F0432 - Clara Thomas fonds


Call Number: 1995-002/001
(1)Beynon, Francis Marion, The West and the Nation : Essays in Honour of W.L. Morton1976
(2)Chown, Alice, Biographical Information
(3)Commonwealth of Women, Unfinished Draft by CT
(4)Connor, Ralph, Draft by John Lennox
(5)Essay on Lily Dougall by Jan Wheeler[April 1978]
(6)Duncan, Sara Jeanette, Biographical Details, Various Criticisms1961-1977
(7)Fleming, May Agnes, Biography and Bibliography by Lissa Bubbers
(8)Keith, Marian, Biography and Bibliography by Janet Patterson
(9)Paper on Agnes Laut by Leila G. MitchellMay 1979
(10)Lezars, Kathleen and Robina, Biography and Bibliography
(11)Macbeth, Madge1978-1988 1 of 2
(12)Macbeth, Madge1978-1988 2 of 2
(13)McClung, Nellie, Photocopy of Essay by Isabel Bassett
(14)Mackay, Isabel Ecclestone
(15)Machar, Agnes Maule
(16)Montgomery, L.M.
(17)Murphy, Emily
(18)Pickthall, Marjorie1978
(19)Reeve, Winifred1979
(20)Sadleir, Mary Anne
(21)Saunders, Margaret Marshall1978

Call Number: 1995-002/002
(1)Traill Family Collection1976
(2)Wood, Joanna1978
(3)Women's Bibliography (Wendy Michison)
(4)Women's Bibliography1971
(5)Women Writers of the Twenties1977
(6)Class Books1961-1986 1 of 3
(7)Class Books1961-1986 2 of 3
(8)Class Books1961-1986 3 of 3
(9)Margaret Laurence1973-1984
(10)Hugh MacLennan's letters to ML (Copies)1970-1981
(11)Thomas, Clara - with and re: Margaret Laurence1982-1989

Call Number: 1995-002/003

Publication files

(1)E. Ryerson -- Reviews1969
(2)A. Jameson -- Reviews and correspondence1961-1978
(3)Jameson Publication Correspondence1966-1968
(4)Ryerson (Reviews Etc.)1969
(5)Contracts; Ryerson, Jameson (paper), McClelland and Stewart Manawaka World), Jameson (hardback),1966-1994
(6)Japanese Translation of "Our Nature - Our Voices"1980-1981
(7)William Arthur Deacon, Reviews1982 1 of 3
(8)William Arthur Deacon, Reviews1982 2 of 3
(9)William Arthur Deacon, Reviews1982 3 of 3

Call Number: 1995-002/004

Correspondence arranged alphabetically

(1)Acadia University1993-1994
(3)Acheson, Leslie1991-1992
(4)All My Sisters
(5)Armitt, Angela1994
(6)Arthurs, Harry1991
(7)Assoc for Canadian Studies1991
(8)Atkinson, Eric1975
(9)Atkinson, Mary Cole1982
(10)Atwood, Margaret1985
(11)Auckland, Lloyd and Phyllis1991
(12)Oh Canada Conference (Philip Stratford, U. of Montreal, 1991-1993)
(13)Aziz, Yvonne1985
(14)Bassett, Isabel1982
(15)Barnard, John1984-1994
(16)Bauer, Hilda and Don1990-1994
(17)Baugh, Edward, U.W.I.1985-1989
(18)Beauchemin, Claire1988-1992
(19)Besner, Neil1994
(20)Bissell, Claude1989
(21)Bitz, Ellen Jaffe1990
(22)Black, Alex and Dorothy1989-1993
(23)Black, Naomi1992
(24)Bonnano, Gianni1991-1992
(25)Bowley, Willie1994
(26)Boyd, Tina1994
(27)Bradbury, Agnes1984
(28)Brock University1992-1994
(29)Brown, Joan1993
(30)Brown, Mary1981
(31)Brown, Sylvia1988-1994
(32)Bruti-liberati, Luigi1992
(33)Bryan, Gertrude1983
(34)Buss, Helen1994
(35)Cahill, Agatha1988-1993
(36)Callwood, June1985
(37)Cameron, Sandy and Ian1987-1993
(38)Campbell, Jane (Laurier)1989
(39)Campbell, Robert1994
(40)Campbell, Sandra1989
(41)Carlsen, Jorn1992
(42)Clarke, Brenda (Weekes)1988-1994
(43)Clarkson, Helen
(44)Clifford, Jean1990
(45)Codger, Greta1990-1993
(46)Coghlin, Kay1984
(47)Cole, Alfred and Jean1992
(48)Collins, Thomas1975
(49)Conelly, Sally (Elwin)1984-1993
(50)Conron, Brandon1990-1993
(51)Conron, Ross1993-1994
(52)Cook, David1993
(53)Craven, Marylouise1988
(54)Cruickshank, Peggy Sample1993
(55)Culliford, Leta1989
(56)Damm, Kateri1991
(57)Dardi, Marta1992
(58)Darby, David1993
(59)Darling, Michael1988-1994
(60)Davey, Frank1989
(61)Davidson, True1978-1988
(62)Davies, Gwen1988-1994
(63)CorreDavis, Dorothy (Aunt)1983-1989
(64)Delbaere, Jeanne1990-1992
(65)Dixon, Carolyn1994
(66)Drama Guild of Canada1984
(67)Draper, Vicky1991
(68)Dussault, Chantal1991
(69)Dutil, Pat (lrc)1993-1995
(70)Dyck, Anne1992

Call Number: 1995-002/005
(1)Edwards, Mary Jane1989
(2)Effer, Vesta Stocks1973, 1991
(3)Elwin, Eve1972-1979
(4)Endicott, Valerie1988
(5)Endress, Lori1976, 1990-1993
(6)English Studies in Canada1993
(7)Epperly, Elizabeth1994
(8)Ernstron, Adele Holcomb (Bishops)1976-1993
(9)Evans, Dorrie1990-1994
(10)Ewen, D.R.1984
(11)Fee, Marjorie1993
(12)Fidler, Arthur, Senior and Junior1994
(13)Fienberg, Stephen1991
(14)Fleck, Paul1992
(16)Forgie, Cathy1985, 1988
(17)Fowke, Edith1993-1994
(18)French, William1990
(19)Fulton, Margaret1984
(20)Gatenby, Greg1988
(21)Gessie, Dean1984
(22)Gilbert, Alice1968
(23)Gorjup, Branko1988-1989
(24)Graham, Angela and John1993
(25)Halevy, Shirley
(26)Hallman, Eugene1991
(27)Hanton, Margaret1993-1994
(28)Hart, Anne1976-1986
(29)Henderson, Dorothy Cambell (Margaret Laurence Home, Neepawa)1993-1995
(30)Hermann, Birgit1991
(31)Hinchcliffe, Peter1992
(32)Hood, Hugh1978-1982
(33)Howells, Coral1986-1992
(34)Innes, Anne1965-1976
(35)Irvine, Lorna1993
(36)Irwin, Lorna Fraser1985-1993
(37)Jakobfi, Anna1990
(38)Johnston, George1988
(39)Johnston, Joan,1989-1993
(40)Jones, Kevin1993
(41)Journal of Canadian Studies
(42)Karn, Marguerite1993
(43)Kellar, Sally1989-1993
(44)Killam, Douglas1985
(45)Kirk, Heather1981-1994
(46)Kulyk Keefeer, Janice1991
(47)Lacombe, Michele1986-1993
(48)Lamont-Stewart, Linda1984
(49)Latham, Sheila1983
(50)Laurence, Margaret and Jocelyn1974-1994
(51)Lavender, Colleen
(52)Layton, Irving[197-?]
(53)Lecker, Robert1990
(54)Lee, Alvin1992
(55)Lennox, John1993
(56)Lewis, Janet
(57)Lithgow, Ian1990-1991
(58)Lochead, Douglas1988
(59)Longmire, Ruth, Bert and Susan1988

Call Number: 1995-002/006
(1)McCandless, Larry1990
(2)McCandless, Mabel and Basil1963
(3)McCandless, Evan and Vi[1993?]
(4)McCandless, Martha1994
(5)McCandless, Vernon, Originals1944-1945
(6)MacDonald, Anna1994
(7)McDonald, Avis1988-1989
(8)Macdonald, H. Ian1983
(9)McDougall, Sara1991-1993
(10)MacEwen, Gwendolyn1994
(11)McGill Queens U. Press1993
(12)MacGillivray, Eleanor1993
(13)Mckibbon Thomas, Sherry1994
(14)Mackinnon, Murdo1992
(15)MacLennan, Hugh1970
(16)McMaster, Juliet1982, 1993
(17)McMullen, Lorraine1990
(18)McSherry, Susan (Fanny Colwill Calvert)1989
(19)Mah, Peter
(20)Mandell, Anne1992
(21)Mathews, Robin1991
(22)Mathieson, Mary Dampier (Strathroy)1993-1994
(23)Moens, Maria (Maria Jacobs)1983, 1993
(24)Monkman, Leslie1989
(25)Morgan, Patricia1993
(26)Morrow, Edith Whicher1991
(27)Moss, John1993
(28)Motta, Lucia1992
(29)Murphy, John1991
(30)Nelson, James1984
(31)New, William H.1988-1994
(32)Nywening, Beth1992
(33)Orfanokas, Dale1985
(34)Panofsky, Ruth1985
(35)Petersen, George1989
(36)Persico, Gemma1992
(37)Perz, Mary Anne1995
(38)Peterman, Michael1991, 1994
(39)Platnick, Phyllis1992
(40)Porlier, Vicky Ryckman and Dennis
(41)Powell, Barbara1990
(42)Public Lending Right1991-1992
(43)Purdy, Al1993
(44)Sparrow, Fiona1993
(45)Rajan, Tilottama1992
(46)Ramsay, Ellen1993
(47)Rathe, C.E.1992
(48)Redhead, Carmen1992
(49)Regina Manifesto1933
(50)Riegel, Christian1994
(51)Robson, Nora Summerhayes1992-1994
(52)Rooke, Constance
(53)Rose, Marilyn1990-1994
(54)Rowe, Jim, Trudi, Alison1976-1995
(55)Royal Society of Canada1994
(56)Rubio, Mary1992

Call Number: 1995-002/007
(1)Sanborn, Earle
(2)Scythe, Sarah [plus 15 colour photos]1989-1991
(3)Seemann, Tina1993
(4)Slade, Stella
(5)Small, William1989
(6)Smetana, Cyril1985
(7)Smyth, Donna1991-1992
(8)Staines, David1988-1994
(9)Stevenson, Dorothy and Charles1988, 1994
(10)Stich, Klaus Peter1991, 1994
(11)Stothers, Walter
(12)Stouck, David1989-1993
(13)Stovell, Nora Foster1992-1994
(14)Strathroy Middlesex Museum1993
(15)Stubbs, John O.(Trent)1991
(17)Sullivan, Hugh1992
(18)Sunderam, Dr. P.K.1988
(19)Sutherland, Katherine1994
(20)Swatman, Noli and Carrie1984-1994
(21)Thiessen, Hildi, F.1990
(22)Thomas, John, Steve & Linda1972
(23)Thomas, John1971, 1991-1994
(24)Thomas, Morley1978
(25)Thomas, Stephen1971-1994
(26)Tierney, Frank1992
(27)Trent University1993-1994
(28)University of New Brunswick1994
(29)University of Toronto Press1994
(30)University of the West Indies1989, 1993
(31)Van Dijk, Edith1988-1994
(32)Van Horn, Elizabeth Lambert (Strathroy)1994
(33)Vauthier, Simone1991
(34)Ventura, Heliane1991
(35)Wadland, John
(36)Warwick Susan
(37)Waterston, Elizabeth1993
(38)Whitelaw, Marjorie1990-1992
(39)Widdicombe, Jane1991
(40)Wigmore, Peggy1994
(41)Williams, Alice
(42)Williams, Michael1991-1992
(43)Willoughby, John1980
(44)Wilson, Budge and Alan1990-1994
(45)Wilson, Catherine1985
(46)Wilson, Jean1985-1994
(47)Wilson, Phyllis1992
(48)Winsor, Sylvia1989
(49)Woodhouse, A.S.P.1963
(50)Wiley, Jane
(51)Xiques, Donez1989-1994
(52)York University Faculty Association1993
(53)York University1984-1986
(54)Zimmermann, Yutta1985

Call Number: 1995-002/008

Personal files

(1)Clara Thomas on York University1978, 1981
(2)Honorary Degree (York). [includes 13 colour photos]June 1986
(3)Honorary Degree (Trent). [includes 4 colour photos]May 1991
(4)Honorary Degree (Brock). [includes 18 colour photos]June 1992
(5)PhD Parchment - Royal Society1982
(6)Thomas, Clara (Birthday Cards)
(7)Thomas, Clara (Christmas Cards)
(8)Thomas, Clara (Illness & Operation)1988
(9)Thomas, Morley
(10)Northrop, Frye - England1965
(11)Anne Welwood. "Judith's Fish"1977

Family history files

(12)Notes on Strathroy, Ont. 1 of 3
(13)Notes on Strathroy, Ont. 2 of 3
(14)Notes on Strathroy, Ont. 3 of 3
(15)Strathroy - C. Thomas, Personal
(16)WW I, II letters from Vernon Sullivan, Vernon McCandless, and Alfred Brandon Conron. Typescript copies.

Call Number: 1995-002/009
(1)Western Extension, 1956-1957. [University of Western Ontario - Extension Dept.]
(2)Re: William Arthur Deacon1982
(3)C. Thomas - Royal Society1983
(4)Thomas, Clara (Retirement). [includes 3 colour photos]1984
(5)Northern Telecom Award1989
(6)Photos [67 photos: b&w, col.)
(7)Photos [21 photos: b&w, col.)
(8)Yearly Log1971-1987
(9)Northrop Frye Newsletter1988-1994
(10)C. Thomas - Personal correspondence, notes1929-1994

Call Number: 1995-002/010
(1)Thomas, Clara - C.V. & Biography1984, 1995
(2)Clara Thomas Interviews (Audio Cassettes), [Includes: Irving Layton, Margaret Laurence, Jayne Patterson (Kurelek), Mandel][197-?]

Articles, chapters of books arranged chronologically

(3)One of the Last1959
(4)Robert S. Jameson: Memorial for a Forgotten Man1964
(5)Anna Jameson and 19th century taste1966
(6)Happily Ever After: Canadian women in fiction and fact1967
(7)John Wesley's chapel1968
(8)The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib1971
(9)Proud Lineage: Willa Cather and Margaret Laurence1971
(10)The Sing-Off1972
(11)Journeys to Freedom1972
(12)The Town Our Tribe1972
(13)Crusoe and the Precious Kingdom1972
(14)Laurence Park Church1972
(15)Canadians of Old1972
(16)Rural and Frontier Canada1972
(17)Short Stories of Margaret Laurence1972
(18)Martha Ostenso's Trial of Strength1973
(19)New England Romanticism and Canadian Fiction1973
(20)Carl Klinck1973
(21)Seeing Niagara and After1973
(22)Emily Murphy1975
(23)Cousin Cinderella and the Empire Game1976
(24)The Wild Garden and the Manawaka World1976
(25)Traill's Canadian Settlers1976
(26)Novels of Margaret Laurence1977
(27)Social mythologies in The Imperialist1977
(28)Two Voices of A Mixture of Frailties1977
(29)True Davidson Citation1978
(30)Mr. Rochester's First Marriage1978
(31)The Chariot of Ossian1978
(32)Women Writers and the New Land1978
(33)William Arthur Deacon and Saturday Night1978
(34)Heroinism, Feminism and Humanism1978
(35)CookBook with ML1978
(36)Beyond Feminism1979
(37)Towards Freedom: The Work of Margaret Laurence and Northrop Frye1979
(38)Anna Jameson: Art Historian and Critic1980
(39)The Commonwealth of Women1980
(40)Letter to Susie (Carson)1980
(41)Pilgrim's Progress: Margaret Laurence and Hagar Shipley1981
(42)Lady Oracle: The Narrative of a Fool Heroine1981
(43)Voices Over - Derek Walcott1981
(44)ACS: The continuing Crusade for Canadian Literature1982
(45)Commonwealth Albums Walcott and Laurence1982
(46)Morning Yet on Creation Day1983
(47)CACLALS Dinner, U. of Guelph1983
(48)Royal Society of Canada1983

Call Number: 1995-002/011
(1)Brescia Baccalaureate1983
(2)Grove's Maps1983
(3)Aging in the Works of Canadian Women Writers1984
(4)Margaret Laurence and the Patterns of Pilgrimage1984
(5)Divided Selves: Jameson and Duncan1984
(6)The Girl Who Wouldn't Grow Up1985
(7)Hugh Hood's Canadian Style1985
(8)The Roads Back : Stephen Leacock and George Elliott1985
(9)How Jane Got Tenure1985
(10)Celebration for Canadian Literature1985
(11)Writing Lives and Reading Them1985
(12)Taking the Initiative1985
(13)Traditions in Fiction Canadian Style1985
(14)Laurence - Canadian encyclopaedia1985
(15)York Convocation speech1986
(16)Douglas Locheed intro1986
(17)Canada From Sea unto Sea1986
(18)Flashback: Teaching Canadian Literature1986
(19)Children's Stories (new computer)1986
(20)Planted Firmly in Some soil1986
(21)Viola Pratt, Introductions1987-1988
(22)Virgins of the Garrison1987
(23)Canadian Literature : Introduction1987
(24)Saving Laughter1987
(25)Friends and Sisters1987
(26)Revision of Our Nature Our Voices1987
(27)Margaret Laurence Obit. Royal Society1988
(28)AfterWords for Prophet's Camel Bell; Winter Studies and Summer, Rambles, NCL1988
(29)Tribute to Morley Callaghan1988
(30)Ron Mathieson1988
(31)Frank Paci1988

Call Number: 1995-002/012
(1)Swann: A Slight Parodic Edge1989
(2)Strathroy Collegiate Institute 1932-371989
(3)Raddall Panel1990
(4)Konrad : The Blue Jar1990
(5)Sudbury Fairy Story1990
(6)Emily Carr - short biog1990
(7)Water - The Essential Element Brock1991
(8)The Sometime Poets Swann and Moodie1991
(9)Rhodenizer's Handbook1991
(10)Margaret, Morag and the Scottish Ancestors1991
(11)The Accommodating I1991
(12)Portraits of the Artist : Thea Kronberg and Morag Gunn1991
(13)Reassembling Fragments1991
(14)Creation Fire1991
(15)Telling Dot's Life Like a Story1991
(16)Brock : Convocation Address1992
(17)L.M. Montgomery's Heroines1992
(18)Agatha Cavers1992
(19)Special Memories: Dorrie and Jack1992
(20)Paul Fleck1992
(21)Then and Now: The Progress of Canadian Literary Studies1992
(22)Legacies of Risk and Reward (Milan - Laurence and Roy1992

Call Number: 1995-002/013
(1)Evelyn Eaton1992
(2)Celebrations: Frye and Laurence1992
(3)Glendon in the Early Years1993
(4)Girl of the Limberlost -- Anne's American Cousin1993
(5)The Diaries of Lucy Maud Montgomery1993
(6)The Unknown Margaret Laurence1993
(7)Ethics and the Freeman Affair1993
(8)U. of Ottawa, Laurence to Thomas & MacLennan1973, 1982
(9)Friends and Sisters1994
(10)Nellie McClung1994
(11)Various Writings on ML1994
(12)E.K. Brown1994
(13)Grandma's Story1994
(14)Mrs. Turner Cutting the Grass Revised for Besner1994
(15)Miscellaneous reviews etc., by Clara Thomas
(17)Miscellaneous reviews by CT1994
(18)Miscellaneous by others1994
(19)Nominations to the Royal Society1994
(20)All My Sisters - Essays on the work of Canadian Women Writers, Manuscript1994 1 of 3
(21)All My Sisters - Essays on the work of Canadian Women Writers, Manuscript1994 2 of 3
(22)All My Sisters - Essays on the work of Canadian Women Writers, Manuscript1994 3 of 3

Call Number: 1995-002/014

Miscellaneous correspondence

(1)Augusten, Diane (Frances)1988
(2)Bohne, Harold. U. ot T. Press
(3)Brescia Baccalaureate
(4)Capone, Giovanni1983
(5)Carl Klinck Professorship (offered to C.T. by Western, 1975)1983
(6)Cole, Wayne and J. Rose1969-1970
(7)Carnwath, Jane1988
(8)Commonwealth Conference attended with M.L.1978
(9)Conferences, etc.1982-1994
(10)Sister Corona, Brescia1983
(11)Edwards, Neil1973, 1981
(12)Engel, Marian1979
(13)Gray, James1983
(14)Halpenny, Francess[198-?]
(15)Holley, Prof.I.B.1976
(16)Hoffmann, Ellen1983
(17)Kurukshetra Univ. India1983
(18)Maison, Margaret1975
(19)McLauchlan, Laura
(20)Manitoba, Univ. of - Distinguished Professors selection committee1982
(21)Matheson, Gwen1983
(22)McDonald, Avis1982
(23)Metcalf, John1982
(24)Moers, Ellen1979
(25)Morley, Pat1982
(26)Nanking, Univ. of, China1982
(27)Newfoundland Written adventure1974
(28)Page, P.K.1980
(29)Porter, Helen1978
(30)Probert, Ken1982
(31)Story of Can. Lit. by C.T. (Nonsense)[ca. 1979]
(32)Ross, Malcolm1989
(33)Sullivan, Matthew, Barry (son of Alan Sullivan)1984
(34)Tachiya, K.[1984?]
(35)Trueman, Albert1981
(36)Woodcock, George1994

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