F0418 - Richard J. Storr fonds


Call Number: 2006-048/001
(1)American council on education, 43rd annual meeting, Chicago, Illinois : papers1960
(2)Institute for behavioural research oral history programme1969
(3)York University : Dean Harold Kaplan letter1973
(4)York : Joint board/senate committees1973
(5)Excalibur article re: Murray Ross and the Whole man1974
(6)Leadership, goals and power in higher education : chapter that refers to Richard J. Storr as acting president of York University1974
(7)Founders College talk on Canadian and American higher education1975
(8)Murray Ross symposium1975
(9)Proposal for a centre for policy studies in higher education1975
(10)Exploring1946-1968, 1976
(11)York University / policy making1972-1976
(12)President's commission, Richard J. Storr post1976
(13)President's commission, notes1976
(14)President's commission, notes, memos1976
(15)Presidential committee on the study of higher education1976
(16)Letter to Ian Macdonald on York University affairs1978
(17)York University faculty of arts, report of the Committee to review the divisons1978
(18)York University reorganization and other reports1978
(19)University development : an american traditon
(20)The university education in mass society: changing and unchanged goals, programs and philosophy of education, paper given at Seoul National University1982
(21)York long range planning1982-1983

Call Number: 2006-048/002
(1)York-OISE seminar on research in higher education1983
(2)COSSU reports1984
(3)York higher education research group, summary of meeting1986
(4)York planning1986
(5)Policy seminar in York colleges1989-1990
(6)York University : Ramsay Cook1990
(7)York White Rose society1990
(8)Crossroads : catalogue for exhibiton at A.G.Y.U. with introduction by Richard Storr1991
(9)University of Bologna1992
(10)Course evaluations and reading list for SOSC 3850 6.01994-1995
(11)SOSC 3850 : student papers on designing a university1995
(12)York University : Bill Found1978-1996
(13)The "New Universities" : Richard Storr for President Marsden
(14)Notes and ideas for President Marsden1995-1996
(15)Founders college : letter from Office of the Master1996
(16)University of Toronto1996
(17)York University : Maclean's rating1996
(18)York University strike and other matters, clippings1997
(19)Patricia Stamp, Founders College1998
(20)Material for discussion with President Marsden1998-1999
(21)Notes and resource material for a conference on University design1999
(22)Richard J. Storr writings for Collecting my thoughts1998

Call Number: 2006-048/003
(1)Collecting my thoughts1996
(2)Collecting my thoughts : copy 3, pictures not complete1998
(3)Collecting my thoughts : draft 1 of 2
(4)Collecting my thoughts : draft 2 of 2
(5)Collecting my thoughts : writing copy 3
(6)Collecting my thoughts : R.J.S. writing and related text from C.M.T., version 21999
(7)Collecting my thoughts : version II, red dot copy1999
(8)Collecting my thoughts : version I, master copy1999
(9)Collecting my thoughts : definitive copy of version II1999
(10)Collecting my thoughts : R.J.S. writings, definitive copy of version II1999

Call Number: 2006-048/004
(1)Collecting my thoughts : definitive copy of version II, folder 21999
(2)Collecting my thoughts : best version of 2, folder 21999
(3)Collecting my thoughts : copy of master copy, parts III and IV1999
(4)Collecting my thoughts : R.J.S. writings, best version1999
(5)Collecting my thoughts : best version, copy of folder 11999
(6)Collecting my thoughts : original copy as of 20012001 1 of 2
(7)Collecting my thoughts : original copy as of 20012001 2 of 2
(8)Collecting my thoughts : copy II2001
(9)Collecting my thoughts : master copy, folder 12002
(10)Collecting my thoughts : draft2002

Call Number: 2006-048/005
(1)C.M.T., January 2002 copy, folder 22002
(2)C.M.T. notes2002
(3)Isle of Wight pages and extra pages; Guelph, Hassell
(4)C.M.T., version for publication2002
(5)C.M.T. : working papers, original ideas2002
(6)C.M.T. odds and ends
(7)Illustrated London News half page vignettes
(8)Art of graphic journalism, working papers
(9)Possibly for use for a Massey College exhibition
(10)Pages from C.M.T. and other papers2002
(11)Tentative texts, notes etc.2002
(12)Working papers
(14)C.M.T. : extra pages of text2003
(15)Writing for/about C.M.T. and exhibition2003
(16)Bits of pieces, scraps2003
(17)Draft pages2003
(18)Papers on writing on American education as a whole, draft of cream memo2003
(19)First pages of Seoul paper
(20)Working papers, miscellaneous
(21)Some thoughts / bits of text
(22)President Thomas Hill and Harvard
(23)C.M.T., possibly important
(24)C.M.T. bits and pieces
(25)Working papers, bits of text2003

Call Number: 2006-048/006
(1)C.M.T. working papers2003
(2)Thomas Hill's Harvard
(3)Miscellaneous papers filed2004
(4)Miscellaneous papers related to British fisheries
(5)Ideas for C.M.T., bits and pieces of text (not current)2005
(6)C.M.T., holds
(7)Some thoughts... long version2004
(8)Extra pages2004
(9)C.M.T., draft2004
(10)C.M.T. best version [Joy of living]2004
(11)Various papers, notes etc. used while writing2005 1 of 2
(12)Various papers, notes etc. used while writing2005 2 of 2
(13)C.M.T., supporting material2005
(15)My watercolor of steephill
(16)Two people; The Gilpins

Call Number: 2006-048/007
(1)Material for possible revision
(2)C.M.T. (Hold)2005
(3)Old copy of Carnegie papers
(4)Bits of text, pictures etc.
(5)Beginning of graduate education in America
(6)Notes to be sorted
(7)C.M.T., revision
(8)C.M.T., draft
(9)C.M.T., copy III, folder 2
(10)C.M.T., draft, pages 1-82
(11)Atget : essay, letter
(12)Bits of text not used in C.M.T. 1 of 2

Call Number: 2006-048/008
(1)Bits of text not used in C.M.T. 2 of 2
(2)Some thoughts, R.J.S. texts / writings considered for some thoughts
(3)Some thoughts, draft
(4)Some thoughts, recourse material2001
(5)Some thoughts, possible additions
(6)Some thoughts on university design, best copy as of 27 May 20022002
(7)Some thoughts, to be done2001
(8)Some thoughts, master copy as of July 21, 20022002
(9)Some thoughts, draft2001
(10)Some thoughts, extra pages,2001
(11)Some thoughts, long version and other related matters
(12)Some thoughts, proof reading
(14)Extra Amazon pieces
(15)Folder 2, revised
(16)I.L.N. working papers2003
(17)Working papers2003
(18)Bits of text on I.L.N. material
(19)I.L.N. notes etc.2004
(20)I.L.N. exhibition notes
(21)Art or graphic journalism, working papers

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