F0444 - Sam and Manya Lipshitz fonds


Call Number: 2003-061/001

Jewish organizations and political files

(1)Mandolin orchestra of the Jewish Cultural Centre, Toronto. -- File consists of a photograph of the orchestra with their instruments. Sam Lipshitz is in the second row, fourth from left, and Manya Lipshitz is in the third row, third from left.8 April 1932

Call Number: 2003-061/002
(1)Annual concert of the Labour League Schools. -- File consists of a programme in Yiddish with an advertisement for Camp Kindervelt (forerunner of Camp Naivelt) on the back cover.1935
(2)Rosen, Charles and Chaim Sheul. -- File consists of correspondence between the Montreal office of the "Canadian Jewish weekly," the Labour League, and the Jewish Assistance and Social Organization and Sam Lipshitz in Toronto regarding organizational and fundraising activities, the Labour League conference in Montreal, plans to meet with Sam Bronfman, congratulation on the victory (likely of J.B. Salsberg) in Toronto's municipal elections, plans for lectures and exhibits, films on Jews in the Soviet Union, plans to order Earl Browder's book in Yiddish to distribute to members, Eleanor Roosevelt's speech at the Montreal Forum and her plea for aid for Russian allies (where $200,000 was raised, including $50,000 collected by the Jewish community) in January 1943, Salsberg's visit to Montreal in 1943, news of the emergence of anti-soviet issues with the Canadian Jewish Congress in April 1943, a battle between left and right elements on a committee established to organize a memorial for Chaim Zhitlovsky (a prominent Jewish-Canadian writer and teacher) in May 1943, and strategic discussions regarding issues facing the Canadian Jewish Congress.1942-1943
(3)United Jewish People's Order. -- File consists of a programme for the tenth anniversary banquet, 1946; the text of Sam Lipshitz's speech to the fourth national convention, with correspondence and other documents regarding his remarks in 1947; and a flyer for the organizing committee of the Montreal Jewish Cultural Conference.1946-1947
(4)Camp Naivelt. -- File consists of two reports by David Kunigis, Director of the children's colony for the camp.1947-1948
(5)Camp Naivelt. -- File consists of 11 photographic prints showing children's activities and a delegation from Poland.1936, 1946
(6)Morris Winchevsky Children's School. -- File consists of the programme for the third annual concert in 1931, and a biography of Winchevsky.1931-1932
(7)Morris Winchevsky Children's School. -- File consists of four photographic prints showing Manya Lipshitz as a teacher and May Lipshitz (daughter of Sam and Manya) as a student at the school, as well as scenes during a visit by Paul Robeson.ca. 1947
(8)Cultural events. -- File consists of programmes for: the Jewish Folk Choir (including a greeting by Sam Lipshitz); the fourth annual convention of the United Jewish People's Order (including an article by Lipshitz), 1954; and a dramatic pageant to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Israel Independence Day, 1958.195-
(9)United Jewish People's Order. -- File consists of pamphlets and newspaper clippings regarding the rearmament of Germany.1954
(10)New Fraternal Jewish Association. -- File consists of a press release regarding the new organization, general by-law, policy statement, speeches by Sam Lipshitz (including one for the tenth anniversary), and two photographic prints of an association event.1957-1960
(11)New Fraternal Jewish Association. -- File consists of correspondence, announcements, and speeches regarding the organization's creation in 1960 and its subsequent development, eulogy to Emil Gartner, former conductor of the Jewish Folk Choir, letters about the Chaim Zhitlovsky Lodge, remarks by Sam Lipshitz upon accepting election as president of the association, and information about meetings and assemblies.1960-1978
(12)New Fraternal Jewish Association : stationery199-
(13)Fraternally yours. -- File consists of articles, poems, and photographs on Israel, Maxim Gorki, a biographical note about J.I. Segal by Chava Rosenfarb, and a story on Chanukah by Manya Lipshiptz that were gathered by Samuel Lipshitz in his role as editor of the magazine. Also included is a photograph of Lipshitz, Hy Naistein, and an unidentified man standing at the door to the offices of the New Fraternal Jewish Association.1977-1997
(14)Fraternally yours : correspondence. -- File consists of letters and announcements of events of the New Fraternal Jewish Association.1978-1997
(15)Gershman, Joshua. -- File consists of correspondence regarding "Vochenblatt," including fundraising and articles, Gershman's tours and lectures, a complaint to Gershman regarding his hypocrisy over the situation of poor workers, plans to visit Poland in 1948, income reports for tours in 1948 and 1955, a flyer for Gershman's speech about the growing economic crisis in Canada, and a statement by Gershman at the joint meeting of the National Resident Board and the Toronto Executive Board of the United Jewish People's Order.1943-1959
(16)Trade Typesetting. -- File consists of specimen books, promotional material, clippings and three photographs pertaining to the Gold Medal Award presented by the International Typographic Composition Association for work on a Canadian 15-cent postage stamp, a photograph of Sam Lipshitz with pressmen at the company's plant, and documents regarding his membership in the Toronto Typographical Union.1971-1976
(17)Canadian communism and Jewish affairs. -- File consists of annotated text of a speech by Sam Lipshitz, "In the footsteps of Russian anti-semitic propaganda," and by Tim Buck, "The future of Palestine and the problem of post-war Jewish resettlement," Toronto, 8 September 1946.194-
(18)Hull interment camp. -- File consists of lyrics to a song composed and sung in the camp during the period that the Canadian Communist Party was illegal.[194-?]
(19)Labor-Progressive Party. -- File consists of correspondence regarding Sam Lipshitz's participation in the National Executive Committee meeting in May 1944, report on the communist party's nation-wide system of schools, January 1947, correspondence regarding work of the party's Jewish committees, J.B. Salsberg's resolution calling on the party to explore tragic events in Hungary, 1956, and typescript notes for speeches given by Sam Lipshitz to party conventions, including "On some problems confronting our party," 1957. File also includes the souvenir program for the dinner in honour of Tim Buck, King Edward Hotel, Toronto, 12 January 1945, that is signed by many of the members in attendance, including Fred Rose, Tim and Alice Buck, Sam Carr, J.B. Salsberg, and S.B. Ryerson.1944-1957
(20)Resignation from the Labor-Progressive Party. -- File consists of correspondence, press releases, and clippings regarding the resignation of Sam and Manya Lipshitz from the Canadian communist party, along with J.B. Salsberg, Stewart Smith, and Harry Binder.1956
(21)Labor-Progressive Party : Yakir's speech. -- File consists of typescript notes from the speech given by S. Yakir to the Ontario provincial convention regarding those who resigned from the communist party the previous year.April 1958
(22)Imprisonment in the Don Jail. -- File consists of a letter written by Sam to Manya Lipshitz during his confinement in the jail after the federal government outlawed the communist party in June 1940, as well as newspaper clippings regarding the release of Lipshitz, Tim Buck, and 14 other men from jail.October 1942
(23)Elections. -- File consists of campaign literature for Labor-Progressive Party candidates, including Harry Paikin in Hamilton Centre, Harry Binder in Ottawa West, and Austin Delaney in Vancouver, as well as campaign literature, newspaper clippings, and poll results for communist candidates in Wards 4 and 5 of the municipal election in Toronto on 1 January 1944.1943-1944
(24)Elections. -- File consists of correspondence, literature, and newspaper articles regarding the campaigns of J.B. Salsberg, A.A. MacLeod, Sam Carr, Tim Buck, Fred Rose, and Dave Croll (a Liberal and the only non-communist in this group) in the St. Andrew, Spadina, and Trinity ridings for federal and provincial elections.June 1945
(25)Provincial election : A.A. MacLeod, Bellwoods riding. -- File consists of notes, campaign literature, receipt books, and a certificate appointing Sam Lipshitz as MacLeod's agent at a polling station.June 1948
(26)Federal election : Harry Binder, Cartier riding (Montreal). -- File consists of promotional literature, letters of support, newspaper articles, and other material for the campaign managed by Sam Lipshitz for Binder, with some documents referring to Tim Buck and Joe Zuken.June 1949
(27)Municipal election. -- File consists of promotional literature, newspaper articles, a button, correspondence (including a letter of support by J.B. Salsberg), and speeches for Sam Lipshitz's campaign for Ward 7 in North York.1974
(28)Federal election. -- File consists of newspaper articles regarding the Liberal Party's election victory.February 1980

Call Number: 2003-061/003

Trips to Poland

(1)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters to and from family, friends, and colleagues, reports, expense accounts, and speeches regarding Samuel Lipshitz's trips to Poland, Paris, and Israel, and the affairs of Jewish organizations including: program of the American Jewish Cultural Conference, 31 October 1947; membership in the American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists, 1947; flyer for the Canadian Federation of Polish Jews, 27 June 1946; speeches on world peace, 1948; and impressions of Israel, 1949.1944-1949
(2)Findings regarding Jews in Europe. -- File consists of correspondence to Sam Lipshitz regarding relief work on behalf of Radom and other centres.1944-1945
(3)Correspondence and news clippings. -- File consists of letters and articles dealing with the trip to Poland, relations with the Canadian Jewish Congress, and relief efforts for Jews in Poland.1945-1946
(4)Preparations for Poland trip. -- File consists of letters, telegrams, speaking notes, and related documents regarding conditions in Poland, relief efforts for European Jews, work of the Women's Organization on Overseas Relief, providing clothes for survivors, the plight of Jews in concentration camps, plans to start a public campaign in favour of Jewish immigration to Canada, invitation to attend the Russian embassy on the 28th anniversary of the revolution, and speaking engagements in Canada and the United States.1945-1946
(5)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters regarding arrangements for the trip to Poland and inquiries from various people about their relatives, and contributions by foreign journalists to "Vochenblatt" and "Morning freiheit."1945-1946
(6)Warsaw acuses. -- File consists of a booklet published by the Library of the Polish Embassy in New York containing photographs of pre- and post-war Warsaw that document the destruction of the Polish capital.[1946]
(7)Letters to Mania Lipshitz. -- File consists of correspondence sent during the trip to Poland in 1945 and Sam's tour of Western Canada in 1946. The letters are in Yiddish, and are accompanied by typescript English translations.1945-1946
(8)Notebooks. -- File consists of two bound notebooks kept by Sam Lipshitz during his trip to Poland, with notes on preparations for the trip, departure (including passengers and war brides), the names of Jews looking for relatives in Canada and the United States, events during the war in Chmielnik, Staszow, Lodz, and other Polish communities, exhumation of bodies in Bialystok and district, problem of Jewish identity in Poland, testimony by survivors (including an 11-year-old girl), statistics and demography of Polish Jewry, Provincial Committee in Rychbach, Jewish population in Lower Silesia, problem of returning soldiers, members of the underground who killed Germans, and the situation in London and Berlin.1945-1946
(9)Trip to Poland. -- File consists of documents collected by Sam Lipshitz in preparation for his visit, including a medical note, application for travel, calling cards, and a letter of introduction in Polish. Also included are a report from Warsaw, articles in Yiddish and English regarding his trip, correspondence from family and colleagues (including J.B. Salsberg), articles by Lipshitz about the reports by Dr. Samuel Margoshes concerning the condition of the Jews in Poland, and letters to the editor of "Der tog" in response to Lipshitz's articles about his trip that were published in "Vochenblatt."1945-1946
(10)Trip to Poland. -- File consists of typescript articles, notes, and correspondence written in Berlin, London, and Poland regarding the journey from Canada to England, Jews in Canada, the United States, and Poland searching for surviving relatives, Sam Lipshitz's speeches on the condition of Jews in Poland, the execution of Paul Hoffman, head of crematoriums in Majdanek.1945-1946
(11)Miscellaneous correspondence. -- File consists of letters regarding "Vochenblatt" (Canadian Jewish weekly), report to the Canadian Jewish Congress on the trip to Poland, aid to Russia, and Polish Jews looking for relatives in Canada and the United States.1946-1948
(12)Poland. -- File consists of newspaper articles about steps taken by the Central Committee of Jews in Poland to develop plans for the repatriation of Polish Jews, efforts by the Polish government to improve living conditions for Jews, Sam Lipshitz's address to a meeting in Montreal following his trip to Poland, and a critique of Lipshitz's article published in a Polish communist newspaper about the sale of land to American interests by the Israeli government in 1950.1945-1946, 1950
(13)Poland. -- File consists of newspaper articles about Jewish families in Poland, Canada, and the United States looking for survivors of the war, poverty and fear among the Jews in post-war Radom, dissatisfaction at the meagre financial assistance coming from Jews in the United States, Sam Lipshitz's reports from Poland, criticism of the writings of Samuel Margoshes and Sigal after their visit to Poland, destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto by the Nazis, and the impact of post-war politics on Polish Jews. The file also includes correspondence regarding Lipshitz's speaking engagements in Canada and the United States to discuss the conditions faced by Jews in Poland, anti-Semitism, and arrangements for publication of his articles.1946
(14)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles written by or about Sam Lipshitz regarding the Jewish community in Canada, the need of Poland's Jews for immediate assistance, the new Jewish community in Lower Silesia, rejection of resolutions to keep communists out of leadership positions with Canadian unions, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, leadership of the Jewish community in Poland, and criticism of the data and reports by Samuel Margoshes and Sigal.[194-]
(15)"Dos naje lebn." -- File consists of 25 issues of the weekly Yiddish newspaper published by the Central Committee of Polish Jews and the Association of Writers, Journalists, and Actors. Articles discuss the second anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, rebuilding Jewish life in Poland after the war, trials of Nazi war criminals, and arrival of the Canadian delegation including Sam Lipshitz and H.M. Caiserman in December 1945.April-November 1945

Call Number: 2003-061/004
(1)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, help for Jews in Poland, anti-Semitism, return of Polish Jews from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the Central Committee of Polish Jews, criticism by Sam Lipshitz of the report by Samuel Margoshes and L. Siegal, and a critique of Lipshitz's comments concerning Jewish life in Poland by "Dos vort," the newspaper of the Zionist Writers' Movement in Canada.1946
(2)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles by Sam Lipshitz about the activities of the Central Committee of Polish Jews, expectations of the Jews in the Polish delegation from the Jews in America, conditions in Warsaw, conditions in Lodz Jens during and after Nazi occupation, anti-Semitism in Poland, and Canadian post-war immigration policy.1946
(3)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles written or collected by Sam Lipshitz concerning the problems facing Polish Jews, anti-Semitism in Poland, the World Federation of Trade Unions, a map of crematoriums in Poland, attempts by the United States to provoke Yugoslavia regarding its role in the Soviet bloc, conditions in Radom after most of the Jewish community was removed by the Nazis, efforts by Jews in Canada and the United States to connect with surviving relatives in Poland, and efforts to raise money for a home for Jewish children orphaned in Poland.1946
(4)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles by Sam Lipshitz regarding Jewish culture in post-war Poland, the Pogrom in Keltz, photograph of Lipshitz and H.M. Caiserman while on their visit to Poland, their departure from Poland in February 1946, the Jewish community in Lower Silesia, the report by Lipshitz and Caiserman to the Canadian Jewish Congress, and a letter critical of Lipshitz's report on Poland with his response.1946
(5)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles and correspondence regarding Sam Lipshitz's visit to Poland and the living conditions of Polish Jews, the Central Committee of Polish Jews, and the meeting of the United Nation's Security Council regarding the situation in Greece.1946
(6)Map of Hitler's camps during the German occupation of Poland[194-]
(7)Poland. -- File consists of programs, correspondence, posters, and notes concerning speaking engagements in Canada and the United States where Sam Lipshitz discussed his visit to Poland, the impact of Nazi occupation upon various communities (particularly Radom), and efforts by Jews in Poland, Canada, and the United States to find surviving relatives.1946
(8)Articles and correspondence. -- File consists of: a pamphlet by Joseph Tenenbaum, "Let my people in" (New York, 1947), regarding American immigration policy that allows the entry of Nazis but not Jewish refugees; brochure for the American Federation of Polish Jews; letters regarding conference proceedings; flyers, speeches, and newspaper articles regarding the status of Jews in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, meeting in Montreal to protest pogroms against Jews in Poland, Zionism, the future of Palestine and post-war Jewish resettlement (including an article by J.B. Salsberg and an address by Tim Buck of the Labour Progressive Party), the United Jewish Peoples Order, and the division of India.1946-1949
(9)Poland : publications. -- File consists of magazines and brochures containing articles by Sam Lipshitz on Jews he met in Poland, culture and democratic change in Poland, and the 40th anniversary of the Mozirer Sick Benefit Society, as well as a program where Lipshitz and H.M. Caiserman spoke about their trip to Poland and a history of Majdanek.1945-1949
(10)Visit to Poland and Israel. -- File consists of letter of introduction from Tim Buck, General Secretary of the Labor-Progressive Party, to European and Israeli counterparts, invitation to attend the meeting of the Central Committee of Jews in Poland, a letter from J.B. Salsberg regarding a Jewish girl brought up by a Catholic family in Poland whose biological mother desires that her daughter be brought out of Poland, a poster for speech in Vancouver on Israel and the Cold War by Sam Lipshitz, newspaper articles regarding Lipshitz's visit to Poland and Israel to attend communist meetings, closure of a Jewish community centre and school in Montreal by police, economic and cultural growth of Jewish communities in Romania, the Canadian Peace Congress at Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens in 1950, the status of Yiddish in Israel, warnings about rebuilding West Germany's military weapons industry, conditions in post-war London, and speeches across Canada regarding his recent trip to Poland, and notes for a speech on the sixth anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. See also 2003-061/005 (01) for records relating to this trip.1949-1950
(11)Articles. -- File consists of newspaper articles celebrating the 70th birthday of Joseph Stalin.1949

Call Number: 2003-061/005
(1)Convention of the Jewish Cultural Society in Breslau, Poland, 14-16 October 1949. -- File consists of a portfolio containing programs for the convention and the Lower Silesia Jewish Theatre 1949-1950 season, recent issues of the magazines "Solidarnosc [Solidarity]", "Unzer buletin [Our bulletin]," and "Di Yidishe shriftn," as well as reports of the Jewish Cultural Society for 1948 and 1949. See also 2003-061/004 (10) for records relating to this visit to Poland and Israel.1949

Canadian Jewish Congress

(2)Canadian Jewish Congress. -- File consists of correspondence, invitations to meetings, minutes and resolutions regarding the Congress's post-war activities and Sam Lipshitz's activities as a speaker and author on Jewish issues, as well as pamphlets dealing with the immigration of Jewish refugees to Canada.1943-1949
(3)Canadian Jewish Congress. -- File consists of minutes of meetings of the national and regional executives, lists of officers, and correspondence regarding Congress activities, the decision to exclude left-wing orgranizations from the Congress, the issue of Jewish refugees, and a paper on the Jewish community in Canada by Saul Hayes, National Director of the Congress.1951-1960
(4)Canadian Jewish Congress. -- File consists of notices of meetings, minutes, and correspondence regarding Congress activities and articles written by Sam Lipshitz.1961-1970
(5)Canadian Jewish Congress. - File consists of notices of meetings, minutes, correspondence, and publications of the Canadian Jewish Congress.1971-1980
(6)Canadian Jewish Congress. -- File consists of notices of meetings, minutes, correspondence, and publications of the Canadian Jewish Congress, as well as a typescript article by Sam Lipshitz on the Congress's 19th plenary assembly held in the early 1980s.1981-1990
(7)Canadian Jewish Congress : Committee for Yiddish. -- File consists of articles, correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, flyers announcing concerts, and material related to conferences on Yiddish culture.1977-1993


(8)Israel's 10th anniversary. -- File consists of brochures, posters, and booklets celebrating the first decade of Israel's existence as a country, educational material for schools, correspondence on organizing celebrations, and a programme kit issued by the Youth Activities Sub-committee of the Canadian Committee for Israel's Tenth Anniversary Celebration.1958
(9)Israel : brochures, bulletins, and articles. -- File consists of publications discussing the attitude of Soviet communists toward Israel, Jewish emigration to Palestine, farming in Israel, the Jewish working class and communism, the celebration of Israel's tenth anniversary in Jewish schools, education and the economy in Israel during the late 1950s, life on a kibbutz in the early 1960s, and a typescript speech by Sam Lipshitz on the War of Attrition fought by Israel and Egypt.1946-ca. 1968

Call Number: 2003-061/006
(1)Keren Kayemet [Jewish National Fund]. -- File consists of brochures, posters, and bulletins concerning Jewish immigration, an account of a Karen Kayesod worker, and Sam Lipshitz's speech and article on his trip to Israel and a history of Israel's wars with neighbouring countries.1956
(2)United Organizations for Histadrut : programs. -- File consists of booklets for events to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Israel and the 25th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, as well as a testimonial banquet for Sam Cohen.1968-1969
(3)Israel Histadrut Foundation. -- File consists of correspondence, minutes of officers' meetings, and publications including Sam Lipshitz's article regarding reasons for confidence in Israel.1973-1976
(4)Israel Histadrut Foundation. -- File consists of conference announcements, flyers for the Histadrut Annuity Trust, financial statements, correspondence with officials in New York, program for the Histadrut Economic Conference for Israel, Florida, 1978, and articles by Sol Stein, President of the Israel Histadrut Foundation in New York, on "The Haggada and the Histadrut Foundation," and by Sam Lipshitz.1977-1979
(5)Israel : war in Lebanon. -- File consists of articles from North American newspapers on the conflict and the Palestine Liberation Organization, resolutions by the United Jewish People's Order condemning the invasion by the Israeli army, and newspaper advertisement calling for Canadian Jews to condemn the invasion of Lebanon.1982
(6)Israel : miscellaneous. -- File consists of newspaper articles, booklets, notes for speeches, and correspondence regarding the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and British policy concerning Palestine, articles by Esther Breitstein (nee Vilenska) in "Morning freiheit" in 1948 about the relationship between Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States, letters exchanged by Sam Lipshitz and Breitstein (including her observation that May, his daughter, "will be a good doctor as well as a committed revolutionary"), debates at the United Nations about the formation of Israel, results of Israel's second parliamentary election in 1951, Soviet concerns about the new Jewish state, issues facing the Jewish diaspora as discussed at the Zionist Congress in Jerusalem, a speech by the leader of the Israel Communist Party about the loss of political and economic independence if Israel is aligned with western countries, problems with the newspaper "Free Israel" published by the Israel Association for Popular Culture, the strengthening discord between religious groups and the government of Israel in 1958, the peace accord between Israel and Egypt in 1979, and the itinerary for the United Jewish Appeal Societies Mission in Israel in 1982.1948-1985

Jewish writers

(7)Aleichem, Shalom. -- File consists of articles written by and about Aleichem, and issues of "Yidishe kultur" dedicated to him.1949-1997
(8)Broderzon, Moshe. -- File consists of a typescript article by Sam Lipshitz about Broderzon's arrest in 1949, as well as the arrest of other Jewish writers and members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. The article also discusses the workers' protest in Poland in 1956, and the beginning of removal of Jews from Polish institutions.1986
(9)Browder, Earl. -- File consists of a newspaper article by Mark Gayne about Browder, head of the communist party in the United States.n.d.
(10)Ehrenburg, Ilya. -- File consists of an article by Ehrenburg regarding the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics' attitude toward the state of Israel, with notes by Sam Lipshitz and a response by Moshe Katz.1948
(11)Goldberg, B.Z. -- File consists of articles by Goldberg including "A year in Soviet homeland," an announcement of his death, and an article by Sam Lipshitz in memory of Goldberg.1973
(12)Goldberg, Itche. -- File consists of a biographical note on Goldberg, correspondence between Goldberg, J.B. Salsberg, and Sam Lipshitz, and flyers announcing Goldberg's speeches in Toronto.1982-1987
(13)Grade, Chaim. -- File consists of a flyer announcing a lecture by Grade in 1975, an article on his death in 1982, flyers from the Yiddish Culture Council advertising a tribute to Grade in 1983, and Sam Lipshitz's opening speech.1975-1983
(14)Halpern, Dinah. -- File consists of a biographical note, an article on the Dinah Halpern Institute for the Yiddish Performing Arts in Bar Hau, and an article celebrating the 50th anniversary of Halpern's career on the Yiddish stage.1981-1985
(15)Heller, Binem and Hadassah Kestin. -- File consists of correspondence between Sam Lipshitz and Heller, a Yiddish poet, and Kestin, an actress, a flyer announcing their performance in Toronto in 1976, Lipshitz's speech to open the event, an article on Kestin, and poetry by Heller.1957-1997
(16)Korman, N. David. -- File consists of the galley proof of an article in Yiddish.n.d.
(17)Laivick, H. -- File consists of an article celebrating the 100th anniversary of Laivich's birth.1989
(18)Layton, Irving. -- File consists of a letter to Sam Lipshitz enclosing a poem by Layton titled "Comrade Trotsky."n.d.
(19)Manger, Itsik. -- File consists of a biographical note on this Yiddish poet.n.d.
(20)Mark, Bernard. -- File consists of correspondence between Ester Mark, Sam Lipshitz, and the Committee for Yiddish regarding publication and shipping of Ber Mark's last book.1979-1981
(21)Markish, Peretz. -- File consists of a photographic portrait of Markish, an article by G. Kenig, "In Peretz Markish's house," a chapter of Markish's novel, "Trot fun doyres," and annotated typescript notes for a speech by Sam Lipshitz on the arrest of Markish and subsequent meetings with his wife, Esther.1956
(22)Michoels-Feffer visit. -- File consists of letters from Sam Lipshitz, in New York to greet Solomon Michoels and Itzik Feffer, leading Soviet Jewish writers, who visited the United States and Canada in 1943 on behalf of the Soviet-Canadian Friendship Society. File also contains invitations to the event at Maple Leaf Gardens on 8 September 1943, a photograph of the visitors beside the cenotaph at Toronto's City Hall, and several photographs of their visit to Toronto and New York.1943
(23)Michoels, Solomon. -- File consists of poems, articles, and correspondence regarding the visit of Michoels and Itzak Feffer to Canada and the United States in 1943, the booklet "Jews have always fought for freedom" published by the Canadian Jewish Congress in 1943 on the occasion of their visit to Toronto on 8 September, the text of Michoel's speech to the Jews of Winnipeg and western Canada, issues of "Fraternally yours" and "Yidishe kultur" from 1985 to 1995 devoted to Michoels, an article by Sam Lipshitz on "An hour with Mikhoels and Feffer," and a press release by the World Council for Yiddish and Jewish Culture that includes comments by Moshe Belinki (a professor in Moscow) about Michoels and his work, 1989.1943-1989
(24)Mirsky, Michoel. -- File consists of an article in Yiddish.1970
(25)Miransky, Peretz and S. Mitzmacher Book Committee. -- File consists of poems by Miransky, documents from the book committee, a flyer of the Yiddish Culture Council of Toronto announcing an evening in honour of Miransky, an article on the celebration of his 80th birthday, and a speech by Sam Lipshitz in honour of Miransky.1974-1978
(26)Sfard, David. -- File consists of letters to Sam Lipshitz, and an article discussing the visit to the United States of Sfard from Israel and Moshe Shulshtein from France.1975-1976
(27)Shafir, M. -- File consists of letters to Sam Lipshitz, and poems by Shafir.1978

Call Number: 2003-061/007
(1)Shtern, Sholem. -- File consists of correspondence, and notes by Shtern on Moshe Nadir.1943-1956
(2)Shulshtein, Moyshe. -- File consists of correspondence, flyers from the Jewish Culture Council announcing a lecture by Shulshtein in 1975, and notes for Sam Lipshitz's introductory speech for the lecture.1975-1985
(3)Smoliar, Hersh. -- File consists of correspondence with Smoliar (partisan fighter in the Minsk ghetto, author, leader of the Jewish committee in post-war Poland, and a professor at the University of Tel Aviv) regarding his visit to Toronto in 1976, flyers announcing his lecture, and Sam Lipshitz's introductory speech.1974-1988
(4)Soviet Jewish writers. -- File consists of poems, articles about Jewish poets in the Soviet Union, and the situation of Soviet Jewry including the non-admission of Jews to universities in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.1943 [1978]
(5)Soviet Jewish writers : memorials. -- File consists of articles and flyers for events commemorating the execution of Soviet Jewish writers and artists in 1952.1952-1995
(6)Soviet Jewish writers. -- File consists of articles about the destruction of Jewish culture by Soviet authorities, handwritten notes by Manya Lipshitz about the struggle of the Maccabees against Greek rulers and Jews who adopted Hellenistic beliefs as well as the origins of German anti-semitism, and introductory remarks by Sam Lipshitz for a speech by Malech Ravitch about Shmeul Halkin.1989
(7)Soviet Jewry. -- File consists of correspondence from the Beth Tzedek congregation regarding a lecture by Sam Lipshitz in 1968, statistics on Jewish emigration from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 1968-1989, articles on anti-Semitism in the U.S.S.R. and emigration to Israel, and the revival of Jewish culture in the U.S.S.R., 1989. File also includes an offprint of an article, "The struggle for Hebrew," that appeared in "Insight," vol. 5, no. 4 (April 1979).1946-1989
(8)Tsanin, Mordechai. -- File consists of flyers announcing Tsanin's lectures in Toronto in 1976 and 1983, letters to Sam Lipshitz, his introductory remarks for Tsanin's lecture, and a biographical note and bibliography of the work of Tsanin.1976-1983
(9)Wolf, Moishe. -- File consists of correspondence, biographical notes, and flyers announcing Wolf's lecture about Joseph Stalin's treatment of the Jews.1994

General correspondence arranged chronologically

(10)Correspondence prior to 1940193-
(11)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters, newspaper clippings, and reports regarding immigration of Jewish refugees from Europe, fundraising efforts by the Toronto Jewish Labor Committee to support Jewish underground movements in Europe, Sam Lipshitz's speaking tour in Western Canada (October-November 1943), a proposed government bill against anti-Semitism, a letter to the editor of "Der tog" in answer to L. Spizman's article about the situation of Jews in Poland, and a booklet issued by the National Council of Democratic Rights that provides a chronological account of the arrests, imprisonment, and internment of members of the anti-fascist movement.1942-1944
(12)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters from the Jewish Labor Committee regarding its fundraising campaign to help Jews who escaped from the Polish ghettos, November 1943, and from various Jewish organizations such as Yidisher Kultur Farband (YKUF) and the Canadian Jewish Congress, including its letter to William Lyon Mackenzie King with a statement addressed to Canadian delegates attending the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco. File includes Sam Lipshitz's articles on: the Canadian government's immigration policy; attemps by the Polish army to put 30 Jewish soldiers on trial; organizing Tim Buck's election campaign in the Spadina riding; women's involvement in election work; his analysis of the results of provincial and federal elections in 1945; and his financial report to the National Executive of the Radomer Mutual Benefit Society and other organizations regarding revenues and expenses associated with his trip to Poland. File also includes flyers and invitations to a variety of Jewish cultural events in Canada and the United States.1944-1946
(13)Correspondence. -- File consists of: letters and telegrams dealing with Sam Lipshitz's attendance at the convention of the International Workers Order in New York as the representative of "Vochenblatt" and several from Fred Rose, Member of Parliament, and J.B. Salsberg regarding speeches in the House of Commons about post-war aid to eastern Europe; a telegram from Raymond Davies, New York, 25 July 1945, regarding the poor quality of material being sent from Canada to Poland; correspondence from the Soviet embassy forwarding articles of interest; a letter from Sam Lipshitz to his cousin regarding the fate of their relatives in Poland, 20 October 1945; correspondence regarding articles to be printed in "Morning freiheit" and "Vochenblatt"; and an article by Lipshitz about the United Jewish Peoples Order.1944-1946
(14)Correspondence. -- File consists of correspondence to the "Canadian Jewish weekly," newspaper clippings about Sam Lipshitz's speeches, letters from the United Jewish Peoples Order, "Morning freiheit," the Council of Jewish Organizations in Hamilton about its support for a non-religious school in that city, 1947, the American Committee of Jewish Writers, Artists and Scientists regarding its efforts to publish the book, "Resistance : the book of Jewish heroism," 1947, and the program for the annual commencement of Harbord Collegiate Institute in Toronto, 28 October 1946, with entries for May Lipman (Sam and Manya Lipshitz's daughter) and Gerald Cohen (their eventual son-in-law).1946-1948
(15)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters from the "Morning freiheit," a letter from Robert Laxer requesting information on the question of Palestine to prepare for a speech in Windsor on Canada and the United Nations, correspondence between Sam Lipshitz and the Canadian Jewish Congress regarding left-wing representation on the Montreal executive of the Congress, correspondence with the United Jewish Peoples Order, remarks by Lipshitz on the position of the Labor-Progressive Party on anti-Semitism and racial discrimination, a press release and leaflet for the mass rally addressed by Meyer Wilner, editor of "Kol hoam," on the United Nation's decision to establish a Jewish state, recent events in Palestine and the importance of Jewish-Arab unity, December 1947, and a typescript booklet issued by the National Council for Democratic Rights calling for the ban on the communist party to be lifted, with a list of anti-fascist organizations banned by order-in-council and a list of people interned in Canada for their support of the communist party, 1939-1942.1947
(16)Articles and speeches. -- File consists of: rough copy of an article for "Morning freiheit" criticizing Max Federman's article on municipal elections in Toronto; article on the trial of 30 Jewish soldiers of the Polish army; a registration form for School on Jewish Problems (Sam Lipshitz supervised the course); a report to the National Jewish Committee; and speeches for the Jewish Folk Choir Concert, for a memorial ceremony dedicated to the fifth anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, problems of the Jews in post-war Europe, immigration to Canada, and Palestine.1948
(17)Correspondence and speeches. -- File consists of letters and ephemera pertaining to federal immigration policy and Jewish settlement in Canada, an issue of "Oyfgang," a monthly Jewish magazine published in Poland, and the relationship between Israel and the Jewish people.1949-1950
(18)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters and newspaper clippings pertaining to Sam Lipshitz's trip to Europe, as well as a flyer inviting people to a rally held by the Council of Progressive Jewish Organizations, March 1950, entitled "The truth about Jewish life and Jewish culture in eastern Europe! What is behind the slanderous campaign against the Soviet Union?" (speakers include J. Gershman, editor of "Vochenblatt," Sam Lipshitz, and Dorise Nielsen, a delegate to the International Women's Congress in Moscow).1949-1950
(19)Correspondence and speeches. -- File consists of letters and notes regarding Canada's involvement in the Korean War, international developments affecting the Jewish people, and reaction to Sam Lipshitz's column on the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.1950-1953
(20)English columns. -- File consists of articles written by Sam Lipshitz that appeared in "National affairs" and "Vochenblatt." Topics include: the trial of the "Slansky gang" in Prague, international politics, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, VE [Victory in Europe] Day, Zionism, Canadian-American relations, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Rosenbergs case, the Soviet Union, Israel, and the United Jewish Peoples Order.1950-1954

Call Number: 2003-061/008
(1)Yiddish columns. -- File consists of clippings from the Yiddish newspaper "Folks-shtime," Warsaw, that feature articles by Manya Lipshitz on the "Progressive Jewish school system in Canada," and on Jozef Cyrankiewicz's report on the five-year plan that was presented to the Congress of the Central Committee of the United Jewish Peoples Order.1956-1957
(2)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters by Sam Lipshitz to his family regarding his trip to the Soviet Union.1956
(3)Newspaper articles. -- File consists of clippings from the Polish daily papers "Trybuna Ludu" and "Trybuna Wolnosci" regarding the seventh congress of the Central Committee of the United Polish Workers' Party, including the text of speeches and resolutions regarding the development of industry and agriculture in Poland, the superiority of socialism over capitalism, and communist resistance in occupied Poland.1956
(4)Notes and article on the Soviet Union. -- File consists of Sam Lipshitz's notes regarding ball-bearing plants, women workers and doctors, visits to Leningrad and Kiev, collective farms, conversations with Jewish writers, schools, trade unions, Auschwitz, changes in Poland during the last seven years, anti-Semitism, and daily observations while in the Soviet Union, Paris, Prague, and Warsaw, as well as an issue of "Pravda."1956
(5)Correspondence and articles. -- File consists of letters and issue of "Soviet news bulletin" published by the Press Office of the USSR embassy in Canada devoted to the trial of Imre Nagy and his accomplices in Hungary.1958
(6)Correspondence and articles. -- File consists of letters and newspaper clippings dealing with the death of Benjamin Zuskin, director of the Yiddish Theatre in Moscow, arrangements for a Jewish writer to speak in Toronto, Sam Lipshitz's views on internationalism published in "National affairs," and similarity of issues facing Yiddish language and Jewish culture in Israel and Canada.1957-1960
(7)Correspondence and articles. -- File consists of letters and newspaper clippings regarding a play on Jews in Poland, work by Sam Lipshitz on behalf of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association Fund, and arrangements with David Lewis and Irving Layton to speak to Jewish organizations.1960-1969
(8)Correspondence. -- File consists of letters dealing with Sam Lipshitz's personal and professional life, including arrangements with Israel Knox to lecture in Toronto, a study of 100 years of Jewish press in Canadian literature, and arrangements for and reactions to Sam Lipshitz's speeches on Jews in Russia (including letters from Irving Layton and Rabbi Bernard Baskin).1970-1979
(9)Correspondence, articles, and speeches. -- File consists of Sam Lipshitz's handwritten notes for a eulogy for Dave Biderman and his printed obituary, notice of a Yiddish play in Toronto, articles about Michoel Mirske by Benjamin Bronshtein, poems by L. Berkovitch, a report on financial contributions to schools in Israel by the family of Jacob Klein and others, and speeches on the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the Canadian Jewish labour movement. File also includes an article on Jewish writers in Argentina, September 1977.1970s
(10)Correspondence and articles. -- File consists of letters and newspaper clippings pertaining to defeat of the anti-Semitic mayor of Eckville, Alberta, a tribute to Sam Lipshitz by the New Fraternal Jewish Association to celebrate his 25th anniversary as editor of "Fraternally yours," a recording by Ruth Rubin, a leading composer and performer of Jewish folk songs and an ethno-musicologist, support for Esther Shiner during the municipal election in North York, arrangements to reprint Dr. May Cohen's article, "Canada's abortion law denies women equality of health care," and the bar-mitzvah of Russell Cohen, Sam and Manya Lipshitz's grandson.1980s
(11)Correspondence and speeches. -- File consists of notes for the eulogy for Benny Cohen (father of Dr. Gerry Cohen, Sam Lipshitz's son-in-law), letters dealing with topics that include an invitation to join a new "World Committee" that will publish an album devoted to the work of Hersh Grosbord, arrangements for speakers to visit Toronto, the desertion of Yiddish by the "Jewish establishment," support for Irving Paisley and Esther Shiner in North York's municipal election, support for various fundraising campaigns, and Sam Lipshitz's medical emergency in Mexico in 1984.1980s
(12)Correspondence and articles. -- File consists of letters and newspaper clippings regarding speaking arrangements, attendance at the Canadian Jewish Congress on behalf of the New Fraternal Jewish Association, translation services from Yiddish to English, and a proposal from the Committee for Yiddish of the Canadian Jewish Congress for a column in Yiddish to be run in the "Canadian Jewish news" on a weekly basis.1990s
(13)Correspondence and articles. -- File consists of letters pertaining to Hebrew and Yiddish publications, fundraising on behalf of the United Jewish Appeal, Sam Lipshitz's interview for the book by Len Scher, "The un-Canadians : stories of the blacklist era" (1992), research by Rick Stow on the Communist Party of Canada, J.B. Salsberg's support for Sam Lipshitz's election campaign in North York's Ward 7, condolences on the death of Manya Lipshitz in 1996, donations of Yiddish books to the University of Toronto Library in 1997, and contributions to the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care.1990s
(14)Correspondence and speeches. -- File consists of undated notes for speeches on events in Israel, colleagues with the New Fraternal Jewish Association, the use of the Yiddish language, American imperialism, the independence of Israel, the role of the Soviet Union and eastern Europe in the existence of Israel, and a eulogy for Morris Singer, founding member of the New Fraternal Jewish Association.19--
(15)Correspondence and speeches. -- File consists of letters and the text for speeches pertaining to a call to organizations in Toronto to participate in a World Congress of Polish Jews in Israel, news from the World Jewish Congress, transcripts of undated interviews with Sam Lipshitz about his relationship with J.B. Salsberg, his involvement in the progressive Jewish movement and organizations such as the United Jewish Peoples Order, his involvement with communism and the Labor-Progressive Party, Yiddish language and literature, observations on his visits to Israel, the United Jewish Appeal's fundraising campaign in Massey Hall, and the Jewish exodus from Poland.19--

Subject files

(16)Anti-Semitism in Canada. -- File consists of articles on the ruling of the Supreme Court of Canada that invalidated any contract forbidding the sale of land due to colour or race, as well as on the cases of Ernst Zundel and John Kreegstra.1950-1985
(17)Anti-Semitism : Soviet Union. -- File consists of newspaper clippings and a transcript of an article on Jews from the "Big Soviet encyclopedia" (1953).1953-1971
(18)Apter Friendly Society. -- File consists of correspondence, samples of programs for memorial services and invitations to meetings, and the souvenir program for the 20th jubilee banquet.1967-1993
(19)Begin, Menachem. -- File consists of a clipping from the "Miami herald" containing an article by Begin on "Israel's plan for mideast peace," as well as an article on the dwindling influence of Trudeaumania.5 February 1978
(20)Ben-Gurion, David. -- File consists of newspaper articles about Ben-Gurion clipped from "Der tog."October-November 1971
(21)Bick, Abraham. -- File consists of letters to Sam Lipshitz listing themes dealing with Jewish literature, culture, and social issues, possibly for a lecture or article.1984
(22)Biderman, Morris. -- File consists of a typescript copy of Irving Abella's introduction to Biderman's memoirs.2000
(23)Bund. -- File consists of an issue of "Undzer gedank," no. 1 (Berlin, 1931), a socialist journal edited by R. Abramovitsch that was the organ of the Foreign Delegation of the Bund in the Soviet Union.1931

Call Number: 2003-061/009
(1)Bund. -- File consists of a booklet, "Perspectives of the Bund : thoughts and opinions on the 70th anniversary of the Bund" by Rafal Federman, New York.1968
(2)Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University. -- File consists of correspondence and a list of financial supporters for the Yiddish Anthology Project.1980-1981
(3)"Canadian Jewish anthology." -- File consists of correspondence regarding this publication of the National Committee on Yiddish of the Canadian Jewish Congress, as well as correspondence and a grant application for a Canadian Jewish almanac.1973-1979
(4)"Canadian Jewish news" : Yiddish columns. -- File consists of clipped columns written or edited by Sam Lipshitz, including columns written by Manya Lipshitz and Sam Simchovitch, the obituary for Manya in 1996, and an article announcing Sam Lipshitz's retirement as column editor in 1999.199-
(5)Convention and election memorabilia. -- File consists of badges, cards, and ribbons for: conventions of the International Workers Order (Madison Square Garden, New York, 4 July 1944), the Ambijan National Conference on Emergency Aid and Reconstruction for the Victims of Nazism (New York, 24-25 November 1944), the Labor-Progressive Party (Toronto, 1946), the United Jewish Peoples Order (Toronto, 1945 and Montreal, 1947), the Canadian Jewish Congress (1947, 1962, and 1968), the World Federation for Polish Jews, Inter-American Conference, the Labour Zionist/Histadrut Convention (Montreal, 1974), and the second international conference of Yiddish clubs (Toronto, 1994); an invitation from the Ambassador of the United Soviet Socialist Republics to a reception on the occasion of the 25th anniverary of the founding of the Red Army (23 February 1945); and a button for Sam Lipshitz's campaign for alderman in Ward 7, North York.1944-1994
(6)China. -- File consists of a booklet, "Chinese Jews" by William Charles White (Ottawa : Royal Society of Canada, 1944), and an article from the Toronto "Sunday star" by Donald C. MacDonald, "China could dominate the 21st century."1944, 1983
(7)Czechoslovakia : Slansky trial. -- File consists of flyers, bulletins, newspaper articles, and reports by Sam Lipshitz on the trial of Rudolf Slansky, general secretary of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.1952
(8)Denmark. -- File consists of correspondence, notes and typescript speeches, newspaper articles and magazines regarding the community of Jewish refugees from Poland in Denmark that was visited by Sam Lipshitz.1970
(9)"Der kamf." -- File consists of a special issue regarding the death of Phillip Halperin, editor.6 January 1932
(10)Eichmann trial. -- File consists of newspaper articles pertaining to the trial, conviction, and execution of Karl Adolph Eichmann in Jerusalem for crimes against humanity for organizing the mass deportation of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps during World War II.1961-1962
(11)Erlick, Muni. -- File consists of a letter from Erlick, an active leader of left-wing Jewish circles in Canada, to Sam Lipshitz describing his experiences as a soldier fighting in Europe with the Canadian Army, as well as tributes following his death in battle. File also includes two prints of a photographic portrait of Erlick and Lipshitz.1944
(12)European affairs. -- File consists of newspaper and magazine articles on the Soviet Union and central European countries, dealing with issues such as anti-Semitism, the legacy of Austria's Nazi past, Marxism, and the Jewish community in Sweden.1972-1990
(13)Federman, Max. -- File consists of the program for a testimonial dinner in honour of Federman, a trade union activist and member of executive of the Labour Council of Metropolitan Toronto, the Canadian Jewish Congress, and the Canadian Zionist Federation. File also includes a flyer produced by the Ontario Trade Union Council for Histadrut and the Israel Histadrut Campaign.1979
(14)"Folks-shtime." -- File consists of issues of this Polish newspaper. The 1953 issue includes an article by Sam Lipshitz about the persecution of Jewish labour activists by Senator Joe McCarthy.1948, 1953
(15)Himel, Ben. -- File consists of typescript and newspaper articles about Himel's work in support of the use of Yiddish in Israel's elementary schools.1988
(16)History : Jewish and Canadian. -- File consists of educational material, lecture notes, and articles regarding the history of Jews in Canada, the creation of the Jewish Historical Society of Canada in 1974, ancient Jewish history, publications by the National Education Committee of the National Federation of Labour Youth on William Lyon Mackenzie, Joseph Papineau, and Louis Riel, an article by Ben Shek on the dangers of fascism, and a booklet published by the Centennial Research Committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Central Region, "Toronto Jewry : an historical sketch" (1957; reissued 1969).1948-1976
(17)Holocaust. -- File consists of: typescript hymns of the underground resistance movement; a manuscript by Sam Lipshitz on the sentencing of Ernst Zundel; newspaper articles on the sentencing of John Demjanjuk for war crimes, Auschwitz revisionism, and a Holocaust exhibit in China; programmes for Holocaust memorial services; photographs of artwork in a series entitled "Deprivation and retribution" about the mass execution of the Jews, the starvation of children in Leningrad, and the defeat of the Nazis and fascism (stamped "SIB Photoservice Moscow" on the verso of the prints); and letters and other material from the Holocaust Remembrance Committee of the Toronto Jewish Congress.1976-1982
(18)Holocaust : Lipshitz family. -- File consists of a letter from Sam Lipshitz to his cousin describing the tragic fate of their family, and a subsequent letter in Yiddish.1945, 1949
(19)International Workers Order. -- File consists of publications of the IWO, particularly related to its sixth national convention in New York with a focus on trade unions and the war effort.1944
(20)Jewish Book Fair, Toronto. -- File consists of programs, flyers, advertising cards, correspondence, and a newsletter, including a report on the work of the Yiddish Committee by Sam Lipshitz and a catalogue, "The world of Yiddish books" (New York : CYCO Publishing House, 1978).1978-1979
(21)Jewish Book Fair, Toronto. -- File consists of promotional posters produced by Sam Lipshitz.1981-1995
(22)Jewish Community Services, Toronto : directory1979
(23)Jewish Council for Soviet-Jewish Relief. -- File consists of correspondence and newspaper articles.1942-1944
(24)Jewish Culture Council. -- File consists of programs for cultural events, flyers, and biographical notes for speakers.1980-2000
(25)Jewish culture in Canada : Yiddish clubs1986-1989

Call Number: 2003-061/010
(1)Jewish language and culture in Canada. -- File consists of articles devoted to the survival and use of Yiddish (including work by Manya Lipshitz), and demographic statistics on Toronto's Jewish community in 1965.1969-1984
(2)Jewish societies. -- File consists of booklets to celebrate anniversaries of various Jewish organizations, including the Canadian Hebrew Benevolent Society, the Warshawer-Lodzer Mutual Benefit Association, and the Mozirer Sick Benefit Society.1963-1975
(3)United Jewish Appeal. -- File consists of correspondence regarding fundraising, and handwritten notes for speeches about the work of the UJA.1975-1976, 1993-1994
(4)Jews in the Soviet Union : a Marxist analysis. -- File consists of an issue of "Morning freiheit" containing an article by John Elenstein, Vice-Director of Marxist Studies in France.July 1975
(5)Jewish Teachers Seminary and People's University. -- File consists of correspondence regarding Sam Lipshitz's financial support of this institution, including the establishment of a scholarship.1968-1997
(6)"Jewish word." -- File consists of the 50th anniversary issue of "Dos Yiddish vort" ("The Jewish word") that discusses the newspaper's efforts to strengthen Jewish cultural life in western Canada, as well as articles reporting on a successful conference devoted to Jewish culture.1961, 1963
(7)Jewish World Congress. -- File consists of reports presented at the Emergency World Jewish Congress in 1944, rehabilitation of Jewish culture, demand for an international bill of rights, punishment of war criminals, relief, rehabilitation, and the return of Jewish rights, as well as correspondence regarding peace in Palestine and the attitudes of Jews in England.1944-1946
(8)Krushchev, Nikita : speeches to the Soviet Communist Party. -- File consists of texts of speeches by the party's First Secretary before the 20th and 22nd Congresses regarding the transition from capitalism to socialism, as printed in "The New York times" and "The Globe and mail."1956, 1961
(9)Lipshitz, Sam and Manya : "Forward." -- File consists of articles written in Yiddish by the Lipshitzs, accompanied by transcripts of some articles in English.1979-2000
(10)Marmur, Arya. -- File consists of a biographical note on the member of the Left Poale-Zion Party (later known as the Achdut-Avodah Poale Zion).[196-?]
(11)Marxism. -- File consists of notes on Karl Marx, the outline and text for a lecture on Marxism, and an editorial from the "People's daily of Peking" reprinted in "The Canadian tribune" about the ideological struggle over revisionism within Marxism in 1958.[195-]
(12)May Day. -- File consists of song lyrics in Yiddish and English.[195-?]
(13)Nazi war criminals in Canada : Kurt Meyer. -- File consists of a booklet by Ray Gardner, "Wanted for murder," regarding his efforts to bring Meyer to trial.[195-]
(14)New Democratic Party. -- File consists of correspondence, articles, information regarding meetings, and an issue of "The Ontario democrat," 1992.1964-1992
(15)"New voice : an Anglo-Jewish monthly." -- File consists of issues of the Toronto newspaper, many containing submissions by Sam Lipshitz that deal with the exodus of Jews from Europe, a testimonial to the life of Solomon Michoels, February 1948 (written before Sam Lipshitz learned the truth of Michoel's murder by order of Joseph Stalin), the Canadian Jewish Congress meeting in July 1948, support for the state of Israel, and anti-Semitism as expressed by Harry Truman. The file also includes correspondence regarding opposition to Jewish parochial schools in Montreal, Sam Lipshitz's income tax returns for 1943 and 1946, a delegate's card for the American Jewish Cultural Conference in New York, two photographs of Myer Wilner addressing a large crowd at the Vinchevsky Centre in Montreal (one photograph includes Councilman Max Bailey, Sam Lipshitz, and Abie Rosenberg, a Jewish labour leader in Montreal), efforts to locate family members, and Nazi hate literature directed at Jews forwarded to Lipshitz for publication in the newspaper.1944-1948
(16)Open air concert of Yiddish folk music, Toronto. -- File consists of posters.1980-1994
(17)Peretz, I.L. -- File consists of articles and biographical sketches about the author.1985-1995
(18)Poland : Central Committee of Jews. -- File consists of correspondence and typescript reports.1947-1948
(19)Radomer Mutual Benefit Society. -- File consists of a booklet celebrating the 55th anniversary of the society, a photograph of men seated and standing around an issue of the "Voice of Radom," and an invitation from the Israel Radomer Society to Radomer societies around the world to attend a 10th memorial service for the 30,000 Jews from Radom who were killed by the Nazis.1952-1980
(20)Rosenberg case. -- File consists of a leaflet for a rally at Massey Hall to protest the impending execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, and a folded leaflet discussing "Perjury in the Rosenberg case" published by the Committee to Secure Clemency for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Toronto.[1953]
(21)Salsberg, J.B. -- File consists of: correspondence from Salsberg regarding his efforts to introduce collective bargaining for municipal employees in Toronto, 1943; Salsberg's remarks to the Canadian-Soviet Friendship Society about the necessity of peaceful co-existence between socialist and non-socialist parts of the world, 1953; a photograph of Salsberg with David Lewis; text of remarks by Lipshitz about the serious disagreement between Salsberg, Tim Buck, and Canadian Jewish Congress regarding issues involving Marxism, the Soviet Union, and Israel; excerpts from Salsberg's remarks on CBC Radio published in a newspaper under the title, "How Krushchev's attack on Stalin shattered the blind faith of a communist"; Salsberg's remarks on the attack on the labour movement in the wake of Pat Sullivan's revelations about the links between labour disruptions and the Labor-Progressive Party in 1947; a flyer in English and Yiddish containing Salsberg's remarks in the Ontario legislature on the case against German rearmament, 21 Feburary 1955; material for the election campaigns of Salsberg and Sam Carr and the Labor-Progressive Party; articles about Salsberg in "Canadian Jewish news," "Fraternally yours," and other newspapers; and correspondence, invitations, photographs, and other material pertaining to testimonial dinners held to celebrate Salsberg's accomplishments, including the text of speeches by Sam Lipshitz.1929-1982
(22)Salsberg, J.B. -- File consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, booklets, and speeches regarding Salsberg's accomplishments, and his death in 1991.1982-1998
(23)Slonim, Rabbi Reuben. -- File consists of an article by Reuben, "The Jews prove the resurrection of Jesus is a reality."[199-?]
(24)Starobin, Joe. -- File consists of correspondence and newspaper articles regarding Starobin's book, "American communism in crisis, 1943-1957."1972
(25)Toronto Committee for Yiddish. -- File consists of minutes of meetings, articles on Yiddish, flyers for lectures and other events, Sam Lipshitz's speech to the sixth Yiddish Festival in Toronto, 1979, and programs and other material from Yiddish conferences in Toronto and Jerusalem.1969-1996
(26)"Voice of Radom" : correspondence. -- File consists of letters, primarily in Yiddish, to Sam Lipshitz as editor of the paper. File also includes a letter in English written on 18 January 1959, thanking Sam Lipshitz for helping the writer to recall memories of events in Poland in the winter of 1945.1958-1964

Call Number: 2003-061/011
(1)"Voice of Radom" and Radomer societies. -- File consists of: letters regarding mailing arrangements for the paper, 1969; an article by J.B. Salsberg about the importance of the paper, 1978; photographs showing the graves of victims of the post-war pogrom in Radom in the fall of 1945; the first issue of "Fun letstn khurbn," a periodical devoted to the history of Jewish life under the Nazi regime published by the Central History Commission of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in the American Zone of Occupation in Germany, August 1946; a program for the tenth anniversary of the Radomer Mutual Society of Detroit, 1971; consitution of the Radomer Mutual Society Inc., New York, 1962; an article marking the 40th anniversary of the liquidation of the Radom ghetto; "Der fraynt fun Radom 1925-1950," a booklet published by the Friends of Radom Society (Paris, 1950); letterhead and issues of the "Voice of Radom"; and an obituary of Pesach Weisbord (Sam Lipshitz's uncle, and the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust), 1974.1945-1980
(2)Warsaw Ghetto uprising. -- File consists of: articles and speeches written by Sam Lipshitz; an article on "A visit in the ruins of the Warsaw Ghetto" in the paper "Vochenblatt," 28 March 1946; and issues of "Yiddishe kultur" dedicated to the uprising.1946-1998
(3)Warsaw Ghetto uprising. -- File consists of: articles, flyers, and programs of Holocaust Remembrance Day; notes, articles, and speeches by Sam Lipshitz; a booklet on "The Warsaw Ghetto uprising" published by the Congress for Jewish Culture (New York, 1975); articles on the uprising from "Folks-shtime," "The Daily Hebrew journal," "Jewish life : a progressive monthly," and "Morning freiheit"; issue no. 23 of "The Ghetto speaks" published by the American Representation of the General Jewish Workers' Union of Poland (New York, 1 April 1944); and a booklet on "The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto" by S. Mendelsohn (New York : Yiddish Scientific Institute, 1944).1944, 1972-1973
(4)Warsaw Ghetto uprising. -- File consists of: programs of commemorative events; issues of various Jewish papers containing articles about the uprising; typescript notes on the uprising for a commemorative service at Manhattan Center, 20 April 1958; and the booklet, "The Warsaw Ghetto uprising issued on the twenty-fifth anniversary (1943-1968)" by the Congress for Jewish Culture (New York, 1968), with substantial annotations by Sam Lipshitz.1958-1981
(5)Warshawer-Lodzer Mutual Benefit Society. -- File consists of flyers announcing meetings, and the program for its 50th anniversary celebration in 1978.1978-2000
(6)World Congress for Yiddish and Jewish Culture. -- File consists of two booklets.1943, 1976
(7)World Congress for Yiddish and Jewish Culture. -- File consists of: correspondence; reports from Yiddish organizations; a letter from Michael Ben-Levi regarding the Operation to Reunify Yiddish sponsored by the World Jewish Congress, 1994; report from the National Committee for Yiddish in Canada; and reports and programs for the World Congress for Yiddish.1988-1998
(8)Yiddish periodicals. -- File consists of articles and poetry from various publications, including an article by Manya Lipshitz on the new school year.1974-1999
(9)Zaglembier Society of Toronto. -- File consists of the organization's constitution, anniversary booklets, and blank share certificates.1964-1998

Curriculum material and writings of Manya Lipshitz

(10)Teaching materials : Jews in America, including Emma Lazarus. -- File consists of a letter regarding an exhibit of 300 years of Jewish life in America, a bibliography of material on American Jewish history, proposal for a reader on the poet, "Emma Lazarus : her life and work 1849-1949," and a booklet published by Kinderbuch Publishers, "Jews in the U.S.A. : topical notations for the student : Jewish life in the United States, 1654-1945" (New York, 1962).1948-1962
(11)Teaching materials : Jewish literature in America[194-?]

Call Number: 2003-061/012
(1)Teaching materials : Jewish history, ancient and medieval. -- File consists of mimeographed outlines and Manya Lipshitz's notes, as well as a "Teacher's bulletin," 1943-1944, and a training course for Camp Naivelt, 1949.1943-1949
(2)Teaching materials : Passover. -- File consists of mimeographed material, a Haggadah prepared by Kanader Yiddishe Kindershule, and two copies of the booklet for children, "The Story of Passover" by Benjamin Efron, illustrated by Herb Kruckman (New York : Committee for Progressive Jewish Education, 1952).1944-1954
(3)Teaching materials : Passover songs[195-?]
(4)Teaching materials : Yiddish, including curriculum. -- File consists of mimeographed documents, notebooks, and a booklet by I. Halevy-Levin, "The Institute for Jewish Youth Leaders" (Jerusalem : Zionist Organization, Youth and Hachalutz Department, 1951).1944-1952
(5)Ulpan. -- File consists of notebooks, publications in Hebrew, and correspondence regarding Manya Lipshitz's enrollment in the course of intensive study offered by the Canadian Association for Hebrew Education & Culture, Toronto.1963-1964
(6)Jewish songsca. 1950
(7)Jewish holidays. -- File consists of articles from newspapers and magazines, and the booklet by Rabbi Abraham Bick, "Jewish holidays : their origin and development" (New York : Book League of the Jewish People's Fraternal Order, 1948).1948-1977
(8)Chanukah. -- File consists of articles on the history of this holiday, including the typescript and printed text of an article by Manya Lipshitz published in "Fraternally yours," December 1960.1948-1991
(9)Purim. -- File consists of articles and poetry regarding the holiday, including the printed text of an article by Manya Lipshitz published in "Fraternally yours," February 1964.[195-?]-1979
(10)Poetry. -- File consists of handwritten poems by Manya Lipshitz.1945-1979
(11)Educational and literary material. -- File consists of correspondence with Y. Ronch, a Jewish writer in the United States, regarding his plans to include his article about Manya Lipshitz's published memoir in his forthcoming personal anthology, an illustrated article in the "UJPO news" about Manya's work with the United Jewish Peoples Order Shule and Sunday School, October 1959, a play for children based on three stories by Y.L. Peretz, a poem by Manya entitled "A City is evolving," and the booklet "Yiddish literature and your child : a symposium" with articles by Dovid Goldberg, Eugene Orenstein, and Hershl P. Salzberg (New York : Friends of Secular Jewish Education, November 1965).1959-1978
(12)Memoir : journals and correspondence. -- File consists of photocopies of three issues of "Komunar," a journal edited by Manya Lipshitz while living at the Twelfth Children's Work Commune in Russia, 1922-1923, and reproduced in preparation for writing her memoir, accompanied by correspondence, a handwritten account in English describing the life of her mother, Kayla Kantorowicz, and a photocopy of the recipes used by her mother when she ran a bakery in Bialystok, Poland.1972
(13)Memoir : photographs. -- File consists of photographic prints used as illustrations in Manya Lipshitz's published memoir, including scenes from the commune in Russia, the teachers' seminary, and covers of "Komunar."1972
(14)Notes : Yiddish and Jews in Canada, the Canadian Jewish press, and J.B. Salsberg's 80th birthdayca. 1978
(15)Correspondence : Manya Lipshitz's siblings. -- File consists of letters in Yiddish and one in English from her brothers -- Sam, Julius, and George Cantor -- with newspaper clippings regarding Phillip Cantor.1949-1972

Call Number: 2003-061/013
(1)Yiddish. -- File consists of articles on Yiddish language, writers, and activists, teaching Yiddish at the University of Toronto, the work of Abraham Reisen and Sheva Zucker, reports to the Friends of the Rena Cost Yiddish Chair at Bar-Ilan University and of the National Committee for Yiddish to the Canadian Jewish Congress, and notes on "The present and future roll [sic] of Yiddish." File also includes publications of the World Bureau for Yiddish and Jewish Culture, and Manya Lipshitz's report from the assembly of the World Advisory Group for Yiddish, Tel Aviv, 25 May 1985.1980-1992
(2)Interview with Ruth Borchiver. -- File consists of a photocopied transcript of the interview with Manya Lipshitz regarding events of her life in Russia and Canada, her relationship with Sam Lipshitz, and her involvement in communism. The interview was done after publication of Manya's memoir, and was carried out as part of Borchiver's research for her thesis, "A Social-psychological analysis of millennial thought in the Communist Party of Canada : 1921-1957" (University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 1991).[198-]
(3)Biographical material. -- File consists of campaign literature when Manya Lipshitz ran for the Board of Education in 1956, letters and articles celebrating Manya Lipshitz's memoir and her 80th birthday (including a tribute by J.B. Salsberg), her speeches at her 60th wedding anniversary and 80th birthday celebrations, her articles on Yiddish, her biographical note in the "Lexicon of Jewish writers," and her notes for the article, "New school year."1972-1987
(4)Tributes and obituaries1996

Personal correspondence of Sam and Manya Lipshitz. -- Series consists of letters exchanged by Sam in Montreal and Manya in New York, discussing their feelings for each other, their courtship, Sam's work in the library and the beginnings of his literary endeavours, Manya's courses and work in a millinery shop, comparisons between the pace of life in New York and Montreal, and developments within the communist party. Letters written after their marriage in January 1930 pertain to periods of extended travel after the couple settled in Toronto. The correspondence is in Yiddish, with letters for 1928 accompanied by summary notes in English that were prepared in 2007.

(7)Correspondence1929 Part 1 of 5
(8)Correspondence1929 Part 2 of 5
(9)Correspondence1929 Part 3 of 5
(10)Correspondence1929 Part 4 of 5
(11)Correspondence1929 Part 5 of 5
(12)Marriage certificate20 January 1930

Call Number: 2003-061/014
(1)Telegrams. -- File consists of telegrams offering congratulations on their marriage.1930
(3)Correspondence1931 Part 1 of 2
(4)Correspondence1931 Part 2 of 2
(8)Correspondence : undated[19--]

Presentation items

(9)Plaques. -- File consists of the brass plates from three plaques presented to Sam and Manya Lipshitz by United Radomer Relief to commemorate their work as editors of "Voice of Radom," their 40th wedding anniversary, and Sam's 60th birthday, 1970, and to Sam for his work as Chairman of the Societies Division of the United Jewish Appeal as part of Operation Exodus and in recognition of his work of 25 years as editor of "Voice of Radom," 3 February 1980.1970-1980

Call Number: 2003-061/015

Oversize documents

(1)Travel document for Margolia Kantorowicz [Manya Lipshitz]192-
(2)Flowers of Auschwitz. -- File consists of a poster by Soviet artist Zinowicz Totkaczew, printed on the back of a train schedule of Ostbahn [East Train] in Cracow.1945
(3)Scrap book. -- File consists of newspaper articles in Yiddish regarding Sam Lipshitz's study trip to Paris, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Israel and other countries. The articles also deal with Jewish life and culture in Canada, anti-Soviet sentiment within the Jewish community, partnerships between Jewish and communist groups in England, the communist party and press in Italy, results of the Marshall Plan, the peace movement in Italy, political, economic and social developments in Romania under a "workers' government," changing political attitudes in London, awards won by May Lipman (the Lipshitz's daughter) and Gerald Cohen (their future son-in-law) upon graduation from Harbord Collegiate Institute, the status of Jews in Poland, democratic processes within the Canadian Jewish Congress, political upheaval in France, announcement by the United Jewish Peoples Order of a mass rally to hear Sam Lipshitz speak about his trip to Europe, and a booklet containing resolutions from the plenary session of the Central Committee of the Romanian Workers' Party, 22-24 December 1948.1949
(4)"A mother and teacher for your school trustee : Ward 4, elect Mrs. Mary Lipshitz to the Board of Education." -- File consists of a poster for Manya Lipshitz's electoral campaign.[1956]
(5)Jewish calendars. -- File consists of three calendars featuring Jewish religious art and advertisements by supporters of the Ozrower Mutual Benefit Society.1973-1979

Call Number: 2003-061/016


(1)Album. -- File consists of photographic prints showing: Sam Lipshitz back from Poland on board ship in Halifax harbour, February 1946; Sam and Manya posing in front of a painting of Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa; visit to a children's home and banquet for "The New press" in Paris as part of a campaign for world peace, 1949; the first National Executive of the United Jewish Peoples Order, 1945; the Red Cross campaign in Toronto, 1943 (showing Sam Lipshitz in the uniform of the Canadian Army Reserve); a portrait of Gina Medem and group shots at her home, 1946; the Polish delegation at Camp Naivelt, 1946; a portrait of Tim Buck and a photograph of Buck at Camp Naivelt, 1945; J.B. Salsberg speaking at a banquet for Ilya Ehrenburg, 1946; Sam Lipshitz speaking at various rallies; the head table at the banquet for Salsberg, 1947; Sam speaking at Labor-Progressive Party conventions; Manya's family in 1928; the World Jewish Congress in Atlantic City, 1944; Paul Robeson addressing the Jewish Folk Choir, 1947; Sam at the editorial desk of "Vochenblatt," 1947; and the National Convention of the United Jewish Peoples Order, June 1947.1928-1947
(2)Buck, Tim. -- File consists of a signed portrait of the leader of the Labor-Progressive Party by Jacoby Studios, and a smaller and likely later portrait.[194-?]

Call Number: 2003-061/017
(1)Zitlofsky, Chaim. -- File consists of a portrait of the Jewish educator.1943
(2)Sam Lipshitz's family. -- File consists of 19 prints, many identified on verso, of siblings and cousins.[194-?]-1992
(3)Visit to Poland. -- File consists of 36 prints showing Sam Lipshitz with various groups, workers in factories, and the public hanging of the former camp commander in Majdanek in December 1945.1945-1946
(4)11th Congress of the Israel Communist Party, Tel Aviv. -- File consists of an album bound in leather, containing 32 prints of the conference, including Sam Lipshitz addressing the delegates.1949
(5)Morris Winchefsky Shule : teachers. -- File consists of four prints showing groups of teachers, including Manya Lipshitz.[194-?]
(6)Morris Winchefsky Shule : visit by Paul Robeson. -- File consists of 13 prints showing the singer with students.1947
(7)Camp Naivelt. -- File consists of 12 prints showing Manya Lipshitz's campaign for "mayor" of the camp, its children's colony, members of the Lipshitz family, and visit by the Polish delegation in 1946.1942-1950
(8)Trips to Israel. -- File consists of 16 prints of Sam and Manya Lipshitz posing together, or involved in various conferences.1949-1988
(9)Album. -- File consists of an album containing 33 prints showing the Morris Winchefsky Shule and the visit by Paul Robeson, Manya Lipshitz's work as a teacher, Purim and Chanukuh plays, various trips by Sam and Manya Lipshitz, surrender of the communist leaders to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1942 (including Sam Carr, Stuart Smith, Stanley Ryerson, Fred Rose, Tim Buck, and Sam Lipshitz), Jewish writers, the visit of the Polish delegation to Toronto in 1946, a reception of President Navron of Israel, 1979, and the Lipshitzs at various Jewish functions.1942-1979
(10)Trip to Poland and Soviet Union. -- File consists of five prints showing Sam and Manya Lipshitz with various groups of people.1956
(11)Group photographs. -- File consists of 15 prints showing Sam and Manya Lipshitz at various functions, such as the Conference of Yiddish Clubs, the "Golden Givers" of the United Jewish Appeal, officers of the New Fraternal Jewish Association and its Anna Frank Chapter, and the banquet for J.B. Salsberg's 80th birthday. File also includes photographs of people at a banquet in Stuttgart, 1946, people seated on a stage beneath a large banner proclaiming "Greetings to Tim [Buck] : 20 years of party leadership," [ca. 1949], and Sam with Jewish writer M. Shulstein, 1961,1952-1994
(12)New Fraternal Jewish Association. -- File consists of 28 prints showing the association's members at various functions, including Sam Lipshitz's 75th birthday party.[195-]-1985
(13)Ehrenburg, Ilya. -- File consists of two prints showing Ehrenburg addressing a group of peace workers in Toronto, 1947, and a portrait by D. Sholomovich (stamped "SIB Photoservice Moscow" on verso).1947
(14)Lipshitz, Sam. -- File consists of 10 prints showing Sam speaking, posing with Manya in front a monument in Kiev in 1956 and with his campaign sign when he ran for alderman in North York, meeting Ben Zvi, President of Israel, in 1970, and several portraits.1956-1970

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