F0618 - Sheldon Esbin collection


Call Number: 2012-031/001
(1)Artists. -- Cards in this file pertain to artists Ken Danby, Tracey Bowen, David Wright, Russell, David Crighton, Charles Pachter, and Conrad Furey.1981, 1984, 1991, 1994
(2)Department stores : Eaton's[19--]
(3)Department stores : Simpson's[19--], 1923
(4)Galleries and antiques[199-]
(5)Hotels. -- File consists of advertising for the Rossin House Hotel, Ford Hotels, the Empress Hotel and the Islington Hotel.[18--], [19--]
(6)Manufacturers : miscellaneous. -- Advertising for the following companies are included in this file: the J.L Morrison Co., Henry Wilkes & Co., the Trelford Manufacturing Co., William H. Bell & Co., J. Bibby & Sons, the Gutta Percha and Rubber Mfg. Co., the Toronto Biscuit & Confectionery Co., Queen City Oil Works, Toronto Steel Clad Bath Co., the Singer Manufacturing Co., Lamb Knitting Machine Manufacturing Co., the Canada Paint Co. Ltd., Badgley & Millar, the Universal Knitting Co., Common Sense Manufacturing Co., Clark's Spool Cotton.1892, [19--]
(7)Printers and publishers. -- Included in this file is advertising for the publishing house of the "Toronto Mail", the Canadian Printing Company, and Charles Ashton & Potter Calendars.[between 1872 and 1891], [19--]
(8)Products : cosmetics, medicines and soaps. -- Products documented in this file include Comfort Soap, Pears' Soap, Palmer's Perfumes, Soapine, St. Jacob's Oil, Burdock Blood Bitters, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, Ammonia Electric Soap, Infants Delight Toilet Soap, and Rodger, Maclay and Co.'s soaps.[19-?]
(9)Products : food. -- Products documented in this file include Tetley's Tea, Heinz's Tomato Soup, Mantle's Famous Self-Raising Flour, Pure Gold Baking Powder, Fonner's Orangeade, Shirriff's Flavoring Extracts, and Peek Freen biscuits.1886-1908
(10)Products : miscellaneous. -- Products documented in this file include the Pasteur Germ-Proof Filter, Diamond Dyes, and Jenkins' Horse Hitching Device.[18--]
(11)Restaurants. -- Business cards pertain to the Zoom Caffe and the Panorama Lounge.[199-?]
(12)Services : insurance. -- Items pertain to the British America Assurance Company of Toronto, the World Insurance Company Limited, the Scottish Widows' Fund and the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York.1887-1896, [19--]
(13)Services : lawyers and doctors. -- Advertisements pertain to the practices of W.C. Keele, attorney-at-law, and the "Indian Herb Doctor" F. Tumblety, M.D., of the Medical Institute at 111 King St. E.[18--]
(14)Services : miscellaneous. -- Cards in this file pertain to the following businesses: William Cross, taxidermist; Toronto Engine and Boiler Works; Tip Top Cab; Beaver Lock Works; Bentley & Betz, Home Service Painting; William Pendleton, carpenter and building; and Ernest Heatley, concert baritone.[ca. 1887], [19--]
(15)Stereotypes : advertising : miscellaneous. -- File consists of advertising cards depicting racial stereotypes and pertaining to the following businesses or products: J.S. Powley & Co.; Toronto Temple of Music; Scott's Emulsion; Long & Heaton, dealers in oysters, game, fish, fruits, confectionery and canned goods; William East, umbrella and trunk manufacturer; Wheeler & Wilson; Gutta Percha & Rubber Manufacturing Co.; H. Williams, roofer; Guy & Husband, merchant tailor; and Oak Hall, clothing house.[18-?]
(16)Stores : books and stationery. -- File consists of cards for Brown Brothers, stationers; H. Clark, dealer in stationery and school books; and the Barber & Ellis Company, stationers and bookbinders.[18-?]
(17)Stores : building supplies. -- File consists of cards for the Imperial Plaster Company Limited and Peckover's Limited.[19--]
(18)Stores : clothing : The Crompton Corset Company[18--]
(19)Stores : clothing and shoes. -- File consists of cards for the following stores: R. Walker & Sons; Oak Hall; S. Rosenblatt & Co.; J.F. Muir & Co.; Mrs. Morrison's dress, costume & mantle making establishment; Gutta Percha & Rubber Manufacturing Co. ; J.F. McRae & Co., merchant tailors; Edwin C. Burt, fine shoes; J.D. King & Co., boots and shoes; Regal Shoes; J.P Cook, the leading boot and shoe store; T. Thompson & Son; the Shoe Circle; R. Wolfe's; Moore's: the suit people; Harry Rosen Menswear; Peach Berserk; Four Seasons Fur; the Australian Boot Company; and the Fila Boutique.[18--], [19--]
(20)Stores : dry cleaners. -- File consists of cards for H. Smith and R. Parker & Co., dyers and cleaners.[19--]
(21)Stores : furniture and household goods. -- File consists of cards for the Canadian Terra-Cotta Co., China Hall, Thermos Bottle Company, Jolliffe & Co., Strathern's, Richard Tew & Co., R. Potter & Co., Kelly & Cracknell Limited, the Porcelain Company, En Provence, Withrow & Hillock, and Union Window Shade Co.[18--], [19--]
(22)Stores : groceries and dry goods. -- File consists of cards for the C.O.D. Meat Market, Minto Bros., R.T. Hill [Montreal], Henry Ratz & Bros. [New York City], W.G. Begg, Thomas Woodhouse, the Toronto Tea Company, A. Abe, and Samuel Alexander & Charles B. Penrose.[18--], [19--]
(23)Stores : jewellery and watches. -- File consists of cards for J.J.M. Landy, Albert Wagner, C.&J. Allen, and the Humphrey Watch Case Co.[19-?]
(24)Stores : miscellaneous. -- File consists of cards for the United Typewriter Company Ltd. and the Paper & Roses Shop.1912, [199-]
(25)Stores : pianos and sheet music. -- File consists of cards for Star Music Store, Mason & Risch Piano Company Ltd., Mendelssohn Piano Company, A.S. Taylor's Music Store [Galt, ON], Heintzman & Co., Gourlay, Winter & Leeming, J.S. Powley & Company (Toronto Temple of Music).[18-?]
(26)Account books : Bank of Toronto : Johnson, McLean & Co.1929-1932, 1942-1943
(27)Bank and receipt books. -- Items pertain to accounts with the Bank of Toronto, the Penny Bank of Toronto, the London Life Insurance Company, and the Canadian Bank of Commerce.1908-1953
(28)Bank of Toronto currency. -- File consists of three $5 bills and one $10 bill.1929, 1935, 1937
(29)Cheques. -- File consists of blank cheques from the Bank of Toronto (Birch Cliff branch) and the Bank of Upper Canada.1856, [19--]
(30)Consumers' Gas Company bills. -- These bills were issued to a Miss M. Doyle of 337 Royce Avenue in Toronto.1918-1921
(31)Eaton's budget plan remittance book1949
(32)Invoices. -- File consists of invoices from the following businesses: the "Evening Star"; the Grange Wholesale Supply Co.; D. McCall & Co.; J.W. Gale & Co.; Sanderson Pearcy & Co.; Gourlay, Winter & Leeming; Rutherford, Marshall & Co.; International Stock Food Company; W.R. Johnston & Co.; Caldecott, Burton & Co.; and Consumers' Gas Company.1883-1924
(33)James Scott Howard invoices. -- Items in this file pertain to James Scott Howard's payments for purchases of goods and services, including household supplies; room, board and school supplies for his daughter's education; and legal services from lawyer Adam Wilson.1829-1852
(34)Memo book and deposit envelope. -- Items in this file are a memo book produced by the Canadian Bank of Commerce and a deposit envelope for the Bank of Toronto.[ca. 1910]
(35)People's Credit Jewellers Limited account books. -- These items pertain to a purchase of silverware and payments made by a Mrs. James Hamilton of 121 Brock St. in Whitby, Ontario.[after 1919]
(36)Hotel letterhead. -- File consists of blank and used letterhead from the King Edward Hotel, the Hotel Carls-Rite, the Park Plaza, Rossin House, the Queen's Hotel, and Walker House.1886, [19--]
(37)Miscellaneous correspondence. -- File consists of assorted business correspondence sent by the following companies: George Weston Ltd.; Gray & Harold Manufacturing Company; Rice, Lewis & Son Ltd.; Caldecott, Burton & Spence; Samson, Kennedy & Co.; W.R. Johnston & Co.; J.W. Gale & Co.; Sellers Gough Fur Co.; Nerlich & Co.; The Brainerd & Armstrong Co.; W.R. Johnston & Co.; Caldecott, Burton & Spence; Hughes Brothers; Wyld, Grasett & Darling; William & J.G. Greey; LaFrance Fire Engine and Foamite Limited; Stephens Sales Limited; MacLean Publishing Company Ltd.; Toronto Maple Leaf Baseball Club Limited; Canada West Land Agency Company.1883-1956
(38)Miscellaneous letterhead. -- File consists of sample letterhead from the following Toronto-area businesses: Parker Pen Company Limited, Mirror Offset Company Limited, Howard Smith Paper Mills Limited, the "Globe and mail", George Weston Limited, Roneo Company of Canada Limited, the Royal Bank of Canada, the Office Specialty Manufacturing Company Limited, "Maclean's", William Neilson Limited, Lever Brothers Limited, Underwood Limited, Buntin Reid Paper Co. Limited, the Business Educators' Association, Provincial Paper Limited, Shaw Speedwriting School, Moore Business Forms Limited.[19--]
(39)Souvenir of Toronto : envelope[19--]
(40)Toronto Summer Carnival envelopeJune 1890

Call Number: 2012-031/002
(1)Calendars and day books. -- File consists of items produced by the T. Eaton Company Ltd., the Glencairn Pharmacy, Wendell Holmes Ltd., and Durable Associated Companies Ltd.1921-1966
(2)Colour card : Sunset All-Fabric Dye, North American Dye Corporation Limited[19--]
(3)Coupon books1989-2004
(4)Cowan Company Limited chicken card : buff leghorn[19--]
(5)Decals : roller skating rinks. -- Decals in this file pertain to the Strathcona Palace Pier and the Arena Roller Rink (60 Mutual St.), home of the Toronto Roller Skating Club.[19--]
(6)Exercise and scribbling books. -- File consists of a used exercise book, a blank scribbling book and a used scribbling book produced by the Timothy Eaton Company Limited and featuring illustrations of the Eaton's buildings in Toronto on the covers.[between 1885 and 1905]
(7)Ink blotters. -- File consists of promotional ink blotters from Rudecal Transfers Limited, Speedy Auto Glass, the Dearborn Chemical Company of Canada Limited, the Bank of Toronto, Ely Limited, Wood Electric Company, Gillespie Flower Shop, Jewish Federation Employment Service, Elsie H. Woolams, Graham Nail and Wire Products Limited, the Efficient Cleaners and Dyers, Central Fur Company, Mahaffy Iron Works, Great-West Life Assurance Company, Pilot Insurance Company, the "Star" help wanted ads, Ideal Printing Company, W.G. Crawford Company, Roselawn Farms Limited, Dominion Coal and Wood, Peckover's Limited, Cole's Book Market and Book Exchange, Starkman Chemists.[19--]
(9)Memo books. -- Items in this file were produced by J.W. Paterson & Bro., Hamilton Carhartt, and Bradley Fertilizer Works (used and annotated).[between 1900 and 1916]
(10)Miscellaneous items. -- Items in this file were produced by the following businesses: Standard Life Assurance Company, Mac Cornfield [Imperial Esso Service station]; the Douglas Kemp and his orchestra at the Masonic Auditorium; Tip Top Tailors Ltd.; James T. Donnolly Co. Ltd.; Tippet-Richardson Ltd; and North American Life Assurance Company.[19--]
(11)Mule barometer and calendar : National Art Company1925
(12)Needle cases. -- Items in this file pertain to the following businesses: United Van Lines; Alex J. Morris (radio repairs); Baker Carpet Cleaning Co.; Smith Needle Company; Hi. Jolley and Hiram Jolley; Palm Dairies Limited; George W. Helme Snuff Company; Oxford Dairy; George Weston Ltd.; Dominion Coal & Wood Ltd.; Toronto Fuels Ltd.[19--]
(13)Recipe booklets. -- File consists of recipe booklets for Hellmann's Blue Ribbon mayonnaise, the Campbell Soup Company, and the J. Heinz Company's spaghetti and macaroni.[19--]

Call Number: 2012-031/003
(1)Letter from Adam Wilson to Allan Maclean Howard28 Aug. 1874
(2)Letter from Board of Control to Mrs. James Mowat22 Dec. 1913
(3)C.F. O'Neill : correspondence, newspaper clippings and photographs. -- File pertains to the research requests of C.F. O'Neill, president of the Cardinal Finance Corporation Ltd., about historical Toronto photographs. -- 5 photographs : b&w ; 20.5 x 25.5 cm. -- Photographs are reproductions from the telephone historical collection of the Bell Telephone Company of Canada and depict different scenes of Toronto before and after the removal of open wire pole lines. Brief descriptions of the photographs are also part of the file. Photographs in this file depict the following scenes: telephone construction men placing vitreous clay conduits on St. Clair Avenue near Christie Street (21 Apr. 1913); erection of a 60-foot pole near King and Dufferin Streets (1895); view of Yonge St. (1900); view of Bay and Richmond Streets looking north towards Queen Street, with many wires between buildings.1961, 1965-1967
(4)Envelope of letter from Charles Elliott to Aubrey White. -- Item is an envelope (letter missing) sent to Aubrey White, assistant commissioner of the Crown Lands Department, by Charles Elliott, lawyer and publisher of the Canadian Law Review at 18 Wellington Street East.26 Feb. 1901
(5)Charles Rawson, Brighton, ON. -- File consists of telegrams, invoices, receipts, property assessment notices, and a newspaper clipping, accumulated by or pertaining to Charles Rawson, a farmer living in Brighton, Ontario.1904-1922
(6)Flora McCrea Eaton thank-you card1959
(7)Letter from Frederic Cumberland to Allan Maclean Howard. -- Letter pertains to a meeting of the directors of the North Grey Railway Company.15 Feb. 1871
(8)Jack Layton for mayor : campaign letter and survey1991
(9)Letter from James FitzGibbon to James Scott Howard7 Jan. 1831
(10)Letters from James Scott Howard to John Hillyard Cameron21, 24 Feb. 1862
(11)Joe Clark form letter regarding the Charlottetown Accord5 Oct. 1992
(12)Letter from John P. Robarts to John Buchanan14 Dec. 1971
(13)Letter and transcription. -- File consists of a handwritten letter (cross-hatched) by an unidentified writer in 1851. Included in the file is a 20th-century handwritten transcription of this letter.8 July 1851, [19--]
(14)Politician holiday cards. -- Many cards in this file were sent by politicians including Brian Mulroney, David Crombie, Mike Harris, Jean Chretien, Bob Kaplan, Jim Peterson, David Turnbull, and Bruce McCaffrey. Some cards depict photographs or illustrations of Toronto scenes.[19--], 2002
(15)Robert Irvine invitation. -- File consists of an envelope and invitation card to a soiree held at St. Lawrence Hall in aid of the building fund of Rev. Robert Irvine's church, Cooke's Presbyterian Church. The envelope is addressed to "Mr. Davis, post office, compl'ts of R. Irvine", and the invitation card is signed in the same manner. These items likely pertain to John Davis, post-master for the area of Toronto now known as Davisville.[28 Dec. 1857?]
(16)Sheldon Esbin : rare book purchases : correspondence and invoices1985-1987
(17)Sheldon Esbin : real estate : correspondence1991
(18)Sheldon Esbin : thank-you card : North York General Hospital Foundation21 Apr. 2005
(19)Sheldon Esbin : Who's Who in Toronto : correspondence1984
(20)V.C. MacDonald Christmas cardDec. 1911
(21)University of Toronto Christmas card sent by Wilfrid Gardner. -- Inside the card is a small photograph of the former Knox College building at 1 Spadina Crescent signed by Gardner.[19--]
(22)Advertising postcards and bookmarks[19--], 2003
(23)Airlines1993, 1999, 2008-2009
(24)Antique stores and flea markets[199-]
(25)Art Gallery of Ontario1979-2002
(26)The Bay[198-], 1995
(27)Bloor-Yorkville[199-], 2001
(28)Book, art and antique fairs1986-2003

Call Number: 2012-031/004
(1)Canada's Wonderland1998-1999
(3)Chapters bookstore[200-]
(4)CN Tower[199-?]
(5)Commercial galleries and auction houses1991-2006
(6)Courses and training1995-2002
(7)Credit cards and banks1993-2010
(8)Dominion Photo Supply Company Limited[19--]
(9)Eaton Centre[19--], 1995
(10)Eaton's. -- File includes a notice announcing the opening of the Eaton's College Street store on 30 October 1930.1930-2002
(11)First Canadian Place1992-1993
(12)Food and wine, clothing and craft shows1990-1999
(13)Grocery stores. -- Items pertain to Dominion, St. Clair Market and Loblaws.[200-]
(15)Harbourfront[between 1985 and 1990]
(16)Hazelton Lanes1989, 1993

Call Number: 2012-031/005
(1)Helicopter, boat and coach tours1904, 1988-1989
(2)Holt Renfrew1996
(3)Honest Ed's[ca. 1981]
(4)Hotels. -- Materials in this file pertain to Hotel Ibis, the Hyatt Regency, the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, the Windsor Arms, the Royal York, the Park Hyatt, the Plaza Hotel Downtown Toronto, the Hotel Victoria, the Queen's Landing [Niagara-on-the-Lake], Cambridge Suites Hotel, the Bond Place Hotel, the Hotel Admiral at Harbourfront, the Essex Park Hotel, the Amsterdam Guest House, the Sutton Place Hotel, the Hotel Inter-Continental Toronto, Hotel Novotel Toronto Centre, Neill-Wycik College-Hotel, the Metropolitan Hotel, Grand Bay Hotel, Lakeshore Inn, Sheraton Toronto East, the Skydome Hotel, Toronto Marriott Eaton Centre, the King Edward Hotel, the Wedgewood Hotel [Vancouver], Glen Grove Manor, Bridge Street Accommodations, Holiday Inn on King.1973, 1986-2001
(6)LCBO [Liquor Control Board of Ontario][between 2000 and 2010]
(7)McMichael Gallery1989, 2000
(8)Miscellaneous neighbourhood shopping guides[between 1990 and 2006]
(9)Miscellaneous organizations and charities. -- Items in this file pertain to the Law Society of Upper Canada, Greenpeace, the War Amps, the United Way, the Canadian Red Cross Society, the Toronto Hospital, the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation, the Bathurst Jewish Centre, the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Home Lottery, and the Heart and Stroke Foundation.1990, 1995-1998
(10)Miscellaneous products[199-]-2010
(11)Miscellaneous services1993-2006
(12)Miscellaneous shopping malls1995, 1997
(13)Miscellaneous sports1992-2001
(14)Miscellaneous tourist locations1989-1997
(15)National Post newspaper[199-?]

Call Number: 2012-031/006
(1)Niagara Falls : attractions and restaurants2004-2005
(3)Ontario College of Art and Design2005
(4)Ontario Place1996, 1999
(5)Ontario Science Centre1984, 1996, 1999
(6)Osgoode Hall Law School1991, 1994, 2001
(7)Outlet malls[199-?]
(8)Playdium1996-1997, 2000
(9)Postcard and paper shows1982-1998
(10)Private clubs[199-], 2001
(11)Province of Ontario[199-]
(12)Queen's Quay Terminal[199-], 1997
(13)Restaurants1990-2004 1 of 2
(14)Restaurants1990-2004 2 of 2

Call Number: 2012-031/007
(1)Royal Cambridge Corporation[199-]
(2)Royal Ontario Museum1992-2007
(3)Sightseeing tours1997-1998
(5)St. Lawrence Market[199-?], 2002
(6)Stores : miscellaneous1985, 1995-2007
(7)Telephone and cable companies1994-2000, 2007, 2008
(8)Television and radio. -- 1 compact disc. -- Item is a sample CD of CBC Radio programs.1989, [199-], 2000
(9)Theatre and comedy : mini brochures[between 1990 and 2006]
(10)Toronto Argonauts1993-1995
(11)Toronto Blue Jays1998-2009
(12)Toronto Hydro1992, 1995, 2006
(13)Toronto Public Library1984-1985, 2000-2001
(14)Toronto Raptors1995-1997
(15)Toronto Stock Exchange1991, 2000
(16)Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). -- File includes two "ride guides" from 1988 and 2002.1988-2002
(17)United Jewish Appeal (UJA) Foundation1978, 1983, 1991-2005
(18)University of Toronto1989-2005

Call Number: 2012-031/008
(1)The Variety Club1985, 1993-1999
(2)VIA Rail[199-]
(3)Village of Forest Hill1995
(4)ALS [Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis] Society1993-1996, 1998, 2000
(5)Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care1995, 2000
(6)Brazilian Carnival Ball1989-2000
(7)Cancer charities1989-2001
(8)CANFAR [Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research]1990-2000
(9)Diabetes charities1990, 1996
(10)Genesis Research Foundation1985-1998
(11)Jewish National Fund of Toronto1993-2000
(12)Marilyn Lastman's Ball for the Arts1999-2001
(13)Miscellaneous arts events1990-1993, 1998, 2000
(14)Miscellaneous commercial events1973, 1989-2005, 2009

Call Number: 2012-031/009
(1)Miscellaneous events1986-2005
(2)Miscellaneous hospital and medical organizations1989-2002
(3)Miscellaneous Jewish organizations1987-2000
(4)Mount Sinai Hospital1986-2004
(5)Reena Foundation1996-1999
(6)Toronto Symphony Orchestra1987-2003
(7)Toronto Zoo1989, 1991
(8)York University1991-2000
(9)Affidavit of Franklin Montgomery Gray12 Jan. 1882
(10)Affidavit of William Newbigging27 June 1872
(11)Bond and warrant of attorney : William Cawthra vs. Scott Shields12 May 1842
(12)Bond by Christopher Widmer, Esq., to Hugh Richardson1 Dec. 1842
(13)Copy of agreement between Hugh Richardson and Samuel Street10 Jan. 1843
(14)Copy of will of Christopher Widmer10 Sept. 1858

Call Number: 2012-031/010
(1)Counterpart of my [Christopher Widmer] bond to Hugh Richardson to convey on payment of £9001 Dec. 1842
(2)Deed of land from Robert N. Gooch et al to John Macdonald30 Dec. 1881
(3)Deed of land from William Newbigging and Janet Newbigging to R.N. Gooch and C.P. Reid2 July 1872
(4)Division of estate of the late honorable C. Widmer : copy5 July 1858
(5)Indenture between William Murdoch Gorrie and William Newbigging17 Nov. 1851
(6)Indenture between William Newbigging and Peter Bloomfield26 Apr. 1852
(7)Indenture of a lease from Christopher Widmer, Esquire, to Hugh Richardson, Esquire1 Dec. 1842
(8)Indenture of lease between Christopher Widmer, Esq., and Hugh Richardson1 Dec. 1842
(9)Lease from the Honorable Adam Wilson and others to Janet Newbigging16 July 1864
(10)Mortgage from R.N. Gooch et al to William Newbigging3 July 1872
(11)Mortgage from William Newbigging and Janet Newbigging to the Honorable Adam Wilson et al29 Jan. 1869
(12)Mortgage of release from William Newbigging to Margaret and Janet Newbigging8 Jan. 1861
(13)Quit claim deed from Hannah M. Clark to William Newbigging and Janet Newbigging15 July 1872
(14)Scott Shields to William Cawthra : abstract of [?][18--]
(15)Photocopy of "The highlands of Toronto, illustrated"Photocopied [199-?] Original of item can be found in Special Collections.
(16)Stories about working at the Goodyear plant in the Lakeshore, as told by workers[19--]
(17)Christmas, 1929. -- 1 photograph : sepia ; 17 x 21.5 cm. -- Item is a photograph of Lady Flora McCrea Eaton and her children Gilbert, Timothy, John, Florence, Evelyn and Edgar, mounted in a large Christmas card.1929
(18)Miscellaneous family photographs. -- 7 photographs : b&w and sepia ; 10 x 14 cm or smaller, mounted on cards. -- File consists of studio portraits of unidentified children and parents.[between 1890 and 1910]
(19)Seeing Toronto. -- 1 photograph : sepia ; 12 x 20 cm mounted on card 20.5 x 27.5 cm. -- Item is a photograph of a group of people seated on and posed in front of an open-air sightseeing bus. A caption on the photo card reads, "These photographs are taken near the Provincial Education Building and Normal School grounds". Photographer was H.E. Poole, 91 Queen St. W.[between 1900 and 1915]
(20)Studio portraits. -- 28 photographs : b&w and sepia ; 15 x 10.5 cm or smaller, mounted on cards. -- File consists of portraits of unidentified people, some in costume, taken by Toronto-area photographers. Photographs by the following studios are included in the file: Bruce's Photographic Art Studio, 118 King St. W.; W. Bogart, 748 Yonge St.; Farmer Bros., 92 Yonge St.; J. Fraser Bryce, 107 King St. W.; Dixon, King and Yonge Sts.; J.B. Cook, Albert Hall, 191 & 193 Yonge St.; J. Dixon, 205 1/2 Yonge St.; Gagen & Fraser, 19 King St.; T. Eaton Company Ltd., 190 Yonge St.; J.H. Lemaitre & Co., 324 Yonge St.; Notman & Fraser; William Notman; J.J. Millikin, 293 Yonge St.; Perkins, 293 Yonge St.; Stanton, 11 King St. W.; Herbert E. Simpson, 41 King St. E.; Thompson & Son, 75 King St. E.[between 1885 and 1905]
(21)Toronto Stamp Collectors' Club, June 18th 1942. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 20.5 x 25 cm. -- Item is a formal group portrait of attendees at a meeting of the club. Included is a notice for a 15 October 1949 dinner meeting of the Toronto Stamp Collectors Club, held at the Royal York Hotel.1942, 1949
(22)Anniversary seals : National Chiropractic Association, San Francesco Foods1945, 1992
(23)Toronto Board of Education stickers[199-?]
(24)Calling cards. -- 14 cards. -- File includes cards for Miss Anna M. Rewell, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Bailey, Etta M. Bole, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Vanalkenburgh, Mr. R.J. Lovell, and Mrs. Rebecca Koon. The other cards in this file are blank.[between 1885 and 1905]
(25)Johnny Walker, swimming director, Granite Club : greeting card and calendar. -- 1 greeting card. -- Card includes a copy of a photograph of Johnny Walker.[between 1910 and 1930]
(26)Memorial cards. -- 4 cards. -- Cards in this file pertain to John McGuire, the Sorrell family, and Elizabeth Ann Farmer.[19--], 1913, 1926
(27)Ontario College of Pharmacy, Toronto : greeting card and calendar. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 15.5 x 10 cm mounted on card 30 x 18.4 cm. -- Photograph of the original Ontario College of Pharmacy building on Gerrard Street East, taken by photographer W.H. Figary.1911
(28)Postcards. -- 2 postcards ; 13.5 x 8.7 cm and 15.5 x 8.5 cm. -- One postcard features a teddy bear and the other is a St. Patrick's Day card.1909, 1914
(29)Toronto greeting cards. -- 24 greeting cards. -- Images on these blank cards depict scenes and buildings in Toronto drawn or painted by artists David Crighton, Nic Onat and Donato.1972-1995, [20-?]
(30)Toronto Shrine Convention cartoon postcards. -- 4 postcards ; 9 x 13.5 cm.1930
(31)Willow Pond, Riverdale Park : greeting card and calendar. -- 1 greeting card. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 3.5 x 6 cm mounted in card 15 x 12.5 cm. -- Item signed on verso by F.F. West.[ca. 1930]
(32)17th Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition : June 16, 17, 18 : Nathan Phillips Square. -- 1 poster ; 30.5 x 23 cm.1978 2 copies
(33)Abstract embossed paper print by Sorel Etrog. -- 1 print ; 28.8 x 22.2 cm. -- Item is a representation of a sculpture form, signed in pencil and numbered 34/50.[between 1960 and 1980]
(34)Etching of Hart House, University of Toronto, facing west. -- 1 etching ; 6.2 x 7.5 cm on paper 15.8 x 12 cm. -- Item may have been created by Owen Staples, framed by Fred L. Curry of 760 Yonge Street.[between 1920 and 1940] Item was removed from its frame for preservation purposes.
(35)Map : Toronto to Eaton Hall[after 1937]
(36)Photocopy of "Catalogue of real estate, containing abstracts from the lists of property for sale by John N. Lake."Photocopied [199-?] (originally created [ca. 1872])
(37)City of Toronto public schools : certificate of honour : Helen Walker. -- 1 certificate ; 16.5 x 22 cm. -- Item is a certificate issued to Helen Walker for attendance and good conduct between 1924 and 1929 at Balmy Beach Public School in Toronto.1924-1929
(38)City of Toronto public schools : certificates : Russell Martin. -- 2 certificates ; 16.5 x 22 cm. -- File consists of a certificate of honor and a certificate of merit awarded to Russell Martin for attendance, good conduct and general proficiency in his public school examinations for 1895.1895
(39)Collegiate Institutes, High Schools and Continuation Schools of Ontario : certificate : Helen Walker. -- 1 certificate ; 20.5 x 30 cm. -- Item is a certificate allowing Helen Walker's admission to a secondary school.30 June 1930
(40)Education Department, Ontario : public school leaving examination certificate : Agnes Martin. -- 1 certificate ; 30 x 22 cm.July 1899 Item has been torn horizontally across its middle and is in two pieces.
(41)Model Grammar School for Upper Canada certificate. -- 1 certificate ; 17 x 10.5 cm.1861 Written in Latin.
(42)Upper Canada College, 1845, 1st quarter : general report of progress and conduct : Evans. -- Item is a report sent to the Reverend Frances Evans, Simcoe, Talbot District, regarding the schooling of his son.1845
(43)200th anniversary : Sir Isaac Brock, 1769-1812. -- 20 postage stamps.12 Sept. 1969 Canada Post
(44)A.H. Robinson : season's greetings. -- 1 postage stamp.26 Oct. 1989 Canada Post
(45)Christmas. -- 26 postage stamps.1966-1967, 1970 Canada Post
(46)Historic hotels. -- 10 postage stamps.1993 Canada Post
(47)Hong Kong : Classic Series no. 10 and the commemoration of the establishment of the Hong Kong Administrative Region. -- 7 postage stamps.30 June 1997, 1 July 1997
(48)Photograph of the class of 1930, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto. -- 1 photograph : sepia ; 10 x 14.8 cm. -- Item is a class portrait of the graduates of the Wycliffe College class of 1930. Names of the subjects have been annotated in ink next to the image. Depicted are the following: back row, H.R. Deering, R. Morrissey, G.W.L. Bailey, W.I.B. Stringer, W.R. Barlow, C.J. Draper; third row, K.N. Brueton, J.J. Hurley, K.T. Behanan, A.C. French, E. Planckaut, R.R. Webb, J.P. Chandi, J.B. Boyd; second row, C.M. MacLean, W.A. Gilbert, T.R. O'Meara (principal), T.E. Jones, D.G. Coleman; front row, A.E. Webb, F.L. Hogg, A. Beryk, D.C.C. Masters.1930

Call Number: 2012-031/011
(1)Israel : 80th anniversary of Petah-Tiqwa and Atoms for Peace Exhibition. -- 2 postage stamps.1956, 1958
(2)Law Society of Upper Canada, 1797-1997. -- 5 postage stamps.1997 Canada Post
(3)Miscellaneous American postage. -- 127 postage stamps. -- Stamps in this file, both mint and cancelled, include stamps commemorating American political leaders, special event anniversaries, and themes including the freedom of the press, horticulture, liberty, religious freedom, and forest conservation.1898-1963
(4)Miscellaneous Canadian postage. -- 54 postage stamps. -- Stamps in this file, mostly cancelled, include customs duty stamps, excise stamps, bill stamps, stamps featuring Queen Victoria, King George V, Queen Elizabeth II, and stamps commemorating the 60th anniversary of Confederation and the 300th anniversary of the founding of Quebec (featuring Montcalm and Wolfe).1868-1954
(5)Miscellaneous Canadian postage. -- 45 postage stamps. -- File includes stamps pertaining to Canada's centennial, the 1967 Pan-American Games, birds and other animals, and Alouette II.1953-1978
(6)Miscellaneous international postage. -- 285 postage stamps. -- Stamps in this file, both mint and cancelled, were produced by countries including Guadeloupe, Aden, France, Germany, Province of Saxony, Austria, Poland, Malta, Uruguay, Korea, Mauritius, Martinique, Israel, Latvia, Cuba, French Guyana, Panama, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Ireland, Cayman Islands, Spain, Monaco, Montserrat, Gibraltar, Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla, Dominica, Hungary, Greece, Australia, Southern Rhodesia, Uganda, Ceylon, Brazil, Romania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Denmark, Iran, Tannu-Tuva, and Russia.[ca. 1878-1958]
(7)Newfoundland postage. -- 2 postage stamps. -- Stamps depict a view of St. John's and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother).12 May 1938, 1 June 1943
(8)Queen Elizabeth II. -- 32 postage stamps.1962-1963 Canada Post
(9)Queen Elizabeth II. -- 28 postage stamps.1967 Canada Post
(10)Queen Elizabeth II. -- 7 postage stamps.7 Mar. 1978 Canada Post
(11)Norman Rockwell: Republique du Zaire. -- 160 postage stamps.1981
(12)Stamp book. -- 1 postage stamp book. -- Item is a book of international stamps collected by Alec Young of 484 Dundas St., London, Ontario.[19-?]
(13)Toronto, 1793-1993. -- 25 postage stamps.1993 Canada Post
(14)Toronto, 1867-1967. -- 6 postage stamps.1967 Canada Post
(15)XXI Olympiad : Montreal 1976. -- 21 postage stamps.1973-1975 Canada Post. Brochures about the stamps are included.
(16)Canadian National Exhibition. -- 4 poster stamps. -- Stamps depict photographs of the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Hart House memorial tower, the Bank of Commerce building and Strathcona Road.1937
(17)Toronto. -- 9 poster stamps. -- Stamps depict illustrations of different parts of Toronto, including the Canadian National Exhibition, Sunnyside Beach, the Royal Agricultural Fair and Old City Hall.[19--]
(18)Visit Toronto. -- 4 poster stamps. -- Stamps depict photographs of the South African War Memorial, the Toronto Art Gallery, the General Zebulon Pike Memorial, and the Royal Ontario Museum.[19-]
(19)Canadian National Exhibition passes. -- File consists of 10 passes.1905-1968
(20)Dominion and Industrial Exhibition pass. -- File consists of one pass.6 Sept. 1887
(21)Du Maurier Open : valet parking ticket[199-]
(22)International Typographical Union : convention delegate card : Walter H. Handley, Toronto, CanadaAug. 1916
(23)Membership cards. -- Cards pertain to the Blue Jays Fan Club, Creeds [store], the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame, Ponderosa Steak House, and the Scripture Union for Young People.1918, 1980-1986
(24)Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity : Toronto Alumni Club : 75th anniversary dinner programme1 Nov. 1995
(25)Tickets. -- Tickets pertain to Brogue's one-of-a-kind sample auction, the musical "Cats", a fundraiser for Alderman Paul Christie, the Canadian National Exhibition, and the CN Tour. Also included is an airline ticket issued by Trans-Canada Airlines for a flight from New York City to Toronto.1950, 1987-1988, 1996, 1999
(26)Toronto Industrial Exhibition passes. -- File consists of 10 passes.1895-1902
(27)Victoria College, winter term, 1859 : admission card. -- Item is signed by student John Polkinhorne.1859

Call Number: 2012-031/012
(1)Frost Steel and Wire Company Ltd. : common stock1916-1929
(2)Page Fence & Wire Products Limited : stock book1923, 1925, 1938
(3)Label : Britannia Double Hop Flavoured Malt Extract, Toronto Produce Limited[19--]
(4)Who am I? / by Thanos Karamanos (known to you as Carman). -- Item is a poem printed and included in the menu of Carman's Dining Club, 26 Alexander Street. The restaurant is depicted in an illustration in the bottom right corner.1977 2 copies
(5)City of Toronto1934, 1985, 1993-2001
(6)Miscellaneous flyers. -- Items in this file pertain to James Lumbers' dry goods store, Lake Simcoe Ice and Fuel Limited, and S. Mendelson Company (farm equipment).1876, [19--]
(7)Affidavit of Thomas Berkinshaw. -- Item pertains to a debt owed to Berkinshaw, a Toronto merchant, by John Hammond.10 Nov. 1860
(8)Beth Medrosh Hagodol Chevra Thilim congregation: deed of land and conveyance forms and membership list1952
(9)Oath of Robert Henry Booth10 Apr. 1869
(10)Miscellaneous newspaper clippings. -- Items in this file pertain to Toronto landmarks, advertisements and history.1880, 1961-1990
(11)Photocopy of "Toronto, the queen city"Photocopied [199-?] An original of this item can be found in Special Collections.

Call Number: 2012-031/013
(1)Alex Hain : coal coke : 130 Osler Avenue : mirror[19-?]
(2)Plymouth Binder Twine Company : paperweight[19-?]
(3)Pocket knives. -- Items pertain to Beverley Upholstery and Bedding Company and Caplan's Radio.[19-?]
(4)Rulers. -- Items pertain to businesses including Ford Machinery Supply, Palter Cap Company, Toronto Better Business Bureau, and A. Staiman & Sons.[19-?]
(5)Stanley Walker Manufacturing : furrier : 536 Queen St. West : match holder[18-?]
(6)A.K. special mainsprings : Albert Kleiser, 6 Wellington St. East : tin[18-?]
(7)Callum's Imperial Cigar Store (13 King Street West, Toronto) : cigar case[19-?]
(8)City of Toronto plastic gift bag[199-?]
(9)Clubb's English mixture : A. Clubb & Sons Limited : tobacco tin[18-?]
(10)E.C. West & Company, Toronto : bottle[18-?]
(11)F.A. Jacobs : chemist : Toronto, Ont. : bottle[18-?]
(12)Five Schrader valve insides : A. Schrader's Son Inc., Toronto, Ont. : tin[19-?]
(13)The game of lost heir : no. 20 : playing cards and box : Nerlich & Co., Toronto[19--]
(14)The Great-West Life Assurance Company : automatic recording safe[19-?]
(15)G. Tamblyn Limited : dispensing chemists : Roncesvalles & Grenadier, Toronto : box[19--]
(16)Imperial Optical Union Jack flag. -- Item was flown above the Imperial Optical building (one of the Hermant Buildings) at 21 Dundas Square.[after 1929]
(17)Gramco soldering paste tin[19-?]
(18)James Walker : druggist (1512 Yonge St., Toronto) : bottle[18-?]
(19)Owl Drug Stores, Toronto : bottle[18-?] Item has a chip on its lip.
(20)P.W. Ellis & Company Limited : mainsprings : tin[18-?]
(21)R.H. Thompson : dispensing chemist (1234 Yonge St.): bottle[18-?]
(22)Ronson redskin flints[19--]

Call Number: 2012-031/014
(1)1919-1939 : anniversary banquet : Mackenzie King : Royal York Hotel : pin8 Aug. 1939
(2)Berry Brothers Varnishes : Toronto Exhibition : pin1914
(3)Cab driver 2605 : Metropolitan Toronto : pin1961
(4)City Hall : Toronto, Canada : pin1965
(5)City of Toronto sesquicentennial : 1834-1984 : pin1984 2 copies
(6)CNE : exhibition chorus : pin1924
(7)CNE : exhibition chorus : pin1925
(8)CNE : exhibition chorus : pin1926
(9)CNE : exhibition chorus : pin1927
(10)CNE : pageant chorus : pin1922
(11)CNE : pageant chorus : pin1923
(12)COTC [Canadian Officers' Training Corps] : pin[19--]
(13)Gooderham & Worts Ltd. : 1832-1932 centenary : commemorative token1932
(14)The Mendelssohn Choir of Toronto : pin[19--]
(15)Toronto Bible College : pin[19--]
(16)Toronto centennial : 1834-1934 : pin1934
(17)Toronto centennial : Canadian Corps reunion : 1834-1934 : pin1934
(18)City Hall : Toronto, Canada : engraved souvenir box[19--]
(19)Toronto Exposition : commemorative coin28 Aug.-7 Sept. 1899
(20)Ramses 56th imperial council session : Toronto, Canada : commemorative mini-swordJune 1930
(21)Ribbons. -- 15 ribbons. -- File consists of ribbons pertaining to the Cap Makers Union local 41, the Toronto Retail Grocers Association, the 1894 Union Prohibition Convention, the Dufferin School, the Royal Winter Fair, the Toronto Summer Carnival, the Canadian National Exhibition, the Loyal Orange Lodge (Toronto Junction), and the University of Toronto.1884-1935

Call Number: 2012-031/015
(1)Campbell's Tomato Soup fan[19--]
(2)Comfort Soap : wrappers, catalogue and sheet music. -- Sheet music for "I'll be your rain-beau" by Joe Smith.[between 1900 and 1915]
(3)T. Eaton Company : birdseye view of our Toronto buildings : fan[19--]
(4)T. Eaton Company : store buildings : fan[19--]
(5)Toronto Exhibition fan[19--]
(6)The Christmas globe 1905 : advertising flyer. -- File consists of a flyer of advertisements for the Independent Order of Foresters, the Central Business College of Toronto, the Frontenac Cereal Company Limited, the Traders' Bank of Canada, the Imperial Bank of Canada, and Walter Thomson & Son Limited.Dec. 1905
(7)The Christmas globe 1907 : advertising flyers. -- File consists of two flyers of advertisements for the Ontario Accident Insurance Company; the Canada Permanent Mortgage Corporation; Sun Fire Insurance Company; British America Assurance Company; Northern Life; the Western Assurance Company; the Sun & Hastings Savings and Loan Company of Ontario; the Smith-Runciman Company; for the immigration to the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia; A. Ansley & Company; the Ingersoll Packing Company; L.N. LeValley; Central Ontario Railway; R.M Gullett, Celtic cross and mausoleum specialist; Portage La Prairie, Manitoba; H. Boker & Co.; Rogers Coal; Alex Millard, undertaker & embalmer; The Ault & Wibord Company; Warwick & Rutter Brothers; William Barber & Company; and the John Inglis Company Limited.Dec. 1907
(8)Chancery sale of real estate. -- 1 notice ; 71.2 x 45.4 cm. -- Item pertains to a Toronto auction for 50 acres of property on lot eight in the first concession of the Township of Albion.1 May 1869 Item has been encapsulated for preservation purposes.
(9)Quarantine signs. -- File consists of four signs pertaining to notices of smallpox, typhoid fever and cerebro-spinal meningitis posted by the Ministry of Health or a local board of health. - 4 signs ; 28 x 35.5 cm or smaller.[19--]
(10)Reward sign. -- Item pertains to a reward of $10 from the council of the village of Port Stanley regarding vandalism and breaking and entering of local cottages. - 1 sign ; 25.3 x 25.5 cm.[19--]
(11)Tim Buck will be the main speaker at the Lenin memorial meeting. -- 1 notice ; 35.2 x 27.2 cm. -- Item pertains to a meeting at Massey Hall in Toronto held on the 24th of January in an unidentified year, at what was likely a meeting of the Communist Party of Canada, for which Tim Buck served as general secretary.[after 1924] Relevant to materials in the Tim Buck fonds (FO273).
(12)Canadian Hebrew Benevolent Society : 1913-1938 : silver jubilee. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 47.1 x 31.2 cm. -- Item is a group composite photo of past presidents, officers and members of the Canadian Hebrew Benevolent Society in 1938.[ca. 1938] Top right corner of photo had been torn off. There are other tears along the edges of the item.
(13)Family portrait. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 27 x 34 cm mounted on board 40 x 50 cm. -- Item is a group composite photograph of an unidentified family.[between 1895 and 1915]

Call Number: 2012-031/016
(1)The Christian guardian [vol. xl, no. 35/whole no. 2078]1 Sept. 1869
(2)The evening star : special historical edition (St. Catharines, Ont.)Dec. 1895
(3)The evening tribune (Toronto) [vol. i, no. 78]12 July 1869
(4)The examiner (Toronto). -- File consists of three issues published between October 1843 and December 1844.1843-1844
(5)The globe. -- File consists of issues of this paper from between 1856 and 1866.1856-1866
(6)The globe. -- File consists of an incomplete run of issues from March and April 1866.Mar.-Apr. 1866
(7)The globe : Easter greetings4 Apr. 1896
(8)The liberal (Toronto) [no. 129]25 June 1875
(9)The mail (Toronto) [vol. iv, no. 1027]10 July 1875
(10)The national : a weekly political, literary and family newspaper (Toronto) [vol. ii, no. 17/whole no. 43]12 Nov. 1874
(11)The Toronto Sunday world : Toronto bids a quiet farewell to the second contingent23 May 1915 Rotogravure section
(12)The Toronto world. -- Item consists of pages 3-6 of this issue.7 Mar. 1898
(13)Toronto daily express and general commercial advertiser [vol. i, no. 78]2 Mar. 1850
(14)Toronto standard : a political, commercial, agricultural and literary journal [vol. i, no. 10]13 Aug. 1847 Item in fragile condition.

Call Number: 2012-031/017
(1)The Canadian Presbyterian [vol. 13, no. 46/whole number 667]12 Nov. 1884
(2)Canadian watchman : literary and temperance miscellany [vol. iv, no. 3/whole number 159]15 Jan. 1853
(3)The daily telegraph (Toronto) [vol. 3, no. 637]11 June 1868
(4)The empire (Toronto) [vol. v, no. 1338]18 Apr. 1892 Item in delicate condition.
(5)The evening telegram. -- Item consists of page 3 and 4 of this issue.15 Mar. 1901
(6)The evening telegram (Toronto)5 Sept. 1934, 8 Apr. 1936
(7)The globe : Saturday magazine section (Toronto). -- File consists of four issues published between October 1912 and December 1913.1912-1913
(8)The globe : summer travel number4 June 1910
(9)The globe and mail : 150 years of Toronto30 Apr. 1984
(10)The herald (Toronto) [vol. xvii, no. 9]4 Feb. 1847
(11)Hush free press [vol. 21, no. 46]28 Apr. 1956
(12)Justice weekly [vol. 3, no. 39]25 Sept. 1948
(13)Lagover Mutual Benevolent Society : 1931-1991 : directory of members. -- Item is a calendar with the calendar pages removed, consisting of advertisements and a list of members.1991
(14)The leader (Toronto) [vol. 13, no. 4802]22 Oct. 1875
(15)Play ball! a Blue Jay special6 Apr. 1977 Toronto Star supplement
(16)The star weekly (Toronto)1 Nov. 1947 Includes magazine supplement.
(17)The Toronto daily star30 Apr. 1931
(18)The Toronto evening news [vol. iv, no 2057 (?)]27 Apr. 1885 Item in delicate condition.
(19)Toronto mirror [vol. x, no. 20]11 Dec. 1846
(20)Toronto patriot [vol. xvii, no. 20]3 Mar. 1846
(21)The Toronto star [vol. vii, no. 3]11 Jan. 1845 Item in very fragile condition.
(22)The Toronto star weekly. -- File consists of eight issues of the gravure section of this Saturday paper.1926, 1931-1932
(23)The Toronto Sunday world. -- File consists of six issues published between March 1909 and February 1913.1909-1913
(24)The Toronto world. -- File consists of a partial copy of the 1 September 1908 issue and a complete copy of a 29 July 1886 issue.1886, 1908
(25)We're all Scotch here / written by Alex Melville ; composed by F.C. Duke, sung by Sandy Macdonald : (Winnipeg and Toronto : Whaley, Royce & Co. Limited).[19--] Sheet music

Call Number: 2012-031/018
(1)Blue Jays baseball calendar posters. -- 4 posters ; 61 x 94 cm. -- Items were produced by Shoppers Drug Mart.1977-1979, 1981 2 copies of 1981 and 1979 posters
(2)Blue Jays baseball posters. -- 2 posters ; 71 x 56 cm. -- Posters feature photos of players Bob Bailor, John Mayberry, Rick Bosetti, Alfredo Griffin and Dave Lemanczyk.[197-?]

Call Number: 2012-031/019
(1)Art against the GST : exhibition : Lake Galleries. -- 1 poster ; 54 x 37 cm.Aug.-Sept. 1990 2 copies
(2)The city of Toronto : it's in fashion. -- 1 poster ; 78.5 x 56 cm.[198-?]
(3)The community welcomes you to the St. Lawrence neighbourhood. -- 1 poster ; 28 x 42.5 cm.[198-?] 3 copies
(4)Concrete dreams : the historical path of expressway development in Metropolitan Toronto : inaugural exhibition : Metro Archives. -- 1 poster ; 45 x 70 cm.1992
(5)Consumer Gas Building, 415 Eastern Avenue. -- 1 architectural drawing : blueline print ; 57 x 66 cm. -- Included in the file is a copy of this drawing.[19--]
(6)Copy of topographical plan of the city and Liberties, Toronto, in the Province of Canada : surveyed, drawn and published by James Cane, 1842. -- 1 map ; 45 x 60 cm.Reproduced [19-?] Item has tears on the bottom.
(7)The crowning of Bloor Street : Crown Life Place : 175 Bloor Street West. -- 1 poster ; 60 x 95 cm. -- Item is a poster consisting of different images of the building of this office tower.30 Oct. 1987
(8)Kensington roots : October 3, 4 & 5, 1980. -- 1 poster ; 39 x 26.5 cm.1980 3 copies
(9)Manou : exhibition from November 25 to December 11, 1981 : Prince Arthur Galleries. -- 1 poster ; 58.5 x 43.5 cm.1981
(10)The mapping of Victorian Toronto : book cover. -- 1 poster ; 60 x 40 cm. -- Item is accompanied by a letter from the publisher of the book, The Paget Press.1984
(11)Memories of Ontario / M.J. Aynscomb Harris. -- 1 poster ; 43 x 56.[19--]
(12)Morus Hummel : Standbilder in Montreal : January 17 to February 5, 1980 : Sir George Williams Art Galleries. -- 1 poster ; 37 x 30 cm.1980 3 copies
(13)Ontario Home Week : Ontario Real Estate Association. -- 1 poster ; 70 x 50 cm.Sept. 24-30, 1989
(14)Panoramic views : City of Toronto. -- 1 poster ; 36.5 x 91.5 cm.[19--] Rolph, Clark, Stone Ltd.
(15)Pat LaCroix. -- 3 posters ; 91 x 62 cm or smaller.[198-?] 2 copies of two posters
(16)Toronto international area rug trade show : November 23-26, 1995 : Metro Toronto Convention Centre. -- 1 poster ; 69 x 47 cm.1995 2 copies
(17)Toronto neighbourhood histories : Toronto Public Library. -- 1 poster ; 56 x 40.5 cm.[19--]
(18)Toronto's people. -- 1 poster ; 42 x 53 cm.[198-] 3 copies
(19)The village of Yorkville : it's different. -- 1 poster ; 34 x 39 cm.[19--] 3 copies
(20)The Word on the Street : the first annual Toronto book and magazine fair. -- 1 poster ; 67 x 40 cm.30 Sept. 1990

Call Number: 2012-031/020
(1)Tridel distinction interactive 20002000
(2)Yonge Sheppard Centre[199-?]
(3)70 Rosehill Condominiums[1984?]
(4)99 Avenue2000
(5)Dalhousie residential project2002
(6)Elm Tower : Church and Shuter development2001
(7)Empire Plaza[199-?] Located at University Avenue and Wellington Street.
(8)The French Quarter Condominium Residences1998 Located at intersection of Jarvis, Richmond and Lombard Streets.
(9)The Homes of Lawrence Park West1994 Located on northwest corner of Covington Road and Bathurst Street.
(10)Johnston & Daniel Limited, realtor : vacation and leisure properties[199-?]
(11)Kensington Market Lofts[199-?]
(12)The Kensington II at Old Mill1997 Located at 12 Humber Blvd in Etobicoke.
(13)King West Village1998 2 copies
(14)Leaside Green[199-] Located at Leaside Park Drive and Overlea Boulevard.
(15)The Metro1997 Located at 119 Merton Street.
(16)Newport Beach1998 Located at 2111 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Etobicoke.

Call Number: 2012-031/021
(1)One Eleven Avenue Road[199-?]
(2)One Post Road[199-?]
(3)Pantages Tower1999 2 copies Located at 210 Victoria Street.
(4)The Prince Arthur Condominium Mansions[199-?] 2 copies Located at 38 Avenue Road.
(5)Queen's Harbour1997 Located at 500 Queens Quay West.
(6)Qwest: Queen West residences1997 2 copies Located at 168 Simcoe Street.
(7)The Richmond[ca. 1999] Located at 323 Richmond Street East.
(8)The Royal Arms1995 Located at 5418 Yonge Street.
(9)Soho Lofts : 188 Eglinton Avenue East[199-]
(10)Symphony Square[1997?] 2 copies Located at 23 Lorraine Drive.

Call Number: 2012-031/022
(1)100 Queen Street East[198-?]
(2)105 Victoria Street[199-]
(3)109-117 George Street[199-?]
(4)121 Bloor Street East : New York Life Centre[199-?]
(5)123 Edward Street[198-?]
(6)150 Bloor Street West : Renaissance Plaza[199-?]
(7)162 Cumberland Street : Renaissance Court[199-?]
(8)170 University Avenue[198-?] 2 copies
(9)1867 Yonge Street : Bramalea head office[199-?]
(10)193 Yonge Street[199-?] 2 copies
(11)2 Bloor Street East : the Hudson's Bay Centre[199-?]
(12)20 Richmond Street East : Confederation Square, phase 1[199-?]
(13)22 Front Street West[198-] 2 copies
(14)23-43 Charles Street West1999
(15)2371-2381 Yonge Street, 3 Broadway Avenue1991
(16)25 Sheppard Avenue West[199-?]
(17)257 Adelaide West business condominiums[199-?]
(18)277 Victoria Street1990
(19)357 Bay Street[200-?]
(20)36 Toronto Street[199-?] 2 copies
(21)390 Bay Street[199-?]
(22)40 Sheppard Avenue West[199-?]
(23)477 Richmond West1991 2 copies
(24)48 St. Clair West1992
(25)5000 Yonge St. development[199-?]
(26)525 University Avenue[198-?]
(27)55 St. Clair Avenue West : Esso Place[199-?]
(28)55 University Avenue[199-?]
(29)56 Temperance Street1990
(30)67 Yonge Street1983
(31)70 University Avenue[198-?]
(32)70 York Street[198-]
(33)85 Richmond Street West1989
(34)901 King Street West1994
(35)99 Avenue Road1998
(36)Adelaide-Brant Centre[198-?] Located at 425 Adelaide Street West.
(37)Aetna Canada Centre[198-?] Located at King and York Streets.
(38)Atrium on Bay[199-?] Located at 595 Bay Street.
(39)Bay Adelaide Centre1989, 1991 Located at 333 Bay Street. File includes copies of architectural drawings.
(40)The Bayview Hill : lower village shops[199-?] Located near Spadina Road and 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill.
(41)Bayview Walk[198-?] Located at 1818 Bayview Avenue.
(42)Belmont Corporate Centre[198-?] Located at 970 Lawrence Avenue West.
(43)Britannia Place[199-?] Located at 25 Glenn Hawthorne Boulevard in Mississauga.
(44)Cadillac Fairview Tower : 20 Queen Street West[198-?]
(45)Canada's Ballet Opera House[198-?] Development was planned for Bay and Wellesley Streets.
(46)The ChumCity Building: 299 Queen West[199-?]
(47)Churwell Centre[ca. 1997] Located at 65 Wellesley Street East and 540 Church Street.
(48)The Claremont Tavern building : 732 Queen Street West[ca. 1990]
(49)Commerce Court[199-?] Located near King and Wellington Streets.
(50)Commercial properties : flyers. -- 1 photograph : col. ; 28 x 21.5 cm. -- Photograph of Confederation Square, 20 Richmond Street East.1984-2008

Call Number: 2012-031/023
(1)Confederation Life Insurance Company head office properties1995 Located at 1 Mount Pleasant Road, 100 Huntley Street, and 321 Bloor Street East.
(2)Crown Court Offices1991 Located on County Court Boulevard in Brampton.
(3)Crown Life Place : 175 Bloor Street West1987-1990
(4)Delisle Court2001 Located at 1560 Yonge Street.
(5)Devon Centre[198-?] Located on Airport Road.
(6)Downtown West. -- 1 photograph : col. ; 20 x 25 cm. -- Photograph depicts a view of King Street looking west at Simcoe Street and includes a partial view of Roy Thomson Hall and the buildings that comprise this development.[198-?] Located on the block surrounded by King Street West, Simcoe Street, Wellington Street West and John Street.
(7)Eaton Tower. -- File also includes a brochure for One Dundas Street West.1990 Located on Yonge Street above the Eaton Centre.
(8)Eglinton Mills Executive Centre[198-] Located near Don Mills Road and Eglinton Avenue East.
(9)The Executive Centre in Richmond Hill[ca. 1988] 2 copies Located at 9050 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill.
(10)First Canadian Place[198-?] Located at 100 King Street West.
(11)First Century Tower[198-?] Located at 438 University Avenue.
(12)Gibson Square[198-?] Located at 5170 and 5180 Yonge Street.
(13)Hammerson : 33, 55, 77 and 201 City Centre Drive[199-?]
(14)Heartland Business Community[199-?] Located in Missisauga near Highway 10 and Highway 403.
(15)The Heritage[199-?] Located near Lester B. Pearson Airport.
(16)Keele & Seven Business Centre[199-?] Located at Keele Street and Highway 7.
(17)King Business Centre[198-?] 2 copies Located at 1000 King Street West.
(18)King James Place1991 Located at 145 King Street East.
(19)King West Centre1990 Located on Liberty Street between Fraser and Pardee Avenues.
(20)Law Chambers at the Atrium on Bay[198-?] Located at 595 Bay Street.
(21)Law Chambers : a professional office environment for lawyers[199-?] Located at 181 University Avenue and 595 Bay Street.
(22)Lawrence Park : the retail shops on Yonge[199-?] Located at Yonge Street and Blythwood Road.
(23)Lawrence Square[198-?] Located at 700 Lawrence Avenue West.
(24)Leslie-Richmond Hill Corporate Centre Ltd.[198-?] Located on Leslie Street north of Highway 7 in the Headford Business Park.
(25)Lombard Place1991, 1993 Located at 36 Lombard Street.
(26)Mandarin Golf & Country Club1991 Located at 11207 Kennedy Road in Markham.
(27)Med-West Centre : 750 Dundas Street West[198-?]
(28)MetroCentre[199-?] Located in the block bounded by King Street West, Simcoe Street, Wellington Street and John Street.
(29)Metro Financial Group Inc. : 193 Yonge Street[199-?]
(30)Minto Plaza : 655 Bay Street[199-?] 2 copies

Call Number: 2012-031/024
(1)Mississauga CityCentre. -- 1 video cassette ; VHS.[199-?]
(2)The National Trade Centre at Exhibition Place[199-]
(3)One Eglinton East[199-?] 2 copies
(4)One Financial Place[199-?]
(5)One Hundred Bloor West1989
(6)One Seventy Bloor West[199-?]
(7)One Yonge Street : the Toronto Star building[199-?]
(8)Ordan Business Park[198-?] Located at 6145, 6155, and 6185 Ordan Drive in Mississauga.
(9)The Prince Arthur Retail[200-?] Located at 38 Avenue Road.
(10)Rawlinson Mews[199-?] 2 copies Located at Phipps and St. Nicholas Streets.
(11)Rowntree Gates Plaza1998 Located at 2687 Kipling Avenue, Etobicoke.
(12)The shops and restaurants of the Atrium on Bay1993 Located at 595 Bay Street.
(13)Sixty-Seven Yonge[198-?] Formerly the Trader's Bank of Canada building.
(14)Square One[199-?] Located at 100 City Centre Drive, Mississauga.
(15)Standard Life Centre[198-?] Located at 121 King Street West.
(16)Starwood Centre1995 Located at 477 Richmond Street West.
(17)Sterling Tower : creative space for creative minds[200-?] Located at 372 Bay Street.
(18)TD Cornerstone: 65 Front Street2001
(19)TD Cornerstone: Medical Arts Building[ca. 2000] Located at 170 St. George Street.
(20)Toronto-Dominion Centre[199-?]
(21)Toronto Film Studios[200-?] Located at 629 Eastern Avenue.
(22)Toronto Professional Block[198-?] Located at 123 Edward Street and 180 Dundas Street West.
(23)Toronto waterfront revitalization : tools for implementation. -- Slides from a presentation by Castan and IBI Group.27 May 2003
(24)Toronto World Trade Centre[198-] Located at 30, 33 Bay Street and 20 Yonge Street.
(25)The Tri-Bell Country Club[198-?] Located at 1575 Steeles Avenue West, Willowdale.
(26)The Villages of Abbey Lane Shopping Centre[198-] Located at 91 Rylander Boulevard, Scarborough.
(27)Western Centre[199-?] 2 copies Located near Martingrove Road and Highway 7.
(28)Weston Gardens Office Park1990 Located near Weston Road and Steeles Avenue East.
(29)Woodbine Centre[198-?] Located at 500 Rexdale Boulevard, Etobicoke.
(30)Yonge-Norton Centre[198-] Located at 5255 Yonge Street.
(31)Yonge Richmond Centre1988, [199-] 2 copies of each brochure. Located at 151 Yonge Street.
(32)Yonge/Summerhill office building[1990 or 1991] Located at 30 Birch Avenue.
(33)Yonge-Summerhill site1989-1990 Includes background materials such as correspondence and site easement documents.

Call Number: 2012-031/025
(1)1001 Bay Street[199-?]
(2)1340, 1350, 1360 Danforth Road1993
(3)148 Soudan Avenue1991
(4)18 Yonge Condominiums[200-?]
(5)20 Graydon Hall Drive1995
(6)25 Queens Quay East[199-]
(7)250 Wellington West[199-?]
(8)2737 and 2757 Kipling Avenue1996
(9)2777 Kipling Avenue1996 2 copies
(10)2813 & 2323 Lakeshore Boulevard West[ca. 1993]
(11)8 Park Road[200-?]
(12)Avanti boutique condominiums2000 Located at 1038 Sheppard Avenue West.
(13)The Avenue[200-] Located at 115 St. Clair Avenue West.
(14)The Bentley1981 Located at 15 Lombard Street.
(15)Bloor Parc Residences[198-?]
(16)Braxton : Bayview & Eglinton1999 Located at 1750 Bayview Avenue.
(17)CastlemereApr. 1983 Located at 75 Crescent Road.
(18)The Chedington[199-] Located at 1 Chedington Place.
(19)City Park Apartments1989 Located at 484 Church Street, 51 and 31 Alexander Street.
(21)The Cloisters of the Don residential complex[199-] Located at 10 Roanoke Road, North York.
(22)Condominiums and townhouses : miscellaneous1993-2010 1 of 2
(23)Condominiums and townhouses : miscellaneous1993-2010 2 of 2
(24)The Courtyards of Rosedale[ca. 1997] Located at 1 Baxter Street.
(25)The Edgewater at the Galleria1997 Located at 399 South Park Road in Markham.
(26)Empire Plaza1987 Located at 33 University Avenue.
(27)Forest Hill East[199-] Located at 19 Lascelles Boulevard.
(28)Forest Hill Homes : 471-477 Spadina Road[197-?]

Call Number: 2012-031/026
(1)Four Seasons private residences[20--] Located at 50 Yorkville Avenue and 55 Scollard Street.
(2)Glen Grove Park Annex1912 Tanner & Gates, realty brokers.
(3)Hazelton Lanes[197-?] Located at 18A Hazelton Avenue and 55A Avenue Road.
(4)The Heritage on Lawrence[199-?] Located near Bathurst and Lawrence Streets.
(5)Holly-Dunfield Towers1993 Located at 33 Holly Street and 44 Dunfield Avenue.
(6)Houses : miscellaneous : flyers[199-]
(7)Masarykpark Homes1999-2000 Located at 452 Scarborough Golf Club Road.
(8)The Maxim[199-?] Located at 398 Eglinton Avenue East.
(9)The Maxus[200-?] Located at 80 Cumberland Street.
(10)No. 155 Cumberland[200-?]
(11)Oasis Condominium Residences1997 Located at 1700 Eglinton Avenue East.
(12)One Eleven Avenue Road[200-]
(13)One Post Road[199-?]
(14)One St. Thomas Residences[200-?]
(15)Pantages Tower at the AT&T Centre for the Performing Arts[200-]
(16)The Prince Arthur newsletter. -- Item pertains to the Prince Arthur Condominium Mansions.1998 Located at 38 Avenue Road.
(17)Real estate documents : 437 Sherbourne Street1982-1983
(18)The Redstone[199-?] Located at 105 Victoria Street.
(19)The Residences of College Park[200-] 2 copies Located at 761 and 763 Bay Street.
(20)Riviera on Queens Quay[199-?] Located at 228 and 230 Queens Quay West.
(21)Rosedale South Towers[199-] Located at 105 Isabella Street and 100 Gloucester Street.
(22)The Roxy[199-] Located at 43 Eglinton Avenue East.
(23)The Saint James: condominium residences on King Street1997 Located at 39 Jarvis Street.
(24)The Skyline Palace[199-?] Located at 55 St. Clair Avenue West.
(25)Signatures on Bloor[199-] Located at 55 Bloor Street East.
(26)Space2000 2 copies Located at 255 Richmond Street East.
(27)Tapestry at Wingfield Terrace[199-?]
(28)Twenty Five Broadway at the Republic[ca. 2006]
(29)The Windsor Arms1994, [200-] Located at 16 St. Thomas Street.
(31)Yonge-Summerhill Lands : a rare urban development opportunity[1996?]

Call Number: 2012-031/027
(1)Assignit.ca : seller's package[ca. 2008]
(2)Avison Young : the commercial network[199-?]
(3)Belair Restoration[198-?]
(4)Brookfield Development Corporation1990
(5)The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited : office portfolio1991
(6)Canada Permanent Trust Company[198-?]
(7)CB Commercial : the downtown west report1992
(8)City of Etobicoke : Economic Development Office1989
(9)City of Woodstock : the Office of the Development Commissioner[ca. 1995]
(10)Clarkson Gordon Inc. : residential real estate investment opportunity1986
(11)Colliers International[199-?]
(12)Colliers International : industrial focus : Colliers' industrial property review : volume threeJune 1996
(13)Colliers International : Toronto[199-?]
(14)Colliers Macaulay Nicolls : moving timesFall 1990
(15)Condo market update : Harry Stinson Real Estate LimitedJune 1993
(16)Condominium collection : the Globe and Mail1999
(17)Darrell Kent Real Estate Ltd. : real estate trends and events[ca. 1987]
(19)Downtown east report : a Coldwell Banker Canada publication1990
(20)Edifice by Ellis Don1991-1992
(21)Esbin Realty. -- File consists of a folder and moving notice pertaining to Esbin Realty.[199-?]
(22)First Professional Management Inc.Nov. 1993
(23)Focus Toronto : Colliers' commercial property review, volume two[ca. 1994]
(24)George Chisholm's real estate marketing trends : Forest Hill real estate newsletter1991
(25)Grey Canada : notice of move[199-?]
(26)Humbold Properties Ltd.1991
(27)The ICI 500 : Metropolitan Toronto's industrial, commercial and investment real estate : a supplement to Canadian business and small business1989
(28)Impart Management Limited : Toronto office & retail lease portfolio1991
(29)The Lebovic Collection. -- Item is a catalogue of homes produced by Lebovic Enterprises Limited of Stouffville, Ontario.[199-?]
(30)MarketVision Real Estate Corporation : land sales and development division[199-?]
(31)Metrus Properties Limited[ca. 1990]
(32)Northwest Atlantic (Canada) Inc. : holiday cards[199-?]
(33)Olympia & York[198-?]
(34)Oxford News : 130 Bloor Street West newsletter2001
(35)Properties at Auction1989
(36)Royal LePage1986
(37)Royal LePage : commercial real estate services[199-?]
(38)Royal LePage : retail sales and leasing : update1988
(39)Terry Martel Real Estate Ltd. : card[199-?]
(40)Tridel distinction (vol. 3, no. 2)Sept. 1996

Call Number: 2012-031/028
(1)"A" streetscapes. -- 32 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Adelaide Street [22 views, 1885-1937], Albert Street [two views, 1862, 1910], Armories [one view, 1900], Avenue Road [five views, 1906-1936] and Avoca Avenue [two views, 1937].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1862-1937)
(2)"B" streetscapes. -- 60 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Baby Point [one view, 1911], Bathurst Street [28 views, 1912-1954], Berwick Avenue [one view, 1929], Beverley Street [one view, 1911], Bloor Street [22 views, 1901-1929], Boswell Avenue [one view, 1904], Brampton, Ontario [one view, 1909], Broadview Avenue [four views, 1917-1923] and Brunswick Avenue [one view, 1899].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1899-1954)
(3)The bay. -- 9 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18.2 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Toronto Bay, activities on the Toronto Island, Hanlan's Point, rowing clubs, yacht clubs, the steamer "Cayuga", and the ferries "Bluebell", "Primrose" and "Sam McBride".Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1892-1937)
(4)Bay Street. -- 66 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: 90 Bay Street [one view, 1922], 94 Bay Street [one view, 1898], 364 Bay Street [one view, 1928], Bay Street looking north of City Hall [one view, 1911], Bay and Adelaide Street [12 views, 1920-1955], Bay and Albert Street [two views, 1912, 1916], Bay and Bloor Street [four views, 1921-1931], Bay and College Street [three views, 1921, 1930], Bay and Dundas Street [two views, 1927, 1930], Bay and Elm Street [one view, 1947], Bay and Front Street [two views, 1914, 1926], Bay and Hayter Street [one view, 1930], Bay and St. Joseph Street [one view, 1922], Bay and King Street [ten views, 1886-1935], Bay and Louisa Street [three views, 1909-1923], Bay and Melinda Street [three views, 1890-1909], Bay and Queen Street [six views, 1900-1936], Bay and Richmond Street [four views, 1911-1917], Bay and Temperance Street [six views, 1910-1954] and Bay and Walton Street [one view, 1930].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1890-1955)
(5)"C" streetscapes. -- 47 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.9 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Carlaw Avenue [two views, 1917], Carlton Street [nine views, 1906-1947], Cawthra Square [one view, 1904], Centre Avenue [one view, 1918], Cherry Street [two views, 1899], Chestnut Street [four views, 1912], Christie Street [three views, 1914], Church Street [11 views, 1888-1931], City Hall [one view, 1899], Colborne Street [one view, 1898], College Street [nine views, 1898-1938, Cottingham Square [one view, 1913] and Coxwell Avenue [two views, 1921].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1888-1947)
(6)Churches. -- 4 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.7 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Deer Park Presbyterian Church [one view, 1922], St. Vincent De Paul Church [one view, 1889], St. Peter's Church [one view, 1889] and St. Michael's and St. Basil's Churches [one view, 1897].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1889-1922)
(7)"D" streetscapes. -- 27 photographs : b&w ; 12.8 x 18.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Danforth Avenue [four views, 1920-1939], Davenport Road [six views, 1912-1920], Davisville Street [one view, 1944], DeGrassi Street [one view, 1952], Division Street [one view, 1914], Don Mills Road [one view, 1920], Don River Valley [one view, 1897], Douglas Drive [one view, 1927], Dowling Avenue [two views, 1899], Dufferin Street [two views, 1955], Dundas Street [five views, 1919-1944] and Dunn Avenue [two views, 1899].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1897-1955)
(8)"E" streetscapes. -- 52 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.7 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Eastern Avenue [two views, 1916-1925], Edward Street [one view, 1931], Eglinton Avenue [37 views, 1919-1954], Elizabeth Street [seven views, 1912-1934], Ellis Avenue [one view, 1912], Elm Avenue [one view, 1897], Elm Street [one view, 1952], Empress Crescent [one view, 1911] and Evans Avenue [one view, 1922].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1897-1954)
(9)Exhibition. -- 24 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of the Canadian National Exhibition, including: the Midway [three views, 1910-1936], the Manufacturers' building [three views, 1906], the Transportation building [one view, 1906], the Natural History building [one view, 1907], the International building [two views, 1910], the art gallery [two views, 1906-1910], the Grand Stand [four views, 1898-1910], and miscellaneous sights [eight views, 1884-1932].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1884-1936)
(10)"F" streetscapes. -- 25 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: fire stations [one view, 1912], Fleet Street [three views, 1924-1953] and Front Street [21 views, 1844-1941].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1844-1941)
(11)"Field Check" streetscapes. -- 6 photographs : b&w ; 12.9 x 17.7 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: aerial photo showing Toronto's first brick house (built in 1894) in lower right quadrant [one view, undated], photograph of a postcard titled "Group of City Monuments" including nine unidentified Toronto monuments [one view, undated], children playing on a playground [one view, 1918], Merton Street [one view, 1918], Old Police Station, East Toronto [one view, 1911], and TED Park [one view, 1929].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1911-1929)
(12)"G" streetscapes. -- 6 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.7 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: George Street [one view, 1892], Gerrard Street [four views, 1892-1923] and Greenwood Avenue [one view, 1901].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1892-1923)

Call Number: 2012-031/029
(1)General views. -- 14 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of the following: Toronto looking northwest from Toronto Bay, taken from a painting [one view, 1854]; Esplanade looking west from chimney of Toronto Street Railway Barns at Sherbourne & Frederick Streets [one view, 1884]; University Avenue looking south from Parliament Building [one view, 1898]; Bruce Photo view of Toronto with Royal Hotel at northwest corner of Front & George Streets and hay market on Front Street [one view, 1894]; view looking southeast from Canada Life Building including the Evening Telegram building at 55 King Street West, John Leckie Ltd. on Wellington Street, Union Station on Front Street West, H.W. Petrie Machinery Hall on Front Street West and Hanlan Hotel on Hanlan's Point [one view, 1898]; looking northeast from Temple Building at Bay & Richmond Streets [one view, 1902]; view looking northwest from Temple Building at Bay & Richmond Streets including rear of the Armouries and Copeland-Chatterson on the south side of Queen Street [one view, 1902]; Toronto business district looking northwest from King & Church Streets [one view, 1907]; photo of a postcard titled "Group of Toronto's Busy Corners", which includes Queen Street looking west across Yonge Street, Yonge Street looking north across Queen Street, Spadina Avenue looking north from King Street and Bloor Street looking east across Yonge Street [one view, 1910]; photo of a postcard titled "Seeing Toronto in Geo. W. Verral's Dominion Coaches", which includes City Hall Square, lake steamers, University of Toronto, City Hall, Parliament Buildings, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Public Library and Temple Building [one view, 1912]; King Street looking east from King Edward Hotel, St. James Cathedral at right [one view, 1927]; view from City Hall clock tower including Eaton's factories, Upper Canada College, Casa Loma and the site of New City Hall [one view, 1927]; view of Toronto looking north from Harbour Commmission Building including Bay Street, Fleet Street, the Royal York Hotel under construction, and the Toronto Star Building under construction [one view, 1928]; view of Toronto looking north from Canada Life Building [one view, 1936].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1854-1936)
(2)"H" streetscapes. -- 17 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 17.6 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Harbord Street [two views, 1911], Heath Street [two views, 1912], Hillcrest Street [one view, 1930], High Park [one view, 1909], Howland Avenue [one view, 1904], Humber River [10 views, 1897-1952] and Humberside Avenue [one view, 1925].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1897-1952)
(3)Hotels. -- 21 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.7 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: American Hotel on Front Street [one view, 1888], Arlington Hotel at 326 King Street West [one view, 1906], Caer Howell Hotel at southwest corner of University Avenue & Orde Street [one view, 1914], Davis Temperance Hotel on Yonge Street south of Finch Avenue [one view, 1948], Dufferin House, northwest corner of Bloor & Dufferin Streets [one view, 1912], Elliott House on southeast corner of Church Street & Shuter Street [one view, 1907], Grand Union Hotel, northeast corner of Front & Simcoe Streets [one view, 1898], photo of a postcard of Hotel Widmer at southwest corner of Bay & Richmond Streets [one view, 1925], Imperial Hotel at northeast corner of King & York Streets [one view, 1908], Junction Hotel operated by Christopher Sinclair at Dundas & Keele Streets [one view, 1888], Lambton House on Dundas Street, just east of Humber Bridge [one view, 1848], Lennox Hotel at 831 Yonge Street [one view, 1910], McFarlane's Hotel on northwest corner of Eglinton Avenue & Dufferin Street [one view, unknown date], Palmer House on northwest corner of King & York Streets [one view, 1906], Pioneer Hotel at northwest corner of Bloor & Bathurst Streets [one view, 1890], Queen's Hotel on Front Street between Bay & York Streets [two views, 1886, 1910], Red Lion Inn at 749-763 Yonge Street, just north of Bloor Street [one view, 1853], Rossin House at southeast corner of King & York Streets [two views 1897, 1898], and Shakespeare Hotel at northeast corner of King & York Streets [one view, 1865].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1848-1948)
(4)"I" streetscapes. -- 2 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Indian Road [one view, 1901] and Isabella Street [one view, 1898].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1898-1901)
(5)Interiors. -- 27 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of Toronto interiors, including: Wellington Place, #67 [two views, 1890], Home Life Building [one view, 1898], Roberts & Sons Art Galleries [one view, 1898], H.H. Williams office [one view, 1898], Farmer Bros. [one view, 1898], Business College [one view, 1898], Canadian Bank of Commerce Bldg. [one view, 1898], Adams Bros. Factory [one view, 1898], R. Score & Sons [one view, 1898], Bulgarian Lodging House [one view, 1912], H.C. Blachford's Shoe Store [one view, 1898], Geo. W. Cooley Liquor Store [one view, 1898], Moss Park Recreation Club [one view, 1916], T. Eaton Co. Ltd. [one view, 1898], Ryrie Bros. [one view, 1898], The Robert Simpson Co. [one view, 1898], Toronto Tire Co. [one view, 1898], G.R. Renfrew & Co. [one view, 1898], Michie & Co. [one view, 1898], Macedonian Lodging House [one view, 1912], 27 North Street, Res. J.W. Curry [one view, 1898], R. Baron's Fine Groceries [one view, 1909], John H. Dunlop, florist [one view, 1898], 19 Melinda Street [one view, 1898] and The Toronto Can Co. [one view, 1898].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1890-1912)
(6)Islands. -- 30 photographs : b&w ; 12.8 x 18.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of Toronto Islands scenes, including: bathing beach, bridge, ferry docks, fountain display, Hanlan's Point, lagoon, park, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, sidewheeler "Shamrock", and wharf.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1894-1928)
(7)Islington. -- 7 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: scenes along Dundas Street [seven views, 1857-1954].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1857-1954)
(8)"J" streetscapes. -- 18 photographs : b&w ; 12.9 x 17.7 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of street scenes, including: Jameson Avenue [three views, 1899-1950], Jane Street [three views, 1910-1954], Jarvis Street [11 views, 1888-1931] and Jordan Street [one view, 1907].Reproduced [19-] (originally created 1888-1954)
(9)"K" streetscapes. -- 4 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 17.9 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of beach and street scenes, including: Keele Street [two views, 1906-1913] and Kew Beach [two views, 1915-1919].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1906-1919)
(10)King Street. -- 91 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1860-1941)
(11)"L" streetscapes. -- 19 photographs : b&w ; 12.8 x 18.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Lamb's Bridge [one view, 1903], Lake Shore Road [10 views, 1910-1951], Lansdowne Avenue [three views, 1901-1919], St. Lawrence Market [one view, 1888], Lawrence Avenue [one view, 1934], Lippincott Street [one view, 1891], Louisa Street [one view, 1912] and Lyndhurst Avenue [one view, 1907].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1888-1951)
(12)"M" streetscapes. -- 18 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Madison Avenue [one view, 1917], Main Street [five views, 1906-1921], Manning Avenue [one view, 1904], Market and Colbourne Streets [one view, 1931], Melinda Street [one view, 1910], Moore Park [five views, 1911-1922], Moss Park [one view, 1913] and Mount Pleasant Road [three views, 1920-1929].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1904-1931)
(13)"MC" streetscapes. -- 2 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consist of photo reprints, including MacLennan Avenue [two views, 1921-1931].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1921-1931)
(14)"O" streetscapes. -- 6 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 17.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Oakwood Avenue [one view, 1924], Old Mill Road [two views, 1901-1927], Ontario Street [one view, 1905], Ormsby Crescent [one view, 1933] and Ossington Avenue [one view, 1920].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1901-1933)
(15)"P" streetscapes. -- 5 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 17.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Pacific Avenue [one view, 1913], Pape Avenue [one view, 1898], police stations [one view, 1912], Poplar Plains Road [one view, 1923] and Pottery Road [one view, 1951].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1898-1951)
(16)Parks. -- 25 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Allan Gardens [one view, 1898], Carlton Park [two views, 1914], High Park [seven views, 1905-1928], Queen's Park [three views, 1898-1952], Reservoir Park Ravine [two views, 1898-1900], Riverdale Park [three views 1913-1922], Scarboro Beach [three views, 1909-1912], Victoria Memorial Park [one view, 1913], Withrow Park [two views, 1914-1919] and Uttley Park [one view, 1913].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1898-1952)
(17)Queen Street. -- 63 photographs : b&w ; 12.8 x 18.2 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1878-1958)

Call Number: 2012-031/030
(1)"R" streetscapes. -- 26 photographs : b&w ; 12.8 x 17.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Residential Street [one view, 1912], Richmond Street [15 views, 1885-1927], Riverside Drive [one view, 1928], Roncevalles Avenue [one view, 1910], Rosedale Ravine [six views, 1898-1921], Runnymede Public Library [one view, 1910] and Russell Hill Road [one view, 1906].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1885-1934)
(2)Residences. -- 14 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.9 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of houses in the following locations: Bloor Street [one view, 1898], Carlton and Sherbourne Streets [one view, 1929], Castlefrank Drive [one view, 1850], Ellesmere Avenue [one view, 1862], Government House [two views, 1898, 1928], Keeley Institute [one view, 1898], Spadina Road [one view, 1909], St. Clair Avenue [one view, 1907] and Yonge Street [two views, 1874-1880].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1850-1929)
(3)"S" streetscapes. -- 53 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 17.9 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints, including: Scollard Street [one view, 1921], Simcoe Street [one view 1929], Silverthorne Avenue [one view, 1914], Sherbourne Street [11 views, 1890-1947], Sheppard Avenue [three views, 1915-1929], Spadina Avenue [24 views, 1870-1959], St. George Street [five views, 1904-1940], Strachan Avenue [one view, 1928], Strathearn Road [one view, 1920], street scenes [one view, 1912] and Sunnyside [four views, 1909-1916].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1870-1959)
(4)St. Clair Avenue. -- 75 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1853-1964)
(5)Scarboro. -- 19 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of scenes in Scarborough.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1873-1948)
(6)Schools. -- 11 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of schools including: school on Lansing, cut off in York Township [one view, 1837], West Hill Schoolhouse [one view, 1860], Dennis Ave. School [one view, 1891], Ellesmere School [one view, 1896], Parkdale Collegiate [one view, 1906], Trinity College [one view, 1907], St. Michael's College [one view, 1909], Bishop Strachan School [one view, 1912], Upper Canada College [one view, 1912], St. Andrew's Playground [one view, 1914] and St. Charles School [one view, 1930].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1837-1914)
(7)Sports. -- 16 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints depicting the following sporting venues: baseball park at 625 Queen Street East [one view, 1897], Woodbine Race Track [one view, 24 May 1898], Toronto Rowing Club [one view, 1906], Toronto Baseball Club at Fraser Avenue [two views, 1907], Hanlan's Point baseball stadium and amusements [six views, 1908-1912], winter sports at High Park, Riverdale Park and Varsity Stadium [one view, 1912], Maple Leaf Baseball Stadium [one view, 5 Mar. 1929], Thorncliffe Park [one view, 1931], and Dufferin Race Track [one view, 1955].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1897-1955)
(8)Street cars. -- 34 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1861-1924)
(9)Theatres. -- 5 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of reproduction prints of theatres including: Capitol Theatre [one view, 1907], Princess Theatre [one view, 1910], Red Mill Theatre [one view, 1913], Royal Alexandra Theatre [one view, 1908], Shea's, Grand, Royal Alexandra, Princess Theatres [one view, 1912].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1907-1913)
(10)Toronto Street. -- 5 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1907-1913)
(11)"U" streetscapes. -- 7 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of views along University Avenue.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1891-1948)
(12)"V" streetscapes. -- 12 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm or smaller. -- File consists of reproduction prints of street views including: Vaughan Road [three views, 1912-1921], Victoria Street [1878-1948].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1878-1948)
(13)"W" streetscapes. -- 16 photographs : b&w ; 12.8 x 18.2 cm or smaller. -- File consists of photo reprints of street views and beach views, including: Wasaga Beach [three views, 1930], Wellesley Street [four views 1911-1948], Wellington Street [one view, 1929], Weston Road [four views, 1908-1931], Winchester Drive [one view 1919], Woodbine Avenue [one view, 1921] and Wood Street [one view, 1912].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1908-1948)
(14)Walmer Road. -- 1 photograph : b&w ; 12.6 x 17.7 cm.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1913)
(15)"X, Y, Z" streetscapes. -- 13 photographs : b&w ; 12.5 x 18 cm. -- File consists of photo reprints including: York Street [11 views, 1885-1927], Yorkville Avenue [two views, 1912-1929].Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1885-1929)

Call Number: 2012-031/031
(1)Yonge Street. -- 68 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18.1 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1862-1954) 1 of 4
(2)Yonge Street. -- 85 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1870-1954) 2 of 4
(3)Yonge Street. -- 40 photographs : b&w ; 12.7 x 18.1 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1880-1955) 3 of 4
(4)Yonge Street. -- 42 photographs : b&w ; 12.6 x 18 cm or smaller.Reproduced [198-] (originally created 1887-1962) 4 of 4
(5)Micellaneous streetscapes : aerial views. -- 5 photographs : col. ; 21.5 x 27.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of five aerial photoprints taken for use in commercial real estate advertising and promotion, some include correspondence or additional plans of sites for possible development. Companies represented are: Coldwell Banker, Colliers Macaulay Nicolls, and DS Marcil Inc. Areas identified are: 130-180 Yorkland Blvd. in North York, Bloor Street and Avenue Road in Toronto and downtown Toronto (east side).[199-]
(6)Micellaneous streetscapes : photo reproductions. -- 3 photographs : b&w ; 20.3 x 25.4 cm or smaller. -- File consists of two photo reprints from the City of Toronto Archives showing the skyline of Toronto from the lake (SC 268-1826 and 1989-370-C), and one photo reprint from the J.V. Salmon Collection at the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library showing Spadina Road looking north from south of Lonsdale (S 1-3266).Reproduced [199-] (originally created [after 1931], 1955, 1989)
(7)Photographs of steam ship and Toronto Ferry Company boat. -- 2 photographs : b&w ; 8.5 x 8.5 cm mounted on card 12.5 x 12.5 cm.[19-]
(8)Photographs of Toronto Harbour and the Yonge Street Wharf. -- 3 photographs : b&w ; 9.7 x 16.5 cm. -- Photos include two views of the Toronto Harbour from the Toronto Islands, as well as a view of the Yonge Street Wharf area, including a railway station, looking north.1899
(9)Photographs of University College and St. Lawrence Market. -- 2 photographs : sepia ; 16.7 x 22.7 cm mounted on both sides of a card. -- Photograph of the exterior front of University College, University of Toronto, includes groups of people and a horse-drawn carriage. The photograph of the exterior of St. Lawrence Market depicts a group of men facing the camera, with horses and wagons. A sign for Britton's, a butcher shop, can also be seen. This photograph has been annotated with pencil on the image.[189-?]
(10)Photographs of miscellaneous building exteriors. -- 4 photographs : col. ; 12.5 x 17.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of a view of the Gooderham Building with the CN Tower in the distance, two views of the boarded-up Biltmore Theatre at 319 Yonge Street, and a view of Oakwood Place, a bar and music venue in Hamilton, Ont.[197-?], 1984

Call Number: 2012-031/032
(1)B. W. Kilburn & Company stereoscopic cards. -- 3 photographs : b&w and col. tinted stereographs ; 7.7 x 7.5 cm on mounts 8.8 x 17.9 cm. -- File consists of three stereoviews from the B.W. Kilburn Company, James M. Davis, including two tinted ones titled: 9382 Toronto's beautiful garden, and one of: 14769 Canada's tribute to imperialism, Manufacturer's Arch looking north, Toronto, Canada.1894, 1902
(2)The Canada View Company, Canadian scenery / stereoscopic cards. -- 2 photographs : b&w and sepia stereographs ; 8.1 x 7.5 cm or smaller on mounts 8.8 x 17.7 cm. -- File consists of two stereoviews from the Canada View Company, including Transportation Building, Toronto Exhibition [Canadian National Exhibition] and Victoria Street, Toronto.[190-]
(3)The T. Eaton Co. Limited stereoscopic cards. -- 25 photographs : b&w stereographs ; 8.7 x 17.5 cm on card. -- File consists of 25 stereoviews produced by Eaton's to promote the company, included are: bindery, books, London and Paris buying offices, china department, compositions at work, section of copying [two copies], correspondence, cutting men's clothing [three copies], designing and cutting room [two copies], drapery, drugs, Eaton brand clothing, engine room, our new factory [two copies], fur factory [two copies], section of fur department, furniture, grill room, grocery.[190-] 1 of 3
(4)The T. Eaton Co. Limited stereoscopic cards. -- 26 photographs : b&w stereographs ; 9 x 17.8 cm or smaller on card. -- File consists of 26 stereoviews produced by Eaton's to promote the company, including: harness [two copies], the harness factory, jewelry workrooms, ladies suits [two copies], ladies waists, ladies whitewear [three copies], laundry [two copies], section of millinery, section of packing [three copies], packing department [two copies], pressers at work [two copies], recording, shrinking machines, silverware, the stables [two copies].[190-] 2 of 3
(5)The T. Eaton Co. Limited stereoscopic cards. -- 8 photographs : b&w stereographs ; 8.8 x 17.8 cm on card. -- File consists of eight stereoviews produced by Eaton's to promote the company, including: our store, factories, etc. [two copies], main aisle, Yonge St. to James St. [two copies], main aisle, James St., view of the tailor shop, end of transfer belt, Winnipeg store.[190-] 3 of 3
(6)Underwood & Underwood Publishers stereoscopic cards. -- 4 photographs : b&w and sepia stereographs ; 7.9 x 8.1 cm or smaller on mounts 9 x 17.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of four stereoviews from Underwood & Underwood Publishers, including: (48) Queen's Park from Ontario Parliament Buildings, Toronto Canada [detailed description on reverse from "Notes of Travel, No. 5"], (47) Ontario Parliament Buildings and Queen's Park, Toronto, Canada [detailed description on reverse from "Descriptive Bulletin, No. 4"], moonlight on Toronto Bay - looking toward the City-Ontario, and, "1541. Golly, I jes can't hole dat Nigger !" [reverse has the phrase in six languages].1891-1908
(7)Unidentified publisher, stereoscopic cards of Toronto. -- 2 photographs : b&w and sepia stereographs ; 7.5 x 8.1 cm or smaller on mounts 8.3 x 17.9 cm. -- File consists of two stereoviews from unidentified publishers, including: "B" series 28 view from Landsdowne, and 112-bridge over lagoon, Centre Island Park.[189-]-[190-]
(8)Unidentified publisher, stereoscopic cards of Toronto. -- 11 photographs : b&w and col. tinted stereographs ; 8.8 x 17.8 cm or smaller on card. -- File consists of 11 stereoviews of Toronto from unidentified publishers, including: City Hall Tower and Temple Building, Yonge Street North, Knox College/Spadina Ave., Yonge Street Dock, Knox College, The Armory, Parliament Building, Osgoode Hall, main building Toronto University, Toronto Street, view at the university [two copies].[189-]-[190-]

Call Number: 2012-031/033
(1)Bird's eye view. -- 10 postcards ; 7 x 13.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following: air view of Toronto [one view], aerial view of Toronto [one view], Toronto from St. James Cathedral [one view, 1912], bird's eye view from Queen's Park [one view], Bloor Street Viaduct from an aeroplane [one view], portion of downtown [two views, 1932], University Avenue looking north to Queen's Park [one view], view from Queen's Park [one view, 1908], aerial view of Toronto [one view].[ca. 1908-1955]
(2)Bridges and monuments. -- 3 postcards ; 9 x 13.5 or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following: Bloor Street Viaduct [one view], Rosedale ravine [one view, 1910], Queen's Park [one view].[ca. 1910], [194-?]
(3)Buildings. -- 24 postcards ; 9.5 x 14 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards of Toronto buildings including: St. James Cathedral [one view, 1909], Parliament Buildings [one view], Post Office [two views, 1907], University College, University of Toronto [two views, 1907, 1915], Old City Hall [two views], I.O.F. (Independent Order of Foresters) Temple [one view, 1908], east block, Parliament Buildings [one view], Union Station [one view, 1912], General Hospital [one view, 1908], Eaton's [two views], the Grange [one view], city view from harbour [one view], City Hall [one view], Upper Canada College [one view, 1905], McMaster Hall [one view, 1907], Government House [one view], S.S. Kresge Company home office and store, 7 Carlton St. [one view], Normal School museum and art gallery [one view], Adams Furniture Co. Ltd., City Hall Square [one view, 1911], Board of Trade building [one view].[ca.1905]-[194-?]
(4)Canadian National Exhibition. -- 15 postcards ; 13 x 17 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards of scenes from the Canadian National Exhibition including: Graphic Arts and Photography Salon [one view], Toronto Stampede [one view, 1926], band concert [one view], aerial view of crowd [one view], on the terrace [two views], Grand Plaza [one view], entrance to Grand Stand [one view], Swift and Company USA prize draft team [one view], band stand and Agricultural Building [one view], band shell [one view], Governments Building [one view], art gallery [one view], Canadian Railways exhibit building [two copies, 1908, 1910].[ca. 1908-1926]
(5)Canadian National Exhibition. -- 10 postcards ; 8.5 x 13.5 cm. -- Postcards in this file feature images including the International Pavilion, aquatic attractions, the Princes' Gates, the Horticultural Building, the Automotive Building, the Food Products Building, landscapes, the Grand Stand, the CNE Art Gallery, and a crowd on Children's Day.[ca. 1908], [194-?]
(6)Canadian National Exhibition : postcard folder. -- 6 postcards ; 8.7 x 14 cm. -- File consists of postcards attached in a folder, depicting the following scenes from the Canadian National Exhibition: Government Building, a crowd at the Grand Stand, an elevated view of the lake, the Dufferin Memorial Gates, the Palace of Horticulture and a large fountain.[191-?]
(7)Canadian National Exhibition : souvenir folders. -- File consists of four souvenir folders, each containing fold-out black and white or colour photo prints of different scenes at the Canadian National Exhibition. These items were designed to be folded up and sent by mail.[ca. 1913]
(8)Composites and multiple views. -- 6 postcards ; 9 x 14 cm or smaller. -- File includes postcards depicting different views of Toronto landmarks on one card.[ca. 1912], [197-?]
(9)Greetings. -- 14 postcards ; 8.5 x 13.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists in part of postcards that read "Greetings from Toronto". Other cards feature generic illustrations and captions with "Toronto" printed on recto.[ca. 1905-1918]
(10)Hotels. -- 39 postcards ; 8.5 x 14 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards of hotels including: Arlington Hotel [two views], the Ford Hotel [one view], Grand Union Hotel [two copies, 1918], Hotel Carls-Rite [one view], Hotel Waverley [two views], King Edward Hotel [10 views, 1906-1922], Park Plaza Hotel [one view], the Lord Simcoe Hotel [one view], the Royal York [six views, 1929-1940], Prince George Hotel [one view], Seaway Towers Motor Hotel [one view, 1964], Walker House [eight views, 1907], Westminster Hotel [one view], Westbury Hotel [one view], Holiday Inn Scarborough [one view].[ca. 1906-1964]
(11)Islands. -- 5 postcards ; 8.5 x 13.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards of Toronto Islands including: ferryboat "Bluebell" at Hanlan's Point [one view, 1908], a scene of boats on the water [one view], Regatta Day at Centre Island [one view], the boardwalk at Hanlan's Point [one view, 1920], bathers at the Island [one view].[ca. 1908-1920]
(12)Military. -- 10 postcards ; 9 x 14 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following military bands: Her Majesty's 2nd Life Guards [one view, 1906], the 48th Highlanders [four views, 1910], the Governor-General Bodyguards [two views, 1916-1917], the Royal Grenadiers [two views, 1908].[ca. 1906-1917]
(13)Miscellaneous Toronto sights and landmarks. -- 90 postcards ; 9 x 28 cm, 14.5 x 25.2 cm or smaller. -- File predominantly consists of postcards depicting Toronto sights and landmarks including the CN Tower, Toronto harbour, Chinatown, Yonge and Dundas Streets, Queen's Park, the Toronto Islands, St. Clair subway station [platform and subway train], Casa Loma, Fort York, City Hall, High Park, the Skydome, the Eaton Centre, Edwards Gardens, Robarts Library, University College, and Ontario Place.[194-?]-[20-?]
(14)Night scenes. -- 5 postcards ; 8.8 x 13.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following at night: Hanlan's Point [one view, 1908], a ferry on the lake [one view, 1908], Island Park [one view], Scarborough Beach [one view, 1912] and the Temple Building [one view].[ca. 1908-1912]
(15)Park scenes. -- 19 postcards ; 8 x 15.1 cm or smaller. -- File consists postcards depicting the following scenes: Balmy Beach [one view], Don River [one view], Grenadier Pond [one view, 1909], Howard Lake [one view], High Park driveway [one view, 1907], snowshoeing in High Park [one view, 1912], restaurant, High Park [one view, 1908], High Park [one view, 1906], Humber River [two views, 1908, 1910], Old Mill on the Humber River [two views, 1911], Queen's Park [two views, 1907-1910], University College from the Queen's Park entrance [one view, 1910], Reservoir Park [two views, 1909, 1915] and Riverdale Park [two views, 1910].[ca. 1906-1915]
(16)People. -- 3 postcards ; 8.6 x 13.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting people, including children playing at High Park [one view, 1908] and Rosedale [one view, 1908] and a group in front of the veterans' monument, Queen's Park [one view, 1909].[ca. 1908-1909]
(17)Rare. -- 6 postcards ; 8.8 x 13.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following: City Dairy building [one view], Black and Campbell Real Estate and Insurance storefront [one view], Mary Pickford [one view, 1914], view from the Parliament Building [one view], the Beaches [one view], Toronto at the lake [one view].[ca. 1914-1915]
(18)Residential. -- 2 postcards ; 8.5 x 13.5 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting houses in Chestnut Park [one view, 1913] and on Elm Avenue [one view, 1915] in Rosedale.[ca. 1913-1915]
(19)Scarborough. -- 4 postcards ; 8.2 x 13.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the Scarborough Bluffs [two views, 1907], Scarborough Heights [one view, 1917] and Scarborough Beach Park [one view, 1908].[ca. 1907-1908, 1917]
(20)Ships and water scenes. -- 3 postcards ; 8.2 x 13.9 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following: the steamer boat "Toronto" near Brockville [one view, 1907], Toronto harbour [one view, 1905], and boats in Toronto harbour with the city in the distance [one view].[ca. 1905-1907]
(21)Souvenir postcard booklets. -- 18 postcards ; 9 x 13.5 cm. -- File consists of two postcard booklets, one containing eight views of the CN Tower and one containing 10 miscellaneous views of Toronto landmarks.[197-?], 1976
(22)Street scenes. -- 29 postcards ; 8.8 x 13.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following: street with crowds and Belt Line street cars (probably King Street) [one view, 1909], the Tally Ho sightseeing carriage in front of the Ontario Legislature [one view, 1908], Guild House, Scarborough [one view], Mary Pickford's birthplace, 211 University Ave. [one view], St. George Street [one view, 1907], Bay Street, the Temple and City Hall [two views, 1907, 1921], a Toronto residence [one view], McMaster Hall, Bloor Street [one view, 1907], Bloor Street Viaduct [one view], Bay Street looking north to City Hall [one view], Carlton and Yonge Streets [one view], Church Street looking north and south [two views, 1911], Bloor and Yonge Streets [one view], College Street and Spadina Avenue [one view], King Street [one view, 1905], Queen Street [one view], Roncesvalles Avenue and Dundas Street [one view], King Street and the Royal Alexandra Theatre [one view, 1911] Riverdale Park Zoo [one view, 1913], Spadina Avenue from Queen Street [one view], Spadina Avenue and Knox College [one view], University [one view, 1908] and Yonge Street [five views, 1909-1911].[ca. 1907-1921]
(23)Sunnyside. -- 2 postcards ; 8.5 x 14 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting Balmy Beach [one view, 1908] and the Sunnyside swimming pool [one view, 1931].[ca. 1908, 1931]
(24)Waterfront and water parks. -- 10 postcards ; 8.8 x 13.8 cm or smaller. -- File consists of postcards depicting the following: Centre Island [two views, 1909, 1914], Yonge Street Dock [two views, 1906], Toronto waterfront [two views 1910], people sitting by the lake at the Exhibition [one view, 1909], Sunnyside Beach [one view, 1929], Toronto harbour [one view] and Royal York Hotel from across the bay [one view, 1942].[ca. 1906-1942]
(25)Business. -- 14 postcards ; 10 x 15 cm or smaller. -- Items in this file include promotional postcards sent by companies or cards sent by banks or businesses as receipts for customer orders or payments. Businesses documented in this file include: John Dick Limited, Toronto Type Foundry Company, the University Theatre, the Gendron Manufacturing Company, the Colonial Investment & Loan Company, the Molsons Bank, Benjamin Moore & Company, the Mail and Empire, Dick, Ridout & Company, Massey-Harris Company, Friar's restaurant, Crown Tailoring Company, and Axis Gallery and Grill. Also included is a postcard promoting the services of the Minsker Shul, 10 St. Andrew Street.1901-[20--]
(26)Go Canada! Canada-USSR 1972. -- 1 postcard ; 10 x 15 cm. -- Postcard was produced by Scotia Bank to send to the Palace of Sports in Russia in support of Canada's hockey team during the Canada-USSR Summit Series in September 1972.1972 2 copies
(27)Other regions. -- 2 postcards ; 8.5 x 13.7 cm and 12.5 x 17.5 cm. -- File consists of postcards illustrated with photos of lobster fishing around Freeport, Maine, and of wheat harvesting with horses near Carmangay, Alberta.[19--]
(28)Seeing Toronto. -- 2 postcards : 9 x 14 cm and 12.5 x 18 cm. -- File consists of two postcards produced by the Seeing Toronto sightseeing company, including a photo postcard of tourists seated in an early open-sided tour bus and a booklet-style postcard featuring an illustrated pull-out of Toronto tourist sights (original pull-out has been replaced with a photocopy).1907, [191-?]

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