F0246 - Paul Grosney fonds


Call Number: 2004-004/001

Music Arrangements by Instrument

(1)Alto/Tenor Saxes
(4)Tenor Sax

Correspondence, Personal Papers, Clippings and Misc. Materials

(8)Paul Grosney's public school report cards1936-1937, 1937-1938
(9)Royal Canadian Air Force service and pay book1944
(10)Service diary1945
(11)Certificate of R.C.A.F. ServiceNovemeber 8, 1945
(12)correspondence1945, 1952, 1999
(13)Paul Grosney [brief professional summary]
(14)Life Member of Toronto Musician's association (plaque card)
(15)ACTRA award nominations1983-1985
(16)Newspaper clippings on Paul Grosney1947-2001 1 of 2
(17)Newspaper clippings on Paul Grosney1947-2001 2 of 2
(18)Caricature of Grosney -70th birthday[1993]
(19)Photographs 1 of 2
(20)Photographs 2 of 2

Call Number: 2004-004/002

AUDIO REELS -commericals

(1)Ronalds-Reynolds Ltd. Labatts Breweries, Pilsner Beer "Roaring Party"1965
(2)Ronalds-Reynolds Ltd. Labatts Breweries, Pilsner Beer "Tame and Gentle"1965
(3)Ronalds-Reynolds Ltd. Labatts Breweries, Pilsner Beer "Mugs"1965
(4)Demonstration reel: Chevrolet, Pacific Western Airlines, Lastman for Controler, Chicklets, Nova Scotia Travel Bureau, Viva, Maxwell House, Red Cap, Council of Drug Abuse1970
(5)Conklin Christmas CarnivalOct. 4, 1971
(6)Marine LandMay 25, 1972
(7)Tic Tac's (master)June 17, 1972
(8)Tic Tac's (copy)June 17, 1972
(9)Beckers Ltd.Nov. 18, 1972 1 of 2
(10)Beckers Ltd.Nov. 18, 1972 2 of 2
(11)Paul Grosney and Bob McMullin MusicFeb. 15, 1973
(12)Suzuki Canada Ltd.May 22, 1974
(13)CN TowerMar. 6, 1978
(14)Marine LandJune 12, 1978
(15)The BeeperJune 14, 1978 1 of 2
(16)The BeeperJune 14, 1978 2 of 2
(17)Canadian TireJuly 9, 1979
(18)Canadian TireJuly 9, 1979
(20)Labatt's Pilsner "commuter"
(21)Marine Land
(22)Conklin Christmas Carnival
(23)City Centre
(24)Clinic Shampoo; Silversteins; C.N.E.
(25)Tea Council Audition
(26)Dub of Tea Council Recording

AUDIO REELS- [musical recordings]

(27)CBC "Pick the Stars" -Paul Grosney's trumpet parody1956
(28)Band styles medleyDec. 1960
(29)Ragtime show1961
(30)Ragtime show; Cue For a ComboMay 30 1961; Dec. 30, 1961
(31)King Eddy (master)June 7, 1961
(32)King Eddy (copy)June 7, 1961
(33)King EddyJune 28, 1961
(34)Cue For a ComboDec. 30, 1961
(35)Bel Mir Bist Du Schon (master)Feb. 26, 1962
(36)Bel Mir Bist Du Schon (copy)Feb. 26, 1962
(37)The Midnight Sun Never KnewNov. 30, 1962
(38)Broadway Holiday; Tommy Dorsey on BroadwaySept. 23, 1963
(39)Mel Torme in ConcertSept. 23, 1963
(40)Top BrassApril 16, 1967
(41)Demo Tape -Gary GaugerMay 31, 1972
(42)Paul Grosney Trumpet ImpressionsMarch 7, 1973
(43)Race Home To DieJune 18, 1973
(44)Knights of the Round Flugel
(45)Ella and Andy and Newley and Torme and Rich Little and Johnny Mercer
(46)Think Young; Weekend; Love of Mine; Sister Sadie
(47)Benny Goodman; Mel Torme Parade; Andy Williams CTV shoes -opening songs
(48)Mel Lewis and Gary McFarlane Big Bands
(49)Andy Williams; Tony Bennett; Basie

Call Number: 2004-004/003

AUDIO REELS -Radio programmes

(1)CKRC New Year, Rhapsody in Blue[1955?]
(2)CKRC Bell Walker SkitJan. 1955
(3)CKRC Last Show of SeasonApr. 1955
(4)CKRCMar. 3, 1956
(5)CKRC Farewell to Al1956
(6)CFRB -Paul Grosney ShowsNov. 19 and 25, 1959
(7)CFRB -Paul Grosney[ca. 1959?]
(8)CHFI Big Band Tent Broadcast, Paul Grosney Orchestra with Henry OuestaAug. 16, 1975
(9)CHFI Big Band Tent Broadcast, Paul Grosney Orchestra with Henry OuestaAug. 17, 1975

AUDIO REELS -Variety Showcase\Variety Hour

(10)"The Grosney Beat"
(11)CBC Var. HourFeb 17, 1960
(12)Var. ShowcaseMar. 30, 1960
(13)CBC Var. ShowcaseNov. 3, 1960
(14)CBC Var. HourFeb. 17, 1962
(15)Var. ShowcaseJuly 29, 1962
(16)Var. ShowcaseAug. 10, 1962
(17)Dorsey Tribute; Var. Showcase1963; 1965
(18)Var. ShowcaseApril 8, 1964
(19)Var. ShowcaseApril 8, 1965 1 of 2
(20)Var. ShowcaseApril 8, 1965 2 of 2

Blye and the Boys

(21)Blye and the BoysMarch 1, 1963
(22)Blye and the BoysJune 5, 1964
(23)Blye and the BoysJune 12, 1964
(24)Blye and the BoysJune 26, 1964
(25)Blye and the BoysJuly 3, 1964
(26)Blye and the BoysJuly 10, 1964
(27)Blye and the BoysJuly 17, 1964
(28)Blye and the BoysJuly 24, 1964
(29)Blye and the BoysJuly 31, 1964
(30)Blye and the BoysAug. 7, 1964
(31)Blye and the BoysAug. 14, 1964
(32)Blye and the BoysAug. 28, 1964

Audio Reels -misc.

(33)Moog & Floog
(34)Grosney and McMullin, Moog & Flug idea for meeting
(35)[no name]

Call Number: 2004-004/004


(1)Paul Grosney Orch. Cassette 1-A, Norma Locke Vocalsca. 1960
(2)Paul Grosney Orch., Alan Blye and Shirley Harmer vocalsca. 1960
(3)Paul Grosney Orch. showcase
(4)Paul Grosney Trio sampler
(5)I'm Just Wild About Harry -tribute to Harry James1997
(6)Swing That Music! Paul Grosney and the Kansas City Local 1 of 2
(7)Swing That Music! Paul Grosney and the Kansas City Local 2 of 2
(8)The Paul Grosney Septette at the Island Club, Ontario PlaceSept. 15, 2001
(9)Bobby Hacket Quintet live!


(10)I'm Just Wild About Harry -A Tribute to Harry James1997
(11)I Hear Music -Paul Grosney and his Orchestra2001
(12)The Best (well, almost) of Paul Grosney
(13)Compact Disc copies of audio reels (14 CDs)
(14)Compact Disc copy -CKRCApril 1955; Jan 1956
(15)Compact Disc copy- CKRCMarch 3, 1956
(16)Compact Disc copy -CKRC/CFRB1959

Call Number: 2004-004/005


(1)Swing That Music -Paul Grosney and the Kansas City Local lp
(2)An Evening with Red Skelton -with Paul Grosney Orchestra1994 poster
(3)Photo of Paul Grosney playing trumpet
(5)plaque from Ontario Place, in appreciation of Paul Grosney1971

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