F0604 - Albert Tucker fonds


Call Number: 2011-025/001
(1)The House of Shea : a story of a pioneer industry /William Douglas1947
(2)Copies of archival documents from Sleeman collections at University of Western Ontario Archives and Special Collections
(3)Documents on the history of brewing in Canada, including Toronto
(4)Agriculture - brewing - 19th century
(5)House of Commons- sessional papers- return of malt liquor manufacturers1872-1901
(6)Documents from Public Archives: report on brewing industry in Canada 1933, National Breweries Limited 1909-1934, Summary of early history of Dow brewery, History of the beer bottle in Canada
(7)Reference re. companies opinions of the judges of the Supreme court. [RG3 - C1 - F29]1910
(8)Miscellaneous notes from archival sources on the brewing industry before World War II
(9)Alfred Ernest Cross and Western investment before 1920 / Henry C. Klassen
(11)Excerpts from "100 years of brewing" a supplement to The Western Brewer (Rich and Co. Chicago, 1903)1903
(12)"The heady brew"/ Albert Tucker. Horizon Canada. volume 8, no. 91 (1987) : typescript, article and correspondence1987
(13)Labatt corporate culture 1985-1987 : essays, speeches and correspondence1985-1987
(14)Executives and others : news clippings1985-1987
(15)Proposed project of a company history drawn up by Robert Dill, director of public relations1982
(16)Newsclippings re. boards and mergers1986-1989
(17)Marketing information for shareholders1984-1985
(18)"Focus on Labatt Brewing. Toronto Canada;" article for The Brewer1986
(19)"John Labatt Limited in London" : article by Albert Tucker for "The Tourist City : an illustrated history of London"1985-1986

Call Number: 2011-025/002
(1)"Focus on Labatt" : article by Albert Tucker1986
(2)"The story of the restoration of Laura Secord's homestead" : Ontario Showcase : the magazine for antique collections. no. 1, volume 10 (June 1974)June 1974
(3)Notes on Irish origins of Labatt family from archives at King's Inn, Dublin Ireland
(4)The company in 1967 - Note diversification
(5)A national company1953-1963
(6)Pioneer brewery
(7)Company history : historical sketches and miscellaneous material1955-1967
(8)Photograph : salesman and cars[193-?]
(9)Notes on events in company history in 1950s and 1960s
(10)Interviews- Labatts1980-1985
(11)Drafts of final chapter1983-1988
(12)Editorial notes from John Campsie1986-1987
(13)Introduction of the standard "stubby" bottle1961
(14)John Labatt Limited Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders : agenda and reports5 September 1986
(15)Spearhead : Labatt Brewing Company Limited newsletter1987, 1989
(16)At Labatt's : a bi-monthly newsletter of people and events at Labatt's Ontario breweries1987-1988
(17)Royal Commission on corporate concentration : study no.2 : Brascan limited1976
(18)Royal Commission on corporate concentration : study no.8 : the Molson Companies1976
(19)Royal Commission on corporate concentration : study no.11 : Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Limited and Carling O'Keefe Limited1977
(20)Royal Commission on corporate concentration : study no.21 : corporate social performances in Canada1977
(21)Facts on the brewing industry in Canada : a national industry / Dominion Brewers Association1948
(22)Brewing in Canada / Brewers Association of Canada1965

Call Number: 2011-025/003
(1)The international book of beer labels, mats and coasters / Keith Osborne, Brian Pipe1979
(2)The Story of the Brewer's Cooper / H.A. Monckton1981
(3)The Rideout Street Complex (London, Ontario) / Anne M. Sexton1967
(4)First draft of end notes to the completed MSS
(5)Slides for lectures and talks. -- Consists of 73 photographic slides : col. and b&w; 35mm.
(6)Photographs, news clippings and designs re. advertising campaigns[195?-198-?]
(7)News clippings and annual reports re. Brascan and control of Labatt's1981-1986
(8)News clippings re. food and beverage companies1979-1984
(9)News clippings re. 1934 kidnapping, essays by Alice Gibb and Alan Silverstein re. prohibition in Ontario1972,1983
(10)Newspaper clippings re. brewing, Labatt board of directors, Hugh Mackenzie and others
(11)Newspaper clippings and advertisements re. sports sponsorship, Blue Jays1985-1986
(12)Newsclippings and articles re. wine drinking1979
(13)"Labatt's in Toronto" : research notes and article[ca. 1986?]
(14)John Labatt Limited : board minutes re. Schlitz take over1966
(15)John Labatt Limited : rights offered to shareholders1959
(16)Correspondence, newsclippings, articles re. J.H. Moore, president of Brascan and Labatts1956-1982
(17)Contract between Albert Tucker and Labatt Breweries Canada : correspondence1979-1984
(18)Submission to the Royal Commision on corporate concentration by John Labatt Limited1976
(19)Labatt report on diversification of products[ca.1984?]
(20)Conglomerate mergers in Canada : a background report Royal Commission on corporate concentration, study no. 32May 1978

Call Number: 2011-025/004
(1)John Labatt limited : annual reports1974-1976, 1978, 1980-1983
(2)John Labatt limited : annual reports1984-1980
(3)John Labatt and purchase of property at 49 Elm Street, Toronto in 1897 -- 47. Toronto Property : Elm Street, Acquisition, 1897-19131897-1913 oversized poster removed.
(4)Sale of Toronto Property at 49 Elm Street in 1922, after the death of John Labatt in 1915 | 48. Toronto Property, Elm Street, Sale 1921-2
(5)Elm Street property in Toronto converted into a bottling cellar and stable 1899-1913 | 49. Toronto property : Elm street, miscellaneous 1879-1905.
(6)Toronto properties 1913-1914- legal correspondence re. mortgages, loans etc. ref also to Ottawa property for mortgage | 50. Toronto property : Radenhurst Street (Labatt Avenue) : Defries Street, Acquisition 19131913-1914
(7)Toronto property : Radenhurst and Defries Street, sale 1922 | 51. Sale by John Labatt limited of toronto property to Crouse- Hinds Company March-April 1922. Contains signatures of John S. Labatt, Hugh F. Labatt.March-April 1922
(8)Toronto property : Radenhurst and Defries Street water rates dispute, 1922. | 52. Labatt in Toronto 1922.April-May 1922
(9)Toronto property : tax material, 1885-1922 | 53. Labatt in Toronto 19221885-1922
(10)Agency Insurance policies 1915-1917 | 54. Various insurance policies - London, Toronto, Hull (Quebec) 1914-1918.1914-1918
(11)Toronto Property : Sundry items, 1886-1914 | 55. Labatt building warehouse in Toronto 1913-19141913-1914
(12)Court documents re. Labatt acquisition of General Brewing Company of California.1960-1966 1 of 3

Call Number: 2011-025/005
(1)Court documents re. Labatt acquisition of General Brewing Company of California1960-1966 2 of 3
(2)Court documents re. Labatt acquisition of General Brewing Company of California1960-1966 3 of 3
(3)Index to Schlitz file1960-1963
(4)Beginning of Schlitz interest in Labatt Dec. 1963May-December 1963
(5)Schlitz summaryApril-July 1964
(6)Schlitz : summary of Schlitz affairAugust-December 1964
(7)Schlitz summaryJanuary-April 1965
(8)Correspondence and memos summer 1965May-August 1965
(9)Schlitz : correspondenceSeptember-December 1965
(10)Schlitz : correspondence, memosDecember 1965
(11)Schlitz : correspondence, memos, court recordsJanuary 1966

Call Number: 2011-025/006
(1)Labatt : manuscript[ca.198-?] 1 of 2
(2)Labatt : manuscript[ca.198-?] 2 of 2

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