F0471 - Paul Hoffert fonds


Series Number:S00269
Series Title:Sound and moving image recordings
Extent:383 video cassettes
162 audio cassettes
92 audio discs
139 audio reels
Scope and Content: Series consists of sound and audio-visual recordings in a variety of formats that represents the actual musical output of Hoffert from his first recording in 1955 to more recent work including music written for televison news shows. It contains a complete set of Lighthouse albums on vinyl as well as many of their singles and test pressings of some of their albums. There is unedited backstage footage of the band from their 1982 reunion special and recordings of artists that Hoffert produced. There are recordings of film and television scores, concert music and live recordings as well as recordings made by Hoffert in his living room including a recording of a reading by Timothy Findley and Janis Rapoport accompanied by Hoffert on piano.

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