F0103 - Bruce W. Powe fonds


Call Number: 1999-043/001

The Trudeau Era Conference

(1)Invitation to celebrate the publication of The Essential Trudeau and Trudeau's Shadow1998
(2)Letter from Jean Chretien1998
(3)Name tags1998
(7)Press Information, York University Gazette1998
(8)Letter to Margaret Atwood1998
(9)Correspondence (email)1998
(10)Correspondence from Michael Ignatieff, author/philosopher1998
(11)Notes/Addresses (handwritten)1998
(13)Correspondence from Stephen Clarkson1998
(15)Registration Form and Conference Program
(16)Press: The Globe and Mail; Trudeau -The Warrior King1998
(17)Manuscripts of notes, diary, divorce records (Robin Mackenzie Powe)1996
(18)Correspondence concerning legal matters, divorce records1996-1997 1 of 2
(19)Correspondence concerning legal matters, divorce records1996-1997 2 of 2
(20)Records of observation: Katherine and Thomas Cole Powe, Dr. Barbara Jo Fidler1997
(21)Manual: Helping a Preschooler Cope with Separation and Divorce1997-1998
(22)Correspondence: Robin Mackenzie, McMillian Birch1998-1999
(23)Mediator material1997
(24)Paris trip, presentation notes1999
(25)Edmonton journey, details1997
(26)Correspondence, Article Clippings, re: Somerville House, A Canada of Light1997-1998
(27)Correspondence: National Symposium on Information , Literacy and the School in Canada1997
(28)Correspondence (personal) and article clippings, re: Outage
(29)General Notes, Outage
(30)St. Boniface Conference Guides, Canada Horizons 20001996
(31)Newspaper clippings, Articles: Trudeau1998
(32)Newspaper clippings1980, 1995-1998
(33)Notes, ideas, memories, dreams, thoughts, reminders, lists, letters, and calls1995
(34)Notes, letters, ideas, records and dreams, 1997-
(35)Material: Public Lending Rights1998
(36)Reviews and articles on Powe's work 1 of 2
(37)Reviews and articles on Powe's work 2 of 2
(39)Promotion: Somerville House1996
(40)Italian Journey: Letters of support, York University1996
(41)Correspondence: Conference on the future of Canada1996
(42)Correspondence, Couchiching Conference1996
(43)Publishing matters The Solitary Outlaw, A Tremendous Canada of Light, 1996-
(44)Final Contract with Somerville House, The Forking of the Ways1996
(45)Membership agreement, Canadian Copyright Licencing Agency1997
(46)Somerville House catalogues, Fall book list 1996, Spring book list1997
(47)Correspondence from Martin Levi, Globe and Mail, 1999; re: Canada and Imagination
(48)Paris trip, talk at Canadian Cultural Centre1999
(49)Paris trip, travel information1999
(50)Correspondence, PhD applications1999
(51)Various material: University of Toronto, Coach House Festival1998-1999
(52)Correspondence from Professor Arthur Kroker Concordia University1996
(53)Collages by artist Yves Dore1998
(54)A Canada of Light, re: cover
(55)Writer's Union meeting, cartoon and article1996
(56)Proposal for a Trilogy of Books
(57)Catalogue: SIGNATURE
(58)KARIOS Echos of McLuhan: The voice of B.W. Powe

Call Number: 1999-043/002
(1)The Solitary Outlaw
(2)A Canada of Light
(3)Grail An Ecumenical Journal Vol. 13, Issue 11997
(4)Exile A Literary Quarterly Vol. 16 No. 2&3
(5)Historic Televisions and Memorabilia from the MZTV Museum
(6)Lettre Internationale1992
(7)Blast 31984
(8)Correspondence, personal matters1995
(9)Correspondence, personal matters1996
(10)Correspondence, cards from friends and family1997-1998
(11)Departure from Ashburn1997
(12)Correspondence, D.K. James Berry, friend1998
(13)Correspondence, Great Aunt Mary Brandy1997
(14)Letters and notes, Alexandra Natasha Cilic, 1998-
(15)Correspondence, Carole Corbeil, author1995
(16)Correspondence, Jody Didier, friend1998
(17)Correspondence (personal), Mary Young Leckie, 1997-
(18)Correspondence (personal), Leah Schlesinger, cousin1998-1999
(19)Correspondence (email), Michael Todd, friend; Ellen Case, former student
(20)Correspondence, Maria McLean , former student1998
(21)Correspondence, Everest Munro, former McLuhan student1995
(22)Communications, Katie and T.C. daycare1997
(23)First Christmas in Stouffville1997
(24)The twins school reports1995
(25)Arrival of the twinsNovember 25, 1992
(26)Photographs of Katie, by Andrew Danson, Christmas1995
(27)Calendar records1995-1996
(28)Calendar records1997
(29)Calendar records1998
(30)Introduction to McLuhan Conference, original drafts1997
(31)McLuhan Conference, York University1997
(32)York Authors/Award Holders Luncheon, Grant Recipients1997
(33)Literary Matters
(34)Record of discussion about archival material with York University Archives and Special Collections, November 1994-
(35)Student Remarks, English 2330 American Literature1995-1996
(36)Correspondence, university matters1995
(37)Correspondence, university matters1996
(38)Creative writing course, Ad poster, 1996-1997 Collaboration with Chris Dewdney, York University
(39)Creative writing program posting in the division of Humanities at York University, letters of recommendation
(40)Student letters1997
(41)Letters from York students1998-1999
(42)Letters/reports from Humber College students1999
(43)Letters from Humber College students1999
(44)Personal Correspondence1996-1999
(45)Calumet College author series1999
(46)Head stART, Centre for Film and Theatre, York University
(47)York University faculty of Fine Arts cultural studies, pamphlet

Call Number: 1999-043/003
(1)Correspondence, Somerville House1997-1998
(2)CISTI Information: B. Powe, keynote speaker, author1997
(3)Correspondence, readers1998
(4)Correspondence, Jane Somerville, Somerville House Books1997
(5)Ottawa International Writers Festival, 1998; The Writers' Development Trust, 1996
(6)Publishing matters1995-1996
(7)Correspondence, David Sobleman, TVO producer1996
(8)Correspondence, Moses Znaimer, City TV1996
(9)Correspondence, literary matters1995
(10)The Forking of the Ways Trilogy, responses1996
(11)Correspondence, MZTV and Liss Jeffery, director of the museum and editor of the ROM catalogue1995
(12)Correspondence, re: contract, business, Patrick Crean, editor, Somerville House1995
(13)Record of Library Archive Agreement, York University1996
(14)Correspondence, Michael Levin, legal counsel1996
(15)Correspondence, re: Harbourfront, Greg Gatenby1995
(16)Correspondence, Alicia Hogan, publicity Somerville House1997
(17)Correspondence/Memorabilia, literary/personal matters1996
(18)Literary matters; The Writers' Development Trust, invitation1996
(19)Literary matters1997
(20)Literary matters1999
(21)Reviews, ATCOL[1993-?]
(22)Somerville House Publishing, Adult Book Catalogue1996-1998
(23)Random House of Canada1994-1996
(24)Silent Auction, Avenue Road Arts School1996
(25)Bravo!June 1997
(26)Course outline, Communication Studies 300 Cultural Studies
(27)Notes, revisions
(28)Name tags, various events
(29)ATCOL, revisions, material and research
(30)ATCOL, revisions
(31)ATCOL, notes, revisions
(32)ATCOL, notes, revisions
(33)A Canada of Light, final manuscript
(34)Notes, post referendum
(35)Outline, The Castle of the Human Beings A story for children; Gerard Kennedy Convention
(36)Gerard Kennedy Convention, speech notes (3 speeches)
(37)Kennedy Convention speech
(38)Kennedy speech, original
(39)Speech, notes
(40)Kennedy campaign, political notes, flyer
(41)Victory speech notes Books with Inscriptions to B. Powe
(42)Divided We Stand, Gary Geddes, ed.
(43)MAO II, Don DeLilo
(44)Afternoon Starlight, Charles Noble
(45)The Rainmaker, Senator Keith Davey
(46)The Wire-Thin Bride, poems by Cornelia Hoogland
(47)Passchendaele, Ted Platos
(48)Technopoly, Neil Postman

Call Number: 1999-043/004
(1)Mister Sandman, Barbara Gowdy
(2)Stupid Boys Are Good To Relax With, Susan Swan
(3)Les Livres de Hogg, Barry Callaghan
(4)Stone Blind Love, Barry Callaghan
(5)Europe and Other Bad News, Irving Layton
(6)The Gucci Bag, Irving Layton
(7)Towards A Just Society, Thomas S. Axworthy, ed.
(8)Maggie & Pierre, Linda Griffiths with Paul Thompson; Poster, The Trudeau Era
(9)Federalism, Pierre Elliot Trudeau
(10)Technology and the Canadian Mind, Arthur Kroker
(11)Correspondence from John Atkin, professor, philosopher, McLuhan collaborator1996
(12)Correspondence from William Aide, pianist, artist, author1997
(13)Correspondence from Marco Adria, author of Peter Gzowski An Electric Life (inscription to B. Powe)1996
(14)Correspondence from Tom Axworthy, former principal secretary to Pierre Trudeau1999
(15)Correspondence from Isiah Berlin1995
(16)Correspondence from Professor David Black, Communication Studies Wilfred Laurier
(17)Correspondence from Alice Boissonneau, poet/author
(18)Correspondence from Aaron Bourgoin1995
(19)Correspondence from Julie Brickman, author/novelist1998
(20)Correspondence from Catherine Bush, novelist/teacher1998
(21)Correspondence from Fuluio Caceia, author/translator1999
(22)Correspondence from Ed Casson, president of Harper Collins1996
(23)Correspondence from Michael Centusy, composer/art organizer
(24)Correspondence from Bruce Cockburn, singer/songwriter1997
(25)Correspondence from Andrew Cohen, editor for Globe & Mail1996
(26)Correspondence from Jim Coutts, Trudeau's former principal secretary1997-1998
(27)Correspondence from Wilf Cude, author, critic, essayist and teacher1996
(28)Correspondence from Andrew Dayson, photographer1996
(29)Correspondence from Christopher Dewdney, poet/philosopher1998
(30)Correspondence from David Evans, journalist/former student
(31)Correspondence from Charlie Foran, novelist, critic, journalist1996
(32)Correspondence from Gary Geddes, author1999
(33)Correspondence from Michael Higgins, author, critic, professor, Dean of Theology at St. Jerome's College1996
(34)Correspondence from Diane Keating, poet1996
(35)Correspondence from Mark Kingswell, philosopher/author1998
(36)Correspondence from Robert Logan, author, critic, professor1997
(37)Correspondence from Richard Mchorey, Ontario Liberal Party1997
(38)Correspondence from Susan Mann, President of York University1996
(39)Correspondence from Giulio Marra, professor of literature, University of Venice1995
(40)Correspondence from Mrs. Corinne McLuhan1996
(41)Correspondence from Eric McLuhan, teacher, author, scholar1997
(42)Correspondence from Linda McQuaig, author/journalist1998
(43)Correspondence from Susan Musgrave, poet1996-1997
(44)Correspondence from Phillip Maschaud, The Toronto Star, critic, author and journalist1998
(45)Correspondence from Douglas Ord, poet/writer1995
(46)Correspondence from John S. Porter, teacher, critic, author and poet1995
(47)Correspondence from Dr. Alfredo Rizzard1995
(48)Correspondence from R. Murray Schafer, composer, musician , philosopher, and artist1995
(49)Correspondence from Ken Shesman, poet, teacher and critic1996
(50)Correspondence from Susan Swan, novelist1998
(51)Correspondence from Michelle Tisseyre, novelist,1999
(52)Correspondence from Pierre Elliot Trudeau1995
(53)Correspondence from Pierre Elliot Trudeau1996
(54)Correspondence from Robert Weil, St. Martin's Press, New York1996
(55)Correspondence from Ed Wildman, poet, writer, teacher, friend, wild man and holy soul1996

Call Number: 1999-043/005
(1)Newspaper clippings1999
(2)Newspaper clippings1998
(3)The Trudeau Conference: notes, newspaper clippings1998
(4)Newspaper clippings, correspondence from parents1997
(5)Newspaper clippings, correspondence1996


(6)Outage: Newspaper clippings1995
(7)Outage: Loose Material1995
(8)Outage: Catalogues, booklets, letters
(9)Outage: Miscellaneous: clippings, correspondence, manuscripts1993-1995 1 of 2
(10)Outage: Miscellaneous: clippings, correspondence, manuscripts1993-1995 2 of 2
(11)Outage: Miscellaneous: reviews, articles, clippings
(12)Notes, Rethinking McLuhan1996-1997
(13)McLuhan Conference, messages, follow-ups1996-1998
(14)Course kit: Creative Writing The Process of the New, Bruce Powe and Christopher Dewdney1998
(15)Correspondence, re: Humanities job application1997
(16)Correspondence, B.W. Powe's letter on behalf of Chris Dewdney (poet) at York University1999
(17)Intended trip to Italy1996-1999
(18)Course proposal for Fine Arts Cultural Studies1998
(19)Miscellaneous: report, correspondence, pamphlet1995-1996
(20)Audio Tape: Interview, CIVT 89.5FMSeptember 11, 1992
(21)Audio Tape: Outage on States of MindJuly 20, 1995
(22)Audio Tape: Sunday Morning' Interview, CBS Ian BrownDecember 31, 1995
(23)Audio Tape: Doris Lessing, Ian Brown interviewsDecember 31, 1995
(24)Audio Tape: Outage, Radio 89.9 Banff Alberta1990
(25)Audio Tape: Outage, CBS Radio 740
(26)Audio Tape: Outage on States of Mind, The Project Live 1994
(27)Gould Profile (CD)

Call Number: 1999-043/006

Video Cassettes

(1)"The Alternative Current" Wilfred Laurier UniversityMay 31, 1994
(2)"Current Thought" CBC National Magazine December 1, 1995
(3)"Current Thought" CBC National Magazine December 1, 1995
(4)The Originals1995-1996
(5)"Newsworld" Federal Election PanelMay 28, 1997
(6)Ralph Benmergui Show, CBC Newsworld,June 9, 1998
(7)TV interview "The Trudeau Legacy" CBC Newsworld, Benmergui ShowSeptember 17, 1998
(8)Bruce W. Powe, CBC
(9)Bruce W. Powe on Benmergui Live
(10)Panel on the "Trudeau Era Conference" York University: on Alison Smith, CBC NewsworldOctober 21, 1998

Call Number: 1999-043/007

Oversize material

(1)Outage poster
(2)Outage poster (second copy)
(3)Forging Forward sign, Bruce Powe presents "Literacy in a Technological Society I"

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