F0529 - Allan Robb Fleming fonds


Call Number: 2008-031/001
(1)Photographs. -- File consists of 80 black-and-white photographic prints, showing Allan Fleming in California in 1939, at home and at a cottage with various family members including his mother and his wife, Nancy, in London, England in front of their residence at 82 Onslow Gardens, their house at 17 Hawthorne Avenue in Toronto, with Franklin and Sheila Smith in Stratford, his work space at 110 Maitland Street (including a photograph with Ross Mendes), and in front of the Ontario College of Art with its President, Sid Watson. File also includes portraits taken by Milne Studios Limited and Peter Croydon, and a photograph of illustrators in an unidentified studio.1939-1962
(2)Artists at Eddie Condon's restaurant, New York. -- File consists of a photographic print showing Albert Dorne, Jerry Gladston, Jerry Lazarre, Ray Hewetson, Ross Mendes, Allan Fleming and William Smith, with information from the Internet on Albert Dorne and William Smith printed by Nancy Fleming.ca. 1950
(3)Fleming-Chisholm wedding. -- File consists of a newspaper announcement regarding the marriage of Allan Fleming and Nancy Chisholm on 17 February, and a napkin from their wedding.1951
(4)Fifth Avenue Restaurant. -- File consists of a matchbook and menu designed by Allan Fleming. -- See 2008-031/003 (1) for the placemat that goes with these designs, and 2008-031/004 (2) for the restaurant's ceramic ware.1952
(5)Letters to parents. -- File consists of letters written by Allan Fleming and occasionally by Nancy Fleming to Allan's mother and Nancy's parents while they were in New York, crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a steamship of the Holland-America Line, and in London, England, as well as during their travels to Ireland and Paris, France. Contents include the health and activities of family and friends, the ocean crossing, his observations regarding the architecture and cultural life of London and their travels through Britain, Ireland, and Europe, Allan's work as a graphic designer, and his relationships with English typographers.1953-1955
(6)Travel ephemera. -- File consists of: handbooks for the Scottish Youth Hostels Association, 1952, and the Youth Hostels Association (England and Wales), 1953; "Touring map of Scotland" by the Scottish Youth Hostels Association, 1952 (in poor condition with tears along most fold lines); programme for the second world festival and sixth annual conference of the International Folk Music Council in Biarritz, France and Pamplona, Spain, 9-15 July 1953; ration book from the Ministry of Food, 1953-1954; menu for Le Catalan restaurant in Paris; cancelled tickets for buses, trains, and steamships in Britain, Ireland, and France; and other documents.1952-1954
(7)Newspaper clippings. -- File consists of articles collected by Nancy Fleming and Stan Fillmore, including: prints of the painting, "The guitar player," by Alan Collier, showing Allan Fleming playing a guitar; an article from "Canadian homes & gardens," March 1953, about the approach of Allan and Nancy Fleming to decorating their "ancient apartment in downtown Toronto"; announcements of awards and appointments; a photograph of Allan Fleming jogging with a group of cardiac patients under the supervision of Dr. Terrance Kavanagh; landmarks in Canadian design; exhibits of Fleming's work; tributes to his career after his death; and an Aislin cartoon showing the new Canadian Broadcasting Corporation symbol and three figures, one the 'President' of CBC, another a secretary, and the third who looks very much like Allan Fleming with the caption, "No,Harry, I really do like it! By the way, is it bilingual?" The CBC symbol was created at Burton Kramer Associates when Fleming was co-director of that firm.1953-2003
(8)Income tax return1954
(9)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters to and from Allan Fleming, including: efforts to be taken off the mailing list of the Hubbard Scientology Organization after a brief involvement while in England; work with Sylvan Stein in Pittsburgh; and the activities of friends, including Richard Outram.1954-1973
(10)Shipping documents. -- File consists of an invoice and a bill of lading for shipping the Albion hand press purchased for Carl Dair. -- See 2008-002/003 (10) for correspondence from Dair regarding the acquisition of the printing press.1954
(11)Book and music collecting. -- File consists of: an invoice from Colin Richardson for typographical and fine press books; two handwritten notes (one written in England) concerning early blues and folk singers and songs, including record album numbers; photocopy of a valuation of Allan Fleming's book collection done by Roderick Brinckman for insurance purposes, 4 July 1978; photocopy of a letter from Brinckman to Nancy Fleming regarding sale of the remnants of the collection for the benefit of Allan Fleming's estate, 5 December 1978; and a letter to Nancy Fleming from the Ontario College of Art concerning the donation of books from the estate to the College, including a six-page list of typographic books.1954-1978
(12)Book collecting. -- File consists of a book dummy in blue cloth marked "60lb Antique" on the spine, containing tipped in cut-outs from booksellers' catalogues concerning the prices of books Allan Fleming owned or wished to purchase, with two handwritten pages of notes by Fleming as to his purchases, their investment value and other details.ca. 1967

Call Number: 2008-031/002
(1)The boy who laughed at Santa Claus. -- File consists of a booklet with a poem by Odgen Nash and wood engravings by John De Pol designed, composed and printed by Cooper & Beatty Limited as a Christmas keepsake for clients.1957
(2)Martha Fleming : birth announcement. -- File consists of a card designed by Allan Fleming announcing the birth of his daughter, along with the clipped announcement from a newspaper.1958
(3)Christmas keepsakes. -- File consists of two leaves designed by Allan Fleming, printed on fine paper, and distributed to friends on behalf of his family: "The storke : a Christmas ballad from the fly-leaf of King Edward's VI's prayer-book, 1549"; and an excerpt from the first printed English version of the bible dedicated to the memory of William Tyndale, who translated and printed the Bible in 1526.1958-1959
(4)Sign photographs. -- File consists of 32 black-and-white photographic prints, two negatives, and two colour 35mm transparencies showing signs in a wide variety of settings in southern Ontario, including advertisements painted on buildings, family cottages and rented cabins, barber shops, gun shops, lettering on buildings, and a clothing drop-box.1959
(5)Cooper & Beatty, Limited : photographs. -- File consists of 22 black-and-white prints by Kryn Taconis showing Allan Fleming at the company's offices with various colleagues (some are identified on the verso of the prints), and posing beside railway boxcars showing the symbol for Canadian National Railways (CN).1962
(6)Family album : geneaological notes. -- File consists of notes on the Fleming and Osborne families (Isabella Fleming was Allan Fleming's mother), a memorial card for Joseph Osborne (Fleming's grandfather who died in 1881), and a letter from his uncle, William Fleming, regarding his father.196-
(7)Family album : mutual will of David Robb, fishmonger, and wife, 1853196-
(8)Family album : poetry. -- File consists of two poems written by Allan Fleming's father to his mother, correspondence from editors at the Toronto Star regarding publication of Belle Fleming's poetry, 1924-1937, and clippings of her letters to the editor of the Star regarding women poets in Canada, 1937-1938.196-
(9)Marriage certificate of Allan Stevenson Fleming and Isabella Osborne, 19 June 1922196-
(10)Isabella Osborne, 1896-1974. -- File consists of her registry of birth, insurance receipt book, last will and testament, burial permit, and documents for funeral arrangements.196--1974
(11)Travel documents, 1919-1962. -- File consists of the British passport of Isabella Fleming (nee Osborne), 1919, her Canadian passport for travelling to the United States, 1940, and pass cards for the Canadian National Railways, 1942-1943 and 1961-1962. These documents contain small portraits of Isabella Fleming and Allan Stevenson Fleming.196-
(12)Family album : portraits. -- File consists of eight photographic prints of relatives, likely of the Osborne family, taken during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.196-
(13)Family album : photographs, 1919-1964. -- File consists of five photographic prints of members of the Osborne family.196-
(14)Family album : group of children. -- File consists of a photographic print showing unidentified children, possibly a school class with their two teachers during the early 20th century, mounted on a mat bearing the name of "P. Higgins," Newcastle-on-Tyne.196-
(15)Family album : Isabella Robb. -- File consists of her letter of admittance to the Free Church Training College, Edinburgh, 1875, certificates of course completion, 1875-1876, her teacher's certificate issued by the British Education Department, 1876, her letter of appointment to the Burradon Colliery School, 1876, and letters of reference, 1879 and 1883.196-
(16)Family album : Allan Stevenson Fleming. -- File consists of six photographic prints, his membership certificate in the Canadian Brotherhood of Railroad Employees, 1920, and documents regarding his burial in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 1945.196-
(17)Family album : Isabella Osborne and nursing. -- File consists of a letter from J.P. MacLeod, Matron of the Northumberland War Hospital, certifying that Osborne is employed as a nurse, 1918, a portrait of Osborne in her uniform, and a postcard showing nurses sitting down for a meal.196-
(18)Murder in the cathedral. -- File consists of a folding card, possibly designed by Allan Fleming, containing a ballad from an anonymous 15th-century manuscript.n.d.
(19)UNICEF Christmas cards. -- File consists of two boxes of greeting cards featuring "Angel," a calligraphic design by Allan Fleming. One box is for domestic post, the other for air mail. -- See 2008-002/007 (5) for correspondence regarding this project.1972
(20)David Milne catalogue : stationery. -- File consists of a design by Allan Fleming for a project undertaken by David Silcox to catalogue Milnes' writing and paintings.n.d.
(21)Look of books catalogue. -- File consists of photocopies from the catalogue featuring Allan Fleming's award-winning design for "The correspondence of Erasmus," with annotations by Nancy Fleming.1977
(22)Allan R. Fleming : burial permit1978
(23)Dancing Dan's Christmas. -- File consists of the posthumous, commemorative reprinting of Allan Fleming's 1958 design for the short story by Damon Runyon as Cooper & Beatty Limited's Christmas keepsake. The booklet includes a book tab signed by Tony Crawford, Cooper & Beatty's design director.1978
(24)Tribute by Carl Zahn. -- File consists of a letter from the American designer to Nancy Fleming concerning the arrangements for the exhibition of certain elements of Allan's 1976 retrospective in a posthumous exhibition at the 1978 World Congress of ICOGRADA in Chicago, plus his two-page appreciation of Fleming that was printed in the catalogue.1978
(25)Allan R. Fleming Memorial Fund. -- File consists of draft correspondence, stationery, and mailing lists for an attempt to set up a memorial fund to commemorate Allan Fleming and his work following his death. The project involved Nancy and Martha Fleming, Prudence Tracy, John Gibson (Graphic Designers of Canada), and Paul Fleck (President of the Ontario College of Art).1978
(26)Allan R. Fleming : estate. -- File consists of Waddington's inventory of his estate, December 1980, correspondence with Prudence Tracy regarding an opportunity to purchase items from the estate, and a photographic portrait of Fleming.1980
(27)Bridging culture and commerce. -- File consists of offprints of an article by Marjorie Harris discussing the influence and accomplishments of Allan Fleming that appeared in "Applied arts quarterly."1989
(28)The incomplete Allan Fleming. -- File consists of the text for an illustrated presentation on the designs and impact of Allan Fleming given by Robert Tombs at Owens Art Gallery in Sackville, New Brunswick.n.d.
(29)Canadian art magazine. -- File consists of an issue containing an article about the Design in Industry exhibition at the National Gallery, and a letter to the Editor about design's plight in Canada due to pressure from the United States. This issue dates from the time when Allan Fleming was working for Eaton's and thinking about design.November 1946

Call Number: 2008-031/003
(1)Fifth Avenue Restaurant. -- File consists of a placemat designed by Allan Fleming for the restaurant owned by his close friend, Steve Barootes. It shows drawings of the buildings and storefronts along Bloor, Bay, Yonge streets as they appeared at the time. -- See 2008-031/001 (4) for the menu and matchbook cover Fleming designed for the restaurant, and 2008-031/004 (2) for its ceramic ware.1952
(2)Allan R. Fleming : designer. -- File consists of the catalogue for an exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery devoted to Fleming's work curated by Alvin Balkind, designed to look like a set of typesetting galley proofs. The document is accompanied by its yellow tissue paper cover marked, "1st revise -- rush." -- See 2008-002/029 (5) for other versions of this catalogue, and 2008-002/031 to 036 for the exhibit elements listed by the catalogue.September 1976
(3)Douglas Duncan. -- File consists of a black-and-white photographic print used on the cover of a book designed by Allan Fleming for the University of Toronto Press: Douglas Duncan : a memorial portrait / edited by Alan Jarvis (Toronto and Buffalo, 1974).197-
(4)Allan R. Fleming : portraits. -- File consists of a black-and-white photographic print taken by Peter Croydon of Fleming standing in his studio, and a colour print made by Cavouk Portrait Studio showing Fleming smoking a pipe while working on a design.196-?

Call Number: 2008-031/004
(1)Photographs by Peter Varley. -- File consists of two tightly rolled black-and-white prints that appeared in "Better homes and gardens" in an article about chairs by Frank Moritsugu.1958
(2)Ceramic ware. -- File consists of a saucer bearing the symbol for the Fifth Avenue Restaurant made by Johann Haviland of Bavaria, and a coaster or ashtray made by Rosenthal in Germany. -- See 2008-031/001 (4) and 2008-031/003 (1) for printed material bearing the restaurant's wordmark that was designed by Allan Fleming.1952
(3)Medal to commemorate the opening of the new Toronto City Hall. -- File consists of the medallion in a cardboard box. Records regarding Allan Fleming's work on this commission can be found in 2008-002/006 (12).1965
(4)Corporate keepsakes. -- File consists of: two metal cigarette lighters made by the Zippo Company of Pennsylvania, one bearing the logo for the Reed Paper Company, the other bearing the logo for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (both symbols were produced by Burton Kramer Associates when Fleming was a Co-Director of that company from 1973 to 1976); a lapel pin with the CN logo for Canadian National Railways; and a matchbox bearing the wordmark of Dooley's Restaurant.195--197-

Call Number: 2008-031/005
(1)The look of books : two Design Canada Awards of Excellence presented to Allan Fleming1974, 1975

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