis segment1985
(26)Street Comedy, names segment1983
(27)Street Comedy, barber shop transcripts
(28)Street Comedy, Karate Pizza (transcripts)
(29)Street Comedy, Kids
(30)Street Comedy
(31)Street comedy
(32)Street Comedy, police drama (transcripts)
(33)Street Comedy, sewer scam transcriptions
(34)Street Comedy, Shari Lewis (transcriptions)
(35)Street Comedy, talk show (transcripts)
(36)Street Comedy

Call Number: 1999-076/008

Sound Recordings

(1)Street Comedy Laugher's Audition [audio reel]
(2)Street Comedy, Master, Paradise [audio reel]
(3)Street Comedy, Ruff [audio reel]
(4)Safety Paradise, Opera mix [audio reel]
(5)Street Comedy, "Opera Spot"5 March 1985 [audio reel]
(6)Street Comedy, "Opera Scenes"3 March 1985 [audio reel]
(7)Street Comedy, Master, cue sheets enclosed [audio reel]
(8)Street Comedy, Safety, copy of master [audio reel]
(9)Street Comedy, Audience reaction, Roll#1, CBC Morning19 February 1980 [audio reel]
(10)Street Comedy, reaction tape12 March 1985 [audio reel]
(11)Street Comedy, Assorted Laughs21 March 1985 [audio reel]

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