F0171 - Nancy Pocock fonds


Call Number: 1998-041/001

Correspondence and subject : kitchen file

(3)Mohamed Ali (Somalia)1989
(4)Amnesty International (torture)1987
(6)Balkans (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, etc.)1990-1992
(9)Bible references, spiritual papers1989
(11)Canada's Aboriginal Peoples1990
(12)Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture1989
(13)Canadian Council of Churches1984-1988
(14)Canadian Council of Churches, Court Action and AFSC Court Action
(15)Canadians The Foundation for Refugees1982-1983
(16)Canadian Refugee Policy1992
(20)CFSC Health Work Info1985-1989
(22)C.E.I. Union1989
(23)Central General America1988-1992
(24)Charter 1987 - England1987-1988
(26)Cisneros, Francisco Antonio, wife1993
(28)Community/Corporate/Environment-Miscellaneous proposals1989-1990
(30)Correspondence, letters1983-1987
(32)Drug info1989
(33)El Salvador1990-1992
(34)El Salvador1994
(35)Employment and immigration releases1988-1989
(37)European refugee policy1991
(38)Faxed names1988-1989
(39)Faxed names - El Salvador (Family Reunification)1989-1990
(40)Former Soviet Republics1992
(41)Funding reports1985-1988
(43)Group of 781983-1984
(45)Dan Heap1988-1989

Call Number: 1998-041/002
(1)Honduras1982-1986, 1991
(2)Housing Co-op mailing list "Nancy Pocock Co-op"1990
(3)ICCR1985, 1986, 1987
(5)ICCR - meetings1983-1985
(6)Illegal Immigrants1984
(7)Immigration - Commons/Gov.1984-1989 1 of 3
(8)Immigration - Commons/Gov.1984-1989 2 of 3
(9)Immigration - Commons/Gov.1984-1989 3 of 3
(10)Immigration and Refugee Board Documentation Centre Country Profiles1990-1992 1 of 6
(11)Immigration and Refugee Board Documentation Centre Country Profiles1990-1992 2 of 6
(12)Immigration and Refugee Board Documentation Centre Country Profiles1990-1992 3 of 6
(13)Immigration and Refugee Board Documentation Centre Country Profiles1990-1992 4 of 6
(14)Immigration and Refugee Board Documentation Centre Country Profiles1990-1992 5 of 6
(15)Immigration and Refugee Board Documentation Centre Country Profiles1990-1992 6 of 6
(16)Income Tax - D.C. Meek
(17)Indo China General (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand)
(18)Inter-Church Committee for Refugees1983-1984
(19)International Human Right Conventions1992
(20)Iran, Iraq, Kurds1990-1991
(21)IRB Statistics1991
(22)Jesuit Centre1989
(24)Latin America (general)1990-1991
(27)Loose correspondence and other material1981-1988
(29)Miscellaneous1969, 1985
(31)Miscellaneous Bulletins1985-1995
(32)Miscellaneous notes and correspondence1978-1996
(33)National defence and security issues-Canada (peace and nuclear war)1984-1988
(35)Oppositions to Immigration legislation (friends)1982-1989

Call Number: 1998-041/003
(1)Ottawa Issues1984
(2)Pakistan and Afghanistan1984-1992
(5)Peace Brigades1983-1984
(6)Peace Brigades International1985-1989
(8)Personal Letters - Nancy1989
(11)Project Ploughshares1985
(12)Nancy Pocock1988-1989
(13)Publications/Video lists1988-1989
(15)QCNC (plus Quaker UN)1988-1989
(16)Quaker Committee on Jails and Justice1989
(19)Sierra Leone1989
(20)Social Services/Employment1988-1989
(21)Somalia1988-1991 1 of 2
(22)Somalia1988-1991 2 of 2
(23)Southeast Asia/ South Pacific1984-1994
(24)Sri Lanka1990-1992 1 of 2
(25)Sri Lanka1990-1992 2 of 2
(26)Sri Lanka-Amnesty Info.
(28)Standing Committee for Refugees1984-1985
(31)TMM Committee Refugees1985-1989
(32)TMM refugee committee1986
(33)TMMC Refugees1984

Call Number: 1998-041/004
(3)United Nations1983-1989
(8)Vigil cases1989
(9)Voice of Women1984-1985
(10)Walter's Service records refugee committee1987
(11)West Indies1982
(12)Women's Resources1987-1991

Call Number: 1998-041/005

Papers : dining room

(1)Address and telephone numbers1995-1996
(2)Art Therapy Program[ca. 1995]
(3)Canadian Council for Refugees1995-1996
(4)Canadian Multilingual Literacy Centre1994
(5)CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1995
(6)Citizenship and Immigration1995-1996
(8)CEDO -- where to get information1996
(9)City of Toronto1995-1996
(10)Country information1995
(11)El Salvador1986-1991
(12)El Salvador (information)1993
(13)Employment and Immigration Canada1993
(14)Fax Cover Sheets
(15)Forms application for landingn.d., 1995
(16)Head tax1995
(17)Human resources1995
(19)Inter-Church Committee for Refugees1995
(20)Intake forms, fax sheets
(21)Jesuit Centre1995
(22)Letters from Mamma Nancy1995
(23)Letters to Mamma Nancy1993-1996
(25)Mamma Nancy's (tel. no., information etc.)
(26)Metro and Toronto1995-1996
(29)New Life Centre1995
(30)News Release1995
(31)Newspaper and Magazine articles1995-1996
(32)OCASI newsletter1995-1996
(33)Quaker (info.)1995
(34)Refugee (information)1994-1996
(35)Refugee and immigration1995
(36)Red Cross1995
(37)Save the Children Canada1996
(38)Toronto monthly meetings1995
(41)Universities - Ryerson, University of Windsor, York1995
(43)Women and children's issues1995
(44)Reports and papers1993-1996

Call Number: 1998-041/006

Diaries, order books, etc.

(1)Address book
(2)Address book
(3)Address book1958 1 of 2
(4)Address book (loose material)1958 2 of 2
(5)Account book1958-1965
(6)Account book1966-1978
(7)Account book1970-1971
(8)Account book1975-1987
(9)Account book1979-1983
(10)Account book1982-1983
(11)Address book1930-1931
(12)Design book[ca.-1950]
(13)Design book[ca.-1950]
(14)Diary1977 1 of 2
(15)Diary (loose material)1977 2 of 2
(18)Diary1980 1 of 2
(19)Diary1980 2 of 2
(21)Diary1984 1 of 2
(22)Diary (loose material)1984 2 of 2
(23)Diary1986 1 of 2
(24)Diary1986 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/007
(1)Diary1988 1 of 2
(2)Diary (loose material)1988 2 of 2
(3)Diary1990 1 of 2
(4)Diary (loose material)1990 2 of 2
(5)Diary1991 1 of 2
(6)Diary (loose material)1991 2 of 2
(7)Herstory (diary)1991
(10)Notebook[ca. 1980]
(17)Notebook[ca. 1990]
(19)Order book1949-1952 1 of 2
(20)Order book (loose material)1949-1952 2 of 2
(21)Order book1951-1959
(22)Order book1959-1963 1 of 2
(23)Order book (loose material)1959-1963 2 of 2
(24)Order book1963-1972, 1995 1 of 2
(25)Order book (loose material)1963-1972, 1995 2 of 2
(26)Order book1971-1972 1 of 2
(27)Order book (loose material)1971-1972 2 of 2
(28)Order book1979 1 of 2
(29)Order book1979 2 of 2
(30)Ornament and object: Canadian Jewellery and Metal Art, Anne Barros1997

Call Number: 1998-041/008

Journals and notebooks

(1)Account book1937 1 of 3
(2)Account book (loose material)1937 2 of 3
(3)Account book (loose material)1937 3 of 3
(4)Account book1973-1974
(5)Account book1985
(6)Address book
(7)Address book
(8)Address book1987
(11)Diary1976 1 of 2
(12)Diary (loose material)1976 2 of 2
(13)Diary1981 1 of 2
(14)Diary (loose material)1981 2 of 2
(15)Diary1982 1 of 2
(16)Diary (loose material)1982 2 of 2
(18)Diary1989 1 of 2
(19)Diary (loose material)1989 2 of 2
(21)Diary (loose material)1993 2 of 2
(22)Diary1994 1 of 2
(23)Diary (loose material)1994 2 of 2
(24)Diary1995 1 of 2
(25)Diary (loose material)1995 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/009
(10)Message book1989
(21)Notebook[ca. 1948]
(22)Notebook[ca. 1948]
(23)Notebook[ca. 1963]
(24)Notebook - M. Enerson1965
(27)Notebook1974 1 of 2
(28)Notebook (loose material)1974 2 of 2
(40)Notebook[ca. 1990]
(45)Notebooks - non-violence[ca. 1976]
(47)Notebook - trip to U.S.S.R
(48)Sketchbook with notes

Call Number: 1998-041/010


(1)Buddhists - Thank Hien Phung Su, Xa Hoi1972
(2)Canada and the civilian political prisoners in Vietnam1974
(5)Correspondence etc. with PRG1973-1974
(7)Dien Bien Phu1984
(8)English language publications
(9)Far Eastern Economic Review1983
(10)For Peace International security and national independence1985
(11)Hguyen Dac Bang's Memoirs during half century in exile[1982?] 1 of 2
(12)Hguyen Dac Bang's Memoirs during half century in exile[1982?] 2 of 2
(13)The Ho Chi Minh Trail1985
(15)Indochina issues1984-1986
(16)Indochina news1985-1986
(17)Journal1963-1964 1 of 2
(18)Journal (loose material)1963-1964 2 of 2
(22)The Nansen Medal and its recipitants[1986?]
(23)Nhac-Trai, He-Vial Du Iac1971-1971
(24)On the Vietnam Peoples Armed Forces1985
(29)Poemes de Prison du Sud Vietnam1972
(30)Prison Diary1983
(31)Prisoners in Vietnam[1975?]
(32)Punishing the Poor: The International Isolation of Rampucheia1988
(34)Report of the United Nations mission to North and Viet-nam1976
(35)The Revolution in the Village: The Old and the New1984
(36)Silo Viet Nam1976
(37)Speech or Vietnam Cambodian border visit --draft1978
(38)Statements by minister Xuan-Thuy[1969?]
(39)Stockholm Con. Mar.1974
(40)The Struggle Against Literacy1983
(41)Time and Other Stories1985
(42)Trip - Vietnam, Siam1978
(43)Viet aid1982-1984
(44)Viet criminals in Canada1975
(45)Viet International P. Duff1974
(46)Vietnam1971, 1989
(48)Vietnam1973-1982 1 of 2
(49)Vietnam1973-1982 2 of 2
(50)Vietnam (N. Pocock)1973-1974

Call Number: 1998-041/011
(5)Vietnam1988-1993 1 of 2
(6)Vietnam1988-1993 2 of 2
(13)Vietnam: Beyond Aid and Development1976
(14)Vietnam - Clippings, newsletters, bulletins1973-1986 1 of 2
(15)Vietnam - Clippings, newsletters, bulletins1973-1986 2 of 2
(16)Vietnam cards1973-1979, 1998
(17)Vietnam clippings1997
(18)Vietnam correspondence, notes1978
(19)Vietnam correspondence and resource material1972-1974 1 of 2
(20)Vietnam correspondence and resource material1972-1974 2 of 2
(21)Vietnam correspondence1972-1977 1 of 2
(22)Vietnam correspondence1972-1977 2 of 2
(23)Vietnam correspondence1972-1977 1 of 2
(24)Vietnam correspondence1972-1977 2 of 2
(25)Vietnam correspondence, press releases, reports1984-1997
(26)Vietnam correspondence, press releases, reports1973-1980 1 of 2
(27)Vietnam correspondence, press releases, reports1973-1980 2 of 2
(28)TUS family
(29)Vietnam correspondence1974-1970
(30)Vietnam correspondence reports1972-1974 1 of 2
(31)Vietnam correspondence reports1972-1974 2 of 2
(32)Vietnam Courier1983-1985
(33)Vietnam Embassy - press releases1979
(34)Vietnam - Fraternity Vietnam1975-1977
(35)Vietnam - International Assembly for Healing the Wounds of War[ca. 1977]
(36)Vietnam - International Assembly for Healing the Wounds of War...[ca. 1977]
(37)Vietnam newsletters1975
(38)Vietnam - resource material1969-1970
(39)Vietnam recent news stories1976-1978
(40)Vietnam resource material clippings1976-1978 1 of 2
(41)Vietnam resource material clippings1976-1978 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/012
(1)Vietnam - resource material1978
(2)Vietnam - resource material1978
(3)Vietnam - resource material1971-[1972?]
(4)Vietnam - resource material1968
(5)Vietnam - newsletters, resource material1967-1979
(6)Vietnam Thailand CFSC reports1978
(7)Vietnam projects1975-1977
(8)Vietnam trip report1981-1982
(9)Vietnam W.C.C. aid after1972
(10)Vietnamese Folk Tales: Satire and Humour1983
(11)Vietnamese medicine and its options1984
(12)Vietnamese women's visitNovember 29-December 1, 1977
(13)When the Light is Out1983
(14)When the Water Recedes1982
(15)Women of Vietnam1984-1985
(16)World Vision1981

Call Number: 1998-041/013
(1)Vietnam correspondence1973
(2)Vietnam information - general clippings etc.1974 1 of 2
(3)Vietnam information - general clippings etc.1974 2 of 2
(4)Vietnam reports, correspondence, memoranda1972-1980
(5)Vietnam reports, newsletters, resource material1973-1974 1 of 4
(6)Vietnam reports, newsletters, resource material1973-1974 2 of 4
(7)Vietnam reports, newsletters, resource material1973-1974 3 of 4
(8)Vietnam reports, newsletters, resource material1973-1974 4 of 4

Pocock family

(9)Clippings re: Nancy Pocock1946-1998
(10)Clippings - Pocock family1940-1944
(11)Clippings mainly about Meek-Pocock studio1946-1984
(12)Clippings re: Meek-Pocock Studio and Metal Arts Guild
(13)Ephemera - Pocock family1918
(14)Jack Pocock ephemera1942-1944, 1975
(15)Theophile Meek Estate - Supreme Court of Ontario Documents1982

Call Number: 1998-041/014

Correspondence and subject files

(1)Account Book - Toronto monthly meeting
(2)Action Alert1997
(3)Allier La Theorie a la Practique: Le Developpement de la chine nouvelle1973
(4)American friends1961-1964 1 of 2
(5)American friends1961-1964 2 of 2
(6)American friends - documentation of American bombing of dikes and dams in North Vietnam1972
(7)American friends1974-1978
(8)American friends documentation of American bombing of dikes and dams in North Vietnam[1975?]
(9)American friends1979
(10)American friends1980
(11)American friends1986-1989
(12)Amnesty International - torture: A Global Epidemic
(13)Art Therapy program1991-1997
(14)Art Therapy program1995
(15)Arts Therapy program corporate sponsorship1995
(16)Art Therapy program resumes1995-1996
(17)Art Therapy program1996-1997
(18)Awards and honours - Queen's University1952, 1987, 1990-1992
(20)Awards and honours - misc.1986-1996
(21)Awards and honours - Order of Ontario1993
(22)BC Voice of Women1975
(23)Bill C-861992
(24)Building Bridges1985
(25)By the Grace of God I have Become Myself1995
(26)CALA VIII Conference1980
(30)Canada-U.S. - Church consultation on Refugee protection Niagara Falls,June 5-7, 1989
(31)Canada-U.S. Ecumenical consultation on Refugee protection1991
(32)Canada-Vietnam newsletter1974-1975
(33)Canadian Broadcasting Corporation1975
(34)Canadian Council of Churches mandate1975
(35)Canadian Council of Churches1980
(36)Canadian Council of Churches1980
(37)Canadian Council of Churches1983
(38)Canadian Council for Refugees-Spring consultation1988
(39)Canadian Craftsmen's Association
(40)Canadian Friends Service Committee1967-1973
(41)Canadian Friends Service Committee minutes etc.1972
(42)Canadian Friends Service Committee1976-1977
(43)Canadian Friends Service Committee - Vietnam1976-1977
(44)Canadian Friends Service Committee1979-1980
(45)Canadian Friends Service Committee1986-1990
(46)Canadian Government1973-1974 1 of 2
(47)Canadian Government1973-1974 2 of 2
(48)Canadian Immigration Centre - Luong Thitran1972
(49)Canadian NGO Options in the context of the Central American Peace Process1989
(50)Catholic Council of Thailand For Development1979
(51)Catholic Cross Cultural Services1996
(52)Celebration: 50th Anniversary of the Metal Arts Guild - Exhibition Catalogue1996
(53)Central America1980
(54)Central America Conference1989
(55)CFSC Service Committee Aid to Vietnam1974-1976
(56)CFSC, originals of bills for medical supplies1977-1978
(57)CFSC Vietnam Aid1978
(58)CFSC Vietnam Aid1986
(59)CFSC - Peace Education Reports1971
(62)City of Toronto Grant Review Board1997
(64)Cloud 9
(65)Collected pamphlets re: Quakerism

Call Number: 1998-041/015
(1)Conferences, meetings, reports, agendas, minutes1975-1979
(2)Congress of the Americas1988-1989
(3)Congressional record1974
(21)Correspondence1970-1979 1 of 2
(22)Correspondence1970-1979 2 of 2
(30)Personal Correspondence1974-1978
(38)Correspondence1980-1989 1 of 2
(39)Correspondence1980-1989 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/016
(4)Canada-Asia Working Group1985
(8)Correspondence1986-1992 1 of 2
(9)Correspondence1986-1992 2 of 2
(10)Correspondence1987-1989 1 of 2
(11)Correspondence1987-1989 2 of 2
(17)Correspondence1990-1992 1 of 2
(18)Correspondence1990-1992 2 of 2
(26)Correspondence1993-1998 1 of 2
(27)Correspondence1993-1998 2 of 2
(33)Couching conference1975
(35)Current Things To Read1986
(36)Discussion papers, reportsn.d., 1976-1978
(38)East Annex Conservation District Study1991
(39)El Salvador1981-1982 1 of 3
(40)El Salvador1981-1982 2 of 3
(41)El Salvador1981-1982 3 of 3

Call Number: 1998-041/017
(1)El Salvador1989
(2)El Salvador1994
(5)Ephemera1972, 1989-1990
(7)Exposing the Myths: Christian Responses to the Anti-immigrant tide: A North American Church GatheringJune 10-12, 1994
(8)Federal Government (Canada)1959-1963 1 of 2
(9)Federal Government (Canada)1959-1963 2 of 2
(10)Focal Point1974
(11)Friends of Quebec1971-1972
(12)Friends Service Council1975
(13)Friends Service Council1976-1977
(14)Fund Appeals1977
(15)Genocide with Herbicides: An Indictment1971
(16)Gentle Men for Gender Justice1980
(17)Global Co-operation for a Better World1988
(18)Grand Council Treaty #91976
(19)Grant Application Information1995-1997 1 of 3
(20)Grant Application Information1995-1997 2 of 3
(21)Grant Application Information1995-1997 3 of 3
(22)Grassy Narrows[ca. 1985]
(23)Grindstone Island1965-1966
(24)The Grindstone Experiment - Thirty-one Hours1966
(25)Grindstone Reports1963-1967
(26)Grindstone Island1968-1971

Hazelton Lanes

(28)Account Book1932-1937
(29)Childhood Memories of Almost a Century Ago/ Doris Meek
(30)Clippings (Nancy Pocock and Jack Pocock)1956-1962
(32)Correspondence (From Judy Pocock)1968
(33)Correspondence1944, 1965
(34)Craft Exhibition Catalogues (with loose material)1939
(35)Jewellery supply catalogues, resource material and ephemera1935
(36)Jewellery supply Catalogues bulletins and ephemera1942-1957 1 of 3
(37)Jewellery supply Catalogues bulletins and ephemera1942-1957 2 of 3
(38)Jewellery supply Catalogues bulletins and ephemera1942-1957 3 of 3
(39)Miscellaneous papers1965
(44)Reports, transcripts (metal arts)1947-1952
(46)Writings, notes, manuscript pages[194-]
(47)Helsinki: What Next?1977
(48)Honduras1982, 1987
(49)Hostages of War: Saigon's Political Prisoners[1975?]
(50)Human Rights Reports1993 1 of 2
(51)Human Rights Reports1993 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/018
(1)Immigration and Refugee Board1997
(2)Immigration level review1983-1985
(3)Income Tax1978
(4)Indian committee1977
(5)Indian concerns1976
(6)Indochina Peace Campaign1975
(7)Indochina Peace Campaign1974
(12)In His Name Society1993
(13)Institute for International Cooperation (University of Ottawa)1974-1975
(14)International Assembly of Christians in Solidarity with the Vietnamese Laotian and Cambodian Peoples1973
(15)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1983
(16)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1985-1989
(17)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1987
(18)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1988-1989
(19)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1989-1996
(20)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1993
(21)Inter-church Committee for Refugees - minutes, agendas, resource material1996
(22)Inter-church Committee for Refugees1997
(23)International Assembly of Christians for Peace1972 1 of 2
(24)International Assembly of Christians for Peace1972 2 of 2
(25)International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners...1973-1975
(26)International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners1974-1976
(27)The International Committee - final newsletter - extra pages1975
(28)International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Prisoners1973
(29)International Committee to Free South Vietnamese Political Prisoners...1973
(30)International Committee - work to do1975
(31)International emergency Conference on South Vietnam and Indochina - Journals1975
(32)International emergency Conference on South Vietnam and Indochina - Journals1975
(35)Jesuit Refugee Service Canada1995

Jewellery designs

(36)Jewellery shop - Ephemera
(39)Kampuchea II1978
(42)Latin America - draft of report by industry, trade and commerce1980
(43)[Latin American Immigration] proposal -original
(44)Letters to be answered1978-1982 1 of 2
(45)Letters to be answered1978-1982 2 of 2
(47)Manual for draft-age immigrants to Canada1968-1970
(48)Manual for draft-age immigrants to Canada1970-1971
(49)Manuscript drafts and notes1997
(50)Meetings : reports, agendas, etc.1953, 1968-1975
(51)Meetings : reports, agendas, etc.1980

Call Number: 1998-041/019
(1)Newsletters, bulletins and other resource material1972-1973 1 of 3
(2)Newsletters, bulletins and other resource material1972-1973 2 of 3
(3)Newsletters, bulletins and other resource material1972-1973 3 of 3
(4)Newsletters, bulletins1964, 1973-1987
(5)Newsletters, bulletins1973-1998
(6)Newsletters, bulletins1976-1977
(7)Newsletters, bulletins - The Friend1977
(8)Newsletters, bulletins1978-1989 1 of 2
(9)Newsletters, bulletins1978-1989 2 of 2
(10)Newsletters, bulletins1977-1979
(11)Newsletters, bulletins1980
(12)Newsletters, bulletins1982
(13)Newsletters, bulletins1985-1987
(14)Newsletters, bulletins1988-1989
(15)Newsletters, bulletins1989-1990
(16)Newsletters, bulletins1991
(17)Newsletters, bulletins1992-1993
(18)Newsletters, bulletins1994-1997
(19)Newsletters, publications1974
(20)Newsletters, publications1975
(21)NGO Conference - Development in the 80's1980
(22)Non-Violent Campaign Planning1974
(23)The North Atlantic Treaty Organization1955
(28)Notices of Things Happening, meetings, etc.1977-1978, 1983
(29)Nuclear Disarmament1962-1963
(30)Ontario Craft Foundation1972
(31)Operation Lifeline1979-1980
(32)Ontario Voice of Women1966-1969
(33)Ontario Voice of Women1990-1991
(34)Order book1948
(35)Order of Canada1982
(36)Order of Canada1992
(37)Order of Canada1992
(38)Order of Ontario1992-1993
(39)Overseas Institute of Canada1962-1963 1 of 2
(40)Overseas Institute of Canada1962-1963 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/020
(1)Meetings, reports, agendas, etc.1992-1997
(2)Memories and other essays by Doris Meek
(3)Metal Arts Guild1996
(4)Metal Arts Guild1996-1998
(5)Mexico and Honduras reports1994-1995
(8)Minutes, conference information etc.1975-1977
(9)Minutes, memoranda etc.1991-1996
(10)Minutes, news briefs, agendas1986-1992
(11)Minutes, news briefs, agendas1992-1997
(12)Miscellaneous correspondence and resource material1984-1997
(13)Miscellaneous drafts
(14)Miscellaneous drafts1968
(15)Miscellaneous meetings - minutes, reports, resource material1970-1976
(16)Miscellaneous meetings - minutes, reports, resource material1980-1985
(17)Miscellaneous meetings - minutes, reports, resource material1986-1989 1 of 2
(18)Miscellaneous meetings - minutes, reports, resource material1986-1989 2 of 2
(19)Miscellaneous meetings - minutes, reports, resource material1990-1997
(20)Miscellaneous minutes, budgets1980
(21)Miscellaneous minutes1985-1996
(22)Miscellaneous minutes and notes1988-1990 1 of 2
(23)Miscellaneous minutes and notes1988-1990 2 of 2
(24)Miscellaneous minutes, agendas, and notes1997-1998
(25)Miscellaneous notes
(26)Miscellaneous notes and writings1968-1987
(27)Miscellaneous notes and writingsn.d., 1970
(28)Miscellaneous notes1971-1974
(29)Miscellaneous notes[ca. 1976]
(30)Miscellaneous notes[ca. 1980] 1 of 2
(31)Miscellaneous notes[ca. 1980] 2 of 2
(32)Miscellaneous notes1983-1990
(33)Miscellaneous notes1985
(34)Miscellaneous notes and drafts1987
(35)Miscellaneous notes and drafts1988-1992
(36)Native Concerns1976
(37)Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada1992-1993
(38)The New International Economic Order - Education Action Kit1976
(40)Newsletters, broadsheets1969
(41)Newsletters, broadsheets1971-1972
(42)Newsletters, broadsheets1964-1971
(43)Newsletters, broadsheets1975-1979
(44)Newsletters, broadsheets1980
(45)Newsletters, broadsheets1987
(46)Newsletters, broadsheets1989-1991
(47)Newsletters, broadsheets1991
(48)Newsletters, broadsheets1997
(49)Newsletters, broadsheets1981-1986
(50)Newsletters, bulletins1972-1974
(51)Newsletters, bulletins1972-1974

Call Number: 1998-041/021
(2)Pamphlets and periodicals1996-1997
(3)Papers : our generation[ca. 1973]
(4)Pardons of Canada1996
(5)Paris World Assembly for the Peace and Independence of the Indo-Chinese People1972
(6)Paris World Assembly for the Peace and Independence of the Indo-Chinese People
(7)Paris World Assembly for the Peace and Independence of the Indo-Chinese People
(8)Peace Groups re: Latin America1988-1989 1 of 2
(9)Peace Groups re: Latin America1988-1989 2 of 2
(10)Peace Movement1966-1969
(11)Peace movement : resources material1965-1968
(12)Peace concerns1980
(13)Accra Assembly - file #21962-1963 1 of 2
(14)Accra Assembly - file #21962-1963 2 of 2
(15)Accra Assembly - file#41962
(16)Accra conference, June 21-28, 1962
(17)Anglican Church1959
(18)Baptist Church1959-1960
(19)Canada (sob)1970-1971
(20)Canadian Friends Service Committee1961-1964
(21)Canadian Jewish Congress and Canadian Council of Jewish Women1959-1960
(22)Congress of Scientists on Survival - June 15-17, 1962 - New York City - 1961-1962
(24)Church Peace Mission
(25)East West Conferences (London)1961
(26)Geneva conference1962
(27)International Conferences - misc.1962
(28)International Cooperation year conference - voice of women - Montreal1962
(29)Inter-Organizational Peace Conference1961-1963 1 of 2
(30)Inter-Organizational Peace Conference1961-1963 2 of 2
(31)Student Christian Movement1962-1963
(32)Student Peace Movement Conference - Pennsylvania, June 22-28, 1962
(33)Unitarian Church1961-1962
(34)United Church of Canada1959-1960
(35)Pentagon papers[1967?]
(37)Phantom Sanctuary1993
(39)Photographs - jewellery shop
(40)Project Ploughshares1979-1980
(41)Project Ploughshares1980-1981
(42)Project Ploughshares1980-1981
(43)Project Ploughshares1981-1982
(44)Project Ploughshares1988-1989
(45)Project Ploughshares board meeting1991
(46)Project North1977
(47)Nancy Pocock : facts and memories : drafts1987
(48)Nancy Pocock : meeting place : notes and drafts
(49)Prisoners names and information1975
(50)Publications re: Peace Movement1950, 1961-1962
(51)Quaker Committee for Refugees : minutes1987-1988
(52)Quaker committee for Refugees : correspondence1994-1997
(53)A Quaker Inquiry into Non-Violent National Defence : an Initial Draft1965
(54)Quaker newsletters1980
(55)Reports from the Quaker Committee for Refugees1995-1997
(56)Reports, new releases, bulletins1997-1998

Call Number: 1998-041/022
(1)Report on the Meeting of Members drawn from the consultative group on disarmament and arms control affairs (vow)1985
(2)Reports, submissions, press releases1968, 1975, 1986, 1992-1995
(3)Requests for aids from Vietnam
(4)Resource material1958-1979
(5)Resource material1967
(6)Resource material1968-1973
(7)Resource material1970-1974
(8)Resource material1982-1986
(9)Resource material1983, 1988
(10)Resource material1988-1989
(11)Resource material1990-1991
(12)Resource material1992, 1995
(13)Resource material1993-1997
(14)Resource material1996-1997
(17)Seeds of Peace1991
(18)Seeds of Peace1994-1995
(19)Aileen Smith (Grassy Narrows)1975
(20)S.O.S. Immigration1993
(21)Southeast Asia1981-1992
(22)Southeast Asia1983-1986
(23)Spirit of the Land1972
(24)Sri Lanka1993-1996
(25)The Style of Vocabulary - Canada1991
(26)Submission to the Legislature committee to examine bill C-86 - drafts, notes etc.1992
(27)Symposium on refugee concerns1987
(28)Toronto mayor's committee on community and race relations1989
(29)Toronto refugee affairs council1990
(30)Toronto refugee affairs council1990
(31)Toronto refugee affairs council1992-1998
(32)Travel itineraries1981, 1991
(33)United Nations Association1963-1964
(34)United Way1987
(35)U.S.-Canada safe country agreement1995
(36)The Vietnam Profiteers1968
(37)Vietnam resource material
(39)Voice of Women-National Newsletter1965-1969
(40)Voice of Women1960
(41)Voice of Women1966-1969
(42)Voice of Women1968-1973
(43)Voice of Women1970-1971
(44)Voice of Women - Vietnam1970
(45)Voice of Women - office1972-1973
(46)Voice of Women1979
(47)Voice of Women1979-1980
(48)Voice of Women1979-1981
(49)War Industries - Canadian camp etc.1972
(51)Women in Politics - national conference1973
(52)World Assembly - literature etc.1972
(53)World Peace Study Mission - "Hibakusha" [v.o.w.]1967-1968
(54)Worship resources: Focus on Refugees[1986?]
(55)Youth Corps event1988

Call Number: 1998-041/023
(1)Account book1951-1960
(2)American friends1976
(3)Awards and honours - Ryerson1989
(4)Cambodia1979-1980 1 of 2
(5)Cambodia1979-1980 2 of 2
(6)Canadian Friends Service Committee
(7)Clippings and Canadian handcraft guild (Ont.) correspondence1941-1971
(9)Drawings, sketches (metal arts)
(10)Faxes (received)1995-1996
(11)Grassy Narrows1973-1975
(12)Gono Unnayan Prochesta - Bangladesh1980-1981
(13)Grindstone Island - Portland on the Rideau
(14)Grindstone Island - 3rd Annual institute on non-violence1965
(16)International Conference for Disarmament and Peace1975
(18)Miscellaneous notes1971
(20)Order book1947
(21)Paris Peace Talks1970 1 of 3
(22)Paris Peace Talks1970 2 of 3
(23)Paris Peace Talks1970 3 of 3
(24)Peace Movement/Nuclear Disarmament1979-1981 1 of 2
(25)Peace Movement/Nuclear Disarmament1979-1981 2 of 2
(26)Photographs (metal arts)
(27)Photographs (metal arts)
(28)Quebec1970-1971 1 of 2
(29)Quebec1970-1971 2 of 2
(30)Some Recollections of Whittien
(31)Transcripts (Pocock stories)1945
(32)Trillium foundation1993
(33)Tucker and Pocock - QRT1972-1973
(34)Voice of Women newsletter1970
(35)Voice of Women - Eighth Annual: "The Right to Live"1968
(36)Voice of Women - 8th Annual Conference, Calgary, September 21, 1968
(37)Voice of Women - minutes, reports1964-1965
(38)Voice of Women national conference, Banff, October 1-4, 1971
(39)Watercolour Paintings (Nancy Pocock)
(40)Waussnode - Native Youth Cultural Camp1979-1980
(41)World Conference on Religion for Peace1980

Call Number: 1998-041/024


(1)Black Rose Books - Winter, Spring, Summer, 19721972
(2)The Friend's Quarterly, April 1969, Vol. 16 No. 6
(3)Religion Speaks for Peace
(4)Quakers on Peace, Friends Meeting of Washington
(5)Our Struggle for Peace, FMLN FDR, El SalvadorApril 1982
(6)Crisis in Malaysian Fishing, Consumers Association of PenangNovember 1977
(7)Withdrawing from the Brink in 1963, David L. Edwards, SCM Press Ltd.
(8)The Peace Testimony of Friends in the 20th Century, Friends Coordinating Committee on Peace
(9)The Hole We Are In, Bernard CanterApril 1963
(10)MacBird, Barbara Garson, Grassy Knoll Press Berkley: New York
(11)Human Nature and the Dominion of Fear, Professor Herber Butterfield
(12)Survivors, Marghanita Laski, Naomi Mitchison, Ella Hunter and a Doctor, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
(13)A.J. Muste (title blacked out)
(14)Views and Comments of the Liberation League, Winter 1965
(15)Martha and Mary: A Woman's Relationship to Her Home, Josephine Moffett Benton, Pendle Hill1947
(16)Student Revolts: The New Left in West Germany, F.C. Hunnius, A War Resusters' International Publication
(17)Capital Punishment: United Nations, New York1962
(18)How to deal with a Dictator, A.J. Muste, Fellowship Publications, New York1954
(19)Unarmed against Fascism, A.K. Jameson1963
(20)Friends Testimonies in the Home, Elise Boulding, Religious Education Committee1953
(21)Which Way the Wind? Philip C. Lewis, American Friends Service Committee1959
(22)Sociological Inquiry, Volume 38, number 1, winter 1968
(23)Friends Peace and International Relations Committee, Annual Report1975
(24)Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre1977-1978
(25)Poverty and the Arms Trade, Campaign Against the Arms Trade
(26)World Conference to End the Arms Race, for Disarmament and Detente, HelesinkiSeptember 1976
(27)The Morals of Extermination, Lewis Mumford1959
(28)Programme Politique du Front uni national du Kampuchea (Funk)1970
(29)Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia SpeaksJanuary-February 1971
(30)Documents publies a l'occasion de la Journee Nationale du 23 mars, Paris 1971March 23, 1971
(31)Le Cambodge de Norodom Sihanouk, Gerard Brisse, Paris1971
(32)Temoignages Occidentaux sur la Resistance, Cambodge1970
(33)Planning with You, Editors of the Architectural Forum
(34)Christians and Nuclear Disarmament, Bruce Kent, Frank Williams and Roger Gray
(35)Frontline, Sanctuary
(36)Behind the Vietnam Cease-Fire Agreement, Tad Szulc
(37)Intelligence and Foreign Policy: The CIA's Global Strategy
(38)Offence/Defence: Survival Seminars for Activists
(39)Armaments or Disarmament? Sipri Brochure1980
(40)The Joy that is Set Before Us, Elise Boulding, William Penn Lecture1956
(41)Regionless Christianity of George Fox, Lewis Benson
(42)John Woolman Press1964
(43)Support Czechoslovakia, Michael Randle, April Carter and others
(44)Encounters with Art, Dorthea Blom, Pendle Hill Pamphlet 128 35c1963
(45)Anthology with Comments, Elizabeth Gray Vining, Pendle Hill1951
(46)The Way of Man, Pendle Hill Pamphlet 106, Martin Buber
(47)Delivered into Resistance: Essays. The Advocate Press1969
(48)The Peace Testimony of the Society of Friends, Howard H. Brinton, American Friends Service Committee
(49)Toward Security Through Disarmament, American Friends Service Committee1952
(50)Bomb, Gregory Corso, City Lights Books, San Francisco1958
(51)War Within Man: A Psychological Enquiry into the Roots of Destructiveness, Erich Fromm, American Friends Service Committee1963
(52)The Olney Current, Summer 19921992
(53)Imperialism without Invading Armies: Peace, Justice and Multinationals in Southeast Asia, Stewart and Charlotte Meacham1976
(54)Social Defence: Women for Peace, Workgroup Social Defence of Women for Peace[1984?]
(55)lawlawlawlaw......Published by The Trailer
(56)The Ho Chi Minh Trail, Foreign Languages Publishing House
(57)Guia Arquologica Pachacama Archaeological Guide1988

Call Number: 1998-041/025

Pocock family and early material

(1)Alien's border crossing identification card : Anne Pocock
(2)Artwork : Nancy Meek[1920?]
(3)Baby's record book1910
(4)Baby's record book - loose material including correspondence from Susan Dorthea Carrier to her mother1909-1917
(5)Birthday party invitation - Susan Dorthea Carrier1888
(6)Cards re: Death of Nancy Pocock1998
(7)Correspondence received by Anne Meek1920, 1934, 1944
(8)Correspondence re: death of Jack Pollock1975
(9)Correspondence re: death of Jack Pocock1975
(10)Correspondence re: death of Jack Pocock1975
(11)Correspondence Jack Pocock to Nancy Pocock1943-1944
(12)Correspondence from Jack Pocock to his mother1923
(13)Death certificates (Meek family)
(14)Correspondence - received by Jack Pocock1944
(15)Correspondence Nancy Pocock to her brother Ted Meek[ca. 1934]
(16)Correspondence received by Nancy Meek [Pocock]1930-1939
(17)Correspondence received by Nancy Pocock1940-1945
(18)Correspondence - Nancy Meek to Dorothy Knowlton1930-1931 1 of 2
(19)Correspondence - Nancy Meek to Dorothy Knowlton1930-1931 2 of 2
(20)Correspondence - Dorthey Knowlton to Nancy Meek1934
(21)Correspondence - Susan L. Dennis to her daughter Cornelia1859
(22)Correspondence - Susan Dorthea Carrier to her mother1909-1912
(23)Correspondence from Theophile Meek1918
(24)Correspondence - E. Tull to Theodore Meek1910
(25)Correspondence and Ephemera1933-1944
(26)Course Book: Family Relations (Dorthea C. Meek)1928-1929
(27)Ephemera: Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood1857
(28)Ephemera: Aunt Effie's Rhymes for Children[18"?]
(29)Ephemera: Baby's Record
(30)Ephemera: Boys Picture-Book of Boats1863
(31)Ephemera: Caricature Alphabet1861
(32)Ephemera: The Child's Pictorial Music Book[184-]
(33)Ephemera: Closerson's Summary of the Game of Contact1934
(34)Ephemera: The Country Picture Book1863
(35)Ephemera: Fisheries Improved Housekeepers Almanac1868
(36)Ephemera: Jack Halyard - The American Sailor Boy[1861]
(37)Ephemera: Histoire Morales A L'usage de la Jeunesse des deux Sexes et des Ecoles1821
(38)Ephemera: The History of Little Bo-Peep1860
(39)Ephemera: Horse and Widow - A Farce1800
(40)Ephemera: The House that Jack Built
(41)Ephemera: Jumbo
(42)Ephemera: Manuscript Pages of Verse1800-1801
(43)Ephemera: Miscellaneous
(44)Ephemera: Mother Hubbard
(45)Ephemera: Parties for Grown-Ups
(46)Ephemera: Reading Without Tears1865
(47)Ephemera: Songs of Innocence
(48)Ephemera: Tangent1930
(49)Ephemera: House Lease
(50)J. Pocock personal1970-1971
(51)Jack Pocock - A Memorial Record
(52)Jack Pocock - biography
(53)Journal Jack Pocock
(54)Journal Susan Dorothea Meek [Carrier][ca. 1909]
(55)Letters of Condolence re: death of Nancy Pocock1998
(56)Letters of Condolence on the Death of Nancy Pocock1998
(57)Letters from Nancy Meek to Dorothy Knowlton (friend from Central Tech Days)1930-1931, 1944
(58)McCormick Theological Seminary Class of 19061906-1918 1 of 2
(59)McCormick Theological Seminary Class of 1906 (loose material)1906-1918 2 of 2
(60)Meek family history
(61)Meek family history
(62)Meek writings1934-1947 1 of 2
(63)Meek writings1934-1947 2 of 2
(64)Millidek - 1913: Volume Eight (yearbook of senior class of James Millikin University)
(65)Miscellaneous cards and notes[ca. 1945]
(66)Nancy Pocock - momentos [photographs]1944-1957
(67)My Little Books (Cock Robin, Little Pigs)1857
(68)Nancy Pocock - memorials1998
(69)Non-violence (Jack Pocock)1966-1970 1 of 2
(70)Non-violence (Jack Pocock)1966-1970 2 of 2

Call Number: 1998-041/026
(1)Notebook (Jack Pocock)[1970?]
(2)Notebooks Nancy Pocock[1931?]
(3)Passport Nancy Pocock1930-1931
(4)Passport Jack Pocock1940-1941
(7)Pocock family : photographs1891-1916
(8)Photographs1912-[1943] 1 of 2
(9)Photographs1912-[1943] 2 of 2
(11)Photographs : Nancy and Jack Pocock[ca. 1969]
(14)A Pioneer Christmas by Doris Meek1956
(15)Pocock family certificates1943, 1971-1975
(16)Pocock family miscellaneous certificates1910-1930
(17)Pocock and Meek families ephemera1923-1983
(18)Summons John and Nancy Pocock1961
(19)Susan Dorothea Carrier - Her parts of speech[after 1887]
(20)Susan Dorothea Meek [Carrier] : miscellaneous notes and clippings1920-1929
(21)Theophile Meek : clippings
(22)The Twig : Christmas 19331933
(23)Views at Home on Chicago
(24)Wartime letters1942-1943 1 of 2
(25)Wartime letters1942-1943 2 of 2
(26)Wartime letters1943-1944 1 of 2
(27)Wartime letters1943-1944 2 of 2
(28)Wartime letters1944
(29)Wartime letters1944
(30)Wartime letters : miscellaneous letters and notes1944
(31)Yearbook : James Millikin University1910

Call Number: 1998-041/027


(2)Border cases1994
(3)Burundi, El Salvador1990-1996
(4)Caribbean Islands1990-1991
(5)Caridad Maria de la Rosa (Cuba)1992-1995
(6)Central America1990-1992
(7)Emilio Laz Morales (Guatemala)1985
(8)Elias Issac Quntanilla1984
(9)Elsa Habtezghi (Eritrea)1993
(10)El Salvador1992-1993
(11)El Salvador1992-1993
(12)El Salvador-Maria Nunez1989-1990
(13)El Salvador1993
(15)European countries1992
(20)Humberto German Guiacho (Ecuador)1995
(21)Ingrid Arevalo (Guatemala)1990-1995
(22)Intake forms1993-1994 1 of 2
(23)Intake forms1993-1994 2 of 2
(26)Kandiah Sri Lanka1990-1992
(29)Levy Guzman1996
(30)Maria Olivia Florez (Columbia)1993
(31)Maria Ramirez
(32)Mdm. Ngo Ba Thank1973
(35)Minh Huynh1974
(36)Miquel Lopez Maritza Lopez (El Salvadori-1993)1993
(38)Nunez family1996
(39)Orellana, Rosa Amelia (N.S.)1993
(40)Osazuwa Amadasun1997
(43)Quaker committee for refugees - donation registers1982
(44)Quaker committee for refugees1993-1994
(45)Quaker committee for refugees1995-1997
(46)Quaker committee for refugees1995-1997
(47)Refugee file - R.B.1994-1995
(48)Refugees' Affidavit etc. performance bonds1983-1997
(49)Refugee cases - notes1988
(50)Refugee cases1993-1994
(51)Refugee claimants, summer 1983, United Church1983
(52)Refugee claimants list (family Reunification)1989
(53)Refugee file1975-1997
(54)Refugee files1983
(55)Refugee files1996-1997
(56)Refugee letters1983-1995
(57)Refugee resource kit1979-1980
(58)Refugees1975, 1987, 1996-1997
(60)Sanchez, Ana Elizabeth (N.S.)1993
(61)Santos Emilio Moran (El Salvador)1994
(63)Sri Lanka1991
(64)Sri Lanka1992-1993
(66)Tilar Raj1993
(67)Turcios Romero, Guillermo (wife)1994
(71)Urbina de Riuas, Maria Lola1983
(74)Without country of origin1991

Call Number: 1998-041/028
(1)Abdirizar Nimale (Somalia)1990
(2)Abdullami Isse Afi1990
(3)Alex Kumi Oppong1991
(4)Alijan Khair (Bangledesh)1991-1992
(5)Amed Zubedi - end of January Amnesty Refused1989-1991
(6)Amrollah Zahedi and family1993
(7)Ania Betty Aluarez1990
(8)Anselma and Idaila Lopez accepted1990-1991
(9)Applications for permanent residence1982-1984
(10)Augustine Agyapong from Ghana - faxed to Lula on 4th April 1991
(11)Autar Singh Longia1990
(12)Baltazar Hermandez Castillo (El Salvador)1991
(13)Carlos Gutierrez Reyes1991
(14)Carlos Joaquin Rodriguez1991
(15)Cases from 19891989
(16)Cesar Castillo (Nicaragua)1990-1992
(17)Clippings miscellaneous1990-1992
(20)Current cases1989-1990
(21)Current cases1989-1990
(23)Douglas Gomez Riuas1991
(24)Eduardo Hermandez Osorto1990-1992
(25)Elvia Ordonez Alivarez1989
(26)El Salvador - Escobar Rodriguez
(27)El Salvador families lists1989 1 of 3
(28)El Salvador families lists1989 2 of 3
(29)El Salvador families lists1989 3 of 3
(31)Eugevio Garcia (El Salvador)1995
(32)Fadumo Ibrahim1990-1991
(33)Felicima Barrera/Jose Juarez (El Salvador)1990-1991
(34)Finished cases that we won: Tomas Rorerto Derteano-Peru; Nimolan Paramanathan - Sri Lanka1990
(35)Government bulletins1991
(36)Grambelov Krassimir - Bulgaria1991
(37)Gullermo Ney Rivera1991
(38)Haitar Hatimy (Do not touch)1990-1993
(39)Hatimy, Abdalla and Hatimy1991
(41)Hugo Fernando Cruz (Peru)1993
(42)Humberto Meza1991
(43)Information for refugees/ refugee backlog info centre/childcare1990
(44)Jose Alberto Orellana Chavez1991
(45)Jorge Ernesto Cruz Borias -- results unknown1991
(46)Jose Ruiz (children)-Sri Lankan)1990
(47)Kwame's Ghanian cases1991
(48)Losses deported - Mansour Abdalla Elmuftah - Sudan1991
(49)Mahosud (Sudan)1991
(50)Manuel Enrique Martinez-Lopez1991
(51)Mayra Ruth Chavez Ramos1990-1991
(52)Miscellaneous Refugee cases1991-1992
(53)Miscellaneous Refugee cases1991-1992
(54)Mobueitte (Zaire) - sent to Lula1991
(55)Mohamed Sama Muhumed1990

Call Number: 1998-041/029
(1)Intake forms1995
(2)Jackman Foundation1992-1996
(3)Jamie Bonilla Cortez (El Salvador)1991
(4)Kathleen's Iran case1996
(5)Lavert Yomo1997
(6)Lawyer Nguyen Long (for Kathleen Savan)1973
(7)Liliana Halwani/Benjamin Attakoba1990-1991
(8)Luis Estrada Sagastiane (Guatemala)
(9)Mandana Gholam1993
(10)Minh Huynh1973
(11)Miscellaneous refugee cases1993-1997
(12)Miscellaneous refugee cases1995-1997
(13)Mr. Malaga1995-1996
(14)Nadarajh Kon (Sri Lanka) deport date Dec. 16/911989-1991
(15)Nagesu Somasundram1990-1991
(16)Nasnin Peiroo1989-1992
(17)Nazeer Ousman (accepted)1990-1991
(18)Never Came Back1991
(19)Noe Martinez Aguilar1982
(20)Nora Cerritos1988
(22)Nunez, Milton and Yaniracel Salvadorj1992
(23)Nuru S. N. Haider1990-1993
(24)Osman Omar (eritren)1992
(25)Paramanthan Indrakumar[ca. 1990]
(26)Paramsothy Nadorajah - Sri Lanka1991
(27)Pedro Menjivar (El Salvador)1990-1992
(28)Peter Yaw Darko - Ghana1990
(29)Herrera, Oswaldo & Margarita1992
(30)Raul Ramirez Umanoi1991
(31)Recent cases for warren Lloyd1990-1991
(32)Record of Acceptance1990
(33)Refugees accepted by the government1982 1 of 2
(34)Refugees accepted by the government1982 2 of 2
(35)Refugee cases1994-1995
(36)Refugee cases miscellaneous1988-1989
(37)Refugees in Canada1991-1992
(38)Rezaul Karim Kazi1992
(39)Ruben Dario Aualos Castaneda1992
(40)Rui-Guang Zhou1990-1991
(41)Salamu Mobuete - Zaire1991
(42)Salzar Arbilu Melvin (Guatemala)1992
(43)Save the Children1992-1997 1 of 2
(44)Save the Children1992-1997 2 of 2
(45)Sent to Warren Lloyd by fax family re-unification1990-1991
(46)Sharira Esmailji Mirzaie and her family1990-1993
(47)Shurri Abdi Egeh1992
(48)Silevia Sanchez Vasquez (El Salvador)1992
(49)Siro Atnam Srthivel1992
(51)Sornam Marie Stella Saravanamuttu1992
(52)South America1992

Call Number: 1998-041/030
(1)Sri Lanka1990-1991
(2)Sri Lanka1992
(3)Sriter Paramsothy (Sri Lanka)1990-1991
(4)Thambiappah Ruthiraseelan1990-1992
(5)Thambiappah Ruthiraseelan1991
(6)Tomorrow's cases/today's cases1990-1991
(7)Sri Lanka Kalaichelvam (sanker) Pancharatnam1990-1992
(8)Umberto Antunes (El Salvador)1995
(11)Vigil-unfinished/unknown cases1990
(12)Yaminia Lmuyahid1990

Call Number: 1998-041/031

Oversize material

(1)Awards/honours1929, 1958, 1992
(2)Agence de Presse Libre du Quebec1972
(3)Paste-up for Jack Pocock memorial article1975
(5)Scrapbook, publicity about Canadian Handicraft Guild Gallery at the Canadian National Exhibition1952
(6)Vietnam poster

Call Number: 1998-041/032

Photographs and videocassettes

(1)Photographs[ca. 1910]
(2)Photographs[ca. 1940-1995] 1 of 4
(3)Photographs[ca. 1940-1995] 2 of 4
(4)Photographs[ca. 1940-1995] 3 of 4
(5)Photographs[ca. 1940-1995] 4 of 4
(6)Videocassette - Order of Ontario1992

Call Number: 1998-041/033

Sound recordings

(1)Sound recording - untitled
(2)Film reel - untitled
(3)Sound recording - untitled
(4)Nancy Pocock on disarmament for Montreal CBC morning program March 15th, 1977
(5)Centre for Democratic Studies - Joan Baez (both sides there is some blank space at end)
(6)CBC Radio-Canada As It Happens for Current Affairs - Brazilian TortureOctober 6, 1972

Audio cassettes

(7)Watson Report
(8)Side A: Alvin to 84 Messiah Schutz Side B: Marty
(9)Paul F. Boure
(12)From A Different Perspective
(13)AM Lefbel vs. S.V. Diplomat
(14)Sunday morning refugees - Mama Nancy
(15)Nancy's talk and Ecumenical forum
(16)MorningsideOctober 8, 1987
(17)April 6th 1987 Hrs 1 and 2
(18)Mercury Poisoning meetingSeptember 28, 1975
(19)Mercury Poisoning meeting (original)
(20)CBC radio Cloud 9 with Richardo Veens - "Courage"January 12, 1992
(21)Radio Interview with Thiourm Prasih Cambodia, Ambassador
(22)Morningside CBC radio - Canadian Refugees policiesNovember 24, 1988
(23)From a Different Perspective program #31 Thailand
(24)Laura Lynch-Nancy Pocock itemJanuary 26, 1991
(25)Preventing Nuclear War: I
(26)Preventing Nuclear War: II
(27)Preventing Nuclear War: III
(28)Why Physicians are Involved in Preventing Nuclear War -- speech
(29)N. Pocock interviewing Vietnamese refugee
(30)Fred Haslem beginnings of CFSC
(31)Nancy moving, [Music in My Life]1988

Four mini cassette tapes

(32)Nancy III : 1930's-40's depression, years as jeweller 30's/40's
(33)Misc. reminiscences about various individuals
(34)John Pocock WW II
(35)Nancy at Queen's receiving H.D.D.May 9, 1990

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