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Call Number: 1999-048/001

Publication Files, 1961-1999

(1)Articles on Conformity and Deviant Behaviour1961-1978
(2)Articles on Conformity and Deviant Behaviour1961-1978
(3)Articles on Interactional Psychology1978-1987
(4)Articles on Interactional Psychology1978-1987
(5)Articles on Interactional Psychology1988-1993
(6)Articles on Interactional Psychology1988-1993
(7)Articles on Coping and Anxiety1993-1998
(8)Articles on Coping and Anxiety1993-1998
(9)Articles on Coping and Health Psychology1998-1999

Call Number: 1999-048/002

York University Research Reports, 1974-1998

(1)An S-R Inventory of General Trait Anxiousness, Report #1December 1974
(2)Reversibility of Relative Competence as a Determinant of Conformity Across Different Perceptual Tasks, Report #3February 1975
(3)Some consideration for Selecting an Appropriate Multiple Comparison Procedure, Report #5February 1975
(4)Multidimensional Aspects of State and Trait Anxiety: A Cross Cultural Study of Canadian and Swedish College Students, Report #9April 1975
(5)The Interaction Model of Anxiety: An Empirical Test In An Examination Situation, Report #15September 1975
(6)The Role of Person By Situation Interactions In Personality Theory, Report #23November 1975
(7)The Interaction Model of Anxiety: An Empirical Test In A Social Situation, Report #24December 1975
(8)The Interaction Model of Anxiety: An Empirical Test In An Athletic Competition Situation, Report #28January 1976
(9)Toward An Interactional Psychology of Personality, Report #35March 1976
(10)Academic Achievement And The Interaction Model of Personality, Report #46June 1976
(11)Research Productivity And Scholarly Impact Of Canadian Psychology Departments, Report #49September 1976
(12)Trends In Conformity Research, Report #55December 1976
(13)Person By Treatment Interactions In Personality Research, Report #58February 1977
(14)Productivity And Scholarly Impact Of British Canadian And U.S. Departments of Psychology, Report #69July 1978
(15)Where the Stars Are: The Top 25 Psychologists In Canada, Report #72March 1978
(16)Persons, Situations, and Their Interactions, Report #78February 1979
(17)Situational Aspects of Interactional Psychology, Report #80June 1979
(18)Anxiety And The Person By Situation Interaction Model, Report #88April 1980
(19)Sex Roles and Perceived Relative Competence As Factors In Behaviour Conformity, Report #96October 1980
(20)Examination Induced Anxiety: An Empirical Test of The Interaction Model, Report #97December 1980
(21)Medical Intervention And The Interaction Model Of Anxiety, Report #98December 1980
(22)Academic Examinations and Anxiety: The Interaction Model Empirically Tested, Report #99December 1980
(23)Interactionism Comes of Age, Report # 100December 1980
(24)Reversibility of Initial Levels of Relative Competence in Mathematical Ability on Subsequent Conformity, Report #101December 1980
(25)Interactionism, Report #112November 1981
(26)Interactionism: A Personality Model, But Not Yet A Theory, Report #113February 1982
(27)Generality of the Interaction Model of Anxiety with Respect to Three Social Evaluation Field Studies, Report # 114[1981 or 1982]
(28)Whence Interactional Psychology? Report #116March 1982
(29)Stress and Personality, Report #117April 1982
(30)The Interaction Model of Anxiety Assessed In A Psychotherapy Situation, Report #118July 1982

Call Number: 1999-048/003
(1)Applications of the Interaction Model of Personality to Real Live Situations[1982?]
(2)Personality Research, Report #130January 1983
(3)To Know or Not To Know: That Is The Method, Report #142May 1984
(4)The Interaction Model of Anxiety and Dental Treatment, Report #143June 1984
(5)Manic-Depression and Its Treatment, Report #114May 1984
(6)Twice As Anxious Or Very Anxious? Comparing Ratio and Likert Scales, Report #145[1984]
(7)Interactionism In Personality In The Twentieth Century, Report #146August 1984
(8)The Consistency Of Inconsistency, Report #147September 1984
(9)A Manual For State and Trait Anxiety Measures, Report #152December 1985
(10)Stress and Vulnerability Related To Anxiety Disorders, Report # 159May 1986
(11)Variations On A Theme, Report #1601987
(12)Verbal Deficits In Klinefelter (XXY) Adults Living In The Community, Report #162April 1987
(13)The Relationship of Procrastination and Trait-Anxiety to Measures of Emotion and Coping During Three Stages of an Examination Period, Report # 163April 1987
(14)The Temperamental Nature of Personality, Report #166February 1988
(15)Assessment of State and Trait Anxiety: Endler Multidimensional Anxiety Scales, Report #168[1988]
(16)Coping With Frustration To Self-Realization: Stress, Anxiety, Crises, and Adjustment, Report #169April 1988
(17)Interactionism Revisited: Persons, Situations, and Behaviour, Report #173June 1988
(18)The Assessment of Coping: The Multidimensional Coping Inventory, Report #174July 1988
(19)Coping Styles, Anxiety and Depression, Report #175,August 1988
(20)Socio-political Factors and Stigma in Depression, Report #179February 1989
(21)(21) Personality Research: Theories, Issues and Methods, Report #181August 1989
(22)(22) A Comparison of Clinical and Non-clinical Panic Attacks: Is There a Panic Anxiety Continuum? Report #182August 1989
(23)The Multi-dimensionality of State and Trait Anxiety, Report #183December 1989
(24)State Anxiety, Trait Anxiety, and Coping Style In Mexican and Canadian Young Adults, Report #187March 1990
(25)Multi-dimensionality of State and Trait Anxiety; A Cross Cultural Study Comparing American, Canadian, Israeli and German Young Adults, Report #188[1990]
(26)Coping With Coping Assessment: A Critical Review, Report # 190August 1990
(27)Interactionism Revisited: Reflections On The Continuing Crisis In The Personality Area, Report # 191November 1990
(28)The Interactional Model Of Anxiety: An Empirical Test In A Parachute Training Situation, Report # 192February 1991
(29)Self-Reports Of Depression And State-Trait Anxiety: Evidence For Differential Assessment, Report # 197September 1991
(30)Assessment Of Multidimensional Coping: Task, Emotion And Avoidance Strategies, Report # 198November 1991
(31)Coping With Health Problems: Developing A Reliable And Valid Multidimensional Measure, Report # 204May 1992
(32)A Factor Analytic Study Of Coping Styles And The MMPI-2 Content Scales, Report #205April 1992
(33)Personality: An Interactional Perspective, Report #207October 1992

Call Number: 1999-048/004
(1)Coping With Health Problems: Conceptual And Methodological Issues, Report #209April 1993
(2)State And Trait Anxiety: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Of Chinese And Caucasian Students In A Canadian Sample, Report #210May 1993
(3)Coyne's Interactional Model Of Depression: A Critical Evaluation, Report #211May 1993
(4)Coping, Life Stress And Psychological And Somatic Distress, Report #212June 1993
(5)State-Trait Coping, State-Trait Anxiety and Academic Performance, Report #213June 1993
(6)Supportive vs. Defensive Communications In Depression, Report # 216October 1993
(7)Evolution Of The Personality Construct In Marketing And Its Applicability To Contemporary Personality Research, Report # 227April 1995
(8)Health, Cancer, and Coping With Stress, Report #228October 1995
(9)Neuroticism: How Does Once Slice The PI (E) ?, Report #229October 1995
(10)Anxiety and Depression: Evidence For Differentiation Of Commonly Co-occurring Constructs, Report #234May 1996
(11)Trends In Personality Research: 1993-1995, Report #236July 1996
(12)Coping, Psychotherapeutic Intervention And Well-Being In Cancer Patients, Report #237August 1996
(13)Assessing Approach-Avoidance, Report # 238October 1996
(14)Beck Depression Inventory: Exploring Its Multi-dimensionality, Report #239April 1997
(15)The Interaction Model of Anxiety And Coping: The Threat of Quebec's Separation From Canada, Report # 240June 1997
(16)An Empirical Test Of The Interaction Model Of Anxiety In A Competitive Equestrian Setting, Report # 241July 1997
(17)Life Experiences, Coping and Weight Preoccupation, Report #242August 1997
(18)Stress, Anxiety, and Coping: The Multidimensional Interaction Model, Report #244November 1997
(19)Controllability, Coping, Efficacy, And Distress, Report #245January 1998
(20)Self-Regulation And Distress In Clinical Psychology, Report #246February 1998
(21)Assessment Of Coping With Health Problems, Report #247February 1998
(22)Efficacy, Control, State Anxiety and Performance, Report #248May 1998
(23)Validation Of The Shortened Cope, Report #251May 1998
(24)School Anxiety and Self Regulation, Report #253October 1998
(25)Coping And Optimism And HIV, Report #254October 1998
(26)Social Anxiety vs. Depression, Report #255November 1998
(27)State And Trait Anxiety Revisited, Report #257December 1998
(28)Depression: Self Report Inventories, Report #258December 1998

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