F0529 - Allan Fleming fonds


Call Number: 2008-002/001

Personal files

(1)Correspondence. -- File consists of 12 letters dealing with Allan Fleming's heart attack in 1971 (including a vivid description of the pain in a letter to Fleming's colleagues at the University of Toronto Press), family vacation arrangements in Sarasota, Florida, and two copies of the brochure, "Peter Fleming : recent furniture," 1988.1971-1974, 1988
(2)Creative writing. -- File consists of typescript and handwritten poetry and prose, including drafts of a short story set in Quebec City's harbour and a second story set in London, England.n.d.
(3)Richard Outram and Barbara Howard : correspondence. -- File consists of postcards regarding the couple's trip to England in 1971, the impact of Allan Fleming's heart attack upon them, Outram's inspection of a farm property on the Speed River near Guelph that brought back memories of the Don River near an undeveloped Leaside, his battle to give up smoking, his comments regarding an abstract painting by Howard, two typescript poems by Outram, his submission of the manuscript for "Pulse" to Jack McClelland at the suggestion of Allan Fleming in 1973, Clarke Irwin's response to "Pulse," and comments regarding work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.[196-], 1971-1976
(4)Richard Outram and Barbara Howard : Christmas and Valentine's Day cards from the Gauntlet Press. -- File consists of 15 cards and broadsheets featuring poetry by Outram and engravings by Howard.1961-1976
(5)Richard Outram and Barbara Howard : Aliquandro Press. -- File consists of five invitations and poems written by Outram, illustrated by Howard, and printed by Will Rueter.1972-1973
(6)Richard Outram and Barbara Howard : publications and exhibits. -- File consists of: photocopied reviews of Outram's published work, including "Eight poems" that was published by Allan Fleming's Tortoise Press; a draft of Outram's essay, "Allan Fleming : a personal view," written for the Vancouver Art Gallery's retrospective exhibit of Fleming's work in 1976; and a copy of "Turns and other poems" inscribed by Outram to Allan and Nancy Fleming, Christmas 1975.1967-1976
(7)Alma Duncan : correspondence. -- File consists of nine letters from Duncan regarding Allan Fleming's purchase of her drawing in 1969, her exhibit with Avrom Isaacs in 1968, her efforts to make prints using a clothes wringer, Fleming's stamp design in 1973, her trip to the Arctic and work on floral stamp designs for Canada Post in 1976, and concerns about his health later that year.1969-1976
(8)General correspondence. -- File consists of letters to Allan and Nancy Fleming. Correspondents include: Albert Dorne and William A. Smith in New York, offering advice to Allan Fleming on graphic design; Rev. C.M. Lamb regarding a photograph copy of a manuscript written by Edward Johnston; John Lewis; Sir Francis Meynell; Father James Morrow; designer Noel Martin; Margaret Capper; Peter John Stokes; Carl Guicher; Miriam Bloom; Donald Addison; Wil Hudson regarding Allan Fleming's role in a Canada Council grant for Dorset Fine Arts; Carl Mangold; Gerhard Doerrie; Marrick Jarrett; Alex Colville, providing an introduction to his son, a young graphic designer; Hella Basu; Lois and Gordon Avery; Kenneth R. Hine; Freeman Patterson; John Kauffman; Andrew J. Silver; Elizabeth Cleaver; and Al Elliott. The correspondence provides evidence of connections among the Flemings' network of friends and graphic designers, and include letters of reference for colleagues.1947-1977
(9)Collecting. -- File consists of correspondence with booksellers in London, New York, Toronto, and Los Angeles, and magazine articles regarding antique automobiles.1953-1975
(10)Calligraphy. -- File consists of envelopes and letters handwritten by Carl Dair and others collected as samples of fine calligraphy. File also includes material regarding Fleming's membership in the Society for Italic Handwriting in England (such as an annual report for 1954, membership list, and notice of annual meeting) and the Canadian Society for Italic Handwriting, and correspondence with George Whalley regarding Queen's University Press.1954-1970
(11)Finances. -- File consists of cheque stubs, a mortgage application, chits from the Faculty Club at the University of Toronto, and other documents.1968-1977
(12)Ephemera. -- File consists of: card produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) showing Eskimo syllabary, 1971; large-format postcards showing circus wagons; pages removed from "Westward ho!" (the yearbook of Western Technical School) showing Allan Fleming as winner of a proficiency award; admission and promotion cards from Western Technical School, 1943-1945; cards from the Unemployment Insurance Commission, 1944, and the Reading Room of the British Museum, 1954; prose clipped from magazines or transcribed; humorous cartoons clipped from magazines; and information on the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society, 1976.1943-1976
(13)Letters of condolence. -- File consists of a eulogy written by Robert Burns, and correspondence to Prudence Tracy from friends and business associates after the death of Allan Fleming.1978
(14)Christmas cards. -- File consists of greeting cards from friends and business associates, most undated, and kept by Fleming as examples of design, printing, and calligraphy. Senders include: Saul Bass, Carl and Kay Brett, Carol Chapman, Pauline and J. Carlos Colevatti, Carl Dair, Thelma and John DePol, Theo Dimson, and Jim and Judy Donoahue. The mailing from the Donoahues is a booklet containing Stephen Leacock's short story, "Caroline's Christmas," designed by Jim Donahue in 1969.n.d., 1969

Call Number: 2008-002/002
(1)Christmas cards. -- Senders include Don Gillies, Gerald Gladstone, Michael Goaman, Molly Golby, Jane and Don Helliwell, Margaret and James Hill, King Typographic Service Corp., and Rosemary Kilbourn.n.d.
(2)Christmas cards. -- Senders include: Jackie and Jerry Lazare, Joseph Low of Eden Hill Press, Noel Maddox, Arnaud Maggs, Bob and Marlene Markle, Ted Monison, Patricia and Gerry Moses, Nippon Design Centre, and Peter Paul.n.d.
(3)Christmas cards. -- Senders include: Gordon Ranson, Robert Delcasse Reid, Ken and Jane Rodmell, Leslie Smart & Associates, Franklyn Smith, Ken Smith, Ferol and William A. Smith, Herbert and Marianne Spencer, Ron Thom, Bill Toye, Ryuichi Yamashiro, and Herman Zapf.n.d.
(4)Christmas cards. -- File consists of 17 cards identified only by the senders' first names.n.d.
(5)Newspaper and magazine articles. -- File consists of clippings from Toronto's daily newspapers, Maclean's, and trade magazines regarding Allan Fleming's graphic and book designs, his work with MacLaren's Advertising, his struggle to deal with health problems, his wardrobe, and the impact of corporate logos on Canadian society.1957-1977
(6)Industrial design, 8, no. 7. -- File consists of an issue of the journal containing an article about Allan Fleming's work for Canadian National Railways.July 1961
(7)Obituaries and tributes1978
(8)Graphis 195. -- File consists of an issue of the International Journal of Applied Art and Graphic Art containing a tribute to Allan Fleming's career by Robert Burns.1978-1979
(9)Articles on various topics. -- File consists of stories clipped from newspapers by Allan Fleming and Prudence Tracy regarding author J.D. Salinger, Canada's hazardous product symbols, Inuit art, construction of a home by the Ontario Crafts Council, Robert Burn's design for a new symbol for the City of Toronto (1976), a full-page advertisement for the design of Buick automobiles, the decline of Eastern Ontario's small towns, design of Canadian postage stamps (1969-1971), and other topics.1957-1974

Design firms

(10)Cooper & Beatty Limited. -- File consists of: a staff list for the Design Department including club and association memberships, awards, articles on work, and exhibitions; a booklet published by Cooper & Beatty, "Type selection chart : a hand pocket-size chart of types and available size," 1 June 1948; and a design in pencil for the title page of "An introduction to John Baskerville (1704-1795)."ca. 1960
(11)MacLaren Advertising Co. Ltd. -- File consists of correspondence with Howard M. Jones regarding his proposal to develop a design magazine in Canada, a research bulletin on buzzphrases, a memorandum by Fleming providing his semi-annual review of design staff, 3 June 1966, and a newspaper article regarding the appointment of George Sinclair as President of MacLaren's.1964-1969
(12)Hawker Straker Templeton Limited. -- File consists of correspondence regarding Fleming's role as director and officer of the firm.1968-1972
(13)Kuypers Adamson Norton Limited. -- File consists of correspondence announcing the establishment of the firm's industrial design office in Winnipeg, notices and agenda for directors' meetings, audited financial statement, and promotional material.1974
(14)Burton Kramer Associates Limited. -- File consists of a schedule of rates, correspondence regarding Fleming's relationship with the firm, promotional material with illustrations of the firm's design work, biographical notes for Burton Kramer and Fleming, and sample letterhead for the firm.1976

Call Number: 2008-002/003
(1)Burns, Cooper, Donoahue, Fleming & Company Limited. -- File consists of promotional material featuring a photograph of the firm's principals.1976
(2)Allan R. Fleming Graphic Design Consultants Limited. -- File consists of sample letterhead, and correspondence regarding the application for incorporation and Nancy Fleming's resignation from the firm, August 1976.1973-1976
(3)Biographical material. -- File consists of: a letter of introduction for Allan Fleming, 1953; curriculum vitae that include extracts from articles about Fleming and his design work; a list of commissions; and biographical notes.1953-1975
(4)Designs and illustrations. -- File consists of booklets and cards collected for their artwork.1969-1972
(5)Designers. -- File consists of curriculum vitae for three designers, and a list of questions likely used by Allan Fleming when interviewing designers.197-


(6)Eric Gill : radio portrait. -- File consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, and drafts of the script with annotations by Allan Fleming regarding a radio program by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on the life and work of Gill.1970-1977
(7)Eric Gill : headstone. -- File consists of photographic negatives and prints and pencil sketches of the headstone for the grave of Gill, as well as a letter from George Whalley of Queen's University about an example of Gill's work as a stone carver in St. Peter's Church, Brockville.1969
(8)Frederick W. Goudy. -- File consists of a copy of the last letter written by Goudy, addressed to Sol Hess, Art Director for Lanston Monotype Machine Company in Philadelphia, regarding his health and constant requests for autographed portraits, 1947, a letter from Hess to W.G. Tucker regarding Goudy's death and forwarding the copied Goudy letter, and remarks on Goudy's contribution to graphic art by Albert Schiller.1947-1948
(9)Beatrice Warde and Monotype Corporation Ltd. -- File consists of correspondence from Warde to Allan Fleming regarding her reaction to his design work and their involvement in a project for University Press of New Brunswick, 1954, an invitation to a lecture on typography by Warde at the Ryerson Institute of Technology, and a letter from Warde regarding her activities during semi-retirement, 1960, with two half-tone photographs of Warde at her home in England.1954-1960
(10)Carl Dair : correspondence. -- File consists of handwritten and typescript letters from Dair regarding his interest in the British Typographic Guild, his efforts to start a new press in 1953, the purchase of a press for Dair in 1954, the growth of Allan Fleming's library, the Flemings' return from England in 1955 and the interest of Beatrice Warde in becoming involved with the press, the history of typography and the development of the artform; the debate between Dair and Fleming over the use of lettering on buildings; and the availability of Cartier type in 1967.1953-1967
(11)Carl Dair : typography. -- File consists of: an invitation designed by Dair to two events organized by the Typographical Designers of Canada, and printed using type cut ca. 1490 (the only 15th-century type in existence at the time), 1957; proposals by Dair to the Education Committee of the Society of Typographical Designers of Canada for the establishment of the Rous Institute of Graphic Design, 1965; Allan Fleming's review of Dair's book, "Design with type," 1967; correspondence regarding efforts to establish the Carl Dair Scholarship Fund, 1968; and an essay by Doug Poff, "Carl Dair and Cartier type," 1976.1957-1976
(12)Joseph Low. -- File consists of exhibit invitations, holiday cards and other examples of Low's wood engravings, and a letter from Low regarding interest by Cooper & Beatty in organizing an exhibition of his work.1957-1962
(13)Herman Zapf. -- File consists of a holiday card bearing the prose of Walter Crane presumably designed by Zapf, 1960, and a letter from Zapf congratulating Allan Fleming on winning the Canadian book competition and cautioning him to take care of his health.1959, 1974
(14)Liber Liborum. -- File consists of (in the words of Allan Fleming's handwritten note to introduce the material) "An exhibition of international designers' solutions to the typographical problems of the Bible. This collection of work was gathered together in celebration of the five-hundredth anniversary of the printing of the Bible by Johann Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany, 1455. The collection was published in 1955 by Liber Liborum, Stockholm Sweden."1955
(15)Typography : historical. -- File consists of leaves from books and handbills collected as examples of type that pre-date the mid-20th century, and an offprint of an article by John C. Tarr, "A live calligraphic school is the only hope for fresh inspiration in type design."197-?
(16)Typography : contemporary. -- File consists of: handbills and posters; promotional material from printers devoted to fine typography such as Adagio Press, the Gehenna Press, and the Taddle Press; a booklet by Eric Gill, "Foreword to a treatise upon the craft of wood engraving," printed by the Library, University of British Columbia in 1967 as a tribute to W. Kaye Lamb, Dominion Archivist; invitations to events featuring the work of papermakers and designers; and an incomplete run "Captain George's penny dreadful : a weekly review of the arts," December 1968-April 1969.1956-1974
(17)Typography's composition rules. -- File consists of original and photocopied notes in Allan Fleming's handwriting.n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/004

Corporate design

(1)Corporate design : general. -- File consists of correspondence and notes on design within a corporate setting, such as the work of Lester Beall Inc. on the New York Hilton at Rockefeller Center, the functions of a good trademark, research on traffic marker perception, and a proposal to develop corporate symbols for the Bank of Nova Scotia with Allan Fleming's annotations to adapt it for Toronto Star Limited.1965-1973
(2)Sample graphics. -- File consists of prints collected by Allan Fleming as samples of corporate symbols and wordmarks.n.d.
(3)Invoices. -- File consists of invoices and price quotations for Fleming's work as a freelance designer.1968
(4)Design proposals. -- File consists of correspondence outlining work methods and supporting documentation (including client lists and biographical notes) prepared by Fleming in his attempt to obtain new clients, including: the Steel Company of Canada Ltd., the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Ontario Department of Education, City of North Bay (including comments on the difficulty of obtaining approval for a new municipal symbol due to the large number of officials and citizens involved in the process), City of Vancouver (redesign of the tax bill), the Metric Commission, and Shawinigan Engineering Ltd.1962-1977
(5)Design proposals : Chateau Cartier. -- File consists of correspondence, a pencil sketch, and several labels for wine bottles associated with an attempt to improve the vitner's corporate branding.1974
(6)Design proposals : Reed Paper Ltd. -- File consists of a proposal for a corporate identity program for the corporation by Burton Kramer Associates, research on Reed International Limited, and sample design elements.1974
(7)Design proposals : Wardair. -- File consists of marketing material for the airline, notes on its corporate structure, and a letter by Allan Fleming outlining his strategy for the development of a new corporate identity.1976
(8)Design proposals : Toronto Transit Commission. -- File consists of correspondence regarding the TTC's corporate identity program.1970
(9)Salada Foods. -- File consists of two preliminary designs for a corporate symbol.n.d.
(10)Montreal Trust. -- File consists of sample brochures, a cheque book, and newspaper clippings regarding the redesign of the company's corporate logo.1962
(11)Liberal Federation of Canada (MacLaren's Advertising). -- File consists of the Publicity Chairman's handbook, an overview of the achievements of the Liberal government since 1963, research on national events, a booklet outlining the Liberal programme for the general election of 1962, and designs for a new Canadian flag.1963-1965
(12)Ontario Hydro. -- File consists of information the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario and associated municipal utilities, drafts and the final text of a report prepared by Allan Fleming entitled "A study of attitudes toward Ontario Hydro," and a written description of the new corporate symbol designed by Fleming.1964
(13)Ontario Hydro. -- File consists of brochures and newsletters showing the use of Allan Fleming's design on vehicles and helicopters and other applications, as well as an adaptation of the design for hydro utilities.1964
(14)Trent University. -- File consists of university publications and stationery bearing Allan Fleming's design, as well as designs and photographs of a stone carved to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's journey through the valley of the Trent River.1964-1967
(15)Toronto Symphony. -- File consists of a hand-drawn symbol for the orchestra, Allan Fleming's written description of his design, correspondence regarding the Toronto Symphony Orchestra Association's acceptance of the symbol, a brochure featuring its use, and a newspaper clipping discussing Fleming's work on the project.1965
(16)National Design Council. -- File consists of correspondence regarding Allan Fleming's involvement in the development of promotional programs and information services for the federal Department of Industry, as well as chairing a panel discussion regarding the relationship of designers with corporate clients.1966-1968
(17)National Design Council. -- File consists of booklets, stationery, promotional material and photographs featuring the use of the symbol designed by Allan Fleming.1966
(18)National Design Council. -- File consists of brochures and promotional material pertaining to industrial design in Canada, and featuring the use of the symbol designed by Allan Fleming.1966

Call Number: 2008-002/005
(1)Hudson's Bay Company. -- File consists of correspondence with A.R. Huband regarding a film celebrating the 300th anniversary of the company, with Allan Fleming as Executive Producer, Christopher Chapman as Director, and Richard Outram as screenwriter. The film was completed and was shown on television by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as "Impressions, 1670-1970." The file also includes the proposal for the film and the company's financial report for 1957.1966-1969
(2)Hudson's Bay Company. -- File consists of a corporate newsletter with articles discussing the new logo and corporate identity, correspondence involving William Hayden of Carleton, Cowan Public Relations and A.R. Huband of the company's Canadian committee regarding a marketing and promotion initiative in 1968, and development of a new graphic symbol in 1970.1965-1970
(3)Galanty Productions. -- File consists of designs for the company's wordmark, and photographs of dictionary entries for "gallanty."1968
(4)Gray Coach : photographs. -- File consists of nine black-and-white and 21 colour photographs showing logos on the sides of buses in Canada, the United States, and Portugal, including the old and new symbols for Gray Coach.1969-1971
(5)Gray Coach : artwork. -- File consists of hand-drawn designs on paper and tissue for the company's new symbol, and preliminary designs for its use on buses.1971
(6)Gray Coach : correspondence and invoices. -- File consists of letters, notes, and financial documents regarding the development and implementation of the design, as well as a two-page summary prepared by Allan Fleming explaining the "Gray Coach identity scheme."1971-1972
(7)Bell Canada. -- File consists of organizational charts, annual report of Bell Laboratories for 1972, brochures for Bell's communications seminar, and correspondence and other documents regarding a corporate design study.1973-1974
(8)CBC logo : research : notes. -- File consists of organizational charts for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Allan Fleming's handwritten notes, typescript notes by Design + Communication Inc., a newspaper article regarding NBC's payment to the Nebraska Educational Television network to keep the N logo, notes regarding the format for correspondence sent by CBS employees, and an issue of "Columbine," the newsletter for CBS employees.1973
(9)CBC logo : research : interviews. -- Files consists of questions, notes, and summaries of interviews conducted by Allan Fleming and Burton Kramer with various CBC executives, as well as a summary of interviews provided by Design + Communications Inc.1973
(10)CBC logo : proposals. -- File consists of: the typescript report for a corporate design identity program, May 1973; a proposal for organization and development of a corporate plan, August 1973; and a CBC booklet outlining the history of its logo and use of the new symbol.1973
(11)CBC logo : newspaper clippings1974
(12)University of Toronto. -- File consists of newspaper articles discussing the logo for the university's sesquicentennial.1975
(13)McKenzie Seeds. -- File consists of seed packages from the client and European suppliers, a seed catalogue, and a design docket from University of Toronto Press for design services.1976
(14)Toronto Star. -- File consists of a letter from Allan Fleming to Vern Archer, Manager of Public Relations and Promotion, regarding services to design a logo for TorStar Corporation, and a prelininary design done using marker on tissue paper.1976
(15)TV Guide. -- File consists of preliminary designs using pencil on tissue paper, and a photographic print showing the final symbol.n.d.
(16)Corporate design : general. -- File consists of correspondence, preliminary designs, and other material regarding Allan Fleming's work on behalf of several clients, including the Bank of Canada, Bradshaw's Ltd., Scotiabank, Lasalle Factories Ltd., Maclean's Magazine, Peter Oliphant, James Lovick & Company Ltd., Godfrey Growers, Arts' Sake Inc., Canadian Save the Children Fund, Goodtypes Inc., and Heidinger Wright Marketing Services Inc., as well as a draft quotation for design work for the Centre of Science and Technology.1961-1977
(17)Canadian National Railways : correspondence with James Valkus. -- File consists of letters exchanged by Valkus and Allan Fleming regarding presentation of the new corporate symbol, challenges facing its implementation, and a dispute over attributation of authorship for the logo in 1965.1959-1965
(18)Canadian National Railways : correspondence from Donald Gordon. -- File consists of a letter regarding costs associated with the corporate design programme.1961
(19)Canadian National Railways : revitalization of corporate image. -- File consists of an unattributed typescript report on the implementation and impact of corporate logo introduced in 1960.1967
(20)Canadian National Railways : development of the symbol. -- File consists of notes by Allan Fleming and graphics containing the logos of other North American railways.1959-1961

Call Number: 2008-002/006
(1)Canadian National Railways : production. -- File consists of a production schedule, dockets, and artwork including photostats, positive and negative films, reproduction proofs and tissue proofs.1959
(2)Canadian National Railways : presentation. -- File consists of the outline of the presentation by James Valkus, an incomplete draft and carbon copy of the script, and Allan Fleming's presentation on the logo, including 15 35mm colour transparencies.[1960]
(3)Canadian National Railways : photographs. -- File consists of 13 black-and-white prints and six colour transparencies by Kryn Taconis showing Allan Fleming with Lorne Perry of CNR standing beside the logo on boards and on locomotives, as well as Allan Fleming posing with an umbrella beside a boxcar and the logo on a model locomotive and in glazed ceramic tile on the wall of the corporation's headquarters.196-
(4)Canadian National Railways : stationery. -- File consists of examples of the logo used on letterhead, envelopes, post cards, Christmas cards, and corporate forms.196-
(5)Canadian National Railways : use of symbol. -- File consists of 28 examples of the logo in various corporate applications, including soad and sugar packets, brochures, annual reports, and other publications.196-
(6)Canadian National Railways : clippings. -- File consists of 37 articles from newspapers, magazines, and trade journals regarding introduction of the new logo, and reaction to it.1960-1973
(7)Grand Trunk Western and Christon & Markdale Railways. -- File consists of 17 designs of logos for other railway clients.n.d.
(8)Massey College : correspondence. -- File consists of letters to or from Allan Fleming, Robertson Davies, Lionel Massey, Ron Thom, Vincent Massey, and Alan Beddoe regarding Fleming's design work for the college at the University of Toronto, which included lettering on the building, the clock face, the foundation stone, and the coat of arms. The file also includes correspondence about efforts to hire a silversmith to produce the college's flatware1962-1974
(9)Massey College : coat of arms. -- File consists of original artwork and eight photographic prints showing the college's proposed armorial bearings.196-
(10)Massey College : general. -- File consists of four photographic prints of a chair designed for the college, brochures, and invitations to the laying of the foundation stone and a service in memory of Vincent Massey.196-
(11)Sir Sandford Fleming College, Peterborough. -- File consists of preliminary designs for coat of arms.n.d.
(12)Toronto City Hall : medal. -- File consists of notes, correspondence, design drawings, and other documents regarding Allan Fleming's commission by the City of Toronto to design and produce medals to commemorate the opening of City Hall.1965-1967

Call Number: 2008-002/007
(1)Toronto City Hall : Hall of Memory. -- File consists of correspondence regarding the crests of the regiments to be included in the Hall of Memory, design considerations, and financial documents for typesetting, purchase of regimental crests, and installation.1965-1967
(2)Art magazine. -- File consists of correspondence with Shirley Gibson, draft editorial policy and sample page for a proposed arts magazine.1968
(3)Art Gallery of Ontario, signs and symbols exhibition. -- File consists of an eight-page agenda for a meeting in Claire Haggan's office to discuss the exhibit; participants included Anita Aarons and Thomas Lamb.1971
(4)Metropolitan Education Television Association. -- File consists of drawings by children inspired by "The silent language," a half-hour colour television production hosted, designed, and scripted by Allan Fleming, with correspondence by D. Wood, Telecast Coordinator.1971
(5)UNICEF. -- File consists of correspondence and newspaper clippings regarding "Angel," a calligraphic design by Allan Fleming used by the United Nations Children's Fund; see 2008-031/002 (19) for examples of the printed Christmas greeting cards. The file also includes a clipping showing Alma Duncan examining sheets of "Leaves in Snow," another design used by UNICEF for cards the same year as "Angel" appeared.1972
(6)Artists-Athletes Olympic Poster Project. -- File consists of correspondence, guidelines, and brochures for Allan Fleming's involvement in this competition.1975
(7)Financial Post logotype. -- File consists of four black-and-white photographic prints showing Allan Fleming and an unidentified designer with proofs of the wordmarks.1976
(8)Sylvia Tyson album cover. -- File consists of two black-and-white photographic portraits of Tyson for use on the album cover, which was co-designed with Alfred Elliott.1976
(9)Canadian Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association. -- File consists of brochures, correspondence, and sheets of the snowflake postage stamp designed by Allan Fleming. The correspondence makes reference to Fleming addressing the annual meeting of the association in 1977.1976-1977

Canada Post and stamp designs, 1969-1974

(10)Report to Canada Post. -- File consists of three drafts and the final text of "A report to the Canada Post Office on their philatelic product," with letters from Alex Colville and Julien Hebert, other members of the committee that prepared the report.1969
(11)Stamp design. -- File consists of clipped and photocopied articles referring to the design of postage stamps, accompanied by "General conditions and information" for designers commissioned to develop stamps.1967-1974
(12)Stamp design : typography. -- File consists of artwork showing the type faces available for use by designers.n.d.
(13)Stamps designed by Allan Fleming. -- File consists of brochures and sheets of stamps to commemorate the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, 1973 (8 and 15-cent denominations), the Montreal Olympics, 1976 ($1 and $2), and the Supreme Court of Canada, 1976 (8 cents).1973-1976
(14)Artwork for stamp designs. -- File consists of photographic prints, rough sketches, and presentation boards for stamps devoted to Joseph Howe, Paul Kane, the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, and the bicentennial of the arrival of Scottish settlers at Pictou, Nova Scotia.197-
(15)Designs other than stamps. -- File consists of artwork for first-day covers, post cards, presentation cards, and other applications.197-
(16)Four seasons stamps. -- File consists of first-day covers, a newspaper clipping, brochures, and artwork for a series of stamps designed by Alma Duncan at the suggestion of Allan Fleming showing the maple through the four seasons. File also includes a sheet of the "Spring" stamps.1971
(17)Canada Post : correspondence. -- File consists of letters from Postmasters General regarding Allan Fleming's appointment to the Canada Post Office Design Advisory Committee in 1969 and his resignation in 1971, from the Chief of the Postage Stamp Division regarding committee activities and commissions for new stamps, and suggestions from photographer John de Visser regarding stamp design.1969-1977
(18)Canada Post : invoices and expenses. -- File consists of financial documents relating to travel expenses and design charges.1970-1974
(19)Children's art stamps. -- File consists of a magazine article about art by Inuit children, and Christmas stamps featuring children's art.1970-1975
(20)Canada Post publications. -- File consists of brochures, envelopes, and other promotional material.1969-197-

Call Number: 2008-002/008
(1)Stamp designs : general. -- File consists of samples of postage stamps designed by Ken Rodmell, Will Rueter and others in presentation booklets, along with Canada Post brochures.197-
(2)Stamps : general. -- File consists of Canadian first day covers, postage stamps from foreign countries, and pre-stamped envelopes from Canada Post.197-
(3)United Nations Postal Administration. -- File consists of information on postage stamp design competitions.1972-1974

Books and catalogues

(4)Contes de nos jours. -- File consists of a two-page style sheet pertaining to a book first published in 1956 by Copp Clark Pitman.1956
(5)Tortoise Press. -- File consists of a certificate from the International Register of Private Press Names, certifying that The Tortoise Press is recorded as a name belonging to Allan Fleming since September 1959.n.d.
(6)Martlet Press : general. -- File consists of a stock certificate, and documents in Allan Fleming's handwriting and typescript with Fleming's annotations outlining the objectives of the press.1962
(7)Martlet Press : clippings. -- File consists of newspapers articles relating to "John Fillion" and "Come see my garden."1968-1969
(8)Martlet Press : "John Fillion." -- File consists of a disbound folded leaf from the book, a photograph by the National Film Board of Fillion at work on a sculpture, and a memorandum regarding production of the book.1969
(9)Martlet Press : "Twenty-eight drawings by Barbara Howard." -- File consists of a pre-publication prospectus, and photographic proofs of a bird motif.n.d.
(10)Canada : a year of the land. -- File consists of correspondence with Lorraine Monk and other officials of the National Film Board regarding the contract to design this book, with printers regarding its production, and with Peter C. Newman regarding his comments on Allan Fleming's design. File also includes newspaper articles about the book, and about "Canada," a similar book published by the National Film Board in 1974.1966-1974
(11)The forest harvest. -- File consists of Allan Fleming's notes, invoices, and a copy of the small paperbound book published by the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association.1968
(12)Rural Ontario. -- File consists of a newspaper article pertaining to a University of Toronto Press book by Ralph Greenhill and Verschoyle Blake.1969
(13)Sculpture : Inuit. -- File consists of a three forms or sections from the catalogue for a travelling exhibition originating from the Vancouver Art Gallery, which was published by the University of Toronto Press, as well as a newspaper clipping containing a review of the publication by Robert Fulford.1971
(14)Anglican/United Church hymnbook. -- File consists of newspaper articles discussing the joint hymnal.1971
(15)National Museums of Canada. -- File consists of photocopies of "Invitations to tender" forms, with Allan Fleming's notes for the quotation by University of Toronto Press to produce a catalogue for the "Samuel Bronfman gift," as well as a tender by Will Rueter for a catalogue on the work of Robert Harris.1973-1974
(16)The George VII issue of Canada. -- File consists of correspondence with George C. Marler, the contract for book design, quotations from suppliers, and memoranda outlining details of production for a book written by Marler and published by the Philatelic Museum of the Canada Post Office.1973-1975
(17)Enjoying Canadian painting. -- File consists of layout sketches and grids, photocopies of sample pages, Allan Fleming's notes, the final sketch of the cover for presentation, specifications sheet from University of Toronto Press, partial galley proofs, and revised text with Fleming's notation for a book by Patricia Godsell. It is likely the most complete file within the fonds in terms of documenting design, production, and promotion of a book.1976
(18)Jack Bush : a retrospective. -- File consists of two small sketches, handwritten notes, and a photographic negative for a catalogue of the exhibition of Bush's work by the Art Gallery of Ontario. The file also includes a letter of condolence to Bush's wife after the death of the painter.1976-1977
(19)How to use type. -- File consists of correspondence with Van Nostrand Reinhold Ltd. regarding a series of three books on typography to be co-authored with Ken Rodmell. Despite considerable progress, the project ended with Allan Fleming's death.1977
(20)Beatrix Potter letters. -- File consists of correspondence relating to the formation of The Other Press Ltd., and to progress of the project involving publication of letters by Potter in a book to be designed by Allan Fleming.1977
(21)Books : general. -- File consists of correspondence and "Press notes from the University of Toronto Press" relating to "A time to dream," "Canadian wildflowers," and "The economic atlas of Ontario."1971-1977

University of Toronto Press

(22)Administrative reports. -- File consists of two copies of a recommendations on the organization, objectives, and long-term policy of the University of Toronto Press, 1946; a report on needs and resources for scholarly publishing at the University of Toronto, 1971; and drafts and the final text of "Living and partly living," a report submitted to the presidential review committee on the Press by the editorial and design departments.197-
(23)Correspondence regarding appointment. -- File consists of letters congratulating Allan Fleming on his appointment to the Press, with copies of his handwritten replies.1968

Call Number: 2008-002/009
(1)House style. -- File consists of inter-office memoranda and notes regarding typography and design procedure.1968
(2)Dust jackets. -- File consists of examples of jackets produced by the University of Toronto Press.1968-197-
(3)Clippings. -- File consists of newspaper articles reviewing books published by the Press.1969-1971
(4)Press periodicals. -- File consists of: "Press notes," 1968-1971 including a sample microfiche containing articles from past issues of the bulletin; "New publications fall and winter 1970-71"; and "Erasmus in English : a newsletter published by the University of Toronto Press," 1973.1968-1973
(5)Employee benefits. -- File consists of memoranda and other documents pertaining to benefits, pension, parking, and salary.1968-1974
(6)University of Toronto Press : general. -- File consists of correspondence regarding Allan Fleming's appointment as Chief Designer, his responsibilities in areas of design and sales, budget documents, and other administrative material.1968-1975

Speeches and articles

(7)Speeches by Allan Fleming. -- File consists of three partial and 20 entire text for speeches on the legibility of designed text, typography and its relationship to direct mail advertising, the relationship between designer and printer, the relationship between architects and graphic designers, corporate images and branding, the business of advertising, 17th-century type, and manipulating illusion in design and photography. Venues include the H.L. Rous Lecture, the Toronto Club of Printing House Craftsmen, the Vitruvian Society, a television appearance on CBC's "Open House" program, the Canadian Public Relations Committee, the Toronto Reference Library, the Design Centre, and the Type Designers Club.1958-1975
(8)Speeches by others. -- File consists of copy of speeches by: E.J. Miller, "Creative communication," ICA Introductory Class, Ryerson, 27 October 1966; Ralph Tibbes, "One good turn deserves another," Canadian Industrial Editors' Association, 14 February 1967 (about how an external house organ can be developed using current developments in advertising); and Martin Myers, "Communication in a changing environment," 20 September 1967.1966-1967
(9)Articles. -- File consists of typescript and published articles written by Allan Fleming on graphic design, typography, his work with Burton Kramer, lettering on buildings, advertising (such as the newsletter of the Pharmaceutical Advertising Club of Montreal with Fleming's discussion of "How to find new ways to say important things about dull things to people who don't care"), the essence of sanity (his contribution to "Probings," a collection of essays published by the Canadian Mental Health Association), the impact of Canadians on graphic design in the United States, legibility in design, and an introduction to an exhibition catalogue, "Heather Cooper : the art of the illustrator.1959-1974
(10)Articles. -- File consists of: "Symmetry," typescript of a five-page illustrated article with handwritten annotations; unfinished memoir; and two copies of "Graphics, colour and visual impact."n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/010

Memberships and teaching positions

(1)Alliance Graphique Internationale. -- File consists of correspondence and membership lists.1974
(2)Who's who in graphic arts. -- File consists of correspondence and forms relating to Allan Fleming's inclusion in the second edition of this publication.1973-1974
(3)Royal Canadian Academy of Arts : medal. -- File consists of the medal in its black velvet case. It was presented to Allan Fleming for "his distinguished contribution to the art of typographic design."1965
(4)Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. -- File consists of correspondence regarding Allan Fleming's election to Council, lists of members and people nominated for membership, and agenda for meetings of the Council.1973-1974
(5)Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. -- File consists of correspondence and minutes of the Executive Committee of Council relating to the administration of the academy and topics such the standard artist agreement with the Department of Public Works, federal legislation to allow the sale of work by Canadian artists to foreign interests, nomination of new members, and support for an official residence for the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario.1975
(6)Ontario College of Art. -- File consists of clippings regarding Allan Fleming's instruction in typography as a part-time member of faculy, his appointment as a Fellow of the Ontario College of Art in 1973, and his agreement to teach communication and design in 1977.1957-1977
(7)Ontario College of Art : publications. -- File consists of yearbooks of the college from 1956 to 1959, listing Allan Fleming as an advisor. The exhibition catalogue, "100 years : evolution of the Ontario College of Art," 1977, includes Flemings CN design. The college calendar for 1977-1978 lists Fleming as faculty with the Communication and Design Department.1956-1977
(8)Committees and memberships : general. -- File consists of the "Code of fair practice" adopted by the Society of Illustrators, Art Directors Club, and Artists Guild, 1949, partial minutes of an organizational meeting of the Art Directors Club in Toronto, n.d., and correspondence regarding the first International Graphic Designers Conference planned for Nassau, Bahamas in 1978.1949-1977

Juries and committees : Design Canada

(9)Canadian Book Design Committee. -- File consists of stationery, financial statements, agenda for meetings, and correspondence.1974-1975
(10)Canadian Book Design Committee : the look of books. -- File consists of rules and regulations for the competition, financial documents, jury lists, and correspondence and working notes of Allan Fleming, who was Chairman of the Show Committee.1974-1975

Call Number: 2008-002/011
(1)Canadian Book Design Committee : the look of books. -- File consists of photographs of the jury by Robert van der Rilst with his invoice, and printed material from the National Design Council related to the show.1974-1975
(2)The look of books. -- File consists of printed catalogues for five shows, including 1972 (designed by Allan Fleming) and 1974 to 1977. Most catalogues show Fleming's designs among the prize winners.1972-1977
(3)The look of books. -- File consists of typescript pages (some printed with the heading of the Book Promotion and Editorial Club) removed from a binder, giving specifications and possibly jury comments for a group of Canadian books published between 1969 and 1970.[1970?]
(4)National Design Council. -- File consists of correspondence pertaining to Allan Fleming's appointment to the Council and his resignation, as well as printed material relating to Fleming's work as moderator of a session of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design.1967-1973


(5)Centennial coinage competition. -- File consists of press releases, correspondence (particulary with Norval Parker of the Royal Canadian Mint and Alex Colville, winner of the competition), a photograph of the jury during its deliberations, and two sets of uncirculated coins.1964-1967
(6)Canadian Olympic coins competition. -- File consists of printed material and correspondence, particularly with S.M. de Majo, winner of the competition.1975
(7)Canadian Olympic coins competition : proof set1975
(8)Ancient Coin Society of Canada. -- File consists of correspondence with the society and issues of its journal, "Cornucopiae," possibly in connection to Allan Fleming's work on the Olympic coin competition.1974
(9)Juries : general. -- File consists of correspondence relating to Allan Fleming's involvement as a juror for several competitions.1968-1976

Call Number: 2008-002/012


(1)Gallery of Contemporary Art, Toronto. -- File consists of an invitation, guest list for opening, flyer, correspondence from Robert Fulford with his review of Fleming's show, and an article from the "Globe & Mail."1958
(2)University of Buffalo. -- File consists of a partial copy of "The midnight oil," a student publication with a review of the exhibit, "9 graphic designers," in which Allan Fleming's work was included. His designs also illustrate the article. The show apparently took place on the ninth floor of Foster Hall.1960
(3)Vancouver Art Gallery : correspondence. -- File consists of letters from Alvin Balkind, Chief Curator of the gallery, with Allan Fleming's responses in some cases. The correspondence starts with the idea for the exhibition, and conclude with the invitation to the opening on 10 September.1976
(4)Vancouver Art Gallery : Ron Thom. -- File consists of a transcript of the speech given by Thom at the opening of the exhibition, and related material.1976
(5)Vancouver Art Gallery : clippings. -- File consists of press coverage of the exhibition.1976
(6)Vancouver Art Gallery : catalogue. -- File consists of a draft and final text of the catalogue entitled "1st revise -- rush." File also includes typescript copies of two of the three essays that appeared in the catalogue: George Elliott's "Popes, demons and fists," and Richard Outram's "Allan Fleming : a personal view." The third essay in the catalogue was by Robert Fulford.1976
(7)Alberta College of Art. -- File consists of letters from Ron Moppet, curator, regarding the exhibition from the Vancouver Art Gallery that was shown at the college on 12-28 November 1976 en route to Ontario.1976
(8)Art Gallery of Ontario. -- File consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a copy of the catalogue.1976
(9)Art Gallery of Ontario : Prudence Tracey correspondence. -- File consists of letters relating to the disposition of the exhibition after its show at the Art Gallery of Ontario, including loan of certain pieces for display at the Macdonald Block, Queen's Park, and plans to ship the exhibition to Chicago.1978

Ephemera designed by Allan Fleming

(10)Gallery of Contemporary Art, Toronto. -- File consists of invitations to exhibition openings, notes, and small broadsides.1956-1959
(11)Gallery of Contemporary Art, Toronto1956-1959
(12)Cooper & Beatty : booklets. -- File consists of Christmas keepsakes printed by the company.1956-1958
(13)Cooper & Beatty. -- File consists of broadsides, exhibition announcements, and advertising.1957-1962
(14)Cards and announcements. -- File consists of design work of a small, personal nature, such as Ron Thom's wedding invitation, and a greeting card designed for Philip Torno.1955-1976
(15)Stationery : Allan Fleming. -- File consists of examples of his personal and business stationery, with addresses ranging from 1 St. Thomas Street to 419 Markham Street.n.d.
(16)Stationery : others. -- File consists of design work for a wide variety of clients, including the Clyde Brothers Circus, David Milne, George Elliott, and the House of Prints.1956-
(17)Personal designs. -- File consists of an early business card (ca. 1955?), Christmas cards, and an invitation to a party at his last address.ca. 1955-197-
(18)Scholarly publishing. -- File consists of samples of the covers developed for the journal by Allan Fleming and William Rueter using a different letterform for each issue, with an article reviewing their designs for the first six volumes.1970-1975
(19)Design work : general. -- File consists of invitations and programs designed for various clients, including a brochure for the John A. MacLaren Newspaper Awards.1957-1969
(20)Design work : photographs. -- File consists of nine black-and-white prints and one negative showing various graphic designs by Allan Fleming.n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/013

Catalogues and small books

(1)The art of fine printing and its influence upon the Bible in print. -- File consists of a catalogue for an exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum that was curated by Allan Fleming.1957
(2)Art Directors Club, Toronto, "10th anniversary exhibition."1958
(3)Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada, and Montreal Museum of Fine Art, "Paul Emile Borduas 1905-1960" (exhibition catalogue)1962
(4)Canada Council, "Annual report"1963
(5)Edinburgh International Festival, "Canada 101" (exhibition catalogue)1958
(6)University of Toronto Press, "Alphabet Book." Signed by Allan Fleming1968
(7)Ontario Department of Education, "Religious information and moral development"1969
(8)Art Gallery of Ontario, "New acquisitions" (exhibition catalogue)1970
(9)Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, "91st annual exhibition"1971
(10)Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, "From watershed to watermark"1974
(11)Robert McLaughlin Gallery, "Ronald : 25 years"1975
(12)United Church of Canada. -- File consists of a fundraising pamphlet created in a photodocumentary style while Allan Fleming was at Cooper & Beatty.1959
(13)Chapter by Marshall McLuhan on "Printing and social change" from "Printing progress : a mid century report" (Cincinatti, Printing House Craftsmen)1959
(14)Designs for Provincial's papers1960, 1962

Periodicals and catalogues containing contributions by Allan Fleming

(15)Canadian art. -- File consists of a special issue on graphic design, containing many examples of Allan Fleming's work. It is likely that the cover was designed by Fleming.May 1960
(16)IDEA extra issue : graphic design in Canada. -- File consists of a magazine with an entry on Burton Kramer & Associates.1975
(17)Type Directors Club of New York, Fourth annual awards for typographic design excellence. -- Allan Fleming is listed in several categories of this catalogue.1958
(18)Typography 60. -- File consists of the publication of the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada showing the best designs in books, magazines, newspapers, and commercial printing. There are designs by Fleming in many categories.1960
(19)Typography 611961

Call Number: 2008-002/014
(1)Typography 64. -- In addition to designs by Fleming, the introduction is "An appreciation : Allan R. Fleming."1964
(2)Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, Graphic Design Canada. -- File consists of a catalogue that includes an entry for "Canada : a year of the land."1968
(3)Association of American University Presses [AAUP], Book show 1969. -- File consists of a catalogue with notes on the show by Allan Fleming.1969
(4)AAUP Book show 1971. -- File consists of a catalogue with an entry for "Goethe's Faust."1971
(5)AAUP Book show 1975. -- File consists of a catalogue with an entry for "Douglas Duncan : a memorial portrait."1975
(6)AAUP Book show 1976. -- File consists of hard- and softcover catalogues, with an entry for "Pictures from the Douglas M. Duncan collection."1976
(7)American Institute of Graphic Arts, Fifty books of the year. -- File consists of a catalogue for the institute's competition. Allan Fleming served as a juror, and received an award for art director (entry no. 50).1975

Posters, catalogues, and periodicals of interest to Allan Fleming

(8)Posters. -- File consists of five folded posters for gallery exhibitions.196-
(9)Porfolio. -- File consists of two issues of a magazine devoted to art and design.1959-1960
(10)The New YorkerJune 1965
(11)Punch7 June 1967
(12)Packaging design. -- File consists of two issues of the bi-monthly magazineJanuary-April 1971
(13)Sunday times magazine17 November 1974
(14)Alphabet exhibition : the alphabet throughout the ages and in all lands / sponsored and arranged by Staples Press, London1953

Call Number: 2008-002/015
(1)Art and design exhibition catalogues. -- File consists of seven items from the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Park Gallery in Toronto, the Government of Ontario, the Society of Typographic Arts in Chicago, the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the Lyceum Club in Toronto.196-
(2)First Nations art and life. -- File consists of two publications: "Bill Reid," an illustrated catalogue of his Haida art; and "Another way of being : photographs of Spence Bay N.W.T." by Pamela Harris, and inscribed to Allan Fleming by the author.197-
(3)Ontario in pictures. -- File consists of two illustrated booklets produced by the Government of Ontario: "Ontario/66," and "Ontario/Canada : how it was, how it is, how it will be."1966-197-

Daily appointment diaries, 1968-1976. -- Bound volumes containing brief notations regarding Allan Fleming's projects, meetings, medical appointments, and telephone numbers

(4)The Economist diary presented by MacLaren Advertising Company Limited1968
(5)The Economist diary presented by MacLaren Advertising Company Limited1969
(6)Linson diary1970
(7)Letts diary1971

Call Number: 2008-002/016
(1)Letts diary1972
(2)Letts diary1973
(3)Letts diary1974
(4)Letts diary1975
(5)Letts diary1975

Research files : type. -- Files consists of sheets and brochures by various type manufacturers showing fonts in various point sizes. These files were developed by Allan Fleming primarily during the 1950s and 1960s while working for Cooper & Beatty Limited and MacLaren Advertising Company Limited.

(12)Bookbinding, 1932-1951n.d.
(14)Composing machines1954

Call Number: 2008-002/017
(1)Corporate image. -- File consists of brochures sent to MacLaren Advertising on marketing and design, including several issues of "Design sense."196-
(2)Corporate image. -- File consists of several brochures sent to MacLaren Advertising on marketing and design, including "Marketing check list" by the Institute of Practioners in Advertising, London, 1965.1962-1967
(3)Corporate symbols : varied196-
(4)Craw Clarendon1959
(6)Design. -- File consists of brochures and magazines dealing with the design of products, graphics for marketing, and exhibitions.1965-1966
(8)Erbar grotesquen.d.
(9)Eskimo syllabics1972
(11)Firmin didotn.d.
(13)Illustration : general. -- File consists of two engravings from the late 19th century, as well as two examples of religious and artistic illustration from before 1950.n.d.
(20)Miscellaneous serifn.d.
(21)Miscellaneous. -- File consists of brochures and booklets on a wide variety of type faces from Mono Lino Typesetting Company, Bauer Alphabets, Inc., and several other companines in the United States and the United Kingdom.195- Part 1 of 3
(22)Miscellaneous195- Part 2 of 3

Call Number: 2008-002/018
(1)Miscellaneous195- Part 3 of 3
(3)Monotype : English1951-1957
(4)Ornamental/decorative1954-1958 Part 1 of 2
(5)Ornamental/decorative1954-1958 Part 2 of 2
(11)Printed samples after 1937195- Part 1 of 2
(12)Printed samples after 1937195- Part 2 of 2
(13)Proof-reading marksn.d.
(14)Sans serifn.d.
(17)Square serif1958

Call Number: 2008-002/019
(3)Techni-process lettering1962-1965 Part 1 of 3
(4)Techni-process lettering1962-1965 Part 2 of 3
(5)Techni-process lettering1962-1965 Part 3 of 3
(6)Times Romann.d.
(7)Torino : de Vinnen.d.
(8)Type foundersn.d.
(10)Venus standardn.d.

Research files : book design, illustration, printing, and calligraphy

(11)Book design : articles1950-0954
(12)Book design : casting off1933-1952
(13)Book design : illustration1951-1953
(14)Book design : illustration : history195-
(15)Book design : specimens before 1950n.d.
(16)Book design : mechanics1951
(17)Book design : style1953-1954
(18)Calligraphy : command of hand195-
(19)Calligraphy : experimental195-
(20)Calligraphy : formal hands195-
(21)Calligraphy : historical manuscripts1948-1953
(22)Calligraphy : informal chancery195-
(23)Calligraphy : miscellaneous195-

Call Number: 2008-002/020
(1)Calligraphy : modern advertising195-
(2)Design : colour195--1967
(3)Design : folk art1946-1955
(4)Design : heraldry. -- File also includes information on military insignia of the United States.1942-1943
(5)Design : miscellaneous1950-1957
(6)Design : Imre Reiner1946
(7)Design : specimens1951-1958
(8)Design : symbols. -- File consists of a newspaper article about the smokestack symbols of shipping companies whose ships visit the Port of Toronto, and one page showing religious symbols.195-
(9)Design : symbols : historical1950
(10)Design : textiles1951
(11)Design : trademarks195-
(12)Ephemera : calendars1955
(13)Ephemera : Christmas cards195-
(14)Ephemera : labels : contemporary195-
(15)Ephemera : labels : historical195-
(16)Ephemera : maps : historicaln.d.
(17)Ephemera : miscellaneous. -- File consists of clipped articles pertaining to the history of posters, visiting cards, and envelopes, the annual report for the National Gallery of Canada, 1954-1955, a brochure for chairs by Harry Bertoia sold by Knoll Associates Inc., and a quarterly ticket for the Wesleyan-Methodist Church in Canada, February 1867.195-
(18)Ephemera : newspapers. -- File consists of clipped articles about "The Times" of London.1944-1950
(19)Ephemera : playing cards1950
(20)Ephemera : postage stampsn.d.
(21)Illustration : English style1948-1954
(22)Illustration : engravings1946-1952
(23)Illustration : engravings : historical1950-1954
(24)Illustration : Joseph Low1951-1952
(25)Illustration : manuscriptsn.d.
(26)Illustraction : David Stone Martin1950
(27)Illustration : stylized1952-1956
(28)Illustration : U.P.A.n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/021
(1)Illustration : woodcuts1948-1956
(2)Illustration : woodcuts : historical1950-1957
(3)Illustration : Christmas195-
(6)Printing : Curwen Pressn.d.
(7)Printing : inksn.d.
(8)Printing : reproductions195-

Research files : general

(9)A-3-Fish #2n.d.
(10)A-3-Fowl #3n.d.
(11)A-3-Reptiles #6n.d.
(12)H-2-Cultures : western #1n.d.
(13)H-3-Authors #2n.d.
(15)Mathematical drawingsn.d.
(17)Communications, television, and Marshall McLuhan196-
(18)Institute of Canadian Advertising. -- File consists of a code of ethics, standards of practice, and by-laws.1961-1965
(19)Professional Photographers of Canada, Inc. -- File consists of a printed directory of members.1967

Additional material

(20)Christmas cards to Belle Fleming. -- File consists of greeting cards designed by Allan Fleming and sent to his mother, including one dated 1952.195-
(21)Ephemera and keepsakes designed by Allan Fleming. -- File consists of business cards, invitations and catalogues for exhibits at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Toronto, a flyer and ticket for a performance of the Toronto Bach Society, Christmas keepsakes by Cooper & Beatty Limited ("Turkey remains and how to inter them" and "The boy who laughed at Santa Claus"), and a brochure for Triangle Mining Associates Limited.195-

Call Number: 2008-002/022
(1)Cooper & Beatty Limited : design specimens. -- File consists of invitations to corporate events and cards announcing the availability of new type faces.195-
(2)Designs by Allan Fleming or his students at the Ontario College of Art. -- File consists of two invitations to exhibits at the college.1956-1957
(3)Posters. -- File consists of posters designed by Allan Fleming, including advertisements for Cooper & Beatty Limited (including one dealing with five centuries of type that provide inspiration for the company's craftsmanship, and another featuring an embossed glazed paper alphabet composition), an exhibit of Leo Lionni's graphics at the company's offices, an exhibit of contemporary European painters at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, and an unbound cover of "Scholarly publishing," October 1975.195--1975
(4)Canadian art. -- File consists of issue no. 61 of the magazine, featuring an article by the American graphic designer Noel Martin about the Toronto Art Directors Club's 10th anniversary exhibition, containing work by Allan Fleming for Knoll, Cooper & Beatty Limited, Mayfair magazine, and the Gallery of Contemporary Art.August 1958
(5)Keeping track. -- File consists of an issue of a magazine published by Canadian National Railways. The cover shows a model wearing a fur coat against the backdrop of the large neon "CN" sign on top of the company's headquarters in Montreal. Tipped in are two pages from other issues of "Keeping track" featuring the work of Allan Fleming on the CN design, but they are incomplete.October 1961
(6)Promotional brochure by Cooper & Beatty Limited. -- File consists of a fragment of an offprint of promotional material on heavy card stock, showing a photograph of Allan Fleming and including a testimonial to his work by Robert Fulford.ca. 1962
(7)Format. -- File consists of the first issue of a magazine published by the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada, with a cover designed by Allan Fleming and John Reeves.1964
(8)Ontario Hydro. -- File consists of offprints of articles about Allan Fleming's design of the Ontario Hydro symbol and the Vehicle Color Design Award won by Hathaway-Templeton Limited, leaflets designed by Fleming to launch the logo with his explanatory text and drawings of its corporate applications, and Ontario Hydro's 'pocket' leaflet on the design directed at its employees.1965-1967
(9)Colville, Alex. -- File consists of a letter from the artist to Allan Fleming, enclosing a set of Centennial coins designed by Colville (not included in file) and thanking Fleming for his assistance with the lettering.8 March 1967
(10)Downsview Division of University of Toronto Press. -- File consists of an illustrated eight-page booklet outlining the operations at this site.ca. 1967
(11)Design specimens : general. -- File consists of: a catalogue for an exhibition of the Canadian Society of Graphic Art, 1956; the calendar for the University of Toronto's Faculty of Pharmacy, 1970-1971; a bookplate from Hart House at the University of Toronto; keepsake of the 48th annual convention of the International Typographic Composition Association, Toronto, 1967; a booklet from Cooper & Beatty Limited on the addition of the Extension Range to its library of type faces; a brochure for the National Museums of Canada; and an invitation to the book launch of "Pleyn delit : medieval cookery for modern cooks" at Massey College, 22 October 1976.1967-1976
(12)Cooper & Beatty, Limited : Christmas keepsakes. -- File consists of: "Conversation about Christmas by Dylan Thomas," 1971; "Christmas at Dingley Dell : from the Pickwick papers by Charles Dickens," 1972; "The gift of the magi from The four million by O. Henry," 1975; and an undated Christmas card.197-
(13)Design Canada : the look of books. -- File consists of catalogues for the competitions in 1972, 1974, 1975, and 1976. Allan Fleming won awards in 1972, 1974, and 1975, and was also a show committee member and chairman of the jury in 1974. The jury and show events were coordinated by Prudence Tracy of the University of Toronto Press.1972-1976
(14)St. Thomas's Church, Toronto. -- File consists of a set of commemorative cards and a ceramic tile featuring a symbol designed by Allan Fleming for the church's anniversary.1974
(15)Personal letterhead. -- File consists of samples of stationery for Allan Fleming's last residence at 419 Markham Street, with a note from John Gibson regarding production of the letterhead. File also includes an invitation by Fleming and Prudence Tracy to celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Andrew.1976
(16)Queen's Silver Jubilee Medal. -- File consists of correspondence to Nancy Fleming regarding the medal awarded to Allan Fleming.1978
(17)Tribute by Cameron Poulter. -- File consists of a letter to Nancy Fleming enclosing a two-page tribute to Allan Fleming written for the Bulletin of the American Association of University Presses.1978
(18)Royal Academy of Arts newsletter. -- File consists of an issue containing a tribute to Allan Fleming by Robert Burns, with photographs by John Reeves.1979
(19)Reminiscences by W.G.R. Saul. -- File consists of a letter to Robert Fulford containing Saul's memories of meeting Allan Fleming in the mid 1960s while working for Canadian General Electric.1994
(20)Typetalks. -- File consists of four issues of the bulletin published by the Advertising Typographers Association of America. Issue 131 (November-December 1963) contains an article on "A minimum typographic library." Issue 140 includes a review of "Craftsmanship : a symposium," which was a conference attended by Allan Fleming. Issue 142 (September-October 1965) includes articles on type faces for corporate annual reports, and "Lure of the alphabet." Issue 144 deals with the work of Hermann Zapf and the Famous Artists School of illustration.1963-1966
(21)Graphics manuals. -- File consists of manuals for symbols associated with Canada's centennial and the Universal and Interational Exhibition (World's Fair).1967
(22)Paper samples : Abitibi Provincial Papern.d.
(23)Paper samples : Beckett Paper Companyn.d.
(24)Paper samples : Columbia Finishing Millsn.d.
(25)Paper samples : Curtis Paper Companyn.d.
(26)Paper samples : Finch, Pruyn & Company, Inc.n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/023
(1)Paper samples : Hammerhill Paper Groupn.d.
(2)Paper samples : Roland Paper Company Limitedn.d., 1974
(3)Paper samples : Strathmoren.d.
(4)Paper samples : S.D. Warren Companyn.d.
(5)Paper samples : Whyte-Hooke Papersn.d.


(6)Signs for Upper Canada Village. -- 21 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides.1961
(7)Streetscapes of an unidentified small town. -- 32 photographs : col. 35 mm slides.[196-?]
(8)Ontario Hydro presentation. -- 111 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides.[1965]
(9)Canadian National Railways. -- 6 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides. -- Slides consist of images showing railway stations and uniforms for conductors and station personnel.[1969]
(10)Buses : Ontario. -- 41 photographs : col. ; 50 mm slides. -- File consists of images showing buses operated by Gray Coach, Greyhound, Trentway, Voyageur, and other companies.[1970?]
(11)Buses : foreign coaches. -- 54 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides.[1970?]
(12)Signs & Symbols Show, Art Gallery of Ontario. -- 10 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides.1971
(13)The look of books : jury deliberations. -- 14 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides.[1974]
(14)Folk art. -- 4 photographs : col. ; 35 slides. -- File consists of images of rocking horses, flintlock pistols, and a painted portrait of a woman.n.d.
(15)Allan Fleming's work : books. -- 111 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides. -- File consists of images of Fleming's printed design work for books, including the covers of "Scholarly publishing."n.d.
(16)Allan Fleming's work : ephemera. -- 106 photographs : col. ; 35 mm slides. -- File consists of images showing a wide range of Fleming's printed work, including posters, invitations, Christmas keepsakes, and other document types. Originals of much of this work can be found within the fonds.n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/024
(1)Portraits. -- 58 photographs : b&w ; 6.5 x 4.4 cm prints. -- File consists of contact sheets showing Allan Fleming, likely in London, England.[195-?]
(2)Allan and Nancy Fleming feed Martha. -- 19 photographs : b&w ; 35 mm prints. -- File consists of a contact sheet showing the Flemings feeding their daughter.[1959?]
(3)Portraits. -- 13 photographs : b&w ; 16 x 21 cm and smaller prints. -- File consists of images showing Allan Fleming posing for his portrait, or in an office setting.196-
(4)Allan Fleming at work. -- 9 photographs : b&w ; 4.5 x 6.7 cm prints[196-]
(5)Allan Fleming at work. -- 23 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 5.7 cm prints on 1 contact sheet[196-]
(6)Allan Fleming at work. -- 37 photographs : b&w ; 35 mm prints on 2 contact sheets[196-]
(7)Allan Fleming at home. -- 24 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 5.7 cm prints on 2 contact sheets. -- File consists of images of Fleming wearing business attire of a white shirt and tie, engaged in conversation.[196-]
(8)Allan Fleming in his studio. -- 9 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 5.7 cm prints on 1 contact sheet. -- File consists of images taken by Peter Croydon, showing Fleming posing in his studio at home wearing casual clothing.[196-]
(9)Allan Fleming at work. -- 287 photographs : b&w ; 35 mm prints on 11 contact sheets. -- File consists of images taken by Kryn Taconis showing Fleming with colleagues in the offices of Cooper & Beatty, Limited, as well as Fleming standing with an umbrella in front of Canadian National Railways' boxcars bearing the CN symbol.1962
(10)Portraits. -- 18 photographs : b&w ; 24.5 x 19 cm and smaller prints[196-]
(11)Portraits by the Toronto Telegram. -- 12 photographs : b&w ; 16.7 x 11.6 cm prints[196-]
(12)Presentations and awards. -- 13 photographs : b&w ; 19 x 24 cm and smaller prints. -- File consists of images of Fleming with clients and design work, and at awards events including a presentation by Premier John Robarts for his work on "The economic atlas of Ontario."[196--197-]
(13)Portraits. -- 8 photographs : b&w ; 25.3 x 20.2 cm and smaller prints. -- File consists of images taken by photographers such as John Reeves and Chris McKnight.[197-]
(14)Photographs : personal. -- 12 photographs : b&w and col. ; 7.2 x 9.4 cm and smaller negatives and prints. -- File consists of images of houses, and Allan Fleming sitting by a pool.[196--197-]
(15)Photographs : miscellaneous. -- 7 photographs : b&w ; 25 x 20 cm and smaller. -- File consists of abstract images, as well as a photograph of Allan Fleming at a construction site and a portrait of Hugh Horler.n.d.
(16)Lettering : architectural and gravestones. -- 60 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 5.7 negatives[196-?]
(17)Lettering : architectural. -- 15 photographs : b&w ; 7.5 x 7.7 cm prints. -- File consists of images showing lettering on commercial buildings, a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, construction hoarding, and campgrounds.[196-?]
(18)Lettering : gravestones. -- 80 photographs : b&w ; 11.6 x 8 cm and smaller prints[196-?]
(19)Lettering : signs and gravestones. -- 20 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 5.7 cm negatives[196-?]
(20)Lettering : signs and gravestones. -- 102 photographs : b&w ; 5.7 x 5.7 cm prints on 10 contact sheets. -- File consists of sheets with Allan Fleming's printing and cropping instructions. Images include several views of St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, signage on several old commercial buildings, and railway boxcars bearing the CN logo.[196-?]
(21)Signs : lettering. -- 17 photographs : b&w ; 19.5 x 24.5 cm and smaller. -- File consists of images showing signage on commercial, government, and residential buildings.[196-?] Part 1 of 2
(22)Signs : lettering. -- 22 photographs : b&w ; 19.5 x 24.5 cm and smaller. -- File consists of images showing signage on commercial and residential buildings, construction sites, and the depth markings on the bow of a ship.[196-?] Part 2 of 2
(23)Signs : lettering : Chinese. -- 19 photographs : b&w ; 6.7 x 10.3 cm prints. -- File consists of images of signage with explanatory text handwritten on the verso of the prints.[196-?]
(24)Folk art. -- 79 photographs : b&w and col. ; 5.7 x 5.7 cm negatives and transparencies. -- File consists of images showing a Haida totem pole, a floral embroidery, and carved rocking horses.[196-?]
(25)Upper Canada Village. -- 2 photographs : col. ; 12.2 x 9.8 cm transparencies. -- File consists of a desk with a slateboard and 19th-century books, maps, prints, a globe, and a quill pen.[196-?]

Call Number: 2008-002/025


(1)Achievement Award of the Art Directors' Club of Toronto. -- File consists of a medal in a blue case.1960
(2)Canadian Centennial Confederation Medal1967
(3)Francois Mauriac Medaln.d.
(4)Metal printing block mounted on wood. -- File consists of a plate bearing a small bird, very similar in size and shape to the logo designed by Carl Dair and Allan Fleming for Cooper & Beatty, Limited.n.d.
(5)Wooden alphabet blocks. -- File consists of a red box with the inscription "For Allan Fleming from [Bob Lawler Scott?]," containing letters glued onto wooden blocks.

Call Number: 2008-002/026
(1)Metal plaque mounted on a wooden block, certifying that Allan R. Fleming became a Fellow of the Society of Typographic Designers of Canada in 1958, signed by Frank Newfeld1958

Call Number: 2008-002/027

Oversize material

(1)Massey College : lettering and coat of arms. -- File consists of pencil-on-tissue design drawings, typographic samples, and artwork.1968
(2)Awards. -- File consists of 74 awards presented to Allan Fleming for graphic design.1953-1977
(3)Original artwork by others. -- File consists of: a pencil sketch of a reclining woman, inscribed "Allan from Wm. A. Smith"; pen and ink drawing of a concentration camp, inscribed "For my friend Allan from Bill Smith"; ink and wash sketch signed "Lewis Parker Mexico/67"; pencil sketch of a couple seated at a cafe, inscribed "To Allan Fleming -- with all good luck -- Albert Dorne" with small photograph of Dorne clipped from a magazine; pencil sketch of a woman ironing and workmen, signed "Albert Dorne"; woodblock print of an interior scene, signed "Julius Griffith 1957 7/15"; woodblock print, exterior scene, signed "Julius Griffith 1947 17/25"; woodblock print, signed "Giraffe running 3/16 B[arbara]. Howard"; abstract ink and wash sketch signed "Ashley '68 Toronto—4 for Allan Fleming with warm regards"; signed lithographic print of apples; four unsigned portraits of Allan Fleming, black and red conte crayon, profile view in black paint over pencil, pencil sketch showing his profile, and Fleming with a guitar, "stuck on a Danville girl"; cartoon portrait of Fleming as a photographic negative, signed "R Jones 70" [possibly Robert Jones of the Glad Hand Press]; unsigned, hand lettered and sketched cartoon portrait of Fleming in red conte crayon; "God Speed" good—bye poster, probably from Cooper and Beatty, signed by colleagues, including Jim Donoahue; ink sketch entitled "Good night, sweet prince..." with cartoon of Fleming and signatures of colleagues, including Lew Parker, Bill Sherman, and others; Japanese woodblock print; poster signed "[Leslie] Smart 75" given to Fleming for judging the design section of the 1975 Gold Quill Awards Program; mounted photograph of a stairwell, signed "Pamela Harris-McLeod 1970"; and mounted photograph of a female nude, unsigned.1967-1975

Call Number: 2008-002/028
(1)Graphic designs by Allan Fleming. -- File consists of 15 items including a matted set of Easter Seal stamps, broadsides and small posters including the "chrystmasse feaste" of the Arts and Letters Club in 1957 and the exhibit of the work of David Jones ca. 1974 at University College, and layouts for magazines including Maclean's.1957-1974
(2)Production material from Cooper & Beatty, Limited. -- File consists of: a docket with artwork for a poster for the Toronto Film Society; a poster for an appreciation night hosted by the Literary Days & Nights Society to celebrate the acceptance of the manuscript for the "Life and times of 'Tiger' Dunlop, January 1960; invitations to various events; parts of books; letterhead for the Metropolitan Separate School Board; and wordmarks for Dooley's Restaurant and the Torstar Corporation.1957-197-
(3)Artwork by Allan Fleming. -- File consists of 13 items including calligraphic designs, sketches on tissue paper, a charcoal portrait sketch [possibly of his mother, Belle Fleming] dated 20 October 1951, a charcoal self-portrait dated 28 October 1951 bearing a grade of A—, a pencil sketch for a catalogue, and a watercolour portrait of Nancy Fleming.195-
(4)Private presses. -- File consists of broadsides, booklets, pamphlets, and leaves printed by Joseph Low's Glad Hand Press, and by William Reuter of the Aliquando Press. Items include: "Lord of the Dance," Christmas 1969; "Railway" by Richard Outram, May 1973; "Scoggin," 1970; "Digression" by Jan Schreiber, 1970; "Henry Purcell" by Gerard Manley Hopkins, 1974; "Wood engraver," 1973; "A New Year Carol," 1973; birth announcement for Lucas Rueter, 1973; an anonymous sonnet set by Claudio Monteverdi, 14 February 1973; a quotation by Francis Bacon on "The contemplation of things as they are", October 1973; 1973 Christmas card; "Music is a companion to joy and a cure of sorrow," November 1972; an invitation for "The Aliquando Press, the first decade," 1974. Two broadsides were added posthumously by Prudence Tracy: "The Typesetting machine," October 1986, and "As the watchman in the vineyards..." by Rainer Maria Rilke, July 1986.1969-1986
(5)Research material. -- File consists of sheets showing printed calligraphy from various 18th or 19th-century works, as well as three advertisements produced by Mono Lino Typesetting Company regarding Quandrata, Serif Gothic, and Janson fonts.n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/029
(1)Research material : the common press. -- File consists of a broadside about presses printed by the Hall of Printing & Graphic Arts, National Museum of History & Technology, Washington, D.C., and a broadside for "John Fell : the university press and the 'Fell' types / by Stanley Morison with the assistance of Harry Carter," printed by Oxford and the Clarendon Press.n.d.
(2)Portraits. -- 4 photographs : b&w ; 35 x 27 cm and smaller prints. -- File consists of an image of Allan Fleming in his studio by Peter Croydon, watching amusement rides, sitting on the floor of an unidentified room with design objects hanging on the wall above him, and sitting in a Saarinen pedestal chair.[196-]
(3)Gravestones. -- 2 photographs : b&w ; 35.5 x 27.5 cm. -- File consists of images of the marker for Richard More, a "Mayflower" pilgrim, who died in 1692, and the shingle for Balkervill, writing master and cutter of gravestones.[196-?]
(4)Paper samples : Old Colony Envelope Company[196-?]
(5)Catalogues for Fleming exhibition. -- File consists of catalogues produced by the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Ontario.1976-1977

Call Number: 2008-002/030

Audio recordings

(1)Folk music. -- 1 audio reel (ca. 60 min.). -- File consists of music performed by Richard Dyer Bennett and later in the tape, Ed McCurdy.23 November 1952
(2)Portrait of Eric Gill. -- 1 audio reel (ca. 60 min.). -- File consists of a radio show broadcast by BBC London on 20 June 1961.1961
(3)Folk music. -- 1 audio reel (ca. 30 min.). -- File consists of a performance by an unidentified male performer.n.d.
(4)Acoustic guitar and ambient sounds. -- 1 audio reel (ca. 3 min.)n.d.

Call Number: 2008-002/031

Allan Fleming exhibition, 1976

(1)Exhibit elements, 1955-1969. -- File consists of: Allan Fleming's ABC business card, 1955; letterhead for Clyde Brothers Circus, 1956; invitation to Art in Mexico before Columbus, Gallery of Contemporary Art, 1956; Leo Lionni graphics exhibit at Cooper & Beatty, Ltd., 1957; "A Christmas box", invitation to exhibition of European graphics and small paintings, Gallery of Contemporary Art, 1957; cover of "Mayfair" magazine, May 1957; invitation to Robert Hedrick exhibition, Gallery of Contemporary Art, 1958; invitation to Noel Martin exhibition, Cooper & Beatty Ltd., 1958; announcement, Gay Curran Interiors, Green Dolphin Shop, 1959; letterhead for Taber Dulmage and Feheley, 1959; award certificate for J & J Brook Architectural Photography Show, 1959; invitation, "Stop and go", Cooper & Beatty Ltd., 1959; invitation and model for visual redesign program of Candaian National Railways, 1960; letterhead, The House of Prints, 1960; invitation, exhibition of Martin Goldsholl, Cooper & Beatty Ltd., 1960; invitation, exhibition of Hermann Zapf, Cooper & Beatty Ltd., [1960]; invitation, exhibition of Sudler, Hennessey & Lubalin, Cooper & Beatty Ltd., [1960]; invitation, exhibition of Gerstner + Kutter, Cooper & Beatty Ltd., 1961; periodical cover, "The Canadian architect August 1961 / Southam-MacLean Publications," 1961; Christmas card, The Parkers, [1961]; symbol, Montreal Trust Company, 1962; invitation, exhibition of William Golden, Cooper & Beatty Ltd., 1962; symbol and letterhead, Trent University, 1964; symbol, Ontario Hydro, 1965; symbol, Toronto Symphony, 1965; booklet, "Exultate jubilate / Richard Outram," 1966; book, "Alphabet book", 1968; book jacket, "French existentialism", 1968; logotype, Dooley's restaurant, 1968; book jacket, Centennial Centre of Science and Technology, 1969.1976
(2)Exhibit elements, 1969-1970. -- File consists of: book jacket and pages, "Rural Ontario", 1969; booklet, Centennial Centre of Science and Technology, 1969; symbol, Metropolitan Toronto Separate School Board, 1969; book jacket, "Judicial review / Edward McWhinney", 1969; letterhead, David Milne catalogue, 1970; symbol, Gray Coach Lines, 1970; book, "Polyptique deux=polytych two / Normand Gregoire", 1970.1976
(3)Book, "Twenty-eight drawings / by Barbara Howard," 19701976

Call Number: 2008-002/032
(1)Exhibit elements, 1970-1971. -- File consists of: booklet, "New acquisitions," Art Gallery of Ontario, 1970; invitation, wedding of Sarah Jane Tracy to Artur Bohnet, 1970; catalogue, Concrete Awards Program, Design Canada, 1971; symbol, Design Canada, 1971; and catalogue, 91st annual exhibition, Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, 1971.1976
(2)Book, "The hymn book," Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada, 19711976
(3)Book, "Sculpture Inuit," Canadian Arts Council, 19711976

Call Number: 2008-002/033
(1)Book, "Old Niagara on the Lake / by Peter John Stokes," 19711976
(2)Exhibition elements, 1971-1974 . -- File consists of: book jacket, "Naturalisme pas mort : lettres inedites de Paul Alexis a Emile Zola, 1871-1900 / B.H Bakker, ed.," 1971; book, "Canada," National Film Board of Canada Still Photography Division, 1973; Christmas card, UNICEF, 1972-1973; book jacket, "William Henry Bartlett : artist, author & traveller / Alexander M. Ross," 1973; postage stamp, Joseph Howe, Canada Post Office, 1973; book jacket, "Douglas Duncan : a memorial portrait / Alan Jarvis, ed.," 1974; book spine, "A dictionary of the Chinese participles / Dobson," 1974; letterhead for "The collected works of Erasmus" for University of Toronto Press, 1974.1976

Call Number: 2008-002/034
(1)Book, "The rape observ'd / by Alexander Pope, ed. by Clarence Tracy," 19741976
(2)Book, "The correspondence of Erasmus : Letters 142 to 297 / University of Toronto Press," 19741976

Call Number: 2008-002/035
(1)Exhibition elements, 1974-1977. -- File consists of: book jacket, "A peoples's art : primitive, provincial, and folk painting in Canada / by J. Russell Harper," 1974; postage stamp, R. Tait McKenzie, Canada Post Office, 1974; invitation to exhibition of David Jones, University College, 1975; postage stamp, The Supreme Court of Canada, Canada Post Office, 1975; book jacket, "Enjoying Canadian painting / by Patricia Godsell," 1976; logotype, Torstar, Torstar Limited, 1976; book jacket, "Canadian Wildflowers 1977 / by Mary Ferguson and Richard Saunders," 1976; periodical, "Graphicaids vol.1, no.1 / by Domtar Fine Papers Limited," [1976].1976
(2)Book, "Jack Bush : a retrospective / Art Gallery of Ontario," 19761976

Call Number: 2008-002/036
(1)Exhibition elements, [before 1976] . -- File consists of: book jacket, "Creative English / by Brown and McMaster"; book jacket, "Adult education in the Canadian University"; book jacket, "Writing in Canada / ed. by George Whalley"; book jacket, "Adventures / by the National Industrial Advertisers Association"; advertisement, "Craftsmanship" for Cooper & Beatty, Limited; page 153 from a book, David Milne; page 242 from a book, "Dalton Camp"; page 243 from a book, "Alexander Wyse"; broadside, "A specimen of Cape Dorset Eskimo syllabic type."1976
(2)Exhibition elements, [before 1978] . -- File consists of: page from a book, image 87; page 25 from a book, "Things go better with Coke"; page 25 from a book, "Pioneer snake fence in the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario"; invitation to exhibition of new works by Alexander Wyse, The Penell Gallery.1976

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