F0220 - Mary Young Leckie fonds


Call Number: 2010-055/001

The Arrow (1997) : research material

(1)The wing and the arrow/Murray Morse
(2)Fall of an arrow/Murray Peden, shutting down the natural drea, : A.V. Roe and the tragedy of the Avro Arrow/Greig Stewart
(3)Avro Arrow : the story of the Avro Arrow from its evolution to its extinction
(4)There never was an arrow/ E.K. Shaw

Wedlock (ca.2000) : failed project

(5)Wedlock : production binder[ca.2000] feature by Tim Bond, MYL's cousin and a successful director- failed to produce it.

Children of my Heart (2000) : research material

(6)Children of my heart / Gabrielle Roy
(7)Children of my heart: original novel
(8)Children of my heart: script draft30 January, 1998
(9)Children of my heart: private investors[ca. 1999]
(10)Children of my heart: option agreement Gabrielle1985- 1997
(11)Children of my heart: readers reports1997, 1999
(12)Children of my heart: pitch elements

Call Number: 2010-055/002
(1)Children of my heart: draft 42 February, 1997 Old script- historical
(2)Children of my heart: draft 515 August, 1997
(3)Children of my heart: draft 711 February, 1997
(4)Children of my heart: Finance and co-production agreement[ca. 1999] Loan documentation/ Back-up
(5)Children of my heart: story boards by Peeter Sepp
(6)Children of my heart: crew list1999
(7)Children of my heart: production details1997- 1999

Shattered City : The Halifax Explosion (2003): research

(8)The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy/ John Griffith
(9)Armstrong Barometer Rising/ Hugh MacLennan The Town that Died/ Michael J. Bird
(10)Survivors: Children of the Halifax Explosion/ Jenet F. Kitz
(11)1917 Halifax Explosion and American Response/ Blair Beed

Hockey dreams [ca. 2004]: failed project

(12)Hockey dreams: Development Binder[ca. 2004] 1 of 2

Call Number: 2010-055/003
(1)Hockey dreams: Development Binder[ca. 2004] 2 of 2
(2)At the border called hope where the refugees are neighbours/ Mary Jo Leddy[ca. 2004] The Disappeared [ca. 2004]
(3)The disappearing: public service announcement: Stephen Lewis Foundation2004

Tagged: The Jonathan Wemback Story (2005)

(4)Tagged: development binder2000- 2001 1 of 2
(5)Tagged: development binder2000- 2001 2 of 2
(6)Spirit Bear: casting binder[ca. 2004] 1 of 3
(7)Spirit Bear: casting binder[ca. 2004] 2 of 3
(8)Spirit Bear: casting binder[ca. 2004] 3 of 3

Coppermine [ca. 2006]

(9)Coppermine: notes on treatment by McAndrew8 December, 2006 Shades of Black TV mini series re. Conrad Black
(10)Shades of Black: script notes
(11)The Climb: promotional flyer[ca. 2007] Everest 2007

Call Number: 2010-055/004

M.V.P. The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives (2008)

(1)Weird facts about Canadian Hockey/ Peter Boer
(2)Hockey for Dummies/ John Davidson with John Steinbreder
(3)Maple leaf Blues/ William Houston
(4)Crunch: Big Hitters, Shot Blockers & Bone Crushers: A history of fighting in the NHL/ Kevin Allen
(5)MVP: Season 1 notes, by McAndrew, opening credit sequence[ca. 2006]
(6)The game/ Ken Dryden
(7)Why the Stanley Cup in Mario Lemieux's Swimming Pool? How Winners celebrate with the world's most famous cup/ Kevin Allen
(8)MVP season 1 gallery shoot: MVP wedding ideas Gab and Connie Tears This is the sample copy. The sections are divided with stickers.
(9)MVP: season 1: reference for Connie Jane and James[ca. 2007]
(10)MVP: Art Department Research

Call Number: 2010-055/005
(1)MVP: Art department research, Props
(2)MVP: season 2: research
(3)MVP: call sheets2007
(4)MVP: notes re. edits, beat sheets
(5)MVP Season 2 main characters arcs
(6)MVP: season 2: episode scripts with notes2007 1 of 2
(7)MVP: season 2: episode scripts with notes[ca. 2007] 2 of 2
(8)MVP: season 2: character notes
(9)MVP: season 2: bible 1 of 2
(10)MVP: season 2: bible 2 of 2
(11)MVP: season 1 and 2: prompt cards

Call Number: 2010-055/006
(1)MVP: marketing campaign, episode synopsis
(2)MVP: season 2: branded content
(3)MVP: season 2: product placement report re. Ford, L'oreal, Wii
(4)MVP handheld components: promotional campaign
(5)MVP: promotional photographs 20 prints
(6)MVP: Holmes Creative Communications media relations proposal
(7)MVP: Verve Entertainment International US press highlightsJune 2008
(8)MVP: promotional packages for season one DVD sets
(9)MVP: "Trophy Wives": promotional package for overseas
(10)MVP: mention in The New Yorker2008
(11)The H factor weekly entertainment series: show pitch[ca. 2009]
(12)MVP: notebook vol. 12007- 2008
(13)State of the art (formerly art survival): pitch by Michael Seater4 April 2007
(14)The Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis/ Lance Woolaver, Bob Brooks Maudie [ca. 2009]
(15)Maudie: a feature film script by Sherry White: draft16 April 2007

Screendoor Materials

(16)Screendoor Productions: promotional material re. The Climb, MVP
(17)Tecca Crosby consultation
(18)News clippings re. production nominations 2005
(19)Tim Bider CV production designer on The Arrow, Shattered City, Spirit Bear, Tagged, Prom Queen, Shades of Black (includes 1 DVD)

Personal Material

(20)Personal Material: interview, focus excercise[ca. 2009]
(21)Phonebook1995- 1999 includes photographs collection, 15-18 cm
(22)Photographs of Mary Young Leckie with cast and members of CSTDA board (Canadian Film + Television Production association)[ca. 2009] 2 photographs, ID, 20-25 cm/ smaller
(23)Hansard: Thursday October 16, 20022002 mention of Mary Young Leckie

Call Number: 2010-055/007


(1)We mean business campaign: CFTPA "to focus on industry not art for conservative regime"
(2)CFTPA elections2006
(3)CFTPA: proposal for private TV broadcasters
(4)CFTPA: Dunbar and Le Blanc report
(5)CFTPA: feature financing2007
(6)CFTPA 2007- 2009 contract for board
(7)CFTPA profit and loss2006
(8)CFTPA awards related
(9)CFTPA broadcasting notice
(10)Analysis of government support for public broadcasting and other culture in Canada/ Nordicity Group Ltd.June 2006
(11)CFTPA Indie Awards : nominating committee form2008
(12)CBC Blue Sky2009
(13)Ontario in the creative age/ martin Prosperity InstituteFebruary 2009

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