F0520 - Knowlton Nash fonds


Series Number:S00473
Series Title:Print media articles about broadcast journalism
Extent:0.72 metres of textual material
Scope and Content: Series consists of articles clipped from newspapers and magazines from across Canada, and either pasted onto loose leaf pages and kept in binders, or placed in file folders in approximate chronological order. The articles are often accompanied by letters, memoranda, and reports from CBC officials on related issues, as well as Knowlton Nash's research notes. While much of the material deals with Nash's career and information services at the CBC, many also deal with broader themes of broadcast journalism. Topics include: censorship and civil liberties, particularly in the context of cancellation of a program on the legacy of Vladimir Lenin and the coverage of separatism in Canada; the ratings contest between CBC and CTV; long-range planning for information programs at the CBC; the content and style of news broadcasts; possible interference by Secretary State Gerard Pelletier in CBC newscasts during the October Crisis of 1970; the resignation of Peter Trueman as the CBC's Director of News in 1971; objectives and goals of the CBC; the CBC's relationship with the children's program Sesame Street and the controversy over the program, All about women in 1972; cancellation of The Weekend in 1973, and Viewpoint in 1974; development of a series on Canadian prime ministers in 1973; CBC's production on the October Crisis, and the emergence of Adrienne Clarkson as a CBC television personality in 1975; Peter Gzowski's late-night talk show in 1977; the election of the Partie Quebecois majority government on 15 November 1977, which gave rise to discussions of the CBC's role and responsibilities in the context of the debate over national unity and Pierre Elliott Trudeau's order that the Canadian Radio and Television Commission probe allegations of bias at the CBC; statements to the CRTC during hearings for renewal of the CBC's license, and comments by Peter Kent that the Prime Minister's Office was influencing news coverage at the CBC in 1978; decisions by Peter Herrndorf and other CBC officials regarding The National, 1980; background research and arrangements for coverage of the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981; and broadcast sovereignty.
Other Notes:1. Related records: See also Series S00472, Print media articles about Knowlton Nash, and Series S00475, CBC files, for similar material pertaining to news and public affairs programming at the CBC.

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