F0432 - Clara Thomas fonds


Call Number: 1988-033/001

Correspondence re: Canadian Women's Studies - Tribute to Margaret Laurence, Fall Issue, 1987.

(1)Atwood, Margaret
(2)Bailey, Don1987
(3)Bassett, Isabel1987
(4)Callwood, June1987
(5)Cameron, Ian
(6)Campbell, Dorothy re: Margaret Laurence House1987
(7)Campbell, Jane1987
(8)Elwin, Eve1981, 1983
(9)Elwin, Sally1981
(10)Findley, Timothy
(11)Fleck, Polly
(12)Frye, Northrop1987
(13)Hair, Don1987
(14)Hospital, Janette Turner1987
(15)Howells, Coral1987
(16)Ianatieff, George1987
(17)Johnston, George1987
(18)Killam, G.D.1987
(19)Kirk, Heather1987
(20)Landsberg, Michele[1987?]
(21)Laurence, Jocelyn and David1987
(22)MacLennan, Hugh1987
(23)Maitland, Sara1987
(24)McClelland, Jack1987-1988
(25)Purdy, Al1987
(26)Ross, Malcolm[1987?]
(27)Wiebe, Rudy1987
(28)Williams, Alice1987
(29)Wilson, Alan1987
(30)Wilson, Budge
(31)Wilson, J.J.1987
(32)Wiseman, Adele1987
(33)Woodcock, George1987
(34)Address Lists1987
(35)Correspondence and reviews1987
(38)General Correspondence to Clara Thomas re. Margaret Laurence1976
(39)Margaret Laurence, 1982-1985. (Includes a poem to Thomas', sheet music for 'Old Women's Song', 2 colour photos)
(40)Margaret Laurence House, Neepawa1987
(41)Letters of sympathy to Clara Thomas re: death of Margaret Laurence1987
(42)Tributes to Margaret Laurence1987
(43)Programme - Margaret Laurence Tribute - Trent University, March 11-12, 1987.
(44)Poster - Margaret Laurence Tribute - Trent University, March 11-12, 1987 (O/S)

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