F0559 - William A. Packer fonds


Call Number: 2009-035/001

Crowe dispute files

(1)Letter : exhibit "A". -- File consists of an affidavit and notarized copy of original letter from Harry Crowe to William Packer that sparked the Crowe case controversy.14 March 1958, June 1959
(2)Letter. -- File consists of one letter describing the events of the Crowe case that occurred between 1958 and 1959.[ca. 1960]
(3)Letter. -- File consists of one letter, written by William Packer, Walter E. Swayze, and Edwin D. Eagle, to W.C. Lockhart, in which the authors urge Lockhart to adopt the A.A.U.P. statement of principles.15 August 1958
(4)Correspondence : William Packer and W.C. Lockhart. -- File consists of five letters, including two letters of resignation written by William Packer and "notes on reference" regarding future appointments.1958-1959
(5)Letters to Packer regarding Crowe case. -- File consists of eight letters.1958-1959
(6)Correspondence between Harry S. Crowe and Allan H. Watson. -- File consists of five letters regarding employment negotiations for Crowe.July-August 1958
(7)Correspondence between William Packer and Harry and Jean Crowe1957-1958
(8)Correspondence between William Packer and Ken McNaughtJuly-August 1958
(9)Letter : Allan H. Watson to C.L. Barber27 August 1958
(10)Correspondence between C.L. Barber and B.N. KroppJuly 18, 1958
(11)Correspondence between William Packer, Walter E. Swayze and Vernon C. FowkeSeptember 1958
(12)Correspondence between William Packer and B. FairleySeptember 1958
(13)Correspondence between William Packer and others1958-1959
(14)Card. -- File consists of one card bidding farewell to the faculty members who resigned and some graduates of United College[ca. 1958 and 1959?]
(15)Circulars to United College facultyOctober 1958
(16)Circular to United College student body from Gordon Blake, Dean of Arts and Science7 April 1959
(17)carry on Dr. Lockhart! petition cards[ca. 1958 and 1959?]
(18)Newspaper clippingsDecember 1957
(19)Newspaper clippingsMarch 1958
(20)Newspaper clippingsSeptember 1958 1 of 2
(21)Newspaper clippingsSeptember 1958 2 of 2
(22)Newspaper clippingsOctober 1958
(23)Newspaper clippingsNovember 1958
(24)Newspaper clippingsDecember 1958 1 of 3
(25)Newspaper clippingsDecember 1958 2 of 3
(26)Newspaper clippingsDecember 1958 3 of 3
(27)Newspaper clippingsJanuary 1959
(28)Newspaper clippingsFebruary-March 1959
(29)Newspaper clippingsMay-July 1959
(30)Newspaper clippings[ca. 1958 and 1959?]

Call Number: 2009-035/002
(1)The Crowe case from November, 1958 : the report on the Crowe case of the Investigating Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers [CAUT]1959 2 copies
(2)Report of the investigation by the Committee of the Canadian Association of University Teachers into the dismissal of Professor H.S. Crowe by United College, Winnipeg, ManitobaNovember 1958
(3)Appendices. -- File consists of four appendices to one of the reports by C.A.U.T., including documents, documents relating to the committee, witnesses, and the statement of principles on academic freedom and tenure[ca. 1959]
(4)Statement prepared by a special committee of United College Association members, in answer to numerous requests for information from members of C.A.U.T. across Canada ... : parts I, II, and III1959
(5)Response to United College Association statement by Rev. George K. Brown, H.S. Crowe, Rev. Michael Jaremko, William A. Packer ... [et al.][ca. 1959?]
(6)A.A.U.P. statement of principles as revised for consideration of C.A.U.T.1958-1959
(7)Statement approved for publication by the Executive Council, C.A.U.T.7 June 1959
(8)Statement on behalf of the board of regents of United College released by the Chairman of the board, Mr. Allan H. Watson[ca. 1959]
(9)Analysis of anonymous documents by Prof. Kenneth McNaught, Prof. H.S. Crowe, and Prof. William A. Packer and Prof. Richard M. Stingle[ca. 1958 and 1959]
(10)C.A.U.T. Committee investigation into dismissal of Professor Crowe : record of evidence given by professor W.A. Packer : draftOctober 7, 1958
(11)United College Association, agendas, motions1958
(12)Notes, drafts, clippings, flyers regarding Crowe case1958-1959
(13)Student newsletters : Uniter, Isonomist, and the Democrat1958-1959
(14)Saturday Night magazine. -- Issue includes a special report regarding Harry Crowe and human rights22 November 1958 3 copies
(15)Documents regarding academic freedom and tenure1958-1959
(16)Reports to the executive council of the C.A.U.T. of the Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Freedom and TenureNovember 1958, May 1959
(17)Report on the American Association of University Professors by D.C. Murdoch26 May 1958

Other William Packer files

(18)Correspondence and notes :Packer and S.D. Stirk1958
(19)Constitutions of the United College Association and of the Canadian Association of University Teachers1953
(20)Extract from the proceedings of the National Conference of Canadian Universities, 1955 : Development and aims of the Canadian Association of University Teachers by V.C. Fowke1955
(21)United College General Faculty Council : agendas, minutes, notes1958-1959
(22)United College, correspondence, clippings, graduation preparations, and other documents1957-1960
(23)United College : bulletin, brochure1958
(24)The United Church Observer, vol. 20, no. 191 January 1959
(25)Winnipeg Press Club 1959 year book and beer and skits, volume 261959
(26)United College Association : salary brief and supporting documentationca. 1957
(27)United College Association : brief prepared by the Committee on Academic Load and Related Conditions of Service[ca. 1958]
(28)Canadian Association of University Teachers [CAUT] : minutes and agendas1958
(29)Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association : Annual report : college retirement equities fund1958
(30)Canadian Association of University Teachers : a guide to Canadian income tax for university teachers, revised edition by Kenneth F. Byrd1954

Call Number: 2009-035/003
(1)United College Library : a selection of books added in 1957-1958June 1958
(2)The C.A.U.T. bulletin1957-1959
(3)The bulletin of the Humanities Association of Canada, no. 24April 1958
(4)Conference of learned societies : programMay 1958
(5)Canadian Institute of International Affairs : annual report, 1956-19571957
(6)CTV interview, correspondence, notes1967
(7)Some applications of linguistic theory to modern language teaching : speech given at the Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association spring convention by W.A. Packer1968
(8)Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Course EvaluationsNovember 1976
(9)Memorandum of agreement between William Packer and George Kirk, and the House of Grant (Canada) Limited1964
(10)Grant applications, correspondence1959
(11)Arguments for foreign languages [by William A. Packer]1959
(12)Correspondence : University of Toronto (includes CV)1962, 1973-1975
(13)Board of Education for the City of Toronto : correspondence, certification, contracts1960-1963
(14)W.A. Packer : transcripts (of grades)1933-1947
(15)Correspondence regarding employment1954-1955 includes 1 photograph
(16)Correspondence regarding employment1959-1961
(17)Slides : [possibly including Packer convocation at University of Toronto and 2 of Katherine Smith as a baby with her parents] 3 slides
(18)Receipts, permits, licenses1948-1959
(19)Royal Military College - Canadian war intelligence course - German Refresher Wing : pronunciation notes[ca. 1944]
(20)GRW [German Refresher Wing] : Royal Military College, Canadian war intelligence course : includes syllabus, class lists, lecture notes, exercises[ca. 1944] 1 of 2
(21)GRW [German Refresher Wing] : Royal Military College, Canadian war intelligence course : includes syllabus, class lists, lecture notes, exercises[ca. 1944] 2 of 2

Katherine Packer files

(22)Diploma : University of Michigan : master of arts in library science (for Katherine Helen Packer)13 June 1953
(23)Transcripts of grades for Katherine Helen Smith (Packer)1941-1967
(24)Correspondence between Katherine Packer and Howard Packham1955-1957
(25)Letter from Katherine Packer to her parents26 October 1968
(26)Personal correspondence from William to Katherine Packer1956

Miscellaneous files

(27)Visas and permits for WP and KP1942-1947
(28)Ephemera, miscellaneous1958

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