F0111 - Allan T.R. Powell fonds


Call Number: 1998-042/001

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Administration

(2)Administration, internet1995
(3)Staff, misc.1995

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Board

(6)Board of Director1995
(7)C.V., Dr. Carolyn Bennett1995
(8)Feb. 10, 1996 meetingFebruary 10, 1996
(9)Advisors, Olaf [Krassnitzky]1994-1995 1 of 2
(10)Advisors, Olaf [Krassnitzky]1994-1995 2 of 2
(12)Executive committee1995-1996
(14)Franford, Bob, MPP1994-1996
(15)Management committee1995
(17)Alan Powell, C.V.1995
(18)Alan T.R. Powell1995
(19)Richard Bard1995
(20)Draft minutes, 1994-1995

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Staff -- Personnel

(22)D. Pollack1995

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Red Cross

(23)Red Cross1994-1996

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Medical

(28)Hepatitis C virus/Mickey S. Urdea
(29)Dr. San Lee1996
(30)Dr. Jenny Heathcote
(31)Office1994-1996 1 of 2
(32)Office1994-1996 2 of 2
(34)Hepatitis, abstracts1966-1996 1 of 2
(35)Hepatitis, abstracts1966-1996 2 of 2
(37)To do[ca. 1995]

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Press

(39)Globe and Mail1995
(40)Clippings, monthly1995
(41)Ottawa Citizen, Brad Emerson1995
(42)Press releases, drafts1995-1996

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): HeCSS

(48)Alan's Western tour1995
(49)Alan's tripOctober 10-19, 1995
(50)Anglican National Contact meeting1995
(51)Anglican network
(52)Articles of incorporation1995
(53)Brochure distribution1995
(54)By Laws, incorporation1995
(55)Canada Pension Plan1995
(56)Chapter lists, old1995
(57)Chapters, Chapter development1995
(58)Chapter meetings, Toronto1996
(59)Chapters, Kitchener, Waterloo1995
(60)Chapters, Montreal1995
(61)Chapters, Vancouver1996
(62)Chapters, Hamilton1994-1996
(63)Chapters, Prince George1995
(64)Counsellor training1995

Call Number: 1998-042/002
(2)Financial chequing account1995
(3)Financial, exec. director expense1995
(4)Financial report, as per May 31, 1995
(5)Financial report, as per July 31, 1995
(7)Financial report, as per Sept. 30, 1995
(8)Financial, general ledger, to Sept. 30, 1995
(9)General ledger, AGM related expenses, to Nov. 30, 1995
(10)Fundraising, "ideas"1995-1996
(12)B.C., grant application1995-1996
(14)International connections1995
(15)Sutherland, Chan1996
(16)International connections, Ireland1995
(17)International connections, Uruguay1996
(18)Legal incorporation1995
(19)HEPC in U.K., "other countries"1995
(21)Members, Debbie Duncan-Crofton [Chyda]
(22)Members, Dr. David Mazoff1996
(23)Members, Dr. Susan Hemming1996
(24)Newsletters/public info.1995-1996
(27)St. Thomas' [outreach society]
(29)Viatical insurance1994
(30)Volunteers[ca. 1995]
(31)Deep throat, code name ["nice x"]
(32)Speaking engagements, synagogues [Tolly]December 3, 1996

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Politics

(33)City of Toronto, phone #s
(34)Federal Gov't., health and welfare, Gully1995
(36)Mel Lastman1994
(37)Ottawa conferenceDecember 6-8, 1994
(38)Provincial, B.C. Ministry of Health1993
(39)R. Schabas, M of Health1994
(40)Ottawa Citizen1995

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Lobbying

(43)Blood user groups: HIVT, CHS, HeCCS, Janet Connors
(44)Toronto board of health1995-1996
(48)Federal Gov't./H of C1995-1996
(49)[Blank letterhead][1995]
(50)Hospital for Sick Children1995
(51)Hospitals: Women's College Hosp.1995
(52)Research. RhoGAM1995

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Research

(53)Tim Patterson, PhD student interview1995
(55)Alison C.1994
(56)Canadian Hemophil. Society1995
(57)Medical, Canadian Liver Foundation[1995]
(58)Hepatitis B[1995]

HEPC Survivor's Society (HeCSS): Medical

(60)Liver Transplant1994
(61)Olga Strashin1995
(62)Organ donation[ca. 1995]
(64)Scholarly articles1994
(65)Therapy, massage, Sutherland-Chan1995
(66)Transfusion associated hepatitis1995
(67)Trillium drug plan[1995]
(68)To be filed1993-1996

Kreever Commission

(69)Commission of inquiry on the blood system in Canada, information package1995
(70)[Kreever], immediate1995
(71)Class action data1996 1 of 3
(72)Class action data1996 2 of 3
(73)Class action data1996 3 of 3
(74)Class action, ON1991-1996
(75)Legal, Lanigne, Pierre1994
(77)Legal, O'Leary1994-1995
(78)Background literature1995
(79)Legal argument1994-1995
(80)Transcript, mine1994-1995
(81)Federal court appeal, etc.February 1996

Call Number: 1998-042/003
(1)Final report drafts1996
(2)Misc. articles1995-1996
(4)International connections, Scotland1995
(7)Personal/class action1996
(9)International connections, Australia1995
(10)Interim report1996
(11)Index of transcripts[ca. 1995]
(12)HIV group1995
(13)Grier Bref1994
(14)David Harvey1995
(15)Compensation, general1995
(17)Ontario Court of Justice
(19)Penticton/class action1996
(21)Exhibits for the [Sated]1995
(23)Toronto board of health1996
(24)Blood audit1994-1996
(25)Final report, notes and drafts1994-1996 1 of 3
(26)Final report, notes and drafts1994-1996 2 of 3
(27)Final report, notes and drafts1994-1996 3 of 3
(28)Final report, drafts1995-1996 1 of 2
(29)Final report, drafts1995-1996 2 of 2
(30)Report to the commission of inquiry on the blood system in Canada1995
(31)Final report, draft, not proofed or approved yet by board1996
(32)Final report1996
(33)Final report, notes and drafts1996 1 of 2
(34)Final report, notes and drafts1996 2 of 2
(35)Final report1996
(36)Final report, draft1996 1 of 2
(37)Final report, draft1996 2 of 2
(38)Final report, notes, drafts, correspondence1996 1 of 2
(39)Final report, notes, drafts, correspondence1996 2 of 2
(40)Final report, draft1996
(41)Final report, draft1996
(42)Kreever Report, first draft, table of contents[ca. 1994]

Call Number: 1998-042/004
(1)Final report, draft1996
(2)HEPC, diary and contact history1994
(3)Final report, good copy1996
(4)Final submission of HeCSS to Mr. Justice Horace Kreever1996-1997 1 of 2
(5)Final submission of HeCSS to Mr. Justice Horace Kreever (loose material)1996-1997 2 of 2

Hepatitis C Society of Canada (HeCSC)

(14)Clippings (duplicate)1994-1995
(15)Clippings (duplicate)1996
(26)HeCSC, Board of Directors, executive committee1997
(27)HeCSC, Board of Directors, executive committee1997
(28)HeCSC, Board of Directors, executive committee1997
(29)HeCSC, Board of Directors, executive committee1998

Call Number: 1998-042/005
(1)HeCSC, executive committee1997
(2)HeCSC, Horizon of Hope Annual Conference/AGM1997
(3)HeCSC, Horizon of Hope Annual Conference/AGM1997
(4)HeCSC, 1998 conference and annual general meeting


(7)Newspaper1995 1 of 2
(8)Newspaper1995 2 of 2
(9)Newspaper1996 1 of 3
(10)Newspaper1996 2 of 3
(11)Newspaper1996 3 of 3

Call Number: 1998-042/006

Spadina Review Committee Posters

(1)Harold Town1971
(2)Dennis Burton1971
(3)John de Visser1971
(4)John Meredith1971

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