F0520 - Knowlton Nash fonds


Series Number:S00480
Series Title:Speeches
Extent:1.16 metres of textual material
Scope and Content: Series consists of the text of speeches delivered by Knowlton Nash to a wide variety of audiences across Canada. The speeches focus on broadcast journalism and television news services, either in the general context of CBC programming, or tailored to reflect the content of a book written by Nash. Themes include the importance, standards, and ethics of journalism, its relationship with politics, and the role of television news reporting in developing a democratic society, a national identity, and national unity. Many of the speeches were arranged by CBC officials, in order to raise the profile of its news and information services and to develop connections between operations based in Toronto and Canadians at a local or regional level.
Arrangement: Speeches were arranged by Nash in a variety of ways. Initially, Nash arranged his speeches in reverse chronological order in binders. Later he had large files of speeches grouped by year as well as miscellaneous files of speeches.
Other Notes:1. Related records: Correspondence pertaining to local arrangements for speeches and the reaction of audiences can be found in Series S00474, Correspondence, and S00475, CBC files. Contracts and correspondence for engagements organized by the National Speakers Bureau can be found in Series S00476, General files, 2008-001/033 (1) to (2). Speeches pertaining to Nash's books can also be found in Series S00483, Literary files.

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