F0266 - bill bissett fonds


Call Number: 2002-040/001

Personal Papers

(1)Address Book[ca. 1997] 1 of 2
(2)Address Book (Loose Material)[ca. 1997] 2 of 2
(3)Artwork, bill bissett
(5)Michelle Bissett1993
(6)Business Cards, Ticket Stubs1999-2002
(7)Adele and Oscar [Campbell]1999-2001
(9)Correspondence1998-2002 1 of 5
(10)Correspondence1998-2002 2 of 5
(11)Correspondence1998-2002 3 of 5
(12)Correspondence1998-2002 4 of 5
(13)Correspondence1998-2002 5 of 5
(14)Correspondence, Letters from bissett1998-2002
(16)The Elizabethan, Q.E.H.S Yearbook: 1956(Photocopy)2002
(17)Expired Passport[ca.1993]
(18)Greeting Cards1998-2001 1 of 4
(19)Greeting Cards1998-2001 2 of 4
(20)Greeting Cards1998-2001 3 of 4
(21)Greeting Cards1998-2001 4 of 4
(22)Health and Well being, Resource Material1998-1999
(23)Adeena Karasick2002
(24)Diana Kazakova[ca. 2000] Compact Disc
(25)Loose Notes1999-2001 1 of 5
(26)Loose Notes1999-2001 2 of 5
(27)Loose Notes1999-2001 3 of 5
(28)Loose Notes1999-2001 4 of 5
(29)Loose Notes1999-2001 5 of 5

Call Number: 2002-040/002
(1)Loose Notes[ca. 2000]
(2)Material Re Qi Gong[ca.2000]
(3)Miscellaneous Programs, Announcements2000-2002
(4)Carol Malyon1995-2000
(5)Tim Mollard2001-2002
(6)P.K. Page2001
(7)Photos, bissett1 September 1999
(8)Schizophrenia Society of Ontario, Correspondence, Newsletters1999-2002
(9)David Silcox2000

Professional Papers

(10)Articles by or about bissett1994-2000
(11)bill bissett entry on Canadian Poets Web site2001
(12)bill bissett: Paintings, Drawings, Oil Pastels, mounted Postcard for Exhibit at Hotel Selby, Toronto
(13)Biographical Information1999
(14)Capilano Review2000-2001
(15)Existere Quarterly, Vol.21, Issue I, Cover Art by Bissett2000
(16)Edgewise Electrolit Centre, Announcement of Another General Meeting1999
(17)Filling Station, Issue Including Poem by Bissett2000
(18)Films about bb, Proposals, Notes1995
(20)Adeena Karasick Interview2000
(21)Library of Parliament2002
(22)Love Poems for the Media Age: A Ripple Effect Anthology (Includes work by bissett)2001
(23)National Library of Canada2001
(24)Posters, Promotional Material for bissett Books and Readings1993-2002
(25)Public Lending Right Commission1998-2002
(26)Requests, Permissions and Other Professional Correspondence1999-2002
(27)Review of bissett's Work1992-1997
(28)Talon Books Catalogues1998-2002
(29)Talon Books, Contract for Scars on the Seehors
(30)To Be: What is Poetry to Do?, Journal Containing Poetry of bissett[ca, 1990]
(31)A Visionary Tradition: Canadian Literature and Culture at the Turn of the Century, Pamphlet and Poster1999
(32)What/ bill bissett1974
(33)World Tea Party, Presentation House Gallery Catalogue Including Drawing by bissett1996
(34)Writer-In-Residence, Queries Correspondence1998-2001
(35)The Writers' Union of Canada1998-2000
(36)Rainbow Mewsik, Contract with Red Deer Press, CD and Related Material1999
(37)Unmatching Phenomena I2002 Compact Disk
(38)Loose Poems
(39)Ther is Much Magik in ths Coastal Citee[ca 1999]
(40)Loving Without Being Vulnrabul1997
(41)Loving Without Being Vulnrabul Fin. Ms.[1997]
(42)Scars on the Seehors1999
(43)A Name is a Label2000
(44)For Canada Council, Writing AwardsAugust 1999
(45)A Wunderful Xcess uv Michaelness1999
(46)Another Neer Life Xperiens1999
(47)Arint We Tresyureez1999

B leev abul Char akt rs

(48)B leev abul Char akt rs1999
(49)B leev abul Char akt rs 21999
(50)Dark, Kitchn Visiting1999
(51)David at the Bluma Appel1999
(52)Dere Angus1999
(53)Emerald Dreems uv Port Colborne1999
(54)Eye Felt my Brain n it is Part uv Portree1999
(55)Feer uv Farming1999
(56)Frendship uv Planets
(58)Holes in th Sky1999
(59)Th Rivr, th Frederickton Saturday Afternoon Writrs WorkshopJan. - April 1999
(60)An Amayzing Door Handul1999

Call Number: 2002-040/003
(1)How I Got in 2 Writing1999-2000
(2)I Dont Understand Rushing1999
(3)I Kleened1999
(4)I Turnd on th Teevee
(5)I Was Walking Thru th Bush2000
(6)If Evree Day Eye Wer 2 Write1999
(7)Immortalitee in th Moment1999
(8)Insident at Salmon Arm1999
(9)Itself the Words Dew[1999]
(10)Iul Sleepin th Long Blu Canoe1999-2000
(11)Life is Cute1999
(12)Manicured Nus1999
(13)Meeting at th Transmittrs Centr1999
(14)Montréal Kaverna1999
(15)Morning Ablushyns1999
(16)Musturd Mangoez1999-2000
(17)My Earliest Childhood Memoreez uv Zatria1999
(18)My Luvr Cums from an Island uv Lost Birds1999
(19)Novembr Moon1999
(20)Obsessyun is a Replacement1999
(21)Octobr 4th, Was I Psychik1999
(22)Purpul Plastr Zeenrods1999
(24)Red Lava1999
(25)Standing Heer1999
(26)Strangr Space1999
(27)Th Azure See1999
(28)Th Beginning uv Summer 6 Leeking1999
(29)Th Cargo was Slow Cumming1999
(30)Th Ekstaseez uv Aprikots1999
(31)Th End uv th Beginning
(32)Th Interesting Textyur uv...1999-2000
(33)DraftFebruary 2000
(34)Th Jaw of Matthew Ridgehammr1999
(35)Th Magik Hous1999
(36)Th Majeek uv Lettrs1999
(37)Th Parshul n Inkompleet1999
(38)Th Undrground Dwellrs uv Mars1999-2000
(39)They Cut Back Sew Much1999-2000
(40)Un4tunatelee th Kommittee did not View1999
(41)Watr is Pouring from my Eyez1999-2000
(42)Whats in a Name1999
(43)Finishd Manuscript1999 1 of 2
(44)Finishd Manuscript1999 2 of 2
(45)DraftFebruary 2000

Peter Among th Towring Boxes/Text Bites

(46)A Wonderful Time at Last2000
(47)Aftr Dinnr Reeding2000
(48)Aftr th First Snow1999-2002
(49)All Along th Rivr Bank2000
(50)At th Beginning uv Evreething2000
(51)At th Moon Slide Kafay1999-2000
(52)Breething Song1999-2002
(53)Cum Back Pleez2000
(54)Detail Zardunks2000
(55)Dew Ya Want 2 be Calm2001
(56)Did Yu See2000-2001
(57)Dragon Boat2000
(59)Fool Jumps Ovr2000-2001
(60)Go in2 a Bar2000-2001
(61)Have Ya Herd Abt th Crows2000
(62)I Thot I Saw Him Goin1999-2000
(63)I was in Mainz 19922000
(64)I was on th Streetcar1999-2000
(65)I was Pacing th Balustrade1999-2001
(66)Is ths 2 Intrikate Caretaking2000-2002
(67)It was th Day Eye Saw2000
(68)Its Late 4 Dreemrs2000
(69)I Was Going 2 Sleep1999-2000
(70)Ium Goin 2 Sleep1999-2000
(71)Kaktus Yeers2000-2002
(72)Kilks from Aneewher2000-2001
(73)Latin Moon2000
(75)Lipsucksyun Redress2000-2001
(76)My Name is Indigo Montoyez2000
(77)Notes in August1999-2000
(78)O Arint We All in Disguises1999-2000
(79)Out uv Sand[1999]
(80)Peter Among th Towring Boxes2000-2001
(81)Prins uv Suspisyun n Wareeness1999-2000
(82)Repo Jazz2000
(83)Roads Without Signs2000
(84)Sequences uv Ekstasee
(85)She Falls Midair from her Swing
(87)Squirrels ar not Horses2000
(88)Swimming with Debussey2000
(89)Text Bits2001-2002
(90)Th book is in my Hed1999-2002
(91)Th Differens Btween Brains2000-2002
(92)Th Ekstaseez uv Aprikots Part 12000
(93)Th Jellee Cats2001
(94)Th Konstance of Istanbul
(95)Th Orgin uv Missing Ficksyns2000-2002
(96)Th Wizard uv Time2000-2001
(97)Thats a lot uv Suitcases1999-2000
(98)Ther is Sew Much Plentee1999-2000
(99)Three Monkeys1999-2000
(100)Time is Sew Elegant2000
(101)Turquois n Silvr2000-2001
(102)Whats th Point2000

Call Number: 2002-040/004
(1)Vera Looking ovr th Sitee2000-2001
(4)We ar Rising1999-2000
(5)Wer Luckee 2 Have1999-2000
(6)Wex cum a Long Way2000
(7)Whats th Point1999-2001
(8)Whn th Knife2000-2001
(9)Whn was th Regatta Whatevr2000-2001
(10)Whos text is it Aneway2000-2001
(11)With my Fingrs Running Dry2000
(12)Writtn Aftr his Going 2 Spirit1999-2001
(13)Yu Know2000
(14)Xcuse Me2000
(15)Complete Draft2000-2001
(16)Copy of Published Bodie2002

Rumours Uv Hurricane/Narrativ Enigma

(17)Narrativ Enigma2002
(18)Narrativ Enigma2002
(19)Narrativ Enigma2002
(20)Narrativ Enigma2001-2002
(21)Narrativ Enigma2002
(22)A Brush With Sumthing2001
(24)Aria 4 Isis2002
(25)Desert Wings2002
(26)Dog Moon2002
(27)Eye Met Him in Excelsior[2002]
(29)4 Wun Yeer2002
(31)He Sd Eye Embrace th2002
(32)Hello Killing is Wrong2001
(33)Hunee What Dew You Want From Me[2002]
(34)I am th Messenger uv Beginnings Jake Sd2002
(35)I Want 2 B Emptee2000-2002
(36)Evn in th Goddesses Beautiful Dreemland[2002]
(37)Don't want 2 Suck Anee Empire1983-2002
(38)I Dreemed I Lived with Keanu Reeves
(39)I Want 2 Be Emptee2002
(40)In Leg2002
(41)In th Event uv Accidental[2002]
(42)Its in th Magik Books2002
(43)Iud Love 2 Listn to Yr Ko Dependent Storee1999-2002
(44)Iuv Had a Touch uv Sumthing2002
(45)Just Whn Yu Think its Not Ther it Can B2002
(46)Magik Tempul2002
(47)Memoreez uv Prairie Winds2002
(48)Our Dayze n Nites ar Brite1998-2002
(49)Th Oranges uv Orantangua2001-2002
(50)Rumours uv Hurricane2002
(51)Seesons uv th Heart2002
(52)Sew ths is What it Cums 2 She Sd2002
(53)Shares in Paradise2002
(54)She Sd She was Sortuv2001-2002
(55)She Wantid 2 Join th War2002
(56)Speeking uv Clouds2002
(57)Terribul Things Happn in ths Wintree2001-2002
(58)Spirit Jimmee Whisperd2002
(59)Th Footnotes Led Him 2 Beleev2002
(60)Th Road2002
(61)Ths is Oftn a Text Based Societee2002
(62)Th Treez Ravens Sky2002
(63)Three Dazze Ago2002
(64)Ths Room is Still Heer2002
(65)War is gud 4 Bizness2001-2002
(66)We all know th Sound uv Moss2002
(67)What Yu Let Flow Out Thru Yu2002
(68)Wild Roses2002
(69)Yu Evr Lay ther Sweting n See2002
(70)Complete DraftJanuary 2001 1 of 2
(71)Complete DraftJanuary 2001 2 of 2
(72)Complete DraftJanuary 2001 1 of 2
(73)Complete DraftJanuary 2001 2 of 2
(74)Artwork, Drawings
(75)Best Writings from the Young Authors' Conference1999, 2000
(76)Carnival, Harold Rhenisch1996
(77)Collected Chap. Books

Call Number: 2002-040/005
(1)Collected Poetry, Writing by Others1996-2002 1 of 2
(2)Collected Poetry, Writing by Others1996-2002 2 of 2
(4)Daniel: Please Send Rowboat / Daniel F. Bradley1999
(5)Laughing Gland: A Very Small Literary Journal of Poetry,Prose and CriticismSpring 2000
(6)Listening Models: Visual Poems by W. Mark Sutherland
(7)Literary Trips: Following in the Footsteps of Fame / Victoria Brooks1999
(8)Miscellaneous Poems, Drafts by Others1999-2002
(9)Raindrop and Always the Rain / Peter Norris[ca. 2000]
(10)Speech on Schizophrenia by Tim Mollard[ca. 2000]
(11)Winter / Carolyn Zonailo1998

Call Number: 2002-040/006
(1)Mounted Articles About bb1997
(2)bill bissett Reading, Poster26 January 1998
(3)Bissett Family Name History
(4)Calender Pages1999-2001
(5)Poetry in trans. bill bissett Bus Panel1999

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