F0246 - Paul Grosney fonds


Call Number: 2004-034/001
(1)Photo Album1937-1945 Replacement Photocopy
(2)Photo Album1937-1945 Originals
(3)Photo Album Replacement Photocopy
(4)Photo Album Originals
(5)Photographs of Grosney Alonge and with Fellow Musicians1956-1985
(6)Photographs of Grosney with Louis Armstrong[195-]
(7)Photograph of Grosney Performing with Ray Brown and Oscar Peterson[195-]
(8)Photograph of Grosney with Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna[195-]
(9)Photograph of Grosney with Don Carlos and Sammy Davis Jr.[195-]
(10)Caricature of Grosney1975
(11)The Paul Grosney Septette at the Island Club, Ontario Place15 September 2001 audio recording
(12)Paul Grosney Trio Sampler audio recording
(13)I Hear Music / Paul Grosney audio recording
(14)Bernie Senensky / Solo Piano audio recording
(15)Paul Grosney's 79th Birthday Party10 February 2002 audio recording
(16)Paul Grosney Invues: with Ted O'Reilly, 13 December 1999; with CBC, 14 December 19991999 audio recording
(17)Paul Grosney/Ted O'Reilly on CJRT-FM13 December 1999 audio recording
(18)Swing That Music!/ Paul Grosney and the Kansas City Local audio recording
(19)Lynn Roberts audio recording
(20)Wee Big Band Duke Sacred Church, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Recorded by Hart Wheeler22 June 2000 audio recording 1 of 2
(21)Wee Big Band Duke Sacred Church, St. Paul's Anglican Church, Recorded by Hart Wheeler22 June 2000 audio recording 2 of 2
(22)Carl Fontana and Al Cohn for Groz, Recorded Septeber '85 in New JerseySeptember 1985 audio recording
(23)Judy Garland and Ruby Braf audio recording
(24)Lynn Roberts and Mel Davis; Urbie Green Big Band and Buddy Rich audio recording
(25)The Hart Wheeler Showband Live at the Diamond Lil Room, Toronto - Composite Samples from 1982/19831982-1983 audio recording
(26)Sue Moss (demo): Bluesette, Let Your Heart Be Free, He Love You, Favorite Things audio recording
(27)Miller Tribute, Gordie's6 October 1993 audio recording
(28)Great Artists - Mixed Tape audio recording
(29)Thompson, James, Warner17 August 2002 audio recording
(30)SDSU Combo #21 May 2002 audio recording
(31)Timex Canadian All-Star Jazz Show (featuring Paul Grosney playing with the Chris Gage Trio)1959 video recording ca. 30:00
(32)Recording of Toot Ensemble Noon Band, Paul Grosney on lead trumpet19 October 1988 video recording ca. 9:30
(33)St. John's (Tech) High School 75th Anniversary and Reunion Galaxy of Stars (includes a performance by Paul Grosney among others)22 June 1985 video recording ca. 2:40

Call Number: 2004-034/002
(1)Paul Grosney #1: Rosetta, Broadway, Frying Home, Twinkle Toes, Tag, Make Like the Red, This Is All I Axe, AMPEX Precision Magnetic Tape, Master11 December 1979
(2)Paul Grosney #2: Satin Doll, Valentine, Swing that Music, Rosetta, AMPEX Precision Magnetic Tape, Master12 December 1979
(3)Paul Grosney: It's Been Too Long, Someday, Blues, AMPEX Precision Tape, Master31 August 1987

Call Number: 2004-034/003
(1)2 Posters of Paul Grosney Band in Performance[195-]

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