F0612 - Gerald A. Archambeau fonds


Call Number: 2011-047/001
(1)Impressions on my life : scrapbook
(2)My railroad years : scrapbook
(3)My airline years : scrapbook

Call Number: 2011-047/002
(1)My grandfather's career, his book info and his two marriages, travel to UK, photo of his children and his medals, articles on him re. Herbert Theodore Thomas (1856-1930)
(2)Jamaica police inspector Herbert T. Thomas - grandfather of Gerald A. Archambeau - author: Herbert's travel lists to the USA and the UK with his first wife Gertrude from Jamaica
(3)Herbert T. Thomas - sent as a boy to the UK to be educated from Jamaica
(4)Harry Reid Thomas, of inspector H. T. Thomas
(5)Francis Hasting Thomas Jamaica police inspector
(6)Arthur Crichton Thomas
(7)Herbert Prichard Thomas
(8)Godfrey Main Thomas
(9)Rev. Edmund Josiah Thomas
(10)Herbert Prichard Thomas 1892-1969 of the 126th Baluchistan Infantry/ part I/ Alan Greveson
(11)Herbert Prichard Thomas 1892-1969 of the 126th Baluchistan Infantry part two: the post-war period/ Alan Greveson
(12)The military report of my step-uncle Herbert P. Thomas, received from Alan Greveson about his action Malaya and Singapore
(13)Lady Marjorie Elaire Thomas
(14)Progress reports by Herbert Prichard Thomas digital copies
(15)Herbert Prichard Thomas
(16)The forgotten man of Jamaican history / Gerald A. Archambeau21 February 2011 re. Herbert. T. Thomas
(17)Book distribution in libraries and universities around the world for research and students
(18)working years recognition correspondences
(19)Readers' response to "A struggle to walk with dignity"
(20)Speeches and revised introduction
(21)News articles re. book publication, model trains, activism1993-2011
(23)Education and trades training membership cards, booklets for, United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe fitting industry of the United States and Canada, City of Montreal, Department of Health, Air Canada

Call Number: 2011-047/003
(1)Copies of Herbert Theodore Thomas' "Untrodden Jamaica"
(2)A struggle to walk with dignity; the story of a Jamaican-born Canadian
(3)Early booklets on Jamaica and Canada
(4)The Canadian and Jamaican railroad info from my perspective

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