F0600 - Virginia Rock fonds


Call Number: 2011-021/001

Correspondence and research

(1)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and from Lyle H. Lanier, drafts and notes, and the CIC's 1963-1964 annual report.1956-1964
(2)Correspondence. -- File includes a statement of progress, dissertation abstract, rough outlines of thesis, research notes, and letters relevant to research.1956-1966
(3)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from John Crowe Ransom.1956-1966
(4)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from, including notes about, Professor Donald Davidson.1956-1972
(5)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent and received regarding research.1956-1973
(6)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from, or regarding, Andrew Lytle.1956-1980
(7)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. Owsley.1956-1980
(8)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from the John G. Fletcher family.1957-1973
(9)Correspondence : publication material1957-1980
(10)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from William Bowman, John Pilkington and others, regarding Stark Young research.1958-1985

Call Number: 2011-021/002
(1)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from Robert Penn Warren.1959-1974
(2)Correspondence. -- File includes notes and biographical information about Allen Tate and letters sent to and received from Allen Tate.1959-1987
(3)Correspondence. -- File includes letters about copyright permissions.1960-1971
(4)Correspondence. -- File includes letters sent to and received from libraries regarding research, and notes.1960-1973
(5)Correspondence : publication material1960-1975
(6)Correspondence. -- File includes letters involving the publication of Virginia Rock's doctoral dissetation.1961-1965
(7)Correspondence. -- File includes letters rearding Rock's biographical essays for the Harper Torchbook edition of "I'll take my stand."1961-1966
(8)Correspondence. -- File includes miscellaneous letters about the Southern Agrarians.1961-1966
(9)Correspondence. -- File includes letters of suggestions and criticisms, and publication letters regarding Rock's manuscript.1962-1967
(10)Correspondence. -- File includes letters seeking statistical interpretations for print sales of "I'll take my stand" and some notes.1966-1973
(11)Correspondence. -- File includes letter from Louis D. Rubin, Jr.1969
(12)Correspondence : book orders1971-1972
(13)Correspondence : manuscript planning, research and publication queries. -- File includes original folder with some notes on inside.1972-1980
(14)Correspondence : Prospects article material1975-1976
(15)Correspondence : Christmas letters1978-1982
(17)Correspondence : research grant1985
(18)Correspondence : letter from Gayle Graham Yates2000

Call Number: 2011-021/003
(1)Research : notes and photocopied articles by or about the Agrarians from 1919-1980[ca. 1980?]
(2)Research : notes, articles and photocopy reproductions of letters and papers regarding the Southern Agrarians from 192-? to 196-?[ca. 1960?]
(3)Research : photocopied letters sent to Allen Tate from 1923-1924[ca. 1960?]
(4)Research : photocopies of newspaper clippings, poems and articles written by John Crowe Ransom from 1924-1963[ca. 1960?]
(5)Research : notes, reviews written by Donald Davidson, and memorabilia photocopies about the life and work of Donald Davidson from 1924-1966[ca. 1960?]
(6)Research : photocopied letters sent among Donald Davidson, Allen Tate, John C. Ransom, Andrew Lytle from 1926[ca. 1960?]
(7)Research : photocopied letters between Allen Tate, Frank Owsley, Donald Davidson, John C. Ransom, Andew Lytle from 1926 or 1927[ca. 1960?]
(8)Research : photocopied writings by John Gould Fletcher from 1927-1940s[ca. 1960?]
(9)Research : notes, photocopies of articles, letters and biographical information about Andrew Nelson Lytle from 1927-1966[ca. 1960?]
(10)Research : photocopies of letters sent among Allen Tate, John C. Ranson, Donald Davidson and Andrew Lytle from 1928[ca. 1960?]
(11)Research : notes about Andrew Lytle's literary criticisms, and a transcription from 1928-1957[ca. 1960?]

Call Number: 2011-021/004
(1)Research : photocopied letters sent among Donald Davidson, Howard M. Jones, Esq., Allen Tate, Andrew Lytle, John Crowe Ransom, John Fletcher, Herman Clarence Nixon, and others, from 1929[ca. 1960?]
(2)Research : letters, notes and other photocopied material about Start Young from 1927-1977[ca. 1960?]
(3)Research : photocopies of Agrarian documents from the pre- and post-planning of "I'll take my stand" circa 1930[ca. 1960?]
(4)Research : article clippings and photocopied writings and book reviews about the life and literary works of John Crowe Ransom from 1931-1977. -- File contains a photograph of John C. Ransom.[ca. 1977] 1 photograph
(5)Research : correspondence, articles and other material, including photocopies, about Herman C. Nixon from 1929-1981[ca. 1980]

Call Number: 2011-021/005
(1)Research : photocopies of letters of Donald Davidson, Herman C. Nixon, Robert P. Warren, John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, F. S. Barr, and others from 1930[ca. 1960?]
(2)Research : photocopies of manuscripts of Andrew Lytle's plays and essays from ca. 1930?[ca. 1960?]
(3)Index cards[ca. 195-?]
(4)Research : review of Bedford Forrest from 1930s-1960s[ca. 1960?]
(5)Research : photocopied letters sent between Donald Davidson, Stark Young, Franklin D. Roosevelt, W. T. Couch, C. Brooks, John Fletcher, Herman Nixon, Allen Tate, Andrew Lytle, and others, from 1931[ca. 1960?]
(6)Research : photocopied letters sent between Stark Young, Andrew Lytle, W. T. Couch, Donald Davidson, Herman Nixon, E. F. Saxton, Allen Tate, Frank Owsley, and others, from 1932[ca. 1960?]
(7)Research : photocopied letters sent between Allen Tate, Donald Davidson, Stark Young, John D. Wade, Andrew Lytle, Seward Collins, John G. Fletcher, John C. Ransom, Frank Owsley, Herman C. Nixon, Ferris Greenslet, and others, from 1933[ca. 1960?]
(8)Research : photocopied letters sent between Stark Young, Frank Owsley, Donald Davidson, Allen Tate, Herman C. Nixon, John Wade, John G. Fletcher, John C. Ransom, Andrew Lytle, and others, from 1934[ca. 1960?]

Call Number: 2011-021/006
(1)Research : notes and photocopied letters of correspondence written during the planning of "I'll take my stand". -- File includes letters written by or addressed to Donald Davidson, Andrew Lytle, Frank Owsley, Stark Young, John Flether, and others, from 1934.[ca. 1960?]
(2)Research : photocopy reproductions of letters sent to and received from Donald Davidson, Frank Owsley, John Fletcher, Stark Young, Allen Tate, Andrew Lytle, and others, from 1935[ca. 1960?]
(3)Research : photocopy reproductions of letters sent to and received from Donald Davidson, Andrew Lytle, Allen Tate, Frank Owsley, Stark Young, John Fletcher, Herbert Agar, and others, from 1936[ca. 1960?]
(4)Research : photocopy reproductions of letters written by or addressed to Frank Owsley, Edward Day Stewart, Andrew Lytle, Don Davidson, Allen Tate, Stark Young, and others, from 1937-1939[ca. 1960?]
(5)Research : photocopies of reviews and articles, and notes, about Allen Tate from 1937-1979[ca. 1980]
(6)Research : writings about John Gould Fletcher, notes and drafts from 1938-1966. -- File includes photocopied material.[ca. 1966]
(7)Research : notes and reproductions of correspondence. -- File includes photocopies of letters by or addressed to John Farrar, John Fletcher, Donald Davidson, John Crowe Ransom, Allen Tate, Andrew Lytle, and others, from 1940-1965.[ca. 1965?]
(8)Essays : "Folk-ballads and the background of history," "The Southern poet and his background," and "The scientific imagination and the modern novel" from ca. 1940?[ca. 1960?]
(9)Research : photocopied letters of Donald Davidson to Andrew Lytle from 1943-1947[ca. 1960?]
(10)Research : notes and correspondence obtaining information about Henry Blue Kline, essays and articles1943-1973
(11)Research : notes about Andrew Lytle's "A name for evil"[ca. 195-?]
(12)Research : notes, articles and biographical information photocopies about Donald Davidson from 1949-1975[ca. 1960?]
(13)Research : includes notes, dissertation outline[ca. 195-?]
(14)Research : notes and photocopies about Andrew Lytle's "The velvet horn"1950-1968

Call Number: 2011-021/007
(1)Research : drafts, notes and biographical information about John Crowe Ransom[195-?]-1978
(2)Research : photocopied essays by or about Andrew Lytle1953-1979
(3)Research : notes, drafts and correspondence sent to and received from John D. Wade1958-1972
(4)Research : biographical information about Allen Tate1958-1980
(5)Research : notes about Andrew Lytle's "A novel, a novella and four stories"1958-1983
(6)Research : drafts and file list photocopies associated with Professor Donald Davidson[195-?]
(7)Research : photocopies of a collection of letters accumulated by the SETC regarding Stark Young, and photocopies from a memorial tribute for Stark Young1960-1963
(8)Research : notes1962-1984
(9)Research : photocopies of Allen Tate's "A checklist" and bibliography[ca. 1968]
(10)Research : Andrew Lytle's "At the moon's inn" from 1904-1951. -- File includes notes and photocopied material.[ca. 1960?]
(11)Research : notes about Andrew Lytle and his works[between 1960 and 197-?]
(12)Research : notes for biographical research[197-?]
(13)Research : notes about Agrarians, draft and planning1973-1980
(14)Research : notes, correspondence, articles and other material1973-1981
(15)Research : letter about publishing, some photocopies about the Southern Agrarians, notes, articles, and a checklist of Southern writing[ca. 1960?]-1986
(16)Miscellaneous[ca. 1960?]

Call Number: 2011-021/008
(1)Edited manuscripts and draft notes[between 1960 and 1979]
(2)The making and meaning of "I'll take my stand": a study in Utopian-conservatism, 1925-1939, manuscript copy.1961 Loose pages, not a complete copy
(3)Draft edits for "They took their stand : the emergence of the Southern Agrarians"[19--]
(4)Draft edits for article about Agrarians[196-?]
(5)Research and draft edits[between 1961 and 1980]
(6)Draft, copy of Chapter IV : The evolution of the symposium[ca. 1970]
(7)Editor notes and corrections for manuscript[197-?]
(8)Research : notes and edited draft1973
(9)Introduction drafts and planning for "They took their stand : the emergence of the Southern Agrarians"[ca. 1976]
(10)They took their stand : the emergence of the Southern Agrarians1976, c1985

Call Number: 2011-021/009
(1)Final examinations for various courses taught1953-1988
(2)Ameryka article : visiting professor in Krakow1964
(3)Nomination letters and curriculum vitaes for Senior Achievement Award1964-2005
(4)Speech typescript, "On being an Americanist in Canada : human and institutional dimensions"[1965?]
(5)Expenses. -- File includes expenses incurred during travels for matters related to book publishing, outlined in a letter, notes and receipts1972
(6)Stong College handbook1973-1974
(7)Vanderbilt Alumnus article : John Crowe Ransom, a memoir1974
(8)Vanderbilt Alumnus article : Lyle Lanier1974
(9)Fifty years after symposium : program pamphlet1980
(10)Humanities in the South newsletter. -- Pamphlet contains a book review by Virginia J. Rock.1982
(11)"Hands across the border" symposium, Stong College, York University1984
(12)"The fugitives, the Agrarians and other twentieth-century Southern writers"1985
(13)Toronto area women's research colloquia evaluations1986-1987
(14)Toronto area women's research colloquium1987-1988
(15)Encode 97 : conference information and correspondence1997
(16)Bibliography. -- List contains articles and books related to slavery, the Civil War, women in the South, and other topics.[199-?]
(17)Syllabus, English 6660A.03 : Modern American literature : Southern writing in its cultural context.[19--]
(18)Graduate women's studies material. -- File includes information regarding a seminar series, correspondence, and a syllabus.2004-2007

Call Number: 2011-021/010

Index cards

(1)Critical theories critics[195-?]
(3)Poetry of group[195-?]
(4)Fiction of group[195-?]
(5)Industrialization "machine"[195-?]
(6)Agrarianism : agrarians vs. industrialism[195-?]
(7)Regionalism sectionalism[195-?]
(10)Myth : archetype[195-?]
(11)So. history[195-?]
(12)History : sense of past time[195-?]

Call Number: 2011-021/011
(1)Nature of man[195-?]
(2)Conservatives : politics[195-?]
(4)Conservatism vs. liberalism[195-?]
(7)Sociological aspects[195-?]
(9)So. [Southern] literature[195-?]
(10)So. [Southern] writing : journalism rhetoric[195-?]
(11)New critics[195-?]
(12)Aesthetic : society Agrarianism[195-?]
(13)Organicism : unity culture[195-?]
(14)Group character agreement : symposium[195-?]

Call Number: 2011-021/012
(1)History : item[195-?]
(2)Historical background Jefferson Taylor Civil War states rights, etc.[195-?]
(3)History : sense of past[195-?]
(4)Political aspects[195-?]
(5)Conservatism : Southern traditionalism[195-?]
(6)New deal : ec. planning[195-?]
(12)Newspapers magazines : So. press[195-?]
(13)Agrarians on So. lit.[195-?]
(14)Language symbol metaphor image[195-?]
(16)Aesthetics : society[195-?]

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