F0125 - Don Coles fonds


Call Number: 2007-006/001
(1)Groundhog testifies / Don Coles, published in Saturday night magazineMay 1993
(2)En route : CBC literary award for poetry winner for which Don Coles was on the jury2005
(3)The heat of the day, draft25 September 2006
(4)The London review of books, copy of page containing Forests of the medieval world by Don ColesAugust 1990
(5)Kurgan, book review in the Breath e-zine14 November 2002
(6)Proust, draft[2006]
(7)Review by Coles of E.E Cummings : a biography2004
(8)Articles, reviews re: Doctor Bloom's story2004
(9)Anne McDermid, correspondence2001
(10)Christopher Potter, correspondence2001
(11)Knopf Canada correspondence re: Doctor Bloom's story2003 - 2004
(12)Livingston Cooke Inc., correspondence2002 - 2003
(13)How we all swiftly, galleysSeptember 2005 1 of 2
(14)How we all swiftly, galleysSeptember 2005 2 of 2
(15)Review of How we all swiftly2006
(16)Serendipities (A dropped glove in regent street), draft[ca. 2005]
(17)A dropped glove in regent street, draftJuly 2006 1 of 2
(18)A dropped glove in regent street, draftJuly 2006 2 of 2
(19)Scenes from a Cambridge life, draft, for CBC2006
(20)Lettre international, includes Coles' Munch poems in German translationsummer 2005

Call Number: 2007-006/002
(1)General correspondence1994 - 2002
(2)General correspondence2005 - 2006
(3)Ken Babstock, poetry manuscript[ca. 1999]
(4)John Bemrose, Missinaibi voyage
(5)Stephanie Bolster, correspondence2003
(6)Invitation to the Griffin poetry prize awards2006
(7)Philip Grover, correspondence2005 - 2006
(8)Elisabeth Harvor, correspondence1992
(9)Bruce Hunter, correspondence2005
(10)Jake Kennedy and Christopher Wiseman, correspondence re: Don Coles festschrift2001
(11)Dennis Lee, correspondence2006
(12)Margitt Lehbert, correspondnce1997 - 2002
(13)Douglas Le Pan, correspondence1990
(14)John Metcalf, correspondence1997 - 2006
(15)David O'Meara, correspondence2005 - 2006
(16)Eric Ormsby, correspondence2001
(17)George Payerle, correspondence2002
(18)The porcupine's quill, correspondence1997 - 2002
(19)Gustav Richar, correspondence2005 - 2006
(20)Robin Sarah, correspondence2003
(21)Aubrey Schwartz, correspondence2006
(22)Kenneth Sherman, correspondence1989
(23)Carol Shields, correspondence re: Christopher Potter2000
(24)Glen Sorestad, correspondence
(25)Carmine Starnino, correspondence2003
(26)Sumach press2001 - 2002
(27)Hermit's kiss / Richard Teleky, manuscript, with cover jacket comments by Don Coles24 September 2005
(28)Monica Transtromer, correspondence1997 - 1998, 2004
(29)Michael Trussler, correspondence2004
(30)Sarah Venart, correspondence and manuscript2005
(31)Liliane Welch, correspondence2006
(32)John Wing Jr., correspondence2003
(33)Christopher Wiseman, correspondence10 July 1987
(34)Christopher Wiseman, correspondence2003

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