F0479 - Steve Paikin fonds


Series Number:S00310
Series Title:Broadcast journalism files
Extent:0.91 m of textual records
69 audio cassettes
16 audio reels
4 video cassettes
Scope and Content: Series consists of notes, research material, drafts of scripts, memos and other material related to Paikinís work as a private reporter for CHFI radio and as a staff reporter for the CBC. It also contains scripts and other material that documents his work as a host for TVOís Between the Lines and Fourth Reading . It includes material, including audio recordings of events and interviews, related to his reporting on a number of topics including the 1983 Progressive Conservative leadership convention, the 1984 Liberal leadership convention and other party conventions and/or elections, Pierre Trudeauís visit to the University of Toronto in 1984, Ernst Zundel and anti-Semitism in Canada, stories related to metro Toronto such as the debates over the construction of its domed stadium and others. It also contains a copy of Paikinís demo reel created by TVOntario to display many of his journalistic accomplishments.

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