F0455 - Howard Buchbinder fonds


Call Number: 2013-005/001

Praxis Corporation : Peter Worthington

(1)Press clippings1970-1989

McDonald Royal Commission files

(2)House of Commons debates : transcripts1973, 1977
(3)Detailed summary excerptsOct. 1978
(4)Supplementary submission to the Commission of Inquiry Concerning Certain Activities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police by the Canadian Association of University TeachersAug. 1979
(5)Submissions[ca. 1980]
(6)Third Report, McDonald Commission, pages 332 and 333Aug. 1981

Praxis Corporation : administrative and organizational files

(7)Application for incorporation and by-laws for Praxis Institute1968
(8)Praxis Corporation : research institute for social change : prospectus and briefs1968-1969
(9)Praxis notes and bios1968-1970
(10)Praxis grants and loans : correspondence and report1969-1970
(11)Praxis letterhead[197-?]
(12)Rolodex list of addresses[197-?]
(13)Praxis application for grants1970
(14)Corporate information return31 Mar. 1970
(15)Press release re: break-in and fire22 Dec. 1970
(16)Copies of government correspondence and memoranda re: Praxis and CMHC grant1970-1971
(17)Assorted proposals/correspondence1970-1971, 1974
(18)Financial documents1970-1973 File is subject to access restrictions.
(19)Documents/resolutions, etc.1971
(20)"Praxis notes" (vol. 1, no. 1-2)Apr. 1971, Feb. 1972
(21)Press releases and list of documents received from Peter Worthington1971, 1977
(22)Notice of meeting17 Apr. 1980
(23)Press release re: charges against RCMP1980, 1985

Praxis Corporation : Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) files

(24)CMHC proposal[1970?]
(25)Contract with CMHC. -- File contains the original contract between Praxis and the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation regarding the Praxis research study of the National Housing Act.9-10 July 1970
(26)Correspondence (nasty) re: CMHC1970-1971

Call Number: 2013-005/002
(1)Productions (documents). -- File includes a copy of "Citizen action in urban Canada" by Howard Buchbinder, Gerry Hunnius and Grant Reid.1970, 1972

Praxis Corporation : Just Society Movement (JSM) files

(2)Just Society clippings1969
(3)Just Society associates : meetings, minutes, etc.1969-1970
(4)Just Society Movement pamphlets, releases, campaigns1969-1970
(5)Just Society Movement organization tensions1969-1971
(6)Just Society Movement : reports/analysis1969-1971
(7)Just Society Movement : newsletter : "Community concern". -- File includes copies of volume 1 newsletters (no. 1, 4-8).1970
(8)Just Society Movement : Morris report for United Church[ca. 1970]
(9)Welfare rights newsletter : "Voice of the poor" (vol. 1, no. 1-2)July-Aug. 1970

Praxis Corporation : other project files

(10)Bronx Project (Martin Luther King Health Centre)1970
(11)Main Square project (Toronto)[197-?]
(12)Metro Tenants Association[197-]
(13)People's Opportunity Services1971
(14)People's Opportunity Services proposal[ca. 1971]
(15)Province of Ontario multi-disciplinary research proposal[ca. 1970]
(16)Social Planning Council1969-1973
(17)Spadina Expressway mailing list[ca. 1970]
(18)Stop Spadina, Save Our City coordinating committee[197-]

Call Number: 2013-005/003
(1)Ontario Municipal Board decision on the Spadina Expressway1971
(2)Digger House1970
(3)Toronto City Hall community organizers1973
(4)International teach-in1970
(5)Teach-in break-in : CBC transcript[197-]
(6)Ontario anti-poverty conference1972-1973

Praxis Corporation : Poor People's Conference files

(7)Poor People's conference1970
(8)Poor People's conference registration forms and mailing list1970
(9)Poor People's clippingsJan. 1971
(10)Poor People's conference documents/resolutions etc.Jan. 1971

Praxis Corporation : United Community Fund (UCF)/United Way files

(11)UCF/United Way/United Appeal1969
(12)UCF/United Way debate1969-1974
(13)United Way/UCF debate. -- 1 photograph : col. ; 8.5 x 10.5 cm mounted in card 10.7 x 12 cm.1972-1973

Praxis Corporation : papers and presentations

(14)Praxis generally1968-1970
(16)Buchbinder and Hunnius [Gerry]1970

Call Number: 2013-005/004
(1)Buchbinder and Adams [Ian]1978
(2)Buchbinder and Copeland [Paul]Aug. 1980
(3)Our generation : towards an EPO1969
(4)Association for Baha'i Studies : paper and correspondence. -- File pertains to Buchbinder's paper, "Strategies and processes of social change".Feb.-Mar. 1986

Praxis Corporation : stolen and marked documents

(5)Stolen and marked documents1969-1970

Fascist and right-wing publications

(6)Straight talk!1971
(7)American opinion : Canada : how the Communists took control / by Alan StangApr. 1971
(8)Western Guard1975-1977

Praxis Corporation : press clippings

(9)Press clippings. -- File includes an index of clippings regarding Praxis and the RCMP scandal.1969-1983, 1989

Praxis Corporation : statements and cabinet documents

(10)Federal statements/cabinet documents, the disruption mandate1970-1979, 1984
(11)Statement by the Honourable R. Roy McMurtry, Attorney General for Ontario, re: Praxis Corporation23 May 1978

Legal materials : Praxis Corporation/Buchbinder v. Her Majesty the Queen

(12)Copeland's [Paul] notes1973-1989
(13)Copeland [Paul] correspondence : copies1977-1988

Call Number: 2013-005/005
(1)Legal correspondence [Paul Copeland]1977-1990
(2)Minutes of a meeting of the board of directors of Praxis Corporation. -- Minutes pertain to the board's decision to retain Paul Copeland as legal counsel.15 Mar. 1982
(3)Motions, affidavits, subpoenas, etc.1980-1987
(4)Affidavits, certificates and statements1981-1987
(5)Appellant's factum1982
(6)Agreement as to contents of case20 Feb. 1982
(7)Appeal case[1982?]
(8)Respondent's memorandum of fact and law[1982?]
(9)Factums/authorities, etc.1982-1985

Call Number: 2013-005/006
(1)Appeal book1983
(2)Judgment13 Oct. 1983
(3)Appeal book1984
(4)Appellant's authorities[1984?]
(5)Applicant's statement1984 2 copies
(6)Brief of authorities : volume I1984
(7)Brief of authorities : volume II1984
(8)Brief of authorities : volume III1984
(9)The Gibson certificate1984
(11)Respondent's authorities1984

Call Number: 2013-005/007
(1)Respondent's statement1984
(2)Application under section 626 of the Criminal Code20 Jan. 1984
(3)Reasons for judgment28 June 1985 2 copies
(4)Meyer Brownstone affidavit and exhibits1986
(5)Examination of John Venner : part one25 Aug. 1987 2 copies
(6)Examination of John Venner : part two26 Aug. 1987 2 copies
(7)Minutes of settlement and notice of motionDec. 1987-Jan. 1988
(8)JudgmentJan. 1988
(9)Full and final release6 Jan. 1988
(10)Intervenant's factum : Canadian Civil Liberties[198-]
(11)Respondent's factum[198-]
(12)Motions, affidavits, subpoenas, etc.1980-1981, 1984
(13)Press release re: Chandoke[1981?]
(14)Orders and reasons1982-1988
(15)Bills, receipts, etc. -- File pertains to the work of the Copeland Liss law firm.1982-1995
(16)Stewart, Hahn, Burke v. R7 Dec. 1977
(17)Dowson v. R1982-1984
(18)Legal research1982-1988
(19)Other cases1983-1984
(20)State secrets : the scope of executive privilege / Helen Kersley[after 1984]
(21)Weekly digest : Ontario Lawyers Weekly6 Sept. 1985

Call Number: 2013-005/008

Praxis Corporation : drafts, notes and chronologies

(1)Chronology : Goyer list and aftermath[1977?]
(2)Interview with John Venner : notes1977
(3)Miscellaneous lists of persons and notes1977-1978, 1980, 1995, 2010
(4)Miscellaneous material, articles not directly related to Praxis1969-2000
(5)Book about Praxis : outlines, notes, drafts[197-?], 1995, 1999-2000
(6)10-year anniversary review of Praxis affair1981
(7)Research notes. -- Notes in this file are alphabetically organized by author surname.[between 1971 and 1985] 1 of 2
(8)Research notes. -- Notes in this file are alphabetically organized by author surname.[between 1971 and 1985] 2 of 2
(9)Crisis on the Clyde : the struggle of the upper Clyde shipworkers / by Ken Fleet, secretary of the Institute for Workers' Control, Nottingham, England [Praxis pamphlet]Dec. 1971
(10)Notes on stopping inflation[197-?]
(11)Affidavit, notes and transcript : Praxis break-in1977-1978
(12)Book reviews and articles about us1987-1989

Call Number: 2013-005/009
(1)China lectures[199-]
(2)Papers written or co-written by Howard Buchbinder1993-1996
(3)Drafts re: "Class war in North America"1999
(4)E-mail from David Shugarman to Howard Buchbinder re: proposed themes and focus of Praxis study11 May 1999

Call Number: 2013-005/010

Audiovisual materials

(1)CC Waffle teach-in. -- 1 audio reel.[between 1968 and 1972] Tape is in very poor condition and possibly unplayable.
(2)Poor People's Conference, Lord Simcoe Hotel, Toronto : planning committee -- 13 audio reels.11-13 Dec. 1970
(3)Poor People's Conference, Lord Simcoe Hotel, Toronto. -- 8 audio reels.7-11 Jan. 1971
(4)Democracy University : "3 events with Gary Webb". -- 1 DVD.1996, 1998
(5)Democracy University : "Crack & the CIA : 4 events with Gary Webb, Norman Solomon, Maxine Waters & Dick Gregory". -- 1 DVD (5 hrs., 44 mins.).1997, 1999
(6)Democracy University : "3 events : 'City repair', an evening with Asra'a Mizyad & OOA's 21st anniversary with Dennis Kucinich". -- 1 DVD.2004
(7)Democracy University : "Southern California ADA's 2004 book fair : democracy & truth : regime change 2004". -- 1 DVD.2004
(8)Democracy University : "Solving the 9/11 crime : a citizens' grand jury". -- 1 DVD (6 hrs., 5 mins.).23 Oct. 2004
(9)Democracy University : "Human rights under siege at home and abroad : talks by Dennis Banks, Jennifer Harbury, Charlie Clements & Kevin Pina". -- 1 DVD (5 hrs., 53 mins.).2004-2005

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