F0125 - Don Coles fonds


Call Number: 2009-007/001
(1)Dropped glove : draft by DCOctober 31, 2006
(2)Where we might have been : drafts by DCca. 2009 1 of 2
(3)Where we might have been : drafts by DCca. 2009 2 of 2
(4)Miscellaneous drafts by DCca. 2009
(5)Essays, writings, misc drafts by DC2001, 2008
(6)Blurbs by DC2007
(7)So recently ancient : Poems by John Wing (California poet/stand up comedian) : (half)edited by DCApril 2009
(8)Poems by Barry Butson : edited by DC for UK anthologyNov. 2009
(9)Elizabeth Johnston : correspondence and copies of writings to Don Coles2007-2008

Call Number: 2009-007/002
(1)Margaret Cook mss : chronos tient la barre2005, 2008
(2)Kenneth Sherman mss : Black River, Rescuing Isaac and comments by DC2005
(3)The Wolsenburg Clock by Jay Ruzesky : draft and notes2008
(4)Philip Grover mss : Eugene Le RoyMarch 2008
(5)The Essential Don Coles : draft of introduction and bio from Robyn Sarahca. 2009
(6)Correspondence : Brian Bartlett2007
(7)Correspondence : H.H. Boyd1956
(8)Correspondence : John Rolph2003, 2006, 2007
(9)Correspondence : miscellaneous [includes John Metcalf, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Al Purdy, Pat Jaspers, Derk Wynand, Margaret Watson, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Michael Hulse, Philip Grover, Stephanie Bolster, Ann Finlayson, Barbara Nickel, Tim Bowling, Val Ross and others]1980, 2007
(10)Correspondence : miscellaneous [includes Margaret Watson, Philip Grover, Daniel Wells, David O'Meara, Jay Ruzesky, Margaret Cook, Robyn Sarah, Rita Donovan, John Wing, Michael Hulse, Gustav Richar, Aubrey Schwartz, Mike Trussler, and others]2008
(11)Correspondence : miscellaneous {includes Jay Ruzesky, Transtromer, Gustav Richar, Michael Trussler and others]2009-2010
(12)Royalty statements2007-2009
(13)Reviews, publicity, clippings1980-2001
(15)Aubrey Schwartz : A retrospective : Exhibit catalogue1997

Call Number: 2009-007/003

Working copies with annotations by DC

(1)The modern tradition : backgrounds of modern literature edited by Richard Ellmann and Charles Feidelson, Jr.1965
(2)Love and will by Rollo May1969
(3)Adrienne Rich's poetry : texts of the poems, the poet on her work, reviews and criticism selected and edited by Barbara Charlesworth Gelpi and Albert Gelpi1975
(4)On the poet and his craft : selected prose of Theodore Roethke edited with an introduction by Ralph J. Mills, Jr.1965
(5)Children and literature : views and reviews by Virginia Haviland1973
(6)The wonderful wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum with pictures by W.W. Denslow1960
(7)Henderson the rain king by Saul Bellow1958
(8)Adrienne Rich : poems, selected and new 1950-19741951
(9)Silences by Tillie Olsen1965
(10)I and thou by Martin Buber1970
(11)The politics of the family by R. D. Laing1969
(12)Letters to a young poet by Rainer Maria Rilke1934
(13)The art of loving by Erich Fromm1956
(14)At the back of the north wind by George Macdonald1966
(15)Beowulf : a new translation with an introduction by Burton Raffel1963
(16)The politics of experience and the bird of paradise by R.D.Laing1967
(17)The second penguin Krishnamurti reader edited by Mary Lutyens1970
(18)Women in love by D.H. Lawrence1971
(19)Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre1964
(20)The magician's nephew by C.S. Lewis1955
(21)Seduction and betrayal : women and literature by Elizabeth Hardwick1975
(22)The black prince by Iris Murdoch1973
(23)Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse1963
(24)The golden notebook by Doris Lessing1962
(25)The deputy by Rolf Hochhuth1964
(26)The myth of Sisyphus and other essays by Albert Camus1955
(27)Surfacing by Margaret Atwood1972

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