F0467 - Frank Zingrone fonds


Call Number: 2013-027/001


(1)Correspondence1961, 1980-1997
(2)Letter from Manhunt Magazine to Frank Zingrone17 Oct. 1962
(4)Correspondence1965-1982, 1990, 1991
(5)Correspondence. -- File includes a copy of a recommendation letter written for Zingrone by Marshall McLuhan in 1965, as well as correspondence from Corinne and Eric McLuhan, Bruce Powe, Ailsa Craig, Robert Fulford and Thomas Fleming.1965-2002
(6)Correspondence : MIT. -- File includes correspondence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology regarding Zingrone's employment as an assistant professor, as well as correspondence from Edmund Carpenter and Eric and Corinne McLuhan.1966-1971, 1992, 1995, 2005
(7)League for Human Rights of B'nai B'rith : correspondence and newsletter. -- File pertains to Frank Zingrone's participation in two monthly forums in April and May 1971. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 20.3 x 25.3 cm. -- Photograph of Frank Zingrone and an unidentified woman at the forum.1971
(8)Recommendation letters1971-1976 Access to this file is subject to restrictions due to third-party privacy issues.
(9)Correspondence. -- File includes correspondence from Al Purdy, Eli Mandel, and Pier Giorgio Di Cicco.1972-1998
(10)VDTs [video display terminals] : correspondence. -- File pertains to reader response to "Globe and mail" and "Maclean's" articles about Frank Zingrone and Eric McLuhan and their research on this topic.1983-1985, 1988
(11)Correspondence. -- File includes correspondence from Lewis Lapham.1986-1997
(12)Correspondence. -- File includes a 2001 letter from Patrick Watson.1990-2005
(13)Letter from Eva-Marie Kroller, editor of "Canadian literature". -- File includes Zingrone's paper submitted for publication.1992, 1996
(14)Letter from Michael Kent[ca. 1995]
(15)E-mail from Graham Codling to Frank Zingrone29 Apr. 1999
(16)Correspondence and interview with Derek AlgerJuly 2001
(17)Documentary. -- File consists of an e-mail sent to Zingrone from Kevin McMahon regarding a Marshall McLuhan documentary. Item has been annotated by Zingrone.Oct. 2001
(18)Correspondence with Donald Theall and Tom Tyler2001, 2007-2008

Memorabilia and subject files

(19)T.M. Shortt. -- File pertains to artist Terrence Michael Shortt and includes some of his correspondence and notes. -- 2 photographs : b&w ; 18 x 12.5 cm and 20.2 x 25.7 cm. -- Photographs of Terence Shortt.1953-1996
(20)A family guide to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology[196-]
(21)Massachusetts Institute of Technology bulletin 69/70Aug. 1969

Call Number: 2013-027/002
(1)120th annual commencement : State University of New York at Buffalo : programme29 May 1966
(2)Stone throws 1-5 / John Bentley Mays1977
(3)Articles about Frank Zingrone1978-2007
(4)The social and neurophysiological effects of television and their implications for marketing practice : an investigation of adaptation to the cathode ray tube (volume two) / Merrelyn Emery [doctoral thesis]1985
(5)Certificate of membership : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development5 Oct. 1990
(6)Bob Dobbs articles1992-1996, 2005
(7)Collapse of electronic panacea1995, 2002
(8)Inventory of research in Canadian studies, York University1996
(9)Curriculum vitae[ca. 2001]
(10)Biography from frankzingrone.com20 Feb. 2005

Conference materials

(11)A Joyce-Beckett symposium, February 8,9,10, 1974 : notice [York University]Feb. 1974
(12)OCTE [Ontario Council for Technology Education] annual fall conference : programme21-23 Oct. 1982
(13)Conference materials1989, 1998, 2003
(14)Canadian Association for American Studies 1996 conference materials1993, 1996
(15)Couchiching Institute on Public affairs : conference materials1994
(16)Translation : symposium. -- File pertains to Zingrone's participation in "Changing the script: translation and cultural transformation in Korea", held at York University on 3-5 June 1994.1994
(17)The legacy of McLuhan symposium : programme27-28 Mar. 1998
(18)Third annual convention of the Media Ecology Association : programme21-23 June 2002
(19)Sixth annual convention of the Media Ecology Association : conference materials, paper and correspondence2005
(20)The Seventh Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association programme8-11 June 2006
(21)The e v a Colloquies on Contemporary Art and Culture 2007 : programmeMay 2007

Call Number: 2013-027/003
(1)Changing the script: translation and cultural transformation in Korea : conference poster. -- 1 poster ; 53.5 x 37 cm.June 1994

Marshall McLuhan files

(2)Cover image for "Who was Marshall McLuhan?"[ca. 1994]

Call Number: 2013-027/004
(1)Idea Consultants stationery. -- Stationery pertains to a company idea (not actualized) created by Marshall McLuhan. Stationery was given to Zingrone by Eric McLuhan.[196-?]
(2)The Gutenberg galaxy / Marshall McLuhan. -- Book has been annotated by Zingrone.1962
(3)Understanding media : the extensions of man / Marshall McLuhan. -- Book has been heavily annotated and used by Zingrone.1964
(4)McLuhan : pro and con / edited by Raymond Rosenthal1968
(5)McLuhan : BBC 3rd program : electronic consciousness and religion1970
(6)McLuhan thesis. -- Item is Zingrone's copy of Marshall McLuhan's April 1943 doctoral thesis.Reproduced [197-?]
(7)McLuhan bits and pieces1973-2003
(8)Visual space essay. -- Item is a copy of paper given to Zingrone by Marshall McLuhan in 1979.Reproduced [ca. 1979]
(9)McLuhan : logos Cornford : early form of "Laws of the media". -- File consists of a copy of an article by F.M. Cornford titled "The invention of space", given to Zingrone by Marshall McLuhan in 1980 (as explained in an annotation on the article by Zingrone).Reproduced 1980, originally created 1936
(10)Copy of letter and paper from Herbert E. Krugman to Marshall McLuhanReproduced [198-?]
(11)Bibliography and research materials[198-?], 1996

Call Number: 2013-027/005
(1)Letters of Marshall McLuhan / selected and edited by Matie Molinaro, Corinne McLuhan, William Toye. -- Annotated by Zingrone.1987
(2)Reviews of "Laws of media: the new science". -- File includes a copy of a letter sent to the New York Times by Eric McLuhan regarding a review of the book.1988-1989
(3)A McLuhan sourcebook : key quotations from the writings of Marshall McLuhan / assembled by William Kuhns[199-?]
(4)"Who was Marshall McLuhan?" : promotional materials1994
(5)Book launch for "Who was Marshall McLuhan?". -- 26 photographs : col. ; 10 x 15 cm. -- Depicted are Frank and Delia Zingrone, Corinne McLuhan and others.26 Oct. 1994
(6)McLuhan bibliography1995
(7)[Frank] Kermode interview from video, 1964 : transcript1996
(8)McLuhan's wake. -- File consists of a note written to Zingrone and an article written by Matthew Hays titled "McLuhan's wake: massaging the medium".May 2002
(9)McLuhan pictures [photocopies]Reproduced 2005

Call Number: 2013-027/006
(1)Marshall McLuhan : "Environments"[197-?]
(2)McLuhan : newspaper clippings1962-2006

Writing : articles and papers

(3)"Communications and the evolution of planetary consciousness" : draft article and correspondence. -- File pertains to Zingrone's article for the Government of Canada's journal, "In search : the Canadian communications quarterly".1980
(4)Joyce/D'Annunzio : galleys[197-?]
(5)"Toronto star" opinion articles : drafts and clippings1994-1999

Call Number: 2013-027/007
(1)Published book reviews1969-2003
(2)Published articles and papers1973-2003
(3)Draft articles1974-2005
(4)Conference papers1982-2006
(5)"Toronto Star" opinion articles1995-1999
(6)Notes and draft essay[ca. 1998], 2005
(7)Canada/USA. -- File includes two draft essays by Zingrone and newspaper clippings about Canada-US cultural relations.1982-1993
(8)Return to Lindisfarne : a dialogue with William Irwin Thompson / by Frank Zingrone[197-?]
(9)Jean Townsend, "Blue jeans" portfolio1977
(10)Greg Lucente : Joyce & D'Annunzio1978
(11)Joyce and D'Annunzio : first version[ca. 1979]
(12)Joyce & D'Annunzio paper : notes and edited drafts[ca. 1979]
(13)"Canadian journal of communication" : correspondence and submission formsDec. 1983

Call Number: 2013-027/008
(1)"The disappearance of the father from electric culture" : drafts and correspondence[199-?], 2008
(2)Addendeum : "The Canadian encyclopedia" McLuhan entry for new CD-ROM production[ca. 1995]
(3)"'Electric reality', retribalization, and the global village : Japan's econo-war with the United States" : copy-edited draft and letter1997
(4)Addiction to illusion : the evolution of reality / Frank ZingroneJune 2008
(5)"Electric process and national identity" : submission to "The Walrus magazine"2008

Writing : university papers and theses

(6)Undergraduate papers1955-1957
(7)Graduate papers1961
(8)Structural forms in the early poetry of Ezra Pound / Frank Dominic Zingrone [Master of Arts thesis]1961 bound copy
(9)Joyce dissertation - final draftJune 1966
(10)Joyce dissertation - annotated draftJune 1966

Call Number: 2013-027/009
(1)The thematic structure of James Joyce's "A portrait of the artist as a young man" / Frank Dominic Zingrone [Doctor of Philosophy dissertation]1966 Bound copy. Included is a U.S. certificate, registration of a claim to copyright.

Writing : books, poetry and short fiction

(2)Poems[ca. 1961]
(3)Published poetry1961-1963
(4)"The invisible revolution" : publishing agreement28 Aug. 1968
(5)Draft short stories[199-?]
(6)A Christmas canticle : a song of praise for Christmas / by Frank Zingrone1993
(7)"Strange attraction" : correspondence and page layouts2000
(8)"Understanding McLuhan" : correspondence and publicity materials1996
(9)DeHart/Prentice Hall agreement. -- File pertains to the "Understanding McLuhan" CD-ROM.1996
(10)"The media symplex" : correspondence, reviews and notebook. -- 1 CD-R.1999-2004
(11)Reviews of "The media symplex"2001
(12)"The media symplex" : correspondence, cover mock-up and draft front pages2003
(13)"EME" review : "The media symplex"2003-2004
(14)"The essential McLuhan" : back cover, NYT book review : clipping26 Jan. 1997

Call Number: 2013-027/010
(1)"Strange attraction" : page layoutSept. 2000 Oversized

Call Number: 2013-027/011

York University course materials

(1)Humanities 175 : parables of reality : course outline1970-1971
(2)Humanities 175 : parables of reality : final examinationApr. 1974
(3)Humanities 175 : parables of reality : course kit1974
(4)Humanities 148 : on human communication : course outline1980-1981
(5)Humanities 1920 : Eric McLuhan, instructor : course materials1984-1985
(6)Humanities 1920.06 : on human communication : course materials1987-1988
(7)Humanities 19201987-1996
(8)Humanities 1920 handbook[199-?]
(9)HUMA 2000 section H : advertising and propaganda : course kit1995
(10)Humanities 3920 : technology, communication and chaos : course kit1995
(11)Humanities 3920.06 : technology and communication : course outline1993
(12)Preface and reading list for literature majors[197-?]
(13)Student correspondence and discussion notes[198-?]

York University files

(14)Letter to Eric McLuhan from Robert Adolph30 Apr. 1984
(15)Letter to Frank Zingrone regarding academic advising12 Mar. 1973
(16)Letters from students1974-1975
(17)Communication. -- File pertains to Zingrone's proposal for the establishment of a communications program in the Faculty of Arts, York University.1976-1977
(18)Parable of the cave : master copy1977
(19)Letter to Dean Harold Kaplan and Division of Humanities newsletter14 June 1979, 1984
(20)Letter from Frank Zingrone to Professor W.H. Coons8 Aug. 1980
(21)Letter from Hugh Parry to Frank Zingrone10 Jan. 1984
(22)The President's Prize in Creative Writing 1985-86 : letter and memorandumMar. 1986
(23)Radio York/CHRY Community Radio : correspondence. -- File pertains in part to the dismissal of news director John Doyle.1988
(24)A valediction for Professor Frank Zingrone upon his early retirement from York University, delivered by Professor Matthew Corrigan16 Jan. 1995
(25)Faculty of Arts Essay Prize : correspondence and essaysDec. 1999

Call Number: 2013-027/012

The Media Symplex

(1)TMS [The Media Symplex] : journal. -- File consists of a journal in which FZ was collecting correspondence, clippings, reviews, notes, ideas, etc., related to the writing and publication of The Media Symplex.2000-2004

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